Nocturnal Emissions
by David Heulfryn


Owen and Lily were fucking in the living room when Max and Finn got home.

“Dinner in five minutes!” She gasped as Owen caused her to orgasm.

Max and Finn grinned at each other and went up to their bedroom. Finn took his school uniform out of his bag and hung it up, hoping it wasn’t too creased.

“I can’t believe we were friends with the same person and didn’t realise,” Max said as he sat on his bed, watching Finn trying to get the creases out of his blazer.

“And I thought we told each other everything,” Finn said, giving up on his blazer and sitting next to Max.

“I suppose it has been a full-on few weeks. And with what happened to me, I suppose we were just preoccupied.”

The brothers heard their father cum, groaning and gasping.

“Sounds like dinner is ready.” Finn smiled, and the two naked brothers went back downstairs to sit at the dinner table.

They could see Lily’s moist labia as she placed two plates of chicken curry in front of them. Owen’s cock was still dripping  cum as he sat down, waiting for his dinner.

“Sorry to disturb you, Dad.” Finn grinned at his father.

“We don’t mind, do we, Love.” He smiled at Lily as she brought their dinner and placed it on the plain placemats.

“Not at all.” Lily sat down and started eating.

“Did you have a good time with your friend?” Owen asked.

“Yes, thanks. Eddie has this collection of figures he has painted himself. He’s got a steadier hand than I have. I could never paint like he does.” Finn shovelled in a chuck of chicken.

“When he concentrates, he can block out everything. It’s a skill I can’t do.” Max said.

“We would like to meet him,” Lily spoke between eating.

“His Mum was worried about Max being punished. She didn’t want her son hanging around the wrong sort. I must say I agree with her. A boy who gets caned within two weeks of starting school is bound to be a bad influence.” Finn grinned at Max.

“Me! A bad influence!” Max sounded incredulous.

“Yes. You, Max.” Finn giggled and interrupted his protestations.

“What did she think about you being punished?” Lily asked Max.

“Eddie explained, and I also explained. I took responsibility and said what had happened. His Mum seemed okay.”

“Good!” Lily was glad. “I’d hate for her to think one of my boys was a troublemaker.”

“Well, she knows I’m not a troublemaker.” Max smiled, “I don’t know about this one.” He nudged Finn in the ribs.

“Hey!” Finn protested, laughing. “I’m Coach Finn. I’m teaching him to swim and overcome his fear of water. I’m his hero.”

Owen and Lily both laughed.

“At least you’re not bigheaded.” Max chuckled.

Finn leaned over and rested his head on Max’s shoulder. “You’re not a bad influence, Max. I love you, Max. I’m proud of you. Eddie is proud of you, and Mum and Dad are proud of you.”

Owen placed his hand on Max’s other shoulder while Lily had to be content with smiling at her eldest son.

The brotherly banter ended, and their parents could see the glances between them, the looks of mutual respect and love.

When they finished eating, Lily cleared up and asked Max to help. It was a pretext to get him alone. Finn had gone up to their bedroom to start his homework.

“We are proud of you, Max,” Lily said as she loaded the dishwasher. “And we understand why you are in this position, and we trust you have learnt that no matter what, you shouldn’t fight, no matter what the provocation.”

“I do, Mum.” Max handed her more dirty dishes for the dishwasher. “It will never happen again.”

“Good boy, Max.” Lily smiled at him. “But I really wanted to talk to you about Finn. I want to remind you to try and get a sample during the night.”

“I will, Mum. But since I have to wear this,” Max held the metal cage that encased his cock and balls, “he doesn’t like sleeping with me. It digs into him.”

“Well, if he does, please try and get a sample.”

“I will, Mum. I promise.”

Lily smiled at Max, “Thanks, Max. Now go and do your homework.” She looked at Max’s bruised backside as he left to join Finn in their bedroom.


Finn put down his pen and told Max he would clean his teeth. It was almost their bedtime. Max finished the question he was working on and joined Finn in the bathroom. They stood side-by-side, foam growing around their mouths as they brushed. Finn spat and rinsed and waited for Max to finish.

“It’s your last night wearing that thing,” Finn said, nodding to the cock cage that his brother wore.

“I’ll be glad to get it taken off.” Max walked to their bedroom, followed by Finn. Max waited by the light switch and watched Finn. Finn didn’t want to sleep alone, as he got into Max’s bed. “I thought you found it uncomfortable sleeping with me while I’m wearing this thing.” Max slapped his cock cage, causing it to rock back and forth.

“I do, but I feel lonely when I sleep alone.”

Max turned off the light and slipped into bed behind Finn. He tried to keep his crotch away from Finn’s arse, but Finn wiggled back to feel contact.

“You’re not wearing a sock tonight,” Max mentioned.

“I can’t be bothered to get back up. I’m too comfortable.” Finn said softly, “Besides, I trust you. I know Mum reminded you to get a sample tonight.”

“I know.” Max reached over and took the empty jam jar from his bedside table. He placed it above his pillow so he could grab it quickly when Finn would undoubtedly wake him should he cum in his sleep. “Are you really not concerned about what’s happening?” Max asked.

“No. I don’t feel like there is anything wrong. The only problem is that I always go to sleep wondering if I will wake up in wet and cum stained sheets.”

“Well, I do my best to catch it all,” Max said.

“I know you do, and I’m grateful. Not every brother would do what you do. I love you, Max.”

“I love you, too, Min.” Max snuggled against his brother, kissed his bare shoulder, and drifted asleep.


Max didn’t know what time it was. All he knew was that he’d been woken up, and Finn was about to cum in his sleep.

He fumbled for the empty jam jar and tossed the duvet onto the floor. He gave Finn space to turn onto his back. He looked at Finn’s hard cock and slipped it into the jam jar. Max held it steady and then realised it was horizontal. If Finn came now, it would flow back out.

Max took hold of Finn’s cock and angled it across his hip to place the jar over the tip, and any cum would shoot into the jar and flow downwards. Max watched as Finn’s balls jumped and then felt Finn’s cock throb. He held the jar steady and watched as he shot into the jam jar.

“Fuck.” Max whispered. It was like his brother was pissing cum.

Finn groaned, and his cock stopped spewing cum. Max placed the jar on his bedside table and noticed dribbles of cum on Finn’s cock and hip. Max took some tissues and cleaned up his brother. He wiped the stray cum from his hip and wrapped the tissues around Finn’s hard cock. Finn moaned as he felt his cock being touched.

Max put the cummy tissues next to the jam jar. He looked at the sheer quantity of cum Finn had produced. The jar was over half full. He looked back at his younger brother, lying naked and still exposed on his bed. He looked at Finn’s softening cock and his loose testicles. There was no denying that the amount of cum he produced was abnormal, and seeing that jam jar hammered it home. Max now felt extremely worried. He picked up the duvet from the floor and placed it over Finn’s naked body. He sat on Finn’s bed, looking over at the lump in his bed that was his brother. Tears started to streak his face. He knew something was wrong. All sorts of things went through his mind. Could it be cancer? A genetic problem? Was he fertile, and could he have children if he wanted? But it was cancer that kept coming back to him. He wondered if Finn ever checked his testicles. He would ask him in the morning. Max knew that all young men should check their balls regularly. He reached down to try to feel his own balls, but all he could feel was the metal of the cage that encased them. He would check them this weekend when he had a shower.

Max wiped the tears from his cheeks and went back to bed. Finn fidgeted and pushed back against Max.

Max listened to the soft breaths of his brother. He wrapped his arms around him and didn’t want to let go. The image of a jam jar full of cum stayed in his mind as he fell asleep.


The alarm jolted the brothers awake. Finn squirmed against Max, who slipped out of bed and went into the bathroom.

“Wow!” The house heard Finn squeal.

Owen dashed out of bed and rushed into the boys’ bedroom, worried something was wrong.

“Look, Dad!” Finn held up the jar of cum to show his father.

Owen stood open-mouthed. He took the jar from Finn and held it up to his eyes. “Bloody hell, Finn. Is this all yours from one night?”

“I think so. Let’s ask Max.” Finn ran into the bathroom. “Max!” He was in the shower trying to clean his encased cock and balls. They were beginning to get itchy. “Did I cum that much last night?” Finn pulled the shower curtain aside to look at his brother.

Max grabbed the curtain and pulled it closed, “Yes!” He said firmly.

“It’s all mine, Dad!”

Lily had joined Owen in the brothers’ bedroom. She held the jar and was rolling it, watching the cum move. “It seems thinner than normal.” She sniffed it. “It smells okay,” she handed the jar to Owen to sniff.

“Yes, it smells and looks okay. It’s just much more than normal.”

“You’re just jealous, Dad.” Finn held his balls. “I have super-balls.”

“I’ll take it to Dr Wallace this morning.” She found the lid still on Max’s bedside table and screwed it on. “Go and have a shower, Finn.” She told her youngest son.

Lily took Owen back into their bedroom and closed the door.

“What do you think?” She asked him.

“I understand now why you are so concerned. I’ve never known anyone cum that much in one orgasm.”

“I know.” She whispered, “And he does that almost every night in his sleep.”

“When you drop off that sample, make a follow-up appointment, and I’ll go with you.” Owen hugged his wife. “I hope it’s nothing. I really do.”


Max was surprised to see Neil back in his uniform when he got to school. He walked over to him.

Neil laughed in his face. “It’s who you know, Queer-boy.” Neil grinned. “My Uncle got the Headmaster to reduce my punishment after what he made me do on Monday.”

“You’re such a coward, Neil. You can’t even take your punishment without crying to your Uncle.”

Neil’s goons rounded on Max. Trying to threaten him.

“Oh, fuck off.” Max told the goons, “Finish sucking off Neil. I’m going.” Max turned and walked away, finding Freddie and his friends.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Freddie told Max. “He’s such a wuss having to get a teacher to fight his battles.”

“He can go to hell, the worthless piece of shit.” Max snarled. “He’s not worth bothering about.”

“I bet you’re looking forward to getting rid of that today.” Freddie looked at Max’s crotch.

“Damn right.”

“Well, I know what you’ll be doing this weekend.” Freddie grinned, alluding to Max masturbating.

“Stuff that. I just want to wash properly. It’s making me itch, and I swear I’m starting to smell. I try to wash it in the shower, but I can only rinse it and can’t dry it properly.”

“I think you can get some special tools. Sticks with small sponges on the end to help you wash properly.” Freddie mentioned.

“And you only tell me now!” Max laughed, “The day it gets removed.”

“Sorry,” Freddie chuckled.

Max could see Eddie out of the corner of his eye. He was standing a short distance away, looking at Max and Freddie. He was rocking back and forth, building the courage to come over. Max beckoned him over.

“It’s good to see you, Eddie,” Freddie said first. “You know you can join us anytime? Even if Max isn’t here.”

“Thanks,” Eddie whispered.

“Any friend of Max is a friend of mine,” Freddie said, watching Eddie blush in embarrassment.

“Thanks, Freddie.” Max said, “Eddie was my first friend here, and he’s my best friend.”

Eddie now stood proud. He’d never had a best friend before.

The bell rang, and Eddie had to leave his best friend. “I’ll see you at lunch.” Max smiled at him. “Usual place.”

Eddie was pleased he wasn’t being pushed out now that Max had friends in his class.


At lunchtime, Max found Eddie wandering aimlessly around the playground. He looked anxious and unsettled.

“What’s wrong, Eddie.” Max went over to him.

“He’s sitting at our tree.” Eddie garbled. “He laughed at me when he saw me.”

Max hugged Eddie. He hoped it was the right thing to do and wouldn’t stress him even more. “Let’s go to the quiet room.”

Eddie remained agitated as they went back inside, explaining to the teacher guarding the door to keep the students outside that Eddie was stressed and needed to go inside. The teacher understood and let them pass.

Inside the quiet room, Eddie relaxed.

“He’s done it on purpose.” Eddie sat, rocking in his chair.

“I know. Just sit back and close your eyes, Eddie. Take deep breaths. Just concentrate on your breaths and nothing else.”

Max went through the breathing exercises that the school counsellor had taught him. It soon calmed Eddie, and they sat on the comfy chairs chatting. Max usually ate his lunch as they sat at their tree, but there was a strict no eating or drinking rule in the quiet room, so Max never got to eat his lunch. His stomach rumbled as the bell rang, indicating the lunch break was over.

“Thank you, Max,” Eddie said and instigated a hug. Eddie very rarely chose to touch other people. Max felt honoured that Eddie felt comfortable enough to reach out to him.

“Will you wait for me after school? We can walk home together. But I may be late as the Headmaster has to remove this.” Max gestured to his encased crotch.

“I’d like that.” Eddie left to go to his first class of the afternoon.


After the final bell rang, Max went to the Headmaster’s office. It was Friday afternoon, and the place looked deserted. The students had rushed to get as far away from school as possible, and it looked like some teachers did too. Max knocked on the Headmaster’s door.

Max listened but didn’t hear anything. He was about to knock again when the door was snatched open.

“Max, come in.” Mr Price sat at his desk, and Max stood opposite. “How has your week been?”

“I’ve coped alright. My friends have helped. The cane was painful, Sir. But I understand why you had to do it.”

“Well, it has certainly been an interesting week all around. I’m sure you saw Neil back in uniform today.”

“Yes, Sir,” Max said.

“Well, it seems you and I picked a fight with the wrong boy.”

“Sir?” Max was confused.

“Neil has some powerful relatives here in Cockaigne, and they think I went too far with his punishment, especially what happened on Monday.”

“I know his Uncle is a teacher, Sir. But you’re the Headmaster, Sir.”

“I may be the Headmaster, Max. But there are people above me. The school governors for one, and the town council for another.”

“I didn’t realise, Sir.”

“Neil has family on the Board of Governors and the Town Council. They instructed me to reduce his punishment. They also weren’t happy with your punishment. They thought I’d been too lenient.”

“Are you going to give me extra punishment, Sir?” Max felt like crying. He didn’t want to be caned in front of the school again. He was tired of being naked and cold and unable to wash or go to the toilet properly.

“They want me to, Max.” He noticed Max shudder. “But I refused.”

“Thank you, Sir.” Max felt relieved. He allowed a tear to roll down his cheek.

“I’m telling you this because you need to know that you can’t win against Neil. Even I have pressure brought to bear and can’t discipline him too much. They know he is a loose cannon, but he is protected. He is the great-grandson of the original landowner that bequeathed his estate and fortune to create this town. His family name may not carry power, but it does carry influence.”

“I had no idea, Sir.”

“So please be careful around him. I don’t want to have to punish you again. I truly didn’t take any pleasure from it. I don’t believe you are a bad person. I see something inherently good about you. Your concern for Eddie over yourself was an illustration of that.”

“Thank you, Sir. I intend to stay as far away from Neil as possible.”

“Good lad. I hope this week hasn’t ruined the illusion of living in Cockaigne?

“No, Sir. We all knew it could happen, and I momentarily lost control. But I’ve made some good friends and wouldn’t have if I hadn’t let my disagreement with Neil get out of hand. I also realise he will be pushing me as far as he can from now on. I’m ready for it and am more in control, Sir.”

“Good, now come round here.” Mr Price instructed Max to stand in front of him. He took a small key from his desk drawer and unlocked the device encasing Max’s genitals.

Max felt better when the device was removed.

“Feel free to touch yourself.” Mr Price told Max.

Max grabbed his crotch and waggled his bits to get fresh air around them. He caught a strange odour and sniffed his hand. “I’ll be glad to be able to shower properly.”

“Now get out of here, Max, and enjoy your weekend.”

“Thank you, Sir.” Max walked to the door and was about to leave when Mr Price got his attention again.

“And, Max?” He turned to look at the Headmaster, “Stay out of trouble.” They smiled at each other, and Max was relieved when he closed the heavy wooden door.

As Max walked to the school gates, he saw the three best friends a teenage boy could have, Finn, Eddie and Freddie. They all stood together, waiting for Max. He was surprised Eddie felt comfortable with the others.

“Free at last.” Max grinned at his friends. “I’m so glad you all waited.”

“Well,” Finn grinned, “I only waited because I wanted to see your cock again. It’s been a week. I’ve forgotten how small it is.”

“Hey, Finn.” Freddie scowled, “That’s not cool. You shouldn’t make fun of your brother’s cock.”

“It’s alright, Freddie. I know he doesn’t mean it.” Max smiled.

“It’s bigger than mine.” Finn giggled and pushed his trousers down to reveal his flaccid cock.

Eddie took off his blazer and draped it over Max’s shoulders.

“Thanks, Eddie. Let’s get moving. The first thing I do when I get in is…”

“Have a wank?” Freddie grinned.

“Have a couple of wanks?” Finn giggled.

Max laughed. “No, you idiots. I’m going to have a shower. My crotch smells ripe.”

“I wondered what that smell was.” Freddie laughed, “I thought it was Finn.”

“You cheeky bastard.” Finn nudged Freddie.

Eddie looked nervously at Max.

Max smiled at him to reassure him that everything was alright. He didn’t understand the banter between the teenagers.

Freddie was first to go his separate way. Then it was Eddie. Max thanked Eddie for his support and said they would find a new place to have lunch on Monday. He took off Eddie’s blazer and gave it back to him.

“You are still my best friend, Eddie.” Max smiled at him.

“Thanks, Eddie,” Finn said. “You really are his best friend.”

Eddie giggled and walked away.


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  1. OMG David, you are turning out the chapters almost faster than we can read and comment. I didn’t check for a few days and had to catch up on 3 chapters. Not that I am complaining of course.

    So we found out a bit more about Neil. He has connections. This will make things unfiar for the rest, but I guess (hope) you’ll have something in mind for him to push him from his throne. In an earlier chapter it seemed Max and his friends were making ground on that front. Neil had no reply on their comments and walked off.

    Now about Finn. The whole family seemed in shock about the amount of cum that boy produces. You wrote he filled almost half of a jam jar. I hope for Finn you were talking about a 150gr jar and not the 500gr jar. Although thinking about it, half of a 150gr jar is still a rediculous amount.

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  2. David, I’m hoping there is just some sort of time lag between your new chapters & the states. If that is not the case , I wish you a speedy recovery.

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    1. Thanks, John. I appreciate your words. I did go through a deep bout of depression at the beginning of August. Returning to Sweden could not even lift me out of it. Thankfully, I recovered a few days before I went and feel much better now.

      Strangely, since coming back from my holiday in Wales in July, I’ve not managed to write much. The break has broken my flow. It’s a good job I have several future parts already written.

      I’m hoping I can now get back to writing about the brothers and bring the saga to a satisfying close.

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