When I Was … Fifteen
by David Heulfryn



I rode over to Jack’s house early one morning. It was the summer holidays, and we were about to start our GCSE year. Usually, I would sleep in, but I’d slept in all week while my parents were at work and so today I woke up early and found myself just lying in bed for the sake of it.

My mother was surprised to see me when I came downstairs dressed in shorts and a loose t-shirt. She was even more surprised when I went out on my bike.

It was boring on my own, so I thought I’d go over to see Jack. As I expected he was not up yet, so his mother made me a cup of coffee while I waited and she pottered around the kitchen, cleaning and tidying up.

I was so glad came round early as she told me about a new strange habit Jack had started. I just knew I would enjoy this, so I listened intently as she told me how a couple of months ago she came down one morning to find the television on in the sitting room. When she went in, she discovered Jack lying on the sofa, fast asleep. I burst out laughing when she then told me he was stark bollock naked. It was even more hysterical when she went on to say that she hadn’t seen him naked for years, not since she last bathed him when he was seven or eight.

“He’s certainly grown into a big boy since then.” She smiled, and I was almost on the floor, doubled up in hysterics.

“He’s not as hairy as his father, but he’s still got some growing to do so he may well be eventually.”

I was sure she enjoyed embarrassing Jack and my typical teenage boy over the top reaction was amusing her.

“I thought I heard your voice.” Jack had come up behind me.

Turning to look at him, I just laughed when I saw him standing there in his pyjama trousers and bare chest showing.

“What’s so funny?” He asked.

“Nothing.” I started to control myself. “Your mum can certainly tell a joke.” His mother scurried out of the kitchen and left us alone.


I dragged Jack out on his bike for the morning, just riding around and stopping off at the occasional shop for a can of pop or a bar of chocolate. The afternoon was spent playing computer games, but we soon got bored and decided to go to the cinema. It was a seven o’clock showing, and Jack told me I could stay round his for the night; I found a phone box and let my parents know. As we got older we did this more and more, we never arranged sleepovers, they just happened, and after the first few times our parents got used to it

We tried to be quiet when we got in that night, but we need not have bothered as his parents were still watching a film on television. Jack told them I was staying the night while I went up to his bedroom.

The old camp bed I slept on now had a permanent home underneath Jack’s bed. I pulled out the bag and started to fit it together. It was almost as old as I was, and the ends had started fraying, and some of the stitches were coming loose. His parents were quite well off so I could never understand why they didn’t buy anything better or even replace this one.

Jack had disappeared to get changed into his pyjamas while I sorted out the sleeping bag. I stripped down to my briefs and tried to get myself into the sleeping bag, unfortunately as soon as I climbed in I heard a loud rip, the canvas split and I fell to the floor with a loud thump.

Hearing the noise, Jack burst back into the room to see what had happened, he saw me lying flat on my back among the tangled mess of the camp bed. His eyes looked at my almost naked body and the bulge in my briefs. He burst out laughing, and I went red with embarrassment.

Standing up, I asked Jack. “Well, what do we do now?” I felt exposed in just my skimpy briefs, but I resisted the temptation to cover myself up, it would just look so awkward.

“Top to tail then!” Jack smiled. “Unless you want to sleep on the floor.”

“No fucking way, it’ll knacker my back in.” I rolled up the sleeping bag to use it as a pillow, and Jack told me to get in next to the wall. I fidgeted for quite some time until I was reasonably comfortable, the only problem was that my bare back would occasionally touch the cold wall when I shifted around.

Jack then jumped in bed and took great pleasure in teasing me by pushing his feet into my face. I tried to push them away but thought I’d get my own back and start rubbing my feet over his face.

“They’re disgusting.” Jack laughed, and we soon settled back in fits of giggles, leaving each other alone.

After we calmed down, Jack got up and turned the light off. As he slipped back into bed, our skin touched, and I felt my dick harden. He lay on his side, and with the last shuffle, I felt his arse connect with my bulge. My stomach lurched as I felt my dick touch his arse and edge into his crack, albeit through his pyjamas. My dick sprang outwards, and I pushed my hips back so that we were no longer touching, and my skin slapped against the wall.

I felt Jack snuggle into his pillow and groan before saying. “Goodnight, Rob.”

“Night, Jack,” I replied and lay awake willing my cock to go down so the urge to wank would disappear.


I was woken by the duvet being thrown off the bed and the cold night air freezing my skin. I got goosebumps all over my body, and I looked over at Jack to see what he was up to. The full moon that night meant I could see him. He was lying in bed, on his back, his eyes were open. They looked weird like he was awake and looking around, but he wasn’t really seeing.

He didn’t speak, but I knew he was going through one of his sleepwalking episodes, even if he didn’t actually get up and walk.

I watched as he pulled down his pyjama trousers and tossed them aside onto the floor. He lay back down, and I looked at his naked body, the same body his mother had seen not so long ago.

Looking at his cock I agreed with his mother that he was indeed a big boy, and I felt my own dick grow. Knowing he was asleep I dug my hand into my briefs and grasped my dick, it was now totally hard and eager for release, but I dared not pull it out for fear that Jack might just wake up.

Pinned against the wall, I felt like a caged animal. I wanted desperately to yank my dick free and wank it until I came, which I knew wouldn’t take long, and I desperately wanted to reach over and touch Jack, the object of my desire and the image of my wank fantasies. But I was scared and just lay still, squeezing my dick occasionally.

My dick almost exploded as I saw Jack reach down and take his limp cock in his hand and start stroking it. It gradually grew harder and longer, and I watched as his long foreskin eased back to reveal a glistening head. Pre-cum leaked from his cock, and I watched as it smeared over his hand and shaft. His cock must have been at least six inches and quite thick. From my position, it looked huge and looked much bigger than mine.

With one final squeeze, I pulled my hand free as I didn’t want to cum in my briefs, but it did leave a large damp stain where I had been leaking my own pre-cum.

Jack’s wanking became furious, and his balls no longer bounced with his strokes. His breathing became irregular. I inched myself closer as I wanted to see him ejaculate. Jack held his dick rigid and, with a tiny groan, I watched as cum flew from his dick.

For a moment I thought of rain as I felt cool drops on my skin, not realising it was cum. I looked at my body and saw the tiny drops of white liquid dappling my legs and noticed a large glob on my briefs. Jack was covered even more than me, his chest awash with strings and drops of cum. I looked back at his dick and watched as Jack slowly stroked and squeezed out more cum.

Leaving his limp and spent dick alone, I watched as he closed his eyes. We now lay exposed on the bed, the duvet on the floor, Jack stark naked and me in just my briefs. I didn’t feel the cold, not yet anyway as I toyed with the idea of scooping up his cum and tasting it. In the end, I didn’t, but I did scoop up some of his cum and play with it in my fingers until I dropped off back to sleep.


Jolted awake the next morning I heard Jack gasp to himself “Fucking hell!” and bounce off the bed. I looked at him and saw him pick the duvet from the floor and wrap it around his waist to cover up his nakedness.

“What the fuck is going on?” I yawned and watched as Jack went red with embarrassment.

Then he smiled at me, it was more a knowing grin. “You tell me.” He teased and looked down my body to my crotch.

Following his eyes, I almost screamed, “Shit!” as I saw my briefs tenting obscenely, my dick, rock-solid in morning glory. Whipping my hands down I covered it up, but the feel of my fingers on my cock made it twitch and throb.

“Oh, fuck!” I said. “Gimme that quilt to cover my self up with.”

“Fuck off, I’m naked under here.”

“You little shit.” I scolded him and wriggled my self over to the edge of the bed. Unfortunately, that wriggle meant my hand rubbed against my cock even more, and as I reached the edge, my balls ached, and my knob spewed out cum to soak my tiny briefs. I moaned and squeezed harder, trying to cover up what had happened, but it just caused a squelch and my cum to leak between my fingers.

My entire body went bright red in embarrassment.

“That was fucking awesome.” Whispered Jack. But I was sick with shame and dashed over to where my clothes were, scooped them up and ran to the bathroom.

Removing my cum drenched briefs, I tossed them into the dirty linen basket next to the sink. With a bit of soap and water, I cleaned myself, climbed into my shorts and pulled my t-shirt over my head.

I heard a light tap on the door. “Rob, are you alright in there?”

I knew I’d have to face him again, so I slowly opened the door and looked at Jack’s concerned face.

“It’s alright.” He said. “It’s happened to me some mornings. It’s normal.”

“I know it’s fucking normal,” I said through gritted teeth. “But not when you’re in your best mate’s fucking bed.”

Jack tried not to laugh and reached inside the bathroom, wrapping his arm around my neck. He pulled me down so that I was bent double and dragged me back into his bedroom. “Come here, you daft sod. Forget about it. Besides I want you to tell me why the fuck I woke up naked this morning with the quilt on the floor. What the fuck did I do last night?”

Laughing, I asked him if that was why he screamed like a girl this morning and woke me up.

Despite it being an opportunity embarrass him like I’d been embarrassed, I feigned ignorance and said I slept through it. If he knew what he was doing in the middle of the night, he might stop the sleepovers, and I wanted to see if he would do the same thing next time.

“What have you done with your spunky pants?” Jack asked.

“In the dirty linen. Just give ‘em me back when your Mum’s washed them.”


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  1. Very enjoyable -and very similar to events from my own teenage years – thanks. Paul x

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  2. Nice episode. I’m waiting for Jack to tell Robbie he stopped sleep-walking year’s ago, he wanted to be naked with Rob & see what would happen.

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  3. This is such a great series, and am wondering if it’s all true?!

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    1. Thanks Greg, but it’s all from my imagination and fantasies with more to come.

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