Unloading and Unpacking
by David Heulfryn


The moment Max and Finn got home, they ran upstairs. Owen joined Lily in the kitchen. She was busy sorting the cupboards, putting things away, and rearranging them.

“Sorry, it took so long, Love.” Owen kissed Lily, “Our boys are growing up. Max especially.”

“I’ve noticed. It’s good to see you got them unpacking straight away.”

Owen chuckled, “They’ve just had their jab, Lily. I can guarantee they are not currently unpacking.”

Lily giggled, thinking about her two sons upstairs, masturbating. “Well, as long as they start unpacking when they’re finished.”

“I will. Now what can I do to help?” Owen asked.

Lily kissed him again, “Well… the boys are busy,” she traced a finger down his chest and cupped his crotch. It was soft, but she could feel Owen reacting to her touch.

“Do you remember when we had our inoculations?” Lily teased.

“I do. We had the best week of our lives.”

“All that sneaking around making sure the boys didn’t see us. You were insatiable.” Lily squeezed Owen’s growing crotch.

“You were the one who was insatiable. I had to buy lube as your cunt rubbed my cock red raw.”

“Well, I hope you still have some left.”

“I think I should give what I have to the boys.” Owen slipped his tongue into her mouth and wrapped his arms around her. He lowered his hands and cupped her arse, pulling her close. She released his crotch, and he thrust it against her. He was now hard and panting.

“Go out later to get some for the boys. I want you now.” Lily gasped.


“Here,” Lily started to unbutton Owen’s shirt. He pulled it off as she unbuttoned his trousers. She pulled them down, along with his white briefs, releasing his hard cock. She swallowed his cock to the root, forcing his cock down her throat. Her hand squeezed his fleshy arse, massaging and pulling them apart to expose his hole.

Owen was trapped, his trousers by his ankles, his cock expertly sucked, and his arse teased. He struggled to keep upright. He needed to get rid of his trousers so he could steady himself. He fidgeted, toed his shoes off and lifted his leg to kick off his trousers. Lily kept his steady but struggled to keep his cock in her mouth.

She stood up, “I love seeing you naked,” Lily held his cock and slowly stroked him.

Owen groaned.

Lily lifted her skirt and wiggled her arse as she pulled off her panties. She kicked them off and grabbed Owen’s hard cock, pulling him to her. Owen got a brief glimpse of her hairy cunt before it was hidden again by her skirt.

“What are you waiting for?” Lily breathed as she stroked him.

Owen lunged at her, mashing his face against hers, forcing his tongue into her mouth. He lifted her skirt and thrust his hips forward, hoping his cock reached its intended target. He missed and poked her thigh. Further attempts were equally unsuccessful. Lily gasped, frustrated that she didn’t feel him inside her. She literally took things into her own hands and roughly grabbed his leaking cock and guided it into her wet cunt. Owen grunted as his cock slipped into her. He ground his hips as their pubes intermingled like Velcro.

Lily gasped. He’d stimulated her clitoris with his grinding and thrusting. She braced herself against the kitchen cabinets as Owen fucked her. He fucked her hard, and they grunted in unison as his cock completely filled her. She squealed as he brought her closer to orgasm. They gasped and groaned, and Owen started to sweat. Lily held his arse, digging her fingers into his flesh, helping him force his cock inside her. She spread his cheeks, exposing his hole. Owen gasped as he felt the air touch him.

Owen thrust harder. He was nearly ready to cum. Lily squeaked with every thrust. She was on the verge of orgasm and tried to hold it back until Owen was ready.

Lily couldn’t hold back any longer. She stifled a scream as her cunt throbbed and gripped Owen’s invading cock. Owen gave a final thrust and grunted as his cock spewed deep inside her. They held each other motionless as their bodies calmed.

Owen pried his sweaty body off Lily and slid his stiff cock out of her.

“You’re still hard,” Lily noticed and grabbed him. She stroked, but Owen pulled away. His cock was too sensitive.

“I need a shower.”

“You could do with getting fitter. You need to keep your stamina up.” Lily winked at him and turned her back to him as she washed her hands and started sorting the kitchen cupboards again.

Owen let out a silent chuckle and went to have a shower.

Before going into the bathroom, Owen checked up on his sons. He opened their bedroom door and saw them both lying on their beds, naked, furiously wanking their cocks. He drew in a deep breath and could smell the stench of cum and sweat.

“Bloody hell, boys. It stinks in here.” Owen opened a window to let in some fresh air. He had to lean over Finn to reach the window. Finn came as he leant over. Owen watched as his youngest son came and spewed cum onto his belly.

Finn gasped and let go of his cock. It remained hard and pointed up his body. Owen looked at him and noticed dried cum among the fresh.

“How many times?” Owen asked.

“That’s my third.” Finn panted. “It just won’t go down.”

Across the room, Max gasped, and they looked over to see him cum. It shot through the air, landing on his face and chin.

“I wish I could cum like that,” Finn said to his Dad. “Mine just dribbles out.”

“Give it a year, and you probably will. How many is that for you, Max?” He looked at his eldest son.


“Just get it out of your systems,” Owen said, “I remember when your Mum and I had our jabs. We were at it like horny rabbits for a week. We still feel hornier than usual.”

“Daad!” Max whined, “We don’t need to know that.”

“You must have heard us, Max.” Owen smiled, “We tried to be quiet at first but couldn’t help but make noise.”

“We heard you, Dad.” Finn giggled as he started to stroke his cock again.

Owen looked at Finn’s hand as it stroked his cock. Finn’s cock looked red. “Be careful, Finn. You’re going to wank your cock red raw. I’ll get you some lubrication. But if you don’t have any at hand, use hand cream or even your cum. I don’t want to see you with blisters on your hand and cock. I’ll be right back.” Owen left to retrieve his half-used tube of lube.

Finn giggled and scooped up some cum and smeared it over his cock. The brothers continued to wank their cocks, unable to wait for their Dad to return with the lube.

Owen smiled as he noticed his boys couldn’t wait ten seconds while he found the lube.

“Here,” Owen said as he squeezed the tube and watched as the thick, clear fluid dripped onto Max’s cock. Max immediately smeared it all over his cock and exposed knob. Owen then dripped some onto Finn’s similar but smaller cock. He placed the lube on his bedside table. “I’ll leave this with you, Finn. You’ll no doubt need it again.”

Finn giggled.

“I’ll leave you boys to it.” Owen was about to leave before he turned back to them, “But I do want to see that you have done some unpacking and not spent all your time unloading your balls.” Owen smiled at his witticism. “And take a shower when you’re finished.”

Owen closed the door and left his sons wanking.


Lily had moved into the living room when Owen came downstairs after his shower. He stayed naked, enjoying the feeling. His cock remained thicker than usual, but he wasn’t even half hard. Lily was unpacking her nicknacks, working out where she wanted them, and moving them around until satisfied. Owen settled into helping to unpack.

“Are the boys unpacking yet?” Lily wondered.

“Not sure, but I think we should give them some leeway. I went in earlier, and their room smelt like a locker room. Trust me, honey, you don’t want to go in there.”

“Well, if they want to live in a tip, wallowing in their sweat and cum, so be it.”

Owen was surprised at her attitude. “What made you lighten up on them?”

“As long as the rest of the house is sorted, they can live how they like.”

“But until they are sorted, James is not coming. Max knows that.” Owen said.

“They have a couple of days until the weekend. If they’re not done by then, I’ll turn back into Psycho-Mum.” Lily smiled.

Owen laughed, “I wouldn’t mind a bit of Psycho-Mum in the bedroom.” He turned his back to her, bent forward and slapped his bare arse.

“Someone’s feeling adventurous.” Lily pulled up her skirt and showed Owen her cunt. She had not put her panties back on.

Owen’s cock sprang back to life. Lily licked her lips as she watched his foreskin retract as his moist knob came into view. She turned her back to him and leant over a box. She wiggled her arse. Owen slipped behind her, lifted her skirt and slid his cock back inside her. This was the second time they’d fucked in an hour.

“Did you get a top-up of that inoculation when you took the boys to see the Doctor?” She teased.

“I wish. I wouldn’t stop fucking you all day if I did.”

It was a quick fuck this time. Lily stimulated her clit while Owen fucker her from behind. Her fingers would touch his cock as he thrust in and out. His cock twitched when he felt her fingers.

Behind them, Finn appeared. He’d just showered and had remained naked. His cock started out soft, but as soon as he saw his naked Dad fuck his Mum, his cock became hard almost instantaneously. He grasped his four-inch cock and stroked to the same rhythm his Dad fucked his Mum.

Finn didn’t last long. He came and spewed onto the carpet.

In front of him, his parents were close, his Mum squealed, and his Dad thrust harder. Then they stopped, and Owen came inside Lily for the second time that day.

Finn slinked away and back upstairs.

“Max.” He whispered. “I’ve just seen Mum and Dad have sex.” After his shower, his brother slipped on some shorts and was now unpacking his boxes.

“Stop talking nonsense.” Max dismissed him as he pulled out an old board game he and Finn used to like playing.

“I did!” Finn insisted, “They didn’t see me. Dad was behind her. Fucking her from behind.” Finn thought a moment. “He wasn’t fucking her in the arse, was he?”

Max tutted. “You know nothing about sex.”

“They never taught us sex positions in school, only the one where they are both lying down facing each other.”

“That’s the missionary position, Finn,” Max explained. “What Mum and Dad were doing was probably the doggy position. If two men do it, then they are having anal sex. But if a woman is in front of you, you can slip it in her vagina. I doubt Mum would ever do anal sex.”

“So if a man is behind a woman, he could put it in either her bottom or vagina?” Finn wondered.

“Yes, Finn.” Max was exasperated by the ignorance of his little brother.

“How do you know so much about sex with women?” Finn asked.

“Proper sex ed.”

“Uh?” Finn furrowed his brow.

“Some mates talked about positions and what they liked best.”

“Wouldn’t they still be virgins?”

Max laughed, “Definitely, the only sex they knew about was what they had seen on the internet.”

“Oh.” Finn was glad he’d learnt something, but Max had taken the excitement of seeing his parents have sex to a school lesson.

“Now get on with your unpacking,” Max told Finn.


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