The Finn Effect
by David Heulfryn


Max smiled when Eddie, Adam and Scott were waiting for him by the school gates. He’d spoken to them during the break to explain about Finn. They wanted to visit him and had spoken with his teachers to take some work for him.

Eddie called his mother at lunchtime and asked if he could visit Finn. She was initially cautious as Eddie was still nervous in new situations, but he handed his mobile phone to Max, who spoke to Eddie’s mother. Max reassured her that he would look after him and walk him home afterwards.

“I hope someone knows the way,” Max said as he joined Finn’s friends.

“I do!” Scott said excitedly and started walking with Adam beside him. Max and Eddie followed.

“Mr Johnson asked me to give Finn a worksheet on simultaneous equations. That’s the lesson he missed yesterday when it happened. I can help him if he wants. I’m good at them.” Eddie smiled at Max, pleased he could help.

“I’m sure he’ll appreciate that,” Max said, knowing that Finn would instead prefer to get away with not doing any schoolwork while staying at Cockaigne Pharma.

“Do you know what they are doing to him?” Eddie asked.

“Except for the biopsy of his testicles…” Max began.

“Max!” Adam and Scott squealed in unison, “I don’t want to think about that,” Scott grabbed his crotch and cradled his balls. The thought of someone cutting into his testicles made him uncomfortable.

“If just talking about it makes you feel like that, just imagine how Finn feels, who actually has to go through it,” Max told Scott.

“He must be very brave,” Eddie said naively.

“I think he is, Eddie.” Max reached over and held his hand. They both needed comforting.

“There it is,” Scott pointed at a large building ahead of them. The front of the building was mostly glass which gave it a modern and clean appearance. The sign proclaiming ‘Cockaigne Pharma’ was emblazoned proudly above a large revolving door.

Scott pushed the door and looked at the man behind the reception desk. “We’re here to see Finn Fletcher.” He announced.

The boys approached the desk. Eddie looked at the man and saw that he was naked.

“Is he expecting you?” The man asked.

“No, but he’ll be pleased to see us. He was admitted yesterday, and we have his schoolwork for him to make sure he doesn’t fall behind.” Scott explained, hoping it would get them through the door.

“Please wait here. I’ll go and check.” The man stood up and went through a large wooden door.

“He’s got no pubes,” Eddie whispered to Max.

“He must shave them off. Some people do. They like how it feels.” Max explained.

Eddie put his hand inside his trousers and felt the expansive wiry bush above his cock. “I like mine. They feel nice.”

“I like mine too.” Max smiled at him.

The door opened, and the man asked the four boys to follow him. He took them to the same room Max and his parents had been taken to yesterday. “Wait here.” He told the boys and left them alone.

“They don’t tell you very much, do they?” Adam commented as they were disturbed by a middle-aged man.

“Hello, boys. I’m Dr Chapman. I’m overseeing Mr Fletcher’s treatment. I would prefer if you called ahead and made an appointment to see him, as turning up unannounced could interfere with his routine. But as it happened, it is quite fortuitous that you have arrived. I’ve asked Mr Fletcher to join us, he’s been very bored, and it would be good for him to see you and do his schoolwork. I’m hoping one of you could come every day after school to ensure he doesn’t fall behind with his schooling.”

“What about tomorrow, Sir? He’s supposed to be teaching me to swim after school. Can he still do that?” Eddie asked.

“I’m afraid he will be staying with us for several days. He won’t be able to leave the facility at all.”

Eddie looked at the floor, disappointed. But his face soon lit up when Finn entered the room.

“Finn!” Eddie squealed and rushed over to him, hugging him.

Finn hugged him back. “It’s so great to see you, Eddie. It’s great to see you all. It’s such a surprise.”

Max’s face lit up as he saw his brother. He stayed back, not wanting to crowd him. As Eddie released Finn, he looked over at his brother, and they hugged.

“I missed you last night,” Max said. “How did you sleep?”

“Terrible. I’ve got no bedclothes so they can watch me all the time. And you weren’t there.” Finn smiled at Adam and Scott and gave them a quick hug. “Have you seen what they’ve done to me?” Finn stood back and lifted his cock to show the boys his balls.

Adam and Scott crouched to look at Finn’s scrotum. They could see two tiny stitches, one on each testicle. “Does it hurt?” Scott asked.

“Once the anaesthetic wore off, they ached, but they’re fine now,” Finn told them.

Scott poked Finn’s testicle with his finger and started it swinging. “Does that hurt?” He asked and then poked his other testicle.

“Stop playing with my balls, Scott. You should really ask me out on a date first.” Finn joked.

“In your dreams, Finn.” Scott laughed.

“Have you managed to cum yet?” Adam asked

“They won’t allow me. I’m not allowed to wank. The Doctors just can’t make up their minds. Dr Wallace tells me to wank more, and then Dr Chapman tells me not to wank. I also didn’t have a wet dream last night, so perhaps it’s all under control now.”

“It still looks sore around the stitches.” Scott looked closer.

“They showed me the bits they took out. It was like two little grains of rice. I bet none of you have actually seen your testicles.”

“And I hope it stays that way.” Scott chuckled.

“The Doctor says you can’t come to swim club tomorrow.” Eddie was sad.

“I’m sorry, Eddie. I’ll make it up to you when they let me out.” Finn was also disappointed. “It’s so boring here. All they do is take blood, my blood pressure, temperature and at night, they are just waiting for me to have a wet dream.” Finn sighed. “The only people I see are nurses and Doctors. I have no TV or radio, and they won’t allow me to have my phone.”

“We’ve got some stuff for you to do. Mr Johnson gave me some questions to go through with you.” Eddie was pleased to help ease Finn’s boredom.

“Thanks, Eddie. You get ready. I just want a quick word with Max.” Finn took Max aside.

“Is everything alright?” Max whispered.

“They are watching and listening to everything I do and say. I haven’t dared turn on my phone in case they see it. I have cameras in my room and the bathroom. I don’t think there are any places where they can’t see me.”

“I’ve told Mum I’m here. She wants to know if you want anything.” Max said.

“I would love a TV or radio. It really is boring here, and I can’t even wank to pass the time.”

“I’m ready, Finn.” Eddie was excited as he sat at the table, eager to help Finn with his maths homework.

Finn sat by Eddie. Max went to talk to Adam and Scott.

Lily rang Max and asked to speak to Finn. She had tried several times during the day but had been fobbed off by a nurse claiming he was either having blood tests or talking to a Doctor. They told Lily that the biopsy went well and there were no complications.

“Does she want to see my stitches?” Finn called out to Max. “Switch to video.” Finn got up and waved at his mother when Max switched to a video call. He took the phone from Max’s hand and pointed it to his crotch. He lifted his cock to show his mother his scrotum.

“Hold the phone still. I can’t see a thing.” They could hear Lily through the phone.

“Give it here.” Max took the phone back and held it steady, pointing at Finn’s balls.

“They look almost symmetrical,” Lily commented about the stitches. “How do you feel?”

Finn took the phone from Max and smiled when he saw his mother. “I feel fine, no pain or anything.”

“Does everything still work?” Lily asked, alluding to Finn’s sexual function.

“I’ve not been allowed to wank yet, and I didn’t have a wet dream last night.”

“Well, it’s good you didn’t have a wet dream.”

Dr Chapman disturbed the boys and said they should leave if they didn’t all sit down and help Finn with homework. Max passed his phone to Dr Chapman as Lily wanted a word with him.

The boys settled and did their homework. Finn was so pleased to have company and was depressed when a nurse came in and told them they had to leave.

Finn hugged his brother first. “I love you, Max.”

“I love you too, Min,” Max whispered in his ear so that the others didn’t hear the private name he had for his brother.

Finn then hugged Eddie. “I promise we will get back into the pool soon. You have been doing so well. I’m so proud of you, Eddie.”

Eddie sniffed and looked at the floor as they broke apart.

Finn hugged Adam, “Look after Eddie for me, please.” He whispered so he couldn’t be overheard. “This is all new to him, and he might start going back in on himself.”

“We will,” Adam whispered back.

Finn then hugged Scott, “I’ve asked Adam if you can both look after Eddie. Be friends with him, please. I sense he is becoming overwhelmed with all this.”

“We will be there for him, and I know Max will be as well. But you look after yourself.”

“I will. Thanks, Scott.” Finn looked at his friends, “Will you be coming back tomorrow?”

“Definitely,” Max said, and Eddie nodded.


Adam and Scott walked Eddie home with Max. They wanted to show Eddie that they were also his friends. Max spoke to Eddie’s mother and introduced Adam and Scott to her.

Adam didn’t want to talk to Max in front of Eddie in case it triggered him. “How is Finn really holding up?” Adam asked.

“The more they make out of this, the more he is getting worried. I’m the same. When it all started, neither of us were bothered. But they are making a big thing out of it now. I’m scared, Adam. I hope he’s fine.”

Max broke down. All his fears flooded out, and he burst into tears. Adam held him and let him cry on his shoulder. Scott embraced them both.

Adam and Scott insisted on walking Max back home. Max had told them they had never been apart, which was difficult for him. They’d agreed with Dr Chapman that the boys would come to Finn after school to do homework, but he warned them that a nurse would be watching and if they ever messed around, they would be kicked out and never let back again.

“It’s worse than if he was in prison,” Max told them.

“Well, you’d better ensure he stays a good boy.” Scott joked.


For the second night, Max slept alone. So did Finn. The brothers felt each other’s absence most keenly as they lay in bed alone. When Max woke up, he texted Finn that he missed him and hoped he was okay.

Lily and Owen knew why Max was subdued as he came down for breakfast. He kept looking at the empty place at the kitchen table where his brother should be sitting. He kept checking his phone in case Finn had responded to his message. But nothing came.


Finn woke up covered in cum. He’d ejaculated in his sleep again. This didn’t go unnoticed by the staff. A young nurse came into his room and took a sample of cum from his stomach, careful not to wake him.

Finn groaned when he woke, his belly covered in dried cum. It seemed that any hope of his nocturnal emissions stopping was evaporating. He groaned as he got out of bed and went into his en suite to shower. When he returned to his room, dry and refreshed, he noticed his breakfast had arrived.

A tray of toast, a banana, a yoghurt and a glass of orange juice was waiting for him on his desk.

At least it’s more than they gave me yesterday, Finn thought as he sat on his bed and tucked into his breakfast.

After eating breakfast, he knelt by his bed and searched for the mobile phone he’d slipped under the mattress. He grabbed it, knowing his body shielded his actions from the cameras. He switched it on and saw the message from Max.

«It happened again last night. Great to see you. See you later. » He wrote and switched it off and tucked it away again.

The door opened, and a nurse came in. “What are you doing on your knees?” She sounded stern.

“Still not knocking, I see.” Finn stood up and glared at her.

“Follow me. It’s time for some tests.” She left the room, and Finn sat back down. She returned to the room when she realised Finn wasn’t walking behind her. “Follow me!” She demanded.

“I thought Dr Chapman and I had come to an arrangement where I would be treated with respect.”

“He may have, but I didn’t. Now follow me, or I’ll drag you there myself.”

“You really are a bitch, aren’t you.” Finn smiled innocently at her.

“You get to sleep at night. I’m the one who has to stay up watching you cum over yourself and collect samples. This goes way beyond my job spec.”

“So you’re the one perving over my body at night. Do I make you wet?” Finn stood up and wiggled his cock at her.

“Little boys do nothing for me. You can wag that worm as much as you like. Now follow me.”

Finn laughed as he followed the nurse for yet more tests: blood tests, temperature, blood pressure. Then Dr Chapman entered the room to explain that he wanted to take a biopsy of his prostate. But he would need his parents to agree first. Finn smiled when Dr Chapman said he would ask his mother to come and see him this afternoon.

“Can I be there when you go through it with her?” Finn asked.

“Of course, you can.” Dr Chapman agreed.

Knowing he would see his mother later made the boredom bearable as he waited. He was still not allowed to masturbate. Finn looked at the school books on his desk and wondered if Max could bring him something better to read. He risked taking out the phone again to get a message to Max.

The nurse burst in again, this time carrying a tray with Finn’s lunch. “You should be doing your school work instead of lying on the bed playing with your cock.” She dumped the tray on the desk.

“And you should be knocking before you come in.” Finn sat up and looked at the sandwich, apple and glass of water on his desk. “I ordered a sirloin steak, medium, with a few chips and mushrooms.” Finn joked.

“And I’m a fully qualified nurse. I shouldn’t be wasting my time looking after a cheeky little boy.” She left Finn alone, slamming the door behind her.


Finn hugged his mother when he was taken into the room.

“You should go away more often if I get hugs like this when you see me.” Lily smiled as she held her son.

Dr Capman smiled at the reunion and then sat them down to explain the procedure he wanted Finn to undergo. “The prostate determines the volume of ejaculate.” Dr Chapman explained, “It provides the seminal fluid which the sperm swim in, and it provides nutrients to the sperm. We have done what we can to check the health of Finn’s prostate from blood tests and rectal exams.

Lily and Finn listened intently as Dr Chapman explained the procedure. They both agreed to it, but it would be another invasive procedure. But Finn reckoned he’d already let them take out bits of his testicles, and this procedure sounded simpler.

The door burst open as Lily signed the consent form, and four boys bounded in. Finn leapt to his feet and immediately hugged Eddie, Max, Adam, and Scott.

Max slipped out with his mother, and they discussed what Finn had agreed to. She said Finn was okay with it, but Max couldn’t help but wonder what it would lead to. What other pieces of Finn did they want?

Back in the room, the boys were giggling, and Max noticed Eddie lying on his front on the table and pretending to swim.

“Finn! You’ll get us chucked out.” Max laughed. “Besides, I need to tell you what Scott did when we got here.”

Finn slapped Eddie on the backside and told him to get up. “Do tell,” Finn smiled at Scott.

“I was only being nice.” Scott protested.

“Nice, you shamelessly flirted with him and asked him out on a date.” Max smiled.

“Well, he is kinda cute. I love his shaved crotch. It makes his cock look so tasty.”

“Scott’s got a thing for the bloke on reception,” Adam huffed. “It was embarrassing watching him flirt with a grown man. As if he’d go out with a fifteen-year-old.”

“I made his cock fluff up.” Scott grinned. “I think Philip quite likes me.”

“Like a little brother,” Adam said.

Lily told the boys to settle down and asked Max if he wanted her to wait so she could take him home. He said he would walk back with Eddie and ensure he got home alright. Finn smiled and nodded at Max, grateful he was looking after his friend.


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