Observing Finn
by David Heulfryn


Owen, Lily and Max arrived at Cockaigne Pharma and were shown into a room and told to wait. Max had given the bag for Finn to a man at the front desk, saying it was for his brother. He kept Finn’s phone in his pocket and would give it to him when he saw him.

Finn was shown into the room. He was still naked. Max was the first to run to him and hug his brother. Despite their worries and concerns, they put on a brave face and tried to appear happy.

“You smell like Granny.” Max teased as he smelt the lavender on his skin.

“It’s the shower gel they give you here.”

Max struggled to let him go but was pulled away by their mother, who wanted to hug him.

“I’ve brought your usual shower gel and a wash bag so you won’t have to smell like an old lady again,” Max said.

Owen tried to downplay what was happening by accusing Finn of faking it.

Dr Chapman entered the room, and the atmosphere changed. Lily and Owen looked at him, expecting an explanation. Max went back to hug Finn.

“Still naked, I see. Don’t they provide clothes for you?” Max asked.

“I haven’t asked. You know me, Max, I prefer being naked; besides, some young nurses get embarrassed seeing me.”

“It’s only because they can’t have you.” Max smiled and kissed his brother on the lips.

“Finn, Max, come here and listen to Dr Chapman,” Lily called her sons over. “Dr Chapman wants to take a biopsy of your testicles, Finn.”

“What does that mean?” Finn asked.

“He wants to put a needle into your testicle and take out a little bit of it,” Lily explained.

Both Max and Finn squirmed in their seats. Max looked at his father, and he seemed equally uncomfortable.

“Will it affect his future fertility?” Lily asked.

“Unlikely, but we also propose to freeze a sample of his semen. He is currently fertile, but as we don’t understand what’s happening to him, we want to preserve a sample of his sperm should anything change. We don’t expect it to, but we never know what will happen in the future.”

“Will it cost us anything?” Owen asked.

Lily jabbed Owen in the ribs, “I don’t care what it costs. This could be his only opportunity to have children.”

“It won’t cost a thing. It will be a service we will provide free of charge.”

Owen looked relieved.

“So, can we have your consent to both?” Dr Chapman asked.

“Don’t I get a say?” Finn interrupted.

“I’m sorry, Finn, but because you are a minor, it is your parents’ decision.”

“Well, what do you think, Min?” Max asked his brother.

“Will it hurt?” Finn asked the Doctor.

“We will give you a local anaesthetic, so you shouldn’t feel a thing.”

“How much will you take?”

“Only a small amount, one or two grams at most.”

“What will happen afterwards? Will it heal, or will I have a hole in my ball forever?” Finn was eager to discover.

“It will heal. You shouldn’t feel anything different. Sometimes, when the body heals, it forms a scar. Although we don’t expect any scarring, it is possible. If that does happen, you will feel a small hard part. But rest assured, it will be totally benign and nothing to worry about.”

“And why do you want a piece of my testicle? What are you looking for?”

“We want to check the structure, see if the tissue is normal or different from what a testicle should look like. From checking externally and doing ultrasounds, we cannot see if the structure differs from a normal testicle.”

“It will be alright, Dear,” Lily told Finn.

“I know, but they’re treating me like a kid. They tell me nothing and just expect me to do what they say. I want to know what they are doing and why?” Finn looked sincere.

Lily asked Dr Chapman, “Will you consult and inform Finn whenever you want to perform any tests?”

“Yes. I will ask all staff to treat Finn like an adult. I can see that he is very much more aware than other teenagers his age. But ultimately, it is your permission we need.” He said to Lily.

“Are you happy with the biopsy, Finn?” Lily asked.

“Well, I’m not exactly ecstatic about it, but I understand why they want to do it.” Finn agreed to the procedure.

Lily mentioned that they brought some things in for Finn, which a man at the front desk took off them. It has his mobile phone in it along with his school books. Will you make sure he gets it all?”

“We can let him have the school books, but I’m afraid he can’t have his phone.” Dr Chapman said.

“Why not? How are we meant to contact him?” Max blurted out.

Dr Chapman ignored Max and looked at Lily. “The mobile phone may interfere with our sensitive equipment, so he won’t be able to have that. But he will have access to our phone.”

Max looked at Finn. Neither boy was happy. But Max had a surprise for Finn.

Lily signed the consent forms, and Dr Chapman heaved a sigh of relief. He took the paperwork and said he would leave them alone with Finn.

Max nudged Finn and showed him that he had his mobile phone in his pocket, fully charged. “I wish you weren’t naked. You have nowhere to hide this.” Max whispered.

“Why are you whispering?” Finn asked.

“In case they are listening.” Max looked around the room for any cameras or microphones.

Finn laughed, “You are so paranoid. Take off your sweatpants. I’ll wear them.”

“But…” Max stuttered.

Finn grinned, “You’re not wearing any underwear, are you?”

Max shook his head.

“Never mind, not many will see, and your t-shirt will protect your modesty.”

Max knew it was the only option to help Finn smuggle in his mobile phone.

Dr Chapman returned and said visiting time was over.

Max took off his sweatpants and gave them to Finn. He slipped them on and felt the phone in his pocket. Dr Chapman wasn’t happy that Finn was covering up, but he didn’t make a scene in front of Lily and Owen.

Max teared up as they said goodbye. He hugged Finn and said that he’d miss him. Finn said it felt strange not having him around, but he would be home soon.


Finn was led through a series of white corridors and into a room. Finn walked with his hands in his pockets to conceal the phone. The room contained a bed, a desk and a small en suite bathroom. A large mirror took up one side of the room. Finn grinned to himself. He suspected it was a two-way mirror so they could observe him. He immediately took off the sweatpants and sat on the bed. He surreptitiously slipped the phone under the mattress.

“Good.” Dr Chapman said. “I was going to ask you to remove your sweatpants. We would prefer you naked at all times, which I understand isn’t an issue for you.”

“Not at all. So what now? And where are the bedclothes?” Finn asked.

“We will keep the room warm so you won’t need bedclothes. We will need to know when you have a nocturnal emission. If you are covered, we cannot determine that.”

“Okay.” Finn sounded sceptical.

“For now, please just relax. We’ll bring some dinner for you, and the rest of the evening is yours. We’ll also bring your school books so you can complete any homework. We will do the biopsy in the morning.”

“I look forward to it,” Finn said sarcastically.

“And one more thing, Finn. Please refrain from masturbating.” Dr Chapman left, and Finn heard the door lock. He checked to confirm that he was indeed locked in.

Cameras were in all four corners of the room. There were even a couple in the en suite. Finn would have no privacy at all. If the cameras weren’t recording everything he was doing, people behind the mirror would be watching.

Finn flopped onto the bed and looked at the white ceiling. He was going to be bored.


Finn didn’t sleep well. It felt strange not having any bedclothes over him. It also felt weird not having Max beside him and his cock nestled between his arse cheeks.

The cameras and observers kept a keen eye on him, but he didn’t ejaculate. He didn’t fall into a deep enough sleep.

A young nurse unlocked the door and brought in a tray. Finn jumped off the bed. He was hungry. But when he saw what was on the tray, he groaned. All she had brought him was a few slices of toast and a glass of water. He ignored the tray and huffed as he went into his en suite and slammed the door. Finn emptied his bladder and then showered.

Finn hoped the breakfast tray had miraculously transformed into a full English breakfast, bacon, eggs, sausage, baked beans, and possibly some mushrooms, but no black pudding; Finn hated black pudding. But the tray still only contained the same two slices of pallid toast. He sat on the bed, grabbed a piece and bit into it with disappointment.

After he’d eaten and drank his water, he lay back down. He looked at his school books on the small desk and considered doing some homework, but any eagerness to do schoolwork soon evaporated as he grew bored.

Finn had no idea what time it was. There was no clock in the room, no television he could watch to pass the time, no radio so he could listen to music. No window to let in the daylight. Nothing. Finn considered checking the mobile phone he’d hidden under the mattress but didn’t want to risk it. Max was probably at school anyway. He heard the door unlock again, and in walked Dr Chapman.

“Doesn’t anyone have the courtesy to knock?” Finn huffed.

“We find it more efficient this way. Now come with me. It’s time for your biopsy.”

Finn lay back down on the bed, his hands behind his head. He lay defiant.

“I find it rude.”

“Noted, but it won’t change anything.” Mr Chapman said flatly, “Now  come with me.” He demanded.

“You need to work on your bedside manner.” Finn stared at the ceiling.

“Finn! Will you come with me now!” Dr Chapman was getting annoyed with Finn’s defiance. “I don’t want to bring in security and have you physically moved.”

“I’d love to see that and the look on my parents’ faces when I tell them. Now start treating me with respect and politeness. I’m not entirely happy to be here, but I understand. I don’t expect to be treated like a dog. Now, as my mother would say, ‘What’s the magic word?’”

“Finn, will you come with me, please. I would like to perform your biopsy now.” Dr Chapman wasn’t happy with being forced to be polite.

Finn got off the bed, “Lead the way, Doc.” Finn grinned.

Dr Chapman walked in silence, and Finn followed. They entered a sterile operating room, and Finn was instructed to lie on the table.

“Will you be knocking me out, Doctor?” Finn asked.

“No. It’ll be a local anaesthetic. I’ll swab your scrotum with an antiseptic to prevent infection, and then I’ll inject the local anaesthetic. You will feel a little discomfort and some pain as the needle enters your scrotum. It will take a matter of seconds for it to work and numb the area.”

“Thanks, Doctor.”

“First, we will require a semen sample to freeze it.” Dr Chapman said. “Please give yourself an erection and start to masturbate while I get the equipment ready. When you feel ready to ejaculate, let me know, and I’ll collect the semen.”

Finn had trouble gaining an erection in such a sterile environment, but he persevered. He started to think about Adam. The last time he wanked to images of Adam, he had an intense orgasm.

The nurse was watching him. It unnerved Finn as he had never wanked in front of a woman while she watched. He’d preferred to have a sexy young man watch him, but not Dr Chapman, who was too old.

Finn closed his eyes and thought of Adam. He thought about his bright red hair, his cute cock and his red pubes. Finn began to groan as he was surprised at how quickly his balls ached, and he felt like he was going to cum.

Finn stroked his cock quicker. “Doc, I’m going to cum.” He gasped.

Dr Chapman came over with a plastic cup. He passed it to Finn, “Catch your semen in this.” He placed the cup in Finn’s free hand.

Finn grabbed the cup and placed it over his cock as he began to shoot. He caught as much as he could, but about half escaped and wet his belly. Finn held the cup to Dr Chapman, who took it and wiped the sides of cum that dribbled down the sides.

“That will do nicely.” Dr Chapman handed the cup to the nurse. She took it and left the operating theatre to pass the sample to a team who would ensure it was catalogued, stored and frozen correctly.

She soon returned and took some swabs to clean up the cum that spilt over Finn’s body. She wiped down his belly and then cleaned his penis and scrotum. Finn didn’t respond to her touch. He stayed soft, having just cum.

“He’s ready for you, Doctor.” She said.

“Thank you, nurse.” Dr Chapman approached Finn and lifted his penis so he could see his scrotum. He swabbed Finn’s scrotum.

“That feels cold,” Finn said.

“It’s just the antiseptic.” Dr Chapman took the syringe that was handed to him by a nurse. He squeezed it until a small drop of fluid hung from the end of the long and fine tip. “I’m now going to inject the anaesthetic.” Dr Chapman took hold of Finn’s right testicle to hold it still. He brought the needle closer. “Okay, Finn. I’m going to inject you now.”

Finn winced as the needle penetrated his skin and sunk into his testicle. Dr Chapman pushed the plunger, injecting the anaesthetic into the testicle. He carefully pulled out the needle. He did the same to the left testicle. “That’s that done. I’ll wait a minute before taking the biopsy. How do you feel, Finn?”

“I feel fine, except for the needle. I don’t feel any pain.”

Dr Chapman palpated Finn’s testicle. “Can you feel that?”

“I don’t feel anything,” Finn said.

“Good. I will now perform the biopsy. If you don’t mind, Finn. I need to concentrate, but my nurse will tell you anything you need to know.”

Dr Chapman took a scalpel and made a cut in Finn’s scrotum. He swabbed the small amount of blood that appeared and pushed the testicle to the surface so he could see it. Using a different scalpel, Dr Chapman cut a small piece of the testicle and placed the sample onto the small glass dish beside him. Dr Chapman carefully stitched the testicle to close the section where he took the biopsy, and then he stitched the skin of the scrotum closed.

“That’s the right one done. I’m now going to do the same to the other one.”

Dr Chapman repeated the procedure and placed the sample of the testicle on the second glass dish.

“All done.”

“May I see?” Finn asked as he lifted himself onto his elbows.

Dr Chapman showed Finn the two tiny pieces of his flesh. They looked small and pale. “Now, when the anaesthetic wears off, you may feel sore or discomfort. Just ask a nurse to give you some Paracetamol. Let them know if they don’t work, and they will consult with me immediately. I can then prescribe some stronger painkillers.”

“Okay, Doctor. What am I going to do for the rest of the day?” Finn wondered.

“I have the school bringing in some revision for you. You can work on that until lunchtime.”

“Okay. But it is kind of boring being alone all the time.”

“Okay, Finn. I’ll look into it and see what we can do. In the meantime, please follow the nurse back to your room.”

Finn shuffled off the table and looked at his balls. He could see the tiny sutures, one on each side. He felt them but couldn’t feel anything. He was numb down below.

“Please remain from playing with yourself too much, you may break the stitches, and may I remind you not to masturbate.”

“Okay, Doc. No wanking.” Finn grinned.


Max didn’t care that he was naked below the waist as they left Finn at Cockaigne Pharma. He was too concerned for his brother to be modest. When they got home, he went straight upstairs to their room. He threw off his t-shirt and lay on Finn’s bed. But something didn’t feel right. He took a deep breath, and all he could smell was fabric softener. It dawned on Max that Finn mostly slept in his bed. He got up and swapped duvets. He now lay on Finn’s bed with his duvet over him. That smelt better. He could smell Finn. Max snuggled into the quilt, but something was missing. Someone was missing. Max reached down to hold his cock, he wanted to place it between Finn’s cheeks, but he wasn’t there. He had to settle with snuggling under the duvet and sniffing the scent. The fabric softener scent had faded. He could smell sweat, perhaps tears and possibly cum.

Max didn’t take off the bracelet that Finn gave him. He refused to remove unless he had to, like at school. He felt an empty place inside him. He tried to go to sleep, but it didn’t last long. He tossed and turned in bed until the duvet resembled a fabric tube Max had cocked his leg over.

When Lily and Owen went to bed, Lily looked in on Max. She was surprised that his bed was empty and noticed he was in Finn’s bed. His pale buttocks pointed at her momentarily, and then he groaned, twisted, and faced her.

“Are you awake, Max?” She whispered, not wanting to wake him if he was asleep.

Max groaned but gave no decipherable reply.

Lily gently closed the door and left him alone.

Max twisted again and pointed his pale arse to the door. He tried to sleep but kept waking up. He’d grown so used to Finn being in the same room as he slept, mainly in the same bed. It was like a part of him was missing.

“I love you, Min,” Max mumbled in his sleep.


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