Adam’s Jockstrap Horror
by David Heulfryn


We had moved to a new town called Cockaigne. What sort of bloody stupid name is that? But the move came with my stepdad’s new job. And when I say a new town, I mean new. Everything looked newly built, everything was bright and clean.

It had taken me two weeks to finish unpacking, my Mum had been on at me daily to get it done. My stepdad never really hassled me, he always let my mum handle me.

I’d been out around the town a few times but never really saw anyone my age to talk to or hang about with. I was beginning to think that I was the only kid here. But I knew I couldn’t be the only kid as Mum said that they had a new school, with excellent sporting facilities. So, there must be other kids.

All I knew was that my stepdad was a biochemist and the town was built by the local biochemical company that he was now working for. He and my mum talked for days about making the decision to move. I think I was the only reason for them to stay put, so I could stay with my friends and my old school. Obviously, my having friends wasn’t important enough to keep them where we lived. So, they uprooted the family and moved halfway across the country to the Middle of England.

“It’s nice to see that you’ve finally tidied everything away.” My mum said.

“Yep.” Was my monotone reply.

“You’ll fit in here, Adam. Trust me, you’re only fourteen and have time to make new friends and then get ready for your exams in two years.”

“I suppose.”

“Now the house is in some kind of order,” Mum smiled, “it might be a good time to find our way around, the shops, the school. See what this beautiful place has to offer.”

“If you want. When does school start?” I asked.

“Two weeks on Monday,” Mum recalled. “We still need to get you ready, but we can wait until next week for that.”

I shrugged, and I sensed she was going to say something else but was interrupted by the doorbell.

I waited in the front room, sat down on the chair and looked at the television, even though it was switched off, a force of habit. I could hear voices in the hall but couldn’t make out what was being said.

“Adam!” Mum came back into the living room, followed by a young man with a black folder tucked under his arm. He looked to be mid-thirties and was dressed casually in some chinos and a white short-sleeved shirt.

I was startled by the stranger and stood up to greet him, as I had been taught.

“Adam, this is Mr Price, he’s your new headmaster.”

I approached him, and we shook hands. “Nice to meet you, Sir.”

“And you, Adam.” His voice was soft and made me feel at ease, unlike all the other headmasters I had spoken to.

Mum invited him to sit and went to make some tea. I was left in the room with him.

There was a moment of awkward silence before he spoke.

“Are you looking forward to starting at your new school, Adam?”

I stuttered a little. “N..not really. I don’t really know it, and I haven’t seen it yet.” I looked down at my feet. “And I won’t know anybody there.”

“Don’t worry, Adam. The children are a fine bunch and will help you make the adjustment easily. I know you will make friends very quickly. They will be very excited to meet new friends as many of the children will also be new.”

“How so?” I asked.

“Well, Adam,” he kept using my name, it made me feel at ease, “this town is only a year old, half the residents moved in last year, and you are part of the last few families to move here.”

Mum came in with a teapot on a tray, along with some cups and a milk jug. She was going all out to make a good impression. Usually, it was a teabag in a mug.

“How do you like your tea, Mr Price?”

“Just a splash of milk, Mrs Walker, no sugar.” The headmaster said.

We all sat down, drinking our tea. To be honest, I zoned out while mum and Mr Price droned on about how great the town was and how fantastic the school was.

“Adam!” My mother raised her voice to get my attention. “Mr Price says they have an Olympic sized swimming pool, football and rugby pitches as well as a cricket pitch and practice nets. You’ll enjoy those.”

“Probably. I don’t play much football or cricket though.” I looked at the negatives.

“But the pool, Adam.” She beamed a wide smile at me. “You love your swimming and your rugby.”

“We don’t play rugby in the pool.” I smiled at her.

She rolled her eyes and turned to my new headmaster. “He can be a smart alec sometimes.”

“So, Mrs Walker…”

Mum interrupted him. “Please call me Ruth.”

He smiled but didn’t offer his first name. “So, Ruth. The main reason why I am here is to let you know what will happen on Adam’s first day and also what he will need. I know with moving house you have probably lost or forgotten about the welcome pack we would have sent through the post.”

My mother looked sheepish, she knew she had lost it.

“So, here is a new one.” He opened the folder he had rested on his lap and handed a thick pile of paperwork to my mother. “It’s all in there, but to keep it simple, a school uniform should be purchased from our outfitters, CT Outfitters, which can be found in the town main shopping area. You will find them very reasonably priced as the company subsidises the uniforms. I don’t know how long they will continue to do this, but certainly for the rest of this year.”

“That’s nice of them.” Mum was pleased.

“It shows just how committed they are to the factory, the lab and the project.” Mr Price turned to me and looked me in the eyes. “Adam, you will also need to know the school rules.” Another thick pile of papers was retrieved from his folder. “This is for you.”

He handed me the papers and I looked at the title page. It showed the school crest.

“Make sure you read this and memorise the rules and codes of behaviour. We have a zero-tolerance ethic, so even the most minor discretion is punishable accordingly.”

He could see my face drop as I looked anxious.

“But don’t worry, Adam. A good boy like you will have nothing to worry about, besides there aren’t any rules designed to trick you. As long as you are kind and considerate and polite, then you will have nothing to worry about.”

I was still worried, though. I’m not a bad kid, but I do get told off sometimes. I had to make sure I read the rule book before school started.

“I think that’s everything.” Mr Price rose to his feet. My Mum and I followed his lead.

After another shake of hands, my mum led him back into the hall and out the front door.

“He seemed quite nice.” She said as she came back into the living room.

“I suppose.” I was back to my monotone self. The rule book left on a side table for me to read later.

Mum was just clearing away the tea-things when the doorbell rang again.

“I’ll get it!” She called to me.

I was getting déjà vu, she walked back into the living room followed by another young man.

“Adam, this is Mr Peters. He’s head of sports in your new school.”

I stood up again and approached him to shake his hand. He had a firm grip.

“Good to meet you, Adam.” He spoke in a gruff American drawl.

“Please sit down, Mr Peters.”

“Coach Ma’am. Call me, Coach.”

“Would you like some tea, Coach Peters?”

“Just Coach, Ma’am. And I’m fine, thank you, Ma’am.”

I rolled my eyes at all this “Coach” and “Ma’am” stuff.

“So, Adam.” He looked at me, his eyes fixing on mine. “I thought I’d come round and get to know you. See what you like and what you are good at.”

Before I could answer, my mum spoke for me. “Adam loves his sport.”

“I hope so, Ma’am. It’s good for the body and good for the soul.” He fixed my gaze again. “What sports do you play?”

“I am ok swimmer; I did swim for my last school but wasn’t the best. I also played a lot of rugby. I was scrum-half, being small and nimble. I’m also a reasonable middle-distance runner. But I will try my hand at most things.”

“You look like you keep fit. That’s good. But I’m sure you’re only being modest, and even if you aren’t, I have some great staff who know how to get the best out of you. The coaches can work on your technique, stamina and fitness levels. We can get quite scientific about it. We also have an excellent sports therapist.”

“You seem very well equipped, Mr Peters… um… Coach.” My mum said.

“We take sports education as seriously as you would take your math education.”

She smiled at him.

“So Adam, I also want to make sure that you start your new school year right, with all the basic equipment and the right uniform.”

“No need to worry about that Coach, Mr Price came round earlier with all the details about the school uniform. I’m sure the sports uniform would be included.”

“It will be, Ma’am. But there is one thing I need to make sure young Adam here has. As I say we take sport seriously and we insist our students do too and that they have the right protective equipment.”

Mum nodded at him.

“When you look at the uniform section, it says that all boys must wear a jockstrap during sporting activities unless it is based in the pool when swim briefs should be worn.”

“Don’t worry, Coach,” I said. “I already have one.”

“I see.” He said to me and then turned to my mother. “Did you get it for him?”

“Yes, Coach.” She glanced over at me. “He was too embarrassed to get one himself.”

Did she really have to embarrass me by saying that?

“Will you fetch your jockstrap, Adam,” Coach asked.

I wanted to ask him what the hell was this all about? But I just got up and went upstairs to my bedroom. It took me a few minutes to find it, and when I did, I gave the fabric a quick sniff to make sure it was clean. Good, it smelt of fabric softener.

“This is it, Coach.” I held the off-white garment in front of me.

Coach growled. He took it off me and checked the pouch and the elastic straps. He narrowed his eyes. “I’m not sure. Put it on for me, Adam.”

I glared at him.

“Put it on for me.” Coach was firm.

I turned to leave the room, intending to change in my bedroom.

“Here please, Adam.”

“But…” I stood with my mouth open.

“Here, please. When you get to school, you must get used to changing in front of others. I also insist on showers after every lesson. And not just a quick rinse. It is important to clean yourself properly after exertion.”

Shit! He was not going to take no for an answer.

“Mum. Would you mind…” I pleaded with her.

“Adam, you don’t have anything she hasn’t already seen. You need to learn to be proud of yourself and not to be bashful. All boys and men have the same equipment down below, and it is nothing to be ashamed of.”

“But…” I hesitated again.

“It’s a good job we aren’t at school as this sort of hesitation would not go unpunished. You need to learn to do what you are told when you are told.”

“Yes, Coach.”

I turned my back to them and started to take off my jeans.

“It would be best if you took off your shirt first.” He told me.

I didn’t say anything but pulled my t-shirt over my head and dropped it to the floor. My socks came next, and then I pulled off my jeans. I hesitated again and looked back at Coach as I stood in my boxer-briefs. Shit. I was going to have to do this.

I took in a deep breath and pulled my pants off. My naked arse was now on show to my mother and Coach. I scrambled for the jockstrap, my nerves made my fingers fumble, and I dropped it.

Fuck! I thought.

I bent my knees and picked it up. This time I held it right and slipped my legs in and pulled it up. I stuffed my cock and balls into the pouch and made sure they were covered up. I looked down and noticed a few wisps of red pubic hair escaping above the thin waistband.

“Turn around Adam and let me see.” Coach instructed.

Both Coach and my mum were still sat down, and when I turned around, their eyes level was level with my bulge. I closed my eyes and took another deep breath.

“Just as I thought, Ma’am. This is more of what I like to call a fashion jockstrap. It’s no good for sports.”

He pulled at the waistband below my navel, catching a few hairs as he stretched it. I winced with the pain as some of my ginger hairs were pulled out.

“See, the waistband is too thin and is too loose.”

My face must have been bright red as I just wanted to curl up and die. But the next part was worse.

“See this, Ma’am.”

Fucking hell! Coach grabbed my soft bulge and pushed it from side to side with his fingers. My dick was between his fingers! He didn’t stoke me or anything like that, but just a stranger’s fingers on my dick got it rising.

“This is offering no support whatsoever.”

My face went even redder, and I had to close my eyes. If I couldn’t see them, perhaps, I could pretend no one could see me. But I knew that was bullshit. My mum’s eyes were staring at my crotch. I only hope she didn’t see my dick swell.

“And this, Ma’am. This will show you how bad this is.”

Coach let go of my bulge and put his hand on my naked hip.

“Turn around, Adam, and let your mother see the back.”

See the back! What the fuck was he on about. See my bare arse more like. At least that was better than her looking at my bulge sighed and turned around. My arse was now in my mother’s face, and Coach had a great view of my bulge, which was still swelling up.

“Now, keep your legs straight and bend down as if you are going to touch your toes,” Coach told me.

That’s better, I thought. All my mum could see was my arse, and by bending down my body would cover my growing bulge.

Fuck that! Fate had something worse in store for me. By bending down, my arse cheeks began to part, and I had a horrifying thought that my mum would be able to see my hole.

Then I felt her breath on my rosebud, and it twitched. My dick seemed to get hard instantaneously as her breath caressed my most intimate part.

“Spread your legs more, Adam.” Coach demanded.

I obeyed.

“See Ma’am. Look between his legs. At the base of the pouch.” Coach put his hand between my legs, and I felt his finger on my perineum. He moved it and poked at the gaping chasm that appeared between my body and the apex of the pouch. “There shouldn’t be any gap here.”

He poked further, and I felt his finger push against my balls. My dick lurched at his touch, and I felt like I needed to blow. But I crunched my pelvic muscles to take me back from the brink. But this meant my ring piece tightened and loosened periodically. I felt her breath intensify against my hole; she must have been looking directly at it.

“This offers absolutely no support for his testicles, and if he is wearing this while doing sport, then he could do himself some damage. It probably also explains why he isn’t showing his full potential.”

Coach removed his finger.

“Thank you, Adam. You can stand up straight now.”

Shit! My dick was hard, and I’m sure they would notice when I stand up. Blood rushed to my face, but none of it came from my dick as that stayed rock hard.

I slowly straightened up but decided to keep my back to my mum. It would be marginally less embarrassing for Coach to see me hard than my mum.

But Coach looked at the obscene bulge in my jockstrap.

“Now that just proves my point again.” He spoke to my mum. “Turn around and show your Mum, Adam.”

Fucking hell, that man was determined to kill me of shame. My heart pumped so hard that I could feel it in my ears. But I knew I had to obey and obey fast. So, I turned to face my Mum. My hard dick stretching the pouch of my jockstrap.

“See, Ma’am. I know Adam is embarrassed about getting an erection. But in a more suitable jockstrap, should he get an erection then it wouldn’t be as pronounced as this. Sure, it would stretch the fabric but not to this extent, and it would be contained. Not ready to poke someone in the eye like his is about to do now.” Coach looked up to me. “Wiggle your hips, Adam.”

I did, and I watched as my hard dick swayed from side to side inside the fabric pouch. I could feel my balls twitch as they ached for release; never had I had a hard-on for so long without touching it.

“I’ll show you both how a properly fitted athletic support would hold him.”

Coach put two fingers together and showed them to my mum. “See Ma’am.” He took his two fingers and placed them halfway along my dick and pressed.

My hard-on was pressed against my body, my bulge looking more contained.

But his touch made my balls jump inside me.

My dick twitched, and I screwed up my face.

I expelled a long breath from my lungs, but I couldn’t stop it.

My dick twitched again, then lurched against Coach’s fingers.

My face went bright red again, and I wanted to run away, but something anchored me to the spot.

I wanted to run but couldn’t, Coach’s two fingers had the power to make me freeze with sheer terror as my dick lurched again and pulsed.

I felt like crying as I came.

My dick pulsed and shot cum into my jockstrap. It was trapped, but the force and the sheer amount caused it to ooze through the fabric.

“That is one hair-trigger Adam has there.” Coach said to my mum.

“Oh, dear.”

“There’s nothing to worry about, Ma’am. It’s normal for a boy his age.

I opened my eyes and noticed my mum looked as embarrassed as I was. She lifted her head to look at me, but I darted my eyes away. I couldn’t look at her after I had just cum in front of her.

“May I go now, Sir,” I mumbled, hoping the ordeal was over.

“Sure thing, Adam.” Coach slapped my bare arse, and I saw my mum smile.

I scurried around, picking up all my discarded clothes and made a dash for the door.

Coach continued to talk to my mum as I bound upstairs.

Once in my room, I tore the jockstrap off and threw it in my dirty linen basket. My dick was still hard and slimy with cum. I had to touch it; my dick twitched, begging me to touch it.

I wrapped my hand around my dick and furiously pumped. Within seconds my dick exploded, and my cum shot four feet away from me. I looked at the short trail of cum and felt a sense of pride at how far I could shoot.

“Adam!” I heard my mum shout up the stairs.

I looked around and grabbed my towel to cover myself up.

“Yes, Mum.” I peered over the landing.

“Coach is leaving now.”

Coach appeared at the bottom of the stairs. “I’ll see you in a few weeks, Adam when you start your new school.” He smiled up at me. “And don’t forget about getting yourself a proper athletic support. I’ll be checking next time I see you.”

My heart pounded at the thought of Coach checking me out in a jockstrap, again. But my dick twitched. I think it was starting to like being on show.


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