Cadet Firefighter
by Devon Campbell


Chapter 2

Sean struggled with new, strange feelings that began to haunt him. He found himself looking at the other guys in a different way; noticing things about them that he’d never paid any particular attention to before. Like the way a guy walked, or the way his butt filled out his jeans, or his thighs… the muscles in his arms. He had an especially hard time in the locker room and showers. Where he saw just plain friends and teammates before, he was seeing hot studs. He sat in class or home room and day-dreamed about being dragged back to the showers after PE class and forced as a sex slave by the entire team. He took the daydream home with him and experienced it again through a dream that night. Even though the feelings frightened him, he dwelled on them just the same.

His hands were healing fast and he was getting around on his ankle pretty good, using only one crutch, and his knee was okay. Deep down he knew he was making more of his injuries than they deserved. He was milking it, and he knew why; he liked the attention from the girls and the admiration from the guys. Beyond that, deep down, he had to admit that he wanted to take Cpl. Casey up on his offer to massage his shoulder. And he did have to return the crutches.

He took the crutches back one day right after school. Cpl. Casey was the only one at the armory again. He wondered what the corporal’s job was, that he was always there alone. He was in his brief, green gym shorts and a white T-shirt, looking studly as before. Sean tapped on the glass in the door.

“I brought the crutches back,” he said.

“Hey, Brady, it’s great to see you maneuvering under your own power,” Casey said. He took a close look at Sean’s face and neck. “The burns are coming along nicely. Let’s see your hands.”

“I used the stuff you gave me,” Sean said as held his hands out for him.

“You’re a fast healer. How’s the knee, and the shoulder?” he asked.

“The knee is fine,” Sean said. “The shoulder… ” He shrugged and worked his shoulder and winced a little, feigning pain. “It’s still a little sore.”

“Got time for a massage?”

“Yeah, if you’ve got the time,” Sean said.

“Go in and take off your shirt and climb up on the table, head and shoulders hanging over the end of the table. Except lay on you back.”

Sean pulled his shirt off over his head as he went into the medical room and stretched out on his back on the table while Cpl. Casey got some stuff out of the cabinet to rub on it. He also handed him the small bottle to breath to dull the pain.

“I don’t think I’ll need that,” Sean said.

“Better safe than sorry,” Casey said. “Go ahead, use it this one more time. It’ll make you feel better.”

Sean knew deep down that it was a charade but he went along with it; he didn’t need the stuff and they both knew it, at least not for the pain–the pain in his shoulder was a charade–but he used it because he needed it for the courage it gave him. He raised up and snorted the stuff into each nostril a couple of times then lay back with his head hanging over the end of the table. Casey came over and stood at the head of the table. He put some stuff on his hands and began to massage Sean’s shoulder. After only a moment, he was smashing himself against Sean’s head and forehead, like before. Sean relaxed his neck and let his head hand lower over the end of the table. He wanted this and the corporal knew it. He probably knew that was the reason he was there. He let his head hang low so Cpl. Casey’s shorts smashed against his face. Sean opened his mouth so the marine would feel his hot breath through his shorts. Suddenly, Casey brought one hand down and deftly shoved the front of his shorts down and tucked the waistband under his balls.

“That what you want?” he said.

“Yeah,” Sean whispered softly. His big, rubbery cock literally fell into Sean’s open mouth. There were no pretenses; the poppers had washed away all inhibitions. Sean closed his lips around the thick cock and began wallowing around it with his tongue and sucking it back and forth through his lips.

“Ohhh, yeahhhhh… that’s what you wanted… that’s what you came down here for, isn’t it… Suck it, kid… suck it… suck it deep… real deep. Relax your throat muscles and let your throat open up. It’s easier to take it all the way in this position; my cock fits the curvature of your throat.”

Casey was right. It fit perfect. So wonderfully perfect, as he quickly found out. Before it had throbbed to full hardness, the head slipped easily through the gaping opening and snaked down into Sean’s throat. Deeper and deeper till his nose was buried in Casey’s balls.

“Ohh, fuck, that was easier than I thought,” Casey gasped when he came up for air.

Sean let the big marine use his throat like a girl’s pussy. He reached up with his hands around the man’s butt to pull him in tighter. He no longer cared where the strange, new feelings came from; he only wished they had come sooner. His excitement soared and he felt his own cock bursting at the seams of his shorts. When he couldn’t stand it any longer he reached down and fumbled with the buttons of his jeans.

“Want me to do that for you?” Casey asked as he brushed Sean’s trembling hands aside and undid the buttons and laid the fly open. “Raise your butt up,” he said as he shoved Sean’s jeans and shorts down to his thighs.

Sean’s cock popped free, smacking loudly against his belly, then quivered and throbbed painfully up over his navel.

“Geezusss, kid!” Sean swore. “That thing is huge!”

Yeah, it felt huge in Sean’s hand as he fisted it hard, in rhythm with Casey’s big cock pumping in and out of his throat. He was nearly beside himself with lust. He grabbed Casey’s butt again, pulling him tight against his face as he gulped and swallowed his big cock. He wanted more! God, he wished Casey was a foot long! His own cock bucked and quivered up over his belly and he felt the warmth of precome oozing out.

“Goddam, I gotta have a feel of that thing to believe it,” Casey said as he leaned over and wrapped his hand around Sean’s cock. “Fuck, I can’t even get my hand around the fucker! Yeah, that is the second biggest cock I ever saw.”

Sean was surprised when Casey took his cock in his hand for a feel… he was more surprised when he didn’t let go. He wasn’t exactly jacking him off but he was pumping his cock and squeezing out the ball juice and rubbing it all over the head. He wondered who the first biggest cock was that Casey knew about, and how big it was. He looked up to see Casey with the bottle to his nose. He watched him breath in several deep breaths then capped the bottle then put it down.

“I’ve never done this before but you’re so goddamn cute and sexy and that cock is so fuckin’ huge and awesome and… shit, I’m gonna do it, and if you ever tell anybody, I’ll break you in two.” With that, as the poppers kicked in, he bent over and took Sean’s cock in his mouth.

“OOhuummpphhhh!” Sean gasped around Casey’s cock. It was the most incredible thing he’d ever felt. No girl’s pussy ever felt so wonderful as Casey’s hot, live mouth. He humped his butt up off the table to drive it deep through his lips. Several times he pressed too hard against his throat and Casey raised up.

“Naw, I can’t take that thing down my throat like you’re doing to me,” he said. “I can’t believe I’m saying it, as a marine, but its one fuckin’ challenge I’m not up to. But don’t worry, I’ll finish you off. Just don’t come in my mouth!” he said emphatically, “But I’ll jack you off.”

It was more than Sean could have hoped for. This big studly marine going down on him and promising to jack him off to the end. Sean sucked the big marine cock hungrily, slobbering so bad that his spit ran down his face into his ears. My God, what’s it all about, he wondered. From what deep recesses in his brain did it come from, and what was the strange attraction to another man?

He wasn’t ready for it to be over but Casey couldn’t hold back. He went off first, without pulling his cock out of Sean’s throat. It was a weird sensation, feeling the thick ropes of come shot deep in his throat but he liked it except that he wished he could get it in his mouth and get a full-load taste of it again. Casey’s intense climax triggered his own and he reached down and grabbed Casey’s fist to let him know he was close.

“Getting close?” Casey cooed. “Sure, I’ll finish you off.” He stopped sucking him but stayed leaned over with Sean’s cock alongside his face and he licked and kissed the shaft. “Shoot it, stud, I wanta see this big cannon go off.”

Casey got his wish. Sean went off like a cannon. He couldn’t see it but he could feel the impact of the stuff hurling through his cock and he knew it was going to be a geyser. The first shot sailed out of his cock and it was a couple of seconds before it landed on his chest and he knew it had shot up a long way.

“God—-Damm!” Casey exclaimed.

Sean kept coming, long, thick ropes shot out of his cock and sailed who knew where. Casey held on till he was finished then milked his hand tightly around his cock to pull the last of his load out over his knuckles.

“Shit, that ain’t no cannon, that’s a rocket launcher!” he said as he raised up and slowly pulled his cock out of Sean’s throat.

The big, rubbery cock dragged across Sean’s face, leaving a trail of warm come that he tried to capture with his tongue. Fuck, he wished Casey hadn’t gone off so quick. He breathed in the first real air he’d had through it all. He tried to raise his head but his neck muscles were numb and he had to lift his head up with his hands. There was come everywhere. Casey was wiping it off his own face and shoulder.

“You’ve got the second biggest cock I ever saw but that is THE BIGGEST load I ever saw,” Casey said. He helped Sean sit up and stand down from the table. “Think you can make it back to the showers?”

“Yeah, and I sure need one,” Sean said.

Corporal Casey took him back and showed him the showers then left him alone. Sean was drying off when Casey came back to check on him, now fully dressed.

“Can I ask you something? How come you pegged me for this?” Sean asked.

“I didn’t peg you. It just happened,” Casey said. “I just saw you standing there so young and looking so studly in that firefighter’s outfit and it came over me that I had to get you alone.”

“But how’d you know… I mean, what made you think I would do it?” Sean asked.

“Nothing. I just had to find out. Putting it simply, you were too good not to take the chance,” Casey told him with a smile. When Sean was dressed and about to leave, Casey said, “Hey, don’t be a stranger. Drop by again sometime… anytime.”


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