The Twins First Day
by Mark McElroy


Monday morning while Adam was showering. The twins were putting on their quality sports jockstraps solid white. Two days prior to leaving the States, Daddy Mitch received a package sent by FedEx, inside was two complete uniforms. The sender was an old High School friend of Daddy Mitch’s named Coach Peters.  The box was labelled CT Outfitters. Inside was two smaller boxes labelled Jockstraps. Each box held 2 and they fit the twins perfectly. Aiden and Ethan were dressed to impress. Reminding the boys to remember the rules they set off for school.


Brad had already arrived at work and was signing tax forms when he informed his supervisor that he wanted a personal assistant. Nodding, the boss said let me guess? It’s that boy in Roger’s group Ben? Yes, we’ve already met and Mitch and I had him over for dinner last night. His brothers and our boys will attend Academy together. Roger will be pissed losing his play toy but Roger is an inflated pompous arse. Handing Brad the transfer order he smiled and said go fetch him yourself.


Mr Price shook Mitch’s hand welcoming him to Cockaigne Academy, showing him his office said please excuse me but I have to welcome our students. The CCTV video feed is on your computer I will watch it also to see if we have any rule breakers. Aiden and Ethan found seats next to Trent in the Hall, Trent was wearing the same uniform as well. When they saw the sign for silence they quit talking immediately. Sitting on seats two rows back was Adam and Scott but they didn’t see Trent or the twins. Mr Price gave his talk and warning about punishment. When they had assembled in the gym the three of them were the first out of their uniforms. Coach Peters winked at them and saw they were comfortable and were wearing the correct Jockstraps like the rest of the boys.


Over at the Laboratories, Brad walked into Roger’s department. Ben’s desk was close to entrance and Ben was working naked as usual. Good morning Ben, where are your clothes and Roger’s office? Good morning sir my clothes are in his office and he’s the last office down the hall. Come with me handsome.  Standing up Brad saw Ben’s erection, has Roger already given you a coffee? Yes sir, Brad said follow me, walking to Rogers office Brad tapped on the door. Looking up Roger said hello may help you? Walking in Brad extended his hand, Rogers grip was like a limp fish. Seeing Ben standing just behind Brad he asked Ben what are you doing here I didn’t send for you? Brad answered that’s my concern, please hand Ben his clothes! Why should I he doesn’t need them? Ok Brad said here is his transfer out of this department. As my new assistant he should be dressed. Now hand him his clothes and don’t make me ask again!  Sputtering Roger handed Ben’s his suit and shoes. Ben immediately dressed and put on his shoes. Go gather your stuff from your desk and download your files onto this thumb drive. Yes sir Ben said. Closing Roger’s door to give them privacy. Roger I know for 20 years you have been a somewhat valuable employee, but lately you have become a bully. Ben is a highly intelligent man and I am aware of his ideas, your problem appears to be jealousy. I don’t like a bully, I recommend you seek professional help. Good day to you. Walking out he left a stunned Roger sitting with his mouth open. Clapping his hand on Ben’s shoulder he smiled and said let’s go to work. They both walked out.


Over at the school Trent introduced Adam and Scott to the twins. Adam I have something to tell you and I’m hoping you’ll still be my friend. Taking a deep breath, he said I’m gay. Adam sat there stunned. Well done Trent, Aiden said. Yeah, Ethan replied Aiden and I came out last year to our Dads first. Your Dads, Adam asked? Yes our Dads had a surrogate and they impregnated her with both their sperm and here we are. Do you ever see your mum? No Aiden laughed she was paid a lot of money and moved to Israel to start a kibbutz. What’s that Adam asked? A farming community where a group of people own shares and the profits are also shared. The boys all agreed that kind of life wasn’t for them. Adam then asked Trent why aren’t you naked? Ben lifted my punishment last night after talking with Mr Masters and I apologized to Caleb. Who’s Mr. Masters? That’s our Dad and the new school counsellor. He’s very good looking, Trent said with a blush. So is our other Dad and he is going to be Ben’s new boss. How is Caleb coping with your punishment being lifted, Adam asked? We’re good, I’ve been an arse to him and Ben but we’re working on our differences. Adam do you know if Luke will come back to Cockaigne I owe him an apology. Adam said I can ask Mark, I miss him. The bell rang signalling the end of lunch.


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