Surprising Results
by David Heulfryn


Max woke clutching a pillow like he used to hold Finn when they slept in the same bed. He woke with a smile as he remembered his weekend with James. He reached down and stroked his hard cock. He wished it was James stroking him again, but the memories of James flooded his mind as he threw the pillow onto the floor and tossed his duvet from his body. He rolled onto his back and continued to pleasure himself.

Owen and Lily were awake and moving about. Max didn’t hear them; he was too distracted by the feelings emanating from his groin. He grabbed and squeezed his balls, just like James would. Max started to groan.

Owen burst into Max’s bedroom, making him jump out of his skin and scramble to cover himself. “I’m going…” Owen looked at his naked son.

Max blushed, embarrassed at being caught wanking. He looked away, not wanting to see his naked father and definitely not his father’s morning erection.

“It’s okay, Max. You finish off. I just came in to say I’m going into the shower first as I have an early start.”

“Okay, Dad,” Max mumbled.

Owen was amused at how Max still got embarrassed when caught wanking. If he’d walked in on Finn, he did not doubt that he wouldn’t have missed a stroke and would have kept going. When in the shower, Owen copied his eldest son and stroked his morning erection. He wanted to fuck Lily, but he’d have to be satisfied with a quick wank.

Despite his father bursting in on him, Max hadn’t lost his erection. He resumed wanking and quickly shot cum up his chest and belly. He lay still, enjoying the afterglow of his orgasm and let his cock deflate and curl into damp pubes. He heard his door open, quietly and slowly this time. His father poked his head into the room and saw his son basking in his endorphins. He noticed the cum glistening on his chest.

“Shower’s free,” Owen said, closing the door to give Max his privacy.

Lily was in their bedroom getting dressed. She had an appointment to see Dr Chapman later and looked forward to seeing Finn.

“He looks so cute, Honey,” Owen said.

“Who?” She replied absentmindedly.

“Max. I disturbed him wanking, and now he’s lying on his bed, his chest covered with cum.”

“As long as it’s not on the bedsheets. I don’t have time to do any washing today.” Lily started putting on her make-up.

“No, it’s all over him.” They heard Max go into the bathroom and start the shower. “He just looked so sweet, not yet a man but still a boy.”

“He’s growing up quickly, Owen. It won’t be long before he and James want to make their relationship more physical. I’m not naïve enough to think all they do is kiss and cuddle, but we need to be ready for when they go further.”

“How do you feel about that?” Owen carried on drying himself.

Lily glanced over and watched as he dried his genitals, the soft and pliable cock rolling around. “I’d rather he wait until he’s sixteen, but I don’t have a problem with it.”

“You’d be happy for Max and James to be in the bedroom, trading blow jobs?”

“I suppose so.” Lily shrugged.

“What about fucking?” Owen stopped drying himself and looked at Lily, trying to gauge her reaction.

“He’s still young, Owen. I know anal sex is part of being gay. I trust Max. I know he’ll only do it when he’s ready.”

“What if he’s ready now?” Owen postulated, knowing full well his eldest son had already tried it.

“When he’s ready. We should support him.” Lily turned to look at Owen, “You don’t suppose Max and James got up to anything this weekend?”

“I don’t think so. I think Max is too concerned for Finn to do anything. But I’m sure you noticed James was very tactile. There were plenty of hugs and kisses.”

“I remember when you were like that with me.” Lily smiled at Owen, “Should I get some condoms and lubrication for him? I could pick some up when I go shopping. Don’t condoms come in different sizes? What size do you suppose he is?” Lily pondered.

“The question is, what size is James?” Owen and Lily laughed.

“We’ve seen him naked, but I don’t know how big he is when he gets hard,” Lily said.

“They’re young. Get a couple of sizes, small and medium.”

“Not large?” Lily smiled.

Owen laughed, “I hope not.”

Lily looked at Owen’s cock. “If he takes after his father, he’ll need large when he gets older.”

“We should let him know that we don’t mind if he wants to have sex and don’t mind him doing it in his room.”

“I’ll leave you to have that talk with him,” Lily said and turned away to finish applying her make-up.

When Max came downstairs, fully dressed in his maroon school uniform and blazer, he found his father hurriedly chewing toast and gulping down coffee. Max couldn’t look at him after getting caught wanking. But Owen smiled broadly at his son.

“Come here, Max.” Owen hugged his son tightly. “You’re a good boy and will be a fine young man in a few years. I’m so proud of you.”

Lily was pouring herself another mug of coffee when she noticed Owen hugging Max. “Will you leave him alone. You’ll mess up his uniform.”

Owen released Max and kissed his forehead. “Gotta go. I’ll see you later. I love you, Max.” In a flash, he was gone.

Max was stunned, “What’s wrong with Dad?” He asked.

“I think he’s just realised you are growing up.” Lily went over to Max and straightened his tie and blazer. “Sit down, Love. I’ll get you some toast.”

“You’ll let me know what they say about Finn, won’t you? Just send me a text. I’ll pick it up at lunchtime.”

“I will. The house is much calmer without him, but we all miss him. I know you do.”

“I do. But I don’t miss his snoring.” Max smiled. Finn didn’t snore. Max missed holding his younger brother and listening to him breathing as he slept. “I should get to school.” Max got up and slung his backpack over his shoulder. “Bye, Mum.”

“Bye, Max. I love you.”

Max tutted and left the house, muttering about how weird his parents were being.

Eddie was waiting on the street corner. When he saw Max, he called out and started to wave at him to get his attention. Max saw him and waved back. Eddie looked happy. Max hoped he was gaining his confidence again.

“Did you have a good weekend?” Max asked.

“Not really. It was pretty boring.”

“So why so happy?” Max asked.

“Because Mum says I can go and see Finn after school today. Will you come with me?”

“Try and stop me.” Max smiled.

As they approached the school gates, their cheerfulness was shattered.

“This is your brother’s fucking fault!” Neil yelled; spit flew from his mouth as he strode to Max.

Max looked confused. “What…?”

Neil was now standing directly in front of Max, their noses touching.

Eddie giggled but soon stopped when Neil glared at him.

Max stepped back, “What are you on about, Neil.”

“Take a look, Max.” Neil gestured behind him and the group of adults wearing white coats carrying equipment into the school.

“Who are they?” Max asked.

“It’s fucking Pharma. They are here to test every boy. Just because your brother is a freak and cums buckets, they want to test all of us. And some of us will be taken for prostate biopsies.”

“How do you know all this?” Max wondered.

“Guess!” Neil sneered.

“Don’t tell me your father, mother, uncle, or aunt works for Pharma. Please delete as appropriate.” Max said facetiously.

“Fuck you, Max. There’s nothing wrong with my fucking balls, and I don’t want them poking around them. My balls are fine. It’s you they should be checking.”

Max suddenly noticed that Eddie had disappeared. He looked around but couldn’t see him. Max walked around Neil, ignoring him.

As Max walked away, looking for Eddie, Neil shouted more bile. Max found Eddie sitting at their tree, his knees drawn up and his arms wrapped around them, so he almost formed a tight ball.

Max sat next to him. He touched his knee to try and reassure him, but Eddie flinched at his touch. “Sorry,” Max whispered. “It’s going to be okay, Eddie. Don’t worry about Neil. It’s me he doesn’t like.”

“It’s not just that… I don’t like doctors. One hurt me once. Mum doesn’t know about this. She wouldn’t let it happen if she knew.”

“We have time, Eddie. Let’s ring her and then go inside and talk to the school secretary.” Max said softly.

“I might be alright if you were with me.” Eddie cast his eyes sideways to look at Max.

“We can ask. But we don’t know why they’re here. Neil might be bullshitting us.”

Max handed his mobile to Eddie. His mother wasn’t happy and said she would get to the school as soon as possible. Max held Eddie’s hand as they went inside to talk to the school secretary. She said Eddie could wait, but she told Max to go to his classroom when the bell went. Eddie gripped Max’s hand. He didn’t want to let him. The woman groaned and reluctantly let Max stay with Eddie.

Lily strode confidently into Cockaigne Pharma. She smiled at the naked man sitting behind the reception desk. He looked up.

“Good morning. How can I help you?” The young man greeted her.

“I’m here to see Dr Chapman. I have an appointment.”

“It’s Lily Fletcher, isn’t it?” The man asked and watched her nod her head. “I’m Philip. Come with me. I’ll take you through.”

Lily watched the young man’s tight arse as he walked in front. She may be married, but it didn’t stop her looking.

Philip told her to sit down in the sparse white room. “Dr Chapman will be here shortly.” He said and left her alone.

She wasn’t alone for long before Dr Chapman entered and sat opposite her.

“Will Finn not be joining us?” Lily asked.

“He’s coming now. The Nurse is getting him.”

Finn entered the room, Lily stood up, and they hugged.

She looked at her naked son, “Have you put on weight?” She touched his stomach.

“Possibly. I don’t do any exercise. I can’t swim, and they don’t have a gym here.” Finn said.

Lily frowned at Dr Chapman. “He’s usually very active. He needs his exercise. It’s not good for him to stay so sedentary.”

“I know. It will soon be over.”

Lily and Finn’s faces lit up when he said it would soon be over.

“Please sit down.” Dr Chapman said.

They had the results of Finn’s prostate biopsy and had found a surprising result. He explained that they found nothing wrong with it. There were no signs of disease. He explained how he saw the tiny organ engorge as Finn reached orgasm. Dr Chapman sounded proud as he talked of how he watched Finn’s prostate as he reached orgasm. Finn and Lily patiently sat as they listened to him talk about Finn’s prostate while he came around to tell them the results.

“We found that Finn’s prostate showed a high concentration of the vaccination he received when he moved to Cockaigne. It seems that Finn’s prostate absorbed the vaccination and is slowly releasing it. We also tested his semen and found trace amounts of the vaccine. Our current theory is that once the prostate has released all the vaccination, his spontaneous ejaculation will cease, and the volume of ejaculate would return to normal.”

“That sounds like good news,” Lily said. “How will you know if that is the case?”

“We will need to take regular biopsies of Finn’s prostate. I propose that we take a biopsy every two months to test for the concentration of vaccine.”

“I won’t have to stay here all that time, will I?” Finn asked.

“No. We currently expect to release you after another week.”

“Why not now?” Lily interrupted.

“Now we know what we’re looking for, we want to keep testing Finn’s semen, so we plan on testing daily for the rest of the week and monitor the levels of the vaccine. We hope to see it decrease over the week as the prostate gives up the reservoir it had stored.” Dr Chapman smiled at Finn, “So we will insist that you cum at least once a day. We are hoping two or three times a day. A morning sample, a sample mid-afternoon and a final sample before you go to sleep. Should you have any nocturnal emissions, that would be a bonus, but with the routine we have set out, we don’t expect many nocturnal emissions.”

“I told him that he needed to masturbate more.” Lily frowned.

“Mum.” Finn groaned. “Sometimes I don’t feel like it. I’m not horny all the time like the other kids.”

“We think a side effect of the prostate storing the vaccine is a lack of libido. But we’ll make sure he masturbates whether or not he feels up to it.”

“Well, the Nurse that looks after me is enough of a turn-off. She always looks like she’s sucking a lemon.”

Dr Chapman laughed. “She can be acerbic. But don’t worry, as long as you masturbate when required to, you won’t see her until you ejaculate, as she will need to take a sample of semen.”

“Just give me some jars, and I’ll collect it myself.”

“We will.” Dr Chapman drew a deep breath. “This brings me to your other son.”

“Max? What about him?” Lily was surprised that he was being discussed.

“We want to take regular tests of his semen. We know he doesn’t have the issues that Finn has, but we want to ensure all is normal. We are also currently testing all the boys at the school and will perform further tests on any boy that produces an unusually large quantity of semen.”

Finn laughed, “You mean every boy in school is going to be made to wank and give you a sample of cum.”

“To put it crudely, yes.”

Finn giggled at the thought of Max being made to cum in school, “He’s not going to like that.”

“I expect many adolescent boys would feel uncomfortable masturbating in front of my nurses.”

“So Finn can come home at the weekend?” Lily wanted confirmation.

“If all goes to plan, yes.”

Lily twisted on her chair and hugged Finn. “We will all be glad to have you home again.”

Finn held his mother tightly. He also missed being at home and Max in particular.


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