After School Activities
by Naked Justice


Samuel went to his office to prepare next day’s classes. On his way, he met Brian Clarke, a 30 year old handsome English teacher.

“How was teaching naked?”, he asked.

“It was a very strange experience. I had the impression that all pupils were more interest in my cock than in Maths.”

“For sure. I suppose many dreamt about giving you some pleasure.”

Brian did. He imagined sucking his colleague hard and then getting fucked by Samuel’s enormous tool.

“Oh yes. It started in 10th form. One guy in the front row jerked off in his pants staring on me and on the naked guy next to him. And there was a girl without pants. She showed me her cunt and fingered her labia until orgasm.”

“I suppose the girl was Sarah Michaels. She is such a slut and wants to let the teachers fuck her.”


“Not with me.”

In fact, Brian was as little interested in women as Samuel.

“The naked boy was in your class? I have heard about the first guy taking part in George’s School Uniform Exception Programme. How is he?”

“I think, he is hot. But he was very embarrassed being naked in class. Nevertheless, he wanked off in front of me.”

“I can’t blame him. For sure he thought about giving you head or getting your bat up the ass.”

“Probably not. He had more eyes for Sarah Michaels.”

“I see.”

What a waste, thought Brian, and asked.

“You are now going to put on your clothes?”

“No. To explain my nudity in class I told the pupils that I am a full-time nudist. So, I won’t wear any clothes here in Cockaigne.”

Brian was now very excited.

“Have you plans for tonight?”

“Not yet. I’d like to find a nice place for dinner, that’s all.”

“So what about we go together? I could collect you at about 7 o’clock.”

“That would be great as I have no idea of what good restaurants there are in town.”

“Then I will be at 7 at your home.”


Although his friends Derek, Mark and Sean all were naked, Henry kept his school uniform on their way home. As excited as he was to watch his mates in their full glory, as shy was he showing himself. Besides sitting a whole day next to his gorgeous reluctantly naked classmate had made him horny as hell. On the other hand, Derek felt less exposed in Mark’s and Sean’s company. He was still annoyed about his brother who had enrolled him into the programme without his consent.

The group reached Derek’s home first, and he was in a hurry to get into the house and put some clothes on. He ran into his room. When he opened the drawer to get some boxer shorts, he found out that there was no underwear in it. He was shocked. Had Daniel and Ian taken all his clothes away? Worried about this possibility, he opened the next drawer and was relieved that there were at least his shorts in it. He chose a pair and put them on. A look in the next drawer proved that also his T-shirts were still there. He took one out, and then had a look outside. It was sunny and warm. In his former town he would have gone out shirtless to find some mates for soccer or some other sports. So he could leave the shirt off, here. For sure, Daniel wouldn’t censor him. He had a look outside to make sure that his friends had gone. He didn’t want them to notice where he was about to go.

Wearing only flip flops and shoes, he walked to the adult store where he had been with Henry the day before. This time the guy at the cashier desk wore a cock ring and a leather collar, but nothing more. Obviously, there were many people here in Cockaigne who felt no need for clothing: his brother, his brother in law, his Maths teacher, Mark and Sean, the adult store guy.

Derek went to the porn area and more precisely to the shelf with water sports porn. After looking on each and every cover of the selection, he was disappointed. Although he was very interested in this kind of porn after having seen some scene online, all the pictures on the covers looked only obscene. He went over to the bisexual section, but couldn’t find anything of this genre. Nevertheless, there was a bisexual poker party film that seemed to be interesting. By curiosity, he also went to the gay section, and there he found again a certain selection of water sports films. He found one at a reduced price, and the photos of the guys pissing on each other looked rather exciting for him. So, he decided to take both films, the bisexual poker and the gay piss.

Timidly, he went to the cashier desk. Paul, the naked cashier guy, liked the teenager’s selection. If he was really into the stuff of the films it was worth to try to get him in some play. On the other hand, Derek looked with much interest on Paul’s cock ring. It looked nice on the guy, and Derek thought whether he could and should wear this kind of jewellery, too. Perhaps it was worth to talk about with Henry or Sean.

Back at home, Derek went immediately into his room, stripped off his shorts and put a randomly chosen DVD into the player.


When Sean and Mark, who lived next door to each other, came home, they decided to go to Sean’s. They went into the house and were welcomed by Sean’s mother who wore a very short lace gown with absolutely nothing underneath. Here in Cockaigne that was her usual clothing, and she didn’t mind at all that this kind of gown was totally see through.

“You guys have gotten comfortable on your way?”, asked Jennifer when the boys came in.

“Oh yes”, Sean said. “You know that I hate wearing clothes.”

“Like father, like son”, Jennifer commented.

“Like mother, like son.”

“Hey, I don’t go out naked.”

“Perhaps not naked, but as near as naked as you can be wearing clothes. Can I have a talk with you two as soon as Dick comes home?”

“Sure. Some unpleasant thing that happened?”

“Not at all. Just some favour you can do for me.”

“I will call you. Are you guys going to fuck?”

Sean looked to Mark. They hadn’t talked about it explicitly, but it had been his intention when he asked his cousin to come in. And Mark had the same desire.

“Sure, Aunt Jennifer”, said Mark.

“So, hurry up into Sean’s room, go into the garden or do it just here and let me watch.”

Sean was not shy at all and didn’t mind having sex with his cousin in front of his mother. But he knew that Mark didn’t feel so comfortable.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Mark decided.

So, the two naked guys went up into Sean’s room. They started kissing immediately, and then Sean got on his knees to take his cousin’s cock into his mouth. Mark’s cock filled with blood as he felt Sean’s tongue. Sean was an experienced cock sucker as he had started practicing on his father’s rod at a very early age. So, it took almost no time that Mark had a full boner. Sean made his cousin turn and he shoved his tongue into Mark’s ass. Passionately, he licked the rose bud which softened under this kind of caressing. Mark moaned lustfully and didn’t realize that the room door had opened and Jennifer stood there, watching her son and nephew making out. Sean lead Mark to the bed where he lay him down. He positioned his hard cock on the opening he just had rimmed and shoved his hard cock in. Both guys moaned when Sean fucked his cousin hard. Scantily clothed Jennifer in the door, played with her fingers on her clit and enjoyed the view of the two sixteen year old boys fucking.

Sean was so horned up that it took him less than a minute to cum into Mark’s guts. As soon has he had torn his cock out, he restarted to suck Mark. Only, ten seconds later, he was rewarded with a huge load of boy cum that he swallowed with much pleasure.

Jennifer realized that she had to hurry if she didn’t want to get caught. She went down to the living room, where she continued to masturbate on the images she had seen of both guys. She went slow to enjoy the memories best. And so, both naked guys were back in the living room and sported hard-ons again although they had cum only a few moments ago when she was about to orgasm. Especially, Mark was very excited watching his aunt masturbate. In fact, he thought about how great it would be to shove his dick into his aunt’s pussy. Although the 16 year old cousins tried to hide, Jennifer noticed them. It was even more exciting that her son and nephew watched her, and so she had one of the best orgasms she had reached alone.

Sean and Mark hurried to leave the room, hoping that Jennifer didn’t realize that they peeped on her.

A few moments, the boys thought it would be appropriate to come back, and Jennifer showed no signs of her recent orgasm anymore.

“How was your first day in school”, she asked.

“Very interesting. We had a new guy in our class. Derek Grey. I suppose he is a relative of Daniel and Ian Grey the owners of the gym.”

“Oh, the cute nudist couple who live in Buckingham Street?”

“Yes. Them.”

“Well, Cockaigne is still growing, so it is not so exceptional that there are new pupils.”

“You are right. That’s not why I mentioned it.”

“So why then? Have you fallen in love with him?”

“No. He is nice, but I am certainly not in love with him. In fact, Derek is totally naked in school.”

“Oh, that’s exciting.”

“Yes. They have told us that he is in a School Uniform Exception Programme.”

“I haven’t heard of such a programme so far.”

“Me either. But I’d like to get into this programme, too. That’s what I wanted to talk about with you and Dick.”

Just then the door opened, and Richard “Dick” Newton went in.

“What did you want to talk about?”, he asked taking off his dress shirt.

“A new programme in the school, I want to join in”, answered Sean.

Dick who never wore underwear, took off his trousers and went naked to the living room.

“So what’s this programme?”, Dick asked.

Jennifer answered.

“Sean said, it’s a Naked Schooling programme.”

“Naked Schooling?”

“It’s called School Uniform Exception Programme, but in fact, it’s really naked schooling. Joining the programme, you have to be naked in school for the rest of the year without any exception.”

Sean and Mark explained the rules of the programme that Mr. Price had told them in the morning.

Finally, Dick asked his son: “I see. And you want to join the programme?”

“Yes, I’d really love that.”

“And you, Mark?”

“Dick, you know that I really love to be naked, especially with you, dad and Sean. But I am not ready for permanent naked schooling.”

“I see. Okay, Sean, I will have a talk with Jennifer about your request. Please leave the room, guys. We will inform you later.”

Sean and Mark went out into the garden.


Henry had finished his homework and was still extremely horny from his memories of the school day. It was so hot that Derek was totally naked at school, and he had really enjoyed seeing his new Maths teacher butt naked. He imagined how it would be if Mr. Johnson shoved his huge cock up to his ass. He’d really enjoy if Mr. Johnson took his cherry as Henry had only some experience with cock sucking in the park, but had never been fucked so far.

As his parents still were working, he went out of the house. Without thinking about it, he went to a gay porn cinema. Although he had almost unlimited access to porn, and he still hadn’t watched the DVD he had bought the day before, he liked wanking in the cinema. When he reached it, he stopped. Just from the other direction came a stark naked man. And it was his teacher Samuel Johnson. That was so hot. Henry waited and spied on the cashier desk. As soon as Mr. Johnson had paid the entrance fee and gone into the cinema, he went in.

“The same film as the guy before me”, he said.

“Abused teachers?”, the cashier asked.

Abused teachers. What was Mr. Johnson into?

“Yes, please.”

Henry paid and went in. Although the cinema was dark, it was easy to find Samuel Johnson. Henry sat next to his teacher who didn’t recognize him in the darkness. Besides, he watched the film where a stark naked young teacher was fucked by three pupils in the ass and another one in the face. Henry put his hand on Mr. Johnson’s crotch and caressed his huge boner. Samuel was a little surprised but enjoyed the feeling and didn’t care who was touching him. So Henry started wanking his teacher until large amounts of precum came out of his cock head. That was the moment to get on his knees in front of Samuel and doing his very best for a grade A blow job.

Samuel Johnson enjoyed the anonymous guy sucking his prick. Spending the day naked in school had made him absolutely horny, and so he had come to the cinema to get a decent wank on a porn flick. But this young guy sucking him was even better. His own compulsory nudity had aroused him during the day, and so it didn’t take him much time until he unloaded his cream into the throat of the unknown sucker. Henry had played with his own cock through the pockets of his jeans shorts which he wore commando. And so, he shot a huge load into the denim as he licked his teacher’s glans clean. Hastily, he got up and ran out of the cinema before Mr Johnson would realize that it was him who had sucked his teacher off.

Henry’s plan didn’t work. Samuel was so curious who the guy was that had given him a great blow job. So he followed him to the door and was shocked when the guy opened the door and went into the light. He realized that this was Henry, the guy from the first row in 10th form. Samuel hoped that Henry didn’t know whom he had sucked off. Very embarrassed, he went back and got another wank on the teacher who got abused by his pupils.


Dick and Jennifer Newton had come to a solution. So Dick asked the naked guys to come back into the house.

“So Sean”, he asked, “you want us to enrol you into the School Uniform Exception Programme, don’t you?”


“We will agree under three conditions.”

“Which are?”

“1. Even if there may be an opting out, you won’t.

  1. You will not wear any clothes anywhere until your 18th birthday.
  2. Francis has to join the programme, too.”

Sean didn’t need to think about it. He agreed immediately, even if this meant that his 14 year old brother was also enrolled into the programme. Other than his father and brother who enjoyed public nudity and his mother who also liked to show off, Francis was very reluctant about being naked in front of others.


Derek sat in his room and watched the DVD he had bought before. His random choice was the gay porn. It was about a young guy who celebrated his 18th birthday with friends. To everybody’s surprise he was naked when his guests came and told them that his party would be clothing optional. Several guys took off their shirts, some even their pants leaving them in underwear, and one guy stripped naked, too.

All the guys had fun and drank lots of sodas and water until one of the guys needed to take a leak. The host told him that there was only one place to piss and that was the host’s body. So, one by one the guests pissed on the naked host, most of them giving him a simple golden shower, but some also hitting his face.

Derek was extremely excited and wanked his boner. To his surprise, he didn’t imagine being one of the guests, but totally identified with the naked host. It was hard for him to accept that, but then he tried to imagine that there was somebody else pissing. He thought about what would be if Sarah Michaels who had exposed her privates this morning stood over him. His excitement went down, and soon the pictures of guys standing over him and leaking came back to his mind. Did he really want to be naked in front of other guys who pissed on him? Derek couldn’t believe that. He had to choose another kind of porn. Nevertheless, he had played with his cock watching the gay porn, and now he couldn’t resist and shot his load all over his naked body.


Francis Newton came back into their house. As usual his father and his brother wore their birthday suits and his mother too little to be decent. The 14 year old boy couldn’t understand why the rest of his family was so exhibitionist. But he wasn’t prepared at all to what waited for him.

“Is it you Francis?” Dick asked.


“Please come here. I have to talk with you.”

Although Francis wasn’t the best behaving boy in town, he didn’t feel guilty of any bad behaviour. So he was more than surprised that his father wanted to talk with him.

“Have you heard that there is a School Uniform Exception Programme at your school?”

“The exhibitionist pupils project?”

That was how the guys in Francis’ class had named the programme.

Francis continued.

“There has been a guy in school, who bared all. Such a shameless slut.”

“Well, it’s a programme of your school I have heard about today. And your mother and I have decided that both of you guys will join the project. I have called Mr. Price, so from tomorrow on, both of you will go naked to school.”

Francis cried: “You haven’t done that! How could you?”

“Jennifer and I have decided that you join, and there is no backing out. So you have to accept it.”

“I am sure that my exhibitionist brother doesn’t mind. But you can’t make me do that!”

Jennifer answered: “We have done so.”

Francis realized that he had lost the battle before even knowing that he was in way.

“Okay, dad, I concede. But as I have to go to school naked, I expect you to go to work wearing nothing.”

Richard Newton hadn’t ever thought about the possibility of wearing nothing for work. But he liked the idea. So he said:

“Deal. I won’t wear clothes at work and you won’t wear clothes in school.”


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