New Neighbors
by Mark McElroy


Brad Fletcher took his husband’s hand and kissed it. Smiling at him Mitch asked him are you nervous?  No actually I’m excited. This is a dream come true. A month ago the two of them had been approached and interviewed by a representative of Cockaigne Research Laboratories. Brad was a biochemist. A top honors graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His husband of 14 years Mitch Masters was a Child Psychologist graduate of Harvard School of Medicine. Sitting in the backseat was their twin sons, both men being the biological father’s of the twins, Aiden and Ethan.

They were a nudist family seeing no shame in the natural state. Mitch would be working at the Cockaigne Academy assisting the students with their problems. Approaching the house they were astonished to see a young boy walking a older boy by a leash. The boy’s face was streaked with tears. Pulling up to their new house Mitch said you guys go inside I’m going to talk to those two boys. Walking towards Caleb and Trent he said excuse me boys I’d like to introduce myself I’m Mitch I am the new Cockaigne Academy counselor, and what are your names? The younger boy answered for both, I’m Caleb and this is my brother Trent. Why is he naked and bound, with a dog collar and a leash? Becoming annoyed Caleb replied with attitude, because our brother is punishing him.  Sensing Caleb’s annoyance he asked what is your brothers name, and does he work for Cockaigne Research? Yes, why do you ask? Please invite your brother over for cocktails. Alright Ben gets home around 4:00. Thank you Caleb, and Trent our boys are your age. I’ll introduce you later. Ok? Thank you sir answered Trent.  Allow us to aquaint ourselves with Ben. There’s some things we like to know and familiarize ourselves with. Trent may I give you a hug? Looking at Mitch’s kind face Trent replied if you like. Putting his arms around Trent, Mitch felt a over whelming sense of pain mixed with remorse. Stepping back Mitch said Trent I know it doesn’t feel like it now but things will get better. Ok I have to help my family, Caleb please remember our invitation to Ben, oh by the way you two are invited too.

Walking into his or their rather new home was breathtaking the Company movers really had outdone themselves. 2 squealing teen boys came bounding naked into the lounge where a naked Brad was reading a file for work. Slipping out of his clothes Brad we’re having those 2 boys and their older brother over for cocktails and dinner. It’s a good thing we have a stocked pantry and fridge plus freezer. Brad asked what are you going to cook? Mitch replied Yankee pot roast, with garlic roasted sprouts. With carrots and potatoes. Brad said what is those boys Dad’s name,? Their parents are deceased the elder brother Ben is in charge of Trent and Caleb. Yes I read about him in my package. A Roger is his immediate supervisor, Roger has been with Cockaigne for twenty years. Further reading Brad realized that Roger actually resented anyone presenting ideas that prevented him from taking credit. Well I can’t wait to meet Ben. At 5:00pm the door bell rang and A surprised Ben stood there in shorts and a tee shirt with Caleb and Trent dressed similarly. The twins Aiden and Ethan on the other hand was completely nude. Hi you must be Ben, and your Caleb, and Trent. Mitch walked in and introductions were made. Let’s go to the lounge and sit, popping his head in Brad introduced himself and asked what everyone wanted to drink? Ben said  a beer for me and boys? A Coke sir? Trent asked politely. Give me a Coke Caleb asked. Do you think you could ask nicer Caleb? Mitch asked. Ben apologized for Caleb. Mitch said I am a licensed child psychologist I start work at the Cockaigne Academy in a week and we, Brad and I have familiarized ourselves with the laws and by laws of Cockaigne. Would you mind if our boys take upstairs to play while we talk? Addressing Caleb only Ben asked would you like that? Hold up Ben, Mitch answered. Addressing Trent and Caleb he asked them to upstairs with the twins, and Aiden make sure No one is bullied. Yes Dad Aiden and Ethan replied. All four boys went upstairs and Brad made sure they were alone. Ben, Mitch began may I ask you why are you punishing Trent? Ben related what Trent has done and how he has acted since their parents died. What was he like before their deaths? Typical pain in the arse little brother. Growing up did you ever resent Trent? Well yes why do you ask? Because by putting Trent in Caleb’s immature care, allowing Caleb to humiliate Trent on a daily basis snacks of vengeance instead of loving correction. Brad said may I ask a question about your supervisor Roger? Ok Ben answered. His supervisor sent me a report stating that you offered several good suggestions and Roger obviously resented you. Has Roger done anything to you as uhh punishment? He takes my clothes every day and forces me to drink funny tasting coffee, which makes me have erections all day. Has this been going on for awhile? Yes it has. Brad said I start tomorrow and I am assigning you to my department. Mitch asked Ben didn’t Trent’s punishment start at the same time as yours?  Suddenly looking guilty Ben said yes. Do you want to lose Trent? What? No I love him. Then prove it man. Brad called the boy’s down. Aiden and Ethan will you set the table. Sure Dad the boy’s answered.

The lounge now only had Mitch, Ben, Trent and Caleb. Ben asked Trent if he was truly sorry for playing the nasty trick on Caleb?  Tears falling he answered yes sir. Do you realize that is the first time you’ve called me sir? Come stand in front of me Trent. Standing up Trent looking scared and apprehensive, don’t be afraid Trent I haven’t been a very understanding brother to you but the day you pulled the trick on Caleb I took my anger at my boss for humiliating me and you humiliated Caleb and I snapped. I need yours and Caleb’s help if we’re going to live here. Aiden and Ethan poke there heads in supper ready Dad. Looking at the two boys and Ben. Mitch said I made Yankee Pot roast hope your hungry. They all as the English say tucked in. Just enough beef was  left to make lunches for Ben,  Brad and Mitch. After supper Ben said may I ask why are you all naked ? We’re a Nudist Family. It’s one of the reasons we came here. Our sons both identify as Gay but like us do not agree with public humiliation. In the States we have identified public humiliation as the same as be bullied. Like Roger not liking you putting forth good ideas so he decided to humiliate you and that was a act of being a bully. Brad said I not going to retaliate against Roger but like I said earlier I want you in my lab.

Later at home Ben told Trent his punishment was over. Caleb was no longer angry and Trent felt a like a huge weight lifted off him. He was getting ready for bed when Caleb knocked on his door. Yes he called out, Caleb answered can I talk to you? Sure come in. Uhh  Trent when Curtis made me and you uhh 69? Did you enjoy it? Both boy’s face was red. But Trent decided to own up to the feelings he had. Caleb I had sex with Adam and I now know I’m Gay, so to answer your question yes I enjoyed it specially after taking the pill. Caleb confessed about Curtis threatening him with the video of him sucking cock. But the weird thing is while I was embarrassed, I enjoyed sucking cock. I think I’m Gay too. So tell Curtis you’re Gay and take back the power he has over you, we’ll both come out and in this town I don’t think it’ll matter. Both brothers stood and hugged.


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