When I Was … Seventeen
by David Heulfryn


When we left school and started college, Jack and I did different subjects, so we had no classes together. I feared we might drift apart, but in a sense, it made us closer. We weren’t forced together anymore because of school and so had to make time for each other. It wasn’t just a case of hanging out together because we were bored and had our breaks together, classes together, and study periods together. We made time for each other because we wanted to see each other.

I had chosen the science path, whereas Jack excelled in the humanities. We both loved our courses and were already discussing universities. We’d both made new friends on our courses, and because of me and Jack, our groups intermingled, and I became good friends with some of Jack’s friends.

Being seventeen, Jack was young and full of hormones. He’d started dating a few girls, but so far they were nothing serious. I hadn’t started dating yet; girls didn’t interest me, and I was too scared to date boys. No-one knew I was gay and back then it wasn’t as readily accepted as it is now.

Some other friends may have been jealous of the girls Jack dated and the time they spent together instead of me. He was my friend, and I wanted him to be happy, and if a girl made him happy, then that was fine by me, besides he would always make time for me, and I would always make time for him. I didn’t even mind him talking about his girlfriends. It was during one of these talks that he admitted to still being a virgin, technically.

Despite wanting to go all the way, Jack told me that he was too embarrassed to ask or bring it up with his girlfriend. I found out that it was always the girls that initiated any sexual touching, besides kissing. About a year ago, I remember he was over the moon when a girl had shoved her hand in his sweatpants and wanked him off. He came in a few minutes and felt he was now no longer a virgin. I thought I had to burst his bubble, but he was still on cloud nine for days afterwards. That girlfriend didn’t last long; I suspect it was because he never reciprocated. He admitted that the thought of touching her fanny grossed him out. And that was what she expected; if she was wanking him off, she wanted him to finger her fanny, stick his fingers into her and hoping that he’d find her clit.

After a fallow period with the girls, Jack managed to find a new girl, I think he was falling for her. He always had that dewy look in his eyes when he talked about her, and the week before they took their relationship to the next level.

She was much more experienced than him, and from almost day one she was wanking him off. She was also not going to let him off the hook, so she took his hand and pushed it to her crotch. His fingers were now touching her neatly trimmed fanny, and he told me how he felt the warm juices oozing from her and onto her fingers. He recoiled when he touched her clit as she yelped and told him to put his hand back until he brought her to orgasm.

Jack would always tell me about what happened, he wasn’t bragging, but I think he just needed someone to talk to, someone to tell him that he was normal and it was normal what he was doing. I fulfilled that role, although I had no idea about girls, and he knew it. But I was the outsider telling that it’s ok to go slow, it’s ok to still be a virgin. And I certainly knew how to be a virgin.


Last weekend Jack called me, it was early in the morning, and my Mum had woken me, thrusting the cordless phone in my face. He sounded so excited but wouldn’t tell me what it was about until I came over. He made me promise to go straight over. I didn’t have time to shower and wash, or even grab any breakfast; I just threw on any old clothes and biked over to his house.

I was greeted by Jack with a huge smile on his face when I walked through his front door. He pushed me up the stairs into his room, even though no-one was home; I think he felt it was more private. I sat on his bed and asked him. “Come on then, Jack. What gives? What’s happened now?”

Jack stood in front of me, swaying with a dewy look on his face.

“Oh my god, you haven’t? You didn’t finally fuck her?”

“No,” He sighed. “but the next best thing.” He paused, and I waited. “She sucked me off, and it felt fucking fantastic.”

“Fucking hell. How did it feel?” I was intrigued and desperate to find out how it felt, but until I found myself a boy of my own, I doubted I would find out soon.

I listened intently as he told how she licked his hard cock and then went down on him until he felt the back of her throat. The warm moist mouth caused his cock to harden even more, and the teasing with her tongue made him moan and squirm. He didn’t last long, and he came in her mouth. He didn’t have the chance to warn her as it came on so fast and so urgently, but she didn’t mind and wasn’t too shocked as she readily swallowed.

My dick got hard and pushed against my jeans. It began to hurt, and I squirmed to try and get it in a more comfortable position. I gave up, and Jack watched as I thrust my hand under the waistband and adjust myself. He said nothing about it.

“When you seeing her next?” I asked.

“Well I wanted to see her again tonight to get a repeat of last night, but she has some family thing she has to go to.”

“What about her, though. Won’t she expect you to go down on her now?”

Jack screwed his face up at the thought. “I’ve only just got passed touching girls down there and shoving my fingers in.”

“I hear they love it when you lick their clit.” I teased.

“Don’t, Rob. I’ve just had breakfast. I don’t think I could do that yet. They get so wet down there, you know.”

“Surprisingly, Jack, I don’t know.”

“Yeah, of course.” Jack deflected from the thought of cunnilingus. “When are you going to get a girl and find out?”

When they grow a cock, I thought. “When I find one I like, and who likes me.” I didn’t want to go down this road. “So what we going to do today.”

“Dunno. I fancy another blow job.” Jack said matter-of-factly.

“Well, don’t look at me, but you could find a prozzie. How much do they charge these days?” I grinned at him.

“How the fuck should I know.”


We took the bus into town and just wandered around the shops. Neither of us had much money to spend, so we bought very little. Late in the afternoon as we were getting tired, I dragged Jack into a bar and tried my luck at getting a drink. Jack made his way to a free table while I approached the barman. He didn’t flinch when I ordered a couple of pints of lager, I like to think it was my unshaven face that made me look older, covering my baby face.

Those drinks lasted us for the longest time, partly because we didn’t want to blow our money on another couple and partly because we just wanted to stay and rest and chat.

We were down to the last inch of lager in our glasses and were now totally bored. We dug into our pockets and put all our money on the table, pooling it together we counted and had just enough for two tickets to the cinema. There was a new film out which we both fancied watching, but there was a snag; we’d not have enough money for our bus fare. It was a pain in the neck having to rely on pocket money, and your parents never give you enough. I’d thought about getting a job but never really had the enthusiasm to see it through.

It was decided; we’d watch the film and then walk home. It would only take us about half an hour, and we thought it was worth it as the film had great reviews. That was a huge mistake. The film was utter crap and boring, and on the walk home I spent my time blaming Jack for dragging me to see it. He too blamed me, and the walk home seemed even longer.

Jack’s house was closest, and he suggested I stay over. I was shattered by this time and was content to just collapse on his bed.

Tonight was the first time I’d sleepover when Jack had his new bed. His parents and replaced his old rickety single bed with a lovely plush double divan. They knew he would be off to university next year and were changing his room into a guest room. They’d replaced the camp bed I used to sleep on, and it was tucked away in Jack’s wardrobe; ready for me to assemble.

I kicked off my shoes and lay down on Jack’s bed.

“I’m too knackered to sort that manky camp bed out. Besides, I need a comfy bed tonight.” I said to Jack. “Do you mind if we top and tail? The bed’s big enough.”

Jack was uncertain, he’d got used to having the extra room.

“Put it this way, it’ll be the only time you get someone in this bed.”

“You bastard!” Jack said and jumped on me.

I kicked him off, and we settled into bed. I wore just my underwear, and Jack got into his cotton pyjamas. I always thought it funny that he still wore pyjamas, even the jacket.

We had plenty of room and soon drifted off to sleep.


Jack’s sleepwalking stirred me but didn’t wake me properly. It was a noise he made that jolted me awake. As I opened my eyes, I saw Jack standing in front of the window; he was naked, and I saw the silhouette of his hard cock jutting out from his body. His hand wanked his cock as he groaned and whimpered for ‘Amanda to suck him deep’. His hand was Amanda’s mouth sucking him off and inching his cum ever closer out from his balls.

Jacking his cock harder, he groaned and moaned; he was getting louder, and I was afraid he’d wake up the rest of the house. His hand became a blur as he went faster and faster, and his body went into an uncontrollable spasm as he shot his cum. I didn’t see where it landed, but he must have sprayed half his room and soaked his carpet.

“That was the fucking best, Amanda.” He whispered. “I want to do you now.”

I watched Jack’s hard cock bounce as he walked back over to the bed. I expected him to get back in and go back to sleep, but instead, he lifted the duvet and crawled underneath. I felt his hands on my body, and he grabbed my pecs and kneaded them like they were breasts. His lips sucked in one of my nipples, and my dick lurched and pushed against my briefs. I wanted to touch myself, but my arms were trapped beneath Jack. He kissed my chest and went lower. As he licked my belly button, I giggled, and I felt his tongue tease the hairs that led lower. His hands now caressed my hips, one hand getting closer to my bulge. As soon as he feels it, I thought he’d realise I wasn’t a girl and snap out of it, but he didn’t. He massaged my bulge, felt my balls and teased my cock through the cotton briefs.

Thrusting my hips upwards into his hand, Jack took the chance to pull my briefs down and free my dick. It slapped against my belly, my knob oozing fluid which Jack traced with his fingers and rubbed over my shaft.

He gave my dick a few jerks, and I lay back as I expected him to wank me off in his sleep. But the sensation I felt was not his hand.

My head jolted up, and I watched as Jack slipped my dick in and out of his mouth. It felt fucking fantastic. His tongue teased me, his hand played with my balls, even a finger would delve behind and almost reach my arse. My hips thrust deep into him, and he choked a couple of times.

My dick was swathed in his moist mouth, my knob flared and caught the back of his throat. He squeezed my balls tightly, and my dick exploded in his mouth.

Choking down my cum, Jack kept me in his mouth and sucked hard to get as much from me as he could.

With my dick now dry, he let it slip from his lips and caressed it with his hand. “Your clit is massive Mandy. And you cum like a tap. It tasted so sweet.”

Jack then crawled up the bed and rested his head next to mine; we now both lay the wrong way on the bed. He wrapped his arm around me and whispered in my ear. “I love your wet pussy, I don’t know why I didn’t do this before.” And he fell asleep.

I lay very still. My briefs were around my knees, and I desperately wanted to either pull them up or kick them off. Each time I moved, jack stirred and so I left them where they were and drifted back to sleep myself.


I was surprised when I woke up alone the next morning. My briefs were now at my feet as I’d obviously kicked them off while I was asleep. I heard noises downstairs and presumed Jack was getting breakfast. I climbed out of bed and pulled on my briefs. I wondered if Jack had remembered what he did last night and if he saw my naked state this morning.

I didn’t bother getting dressed to go downstairs, Jack and his family were used to me walking around in just my briefs in the mornings. I met up with Jack in the kitchen. He was fully dressed and buttering some toast.

“How long you been up?” I asked.

“Not long, ten minutes or so.”

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I fetched a glass from the cupboard and poured myself a glass of orange juice. “I was so shattered last night. I feel I could sleep for a few more hours.”

I downed the juice in one gulp and said that I was going to take a shower.

Jack was still in the kitchen when I came back down.



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