The Camping Trip
By Nathan Jones


Part 1

I have always enjoyed camping. When I was young I would go with my friends to a place that we called ‘The Hidden Gardens’. It was a long abandoned folly, constructed on a steep hill just outside of Bolton in the north of England. It had been put there by the Lever Bros for their employees some time in the last century. Over the years the place had fallen into disuse and become overgrown, although you could still walk along the paths and sit at the side of the small ponds that were dotted about the vast landscaped garden. It really must have been something when it was being cared for.

It seemed that most of the people of Bolton and the surrounding area had either forgotten about it or simply lost interest because when we went up there we were usually the only ones in sight. We hardly ever saw anyone else, not even the local park wardens who roamed the area in their 4*4 vehicles. It was an amazing place and when we were there we felt like we were living our own private fairy tale.

One weekend a couple of my friends, Gary and Nick, invited me to go on another of our regular trips. The relationship between these two seemed a little odd at the time and it was only in later years that I realised why. Now, looking back, I realise that they both had a crush on me and that they saw each other as rivals for my attention. They tolerated each other, because I was friends with both of them and they didn’t want to show any open hostility in case they were alienated.  For my part I liked them both as friends but I hadn’t ever really thought about sex with them. I liked to go with them to the Hidden Gardens because it would have felt to spooky to go on my own. We met as arranged on Friday after school and caught the bus to the point nearest to the entrance that we used. After getting off  the bus we had to walk a couple of miles up a steep hill to arrive at the gardens and by the time we got there we were exhausted. We found ourselves a nice spot by the side of one of the larger ponds and set up camp.

We only had one tent. It was quite small, and by today’s standards not very good, but somehow we managed. After setting it up we laid our sleeping bags on the floor and had a rest. The sun was low in the sky by now so we decided to go and collect some wood to make a fire. Our equipment was all a bit crude and, to be honest, so were we. We never worried about the possibility of accidentally setting fire to the place or of causing damage. I’m glad to say though, that we never did have any problems and we always left the place a bit tidier and less overgrown than when we had arrived.

Before long we had a great pile of wood, enough to last the night and beyond. We lit the fire and huddled round, gazing into the flames. That night it wasn’t really cold and the spot we had chosen was dry and flat so we decided not to use the tent. Instead we would sleep under the stars. We climbed into our sleeping bags and, as the other guys both wanted to sleep next to me, I ended up in the middle. We all lay on our backs on the floor but none of us had any intention of sleeping.

Gradually, as usual, the talk turned to sex, because that was the way we all wanted it. Now that we were in our bags we could play with our hard cocks to our hearts content without the other guys seeing. As we talked I slipped off my underwear so that I was naked apart from my tee-shirt.

The other two seemed to think of me as the braver, more experienced one. I’m not really sure why. Perhaps it was because I had developed a little more than them. I was a good head taller and a lot stronger than either of them. I liked cycling and running and a variety of other sports so, although I was slim, I had a good physique and well defined muscles. I remember that one of my party tricks was to go into a handstand, lower myself into a headstand and then press back up into a handstand. Try it some time. It’s not easy. I suppose that being that bit more advanced physically and also coming top in most classes at school, seemingly without effort, made me stand out and gave me a lot of confidence.

The downside was that I also had a reputation to protect and that made me a lot more cautious at a time that I would have liked to have thrown caution to the wind. My biggest problem was that I was becoming aware that I liked guys. In those days gay meant weak and I didn’t want to appear weak or feminine so I hid my feelings and passed up a lot of opportunities. That was about to change.

By now my cock had been constantly hard for about two hours and it was beginning to hurt. Gary was on my right and he was particularly on form tonight, describing his sexual fantasies in great detail. I ran my fingers over my balls and up and down the full length of my cock as he spoke imaging myself doing the sucking, or receiving the fucking that he was describing. I was gagging for sex, any sex, and I started to get brave. As I lay on my back I moved my hands to my sides. The sleeping back was quite thin and it was easy to see the outline of my stiff cock. But then that was the idea. I looked up at the stars pretending not to be aware of the fact that both of the guys had clearly noticed it. Gary was the first to comment.

“God man, your huge!” he said.

I laughed and took hold of my rod by the base and pulled it up so that it tented the sleeping bag.

“Don’t know what your talking about!” I joked “Oh! You mean this little thing!” I continued laughing.

Gary propped himself up on one shoulder to get a better look.

“Is that really your cock?” he asked, suspicious “or is it your hand? It’s your hand isn’t it!”

“What do you think?” I challenged.

Reaching out he moved to place his hand on top of the pyramid that I had created in my sleeping bag. I held my breath as his hand hovered just an inch away. When I didn’t say anything or move he said

“I’m going to touch it y’know!”

“And!” I challenged again.

He lowered his hand slowly, not quite sure if he dared. I didn’t move or say anything. Nick encouraged him.

“Go on then! What are you waiting for chicken!”

Gary lowered his hand pressing it firmly against the material as it covered the head of my hard cock, then pulled it away again quickly. Shivers ran through my entire body and I couldn’t speak for fear of showing how turned on I was.

“Well?” Nick demanded “Is it his hand or his cock?”

“Don’t know, can’t tell.” he responded.

I took a deep breath trying to control my voice and said “Do it again and I’ll prove it.”

I was sure that they must have been able to hear the huskiness in my voice but they didn’t say anything. Instead Gary again placed his hand a few inches away from my cock.

“This time don’t take it away!” I ordered “and I’ll prove it.”

He lowered his hand pressing firmly against the top of my cock sending waves of pleasure through the stiff rod of flesh and into my balls and ass. Now that his hand was holding it in place I could remove my own. I slid my hands up and out of the sleeping bag holding them above my head.

“Look mum! No hands!” I shouted.

Gary immediately shouted “Aaaah!” and took his hand away, releasing my cock. It slapped against my stomach as we all burst out laughing.

“Do it again! Do it again!” insisted Nick. “I want a go.”

“Hey! This isn’t a fairground ride!” I said, as I nevertheless put my hands back inside my sleeping back and pushed my cock back up, tenting the material again. This time Nick put his hand over my cock without hesitation. As I lifted my arms out of my sleeping back, instead of pulling his hand away in shock as Gary had done, he moved his hand down and grasped the shaft firmly making me half sit up in surprise.

Seeing what he was doing Gary seemed to display a flash of anger as he quickly knocked Nick’s hand away. Once again my cock slapped against my stomach. It seemed strange at the time and a was bit revealing of his thoughts. He was jealous and it was obvious. He realised his mistake and tried to cover it up by saying,

“If ya gonna do it, do it properly!”

Having said that, he flattened his hand over the bulge in my sleeping back and grasped my throbbing shaft through the thin material. I pretending to struggle, trying to release his hand, but I didn’t struggle too hard. If anything the effect of my efforts to escape was to cause him to involuntarily masturbate me as he in turn struggled to keep hold of if. Just when I thought I was about to cum, he let go.

“If you guys keep this up I’m going to cum in my sleeping back!” I gasped, as we recovered from our mini wrestling match.

We lay back again, none of us talking. I don’t know what the others were thinking but I was trying to come up with a plan to get one of them to do that again. As we lay there Nick began to take his turn describing his sexual fantasies. I turned my head slightly to look at him as he talked. His hands were inside his sleeping bag and I could see that he was playing with his stiff cock as he spoke. I looked over at Grant and he was obviously jerking off. He saw me looking.

“Don’t look!” he said. I’m going to have a wank. I don’t want you to see my face when I cum. I turned my face towards Nick again. As Nick spoke his voice became more and more broken. I was about to reach for my own cock when I heard the zip of my sleeping bag being slowly undone. I pretended not to have noticed. After a few seconds I could feel the material of my sleeping bag moving slightly. Nick was now into full jerk off mode. He had his eyes closed and the sound of his hand beating against the inside of his sleeping bag would have been enough to tell me what he was doing without the movements his hand was making as it slid up and down his hard shaft.

I felt a fingertip touch my hip. I held my breath, keeping my hands by my sides. The fingertips walked over the top of my leg searching for my stiff cock. I continued to look at Nick jerking off. His rhythm was steady and by now he had stopped talking, lost in his own thoughts as he worked the head of his rigid pole. The fingertips touched my cock and slowly slid around it grasping it firmly. I took a sharp intake of breath but still didn’t move. By now a mist of sexual need had descended over us and everything seemed almost unreal. Grant’s hand began to slide up and down my shaft. Within a few strokes he was matching Nick’s rhythm. If Nick happened to look over he wouldn’t be able to tell that it was Gary’s hand and not mine that was working my stiff pole.

A few years before I had learned a useful trick. I had read somewhere that a good way for a man to increase the intensity of an orgasm was to place a finger between his balls and his ass hole and press firmly. I had tried it a couple of times and it did seem to work. The surprise though, was that if I found exactly the right spot and applied enough pressure with one finger that although I came with more intensity than ever it stemmed the flow of cum and nothing came out! It was a revelation and in later years allowed me to jerk off in the most unlikely places without the fear of making a mess. I decided to use the trick now.

I moved one of my hands and put it between my legs, searching for the golden spot with my finger. Finding it I held the finger there waiting.  Grant began to move his hand more rapidly up and down sliding it over more and more of the length of my cock as the precum lubricated my shaft. I looked over at Nick. He was passing his tongue over his lips as the passion mounted and his imagination worked overtime. He began to jerk faster and as he did so Grant matched his pace. I held my finger ready, I new I was about to blow. Nick began to groan and his breathing became eratic. I was panting unashamedly. This was a dream come true and I was enjoying every second. Suddenly Nick threw back his sleeping bag revealing his naked body and his fist beating desperately at his cock. The site pushed me over the edge and I pushed hard with my finger as I felt the first convulsion of orgasm. I tensed my stomach and moaned as the first spurt leapt from Nicks cock. The first wave of orgasm washed over me and I had to press with all my might to stop the cum escaping. The second wave and my legs tensed expanding my cock to full size. The third and I threw my head back arching my body off the floor and  pushing up and into Gary’s waiting hand. Wave after wave passed through me like massive electric shocks as I thrashed and convulsed because of the intense pleasure. Nick looked over in amazement, by now his own cock spent, seeing me almost completely lost in a world of indescribable sensation.

Finally I had to push Gary’s hand away as it all became too much and I couldn’t take any more. The waves subsided and I gradually came back down to earth panting for breath, my heart beating out of my chest. Eventually I could release the pressure of my finger without worrying about making a mess. Gary had slipped his hand out of my sleeping bag and was looking at me with mouth open.

“Shit! Do you always cum like that?” he asked.

“Nearly always.” I answered between gasps.


Part 2

The next morning we woke up cold and hungry. The morning dew made our sleeping bags feel damp and uncomfortable so we didn’t waste time lying in them. I slipped my underwear back on and slid out of mine, then I went for a pee. When I came back the other two were dressed. We poked the fire back into life and threw some more wood on it to get a healthy blaze going. As I said, we were a bit crude in our methods so we didn’t take special dried foods with us. Instead we opened up a tin of baked beans and sausages and the flask that contained the fresh eggs that we’d already removed from their shells. Throwing a small grill over the burning embers we placed our tin of beans and a tiny frying pan on it and began to cook. By the time we’d finished the food was burned and disgusting to look at, but I swear, a breakfast has never tasted so good in my life.

After breakfast we tidied the place up and sorted out the tent. We opened up our sleeping bags and threw them over the bushes to dry in the heat of the sun. I couldn’t help noticing that mine was the only one without cum stains. As the sun rose higher it’s heat became quite intense and our sleeping bags began to give off steam as they dried. We revelled in the heat, stripping down to our shorts and tee-shirts.

As we busied ourselves around the camp we began to hear noises in the bushes. It gave us quite a start because, as I said, we were usually completely alone up here. The noises became louder and we gathered together around the fire, afraid that it might be a park warden come to throw us out. We watched silently as the bushes moved. Nick even took hold of my arm and hid behind me as if I was his mum or something.

“Get off, you big girl!” I said, pushing him away.

This was something I really hated. I was the youngest of the group but because I was the biggest it always fell to me to take the lead, or the blame. I supposed this time would be no different and I resigned myself to doing all the talking. Gary was shuffling around, obviously terrified, but with a bit more about him than Nick.

Suddenly we saw a man emerge from the bushes. He wasn’t really that old but to us he seemed ancient. I suppose he was about 30. He seemed as surprised to see us as we were to see him. At least he wasn’t a warden.

“Hi guys!” he shouted over to us.

We mumbled our hello’s and nervously busied ourselves around the camp. We felt a bit embarrassed and uncomfortable with his presence and really just wanted him to leave.

He came over to us smiling. He was carrying a stick that he’d obviously picked up along the way. He was tall and slim and looked amiable enough so we began to relax.

“You haven’t seen a dog around here have you?” he asked us. “He went off chasing some animal and I can’t find him.”

He was carrying a dog lead so we had no reason to doubt his story.  We told him that we hadn’t and expected him to leave in search of his lost pet but instead he just leaned on his stick watching us.

“You have a nice spot here. How long are you staying?”

We were naturally suspicious and reluctant to give him any information. We didn’t want to tell him we were staying for long because we didn’t want him coming back.

“Oh! Not long. We’ll probably leave later today.” we lied.

He looked disappointed but still didn’t go. This was starting to get uncomfortable. He obviously wanted to stay and talk and we obviously wanted him to go. I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t taking the hint. The tension was palpable. He continued to lean on his stick, gazing at us with an unnatural interest. I was trying to ignore him, hoping he would go away, when I saw Nick’s eyes open wide. I followed his gaze and saw that he was looking at the guys crotch and the massive bulge that he was displaying. His huge erection  was clearly visible through the thin material of his pants. I decided it was time to get rid of this guy.

“Well, we’re going to go and get some more wood now.” I said, nodding to the others. “If we see your dog we’ll give a shout.”

With that we all walked off leaving him there. We didn’t have anything valuable and it was unlikely that he would want to steal our tent so we weren’t worried about leaving our belongings.

As we moved away he seemed to be thinking about following us. I turned to face him, standing legs apart trying to look bigger than I really was. By now I was getting angry at his stubborn refusal to accept the more subtle signals we had been  giving him. My anger was clearly visible in my manner. The other two guys stopped and turned as well. The guy looked us over trying to weigh us up. Nobody spoke as I stared him down, my eyes blazing. Finally, after a pause that seemed to last forever, he flinched.

“Okay, guys.” he said. “See you around.” he said.

“No you won’t!” I replied boldly.

He looked sheepish, then finally he turned and left. We stood watching him go. When he was out of sight I released a long pent up breath, leaning over with my hands on my knees. My relief obvious. The other guys whooped and cheered clapping me on the back.

“Fucking ace man!” cheered Gary.

What they didn’t realise was that I was almost in tears with relief. I stood up and Nick wrapped his arms around my neck and jumped up wrapping his legs around my hips and hugging me tight. When we almost fell to the floor he got down.

“Shit! I thought he was going to try and rape us or something! The pervert!” said Gary. “Did you see the size of his cock!”

The guy had given us a fright and we were glad to get rid of him, but the sight of his hard cock had immediately begun to excite me and it was the fear of what might happen and what that might reveal that had prodded me into reacting so strongly. Gary in turn seemed equally obsessed with the guys erection and didn’t stop talking about it for the next half hour.

Gary had complete confidence in my ability to scare the guy off if he came back again. Nick’ on the other hand, still seemed scared and was very quiet. Eventually we calmed down and did actually go and collect more wood.

We stayed close to the camp for the rest of the day, gathering wood, digging a latrine and turning our sleeping bags to make sure they were properly dry. By mid afternoon we were getting a bit bored. Nick started to talk about the latest trend that was popular then. It was a kind of necklace made of chrome wire that you could hang you initials from. Really tacky! But at that time we thought they were amazing. As he talked about them he seemed to want one more and more, until eventually he announced that he was going to go back into town to get one, promissing to return before dark. I could tell that he’d been looking for an excuse to leave and now he’d found it. He was still scared that the man would come back.

“Okay, but if it starts to get really late, stay at home tonight and come back in the morning. Once it’s dark up here you’ll get lost and I’m not taking responsibility for that.” I said..

He gathered up a few things and went off down the path. I knew we wouldn’t see him again until tomorrow.

Once Nick had gone Grant went into overdrive. He could tell that I was a bit upset and disappointed by Nick’s leaving and he seemed to be doing his best to make sure that I didn’t notice his absence. He did a good job and soon we were laughing and joking and messing about as usual. The sun was blazing down now and we didn’t really need the fire but we wanted to keep it ticking over so that we wouldn’t have to light it again later. I threw enough wood on it to keep it going for a couple of hours and left it to take care of itself.

“I’m going to have a lie down.” I told Gary.

“Okay, I’ll take care of the fire.” he said.

I went into the tent out of the sun, leaving the flaps open, and lay on my stomach on top of my sleeping bag. I knew that Gary wouldn’t stay out there on his own for long. Soon he appeared at the entrance to the tent.

“Do you think that guy will come back?” he asked for the thousandth time.

“No, but if he does we’ll soon get rid of him.” I said reassuringly.

Gary sat down in the entrance.

“Do you think he was gay?” he continued.


“Do you think he wanted to have sex with us?”


“Would you have had sex with him?”

I couldn’t resist.


There was a pause while we turned to look at each other. Then we both burst out laughing. For some reason it now seemed really funny and we both laughed hysterically. It took us a good ten minutes to calm down, by which time my face and stomach were aching from laughing so much.

“Seriously, what do you think he would have done if he’d come back and found me on my own?” Grant eventually managed to say, as he wiped the tears from his eyes.

“Well, I suppose he would have tried to touch you first, real casual like. Just to see if you reacted.”

“What like this?” as he sat near the entrance Grant rested his hand on my ankle as if he was just supporting himself.

“Something like that.” I said.

“Then what?”

“I don’t know really. What do you think?” I countered, putting the ball in his court. He paused thinking. Finally he said,

“I think he would have begun to stroke me like this.” he began gently stroking my ankle and lower calf.

By now I was getting pretty excited and my cock had swollen and was straining to straighten out under me. I lifted my hips a little and slid my hand down the front of my shorts, pulling my cock straight before I lay back down again. The action didn’t escape Gary’s notice and it seemed to spur him on.

“Then, if I didn’t react I think he would have slid his hand up further, like this.”

“And of course, you wouldn’t have reacted, you probably would have been too scared.” I said, getting into the game.

He began to stroke the back of my thigh, then he turned and moved between my legs. I opened them to give him more room. Slowly he massaged my thighs pushing his hands higher and higher until they were disappearing below the legs of my shorts.

“What do you think I would have done if he’d taken off his trousers?” he asked.

“Nothing I suppose, maybe you wouldn’t even have noticed.”

He stopped stroking my leg and I could hear the sounds of clothing being removed. My cock was throbbing and I was beginning to tremble with excitement. He moved back into position and began to massage the backs of my thighs again. This time he pushed even higher, reaching up to the crease where my ass joined with my legs. I could hear his breathing becoming heavy as he worked.

“What if he pulled my trousers down like this?” he continued.

Taking hold of the waist of my trousers he began to pull them down. I had to lift my hips slightly to help him. As he pulled them down he moved so that I could close my legs and allow him to remove them completly along with my socks and shoes.

“I think you would have been really scared” I said “and just let him do it.”

We were now both naked, apart from our underwear and tee-shirts. The heat from the sun penetrated the orange material of the tent and warmed our bodies, at the same time colouring our world.

“What do you think he would have done then?” he asked.

I could tell that we had reached a crucial point and it was my turn to take the initiative.

“Lie down and I’ll show you.” I half suggested, half commanded.

He lay face down on his own sleeping bag with his eyes closed. I lifted myself of the floor and moved between his legs, just as he had moved between mine. I began to massage his thighs pushing higher than he had done, reaching below his underwear and all the way to the cheeks of his ass. He made a gulping sound as he swallowed nervously.

“I think he would have massaged your ass like this.” I said.

I rubbed and squeezed his cheeks, pulling them apart and then pushing them together.

“Then he would have pulled your underpants down, like this.” I took hold of the waistband and tugged at his underwear. He lifted his ass to allow me to pull them down and off.

This was the first time that I had really seen another guys ass up close and it fascinated me. It was so smooth and perfectly round and the crevice looked so inviting. I paused taking it all in.

“I think he would have taken his own underwear off as well” offered Grant.

“Keep your eyes closed!” I ordered.

I waited to make sure he obeyed and then slowly slid my own underwear off. My bone hard cock jutted forward and I had to wipe some precum off the tip with my underwear. As I was doing so Gary slipped out of his tee-shirt, still keeping his eyes closed. I took mine off as well so that we were both now completely naked.

“Then I think he would have layed down on top of me.”

I place my hands on the floor and slowly lowered myself down onto him. My stiff cock touched his ass and he held his breath. I lowered myself further pressing my aching boner between his cheeks. He gave a little gasp and I felt his trembling body beneath me. Finally I let all my weight rest on him. He wriggled slightly under me, pushing back with his ass so that my cock fitted snugly into his crevice. I lowered my head so that it was at the side of his.

“I think you would have been too scared to resist. I think he would have started to do this,” I began to thrust my hips slowly, sliding my cock backwards and forwards between his cheeks “and you wouldn’t have done a thing.”

“Yeah! Your right.” he whispered with a trembling voice. “I would have done anything he wanted.”

“And what if he wanted to fuck you?” I whispered back.

“If he made me! He probably would have just started to give me orders and I would have obeyed.”

I began to thrust a harder and faster and he pushed back against me.

“Get onto you knees!” I ordered.

I lifted off him allowing him to move. Obediently he lifted himself into a kneeling position. I found his ass hole with my finger and began to push it in.

“Ahh! Slowly, slowly. I’ve never done it before.” he pleaded.

“Jerk yourself off!” I commanded

He reached under taking hold of his stiff cock. I began to see he balls swing backwards and forwards as he worked his hand up and down his rod.

Gradually I worked my finger into his ass. He kept his eyes tight shut, grimacing with the pain. I started to get worried that I was hurting him.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked.

“Would he stop?” Grant responded.

Gradually the grimace gave way to open mouthed gasping and sharp intakes of breath as I found his sensative spots. I positioned myself behind him my stiff rod bobbing up and down in time with my heart beat. I so wanted to fuck him!”

“I think he would have fucked you now!” I said.

“Yeah!, so do I” was all he could manage.

I took out my finger and placed the head of my cock against his hole. He pushed back against me. I let some saliva dribble onto my cock. At the same time I took hold of his hips and began to pull him back onto me. Gradually my cock began to enter him. The sensation was like nothing I had ever felt. The tightness of his hole and the warmth enveloping my cock nearly pushed me over the edge and I had to pause for a few seconds.

“You’ve got a really tight ass!” I said.

I pushed harder and the head of my cock passed the entrance. He gave a shout of pain and I stopped again. It was all I could do to stop myself from ramming the whole thing into him and cumming straight away.

“Slow, slow!” he repeated.

“Jerk off faster!” I ordered.

He picked up the pace, groaning with pleasure.

I pushed again and this time he pushed back against me. He wasn’t feeling any pain now. I still hadn’t seen his stiff cock but at the moment it wasn’t at the top of my list of things to do. Instead I began to thrust slowly in and out. His pants and groans grew louder as I began to pick up speed.

“Awwh Shit!” he gasped, as my hips began to slap against his ass.

I pulled him back onto my fuck pole as it slid in and out of him. Increasing the the pace I rammed into him with all my might.

“Fuck! Yeah! Fuck! Yeah!” he repeated over and over.

I knew that I was about to cum. This was my first time, and as far as I knew his as well, so I wasn’t yet ready to cum inside him. Instead I warned him that I was getting close.

“I’m gonna cum soon!”

His answer was to push back in time with my thrusts causing me to go deeper than ever. With a split second to go I pulled back, slipping my cock out of him. I’m not sure, but I think that maybe I left it a bit too late and some of the first jet of cum went inside him. As I pulled out I began to spray his ass and back with my cum. Groaning and shouting, convulsing in my usual way. This time I didn’t try to stop the cum. I wanted to see it splashing onto the smooth soft skin of his back and ass.

As I came I could see his cum spraying onto his sleeping bag in great streamers. It seemed to go on for ages, gradually, we slowed our jerking and let the waves of orgasm subside. Finally I came to my senses as I collapsed to the floor at his side.

“Fuck that guys a horny bastard!” Grant said “Do you think he’ll come back again tonight?”

“If Nick doesn’t he definitely will!” I said.

Nick didn’t.


Part 3

After such a strenuous effort, and with the heat of the sun, it wasn’t surprising that we soon fell asleep as we lay side by side naked. I woke to find Grant’s arm draped across my back with his hand resting on my ass. It felt good and I didn’t move for a while so as not to wake him. Eventually though, I remembered the fire. Evening was coming on and we would need it to cook our next meal. I slid out from under Grant’s arm waking him in the process.

The heat of sexual excitement had worn off by now and we felt slightly embarrassed by our nakedness. We dressed quickly making casual conversation and avoiding any mention of what we had done earlier. I came out of the tent first. The fire had almost died out and I hurried over to our wood supply to pick out some smaller pieces to get it going again.

It was then that my heart jumped into my throat. On the other side of our small wood pile was a basket. It hadn’t been there before and it certainly didn’t belong to us!

“Grant, come here quick!” I shouted.

Grant came strolling over.

“What? What’s up!”

“Look!” I said, pointing at the basket.

“Shit!” Responded Grant. “Look! There’s a note as well!”

I took a step forward and plucked the note from under the corner of the basket.

I read it out loud while Grant listened. When I’d finished we looked at each other and then over at the tent. From where we were standing, next to the basket, it was possible to see straight into the tent. We looked at our tangled sleeping bags and then at each other.

“Fuck!” We said in unison.

After a pause to take it all in we both lunged towards the basket wanting to be the first to see what was in it. I got there first and flung it open. It was quite small, but packed with goodies. There was, chocolate, a fruit cake, biscuits, a few cans of soup and a can of meat, a few cans of beer and lastly, bread, real fresh bread.

We were starving hungry and spoilt for choice, but in the end the chocolate won. I split the packet in half and gave Grant his portion. He began stuffing it into his mouth as if he hadn’t eaten in a month.

“Pig!” I laughed at him, as I stuffed mine into my mouth with equal enthusiasm.

In no time at all we’d finished the chocolate and were tucking into the bread. After a couple of slices we began to slow down and behave more like civilized human beings.

“You do realize, we’ll still be here when he comes back for the basket, don’t you?” I eventually managed to say between swallows.

“Oh yeah!…. What shall we do?” he asked.

“Nothing!” We’ll just tell him we decided to stay longer and thanks very much for the food!”

“What if he wants to…. you know?”

“What? Have sex with you?” I answered, finishing the question that he’d been afraid to. “I’ll let him!”

“Fuck off! Ya bastard!” replied Grant. Then, “… wouldn’t would you?”

I just laughed and went back to the fire. For the rest of the day Grant drove me crazy with his obsession with what we would do when the guy came back.

“Look!” I eventually said. “He doesn’t really seem that bad. Maybe he didn’t have a hard-on. Maybe we just got carried away. It’ll be okay!”

Actually, I was only half convinced myself, but what else could I say. We’d eaten half of his food and had every intention of eating the rest, not to mention the beer. We could hardly refuse to talk to him when he arrived.

We went for a walk before dinner and got back just as night was falling. Nick still hadn’t turned up and by now we’d almost forgotten about him. We made a meal of the canned meat and bread along with what was left of the eggs we’d brought with us and then finished it off with a couple of pieces of fruit cake. By the time it was dark we’d stoked up the fire and were lying back against a large tree trunk, feeling content with the world.

Of course, our sexual batteries had long since fully recharged and as we sat in silence, images of what we’d done earlier began to run through my mind. I snook sideways glances at Grant, trying to see the outline of his cock through his pants as he sat cross legged poking the fire with a stick, lost in thought.

“The beers!” he suddenly piped up. “We forgot about the beers!”

We both scrambled over to the basket and pulled out a beer each. It was warm but we didn’t care. We cracked open the cans and took big gulps. We didn’t really drink much at that age, but neither of us wanted to admit it. Instead we sat back and stared at the fire as we sipped our drinks like experts. By the second beer we were already feeling the effects and by the third we began to feel our muscles relax and our heads felt light. We chatted about anything and everything, but always, as we chatted, at the back of my mind was the fact that sooner or later we were going strip and get into our sleeping bags.

We’d managed to pass the whole day without talking about what we’d done earlier, but now the tension began to rise as the moment to undress came closer. When I couldn’t hold out any longer I got up and brushed myself down, trying to look as casual as possible.

I stretched and said, “Oh well! I’m going to hit the sack.

Grant swigged the last of his beer and got up to follow me. “Me too!”

We undressed slowly, folding our clothes deliberately. I was hard with expectation so I got into my sleeping bag before I took off my trousers, so that Grant wouldn’t see. He did the same. We lay on our stomachs, propped up on our elbows watching the fire in silence. The sexual tension was palpable but neither of us dared to make a move.

“I’m sweating like a pig!” Exclaimed Grant in his usual understated way.

“Yeh! Me too!” I replied.

Why don’t we open up our sleeping bags and use one as a mattress and the other as a blanket? At least that way it’ll be cooler. If it gets cold later we can always zip them up again.” he suggested.

“Mmmm…. Okay!” I agreed.

We both sat up and unzipped our bags. Grant spread his out on the floor and I shook mine out to use as a top blanket. He was on all fours pushing out the corners of his bag, his underpants stretched tight over his perfect round ass. As he pushed and pulled at the sleeping bag he moved around with his back to me and I could see his balls outlined by the thin material and the thick stem of his cock bridging the gap between them and his ass hole. ‘He must be hard as well’ I thought. My cock throbbed uncontrollably as another surge of blood made it feel even tighter and harder.

I’d been lost in my own thoughts as I stared at his ass and I took a second longer than I should have to look away when he suddenly turned to face me. In silence we moved towards the entrance to the tent and lay down, pulling the other sleeping bag over ourselves. I was shaking with sexual excitement but tried desperately not to let it show as we lay, almost touching. I could feel the heat of his shoulders next to mine and as we talked we occasionally brushed against each other, sending electric shocks through my whole body and making my cock twitch. At first our brief moments of contact had been accidental and we had quickly moved to separate ourselves, but as the evening wore on the brief moments became long seconds. After about half an hour, my cock was aching from being so hard for so long and my balls were beginning to develop a dull pain. Grants foot briefly came into contact with mine and when I didn’t react he left it there. Slowly he began to move his toes causing his foot to rub gently against mine. I swallowed nervously. The moment had come.

“I don’t think he’ll want to have sex with you.” I mumbled, trying not to let my sexual excitement show in my voice.

Grant didn’t react for a few seconds but then said “No…… I think he’ll want to have sex with you!” laughing as he spoke.

“Well I won’t let him! He’ll have to pin me down and tie me up first, and I don’t he’s going to do that!”

“He might,,,,,” responded Grant. “if I help him!”

“You! You couldn’t tie your shoelaces!” I taunted.

“I’m stronger than you think, and your not as strong as you think!” he fired back.

“Try it!” I challenged.

He looked at me uncertainly for a few seconds, a crooked grin on his face. It was ‘game-on’ and now we both knew what the game was. He turned his back to me and rummaged around in our stuff until he found the string that we had used to make the guy-lines for our tent.

“Aha!” he said dramatically as he held it up for me to see. “What do we have here!”

“You don’t stand a chance!” I said, pushing him to go on.

He placed the string on the floor at the entrance and knelt, crouched like a cat ready to pounce, the sleeping bag over his lap. I laughed out loud. “Ha! Pathetic!”As he leapt at me I turned onto my stomach and placed my hands under me so that he nothing to get a purchase on. He grabbed my shoulders and tried to roll me onto my back but I spread my legs to stop him. As he wrestled with me I could feel the heat of his body pressing against mine. When he realised this wasn’t going to be easy he became more determined and less coy, grabbing my ass and my waist, pushing and pulling, lying on top of me and wrapping his legs around mine to try to move me. By now he wasn’t using the sleeping bag to cover his erection and when I couldn’t see his hard cock stretching the material of his underpants I could feel it pressing against me.

I still wasn’t decided which way I wanted this to go, but the more I felt him rubbing against me the more I wanted to see that hard shaft of his. From my position of passive resistance I suddenly turned and began to actively wrestle with him. We struggle trying to pin each other, neither of us gaining a real advantage. He was right, he was stronger than I had given him credit for. That, plus the fact that he was highly motivated and I wasn’t resisting 100% meant that before long he managed to sit astride my back, pinning my hands above my head.

We stopped, panting for breath. When he placed one of my wrists over the other and pinned them with just one hand, I could easily have gotten free, but I didn’t. I lay still, eyes closed pretending not to have noticed. I felt the roughness of the string as he began to wrap it around my wrists and made a token effort to escape. He dropped down on top of me pinning me harder and pressing his stiff rod into my back.

“Gotcha now!” He said. “and when there are two of us, it’ll be even easier!

“When he had my hands tied together he then tied them to the tent pole that supported the front of the tent.

“Don’t struggle or you’ll pull the whole bloody tent down on top of us!” he warned.

Spinning around he unravelled more string and began to tie my ankles.

“Now what are you going to do?” My voice was trembling as I spoke and there was nothing I could do to hide it.

“I’m not sure. What do you think he would do?” he answered.

“I don’t know! You’re the one who’s helping him!” I responded.

What I really wanted was to feel his hard pole inside me, but I couldn’t say that. Not yet.

He turned and looked at me for a second, thinking. He began to check his handiwork to make sure it was all tight and secure. Once he was satisfied he pushed my hips to encourage me to roll over onto my back. I did as he wished and as I turned my stiff cock came into view. Our wrestling had twisted my underwear so that my balls and half of my cock were exposed. His eyes widened and I heard him draw in a deep breath.

“Well first, I think we would get rid of these!” He said as he leaned forward and very gently pulled down my underwear.

His face was close to my crotch. I lifted my ass off the floor slightly so that he could slide them down. My cock sprang free and he breathed on it making it pulse so violently that it almost hit him in the face. He pulled back with surprise and then leaned forward again, blowing harder and rhythmically. I began to pant and let out a

“Jeeeez!!! Stop or I’ll cum right now!”

He smiled, gave one last blow and knelt up. I could feel my heart as it pounded in my chest and every nerve in my body seemed to be tingling. He moved to my side and placed his hands on my chest feeling my soft skin and rubbing me gently.

“I think you would take off your underwear as well.” I suggested softly.

He looked at me again with those big, soft, green eyes of his.

“Not yet.” he answered.

Instead he reached inside his underpants and took his shaft in his hand. Through the material I could see his knuckles as he grasped it firmly and began to move his hand slowly up and down it. His mouth opened slightly and he passed his tongue over his top lip, closing his eyes in ecstasy. Without warning he seemed to suddenly move up a gear. He became decided in his actions and all of his former shyness seemed to dissolve in front of my eyes. He moved to kneel astride my chest.

“Time for me to give the orders!” he said softly as he looked directly into my eyes.

I blinked my agreement. A subtle but clear message. He was now in charge. He pulled down the front of his underwear, revealing to me for the first time his fat cock in all it’s glory. He looked at my face to see my reaction. What he saw was a look of complete lust. The shaft of his cock was smooth and pale in the firelight and as he gave it another squeeze a drop of pre-cum became visible at the tip. He pulled back the foreskin slightly and squeezed it again. A clear drop formed and rolled from the opening down the shiny surface of his glans. It stopped just short of falling. He shuffled forward and placed the head directly above my lips. He looked into my eyes as I looked at the glistening droplet. I opened my mouth slightly and pushed out my tongue to receive his fluid. He gave it a little shake and the droplet fell, suspended on a fine thread. I closed my eyes at it touched my tongue.

‘This is him!’ I thought. ‘It’s part of him. Part of his body, his being, and now it’s going to become a part of me. For who knows how long something that was him will be part of me.

I tasted the semi-sweet juice and opened my eyes to look into his. He leaned further forward and placed the head of his cock against my lips. I opened them and brushed the tip of my tongue over the soft smooth flesh.”Push it in!” I whispered.

He looked at me firmly and said “I’m giving the orders!”I felt a brief moment of disappointment that quickly disappeared when he turned and put himself into the 69 position. His cock and balls hung over my face and he reached under himself to push his rigid cock into a vertical position and against my lips. I opened my mouth hungrily and lifted my head slightly to take him in. As I began to suck on him he groaned and gasped before taking hold of my tingling shaft and going down on it, sucking and licking it clean of pre-cum. As he sucked on my cock he began to pump his own shaft into my mouth, fucking my face. I sucked and lifted my head in time with his pumping to take it as deep as I could. It was so thick that I had to open my mouth as wide as I could and it still wasn’t really wide enough.

After a couple of minutes he lifted off me and turned to face me again. He lay prone on top of me pressing his body against mine. Our stiff shafts rubbed side by side as he writhed and twisted as if he wanted to absorb me into him. I pumped my hips, grinding my stiff fuck pole into his stomach.

“Ahhhhhh, auuggh!” We gasped and groaned together as the passion mounted and both of us became more desperate in our desire.

“You know…. this time I think he would make me fuck you as he watched!”

A gasped “Yeh!!!” was all I could respond.

He lifted off me and pushed my hips encouraging me to roll over. Once I was on my stomach he began to massage my ass cheeks firmly. I felt the sting of his hand as he smacked me hard on one cheek. The sting soon replaced by a pleasant warm sensation. Again, and again he slapped me. He leaned forward and raked his teeth over my hot ass.

“Aaaauuuuggggghhhh” I groaned.

“Beg me!” he whispered in my ear. “Beg me to do it too you!”

“Please!” I said quietly.

“Louder!””PLEASE! Fuck me!”

His answer was to slap my ass again.

“Don’t stop!

“Please fuck me. I want to feel your fat cock inside me. Please!”

He leaned forward and pressed the head of his cock between my cheeks. “What? This? Is this what you want?”

“Yeah!” That! Your fat cock! Please!”

As I said ‘please’ he pushed it harder.

“Keep going, don’t stop!” he ordered again.

“Please…. please….please. Arrgghhh!”

With each ‘please’ he had pushed a little deeper until finally with a hard push he entered me.

“Fuck! Yeah!” Fuck, I’m gonna fuck your ass good!” he gasped.

“Yeah!” Fuck me please!” I begged.

He began to pump his iron hard shaft into me, mercilessly. I groaned and gasped with pleasure certain that nobody could hear us.

“Fuck! Yeah!” Fuck!” He repeated over and over again as he drove into me.”I’m gonna cum, gonna cum, cummin NOW, I’m cummin! Arrrgggggghhhh!”

I felt his shaft expand inside me as he pounded me deeper and deeper. As he said ‘NOW’ he paused briefly before continuing in a broken rhythm, moaning, pumping and spasming at the same time. Finally he collapsed on top of me, spent. I lay still letting him recover.

“Now it’s your turn.” he whispered.

“To late,” I replied. “I came when you did. All over your sleeping bag.”


Part 4

The next morning we woke with the sun blazing through the orange fabric of the tent. The heat was intense, even so early in the morning, and we had both kicked off the sleeping bag and where lying naked, stretched out, legs overlapping. I turned to look at Grant. He was still asleep, snoring softly. His cute upturned nose and full lips looked so kissable. I propped myself up on one elbow to look at the rest his body. His light frame made him look so young, but in reality he was a couple of months older than me. My eyes were drawn to his cock. He was obviously dreaming, or maybe remembering, because the shiny head of his stiff rod was throbbing, pushing back his foreskin as it gently bobbed, hovering millimetres above his flat hairless stomach.

I slid down towards it, trying to be as quiet as possible, but the nylon sleeping back rustled loudly. Eventually my head drew level with his stiff shaft and I stared at it fascinated. I had never really seen another  guys cock, especially a hard one, so up-close. I looked at the shiny head, the smooth shaft with the soft blue veins throbbed again, expanding and straining. By now my own breath came in gasps. I moved my face closer to his stiff shaft, unable to resist, drawn like a paper clip to a strong magnet. I hesitated millimetres away from his rod. His cock danced in front of my eyes and I gently placed my lips halfway up it, feeling the hot silky smoothness. I poked the tip of my tongue between my lips and slid it gently towards the tip. I heard his breathing catch slightly, but he still seemed to be asleep.

My own cock felt like it was vibrating, as the blood surged through it and every nerve tingled. I couldn’t resist taking hold of it and working my hand over it, stroking hard and fast, pulling the foreskin all the way back and feeling my balls bounce against my legs. I opened my mouth gasping as a wave of pleasure passed through my groin and I had to stop, afraid I would cum. By now I had the tip of my tongue at the base of his glans and as I opened my mouth to gasp I dropped my head taking his into my mouth.

His breathing stopped briefly and then continued, now more rapid and shallow. I began to work my tongue over the smooth surface, at the same time pushing back his foreskin completely with my lips. He moved slightly and I stopped, frozen, holding my breath. His hips lifted, just half an inch, pushing his searing bar of flesh almost imperceptibly into my mouth. I began to bob my head taking him deeper and deeper. I reached out with my hand and cupped his balls, at the same time pressing a finger between his cheeks.

I was now sure that he was just pretending to be asleep as I began to detect very slight thrusting movements in perfect time with my own bobbing motion. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper I took him. He grunted slightly and I heard a whisper.

“I’m going to cum!”

I worked my mouth over his shaft,catching hold of my own again and stroking it hard and fast.

“I’m going to cum!” he said again, this time more loudly, but still he lay there ,almost motionless with his eyes closed.

I wanted him to cum! I wanted to taste his juices and feel his cock convulse in my mouth. Suddenly a hot jet of fluid hit the back of my throat as he began to spurt, at the same time he made restrained gasps. I swallowed, determined to take ever drop. Another jet seemed to almost fill my mouth. With his enormous cock taking up all the space it was hard to fit anything else in! I tried to swallow but he seemed to be pumping gallons and I couldn’t keep up, causing some of it to spill from my lips.

I had been so occupied with his cock that I was almost caught by surprise when my own cock began to pulse. I lifted off him and threw myself onto my back as a huge ark of cum splashed over my stomach and chest. I swallowed the last of his cum and opened my mouth gulping in air as my own soaked my body.

When I was finally spent I glanced over at him. He lay in the same position, his cock now going soft, with his eyes still closed but with a cheeky grin on his face.

I got up to clean myself. When I’d finished I tidied up the camp a little and by the time he came out of the tent it was as if nothing had happened. We had breakfast, both knowing what the other was thinking about but saying nothing.

The day turned out to be one of those sultry summer days with hardly any wind, a clear blue sky and a hot dryness. By late afternoon I was beginning to think that the stranger wasn’t going to turn up, but I was wrong. As the sun hung low in the sky and the shadows lengthened we heard a rustling in the bushes. Grant shot me a wide eyed look and we both dashed to sit near the glowing embers of our small fire, trying to look as casual as possible and failing miserably. We looked into each others faces as the stranger appeared from between two large bushes. He stopped, obviously surprised. We looked over at him and grinned.

He grinned back and said ‘Hello!’.

“We decided to stay and thank you for the food.” I lied.

“Oh! That’s nice of you!” he answered, “but there was really no need!”

“We wanted to!” said Grant. “Do you want a cup of coffee?”

The coffee was instant and not very good but he said yes and Grant began to busy himself making it. The guy sat on his haunches at the other side of the fire.

“Bit hot for this isn’t it?” he said, nodding at the fire.

“A bit.” I replied, “but we don’t have a gas cooker, so it’s this or eat everything cold, and I like everything hot” I continued.

“Everything?” he asked with a wry smile.

“Everything!” I managed to answer, despite my blushes.

As we talked I couldn’t resist glancing at his middle to see if I could detect an erection or see the outline of his cock. At first I couldn’t see anything but when Grant passed him his coffee he sat back on the ground and stretched out his legs a little, and there is was! The unmistakable outline of his shaft, lying down one leg of his combat-style trousers. I glanced at Grant just in time to see his eyes widen as he too took in the same sight.

“So, what have you two handsome guys been up to?” Asked the stranger.

His use of the word ‘handsome’ was unusual, but it was clue as to what was on his mind. We looked at each other and grinned, blushing even deeper as we both remembered what we had been doing.

“What?…” he asked “Come on give…. what’s the big secret?”

“Nothing!” I answered quickly. ”You wouldn’t be interested.”

“You would probably be surprised!…. or maybe not!” he said, with a curious look on his face. “Anyway, my name’s Roger but as that causes too many jokes I usually go by the name of Jim. You know, Roger as in fuck, Roger the cabin boy, Jim the cabin boy.”

Grant and I looked at each other puzzled, not knowing what the hell he was talking about.

“Must be a generation thing. Anyway, what are you two called?” he asked.

We introduced ourselves and sat watching the fire for a while.

“Boy, it’s hot here!” Jim said, breaking the silence.

He pulled off his shirt, revealing the most perfect body I had ever seen. Without saying a word, Grant took off his shirt as well and looked over at me, widening his eyes and lifting his head as if to say ‘come on! play the game!”

I lifted my arms and pulled off my t-shirt. Jim looked at Grant and then at me before saying, “Nice!” in a quiet but audible voice.

After seeing his body we both felt flattered and shuffled around self consciously. I looked again at the outline of his cock and noticed that it seemed to have grown longer, reaching even farther down the leg of his trousers. We sipped the coffee that Grant had made in silence for a few minutes, feeling a bit awkward.

Finally Grant brought up the subject of science fiction films, which was one his favourite obsessions, and the conversation began to get more animated as we realised it was a subject that we all liked. We ran through our favourite films and scenes, relaxing more and more as the evening wore on. Eventually, it began to get dark and Jim said,

“Better be moving soon. Before it get’s too late.”

There was an pregnant pause. I could tell that Grant was getting anxious. He wanted to fulfil his fantasy and it was slipping away. It was then that he decided to do something brash. Throwing a mountain of wood onto the fire, he sent up a cloud of sparks. Jim and I looked away protecting our eyes and when we looked back Grant already had his trousers half way down. We both looked at him, slightly surprised and he stopped. We all  looked at each other stupidly for a while not sure how to react.

“More comfortable.” Grant said, simply.

I didn’t question what he was doing because I was almost as keen as him. By now it was as if we all knew what we wanted but none of us was brave enough to admit it. Without saying anything more I leaned back and undid my belt. Grant had kicked off his trousers and went to the tent to grab one of the sleeping bags to sit on. I undid my buttons, looking over at Jim, who seemed to have forgotten about leaving. He watched my hands intently as I lifted myself and slid my trousers down.

“I can’t do that!” he said.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because I’m not wearing underpants!” he replied.

“And!” grinned Grant, mischievously.

“And… well… maybe you don’t want to see me as I am just at this moment!” he answered.

I leaned back on my elbows and stretched out my legs. I was wearing a pear of baggy undershorts and my stiff cock tented them, making it obvious that I was hard. Grant stood up and his boner was plainly visible through the thin cotton of his white briefs. None of us said anything.

“Okay!” said the Jim, but if I’m going to be completely naked I think you two should be as well!”

“Okay!” we said in unison.

Jim stood up and slowly began to undo his trousers. As he did so Grant and I began to slide off our own underwear. The light of the fire danced over our bodies, warming and illuminating us at the same time. Now that he was stood up, Jim’s cock was more visible and as he dropped his trousers it came into full view. It was massive and both I and Grant stared at it mesmerised.

“So…Look what you’ve both done!” he said, looking down at his cock.

We laughed but said nothing. We were too fascinated by the sight of a semi hard cock that was bigger than either of ours when they were fully hard! He sat down crossed legged, using his own trousers to sit on. His cock arched forward touching the floor in front of him. Neither I nor Grant had taken our eyes of it since he had dropped his trousers and I suddenly became aware that we were staring. I looked up at his face as he looked over at Grant, who was stood up, naked, with his cock pointing at the sky.

“So… Now what!” Jim asked.

“How about a game of ‘Dare’.” I suggested

This was one of my favourite games as a youngster, because it always ended up with sexual dares and had gotten me as close as I had ever been to touching another boys cock. I had a feeling that this would be the game of my life.

“Okay! Who goes first?” he asked.

“You can start.” I replied.

“Okay, I dare Grant to stand in front of me and jerk that stiff pole of his for thirty seconds.”

Grant moved around the fire, his cock bouncing as he walked. Standing in front of Jim he took hold of his shaft in his left hand and began to jerk-off slowly. Jim began to count, just as slowly. As he slid his hand up and down the full length of his shaft, Grant looked directly into Jim’s eyes. Jim’s eyes on the other hand were fixed on Grants hard cock. Suddenly Grant threw his head back and gasped. Only ten seconds to go but I was beginning to think he might not make it. Jim counted faster and as he reached 30 Grant pulled his hand from his cock as if it was white hot. He stood looking at it as it pulsed and bounced, holding his breath. We sat staring at it half expecting to see a streamer of white juice leap from the tip at any second.

Finally he let out a long gasp.

“Phew!…. That was close! he said.

“Your turn to dare me now.” Jim said.

Grant stood thinking for a minute.

“Mmmmm. I know! I dare you to suck Nathan’s cock for 30 seconds!”

He knew that by the rules, that if we fulfilled the dare, we both got to dare him in turn. Jim looked at me.

“Okay?” he asked.

In response I lay back, my boner flat on my stomach. Jim came over to me on his knees and knelt at my side, looking my body up and down. Slowly he went down on my cock and took it into his hot mouth. I took a deep breath in and then groaned as the soft warm wetness engulfed me. He played with the head, rolling his tongue over it. As he knelt there sucking me, I looked at his long rod. It was growing harder by the second. By the time Grant reached 30 it was pointing straight forward, fully hard. Not only was it long it was fat!

After taking a few seconds to come back down to earth, I said “Our turn!”

“Fire away!” Responded Grant.

“Okay, Grant, I dare you to let me stick a finger up your ass!”

Jim laughed, but Grant had no hesitation. He came over to me and turned around with his back to me. I stood up, my stiff shaft almost vertical. I put a hand on his upper back and pushed him gently, encouraging him to lean forward. As he did so I wet my fingers in my mouth. Looking down I could see his inviting hole. I placed my fingers against it and he closed his eyes, waiting expectantly. Jim moved to our side so that he could get a better view. Gently, I pushed, spitting a little more to add lubrication. Gradually, one finger, then two entered him. He let out a breath and I pushed deeper. Jim took hold of his own cock and began to jerk it as he watched us. Grant leaned further forward as I poked my fingers into him deep enough to feel his prostate. I pressed it firmly and a stream of pre-cum oozed from the tip of his shaft.

“ooohhhh!” he moaned.

After a few more seconds I stopped. This was good but I wanted to see what Jim would dare him to do. I had a feeling it would be even better.

When I pulled out my fingers Grant stood for a few seconds with his hands on his knees. When he stood up his face was flushed and his eyes glazed by a combination of the heat from the fire and his own internal desire.

“My turn!” Jim said.

“I dare you to sit on my cock!”

I wasn’t really sure how I felt about this. I was torn between wanting to fuck Grant myself and wanting to sit on Jim’s cock as well.

Jim seemed to read my mind. “Don’t worry… You’ll get your turn” he said.

Jim went over to the sleeping bag that Grant had been sitting on and lay full length. Grant followed him and when he was lying down stood astride him. He looked over at me. I was still stood in the same spot. Grant reached out his hand toward me, beckoning me. I walked over and stood by his side. He went down onto his knees and positioned himself over the enormous cock. By now we were all completely absorbed in what we were doing, drugged by the flood of our own hormones.

Grant spat on his own hand and rubbed it over Jim’s cock.

“Wait!” Jim said. Looking at me he added “Look in my trouser pockets.” I went over to his trouser and picked them up. Feeling in first one pocket then the other. What I found was a handful of sachets that had some sort of liquid inside them.

“Lube!” he said. “You never know when you might need it.”

I took it over to him, not sure what to do with it. I handed it too him and he dropped a couple of the sachets on the floor at his side and taking one, opened a corner of it with his mouth. A slick milky liquid oosed out looking for all the world like cum. He squeezed some onto the tip of his cock and some more onto his finger tips. Reaching under Grant he lubed his hole. Grants eyes opened wide as Jims finger slid easily into him.

Shuffling forward he positioned himself again and began to lower his ass onto Jim’s huge pole. His mouth was open wide and his eyes had a look of fascination mixed with fear. The head of Jim’s cock pushed passed his spincter with an almost audible pop and Grant let out a loud groan.

“Arrrggghhh!” Jesus!

Slowly he lowered himself further and further, then leaned forward on all fours, hands at the side of Jim’s shoulders.

“That’s it! Take it! You know you want it!” Jim said quietly.

When Grant stopped moving Jim began to thrust gently with his hips. I moved around behind Grant to get a better view. What I saw was Jim’s fat fuck pole sliding slowly in and out of Grants hole. Jim took hold of his cheeks and pulled them apart, at the same time thrusting even deeper.

By now Grant was breathing hard, the two of them absorbed in what they were doing. As I watched them I took hold of my aching shaft and began to work my hand up and down it. Jim ran his hands over Grants body feeling his chest and waist. Holding him by the hips and pushing into him.

“Come over here!” Gasped Jim. “Face Grant!”

Obediently I moved and stood astride Jim, my cock inches from Grants face. Grant gradually became aware of me and immediately reached out to take my cock. He pulled me towards him and I bent my knees enough for him to be able to take my boner into his mouth. He began to suck on it hungrily, his muffled groans vibrating against the head of my shaft.

After a few minutes of intense groans and sucking he took my cock out of his mouth.

“Two!” He gasped. “I want to try two.”

I stood, not sure what he meant at first, but when Jim touched my leg with a hand containing another packet of lube I soon understood. I took the packet and opened it as he had. The liquid felt cold as I squeezed it onto my cock. As I smoothed it over the shaft and head I moved around behind Grant. I wasn’t even sure if this was possible but it would be fun to find out.

I knelt behind Grant and emptied what remained of the lube onto my cock and over the part of Jim’s that was still visible. The two of them stopped moving to allow me to position myself. I chose what I thought was the best spot and placed the head of my cock against the underside of Jim’s. That alone would have been enough to make me cum normally but I was determined to hold on. I placed my hands on Grant’s waist and began to push. At first I didn’t make any progress.

“Relax!” Jim said. “You can do it.”

Grant took deep breaths and tried to relax more. I began to push again and this time I began to make progress. I was afraid of hurting Grant but he didn’t seem to be so concerned.

“Push!” he ordered.

To help me I took a finger and pushed that in first. It was tight but it went in. I worked it around for a while and then pushed in another. Grant groaned and gasped but continued to encourage me. Eventually I was ready to try again. Without taking my fingers fully out I pressed the tip of my cock against his hole again. It began to go in. I shuffled closer, positioning myself to be able to push harder.

“Auugghh!” Grant and I groaned together as suddenly the head of my cock slid past the barrier and entered him. Two! He had two cocks inside him!

“Slowly! Slowly!” He almost shouted.

Jim began to thrust upward gently as I pushed deeper and deeper. The feel of my cock rubbing against his and at the same time being inside Grant was amazing. As I pushed even deeper I felt my balls come into contact with Jim’s

I could see that Jim had Grant’s shaft in his hand and was working it feverishly. I knew he couldn’t hold on for long and I didn’t think Grant could either. I began to pump into him increasing my rhythm. Jim too began to push harder and our cocks rubbed against each other, the heads occasionally coming into contact.

To my surprise Jim was the first to say that he was about to cum. He suddenly pulled out of Grant leaving me alone inside him. The absense of Jims cock took Grant by surprise and his elbows gave way. He collapsed on top of Jim.

“Fuck me! Fuck me hard! I’m going to cum!” he shouted.

As he fell forward I followed him. We now made a sandwich with Grant in the middle. My cock hadn’t come out of him and now I began to hammer at his ass with it with all the strength I could, pounding him as I neared climax.

Suddenly I felt the warmth of Jim’s cum as it sprayed over my ass.

“I’m cummin!” I groaned in a guttural tone that was thick with sex.

Aaarrrgghh yes! Yes! Fuck me! Harder!”

I tried to pound him even deeper and faster as jets of my cum began to fill him and he let me know that he too was cumming

Oh Yeh! Oh jesus yeah! He cried.

I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed him tightly kissing his neck as I emptied myself.

We lay unable to move for a couple of minutes. Finally I lifted myself up and pulled out of him. He lifted himself of Jim and the three of us began to clean ourselves off.

“Well! I suppose you’d better stay the night now!” I suggested.

“If you don’t mind that’s exactly what I’ll do!” Jim replied. “I have a feeling we’re not quite finished yet.”


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