Roll Call
by Ricky


Chapter 4

Jan and his mother stared at each other with carbon copy grins on their faces.

“Never could put anything passed you.”

“So, why would you even try?” she said, smiling. “So where is he?”

“Oh, he went out the back pool gate. His mom is coming.”

“Unless you gave him a key to that gate you better go let him back in. I put a lock on it and gave the pool guy a key, just before school started because I knew you’d be in school and I’d be at work.”

Jan’s jaw dropped as he shifted into reverse and backed out of the kitchen and rolled over to the door. He opened it to find Elliot sitting in the chair outside the door. Speaking softly to Elliot, “Oiy girly boy, wiggle your cute stuff in here and meet my mom. We’re busted.”

“I don’t wiggle.”

“Ok, then don’t wiggle your cute stuff in here and meet my mom.”

“And stop calling me, ‘Oiy Girly Boy’. You’re not even British.”

“I know, but it sounds cool.”

The door bell rang.

“That would be my mom.” Elliot said as Jan backed into the room.

“I’ll get it Mom.”

“No, I don’t think you will. It’s too late at night for you to be opening the door.”

“But it’s Elliot’s mom. I know who it is. Oh and Mom, that’s Elliot. Elliot, that’s my mom.” Jan rolled quickly for the front door. He opened it, “Hi Mrs. Glicksman. Come on in and meet my mom.”

“Again with the Mrs. Glicksman. It must be the light that makes me look older.”

“Oh no maim. I’m sorry. Karen, right?”

“That’s better.”

“Mom this is Karen, Karen this is . . .”

“Renae! Oh my gosh.” She covered her mouth and turned to Elliot. “Honey did you have to fall in love with Mommy’s boss’s son?” She said, not yet knowing how Renae was taking all this.

“Hi Karen. Oh God, I’m glad it’s you. At least we have someone with experience.”

“That would be Elliot,” Jan said, blushing.

Elliot’s jaw dropped. “I can’t believe you said that. And besides, you have a lot of raw talent yourself.”

Both moms laughed at the pun. Renae spoke up, “I think we need to all sit down and talk a bit. Karen, you want a beer?”

“Love one. I think it’s going to be that kind of night.”

“Elliot, root beer, Coke or orange?”

“Root beer please, Mrs. Teagle.”

“Seems you’ve already met my son, Karen.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t know he was your son. If it’s any consolation, it was only yesterday.”

“Thanks, at least I don’t feel like I’ve been blind long.”

“Mom, it wasn’t like that. I wasn’t trying to hide anything from you. I was just trying to figure a way to tell you. Ya know, it’s not the easiest thing to do. I was still kinda sorting things out for myself.”

“And what did you figure out?” Renae asked him, handing a drink to Elliot and then to him. Elliot placed a hand on Jan’s shoulder.

“Momma, I love him. Don’t ask me how it happened because I’m still not sure and mom, before you ask, yeah, I thought about it and I’m sure that I’m sure.”

“Honey, I’m sure your heart is telling you that, but have you been with any girls yet? It might be even better?”

“Mom, I took the test and, well, depending on your point of view, I passed with flying colors.”

“You took a test? My God, what are they teaching these days in school?”

“Uh, no mom, not a test in school. It was a kinda test that Elliot has.”

“Oh? What kind of test, exactly?”

Jan looked at Elliot, not really knowing where to go with this. “It was just like some questions to help me sort it all in my head, what I felt for him and what I felt for girls.”

Renae looked at Jan and then at Elliot. Elliot felt it was his turn.

“Mrs. Teagle, I knew a long time ago that I was different from other boys. Not better or worse, just different. I had a really tough time figuring things out until my mom helped me sort it all. She told me that sometimes, the big picture is too much to sort out, so if I could ask myself the question about what ever the problem was, in as few words as possible, it would be easier to answer. Jan had so many questions that he couldn’t find the answers. I just helped him sort out the important ones from the clutter.”

Karen was to her feet hugging Elliot. “Oh honey, you were listening after all.” She turned to Renae with barely a breath in between, “You know, you go through life giving them the wisdom you have collected and you never know if they hear you, isn’t that refreshing? Why don’t you and I go open another beer and let these two talk a bit.” She took Renae’s arm and gently guided her back into the kitchen.

Jan looked worried at Elliot. “What do you think that was all about?”

“I don’t know, but Mom is pretty good about this kind of stuff. It’ll be alright, just wait and see.”


“Sorry Renae, but I had to save you from yourself. I know this is all a shock to you, but you have to remember that it is life changing for Jan right now. It looked like you were about to pick apart whatever kind of questions were asked on the test. That would be a moot point now, wouldn’t it? He has already found his answers. What he needs right now is unconditional acceptance. He needs to know he isn’t choosing between being gay and having a Mom.”

“Oh shit, I didn’t even think of that. But how can he possibly be sure at his age? I mean, wouldn’t there be some signs or something? I mean, I would know, wouldn’t I?  I would have seen some signs, wouldn’t I? Oh shit, I should have seen, maybe . . .”

“Maybe what?” She cut her off. “Maybe you could have fixed him up? Helped him get a girlfriend? Turn him on to sex? What? Renae, you are a great mom and these are things you can’t know ahead of time. Hell Renae, Jan just figured it out. You need to stop looking for causes and places to put blame and realize there is nothing you could have known or done to change him from who he is.” She put her hands on Renae’s shoulders and drew her attention. “Renae, for whatever reason, your son is gay and scared to death right now. What you do here, this moment, will determine what kind of relationship you will have with Jan, if any. For the rest of your lives. So pay attention here, your son is gay and that is not a disease or a mental illness. But he will be gay from this day forward. You can never . . . un-gay him! He is what he is.” She watched as the words sunk in and pulled her into herand hugged her as her eyes filled with tears. “I know this is a shock, but imagine the fear he is having right now. The upside is that with your acceptance, he can begin to love himself again. But he needs to know he is still worth your love.”

Renae pulled back from her. She remembered the conversation she had with Karen in the store. The possibilities ran through her mind quickly. She ran into the living room where Elliot was on his knees holding a sobbing Jan. She walked over and knelt next to the pair of embracing boys. She placed a hand on both their shoulders and Elliot looked up at her, not knowing what to expect.

“Why are you crying?” she asked Elliot.

“Because someone I love is scared and I can’t comfort him.”

Renae pulled them both into her and she kissed Elliot on the cheek and then Jan. “Maybe between the two of us, we can make him feel alright again. Do you think?”

Jan looked up at his mom and the gentle tears that were falling from her eyes. “Mom, I’m sorry this makes you sad. But until Elliot kissed me, I never thought those feelings could be good. I mean, I’ve looked at other boys and had thoughts. I always pushed them aside because, well because, I didn’t want to be . . . you know. But girls grossed me out, so I never had thoughts like that about them, no matter how much I tried. Then I met Elliot. Mom, he said things without being afraid. He said things that made me feel special. He made me feel good about myself. And I knew he loved me. Just my smell made him . . . well, let’s just say there was no doubt how he felt about me. And it didn’t take me long to know how he made me feel. Mom, I don’t remember all the questions on the test, but his last one was something like, “If you’re not gay then don’t kiss me anymore.” The thought of him not being there anymore, of not kissing him anymore made my heart break. So I kissed him. And I’m going to keep on kissing him.”

Renae saw the look in his eyes when he said that and the look he gave to Elliot. She noticed that he was not asking permission either.

“Jan, I love you. I don’t care if you like girls, boys or chimpanzees. I’ve got some things to sort out yet, so give me some time to figure out what this means and all the things I need to do to prepare for this new life. But baby, I will always love you. And Elliot, I’m sorry I’m not as up on this as your mom, but with your help and your mom’s help, we can make it together. Will you help Jan and I work through this?”

“Of course, but it’s not as tough as you might think. There isn’t a whole lot to do. It’s not like you have to buy a new wardrobe or something. Although, I saw the cutest pink shirt that would just bring out the blue in his eyes.” Jan kissed him to shut him up.

Renae laughed at his humor. “I can see where you get it from.”

Renae sat down in the chair and Karen joined them, sitting on the couch.

“Ok, we’ve gotten past the tough part. Now, tell me about this idiot teacher of yours and what happened. And don’t leave out a syllable!” Renae reverted to mother mode.

“Oh! You mean Mr. Granger?” Elliot asked.

“That’s the one. He called saying that he wanted to apologize for exposing your queer . . . uh . . . gay relationship to the class. So what exactly went on?” Karen sat up and looked inquisitively at Renae and then the boys. Her motherly instincts were kicking in.

Jan started, “Well, when Jan outed us to Mr. Harcourt I freaked out.”

“Wait, Elliot? You outed Jan before he even knew he was gay?”

“Well he knew the night before actually, even though he hadn’t said so. But I didn’t mean to and really didn’t because it was a mistake. You see there is this project that we have to do in pairs. And Karen Fitzgerald asked me to do the project with her then noticed that I wanted Jan as my partner so she backed up and said she could get someone else as her partner and that no one would hear that I was gay from her and then Mr. Harcourt called me up and asked if Jan and I were partners and my mouth fell open. I mean how could he know? So I asked him, “How did you know? Jan only figured it out last night!” Then he told me he meant the project and not the other kind of partner and then I almost fainted and he stopped me and told me it was alright that he had a partner too. So he would keep the secret so when I told Jan that I outed us to the Global Studies teacher and he thought the whole school knew and what did he have to lose so when . . .” Renae nodded to Jan and Jan smiled as he leaned in and kissed Elliot to shut him up.

“What? You asked. You’re not going to ask me to start again are you?”

“Uh, no!” Renae said. “Can you tell me how it got from Mr. Harcourt to Mr. Granger?”

Elliot looked at Jan and Jan took a breath. “Well, I can’t talk as fast as Elliot, but I thought he outed us to the whole school. I mean, all he said when I asked him what kept him, was that he was busy outing us to the Global Studies teacher. Then he ran off to Mr. Granger’s class. It’s not one you want to be late to. I was stunned and I had to know if he outed us both or just him. So, as Mr. Granger turned to write on the board, I inched my chair forward to get Elliot’s attention. I wrote on a note the word “us?” with a question mark. I showed it to Elliot and he nodded yes. I was stunned.”

“Actually,” Elliot chimed in, “I think the word mortified would be more accurate. You just turned to stone with your mouth open.”

“Right, well, a lot of stuff was going through my head. And then Mr. Granger turned around and said some stuff like, ‘Mr. Teagle can you stop drooling over Elliot and pay attention? I know he has a cute little wiggle in his butt when he walks, but save it for later,’ or something like that. So I figured that the whole school knew now, so if I am going down, I was going to go down fighting. So I asked him who gave him the erection, me or the kid with the cute wiggle that attracted him so much. He gave me detention and I told him that I would serve it just after the principal approved it, because I was going to appeal it. The bell rang and we got out of there as fast as we could.”

Elliot looked at his mother, “Mom, the guy is a walking, killing, machine. He even went so far as to say that I was a sissy boy. I was scared to death, but Jan defended me. He stood up for me. Of course, when he did, we both ran for it. Well, figuratively of course. He rolled, I wiggled.”

“You admit it! You do wiggle.”

“Well, maybe a little.”

“Just enough if you ask me.” Jan looked up, sheepishly blushing, his rock hard approval beginning to show and speak for itself. Elliot noticed and blushed too, as Jan reached over and snatched a throw pillow off the couch and held it in his lap. The moms blushed now and turned towards each other.

“Another beer, Karen?”

“Yes, let me help you get it.”

They no sooner cleared the door frame when they broke into fits of silent laughter. Allowing time to regain their composure, the two women returned to the living room, only to find it empty. Their destination was plotted by a trail of clothing headed for the pool.

Renae looked at Karen, “Well, if it is all thrown here, then they must not have any there. Shall we?” She picked up the first piece of clothing and flipped the switch next to the patio door frame and the lights inside the pool instantly came on, revealing two beautiful boys in each other’s arms and in the buff.

“Mom, do you mind? We’re naked out here.”

“No, of course not. Why would I mind? I love your cute little buns. And I’ve never seen his yet.”

“Oh, he has the cutest little butt,” Karen chimed in as both moms came over to sit by the pool. “Well, the neighbors don’t need to see, do they?”

“No, it would traumatize them, I’m sure. It’s a good thing you had that privacy fence put in,” she said, leaning over her knees and speaking softly. Both boys went crimson and hugged each other to hide their love extensions. “It will be interesting when they get out though. I don’t see any towels, do you Karen?”

“Why no, I surely do not.” She leaned over, placing her arms across her knees too.

Renae stood up, “But we are going to need a lot more beer, I think. I’ll be right back.”

She went back and turned out the light for the pool and went inside and grabbed a stack of towels, then returned to the pool side. The boys had moved to the opposite end of the pool and were fully engaged snogging each other.

Renae set the towels down by his chair and turned to Karen. “Do you work tomorrow?”

“Yes, two to eleven. You?”

“The same. Why not spend the night. The boys will be alright. It will be a first outed night for them and I think the moaning may make me nuts.”

“You think I can help with that?”

“No, I have some toys that will help us out with that, if you know what I mean.”

“Well, that would be different. Certainly the best offer I’ve had in a long time. Sure, why not.”

“You want to tell them, or shall I?”

“Let me tell Elliot and then let Elliot tell Jan.”

“Oh, good plan.”

“Elliot,” Karen said, a little louder than one would if they were just speaking. Elliot turned to look at his mom. “Could you come here for just a moment, please?”

Elliot turned and swam across the pool coming up at the edge. “Yes mom?”

“Elliot, Renae has invited us both to stay over tonight, since it is such an important day. Would you like that?”

“Really? Oh Mom, that’s the best.”

“Well, don’t thank me, thank Renae.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Teagle.”

“You’re welcome. Now, why don’t you go break the news to Jan. And call me Renae, would you?”

Elliot jumped up from the pool and threw his arms around her. “I know this is new to you. I just want you to know that I really do love him.”

“Yeah well, that is going to sound a bit off to me until I get used to it, so when I screw up you’ll have to forgive me a bit. Like you say, it’s all new to me. Just don’t hurt my baby, ok?”

“I’ll do my best. It’s more likely that he would break my heart. I mean, he’s beautiful and I’m Dumbo with a wiggle.”

Renae heard his words and the truth she heard in his voice and her motherly instincts kicked in. She took Elliot’s face and lifted it so that her eyes met his. “Hey, you’re a catch too. I don’t know where you got that Dumbo shit, but Jan would never pick anyone who wasn’t beautiful inside and out! Now, don’t keep manly boy waiting.” She grinned and patted the smooth roundness of the naked boy as she shooed him off into the pool.

It was funny, he saw her as just another mom. Most boys would be shy, standing naked in front of someone else’s mom. She looked down to see that she was soaked from his hugs. She turned to look at Karen. “Cute boy,” she said, smiling.

“Yeah, nice buns. I never get tired of seeing them. I keep figuring that someday he’ll hide them away from me.” She smiled at Renae.

“Yes, I noticed he’s so shy.” They burst into laughter as they looked at the wet imprint of obvious boy that had been impressed on Renae.

“Dude, did you just jump naked out of the pool and hug my mom?”

“Yeah, why? Something wrong with that?”

“Showing my mom your thing didn’t make you bone up or nothing?”

“Man, she’s your mom! That’s disgusting. She doesn’t look at guys like that.”

Jan just stared disbelieving.

“Now you on the other hand . . .” he pulled Jan into him and wrapped his legs around his waist so his hard dick was resting against Jan’s belly and his bum aligned Jan’s also lengthening member with his highway of happiness. “You bone me at the mere thought of sleeping with you tonight.”

“Yeah well, I’m not sure mom is ready for that. I can usually read her, but on this, I am totally at a loss. I don’t know what is going on in her head.”

“Well, she is letting mom and I spend the night so you and I can celebrate.”

“Say what?”

“That’s why I hugged her. She invited mom and me to stay the night.”

“You’re serious?”

“As a heart attack.” Elliot said, digging his heels in, smashing Jan’s prick against his love canal. Jan responded by hopping closer to the shallower water. Elliot sunk lower on his body and felt a hot happiness knocking at the door. He kissed him.

“Now, you have to let go, my leg is getting tired.”


“Oh, right, forgot about that.”

“You forgot that I only have one leg? How can you forget that?”

“I don’t know, maybe because it doesn’t matter.” Jan smiled and kissed him again. Changing places with Elliot and pulling him by his buns up to rest against his sizzling pipe of boyhood love.

Jan felt his advanced party knocking at the door. He gasped and pulled him in tighter to him. “Ho hum,” he said, placing his hand over his mouth. “I’m suddenly soooo tired.”

Jan smiled and wiggled his eyebrows. Elliot leaned forward, “I think they’ll buy that like a politician won’t raise taxes.”

“Say what?”

“Possible, but not likely.” He giggled and tweaked the end of his nose with his finger. “Come on.”

“No way, not with your mom there.”

“My mom turns you on?”

“Uh no way, but you know, she’s a girl, I mean woman. You know what I mean.”

“You have nothing to be shy about.” Elliot said, reaching down and grabbing what was once again a nearly flaccid piece.

“Ah! You did that on purpose.”

“What, you think my hand found that by accident? Good thing we’re in the pool, I may have tripped over it.”

“There is no way I’m getting out now. My mom’s there too.”

“Uh, I think she’s seen it all already. But you are so cute when you are shy this way.”

“Elliot most boys are this way. I can’t believe you hugged my mom, naked. I mean, my mom hasn’t seen me naked since I started taking a bath by myself and as far as I know, she’s never seen me boned up. I mean, not since I was, you know, like five or something.”

“I can’t believe you have deprived her all this time. Mom thinks I have a beautiful boner. That reminds me, does my boner make you happy?”

“What kind of question is that?”

“Well, does it?”

“Yeah, I guess so. I mean, yeah, of course it does.”

“She was right. She told me that someday that would make someone very happy. I guess she was right. You know, mom’s always are.”

“So, your mom and my mom bone you up? Are you sure you’re gay?”

“At this moment, I’m not sure of anything. How about this, I’ll get out and wiggle my wiggle and then you can get out and blame your boner on me?”

“You don’t get it. I’d rather not explain my boner to anyone!”

“Oh good, then you’re at peace with it. You’re very confusing sometimes.”

“Ohhh! I would rather get out of the pool unexposed.”

“Where’s the fun in that? Our mom’s won’t get to see anything.”

“Wait, now you’re weirding me out. You want our mom’s to see us?”

“Look, you are beautiful to me. I assume you think my body is at least kinda cute, don’t you? I mean, you’ve said so.”

“Yeah, go on. I’m really trying to understand here.”

“It wasn’t too long ago that they were looking at our dad’s and other boys that looked like us. Now, they are in their mid life and those memories are fading to them. Soon they will be gone and they will wither, and well, it refreshes them, gives them new memories. I think it helps to keep them young. I know they enjoy seeing us in love and they enjoy seeing our bodies and how they are growing. My God, part of them makes you, you. How can you think they would be unhappy seeing themselves young again? And, so what if you bone up. It shows you have love in you begging to come out. That has to tickle something inside them, don’t you think? And their alone already. Soon, you’ll be off to college. What memories are you leaving her with?”

“You know, you’re really weird. But I kinda like you a lot and in a weird kinda way I think I understand.”

“Like? You only like me a lot? When did I go down in status?”

“Ok,” Jan said, giggling that boy giggle. “I love you a lot.”

“You know, I may wiggle but you giggle.”

“I do not.”

“Do so.”

“I don’t giggle,” he said, in a full on giggle.

“Ah ha! See, you do giggle. Now come on, let’s go make some memories for them, and for us.”

“Alright, but you’re still weird you know.”

“Right, so when we get you into your chair, mom will probably look the other way to try and make you more comfortable, so you need to give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.”

“Ok, now you’re totally insane.”

“It’s my mom! I want her to see what I have fallen so much in love with. I mean, I’ve already kissed your mom and hugged her. She liked it, too.” He whispered.

“How do you know?”

“Her nipples got hard when she hugged me.”

“Oh thanks, finally. That made it go down. That was just disgusting enough.”

“Did it really?” Elliot said, grabbing it again and bringing it back to the painful, instant, skin-stretching, hardness.

“Oh geeze. Stop, or their really going to have some memories, as they net it out of the pool.”

Elliot laughed and drug Jan backwards towards the other end of the pool. His boyhood playing up periscope in Jan’s butt the whole way. Jan looked like he was being chased by a shark as his fin rippled the water.

The two moms sat sipping their beer and watching the two boys, who they loved so much, play at each other’s emotions, reveling in every touch, breath, word and caress. Both had hoped, but neither believed, that their boy would ever find someone to love, each for their own reasons. Jan, because of his leg and his defeated attitude. Elliot, because of his occasional feminine posture and his common appearance. Both had told their son’s that there would be someone for them, without really believing it themselves.

The boys returned to the near end of the pool and Elliot lifted Jan to sit in the scupper. Jan reached back and pushed himself up on the deck as Elliot hoisted himself up on a knee in the scupper and stood to help Jan stand. Then grabbing a towel dried him off. Wrapping his upper body first and stopping to kiss him squarely on the lips, his flag staff waving at the hormonal exchange. And the mom’s did not miss it. He dried his love and set him back in his chair. He sat and then grabbed a towel and motioned for him to allow him to do the same. Rising from the chair and balancing on one foot, the mothers watched as their naked boys acted oblivious to their presence and caressed each other dry. Jan stopping to kiss most everyplace he dried, save those most private parts. When he had finished, even the mom’s were breathing a little ragged.

“Stop!” Jan’s mom hollered! She stood up. “Don’t either of you move a muscle!” she said, as she ran back into the house. Both boys felt they were in trouble. She returned moments later and without so much as a ‘carry on’ she flashed two quick pictures and sat back down, handing a fresh beer to Karen.

Elliot giggled and Jan just stared open mouthed as Elliot hugged him, his sprig of a twig growing and teasing Jan’s back into standing tall. He sat back in his chair and grabbed the control and wheeled over to his mom and stopped. His boy staff standing straight up in his lap, he looked down and then to his mother. She smiled and winked. He stood and hugged her and kissed her. “Thanks, Mom. You’re the best.”

He sat back down in his chair and turned to Karen. He took a breath and motored forward, his shark fin apparent even on dry land. He stood and reached for Karen and hugged her and kissed her on the cheek.

Elliot came up beside him, both hands covering himself like a cod piece, “You kissed our mom’s with a raging hard on you pervert!” He turned to run back into the house, both hands covering his staff as the flash went off. Elliot’s dimpled buns looked cute as they did their wiggle and he turned, running away.

Jan sat back in his chair, “Oh, I am sooo gonna kill him for this.” He pushed the control forward, the flash went off again. Jan blushed and pushed it into high gear, almost catching air as his chair sped over the threshold and off towards his room.

Jan looked at Karen and they burst into laughter that brought tears to their eyes.


“Oiy! Girly boy. Prepare to be boarded,” Jan said, in his most pirate-ish voice.

Elliot was rolling with a pillow hugged to protect him from what he knew was going to be a most pleasant death. Giggling, he managed to get out, “Now that was a Kodak moment. Think she’ll give me a copy?”

Jan lunged at him out of his chair, grabbing him and humping against the pillow. “Love me, or walk the plank.”

Elliot reached underneath the pillow with his tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth in concentration and found his fleshy plank. “Ooooh! Do I have to walk it, can’t I ride it instead?” he asked, stroking it gently.

Jan’s voice grew raspy, “Well, we can work something out,” he said, his lips finding Elliot’s. Elliot reached and felt around for the handle to the drawer on the nightstand and he pulled it open enough to get the K-Y out. He pulled the pillow out from between them and without breaking the kiss, rolled Jan onto his back. They were both so ready and randy that he had to be careful lubing him up so as to not make him blow his load. He reached down and wrapped a hand full of cold gel around his steaming hot shaft. Jan gasped at the cold gel touching his head. Elliot wiped the excess off Jan’s shaft and reached around and lubed his pucker. He knelt up and aimed Jan’s staff at his Hershey highway. Jan gasped as his head touched Elliot’s pucker and Elliot twitched at that momentary touch, but quickly came to rest squarely against his pink rose.

“Maybe I just need to wiggle a little,” Elliot said, as he wiggled his ass against his flaming rod and Jan’s head was skinned back and his head cleared Elliot’s ring. Jan flinched and he was suddenly all the way in.

“Oh shit!” Elliot said, “Fuck, you’re huge.”

“You want me to take it out?” he said, starting to withdraw.

“Stop!” he said, feeling it brush his prostate. “Wait, just give me a moment.” He breathed in through his nose deeply and out through his mouth. His sphincter began to relax. Elliot kissed him, then sat up again and did what felt natural to him. He leaned forward on his hands and arched forward curling his waist forward and back. His involuntary fuck rhythm began and he curled his pelvis forward and up in a sexy, rounded motion. He was not just milking his cock, but rubbing it against his own hard mound. Jan began to writhe under him with no escape, grabbing fists full of sheets. He thrust forward and up, crying out as his boy jam began to boil up under pressure. Elliot looked at Jan’s stomach muscles tighten as they pulled his mound up with each thrust. Jan’s dick swelled as it engorged itself and it grew thicker yet, making Elliot cry out.

“Oh shit, Oh shit, Oh . . ., Oh . . ., Oh.” Elliot brought one knee up and a single foot flat on the bed as he gritted his teeth together. He slid forward once, twice, and blasted his load as he felt Jan’s boiling love jam spurt wave after wave in his tight ass.

He collapsed on top of him, breathing heavily. The two boys just lay there, waiting for their lust to subside.

“That was fantastic,” Jan whispered in his ear.

“Yeah, but you couldn’t have felt half as good as it did for me. Oh my God, I thought I was going to explode right off the end of your cock. Oh God, your beautiful cock,” Elliot said, as he kissed his way down and took his super sensitive head in his mouth. He tasted his own flavor mixed with Jan’s, as Jan instantly went hard again. His hips pulling back, he cried, “Oh shit,” and rolled Elliot over on his back. He went up on his knees and kissed down his chest lapping at his nipples. They grew rock hard and Elliot began breathing shallow again.

Jan reached for the tube of K-Y. “I don’t think I’ll last long,” Elliot gasped in a truly husky voice. Jan reached up and pinched his shoulder.

“Ouch! What did you do that for?”

“Good, now you’ll make it.”

“Man, that hurt you fuck!”

“That’s alright, I’m about to make up for it,” he said as he slathered Elliot’s now only semi hard dick with K-Y. It grew rigid instantly and Jan knelt up and came back on the smaller boy’s prick, popping his ring and sitting back fully. His breath was taken. He hadn’t planned on the pain. Elliot knew and pulled him against him and kissed away his discomfort. Elliot continued to kiss him as his hips began to dance the love dance of two boys in search of a secret explosion within themselves. As Elliot pumped forward, Jan gasped and came up, placing his hands on Jan’s chest. He arched his head back and rocked his hips forward, stretching Elliot’s cock in his tightness and then ramming it back home. Jan’s hips started to move in a circular motion as he bit his lower lip and increased his speed.

He rode across his hard mound, back and forth, so that even when he slid to the end of his cock, it was still pressed firmly against his mound and was being rubbed with his full weight and rhythm as it then slid back into the slick heat of Jan’s tightly gripping ass.

Jan whimpered with each breath as he squirmed away from and yet into the ecstasy of his lovemaking. Elliot fell back and reached for the spindles of the headboard as he rolled up on one hip, trying to push further into his boy. Jan continued to roll over the writhing pelvic mound that had now taken on a life and a movement of its own. Jan gritted his teeth as he felt Elliot’s hot member grow in size and tear new paths, readying itself to dump his volcano of adolescent love. Together they rocked and yelped that boy whimper of newly discovered ecstasy as they tensed each in turn delivering all they could muster of strength from the world they were currently visiting.

Jan collapsed on top of Elliot and just lay there as both gasped desperately for the air they had previously deprived themselves of, before gently falling into a spent pile of boy love sleep.


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