Sex In The Swimming Pool
by Nathan Jones


Part One

I was in my second year at college and as you might imagine not only was I bursting with hormones, I was also super fit. At the time I was a runner and didn’t have an ounce of fat. By then I had reached my full height of 5’10” and was well proportioned for my age. My cock seemed to be permanently semi-hard and ready to spring into action at the slightest provocation.

That was when I met Mick. He was about the same height as me, if not a little taller. He was slim with a slight tan, a few freckles and eyes the colour of mahogany. I met him in the library. I was with  some new friends when this handsome guy approached. He seemed full of confidence and I was immediately attracted to him. He sat down next to us and began talking with my friends whilst at the same time sneaking glances in my direction. I was stiff in seconds. After a short time he turned his full attention to me and we started talking. He asked all of the questions and I nervously responded, not wanting the conversation to end. Eventually our now mutual friends got bored and left. We stayed and continued our conversation. Eventually, almost unbelievably, Mick asked me if I had seen the latest film that was on at the cinema. When I said I hadn’t  he invited me to go with him to see it, making some excuse that everybody else he knew had already seen it. I quickly agreed and we made a date. That was the start of our ever deepening friendship.

We quickly started going out drinking together (legal at 18 in the UK) and would often get quite drunk. It was only then that I would have the nerve to try to turn the conversation round to sex. I was as horny as hell and almost all of my fantasies now involved Mick in some way. However, he didn’t seem to want to play the game. Sure, we would talk about sex and once he even asked me how big my  cock was when it was hard. When I told him 7” he laughed and said “Is that all!” You can imagine the effect that had on me. I was desperate to see his hard throbbing cock, to pull gently on his balls while I took the head into my hot mouth. I could imagine the look on his face as I pressed my finger against his butt hole, gently entering him. But that didn’t seem to be on the cards. I was getting more and more frustrated. I would look at his perfect round butt as he walked in front of me, I would plan seemingly innocent ways of getting naked with him and although they sometimes worked (another set of stories) and at times he even seemed to be playing his own games of ‘get Rory naked’  he would never let me see his cock or take the final step of physical contact. That is until the second year of our friendship.

We had been out drinking again and I had gotten a bit more drunk that usual. We were horsing around with our other friends and decided to have a piggy-back race. Mick stood in front of me with his arms in position to catch my legs and I immediately jumped onto his back, mounting him, one leg each side of his hips. He caught my legs as I wrapped my arms over his shoulders placing my hands on his chest. I took the opportunity to place my cheek against his ear and gently kissed his neck without him even noticing. He was too busy concentrating on the race. He began to run jiggling me up and down on his back. It was summer and he was wearing a thin tee shirt and I a pair of thin, tight jeans. I had a raging boner even before he began to run. I knew he must be able to feel it against his back.

Although he was probably the fittest of all of the other guys he managed to run slower, letting them get ahead. Then he started to walk.

“I’m too drunk.” he said. “But I can feel that your not!”

“I know, It’s all this rubbing, I can’t help it. You know what I’m like!” I replied sheepishly. “If you carry on this way I will cum all over your back!” I laughed, pressing my throbbing cock against his back.

“Don’t you dare!” he quickly replied. Then after a pause. “Why don’t you let it out for some air?”

That was an invitation I couldn’t refuse. Without speaking I leaned back and reached to my flies with one hand. I undid my top button and then my flies, quickly pulling my seven inches of throbbing flesh out of my underwear and into the fresh evening air.

“Ahhh! That’s better!” I smiled. By now my voice was trembling with sexual excitement and I wondered what game he had in mind this time. He adjusted his hold on my legs pulling me closer to him and then started to run. My now exposed cock rubbed viciously against the small of his back. For a moment I thought I was going to cum there and then squirting my load all over his shirt, but somehow I held on. Although he was running, I was the one doing all of the panting.

Before I knew it we had caught up with our friends. ‘Oh my God!’ I thought. ‘They are going to see!’ But as usual Mick was the cool one. He pulled me even closer and said to the other guys.

“OK, so you can beat us in a sprint but I bet I can outlast you all! I’m going to carry Rory to his front door. Any challengers?”

Of course there were none. The other guys were all exhausted by now and had already dropped there ‘jockey’s’ to the floor. Mick just laughed and carried on walking. I smiled nervously and held on tight. The other guys said their goodbyes one by one and made their own way home.

The last guy to leave us was called James. He was a small, slim guy with a dark tan and beautiful electric blue eyes. He had been talking all the way but at the same time I got the feeling that he was onto us. He kept looking at the point were Mick’s back and my crotch touched, as if trying to see if I was showing a bulge. Little did he know that I was desperately trying to cover my raging, exposed boner. We eventually reached the corner where we normally parted ways.

“Are you really going to carry him all the way home?” He asked.

When Mick said yes, he mischievously replied “Not if I can help it!” and at the same time he forced his hands in between Mick’s back and my chest, trying with all his might to prize us apart. I desperately hung on and Mick tried to swing around but James just followed determinedly, laughing all the while. He soon created a small gap that allowed him to slide his hands lower, straight onto the shaft of my throbbing cock. His eyes opened wide as he held his hands in place. He squeezed my shaft and then let go taking his hands out. I nearly died of fright.

Mick just laughed and said “Find something interesting back there?”

I think that even by the light of the streetlamps you could see how white I had gone.

Very interesting!” he said softly, looking a little shocked. I held my breath. Then he turned his back and said firmly “My turn!” while standing in position to take me onto his back. Even Mick seemed surprised and hesitated. James insisted “Come on! My turn! Exactly the same way, unless you want me to tell everyone!”

Mick released me and I slowly slid down off his back. My boner was almost painful by now, despite the shock. Mick turned towards me and I saw his eyes flash towards my cock. By now the foreskin had pealed back revealing the glistening head. It stuck out pointing at the sky. The thick shaft and the soft cum-tube clearly visible under the street lights. I didn’t try to hide it because I was captivated by the look of hunger in Mick’s eyes. My cock seemed to be drawing his gaze like a magnet. I could tell he liked  what he saw and I wanted to enjoy the power that my pulsating shaft and glistening head seemed to have over him. The cool breeze gently caressed the hot skin of my smooth rod and I trembled. James looked back over his shoulder just as a drop of pre-cum began to ooze from the the tip. He smiled and hitched up the back of his shirt exposing soft warm skin.

“Don’t want to get a damp patch on my shirt, do we?” he chuckled. “Come on! Jump on!” He commanded.

After first taking the opportunity to take hold of my pulsating cock and give it a firm squeeze, causing waves of pleasure to run through my ass cheeks and legs, and quickly lifting my heavy balls so that they too were exposed to the air, I did as he said and mounted him. My stiff rod pressed into the hollow of his back, a perfect fit. I sighed with pleasure as the pressure squeezed even more pre-cum from my fuck tube, lubricating and easing the friction between it and James’s back and allowing it to slide easily up and down. I could feel the heat of his back gently warming my balls. It was ecstasy!

“This is turning out to be an interesting night!” remarked Mick as we turned in the direction of my home.


Part Two

As we walked towards my house my mind was working feverishly, trying to work out how I could get Mick to stay over at my place. I realised that I had probably shot myself in the foot because Mick wouldn’t stay after what James had seen. He would be afraid that even if nothing happened James would put two and two together and come up with five. Eventually we all went quiet as each one of us seemed to be lost in his own world.
Before long we arrived at my house. I was beginning to lose my boner by now and so as James dropped me to the ground I quickly tucked myself back in and fastened my trousers.

Lamely I asked “Want to come in for a nightcap? My dad has some Jack Daniels.”

The question was aimed at Mick and it sounded even more pathetic and pleading than I expected. However James was the one to answer.

“I don’t like Jack Daniels but if you have some Vodka the answer is yes!”

“Deal!” I said. Mick just shrugged his shoulders and nodded in agreement.

To be honest, by now I was a little confused. I really fancied Mick and wanted nothing more than to feel the smooth head of his cock in my mouth but James seemed to be the one who was responding, and that made me take a more serious look at him. As he walked in front of me towards my front door I sneaked a look at his perfect apple shaped ass. He was smaller than me but more athletic in build. He had firm square shoulders and narrow hips. The muscles of his back were clearly visible through the thin cotton of his shirt. The expression ‘sex on legs’ popped into my head.

He stopped to let me pass and I fumbled for the keys. I opened the door quietly not sure if my parents had returned home yet or if they were in bed. A quick peak towards the garage and I could see that the car was not there. They were still out.

“So where’s the Vodka then?” Asked James. Boy he was impatient! I thought. But that suited me.

I led them both into the kitchen and took the Jack Daniels out of the cupboard and the vodka out of the freezer. “Lets go up to my room.” I said. “I don’t want my dad to walk in and catch us finishing off his best drinks!”

On the way I filled a bucket with ice and grabbed some potato chips.

“Lets go!” I said. Feeling more confident now that we were on my territory.

We went to my room which was upstairs at the back of the house. It was a big room with a large bed. I had my plasma TV and DVD player as well as the usual games consol. In other words, all the toys of a typical teenager.

We sat in a circle on some cushions and poured the drinks. I switched on the TV turning to MTV just to have some background noise and switched off the lights so that just the light from the TV was illuminating the room. We were already pretty drunk, but after a few Jack Daniels my head began to swim a little. I lay back on the cushions. The thought of sex had never left my mind but every time I tried to bring the conversation round to the subject Mick would swerve it away again. I think he was nervous about James being there. But James seemed to have more of a handle on the situation than me.

“This is a really cool house.” James said. “And that bed is enormous! I bet you’ve fucked a few girls on that!” he laughed.

“A few.” I lied. “But what I really like is to have my cock sucked.” I added. I was sure I detected a twinkle in James eyes when I said it so I continued. “and having my balls licked”. James’s hand moved impulsively to his crotch. I recognised that reaction. It’s when your cock twitches violently and you feel an uncontrollable urge to touch it. I pretended not to have seen anything and offered him another drink. He held out his hand with the glass in it. I noticed he was trembling. I took his hand in mine to steady it as I poured. For a second our eyes met. Mick stretched out his glass pushing James’s out of the way. I filled it too the top. If I didn’t know better I would say he was acting a little jealous.

“Do you guys want to stay over?” I asked. Trying to hide the quiver in my own voice.

“Sure!” responded Mick immediately catching me by surprise.

“Okay!” Said James. “But only if I can sleep in the bed!”.

“It’s big enough.” I smiled.

“Well I’m tired now.” James said stretching. He seemed as impatient as I was to see where this was leading. Mick seemed a little quite. We stripped off our shirts. Mick was slim but well defined. His chest was broad and he had a six-pack that begged to be touched and licked. I could see a line of fine hair leading from his navel and disappearing into the waistline of his jeans. James was the real surprise. His well muscled body was even more athletic than I had suspected. With clothes on he looked quite slim but stripped of he had the body of a young gymnast. Now that he had no shirt on I could also see that he had a good sized bulge below his belt.

I went to get a sleeping bag for Mick. Despite my hints, he was determined to sleep on the floor. When I got back James had already slipped under the covers. I could see his jeans and his boxers at the foot of the bed.

“That was quick!” I said. My heart felt like it was beating out of my chest. Mick was waiting in his boxers with his hands covering his cock and balls but I could clearly see a wet patch just under his waistband. And I was sure that through the now semi transparent, white material I could see the tip of his cock.

I unrolled the sleeping bag on the floor as he put a cushion at the side of the bed. Then I turned down the volume on the TV but left it on. I sat on the edge of the bed and slipped off my jeans, leaving on my boxers and slipped under the covers next to James. As I did so I lifted them up for a second and by the flickering light of the TV I caught a glimpse of James’s naked body. His tanned skin stood out against the white sheets and just for a second I could see the massive pole of his hard-on leading from his full balls to above his navel. He was massive, he was naked and he was in bed with me! I felt almost nauseous with excitement and expectation.


Part Three

So, here we were! James in my bed naked and with the biggest… no, the only boner I had ever seen in the flesh. And on the floor at the side of my bed, just getting into his sleeping bag, looking just as sexy, Mick in his boxers. I had waited so long for a moment like this and now that it was here it felt unreal.I slipped quickly into bed and covered myself with the duvet, shivering despite the summer heat.

“You okay down there?” I asked Mick.

“Sure! It’s a bit hard though. ” he said with a cheeky look on his face.

I smiled back and took a quick glance at where I imagined his cock to be. Then there was an awkward silence. We had come this far but now what? How was I going to overcome the barrier of physical contact? My mind worked feverishly but the best I could manage was to turn on my back and stare at the ceiling. I placed my hand on the bed between me and James thinking that maybe I might be able to brush his skin lightly. Instead I found nothing but space. Then James came to the rescue once again.

“Don’t you have any porno?” He asked, with a bored sound in his voice.

I did have a couple of DVD’s that my younger brother had lent me of a guy fucking a woman. It was some stuff that he had downloaded from the internet and the quality wasn’t that good but you could clearly see the guys cock pounding the woman as he took her from behind. I told them what I had and James said immediately.

“What are you waiting for then? Stick it on!”

I didn’t want to get out of bed because my boner was really obvious again and I didn’t want to seem to keen. Instead I told Mick where it was and he shuffled over to it and put it into the DVD player.

The TV was positioned to the side of my bed and Mick was on the floor on the same side. I was on the side of the bed nearest the TV and James was on the other. As we turned to watch the TV more closely this put him behind me.

“I can’t see!” he complained.

“Plump up the pillow.” I responded. “and I will put my head on the mattress so that it’s lower. He did as I said. The film was starting now and went right into the action. Straight into a close-up shot of the guys cock as it slid in and out of the woman’s ass. The room filled with groans and moans as I turned up the volume a bit.

“Wow! look at that monster!” breathed James into my ear. He shuffled a little closer and adjusted his pillow as if trying to get a better view. I gulped loudly and just stared at the TV. By now James was so close to me that I could feel the heat of his body and his breath on the back of my neck. His breathing was becoming heavy and I new that he was getting really turned on. My own boner was painful and precum oozed freely out of the swollen head.

James placed his hand gently on my shoulder pretending that he needed to steady himself in his awkward position. His chest was now pressing against my back and suddenly I felt his hot rock hard cock gently touching the small of my back. I pushed myself gently backwards. Now I could feel his entire body right down to his balls as they rested against the top of my ass cheeks. James gasped gently and I felt his lips brush my ear.

Very slowly he moved his hips, sliding his burning pole against the smooth skin of my back. I pushed back a little more. He increased the pressure and the pace. My breathing began to become erratic as the sexual excitement took hold. James moved silently down a little, towards the bottom of the bed, so that his cock now moved into position between my ass cheeks. His hand moved off my shoulder and slid down my arm onto my hips. My whole body became stiff with anticipation. He hesitated for a second to make sure that I wasn’t going to complain and then moved his had forward and round sliding it under the elastic of my boxers until it touched my raging hard-on. I took a sharp intake of breath.

Mick, who had been facing towards the TV suddenly turned his head and looked at me with a slight frown. My eyes felt glassy from the sexual heat and I smiled weakly at him, not sure what he had heard or what he suspected was happening right next to him.

“This floor is really hard!” he said unexpectedly. “Is there room up there for one more?”

At the sound of Mick’s voice James had frozen in position.

“Sure!” I said. “If this bed hog will move over a little.” I joked, my voice trembling.

Mick lifted himself up of the floor and James moved backwards but stayed facing the TV.  I followed suit, again pressing myself up against his warm skin. Mick then sat on the edge of the bed, slid out of the sleeping bag and at the same time out of his boxers. For a second I got a close up view of the most perfect ass I had ever seen. Round, smooth and hairless, well muscled in an adolescent sort of way. I almost choked on my own breath with nerves.

At that moment he looked over his shoulder and said accusingly “Are you still wearing shorts?”

Before I could say anything James said “Yes he is!” At the same time he yanked at them pulling them down over my ass cheeks. “All for one…” He laughed.

“Okay! Okay!” I exclaimed. “I get the message!” I said, as I slipped them completely off and threw them dramatically across the room. “Satisfied?”

Mick now slid into the bed in front of me. I pretended I was trying to see the TV just as James had but I needn’t have bothered. Mick immediately pushed back against me as if he felt like he had been missing out and was trying to make up for lost time. My own hard-on now pressed insistently between his butt cheeks. It was almost too much to bare. As the moans and groans grew louder on the TV my own feelings of sexual need increased. Suddenly James pressed his hips forward and gasped loudly. It was like a starting gun. I squeezed my butt cheeks together gripping his hard dick. At the same time my own cock expanded between Mick’s cheeks and he pressed back against me. I wrapped my arms around his chest and pulled him tight to me. My world became a sea of sexual desire.

James moved his head closer to mine and began to suck on my ear lobe. ‘Could this be real?’ I asked myself. After so long waiting and trying I was not only in bed with the guy I had fancied for ages but also another equally good looking guy who seemed determined to take me. James now pumped his hard cock between my cheeks, allowing the precum to lubricate his movements. My heart was beating so hard I thought I might have a heart attack.

I reached back with my hand feeling James’s firm cheeks, pressing my finger against his butthole. His moans were almost as loud as those coming from the TV. With my other hand I pushed between the bed and Mick’s waist reaching round and finally, after so long, feeling his massive cock. I bit his neck passionately. He pushed back against my throbbing fuckpole.

By now there was no restraint, no pretence. All the barriers were down. This was pure hard core passionate sex between three guys who were going at it hard. Our bodies moved together in a tangle of arms and legs. I began to wank Mick slowly as I pushed and slid my own throbbing cock against his hole. He panted passionately. I suddenly felt James’s fingers pressing at my own tingling hole. He had wet his fingers and was lubricating me with his own saliva, his hand disappeared and then re-appeared with yet more lubricant. He slid one finger into my butthole and I let out a little whimper.

“Shhhh!” he whispered into my ear. “Our secret.” he added, voice trembling. Then two fingers. I groaned. “Shhhhhhhh!” he breathed again.

His own invasion of my hole made me think of doing the same to Mick but by now so much pre-cum was oozing from my cock that I didn’t need lubricant. As if he was reading my mind Mick reached back and took hold of my hungry cock. He then guided the head towards his own tight butthole.

“Would you like to enter me?” He whispered. Turning his head back towards me.

“Yes!” I gasped breathlessly.

He pushed back and my cock pressed hard against his hole. I could feel it give way a little and I began to enter him. Just then I felt James hand slide over my hips towards my rod. He was seeing if what he suspected was true. He hadn’t heard Mick’s question but he had heard my ‘yes’ and he had put two and two together. His hand caressed my balls found my iron hard cock and followed it from the base to the entrance to Mick’s ass.

“You like that, don’t you?” He whispered in my ear. “Let’s see if you like this” he continued.

He removed his fingers from my ass. I then felt his smooth hot cock pressing into the same space. My hole had been loosened by his fingers and his cock entered me suddenly. I almost screamed with pain. He was huge! He put his hand over my mouth to stifle my complaints and remained motionless for a few seconds. The heat from our bodies was making us all sweat and I could taste the salt as I bit Mick’s neck. James pushed in deeper and the sudden movement caused me to push forward deeper into Mick.

“Ooooohhhhh!” he gasped.

James now reached over me and wrapped his hand around mine as I wanked Mick. It was almost too much. I withdrew a little and then pushed deeper. James pushed deeper into me until his whole 8” filled me. I groaned with a mixture of pleasure and pain. Then Mick turned his head once again and said in a louder voice so that James could hear “Let me sit on it!”

At this he moved forward and the head of my throbbing member plopped out of his ass. James was not about to let me go so easily though. Instead he grasped me firmly around the chest and wrapped his legs around mine. Next he rolled onto his back pulling me over on top of him and making sure his hot cock didn’t leave my ass.

Mick threw back the duvet. My cock pulsated as James pushed once again deep into my ass. Mick’s eyes widened as he realise the truth and saw that James had been fucking me as I had been fucking him. It seemed to drive him into a frenzy and he spat saliva onto my cock and then immediately sat astride me and lowered himself onto my pole.

All three of us moaned in unison as he pushed down onto me and I felt my cock enter his ass. At the same time the downward pressure of his weight caused me to push down on James and his cock entered me to the hilt. I thought I was going to explode. Now the rythme increased and I began to pump with all my strength entering Mick as deep as I could and then pushing back against James so that he could enter me just as deep.

“Ohhhh!, Ohhhh”, Yesss”, Deeper!, Deeper!,Faster!, Now!, Now!, Fuck me! Fuck me!, aaaarrrggghhh!

It was hard to tell who was speaking or groaning we were like a single wild animal, writhing in total pleasure. Suddenly I felt myself coming to climax.

“I’m going to cum!” I warned Mick. He rode me harder. As he thrust up and down I was working his cock feverishly. I began to feel the first waves of my climax. “I’m cumming!” I told him more loudly. At the same time James began to groan loudly and thrust with all his strength.

“Cumming!” was all he could gasp between thrusts.

I began to feel the pulses as my cock spewed it’s hot semen into Mick’s ass.

“AAAArrrrrgggghhhhh!!!” I shouted without restraint.

At almost the same instant I felt James began to go into convulsions of pleasure as his own hot cum entered me. Mick quickly slid off my cock even before I had finished cumming. Shots of cum spattered on his back as he slid forward and pushed his already spasming cock into my mouth. The first shot hit my on the cheek but the second I managed to take into my mouth and by the third I had him well into my throat. I swallowed as quickly as I could but he seemed to be spurting gallons! It spilled out of my mouth and down my cheek.

Slowly we came to our senses like three people who have just been rescued from drowning. Panting, relaxing, slowly separating until we were once again lying side by side in the bed. Gently we kissed and caressed each other.

“A very interesting night!” mumbled James just before we all fell asleep.


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