15th September 2003: This is my only story about twins, which is strange because they fascinate me.

Mirror Image
by Maverick


Leon looked over at me and grinned at exactly the same time as I did the same to him.

He said, “You can have the brunette.”

I laughed. “Fuck off!”

The blond girl nudged her darker-haired friend and they both peered over at us through the smoke and the pulsing lights from the dancefloor.

Leon said, “The blond can’t take her eyes off me.”

I smiled. “She’s looking at us both. She thinks there’s something wrong with her eyes.”

I guess I ought to explain, before I get any further into this, that Leon and I are twins. Not just identical twins; we’re a bit rarer even than that. To put it scientifically, the tiny ball of cells we both came from broke into two, for reasons unknown, exactly ten days after one of our father’s sperm met up with our mother’s egg. Thus producing a minute Leon and, in the opposite orientation, a minute me: an example of the slightly bizarre phenomenon of mirror-image twins.

Had the cells split apart a day or so earlier and we’d have been bog standard identical twins; a few hours later and we’d have been physically connected.

The two of us look alike but for me to look at Leon is like looking in the mirror. I’m right-handed: he uses his left. I find it more natural to wink with my left eye: Leon winks with his right. My right canine tooth is slightly crooked: for Leon it’s his left.

You get the idea.

Maybe it’s the fact Leon and I came so close to being physically joined together that has made our emotional attachment so strong. Whatever the reason, our relationship is far closer than that of any other male identical twins we’ve known and totally incomparable with the irritable, sometimes aggressive, bond that seems to link most regular brothers.

Leon and I do nearly everything together and talk about things to the same degree. In just about every situation, I find I know what he’s thinking and how he’ll react as well as I know my own thoughts and responses. Friends of ours sometimes joke that it’s like Leon and I are married to each other but, from what I’ve seen of married couples, our relationship goes far deeper. We don’t need to compromise on things or to tolerate each other’s annoying habits and we never have to agree to differ on anything.

We just seem to intuitively understand each other and, so long as we accept ourselves, we naturally accept each other. I’m said to be the more emotional of us, while Leon is supposedly more practical, but when we get together it’s a clear case of the whole being far superior to the sum of its parts. Even our parents, who always tried to promote our separateness and individuality, have to admit that and to accept that their efforts made no discernible impact. We revel in our togetherness and even dress similarly to heighten its impact.

Our closeness has, unfortunately but inevitably, made it difficult for us to develop long-term relationships with girls. If there’d only been one of us, I don’t think there’d have been any problems: we’re both tall, handsome-looking guys and girls like our blue eyes and warm smiles. The problems arise when you double things up. Every girlfriend each of us has had has found it impossible to accept that, in effect, she is dating one half of a guy made up of two parts and that, however close she gets to one of us, she can never hope to come between those two parts.

I once told a girlfriend, who was halfway through her speech telling me why she was dumping me, that she might as well try to have a relationship with one side of a guy’s brain at the exclusion of the other than to try and date me without me needing to spend time at least an equal amount of time with Leon.

But she’d just sneered and said, “It’s a pity you guys aren’t gay. You’d be made for each other.”

And afterwards, with Leon asleep in the bed next to mine in the shared bedroom we’d constantly refused to give up, I’d wondered if maybe she was right.

It was true that life without him would be completely unimaginable: it would be like a person trying to survive without half of their body. We sleep alongside one another, we eat together and we’d occasionally even been around each other in the toilet. But, other than coincident masturbation and unashamed erections around one another, our relationship had no sexual dimension. We’d screw girls together in hotel rooms and, on a couple of occasions, in the back of our parents’ car, but we’d never so much as touched one another in a sexual way.

Maybe that seems a little odd: that, despite our intense closeness and our relaxed, incurious intimacy around one another – growing up together, comfortable with each other’s bodies, unashamed even to perform even the most basic bodily functions in front of one another – we had never been sexual together.

But what might seem inevitable had never become so. I had sometimes wondered how similar Leon’s body would feel to my own, so I knew the idea must have run through Leon’s identical albeit oppositely-wired brain, but we had never communicated the idea to each other and it formed one of the few boundaries of our otherwise unrestricted openness.

Which brings me back to that night in Zakinthos when we met the blond girl and the brunette.

Leon kept grinning over at them, offering one of his best cheeky-boy smirks. The blond smiled eagerly back; the brunette was still a too confused to do anything but stare.

He turned to me and laughed. “Mine’s fucking well up for it… I don’t think much to yours, though…”

Another unspoken rule between us was that we didn’t share girls. If only one of us pulled, the other had to make do with his hand that night. A few girls – always one-nighters – had suggested we take it in turns to screw them or that we have sex as a threesome, but Leon and I had always refused. Maybe we were afraid that sexual comparisons would be drawn or that jealousies might arise between us, but we had always remained steadfast in our refusals.

So I knew that, unless the blond girl turned out to gel with me more than she did with Leon, I wouldn’t be getting a look-in there. Leon had called the shots first and so it would be his arm that was around her at the end of the night; that was how it worked with us.

We walked over to their table and Leon asked the girls if they fancied a drink.

The blond nodded readily. “Vodka and coke please.” Even from those four words, it was clear that she had a Liverpool accent.

The brunette stared at us and was nudged out of her reverie by her friend. “Oh, yeah, ta. Er… I’ll ‘ave a bacardi breezer please. The red one.”

Leon nodded and went over to the bar.

The brunette said, “Are you two, like, twins or somethin’?”

I thought, “Oh Jesus, we have a genius in our midst,” but I hid my scorn and said, brightly, “Yeah.”

The brunette nodded slowly, her eyes slightly narrowed, as if the scale of her mental breakthrough required further contemplation.

I went on, “He’s Leon – he’s eighteen minutes older than me – and I’m Noe… short for Noel…”

The blond said, “You guys are so fuckin’ alike it’s unreal… oh, er, I’m Tanya and this is Sheryl…”

Sheryl nodded and said, “Oh yeah… hiya…”

I noticed that she was a bit chubby but had nice large tits. I anticipated that her arse would be a bit too big and that her thighs would be saggy and dimpled.

Tanya, on the other hand, was skinny and far more of an all-rounder. The kind of girl who’d have pert little tits, a firm round arse and smooth supple legs.

I inwardly cursed Leon for spotting the pair of them before I had and laying his claim to the blond.

I asked them where they were from and Tanya replied Wigan.

“I’ve never been that far up North,” I muttered. The temptation was always to say ‘we’ since Leon and I never travelled significant distances alone, but it sounded too royal and contrived.

Tanya grinned, “Yeah and you don’t wanna. It’s a shithole.”

I smiled good-naturedly as Leon came back from the bar with the girls’ drinks.

Sheryl said, “I knew you guys were twins. I saw it a mile off.”

Leon gave her a slightly condescending smile and threw me a glance as if to say, “Who’s the tart up for a Nobel Prize?”

I said, “This is Sheryl. And that’s Tanya.”

Tanya almost ate him with the broadness of her smile. “Hii-yaa!”

Leon flashed his ‘I don’t think much of yours’ smirk at me again.

Tanya said, “You guys are so alike. I mean, even for twins…”

Leon said, “We’re not just twins… didn’t he give you the full spiel?”

He mock-tutted me and I feigned a defensive, “I was about to… you interrupted me…”

He went on, “We’re mirror-image twins. Noe’s the exact opposite of me…”

Sheryl looked more confused than she had earlier. She glanced at me with mistrust as if I might somehow be Leon’s reflection and wasn’t really there.

She said, “How d’you mean, ‘mirror-image’?”

Leon grinned. “You know… like Noe’s right handed but I’m left. That kind of thing.”

Tanya chirped up, “Ooh God… that’s really weird!”

She looked at us grinning and open-mouthed, like we were something being presented as part of a freak show.

I said, perhaps a little curtly, “We wouldn’t use that word exactly…”

Tanya hastily corrected herself, “No, sorry, I meant wicked, not weird…”

It turned out that the two of them were trainee hairdressers from a salon in the centre of Wigan who were on holiday together.

Tanya said, with some pride, “We’re doin’ our NVQ exams in January and we’re both gonna be off the scale…” I didn’t know what she was talking about so I just smiled pleasantly.

Sheryl added, “And then we’re gonna set up our own salon. We’re gonna call it ‘A Cut Higher’ –”

“It’s ‘A Cut Above’, you stupid tart,” Tanya cut in, laughing. Sheryl nodded, and looked down, a little shamefaced. “It’s gonna be on the first floor so the name’ll be even funnier. And the rent’ll be cheaper…”

Leon had his head slightly on one side and was nodding and smiling at Tanya. He looked genuinely fascinated but I knew it to be his ‘I’m as bored as fuck but I really wanna shag you’ look.

After a four or five drinks, all bought by the two of us, Sheryl asked, “Do you guys prefer to date other twins, then? I mean, is that how it works?”

Leon was getting a bit pissed off with her by this stage but I was trying to be more benevolent towards her. After all, as he and Tanya were quite clearly hitting it off, Sheryl was probably going be the best thing on offer to me this evening.

He started saying something but I cut in, “No… I mean, we once dated a couple of twins but it didn’t work out. They had all the same faults and foibles that we have, so things became way too complicated.”

Sheryl nodded like she had some idea about what I meant. Leon nodded more assuredly.

He added, “Yeah, it was, like, I would be wondering what Rachel, the one dating me, was thinking about Noe, as an identical me, and she must have been wondering was I was thinking about Paula as an identical her. And we’d get freaked out wondering if they were discussing us, and wondering if they were getting freaked out wondering if we were discussing them… it turned into a fucking nightmare!”

Tanya laughed and then Sheryl joined in unconvincingly.

Leon sidestepped the more significant issue that had sounded the death knell for the relationship: the fact that, just as our girlfriends can’t hope to intrude into the bond between Leon and I, our attempts to form relationships with them was hampered by their similarly intense connection as twins. It was like the usual barrier we felt between us and girls had been doubled.

Tanya seemed intrigued. “So do you guys do a lot of stuff together…? I mean a lot of guys hardly even talk to their brothers…”

Leon said, “We’re not brothers, we’re twins.”

“Which makes us a lot closer, so, yeah, we do a lot of stuff together,” I added.

“Just about everything, actually.”

Leon glanced at me at he finished our joint sentence. Despite our efforts to stop ourselves, we’d developed this annoying habit of saying things together, in turn. Our parents would become furious with us about it – as if we were doing it just to annoy them – but we honestly couldn’t help it. His mouth betrayed a slight smirk as if to say, “Jesus, we’re doing it again.”

As we were on the way back to our hotel, Tanya kept returning to the relationship between Leon and I. Unlike Sheryl, who now seemed to regard the fact we were twins with indifference, Tanya seemed fascinated by it.

She kept saying stuff like, “Have you guys ever swapped places with a girl without her knowing?” and we’d shake our heads.

Then odd comments along the lines of, “A lot of girls must have asked you to, you know, get together with them in bed…?” And Leon would glance at me with a grin and one of us would tell her that, so far, none had.

And then, in the lift, she even went so far as to ask, “Girls must wanna see how it looks to see you together…? I mean, it’d be like sleeping with a guy twice but at the same time… like sleeping with a guy and his reflection…”

Sheryl laughed and said, “Fuckin’ shut up, Tan. You’re getting kinky ‘n’ stuff…”

Leon and I had laughed, a little from embarrassment and – certainly on my side – a little to disguise my intrigue. At the time, I told myself that my interest arose from the fact that Tanya was so fascinated by us: girls had never viewed our relationship as being, in itself, sexually enticing. But now I wonder whether it actually stemmed from the scenario she was suggesting: the idea of Leon and I on the bed with her, the two of us aroused together…

I was too drunk to know the difference right then.

Leon put his arm more firmly around her waist, “It’s not kinky. It’s just that we’ve never done it.”

When we got to our room, Tanya looked at our twin beds and giggled, “You know what would really turn me on…?”

Leon groped her arse but she brushed him off to make her announcement.

“Don’t be, like, freaked out, but I’d love to…” She giggled again and lost her nerve. “No, I can’t say it.”

“Come on, Tan,” Sheryl piped up. “Either say it or shut up about it…”

Tanya giggled, “Well I want to, but… I dunno…”

Sheryl snorted her impatience. “She fuckin’ does this all the time…”

Tanya smiled sheepishly at Leon and then a little more mischievously at me.

Then she giggled again and said, “No, I can’t… you guys’ll think I’m weird…”

Leon was getting a little impatient too but he smiled to hide it. “Go on, just say it… we’ve heard some pretty weird stuff…”

She looked at me and I shrugged and nodded.

She smiled. “Okay. But promise me you won’t think I’m sick…”

Sheryl muttered something in annoyance but Leon and I nodded willingly. We both thought we knew what she was going to say and we were both ready to turn her down. But it was going to be fun to hear her say it and maybe we could move her onto some fantasies that we might be prepared to play along with.

Tanya said, “Okay.” She giggled and took a deep breath. “Well I’d love to see you guys together… you know, getting it on…”

I guess Leon and I must have just stared at her incredulously. She hadn’t suggested the threesome, or foursome, that we had expected. Leon’s eyes were wide and his mouth slightly open. I realised mine were in the same state.

Sheryl said, “Come on, Tan… they’re fuckin’ brothers…”

Tanya laughed. “I just wanna see them together… kissing and stuff… I just think it would look so cool ’cause they look so alike…”

We were all quiet for a minute. Leon turned to me. His eyes fixed onto mine, alert for signs of what I was thinking. Mine did the same to his.

Neither of us gave anything away.

Like I said earlier, doing something sexual with Leon was something that I had infrequently wondered about, and I felt sure that Leon must have corresponding thoughts, but it was so taboo that it neither of us would ever have broached the subject or even hinted at it for fear that the other would be outraged.

Tanya said, “Anyway, they’re not brothers, they’re twins.”

Sheryl shrugged. “That’d make it worse…”

“No it wouldn’t. I mean, they’re both the same, pretty much. It’d be like wanking or something… a guy having sex with himself. Or a guy practicing kissing by snogging the mirror, only with them it’d be a real person…”

Sheryl snapped, “It’d be fucking disgusting.”

“No it wouldn’t.” Tanya turned to us and beamed at us warmly and broadly. “These guys are really good-looking… it’d look… kind of beautiful to see them getting affectionate with each other… and where would be the harm in it?”

Leon looked back at me. His eyes were still fixed onto mine but the right edge of his mouth was very slightly upturned. He was giving me a very slight and unsubstantial hint at his interest in what Tanya was saying. It wasn’t much – just the merest hint of a smile – and certainly not enough to incriminate himself if I turned out to be against it, but enough for me to see it and for him to know that I could.

I made a small smile of my own, rather more apparent than his, and he turned to Tanya. “You ever seen anything like that before?”

“With twins, you mean? No, never. Jesus – I’ve only known one pair of twins and they were about five years old…”

I asked, “Did you ever see guys doing gay stuff together… I mean unrelated guys?”

She laughed. “Yeah. An ex of mine once snogged one of his mates in a nightclub to see what it was like. It was so fucking hot watching them. I mean, they were both straight and they were just arsing around, but they looked fantastic. A bit weird, but fantastic at the same time…”

Sheryl muttered, “You’re makin’ no fuckin’ sense…”

Tanya turned on her. “What’s your fucking problem? Guys like watching girls get it on together, so why shouldn’t a girl like watching two guys? And anyway, with these two it’d be natural enough… they’re so close. And they’ve got the same bodies and the same interests and stuff… you’d expect them to play around a bit sometimes… explore stuff together…”

I looked at Leon. He looked back at me but now his face was full of thought, his mind roaming over possibilities. His eyes locked onto mine, full of uncertainty, and I nodded. What she was saying seemed to make sense.

He smiled slightly, his cheeks going a little pink at the excitement of the scenario we were tentatively agreeing to with one another.

He said, more to me than her, “We never did anything like that before…”

She laughed, “Well maybe you’ve been wasting time… Jesus – if I had a twin sister…”

I smiled. I said, slowly, “I guess you’re right… it’d be kind of like touching my own body… we’re pretty much the same…”

I looked at Leon. I’d come close to agreeing and I worried for a second that he might pull out on me; leave me looking like the one who’d said yes while he had sat on the fence.

But he smiled and said, “Except his cock bends to the left where mine bends to the right.”

Tanya looked ecstatic. “You’d be up for it then?”

Leon looked at me but I just smiled expectantly at him. It was his turn to field this one; I’d taken the first step.

He kept smiling and nodded. “Yeah… I reckon.”

I nodded to. “It might be kind of cool…”

Sheryl stood up, “Jesus Christ. I don’t wanna watch this… why do you always have to screw everything up, Tan? Why’s it always end up with you pissing about…”

Her voice was loud and accusing. There were seconds of silence and we all looked at her, a little shocked.

Then Tanya retorted, “Me? I’m screwing it up? What do you think you’ve just done? I mean, how to break the fucking mood…”

Sheryl picked up her bag and headed for the door.

Tanya stood up. “Where are you going? What are you doing?”

Sheryl opened the door. “If I wanna see guys getting it on together, I’ll go to a fucking gay bar, Tan. And if I wanna see brothers…” She did a mock shudder. “Well I don’t, ’cause think it’s disgusting…”

And she walked out.

Tanya grabbed her bag and went to the door. She said, “Sorry – I’ll be back in a minute. She’ll be okay…”

And she went out and closed the door after her.

Leon and I looked at one another. The room was quiet and the atmosphere had turned serious and sober. He looked a little shamefaced and I felt similarly uncomfortable at what we’d agreed to do just moments earlier.

I said, “Jesus. Slight over-reaction. We were just messing around.”

He nodded. “Yeah. Like we’d have actually done anything.”

Neither of us smiled. We kept staring at each other, both knowing full well that we would very readily have done something together.

For my part, I was still intrigued by the idea of something sexual happening between the two of us but the sudden change in mood had killed the relaxed, almost jovial, spontaneity that it had previously had. The possibility now seemed tinged with the same taboo undertones as it had been on the earlier occasions that I’d considered it.

We heard voices from outside and walked over to the balcony. Sheryl was walking away from the hotel, walking down the short cul-de-sac towards the main road at the end of the street.

Tanya was calling out to her, “Come on, Sheryl. I can’t stay here by myself. Come back in…”

“I’m fucking going, Tan. I’m getting a taxi back. You always have to start getting weird. There’s something wrong with you…”

Tanya said something else which was obscured by the sound of a car going past at the end of the street but Sheryl shook her head and kept walking.

Then they were out of earshot and we watched them walk to the junction. They disappeared around the corner.

A couple of minutes later two girls emerged from the corner, staggering back towards our hotel. But it became clear that they were dressed differently; it wasn’t them.

After ten minutes of staring out at the lights of the occasional, irregular cars driving past our cul-de-sac along the main road, it became clear that they’d both gone.

Leon said, “D’you wanna go out again? See what’s going on?”

“It’s after four.”

He nodded. “Yeah. It’s a bit late.”

He took off his teeshirt, revealing his broad hairless chest. He said, “What a fucking right-off…”

I started pulling off my trainers. “It’s not the end of the world…”

“Yeah, you would say that. You didn’t have Tanya’s muff to look forward to…”

I threw my socks onto the floor and started unbuckling my belt. “I’m as devastated as you are. Sheryl was way hot… she was a fucking babe…”

He smirked. “In the talking pig sense of the word, you mean?”

I pulled down my trousers. His were already off. “She had a heart of gold…”

“And a brain made of something equally dense…”

We laughed about the two of them, especially Sheryl, as we took turns to take a piss and brush our teeth.

Then, as we got into our beds, Leon said, “We’re wearing the same boxers…”

He was right; I’d noticed that as we’d undressed. We were both wearing dark blue checked shorts. Both size medium; both from Tesco. Identical, except that his had an L drawn on the label with permanent ink to help us separate them in the laundry.

I shrugged. “So?”

“So, it would have made it even cooler if we’d have given Tanya a show. You know, what she was saying about the two of us looking like one guy snogging his reflection in the mirror…”

I laughed. “Yeah. It would have looked pretty hot.”

There was a pause and then he said, “What do you think it would have felt like, Noe?”

I knew he was throwing me a line to catch if I wanted to. He was presenting me with an opportunity to laugh and say, “Ugh, disgusting!” Then the line would be withdrawn, never to be re-extended, and that would be an end to it.

But I chose to catch it.

I shrugged and said, “I dunno… it’d be kind of interesting, I guess. Like snogging myself…”

He smiled. “Yeah… I’ve always worried that I might be a really bad kisser… and, like, girls have never dared tell me…”

I chuckled and then we went quiet.

Now it was my turn to throw out the line. But there was no risk: everything I knew about Leon, almost as much as I knew about myself, told me he’d catch it.

I said, casually, “You wanna give it a go…?”

He grinned and shrugged like it was no big deal. “Yeah. Why not? Like you say, it’d be kind of interesting…”

I got up on my bed and Leon swung his legs off his. Then he came over to mine and climbed onto the mattress in front of me. We were kneeling in front of each other, our faces a few inches apart and chests almost touching with every breath we took.

He smiled at me and said, “A goodnight kiss…”

I smiled back. “Yeah…”

He giggled. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah. Why not?”

Still smiling, he nodded, closed his eyes and pressed his lips towards mine. I felt him gently breathe out against me and smelled the toothpaste on his breath.

Our lips touched and he gently kissed me, puckering his against mine tenderly and affectionately. His smile faded and his mouth became serious as our lips pressed together.

I closed my own eyes and kissed him back, working my lips into his and gently running my tongue along them.

He moaned in encouragement and opened his mouth a little to receive me. Then, as I entered him and our tongues touched inside his mouth, he wrapped his arms around my naked back and pulled me towards him.

It was the first physical evidence that Leon had ever shown of how much he loved me. I’d always known that he did, had never for a second doubted him, but now the intensity and depth of his love for me was right there for me to feel.

I pushed my tongue more deeply into his mouth, and his own teased me by coaxing me inward and then resisting me. I reached up and put my arms around his back, my hands on his shoulders. They felt smooth and warm and I gently ran my finger tips over them.

I felt his hardening cock pushing the front of his shorts outward against mine as it rose and lengthened. I shifted position slightly so that he could feel mine against him and be reassured that I was in a similar state of building arousal.

He began to relax and his kissing became more assertive and more natural. He began eating at my mouth, forcing his tongue against mine, both of us striving for dominance. His arms pulled me closer to him and our chests, hairless and lightly muscular, pressed together.

Then he pulled his mouth away from mine, panting gently, and began kissing my cheek and working his face across it towards my ear.

He gasped, “Jesus, Noe. This feels so good…”

I smiled, feeling his teeth gently biting my earlobe and his tongue licking tenderly at the soft skin. “We should have done this years ago…”

I kissed his ear, feeling the light growth of a day’s stubble on his cheek against mine.

He pulled back and looked into my eyes. His were searching and serious. “This is okay with you, isn’t it?”

I smiled again. “‘Course it is.”

He kept staring at me. “No, I mean, it’s not gonna fuck things up between us, is it? You’re not gonna get freaked out by this?”

I kept smiling. “It feels good. Natural. I’m enjoying it.” I ground my cock, now fully erect, against his to help convince him. Then I added, “And it’s not gonna fuck me up. I’ll probably want to do it again…”

He maintained his serious expression for a few seconds, as if wondering whether to believe me, and then slowly allowed himself to smile. “Yeah… it’s nice for us to be like this…”

I nodded. “I’ve never really thought about it before… I mean, not seriously.”

“I’ve wondered what it would be like… odd times…”

We looked at one another’s smiling faces for a few seconds.

Then I said, “Should we take our shorts off?”

He grinned more broadly and nodded. “Might be kind of cool…”

We moved apart slightly and I surprised him by pulling his down.

His cock was so hard that it got caught in the elastic of the waistband. When I managed to free it, it sprung up and smacked against his stomach with a dull thud.

He looked down and saw from the tent mine was making in my shorts that mine was equally aroused, but he still looked a little sheepish.

He said, “I don’t know why I’m so fucking turned on… I didn’t think I would be.”

I pulled my shorts down around my thighs and my cock arched upward as his was. I pushed it forwards and, making a kissing sound with my lips, gently touched the swollen pink tip of his cock with mine.

I said, “Another goodnight kiss…”

He smiled.

Then he went on, “I wouldn’t be feeling so horny with any other guy… or, at least, I really don’t think I would. It’s just ’cause it’s you, Noe.”

I looked down at our cocks, arching upward with their tips touching. As Leon had mentioned to Tanya, our cocks bend slightly in opposite directions. His goes a little to the right; mine a little to the left. The cause might be genetic but it’s more likely to be that we use different hands to masturbate. But they looked pretty good together: just like one cock erect against a mirror, its tip touching its own reflection.

“Yeah. I know what you mean. It’s not a gay thing. It’s ’cause we’re so close… ’cause we’re so similar…”

I realised that Leon was staring intensely at something over near the door of the room.

At first I thought maybe we’d left the door ajar but when I turned to look, I saw that he was staring at a mirror which was angled towards us on the dressing table. And the image of us in it had the same affect on me as it had on him. I was totally captivated by it, almost hypnotised.

We looked like one guy kneeling on a bed with his shorts around his thighs, his cock curving upwards against a mirror which he’d placed in front of him.

Our cocks were both about seven inches long and of an identical thickness. Our lightly haired balls stood out from our thighs by exactly the same amount. Our arses were both pale, round and hairless. We had such similar bodies – lean, smooth and slightly athletic – and our faces were so alike that it was almost impossible to shift the sensation that there was one of us on the bed kneeling in front of his reflection, not two.

We were, without realising it, even breathing in unison.

Leon muttered, “We look so fucking hot like this.”

Still staring into the mirror, I moved my hand down to his cock and squeezed it in my palm. The illusion was broken: it became obvious that there was two of us.

No doubt thinking as I was, Leon reached down for my cock and did the same to me. The illusion was restored; a little stretched by the fact our hands were passing through the imaginary mirror, but nevertheless plausible.

I began wanking him gently and he followed my lead. His cock felt just like mine but the unfamiliar bend of it made masturbation a little awkward at first. We struggled to find techniques that worked on each other, smiling at each other through the mirror.

When we’d worked up a moderate rhythm, Leon asked, “Why have never thought about doing this before now… it’s so fucking cool…?”

I shrugged. “I’d never have dared suggest it, and I guess you wouldn’t have either…”

“Yeah, but it’s us, Noe. We talk about everything together. We’ve gotta suggest more stuff like this. I mean, if you’re thinking about what it might be like to do something with me, the chances are that I am too… or that I’m not gonna freaked out by the idea…”

I nodded. “Yeah, okay… and likewise if you’re thinking of something…”

He kept staring at our reflection the mirror, as fascinated as I was by the sight of us masturbating each other, two guys looking so convincingly like one.

Then he shook his head a little and said, “I just can’t believe we never did this before. I mean, all the times we’ve set things up to look like one of us has a mirror next to him, all the photos we’ve staged and stuff like that… and we never thought of this…”

I turned to face and he faced me. Then he grinned and pecked my lips with his.

I smiled. “Yeah but maybe it feels so good because it took us so long to discover it… maybe we wouldn’t have been so relaxed about it if we’d have done it sooner…”

He nodded and then leaned forward to kiss me more seriously.

As our tongues once again worked against each other inside our mouths, our hands began to move faster on each other’s cocks. Leon’s breathing became a little more laboured as he struggled to take in air through his nose.

Then I felt his hand on my back and I put mine on his. He rubbed his fingers down my spine to gently stroke my buttocks and I followed suit.

The cheeks of his arse felt warm and smooth and I ran my fingers over them, caressing them. Then, almost casually, I pushed the tips very slightly into the cleft between them and stroked up and down his hot crack, feeling the fine hairs inside it tickle my fingertips.

He groaned in appreciation and did the same to me.

Then he pulled his mouth away from mine and, still wanking my cock with one hand and holding my arse with other, panted gently in his pleasure.

He looked over at the mirror again.

Our reflections looked like two guys again: having our hands on each other’s arses had broken the illusion.

Leon said, his voice becoming breathless, “You ever wanted to fuck your reflection?”

I was a little taken aback but I tried not to show it. I shrugged nonchalantly and muttered, “I dunno…”

He grinned. “Well try this… let go of my dick…”

He took his hands away from my arse and my cock and I did the same to him. Then he ground his cock against mine and began thrusting his cock upward against my pubes and my lower stomach.

He looked over at the mirror again and said, “You do the same.”

I did the same back to him, rubbing my cock against his and following his rhythm. It felt surprisingly good and I glanced over at the mirror to see how we looked.

Like he’d said, we did look like a guy fucking his reflection. Our cocks, looking identical, thrust upward against each other as our hips bucked to the same beat. Our buttocks flexed with each slam of our hips and our balls bobbed around, loose and heavy, scrotum against scrotum.

Leon said, “Cool, huh?”

His breathing was quickening again.

I laughed, feeling my own excitement growing, and said, “I thought for a minute you were going to offer me your arse…”

He turned to face me and, for a few seconds, looked as if he was unsure of what I meant. Then he smiled back and said, “Oh… right…”

We kept rubbing our cocks against each other, enjoying the feel of them twining around one another and the friction of each others’ pubic hair against the slick bright pink heads.

Eventually Leon said, “You reckon you’d be up for that… I mean, sometime the future?”

I smiled. “Maybe… I dunno…”

He kept fucking my crotch, his strokes gradually getting faster, longer and rougher.

He muttered, “Might be pretty good…”

I maintained my smile, wanting to encourage this new-found sexual openness. “We can have a lot of fun finding out…”

He smiled back, now clearly panting at the excitement of what we were doing as well as the prospect of new pleasures to be explored.

I looked down at our cocks, sliding up and down against each other between our thrusting hips. Both the puckered slits in the two pink swollen heads were oozing precum. I could smell them; smell the sharp salty smell of my own sex multiplied by two.

The next time we had sex I would get to taste Leon’s cock and him mine. The time after we’d lick each other’s balls and then tongue each other’s arses. On both occasions we knew that we were, in effect, tasting our own bodies.

And within a couple of weeks of returning home we were fucking each others’ arses almost habitually. Solo masturbation had all but stopped: now we had each other. We’d go out with a couple of girls in the evening, fuck them somewhere on the way home, and then get back to our room and fuck each other. And in the morning, as our mother was shouting upstairs “Leon! Noel!” we’d be taking turns on each other again.

We loved each other and we loved having sex with each other. We still wanted girls around us and went out with the sole intention of pulling two or three times a week. We just found the sexual side to our relationship rapidly became an essential part of it and that the physical expression of our love for one another was completely extraneous to our desires to date and have sex with girls.

Our relationship deepened and intensified more rapidly than we would have thought possible. We had always been close but now we realised that, up until the trip to Zakinthos, we’d only been scratching at the surface of true intimacy. Afterward, both in a metaphorical and physical way, we became completely connected.

That first night together remains a very special memory, though.

We climaxed almost at the same time: I think Leon held back until he could see I was about to cum.

We were holding one another tightly, one hand on each others’ backs, the other burrowing between each others’ flexing arsecheeks. Our hips bucked in a frenzy, our cocks slamming against each other, their swollen red heads straining for release.

Then, as I gasped and panted for air, Leon pushed his mouth against mine and plunged his tongue into me as deeply as he could.

And then I started whimpering as my orgasm overtook me and felt, simultaneously, the warm wetness of his semen as it splashed upward against my chest and stomach.

He was gasping into my mouth, his tongue quivering and shuddering, as his cock unloaded his seed onto us both. Then, as our orgasms subsided I felt his lips curve into a smile.

We slept in his bed that night, our arms around each other. The excuse was that my mattress was too wet from both our explosions, but I think in reality we both wanted reassurance that he hadn’t just done something that would come between us.

We’ve ended up doing the same thing just about every night since: sleeping in one bed but ruffling the covers on both so as not to arouse the suspicions of anyone who might pass our open door first thing in the morning.

A month or so after we got back from the holiday we bought a mirror for our bedroom. It was one of those that fold into three parts and go on the top of a desk. We saw it in the window of a shop at exactly the same time and a glance towards each other was enough to tell us that we both wanted it.

When we got it home our dad wasn’t impressed: “Why can’t you guys just use the bathroom mirror like everyone else? And anyway, if you want to know how you look, can’t you just look at each other?”

He let out a long, loud, guffawing laugh that did not seem to correspond to the humour-content of what he’d just said.

Before one of us could reply, our mother chipped in, “You two don’t need more excuses to sit around in that room together. You’ve been really anti-social since you got back from holiday…”

I said, “We just want a mirror, okay.”

Leon added, “And we’re not being anti-social: we’re just doing most of our socialising with each other.”

That night, after we’d picked up a couple of girls in the town’s only nightclub and screwed them in the park halfway through walking them home, the two of us got a taxi back and made love on Leon’s bed with the mirror in front of us.

With our bodies intertwined and embracing in the dim glow of the bedside lamp, it was difficult to make out who was who in the mirror’s reflection. A leg would turn out to be his when I’d thought it was mine. I’d go to wank Leon’s cock and find that the one I’d took to be his in the mirror was actually my own.

Our faces were so similar that when he was sucking me it looked like it could just as easily be my mouth sucking at myself. And when I was eating his smooth pale arse, I could have been eating my own.

While he was fucking me, mounting me from behind as he masturbated me, the definition between who was who became even more blurred and indistinct. My cock would suddenly feel like it was inside his arse and that it was me straddling his sweat-covered back. Then the sensation would reverse and it would feel like he was fucking me, his hand pumping at my cock and my arse eagerly receiving his thrusts.

I gasped, “Jesus, Leon. It feels like I could be screwing you… it looks like that…”

He grinned at me from above my shoulders through the mirror. “Yeah… there aren’t many guys who can do it both ways with the same guy at the same time…”

“It’s fucking amazing…”

He kept at it for a minute or so and then withdrew. Then he shuffled around in front of me and bent over. “Okay… do me, Noe… I want to see how it feels…”

And as I entered him I realised that, for both of us, this was the best sex we could possibly have. The few grunts and gasps in the park receded into insignificance compared to the symphony we could accomplish together.

I said, “I really love you, Leon. I mean, no girl could ever compare with that…”

He smiled at me through the mirror as my cock slid into him.

“I love you too, Noe. And you’ve got my brain so you know how much…”

I smiled back at him as my balls touched his and my cock reached its hilt.

He said, “Now fuck me so hard we’ll break the mirror!”

And I eagerly obliged.


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