The Gift
by David Heulfryn


Max and James finished mowing the lawn and pulling up the big weeds in the front garden. It wasn’t a large lawn, not enough room to kick a ball around, but they got dirty and sweaty. After they put the garden tools away and cleared up, they went upstairs to shower.

“Would your parents mind if we took a bath?” James wondered.

“I don’t think so. Would you prefer a bath?” Max asked.

“I just thought it would be more relaxing than a shower.”

Max kissed James and said he would run the bath. He told James to go into his bedroom to get undressed.

James was naked when he entered the bathroom. Max was kneeling, swirling the water to ensure it wasn’t too hot or cold.

“I’ll take over. You get undressed.” James told Max.

James stepped into the bath water and added more hot water. He knelt down and grabbed the bottle of shower gel. “Don’t you have any bubble bath?” James shouted.

“No,” Max said as he entered the bathroom. He stood by the bath and looked down at James. “We don’t normally take baths.”

“Well, never mind.” James was washing, rubbing the shower gel into his armpits to wash away the stale sweat. “How does it feel to be free?” James looked at Max’s soft cock.

“It feels great. I was so glad to give myself a good wash. I was starting to stink.” Max stepped into the bath and knelt down, facing James. They washed, and James lay down, letting Max lie against him. James wrapped his arms around Max’s chest.

Max leant his head against James’ shoulder. He twisted to look at his boyfriend. James placed a gentle kiss on his lips. They looked each other in the eyes. They didn’t need to say anything. Max leant forward to get another kiss and then rested his head again.

James rubbed Max’s chest, splashing water and teasing his nipples. Max groaned and felt his cock harden.

“This feels fantastic. I’m so glad you came. I hope Mum hasn’t put you off surprising me again?”

“Not at all. She won’t put me off.” James noticed Max’s cock lengthen. He grabbed and stroked it until it became erect and poked out of the water. James released Max’s cock and caressed his body. “I think you’ve lost weight,” James mentioned. “Your body feels firmer than before.”

“It’s not the only firm thing about me when your around.” Max giggled.

“I’m glad you’re here. I’ve missed you.” James chuckled and gave Max’s firm cock a few strokes.

“I’ve missed you too.” James kissed the top of Max’s head.

“Tell me about college. What’s it like? Are you enjoying it?”

“I’m so glad I didn’t stay on at the sixth form. College is much better. They treat you like an adult. I have friends in the sixth form, and they are still treated like kids. I have more free time than my sixth-form mates, but they expect us to use that time to study and revise.”

“Have you made friends at college? Anyone I should be worried about?”

James laughed. “I didn’t know you had a jealous streak.?”

“I don’t. No one who did what they did for me today would be looking at other boys.”

“Oh, I look, Max.” James laughed. “But no one is a match to you. I love you too much to do anything else but look. You may not be perfect. You may be a little self-conscious, but you are the sweetest, kindest boy I’ve ever known. I’m truly blessed to be your boyfriend.”

Max was silent. He always felt uncomfortable when being praised or complimented. After a few seconds, he found his voice, “I feel I can do anything when I’m with you. You make me push myself. Min does too. I love you both so much.”

James laughed. “I’m always going to compete with Min, aren’t I? Who was it who said, ‘there were three in the relationship, so it was a bit crowded’?”

“No idea. But Min is not competition. He’s my brother. I love him as much as I love you. You are both important to me. But Min and I would never do the things you and I do.” Max looked up at James, a glint in his eye.

“I wonder what on earth you be thinking off.” James grinned and reached down to grab Max’s hard cock again.

Max rested against James’ chest and stared at the wall opposite. He’d wanted to feel James touch his cock for weeks. James’ fingers felt better than his own. Max breathed heavily as his cock was stroked, stifling the occasional groan.

James kept stroking Max’s cock, his hand splashing the water and his fist pushing his balls as they tried to float to the surface.

Max twisted his head and kissed James on the cheek before relaxing against his chest and enjoying what his boyfriend was doing to him. He sighed and closed his eyes as James continued wank him.

James enjoyed the feel of Max’s cock in his hand. He stroked it slowly to bring Max the greatest pleasure. He knew Max was enjoying it by the sounds he was making and his erratic breaths. James occasionally kissed Max’s damp hair.

Max shuddered, making waves in the previously still water. James felt Max’s cock twitch and throb. Max gasped. James kissed his damp head again. Max groaned, and he came. His cock throbbed and shot cum up his chest. James continued to stroke Max’s cock and only slowed when Max’s cum started to dribble. James ran his hands over Max’s chest, rubbing the cum into his skin. James flicked Max’s nipple, which made him giggle. James held Max as they lay motionless in the bath again.

Their serene moment was brutally disturbed by Finn crashing into the house, the front door banging against the wall. Finn huffed as he carried shopping bags into the kitchen and heaved them onto the counter.

The noise level increased further when Lily came in, admonishing Finn for making so much noise and slamming the door.

“But you gave me the heaviest bags,” Finn called back.

“Stop moaning. You’re a healthy young man. You should be able to cope. Now go back out and help with the others.”

Finn huffed and stomped back out to grab the last of the bags from the car with his Dad.

“Thank you, Finn.” Lily smiled at him as he lay the final few bags on the kitchen floor. He reached into one bag and retrieved a small package neatly wrapped in glistening black paper and a silver ribbon.

“I’m going to find Max,” Finn said and ran upstairs.

Their bedroom door was closed. Finn gently knocked, hoping he wasn’t disturbing him, and softly opened the door. The room was empty, but he noticed James’ clothes in a pile on the floor.

“Max?” Finn wondered where his brother was. He couldn’t hear anything. Finn went to the bathroom. Again he was confronted with a closed door, but he heard nothing. He knocked again, “Max?” Then he heard water splash. Finn softly opened the door. “Max?” Finn saw his brother in the bath, lying against James. Both were looking at him.

“You’re back,” Max said drowsily.

“Yep.” Finn smiled, “You two look so cute.” Finn knelt beside the bath. “Remember last weekend, I said I’d bought you something but had to wait until this weekend before I could pick it up?”

“I’d forgotten, sorry. With what happened at school this week, my mind has been all over the place.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Finn smiled and placed a hand on Max’s damp shoulder. “You had a bad week. Well, I picked it up.” Finn handed Max the small box.

Max didn’t take the box from his brother. He struggled to get to his feet and asked his brother for a towel. “Let me dry myself first, so I don’t get it wet.”

James stood next to Max, and Finn handed him a towel.

Max started to chuckle, “It’s getting crowded in here. Let’s go to the bedroom.”

James finished drying himself, “Something is wrong here.” Max and Finn looked at him. “Max and I are naked, and you are still in clothes.” James looked at Finn.

Finn giggled and quickly stripped. “Is this better, James?”

“Much.” James laughed.

Finn picked up the little box again and handed it to Max. “I bought it to make you feel better, and I was so disappointed I couldn’t give it to you last weekend, but… well, at least I now get to see your face when you open it.”

“What is it?” Max asked as he untied the bow.

“Open it and find out.” Finn waited excitedly for Max to open the box.

Max was careful as he unwrapped it and saw the name of the shop on the box, ‘Dik & Sons’. “What on earth could it be?” Max muttered to himself and opened the box. Inside was a white metal bracelet. It was under an inch wide of brushed stainless steel hinged connected pieces. The clasp, rather than hidden, was distinct and was engraved with a message.

“Max & Min Forever,” Max said softly. His eyes watered, and he looked at Finn, who was still fidgeting with excitement. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Let me put it on you.” James took the bracelet and put it on Max’s left wrist. “It looks great on you.”

Max hugged his brother. “I don’t know what to say.” He said again.

“Do you like it?” Finn asked.

“I love it. Thank you so much.” Max blubbed, and James rubbed his back to reassure him.

“Why are you crying?” Finn asked.

Max released Finn and smiled at his brother. “Because it’s perfect. The message is perfect. You are perfect.”

“They had nicer ones, but that’s the best I could afford. I wanted something you could wear to remind you that we will always have each other, no matter where or how far apart we are.”

“I don’t deserve you.” Max kissed his brother on the lips.

“Damn right, you don’t.” Finn laughed.

Max and James insisted that Finn stay with them. Finn offered to give them some privacy, but both boys insisted he stays as they talked in the bedroom and went downstairs to stream a film on the television.

The three boys sat on the sofa, Max in the middle, snuggling against each of them in turn, switching from James to Finn.

Owen mumbled something about three naked wise monkeys, but they ignored him. Max kept touching the bracelet on his wrist and then looking at Finn, who sat engrossed in the film.

Over dinner, Owen mentioned how nice the garden looked and suggested that Max and James do it every week during the summer.

“I don’t mind helping out when I’m here. You are putting me up, so it’s only fair.” James said.

Max chuckled. “He’s joking, James.” Max looked at his father, who raised his eyebrows. “You are joking, aren’t you, Dad. You expect to put visitors to work.”

Lily butted in, “Of course, he’s joking. But it doesn’t stop us from putting you and Finn to work. You need to help out around the house more.”

“I lugged in all those heavy bags,” Finn protested.

“And I’m very grateful, Finn. But that took all of five minutes.” Lily smiled.

“There are laws about child labour,” Finn said.

“Not if they’re your own kids,” Owen laughed.

After dinner, the three boys went to their bedroom. Lily was glad they wanted Finn with them, as it meant Max and James wouldn’t get up to anything.

They sat and slouched on the same bed, talking. They talked about Max’s punishment and the caning he endured. James got to see the faded welts in the flesh. He felt them, they still felt slightly warm, but Max didn’t feel pain anymore. They grew angry as they talked about Neil. They all wanted to take a swing at him and would gladly do it if they wouldn’t get caught.

Finn wasn’t embarrassed as Max brought up his problem or what their mother thought was his problem. Rather than poke fun at Finn, James sounded concerned as they told him the whole story. Finn tried to joke about it as he put on a clean sock over his cock and balls to show James how he had to sleep from now on. James showed more concern when Max mentioned the volume of semen Finn produced. At first, James thought Max was joking, he thought it physically impossible to produce the volume of semen Max claimed to have collected.

When Finn saw the look on James’ face, he told him to stop worrying. He felt fine, and the Doctor checked his testicles and found nothing abnormal.

“Do you check your balls, James?” Max asked, looking down at his crotch and the cock draped over his balls.

“I never have.” James admitted, “Have you?” He asked Max.

“I promised myself I would after that cock cage was removed, but I forgot to do it.”

“Why don’t you both do it now?” Finn became excited again. “You’re both naked. We’re just talking, not doing anything in particular, so why not check yourselves. Better still, check each other.” Finn grinned.

“I’ll do you first.” James shuffled to sit on the edge of the bed, “Get up and stand in front of me.”

Max got off the bed and stood in front of his boyfriend. James and Finn sat looking at Max’s crotch.

“Lift your cock out of the way,” James told Max, who reached down and lifted his limp cock to give James unfettered access to his balls.

“Be gentle.” Max sounded nervous.

James reached out and held Max’s balls in the palm of his hand. His scrotum was still loose from their bath. He carefully took one testicle between his fingers and felt the surface.

“It’s a bit lumpy at the back.” James looked up at Max.

“That’ll be the epididy-thingy,” Finn said. “Check his other one. You should feel the same thing.”

James felt Max’s other testicle and felt the same. “Other than the lumpy thing at the back of both, they feel fine, no lumps, no hard bits.”

“Epididymous.” Finn declared after checking a website on his phone. “It’s normal.”

Max released his cock and let it flop back down. “My turn.” Max and James swapped places.

“It says we should be checking ourselves every month,” Finn said, reading from his phone’s screen.

“Well, at this moment, we have six healthy testicles,” James said.

“Speak for yourself. I only have two.” Finn giggled.

As the evening went on, Max became agitated. James sensed something was bothering him. Finn had been sleeping in the same bed as Max for most nights. Max wanted to sleep with James tonight but was worried about upsetting his brother. The boys were growing, so the single bed couldn’t fit all three.

James broached the subject with Finn. “I would really like to sleep with Max tonight,” he started, “but I know what you mean to each other, so if you don’t want me to, I won’t. I’ll sleep in your bed.”

“No, you won’t. I’m not having you in my bed. You can sleep in Max’s bed. Max can sleep with me in mine.” Finn sounded serious.

“Oh, alright.” James sounded disappointed. Max looked at James, his eyes sorrowful.

“You two are so easy!” Finn giggled. “You should have seen the looks on your faces. Of course, you can sleep with my brother. Love makes you so gullible.”

Max and James sounded so relieved.

Max enjoyed going to sleep and being spooned by James. He asked him to place his soft cock between his buttocks like he does with Finn, and they fell asleep. But they were woken up during the night by noises emanating from Finn’s bed.

“What’s happening?” James whispered into Max’s ear. “Is Min alright?

“This is what happens when he has a wet dream.”

“I never heard anyone have a wet dream,” James said.

“At least he’s wearing that cock sock to mop up his cum.”

“Are you seriously not worried, Max? I’ve never heard of anyone having wet dreams every night. And if what you say, the amount he cums is correct, that is definitely not normal.”

“I know. I’m trying not to worry, but I am concerned when I think about it too much.” Max whispered.

“Well, the Doctor says he’s okay. We have to believe him.”

“I hope so.” Max still sounded concerned. “I hope so.”


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