Cadet Firefighter
by Devon Campbell


Chapter 4

He hadn’t heard anything from the station since the fire and he was afraid he might have been suspended. Finally, he couldn’t take the suspense any longer and he called Lt. Johnson.

“No, there’s been no action taken; officially, nothing out of the ordinary happened,” Johnson told him.

“Oh, then I’m still a cadet?”

“Unless you resigned,” Johnson said.

“What about Captain Hale?”

“He knows what happened but he can’t say anything to you because it didn’t happen,” Johnson said. “Look, kid, you screwed up and Hale’s not happy about it but he’s gonna expect you to have the balls to face him. Your best bet would be to come down here to the station house and work your way back into his good graces like nothing did happen.”

So Sean concentrated on redeeming himself at the fire station and with Captain Hale. He volunteered for extra duty hours to scrub down the station house, clean the refrigerator and the stove and cabinets. He wiped down the equipment in the weight room. He cleaned the upstairs sleeping quarters, moving all of the bunks to scrub and wax the floor. He washed the windows. Anything any of the guys could think of for him to do. He even washed and dried the dishes when he was there over mealtime. There was a tradition, though, that a rookie didn’t touch the engines. He knew the firefighters liked seeing a rookie cadet doing the menial jobs that they would’ve had to do but the engines were off limits. His efforts didn’t go unnoticed by the captain.

He pulled him off his work one day and called him into his office. Sean was up in the sleeping quarters when the captain yelled for him. He was working in his shorts and hearing the tone in the captain’s voice, he slid down the pole just the way he was. He rushed to the captain’s office and knocked at the open door.

“Come in, and close the door, for chrissakes, before somebody sees you,” Captain Hale said.

“I can go put my jeans on, sir, but you sounded urgent, like I oughta get my ass down here,” Sean said.

“I’m supposed to sound that way, whether it’s urgent or not. Which it isn’t. I just wanted to tell you that I’ve noticed the way you’ve been busting your butt around here, and let you know it’s not necessary.”

“I just wanted to do everything I could to… ”

“I know, to redeem yourself,” the captain cut in. “It’s beginning to look more like you’re sucking up. You don’t have to do that. Not to me, and not to any of the guys.”

“I definitely don’t mind, sir. I don’t mean I don’t mind sucking up. I don’t mind doing the work.”

“But you would, wouldn’t you… suck up… if that’s what it took to stay a cadet.”

“Yes, sir, I would be the biggest suck-up you ever saw if I have to. I will do ANYTHING to stay a cadet.”

“Well, we’re going to hand back some of these duties to the men, before they get used to being pampered,” the captain said. “Look, you broke the rules, under pressure. As it happened, everything turned out all right, you saved some people’s lives, which is the reason I haven’t demanded your uniform. But when you break the rules, you break the trust. The men have to know they can trust you in a pinch. I called you in here to see if you’re ready for a couple of tests.”

“Yes, sir. What kind of tests, sir?”

“I want you to come down to the station and cook supper for the men.”

“Me? Cook supper? Cook… ??”

“Yeah, that’s what we do,” he said. “The men take turns making their specialties and shopping for groceries. Have you got a specialty, Brady? ”

“My specialty is pretty much hamburgers and French fries,” Sean said. He was a little fearful that he might be expected to prepare a full-fledged meal and he would surely fail that test.

“Then make the best damned hamburgers and French fries these guys ever ate,” the captain said.

“I can do that, sir,” Sean said eagerly.

He went to the station on Friday night, happy to skip a date and being with his friends. He arrived early to find the men in the lounge or sitting outside in front of the fire station.

“What’d you bring to eat?” Adamson asked.

“Yeah, how come you’re empty handed?” asked Conner.

“I thought… I mean, I was supposed to come and make supper, but I thought there would be stuff here.”

“If you’re gonna cook it, you gotta buy the stuff,” Conner said.

Sean wondered if he was supposed to buy groceries with his own money. He would be glad to do it, but Conner got up and went inside to get some money.

“I guess this means supper is going to be late,” he drawled.

“I didn’t know. I guarantee it won’t happen again,” Sean said.

“Fuckin’ right it won’t,” Conner said.

He went into the kitchen to check and see what he needed to buy then he rushed to the store. He was nervous even buying groceries for the men. He bought onions and lettuce and tomatoes and the biggest potatoes he could find, and chopped sirloin instead of plain old hamburger. Even though he was just fixing hamburgers he was nervous as hell. He didn’t know how much influence the men in general had with the captain but he wanted to impress these guys and win back their trust. He made the French fries with real potatoes in a skillet of hot oil. He sliced big onions and tomatoes and spread them out on lettuce so it looked good. He put out mayo, mustard, ketchup and some special hamburger sauce. To cover all bases he made some of the hamburgers rare, some medium and some well done and put them on three different plates. When everything was ready he went into the day room and announced that supper was ready. Nobody moved. He repeated it, waiting nervously for some response. Finally, one guy turned off the TV and Conner laid down his magazine, all rather begrudgingly. He thought they might be pissed because supper was late. Sean went outside to tell Johnson and Brooks that supper was ready.

He stood at the counter as the men filed into the kitchen. “What do you want to drink?” he asked bravely.



“Whatever’s in the refrigerator.”

“Beer,” said Brooks.

Sean went to the refrigerator to get their drinks. There was no beer. “There’s no beer,” he said timidly.

“You didn’t buy beer?” Brooks growled.

“I didn’t know… I was supposed to buy drinks,” Sean stammered. “And I couldn’t buy beer anyway, I’m not old enough.”

“He’s just playing with your head, we’re not allowed to drink on duty,” Conner said. “Give him a fuckin’ coke.”

When they were served, Sean stood back and watched them eat and waited for their reactions.

“Aren’t you gonna eat?” Johnson asked.

Brooks suddenly dropped his hamburger on his plate. “Hell, if he ain’t eating it, I sure as hell ain’t eating it. We don’t know what he put in these things.”

“I didn’t know I was allowed… supposed to eat… with you guys,” Sean stammered.

One of them kicked a chair out from the table for him. He sat down, his stomach tied in knots. He would’ve rather stood aside and watched than try to stuff a hamburger down his stomach that was tied in knots. He tried to watch them out of the corner of his eye. Nobody was saying anything and there was not an expression on any of their faces that told him anything. It was like a table of poker players. Johnson was the first to finish eating.

“Best damned hamburgers I ever ate,” he said, without emotion.

Sean’s heart thumped over a couple of beats. One by one, the others finished and told him how good they were. Sean was so happy he couldn’t finish eating. As the men were getting up from the table he stood up and began clearing the table.

“Hun-uh,” Conner said, taking the plates from him. “When you cook, you don’t clean up.”

Sean was so relieved and happy that he felt like his chest was going to pop right out of his shirt. He hung around for a few minutes, unsure whether he was supposed to stay in the kitchen or leave. He didn’t think he should stay with them. He had never hung out with them before and cooking hamburgers didn’t mean he was fully accepted into their inner circle.

“Well, if that’s all, I guess I’ll be going,” he said meekly.

“Next Saturday, you come in and make breakfast,” Lt. Johnson said without looking around.

“What time should I be here?” Sean asked, trying his best to hide his excitement.

“Well, you show up in time for supper Friday night,” Johnson said. “Plan to stay the night here.”

Sean was so happy he could hardly stand still. He wanted to shout, he was so damned happy. He barely managed not to skip and hop to his car.

All week long he practiced making breakfast at home. When his mother found out what he had to do she showed him how to make omelets. She said men always liked omelets if they were made right. Friday after school he went to the store and bought everything he needed for making omelets, paying for it out of his own pocket. If he got reimbursed, fine. If not, that was okay, too.

He was nervous as hell. He was actually going to spend the night with the firemen! He hoped to fit in without appearing to be too eager. These guys took the job all in stride, and he wanted to be as laid-back as they were.

Conner made chili for supper. It was good chili. He told Sean to clean up. After he finished he was invited to come into the day room and Johnson invited even him to sit outside in front of the station. He went with Johnson. He felt damned proud and important sitting out there with a real firefighter, waving at the cars that honked. He hoped that some of his friends might drive by and see him. Johnson didn’t talk much. He seemed to be in his own, quiet world, so Sean didn’t talk either.

“It’s good to have somebody that doesn’t think he’s gotta be running off at the mouth every minute,” Lt. Johnson said.

“You weren’t saying anything, I figured you like it quiet,” Sean said.

“Good. We’re going to get along fine.”

It was well after sundown and despite his excitement, Sean was getting sleepy. He worried and stewed about it for a while before he worked up the courage to ask where he was supposed to sleep.

“Upstairs, last bunk on the left down from the pole,” Johnson said.

“How about in the morning? What time do I have to get up to make breakfast?”

“Somebody will wake you up,” Johnson said. When Sean was walking inside, Johnson added, “It’d be a good idea to shower before you hit the rack. You don’t know what the night’s going to bring.”

Sean didn’t ask why, except that he figured Johnson was referring to a possible call. That excited him, although he didn’t think he would be taken along on a call again for a very long time. Maybe not till he finished firefighters school. He had the shower to himself, for which he was glad. As much as he wanted to be around the hunky firefighters, he didn’t trust himself in such intimate quarters with them. One of them might guess his little secret, and it might not be like it was with the Marines.

He didn’t ask how he was supposed to sleep. He slipped on a pair of briefs and stretched out on the last bunk. The bunkroom was lit only by the light coming in from the opening around the pole, and the light from the stairs. He lay quietly and alone, soaking up the atmosphere and relishing the moment to himself. He knew he was on his way to being a firefighter; he didn’t have to be told. And it wouldn’t depend on breakfast or making hamburgers. He could feel that he was being accepted. Begrudgingly, maybe, but that’s the way it was supposed to be with a rookie cadet.

Sleep came easy. He was only vaguely aware of others coming up the stairs. Twice he felt a presence in close to his bunk and he almost opened his eyes, but didn’t.

“Fucker!” someone said under his breath. It was someone close, almost over his bed.

“Yeah,” said someone else.

That was all he heard before he drifted off to a sound sleep. He awoke to somebody shaking his shoulder. It was Conner. Sean rubbed his eyes and stretched and saw that Conner was naked. He took in his nakedness but managed to not look openly.

“Better get up, the guys are usually starving for breakfast,” Conner said.

“Somebody was supposed to wake me up,” Sean said as he scrambled out of his bunk.

“Somebody is waking you up,” Conner said.

He was more nervous than before when he’d cooked hamburgers. It was worse this time because the men were all in the kitchen, standing around watching him. It was like they were just waiting for him to do something wrong.

“What the hell are you doing to those eggs?” Brooks growled as he came into the kitchen.

“He’s making omelets,” Adamson said.

“He’s making what! I ain’t eating no omelets,” Brooks said. “I want my eggs over easy.”

“Brooks, have you ever eaten an omelet?” Conner asked.


“Then shut the fuck up till you’ve tried it.”

All the men, except Brooks, dug right into breakfast. Sean didn’t have to be told that he had done good. Brooks ate begrudgingly but cleaned his plate. He glanced at Sean when he was getting up from the table and Sean quickly wiped the smile off his face.

“Just because I ate it don’t mean I like it,” he said.

“He liked it,” one of the men said, clamping his hand on Sean’s shoulder as he was leaving. “If he didn’t he would’ve told you to bend over.”

Captain Hale told Sean he wanted him to arrange to start staying overnight at the firehouse at least once a month. Sean told him he could stay more often if he wanted him to, and they agreed that he would spend a night every two weeks. He was beside himself. He wanted to tell everybody at school, but the only one he had to tell was Cody. Cody told everyone else. The guys who were already jealous of him were even more jealous and several guys asked how they could join the cadets. He stalled them off, saying he would bring them an application and set up an appointment for them with the captain. He wouldn’t for awhile, of course; he wanted to bask in the comradeship of the station house and the firefighters all to himself.

School was drawing to a close, bringing the warmer days of spring. Sean had mixed emotions about graduating. He was going to miss the kids at school, but he was anxious to start his life. He had a job lined up till he went off to firefighter’s school. He hoped there was an opening with the department when he graduated from the academy. There was a good chance, he thought, because he was top on the list. He could hardly wait to become part of their tight-knit fraternity. It would take awhile; he knew he still had to pay his dues, but he would be paying them as a real rookie, not as a rookie cadet.

His omelets and hamburgers became staples for the meals he cooked. Brooks even came around and begrudgingly admitted that he liked his omelets. He was feeling comfortable in the company of the older guys. They were accepting him, although still with the requisite begrudging attitude. It was okay. He liked being treated as the young, green cadet. Sill, he longed to be one of them, more on equal terms, but he knew that had to be earned. It was worth sacrificing dates and hanging out with friends to be around them. The men were even asking him to work out with them. It was a small workout room so they had to work out in shifts; two or three guys at a time, with the rest fully on standby in case those working out happened to be in the showers when a call came in. Even those working out had to have their suits hung in the weight room while they were in there. It was hard to concentrate on lifting weights with the hunky firemen in their workout shorts and no shirts. They were in the shower one night, him and Conner and Johnson.

“Dam, Brady, how did you get built like that at your age?” Johnson asked, eyeing his body openly.

Sean noticed with pride that Conner’s eyes also unmistakably took in his manhood in their sweep up and down his naked body.

“I started working out when I was twelve,” Sean said.

“What I wanta know is how’d you grow a cock like that at your age?” Conner asked. His eyes were fixed boldly now on Sean’s manhood. “Shit, you might have the biggest cock in the whole company. Now that would be a kick in the ass, wouldn’t it?” he said to Johnson, “having some high school kid come in here and show us all up.”

“Hey, some guys have got better genes than others,” Johnson said with a shrug.

With all the time on their hands, they had plenty of time to work out and the firefighters were in better shape than a lot of the Marines over at the armory. Sean especially liked working out on Friday nights after supper was over. It was a gratifying feeling to work out and then shower and hit the rack. It was also nice to hear the remarks about this body and his big cock. The words had gotten around about how he was hung and others were openly noticing and kidding him about it. One night Conner was standing at the sinks lathering up his face.

“You might want to shave before you go to bed,” he said.

Sean couldn’t help looking at him funny. He only had to shave about once a week and he thought it odd that Conner would suggest it. He rubbed his hand over his face; he barely had a stubble.

Conner reached over and rubbed his face. “We play the odds here,” he said. “It’s been awhile since we got called out and the longer it is the more likely it becomes. Just suggesting that you be ready. A call comes in in the middle of the night, you don’t know how long you’re going to be out.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. I never thought of it,” Sean said and went to get his shaving kit from his bunk. He didn’t have a locker yet. That was another badge of acceptance that he hadn’t earned. He had to keep his stuff on his bunk or on the floor beside it when he stayed over. He felt stupid when he discovered that he didn’t have any shaving cream in his kit. It wasn’t something he used often enough to worry about.

“I forgot to pack shaving cream,” he said sheepishly when he came back.

Conner shoved his down the narrow shelf in front of him.


“You got a razor?” Conner asked.

“Yeah, right here.”

“Has it got a blade in it?”

Sean glanced in the mirror to see Conner’s mischievous grin.

“I didn’t know if you used a blade or if you put cream on your face and let the cat lick it off.”

Sean’s face got red but they both broke out laughing and it felt good to be laughing at himself with the other fireman. What Conner did next surprised the hell out of him, so much that his eyes popped wide. He had his stuff gathered up and was leaving.

“You’re gonna make it, Brady,” Conner said as he smacked Sean hard on the butt and walked out.

Sean stood there gaping at himself in the mirror, and the image of the broad-shouldered, naked firefighter walking out of the shower room. His butt stung a little but it felt good. It felt good inside, that the guy had shown such casual, macho intimacy.

One Friday night they invited him to join in a game of poker. Strip poker, Conner said, but Sean didn’t really believe him. He had never heard of guys playing strip poker among themselves, but either way, he didn’t know how to play poker.

“Hell, he’s just trying to get you out of your clothes,” one of them drawled. “Just take `em off and be done with it.”

Sean didn’t know if they were kidding about that or not. Maybe they had guessed his secret. Maybe somebody had heard about what happened with the Marines at the armory. They were all looking at him like they were waiting for him to do what he was told. He hesitated for a minute then started unlacing his shoes. He wondered if this was going to be like the Marines. He was a little scared but deep down he hoped so. He would to be a slave to these studs if they wanted him to. He had his shoes and shirt off when Lt. Johnson stopped him.

“What the hell’s going on?” he asked with a curious scowl at Sean taking off his clothes.

None of the men said anything. A couple of them glanced at Sean, as if the question was directed at him. Maybe it was.

“They asked me to… p-play strip poker, but I don’t know how, so they… they t-told me to just take to just take my clothes off anyway,” he stammered.

Shaking his head, Johnson picked up his shirt and tossed it at him. “You gotta learn when these fuckheads are messing with your head,” he said.

Sean could feel his face turning red. “I was going up to bed anyway,” he said quickly but he was embarrassed that he had been duped again. Still, deep down he didn’t mind the men laughing at him. It was all part of paying his dues. He took his shirt and headed up the stairs.

“Fucker!” someone mumbled under his breath.

Sean tightened at the chill that ran down his back. It was the same voice as the other night; the voice that had called him “fucker” in the dark. He lay in his bunk thinking about his future as a fireman. Graduation was only days away and he could begin working towards the only goal he’d ever had for himself. At first, when he was a little boy, it was the big, red fire engines and the sirens that attracted him. Later it was the firefighters themselves. How he envied and admired them.

He wasn’t sure when the admiration turned into something else; he just knew things were changing for him. He fell into a gentle sleep, happy in his skin and in the world around him. He wondered if it would ever be like with the Marines with these guys. He didn’t know how long he had slept or what time it was when he came awake with a start from the feel of a hand on his leg. He didn’t know whether to wake up or pretend he was still asleep. He blinked his eyes open and raised up on his elbows and rubbed his eyes. He thought he was in a dream at first when he saw the men standing around his bunk. There were four of them; Johnson, Conner, Brooks and Adamson, and they were all naked! The scene at the armory locker room flashed before him and a charge of excitement shot down his spine.

“What’s up?” he asked, rubbing his eyes. “Something wrong? Did we gat a call?” What a dumb question; if there was a call they wouldn’t be standing around naked.

“No. Some of the guys went together and got you a graduation present,” Johnson said.

“You did? Man, thanks, but you didn’t have to,” he said, all the while, wondering why they had waited till he was asleep and then woke him up to give him a present; and why it was only four of them. And why were they all naked?

“Well, we thought you could use this,” Conner said, handing him a small gift-wrapped box. Sean was sure it was a watch. He sat up and opened it. He was right. Except it was no ordinary watch. It was a firefighter’s watch, with the emblem on the leather band.

“Wow! Thanks! Thanks a lot, guys.”

“We got you this, too,” Johnson said, handing him another package.

He opened it to find a dark blue T-shirt with the firefighter’s emblem across the chest, and there was a firefighter’s baseball cap.

“You guys didn’t have to do all of this,” Sean said.

“There’s something else,” Conner said. He was grinning as he handed Sean another long, heavy box. Sean noticed the others were grinning too and he figured it was some sort of gag gift. His eyes popped wide when he took off the lid and found a big dildo encased in a condom. Beside it was a box of X-Large condoms. The men broke out laughing. Sean felt his face flush warm with embarrassment. He didn’t know what to think, let alone what to say. The condoms he could understand and appreciate. They were a studly sort of gift to give a guy. But why were they giving him a dildo? Were they trying to tell him something? Or was the dildo just modeling the condom?

“We figured a stud like you probably goes through a dozen condoms a week,” Conner said as he picked up the dildo. “These aren’t ordinary condoms,” he went on as he picked up the dildo and held it up.

“Yeah, after seeing you in the shower, we had to special order the super size for you,” Brooks put in.

“We had to have something to display the condom on and nobody was willing to offer his cock so we bought the dildo, just to demonstrate the size,” Conner added he held the dildo up closer for Sean to see. “Take a good close look.”

Sean did a double take when he saw the firefighter’s emblem on the base of the condom. He laughed nervously, still unsure what to say. “This is… so neat… ¬†thanks, guys,” he said finally. He hated that his voice sounded so boyish.

“You do use condoms, don’t you?” Johnson asked.

“You do have REASON to use condoms, right? You’re not a virgin, are you?” Brooks asked.

“Get real guys. If you looked like him and were hung like him in high school, would you be a virgin?” Conner scoffed.

“Yes,” Sean replied. “I mean, no, I’m not a virgin… and yes, I use condoms.”

“Use these with pride,” Conner said. “When you’re rolling it on and sliding that big horse cock into some poor unsuspecting girl, it’s like you’re fucking her for all of us. So do us proud.”

“Is that how it is with the married guys? When they screw their wives, they’re screwing her for all of us?” Sean asked smartly.

“Don’t be a smart ass, rookie,” Conner growled.

“One thing for sure, I’ll be thinking about you guys when I use `em,” Sean said.

“Well, firefighters don’t use ordinary condoms, so when you get these used up, let me know, I’ll tell you where to order more with the emblem on them,” Johnson said.

Sean sighed shaking his head. He was almost overwhelmed and he had to fight back the wetness building up in his eyes. “Thanks. I appreciate it more than I can tell you.”

“By the way, you can start sleeping naked,” Johnson said. “The rest of us do.”


“Starting now,” said Johnson as he reached down and snapped the waistband of Sean’s briefs.

Sean started to take them off but Johnson and Conner, on each side of the bed, took hold and pulled them down his legs and Adamson and Brooks pulled them off his feet and tossed them aside.

“There, that’s better, isn’t it?” Lt. Johnson said.

“Yes, sir. And thanks again, guys.”

“There is a catch to all of this,” Conner said. “A condition.”

“What’s that?” Sean asked. He suspected from the tone of Conner’s voice that what was coming was pretty big.

“Before you can wear the watch, you have to be initiated,” Conner said.

“W-what… what kind of initiation?” Sean shivered inside imagining what they might do to him.

“Something all rookies have to go through,” Conner said as he stood with his knees against the edge of the bunk and his big cock hanging out over Sean’s face. “You get the idea?” he asked huskily.

Sean swallowed, so hard that it was an audible gulp. His eyes were wide and his mouth hung slack. He suspected what was coming but he was still excitedly surprised that it was true. But he remembered the other times when he’d been duped.

“I’m not sure I do,” he said with total innocence.

“We’ve fucked with his head so many times, how is he supposed to know when we’re serious?” Adamson said.

“Okay, look, you’re a great cook and all, but there’s one thing you’ve never tried. Its time you found out what firefighter meat tastes like,” Conner said.

Sean looked at the man, past his cock, past his deeply-ridged abs, to his handsome face. It was a gentle look, but he still couldn’t be sure he was serious and he didn’t want to reach out for the guy’s cock and have them be playing another joke on him.

“You guys… you’re not playing with my head this time,” he said huskily.

“No, it’s the other way around this time. You play with my head,” Conner said as he twisted his hips, causing his big cock to swing back and forth.

Sean was still hesitant. If he reached out for Conner’s cock and they were only kidding around, he would be the laughing stock of the station. Heaven only knew what names they would call him. Maybe even be kicked out of the station.

“D-did… you guys… g-go through this initiation?” he asked. Despite his experience with the Marines, he was nervous as hell, but he was sort of glad for his stammering voice. He didn’t want to appear too eager. He wanted to appear reluctant and even a little scared.

“No, actually, the idea of the initiation came up a couple of years ago,” Johnson said.

“Then I–I’m the first… ?”

“You ought to be honored. Nobody got us a firefighter’s watch or custom-made condoms,” Johnson said.

“You said you would do anything… whatever it takes to become a firefighter. You told Captain Hale that, right?” Conner reminded him.

“Yes,” he said meekly.

“When you say you’ll do whatever it takes, you have to mean it,” Brooks said. “Any of us here would’ve done it when we were rookies if that’s what it took.”

“So did you mean it?” Conner asked.

Sean hesitated. “Yeah, I… yeah, I g-guess I did.”

“Then it’s time to prove it,” he said, lifting his cock out over Sean’s face.

Sean hesitated a second longer then raised up, licking his lips and opened his mouth.

“You’re going to have to open wider than that,” Conner said.

Sean wet his lips again… a nervous gesture… and opened his mouth wider to accommodate the thick hunk of meat. Conner hunkered down and dropped the head of his cock into his mouth. Sean stifled his moan of pleasure and prayed they weren’t playing games with him. He mouthed the hot cock awkwardly, as if he didn’t know what to do with it. After a moment he moved off it. “I… I d-don’t know how to do this,” he said rather apologetically.

“You’re doing fine,” Conner said as he shoved his hardening cock back into Sean’s mouth.

Sean took it willingly but with proper reluctance. He developed his skills gradually, so he was sure that the men would think he was new at it.

“Lay your head back,” Conner told him.

He laid back with his head tilted up. Maybe he took the position too quickly.

“One of the requirements is, you gotta deep-throat all of us at least once,” Conner said as he stood on the bed astraddle Sean’s head and lowered himself over his face. He guided his cock into Sean’s mouth and lowered himself slowly, forcing the head of his cock through the opening of Sean’s throat.

Sean gagged to let them know that he was choking on the big cock. When Conner started to raise up, Sean grabbed his hips and held him in place to also show how determined he was to take the big cock down his throat.

“Now this guy wants to be a firefighter real bad,” Conner said with a smile.

One by one the four men took turns feeding him their cocks. He took them all without complaining, but with the proper degree of difficulty. Then they made him stand up and Adamson stretched out on his bunk on his back with his legs spread wide apart.

“Now it’s time to get down to business,” he said as he held his cock straight up. “Next requirement is to suck me off. All the way.”

“Y-you mean… y-you’re gonnna… shoot in my mouth?” Sean asked as he climbed on the bunk between the muscular thighs.

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Sean hesitated again then went down on his big, thick cock.

“I’m gonna go off in your mouth, but it’s up to you whether you swallow it not,” he said. “That’s not a requirement. Yet.”

“But it counts for extra points if you do,” Johnson added. “Not swallowing sort of leaves some doubt, you know, about how bad you wanta pass your initiation.”

“Yeah, and some doubt how far you can be trusted. There’s absolutely no doubt that you can trust a guy who will swallow your load,” Adamson put in.

Sean decided he’d better take them at the word whether they were shitting him or not. He got down to sucking the man’s cock, not too eagerly at first, but after awhile, when Adamson was squirming around and moaning and had his hands around Sean’s head and was thrusting his cock up into his mouth, Sean sucked him hard to meet his every demand.

“I’m comming!” Adamson gasped suddenly.

Sean stiffened, as if from fear, but he let Adamson keep his head in place. As he shot his load, Sean lathered it around his cockhead but he didn’t swallow it. When he was finished Adamson let go of Sean’s head. Sean stayed on his hands and knees, his head hung in humiliation with his mouthful of come.

“You want something to spit it out in?” one of them asked.

He shook his head and made a big show of swallowing the come. He grimaced from the awful taste of the stuff that made the men laugh. Another fireman stretched out on his bunk and offered him his cock. As he was finishing with the fourth guy he felt hands on his butt, and he knew the initiation wasn’t over just because he had sucked them all off. They were going to fuck him.

The four firemen lifted him up and turned him across the bunk. Another pair of big hands pulled his hips up and he was on his hands and knees, crossways on the bunk. Conner was standing squarely in front of him, his big cock lolling out in his face. Sean felt other hands feeling his butt. There was no imagining anymore what they were going to do.

“Are you guys… gonna… f-fuck me?” he asked timidly over his shoulder.

“That’s sort of what we had in mind.”

“You don’t have to,” Lt. Johnson put in quickly. “We don’t force anybody to do anything.”

“But if I don’t, you’re gonna have some doubts… you’re not gonna trust me completely. Right?”

“There could be a little doubt.”

Sean hung his head in submission.

“Does that mean its okay?” one of them asked.

“I said I would do anything to be a firefighter. I meant it,” Sean said.

“Whew! God, he’s got a great ass. Which one of us is gonna go first?”

“Rank, gentlemen. Rank,” Lt. Johnson said.

“Aw, fuck, lieutenant, don’t pull rank on us,” Brooks growled.

“Okay, we flip a coin.”

They were all naked, no place to put a coin. “You got a coin?” Johnson asked Sean.

“In my pants pocket,” he said, but he stayed in position and let them get the coin. He didn’t even look around to see who won the coin toss.

Sean kept his head hanging down as somebody fingered his butt and worked cool lube into his asshole. When he felt the heat of a cock pressing at his hole he looked over his shoulder with a look of fear. The fear was partly real. It was Conner aiming his cock at his asshole and he was big. It was going to hurt, for real. He exhaled loudly and braced himself for the initial penetration.

“You ever been fucked before?” Conner asked.

“No,” he lied.

“Fuckin’ lucky bastard,” someone said. “Not only is that the finest looking butt I’ve seen in a long time, it’s a virgin ass.”

“I’ll take it easy as I can,” Conner told him.


As Conner applied pressure against his asshole, Sean closed his eyes and prayed for the next couple of minutes to pass quickly. He gave a hard shove and suddenly the head of his cock popped through Sean’s asshole.

“AAAUUUHHHNNN!” he cried through clenched teeth, tossing his head back in painful agony. He wasn’t pretending, but he was making it look much worse than it was.

“Better shove something in his mouth so he don’t make so much noise,” someone said, and walked around and shoved his cock in his mouth.

Sean uttered another loud whimpering groan around the hot cock as Conner buried his cock in his ass to the hilt. In a way, he was glad it was Conner. He would be stretched so he could take the others more easily.

“Goddamn, this is hot! And tight! Fuck, there’s nothing like a tight, virgin ass,” Conner moaned

“Just how many tight virgin asses have you had?” Brook asked.

“My share, most of your share, too,” Conner replied.

Sean smiled inside. If they only knew about the Marines over in the armory. On his hands and knees, Sean hunkered his hips down to take Conner’s big cock at the angle he liked best. His head was tilted back so Johnson was fucking his cock straight down his throat. And Sean groaned and whimpered like a puppy with a sad look of fear in his eyes, like he really was being used. He figured one of the requirements would be for the guys to shoot their loads up in his ass but Conner pulled out before he went off.

“Who’s next?” he asked as he stood back, fisting his slick cock.

Another cock plugged Sean’s asshole and Johnson stepped aside for Conner to step up to his face. Sean wasn’t sure who was fucking him, but he was bigger than Conner. After another round Sean realized that part of the initiation was that they were making him take their cocks in his mouth, still warm and slick out of his ass. They fucked him round-robin for well over an hour. He lost count of how many turns they took with his mouth and his ass, and wondered why no one else had come up to the sleeping quarters. Finally, he felt the liquid heat of someone’s come shooting deep in his ass. It felt good. So good that with the way the guy was moving his cock, lobbing it around inside him, Sean shot his load all over his bunk. He was glad for the thick cock in his mouth that muffled his outcry. He didn’t really want the guys to know that they had made it so good that he had shot his load.

One by one they deposited their hot loads in his asshole then stepped around to the other side of the bunk for him to suck their cocks clean. Then Johnson wrapped his arm around his waist and pulled him up to his feet, pulling him back against him.

“That was fuckin’ awesome. Are you okay, kid?”

“Yeah, I–I think so,” Sean said. “Except it feels like there’s about a gallon of stuff running out of my ass.”

One of them grabbed a towel and stopped the flow of come. “It might take a few minutes for your asshole to close up. Do you wanta lie down for a little bit?”

“No, I… I shot all over my bunk,” he said sheepishly.

They broke out in laughter. “Fuck, kid, you not only wanta be a firefighter awfully bad, you wanta enjoy getting qualified. Somebody change his bunk while I take him to the shower.”

Two of the men quickly began stripping his bunk to put on clean sheets. Johnson helped him to the shower and steadied him under the stinging spray.

“Did I make it?” Sean asked. “Did I pass the initiation?”

“With flying colors,” Lt. Johnson said.

When they returned from the showers, the others were standing around his bunk, waiting and smiling. There was something lying in the middle of his bunk.

“What’s this?” he asked.

“Put it on,” Johnson said with authority.

He picked it up. It was a deep red jockstrap with the firefighters’ emblem on the pouch.

“That’s your badge of achievement,” Johnson said. “Wear it with pride.”

Sean pulled the jockstrap on and was surprised when the men adjusted it around his waist and even adjusted the front, hefting the pouch that held his heavy manhood.

“Am I allowed to sleep in it?” Sean asked.

“Sure. You would honor us if you did,” Johnson said.

“One rule. Don’t ever wash it,” Conner said.

He laid on his back looking up at the four handsome, muscular firefighters.

“You sure you’re okay? Do need or want anything before we all hit the racks?”

“No, I think I’ve had about all I want or need or can handle for one night,” he said.

The men went to their bunks and someone turned out the stairway light.

“Good night, little stud.” They all told him good night.



“I was thinking… I proved to you guys that you could depend on me to do anything and be there for you in any situation. How do I know you guys will do the same for me?”

There was total silence and he didn’t pursue it.

“You said the jockstrap is my badge of achievement. If I wear it around here… if other guys see me wearing it, are they gonna know how I earned it?”

Another silence.

“Just tell me, am I going to be expected to take on the whole company?” Sean asked.

“No. We were elected as the initiation committee,” Johnson said. “They know what the red jockstrap stands for. But anything you do with any of the others is strictly your own choice.”

“But it would be a good idea if I did,” Sean surmised.

“If you feel like you have to, or want to. You’re well broken in, it won’t hurt so much.”

Before he went to sleep, Sean stuffed the dildo into his shaving kit. He didn’t want anybody to see it. In the morning he would sneak it down to his car and hide it in the trunk. Sean was sure he was in deep trouble when Capt. Hale called into his office. He couldn’t imagine what he’d done, but the captain didn’t call you in his office for casual conversation.

“Sir, Cadet Brady reporting as ordered,” he said briskly as he stood at attention.

“At ease and sit down, Brady,” the captain said.

That could be a good or a bad sign. It was more casual and at-ease, but it could also mean that he was going to be there for a while and it could be a long ass-chewing.

“Cutting straight to the chase, Brady… are the rumors I’m hearing true?”

“What rumors?”

“Rumors about you.”

“I don’t know what rumors you could be hearing about me, sir.”

“I don’t want to know, officially, what goes on in the lives of my men, either on duty or off, but unofficially, it’s my job to look out for you, as a cadet.”

“Yes, sir, I hope that doesn’t cause you any problem,” Sean said.

“You tell me if I’ve got a problem,” he said. ` “I don’t know, sir, I don’t understand… ”

“I think you do, but I’ll put it in plain words so you do understand. Are there sex parties going on up in the sleeping quarters?”

Sean could feel his face growing warm and he knew he must be turning red. He didn’t want to rat the guys out but he didn’t want to lie to the captain either.

“Never mind, I’m getting my answer from watching your face,” the captain said.

“It was… ” He had to stop and swallow. “… well, there was… an initiation, Captain,” Sean said as bravely as he could in his defense.

“Taking you to a strip club, or even a whore house… that would be an initiation. You’re old enough for that. But you’re not old enough to be messing around with a bunch of grown men. Do you realize what that could do to the department if it ever got out? It would close this unit down, probably loose me my job, along with a bunch of other good men.”

“Sir, I’m not going to tell anyone about what happened,” he said, wondering why the captain was making it sound like it was his fault.

“Just tell me, are you being forced to do anything you don’t want to do, Brady?” he asked.

Geezuss, what a loaded question! If he answered yes, he would be getting the guys in trouble and probably a big investigation would follow. If he said no, he would be admitting that he… he liked it.

“N-no, sir… not… well, maybe at first… the first time, because I thought I had to go through an initiation… that’s what they told me. But… after that, sir… now, I… ” He swallowed hard, too embarrassed to finish.

“You what?”

“I was a willing participant,” Sean he admitted bravely.

“How old are you, Brady? In years, months and days?”

“I was eighteen a couple of months ago, before anything happened, if that’s what you’re worried about,” he replied.

“Well, that makes it not quite so bad, but now that I know about what’s going on, I have to make some choices… take some action.”

Sean closed his eyes and held his breath, waiting for the death sentence.

“This is off the record, you understand.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I’m ordering you, Cadet Brady, to keep your mouth shut about anything and everything that goes on around here,” the man said. “And if you ever need me to intervene on your behalf, just let me know.”

“Yes, sir.” He couldn’t believe the captain was so calm and understanding about it.


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