The Cockaigne Express
by David Heulfryn


Max was in bed when Finn returned from brushing his teeth. Max laughed when he saw his brother wearing a black school sock over his cock and balls.

“Do you think it will work?” Finn grinned. “I’ve stuffed it tissues to soak up any cum.”

“We’ll find out in the morning.” Max shuffled over and held up his duvet, showing Finn his naked body.

Finn slipped into Max’s bed and pressed his body against his brother’s. Max draped the duvet over him and wrapped his arms around his younger brother.

“You know, Min. Today my cock was freed from a metal cock cage, and tonight you voluntarily put one on your cock.”

Finn chuckled. Max loved the feeling of his naked body moving against his. Max reached down and placed his cock between Finn’s arse cheeks. Finn shuddered as he felt his brother’s cock between his cheeks.

“So, how many times have you wanked since you got home?” Finn smiled.

“Five times. I did it twice in the shower and then again while drying myself. I couldn’t believe I could cum three times in such a short time.”

“Your balls must be empty,” Finn suggested.

“They are. I’m glad it’s over. Have you emptied your balls today?”

“I did.” Finn sighed.

“What’s wrong, Min? You sound like you don’t enjoy it.”

“I don’t, Max. It feels like a chore that Mum makes me.” Finn then raised the pitch of his voice to imitate his mother, “Finn, have you tidied your room? Finn, have you done your homework? Finn, go and empty the dishwasher. Finn, have you masturbated today?”

Max wanted to laugh but suppressed it as Finn was obviously feeling down. “I’m sorry, Min.” Max squeezed his brother and held him tight against his body. “I remember over a year ago when you were so excited that you’d had your first wank. You were so proud that you were growing up. Now you seem to hate wanking.”

“I know, Max. But I feel different now. It’s not really Mum’s nagging. I just don’t feel like it anymore. I don’t get many erections during the day. I don’t get that tingle in my cock. When I do get hard, I don’t really feel like wanking.”

“Did you tell the Doctor about it?” Max asked.

“No, I never really got the chance. Mum did most of the talking. She was so worried about my wet dreams, and then they started talking about the volume I cum.”

“I heard them talking earlier. Mum’s made another appointment with the Doctor. She was shocked when she saw how much you filled that jam jar. She even asked me if I’d added my own to the mix or added water for a joke. I promised I hadn’t.”

“I’m just sick of everyone being worried about me. I don’t feel sick. The Doc gave me a full going over on Monday and found nothing wrong with me.”

“But you have lost your libido, Min.” Max sighed. “You should be wanking daily and, more importantly, enjoying it.”

“You don’t wank every day,” Finn said. “So what’s the difference?”

“I was very shy about it when I started to masturbate. But now I have a boyfriend. I like to wait until we see each other. It makes it more special and the feelings more intense.”

“What if you didn’t have a boyfriend?”

“Well, if we hadn’t moved to Cockaigne, I would be doing it more often, but probably still in secret. Now we live in Cockaigne, I would still do it more often, but probably not so secretively.”

“Do you enjoy it, Max?” Finn asked.

“Of course, I do, Min. It feels great.”

“Well, why don’t I?”

“I don’t know, Min.” Max kissed his brother’s bare shoulder. “Perhaps you’ve started to feel guilty because you always cum in your sleep.”

“I do feel bad when it happens. Mainly because Mum has to wash the bedclothes. But I don’t feel like doing it when I’m awake. I’m nearly fifteen, and I don’t have any desire to wank anymore.”

“I’m sure it’s just temporary, Min. But tell the Doctor when you see him.”

“I will, Max.”

“Do you ever remember your dreams? What do you dream about when you have a wet dream?”

“I very rarely remember my dreams, generally when I’m ill and aren’t sleeping properly. But I can’t remember any dream I’ve had for months.” Finn sighed.

“How’s it going with Adam. Do you still have a crush on him, Min?”

Finn thought a moment. “I still think he’s gorgeous, and I’m still strongly attracted to him, but after what you said about objectifying him, I’ve just been happy being friends with him. But I’d still love for him to be my boyfriend.” Finn wiggled, “Ooh! Max! I’m getting hard.”

“Good for you.” Max rubbed Finn’s naked shoulder. “You can imagine Adam is your boyfriend. It might help the next time you release your tsunami of spunk.” Max chuckled.

“You found that funny, didn’t you?” Finn poked fun at his brother.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t. You’re just pretending not to laugh. I know you, Min. Too proud to admit your big brother made you laugh.”

Finn turned over, letting Max’s cock slip from between his arse cheeks. He tried to look serious when they made eye contact, but Finn couldn’t keep it up and grinned before he started to laugh.

“You will always tease me, Min,” Max said.

“It’s what little brothers are for.”

Max could feel Finn’s hard sock-contained cock poking him between the legs. “Not so little from what I can feel.” Finn giggled. “If you want to have another wank, I don’t mind. It might do you good to do it when your horny and thinking about Adam.”

“He is gorgeous.” Finn rolled onto his back. “He’s got a cute cock. It’s not massive, probably only about three inches soft. I’ve never seen it hard.” Finn’s hand was rubbing his cock through the sock. “His pubes are orange, he has a thick bush, and some of his pubes clump together so they appear a deeper orange. As they grow closer to his belly button, they are blond and thin. You can hardly see them. I get a close look as we change next to each other, and when I’m sitting down and he’s standing up, drying himself from having a shower, my eyes are on the same level as his crotch. He knows I look, but then he looks at me and some other boys.”

Max looked at Finn’s face as he described his ginger friend. Finn had closed his eyes and stroked his cock as he enjoyed speaking about Adam. Max wondered if he still realised he was lying next to him.

“I would love to see him hard. I can only imagine how big it gets. When I see his cock, his foreskin only just reaches the end of his knob. He’s definitely not circumcised, but he doesn’t have any skin hanging at the end like I do. If I’m at the right angle, I can see the end and that little slit. His knob must be totally exposed when he’s hard.”

Max noticed Finn screw up his face and his body tense. He’d stopped talking and gasped. His hand was now furiously stroking his cock underneath the duvet. He assumed Finn still had his cock in the sock as he wasn’t looking forward to him cumming over his bed.

Finn opened his mouth and released one last gasp as he came.

Max smiled. He felt honoured that Finn felt safe enough to masturbate with him this close. It felt different than Finn wanking in his own bed. Max could see the facial expressions, the tension in his muscles and the subtle changes in breathing. He watched Finn at his most vulnerable in his most private moment. Max couldn’t help himself. He leant forward and placed a gentle kiss on his lips.

“I love you, Min,” Max whispered as their lips parted. “But if you’ve cum over my bed, I’ll kill you.”

Finn still had his eyes closed. He still breathed heavily, his chest lifting the bedclothes with each deep breath.

“Kill me now.” Finn gasped. “That felt great.”

“You haven’t?” Max looked worried.

Finn opened his eyes and looked at Max. A cheeky grin grew on his face. “Nope. But I think I need a fresh sock. This one feels sticky now.”

Max breathed a sigh of relief as Finn got out of bed. He looked at the cum sodden sock dangling from his brother’s groin. It looked saturated with cum. Finn pulled off the sock and squelched it in his hand.

“That’s disgusting, Min.” Max squirmed. “Get rid of it.”

Finn took the soaked sock into the bathroom and pulled out the tissues that had soaked up most of his cum. He flushed them, ignoring the many lectures he and his brother had received from their father. He rinsed his cock and dried it on the hand towel.

Back in the bedroom, he took a wad of tissues from Max’s bedside table and wrapped them around his cock. He then slipped a clean sock over the tissues, keeping them in place. Finn tucked his balls in, and the sock was now secure.

“Get back in bed.” Max held open his duvet, waiting for Finn to join him. “You might not cum in your sleep tonight after that,” Max said as Finn snuggled against him.

“That was the best wank I’ve had in weeks.” Finn sighed as Max adjusted his cock to be between Finn’s buttocks again.

Finn snuggled deeper against Max.

“I love you, Min.” Max kissed Finn’s bare shoulder.

“I love you, Max.” Finn felt tired. He soon drifted off to sleep.

Max stayed awake a while longer, listening to his brother breathe.

It was the weekend, and Owen and Lily allowed the boys to wake naturally. Max woke first. It was like the brothers never moved in their sleep. They woke in the same position in which they fell asleep. Max felt that his cock was hard and still between Finn’s buttocks. He didn’t move. He didn’t want to wake Finn.

Max heard his parents downstairs. They were clattering in the kitchen. The clock told him it was only just past nine in the morning. He wondered if Finn had had a wet dream last night and reached over to feel the sock that enveloped Finn’s cock. The fabric felt soft and dry, but the cock inside was hard.

“Stop touching my cock, you perv.” Finn croaked as he woke.

Max blushed, embarrassed at being caught. “I was just checking if it happened again last night.” Max stuttered his excuse.

“I don’t mind.” Finn said, “I like it when you touch my cock. I like feeling your cock, too, especially against my arse.”

“This is your first dry night in over a week. Mum is going to be so pleased.”

“I must be the only nearly fifteen-year-old boy whose daily ejaculations are discussed each morning with his parents.”

“And pervert brother.” Max laughed and rested his head on Finn’s shoulder.

“So, who’s getting up first?” Finn asked, and Max held on to him even tighter. “If you don’t loosen your grip, you’ll squeeze the life out of me. Besides, I’m hungry.”

“Okay, go.” Max sounded petulant as he released his brother and rolled onto his other side so the brothers lay back to back.

Finn got out of bed, taking the duvet with him and throwing it on the floor. He looked at his naked brother curled up. The red marks left by the cane were fading. “Get up, you lazy arse,” He slapped Max on the bare buttocks.

“Ow! That hurt!” Max protested.

“There, there. Let me kiss it better.” Before Max could move, Finn kissed Max on the cheek, the arse cheek.

Both boys laughed, and Max got off his bed. They went to the bathroom, both peeing at the same time and then washing their hands.

As the brothers entered the kitchen, their father greeted them, saying, “Still naked, I see.” He looked at Max.

“I have another week of being naked in the house, Dad.” Max reminded him of the extra punishment his parents had given him.

“Well, about that.” Owen began, “Me and your Mum have discussed it, and we feel you’ve been punished enough. So you’re no longer grounded and can wear clothes if you want.”

Lily smiled sweetly at Max.

“Thanks, Dad. Thanks, Mum.” Max sat down, waiting for Lily to pour him a glass of orange juice. Finn sat next to him.

Owen stared at his sons, “You are nearly sixteen and nearly fifteen-year-old boys. I’m sure you know how to get your own juice and get your own breakfast. Your mother doesn’t have to do everything for you both. You could give her a rest at weekends.”

“Sorry, Dad.” Max got up and poured a glass of orange juice. He pretended to give it to Finn but sat down and started to drink it himself.

“Max!” Finn pouted and got up to get his own orange juice.

The doorbell rang. Finn said he’d answer it and put his glass on the kitchen top, the juice carton beside it.

Max sipped his juice while Lily busied herself making toast.

“Max!” Finn yelled from the front door. “It’s for you!”

Max looked at his parents. No one knew who would be calling for him. For a moment, he wondered if it was Eddie. But he wasn’t sure that he knew where they lived. Max tentatively rose from his chair and went to the front door. Finn’s naked body was shielding the person he was speaking to.

“Who is it, Finn?” Max asked as he walked closer.

Finn moved to the side to reveal the unknown visitor.

“James!” Max squealed as he saw his boyfriend standing in the doorway, a bag slung over his shoulder.

James almost lost his balance as Max rushed over to hug him. “Steady on.” James laughed, “You nearly flattened me.” James’ words were cut off as Max pressed his lips against his boyfriend.

Finn grinned as he watched his brother snog his boyfriend.

James had to push Max away from him. “Slow down, Max. Can I at least come in before you ravish me?”

Max grabbed James by the hand and pulled him inside, “Mum, Dad. James is here. Did you know?” Max pulled James into the kitchen.

“James.” Owen looked at his oldest son’s boyfriend. “We had no idea you were coming over.”

James dropped his bag and stood by Max. Owen and Lily grinned and looked down at Max’s groin and the hard cock that betrayed his excitement.

Max and James sat at the kitchen table. Max held his hand and wouldn’t let go.

“I did some research and found a shuttle bus that takes people from Suddene and Leydig. It doesn’t run all the time, just when they want to get volunteers to Cockaigne Pharma. I got my Dad to take me to the bus station. I got a bus to Leydig and then slipped on the Cockaigne Express. It dropped me off at Pharma, and I had to walk here. The Express bus takes the volunteers back on Sunday. It leaves at five. So I’ll need to catch it to get back home.”

Max leaned over and kissed James on the cheek, “That is so sweet. And such a nice surprise.”

“Yes, James.” Lily said, “It’s so nice to see you, and it’s a lovely surprise. But it would have been nice to let us know in case we had plans.”

“Sorry, Mrs Fletcher. I will next time. But it was a last-minute decision, and I wanted to surprise Max. It’s not fair that his Dad has to always come and pick me up and take me back.”

“I don’t mind, James,” Owen said. “Just look at Max. He can’t stop smiling. He’s so happy to see you. Just seeing his face look that cute is enough for me.” Owen would do anything for his family’s happiness.

“He’s blushing, Dad.” Finn giggled and looked at Max, his rosy cheeks turning a deeper red.

“So, what plans do you have?” Owen looked at James. “I don’t have any. I don’t care what we do as long as I’m with Max.”

“That’s so sweet.” Finn giggled. “I know what Max is planning on doing with James.” He teased.

“Finn!” Max was annoyed, “Don’t be disgusting. I’m just glad he’s here.”

“Yes, Finn. Don’t be crude.” Lily glared at her youngest son. “Max is not that type of boy.” She still seemed unaware of how physical their relationship was.

“What do you want to do, James?” Max asked, “We could go into town, see a film, I don’t know what’s on, but we could take a look.”

“I could go with you!” Finn sounded excited.

Lily touched Finn’s bare shoulder, “I don’t think they want you hanging around them, Dear.”

Max looked worried, wondering how he could let his brother down gently.

Finn giggled, “I’m just joking. I know you’ll want to spend the day together without me. I’ll spend a boring and tedious day with Mum and Dad.”

“Just for that, we can mow the lawn.” Owen pointed at Finn.

“Why don’t we mow the lawn for your Dad? We can do some weeding as well. The weather looks warm, and we’ll be together.” James suggested.

“That’s an excellent idea.” Finn grinned, thankful he didn’t have extra chores to do.

“Don’t worry, Finn.” Owen grinned, “We can find something else for you to do.”

“Ah, Daad!” Finn whined.

“Go up and get dressed,” Lily told Finn, “You can come with us to the supermarket. Leave these two alone to do the lawn.”

“If I must.” Finn got up and plodded upstairs.

“Take no notice of him.” Max smiled, “He’ll only teasing. He doesn’t mind giving me and James some space.”

“Make sure you put on some clothes to mow the lawn. We don’t want any accidents.” Owen said.

“I will, Dad.”

Lily put some slices of toast in front of Max. She asked James if he’d had breakfast, and he said that he didn’t have a chance as he had to leave early. Lily said she would make him some toast and put a box of cereal on the table with some bowls and milk. James must have been famished as he ate four slices of toast and two bowls of cereal.

Finn came down, dressed in grey sweatpants and a t-shirt. He sat down and huffed when he discovered the cereal had almost gone. He managed to get half a bowl and wolfed it.


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