Finn’s Amazing Prostate
by David Heulfryn


Finn woke covered in cum again. He assumed the grumpy nurse had taken a sample while he slept. He went into the bathroom to shower, and like yesterday, a breakfast tray awaited him. He ate alone and in silence.

The stained bedsheet from his nocturnal emission was still damp. He couldn’t lie down until they had changed it unless he wanted to lie in his cum. He looked at his school books and sighed. He was so bored he was considering doing some schoolwork.

Finn put his breakfast tray on his bed and pulled out his English book. He had an essay to write about the play ‘An Inspector Calls’. He picked up the book and started to read. He flicked through, reminding himself of what it was about. But it didn’t help; he would have to read the entire play tonight.

The nurse burst into the room and told Finn it was time for his procedure.

“Still not knocking, I see,” Finn said, not even turning around to look at her.

She glared at the back of Finn’s head.

Finn pushed back on his chair and rose to his feet. “Okay. Show the way.” He was slightly nervous about what was going to happen.

The nurse took Finn to a small room with an examination table and an en suite toilet.

“Up on the table, lie on your side facing the wall and bring your legs up to your chest.” She told him.

“Is this the enema?” Finn asked.

“Yes. I’m going to squeeze the fluid into your rectum. I need you to remain still and hold the fluid inside you for as long as possible. It’s designed to encourage a bowel movement as the Doctor needs your rectum clean for the biopsy. When you feel you can’t hold it in anymore, use the toilet next door. You will probably have the urge to go more than once. I’ll be back in half an hour to collect you for the biopsy.”

Finn was on the table, pointing his bare arse at the nurse. She took the enema and placed some lubricant on the end.

“Okay, I’m going in.” The nurse smiled and pushed the enema inside Finn’s arse.

Finn felt the liquid enter him. He immediately felt the urge to expel the fluid, but he resisted. “Squeeze tight.” She slapped Finn’s arse as she withdrew the enema tube. “I’ll be back shortly. Keep it in as long as possible for it to work properly.”

Finn scrunched his eyes and squeezed his arse closed, trying to keep in the liquid she pumped inside him. He stayed as still as possible but desperately needed to push out the fluid and everything else inside his bowels.

He waited as long as possible before dashing to the toilet and pushing everything out. It sounded like diarrhoea, and Finn groaned as he released the pressure in his bowels. The liquid was gone, but the urge wasn’t. His bowels continued to spasm and expel their contents. Finn spent ten minutes on the toilet until he felt empty, and the spasms ceased.

The nurse appeared and waited by the door. She told him to clean himself up and to follow her. It was time for the biopsy.

Finn lay on the examination table and placed his feet in the stirrups. He was lying flat on his back, his legs spread and raised to expose his arsehole and cock and balls.

Dr Chapman entered the room, snapping on some latex gloves.

“Good morning, Finn. Nice to see you.” The Doctor looked between the boy’s legs as he spoke. “Now, you know what will happen, so please try to relax.”

Beside Finn was a trolley. On the top were all the equipment and instruments the Doctor needed. He picked up a syringe, pointed the thin needle to the ceiling and squeezed the plunger a little until he saw a drop of liquid emerge.

He sat at the end of the table, between Finn’s legs. “I’m going to inject a local anaesthetic into your perineum. Do you know what that is, Finn?”

“The bit between my balls and arsehole,” Finn said.

“Okay,” Dr Chapman grabbed Finn’s cock and balls and lifted them out of the way. “Now you will feel a little prick.” Finn giggled but winced as he felt the needle penetrate his skin. “It should start to feel numb in a few moments.”

“That fucking hurt,” Finn gasped at the pain.

“Don’t worry, that’s the worst part, I promise.” Dr Chapman prodded Finn’s perineum and asked if he could feel anything. He couldn’t. Dr Chapman took the anal ultrasound probe, placed some thick, clear lubricant on the tip and started to push the probe into Finn’s tight arse.

“I can feel that,” Finn stated.

“Do you feel any pain?” The Doctor asked.

“Not pain. Just pressure, and I feel bunged up.”

“Good, that’s perfect.” The ultrasound was activated, and Dr Chapman kept his eyes on the small screen that displayed the graining image. “Your prostate looks perfectly normal on the ultrasound. The right size for your age and no abnormal structures.” Dr Chapman looked at the trolley and picked up one of the biopsy needles. “Nurse, lift his testicles out of the way, please.”

This was unexpected. She wasn’t wearing gloves and didn’t have time to pull some on. She grabbed Finn’s balls in her bare hands and lifted them to give the Doctor an unobstructed view of his perineum.

“I going to take the first biopsy now. Tell me immediately if you feel any pain, but you should feel pressure as I push the needle in.” Without waiting, he pushed in the needle and watched its progress on the screen. He adjusted it until he reached the part of the prostate he was interested in. “How do you feel, Finn?”

“Fine, I don’t have any pain. I just feel someone rummaging inside me.”

“Good. That’s what I like to hear.”

Dr Chapman took his first sample and pulled out the needle. Using a fresh needle, he went in again, but not before the nurse wiped the tiny spot of blood that seeped out where the first needle broke his skin.

Finn could sense the second needle going in. He couldn’t understand it, but he felt his cock harden. The nurse, holding his cock and balls out the way, frowned at him. But it didn’t make his cock deflate. Finn groaned. The nurse adjusted her grip on his balls to ensure she wasn’t inadvertently stimulating him. She looked at him and saw his eyes roll until only the whites were visible.

“I think he’s heading for another involuntary ejaculation, Doctor.” She warned him.

Dr Chapman withdrew the needle and looked at the screen. He watched intently. “Release his balls, Nurse.” He said.

The nurse watched Finn as his cock engorged and his balls jerked inside their scrotum.

Dr Chapman watched as Finn’s prostate engorged. His jaw dropped as it kept blowing up and filled with seminal fluid. It looked ready to burst.

Finn groaned. The nurse watched his cock spew cum up his body, hitting his chin and soaking his torso. The Doctor watched his prostate throb on the screen until it returned to its normal size.

As Finn was coming down from his ejaculation and coming back to his senses, Dr Chapman grabbed a fresh needle and quickly took a biopsy of Finn’s freshly used prostate.

The nurse took a sample of Finn’s semen and placed it on the trolley next to the used biopsy needles. She still hadn’t put on gloves, and her fingers were smeared with his cum.

“That was amazing.” Dr Chapman was honoured to be able to watch Finn’s prostate as it came. He withdrew the ultrasound probe from his anus, which caused Finn to moan at the loss of sensation. “Clean him up, nurse. I’m going to examine these immediately.” Dr Chapman rushed from the examination room, eager to study the fresh biopsies and cum.

The nurse remained with a recovering Finn. She took some paper towel and soaked up the cum from his chest and belly. She checked between his legs and dabbed away the tear of blood from his latest biopsy. She helped Finn into a sitting position. “Do you feel well enough to walk?” She asked.

“I’ll be fine.” Finn jumped from the table. He felt his knees bend, but he stayed on his feet.

“Let’s get you back to your room, have a rest and shower. I’ll check in on you in an hour.”

“Thanks.” Finn was grateful to hold onto her arm as they walked back.

Finn collapsed on his bed and was glad to get some sleep.

Max was eager to see Finn after school. He wanted to ensure he was alright after the biopsy. He met up with Adam and Scott at the school gates, but there was no sign of Eddie. Adam mentioned that Eddie couldn’t come with them today as his mother wanted him home. Max suspected she was worried about him being out after school so often. It was not his normal behaviour.

Finn was waiting for them. He had showered after he woke up and was no longer smelling of stale cum. He hugged them when they entered.

“School is getting so boring without you, Finn.” Adam smiled. “I think the teachers are also missing your cheeky smile.”

“So I’m not fun anymore.” Scott pouted at Adam.

“I’m just teasing.” Adam slapped Scott on the back. “You’ll always be my best mate, Scott.”

Finn took Max aside and left his friends teasing each other.

“Any plans to see James this weekend?” Finn asked.

“No, I told him not to come as I’ll be coming to see you.” Max sighed, “How was it this morning?”

Finn giggled. “I came again while on the table. He stuck a probe up my arse, and I had another one of those waking emissions.” Finn leant closer to whisper, “I can understand why you enjoyed James fucking you. That probe was almost as thick as a cock, and it felt fantastic when he stuck it up there.”

“Don’t get used to it, Min. I think you’re too young for a full-on relationship.”

Finn gave his brother a cheeky smile. “I’d need a boyfriend first.”

“Exactly.” Max agreed.

“But seriously, Max. Don’t stop James coming just because of me. I don’t expect you to visit me every day. Mum and Dad will come, you can have some private time with James. I don’t know when they’ll let me out of here, and you can’t keep up this schedule. Perhaps only one of you should come each day.”

“But I miss you, Min,” Max whispered. “I feel so lonely when I’m in our room, and you’re not there.”

“I miss you too, but I bet you’re wanking more. I know you don’t like to when I’m there.”

“I’m not, actually. I’ve not wanked since you came here.”

“Look, Max. Get James over, enjoy some alone time and forget about me for the weekend. Mum and Dad can have the chore of visiting, and I’ll see what Adam and Scott are doing.” Finn looked around the room, “Where’s Eddie, by the way?”

“He couldn’t come. His Mum wanted him home.”

“Tell him I missed him but understand why he couldn’t come.”

“I will. He seems… “ Max thought a moment, “he seems to be going back in on himself. Neil has nicked our meeting place just to spite us, that unsettled him as well, and I know he misses you teaching him to swim. I try to help him, but we can’t find another private place just to be alone and talk, or not if he doesn’t want to. The teachers don’t like us using the quiet room too often. I just think it’s too much change for him to cope.”

“I know you’ll do your best,” Finn told his brother.

“You need to get out of here, Min.” Max sounded frustrated. “How was the biopsy this morning?” He asked.

“Fine. They numbed me down below and stuck needles into me. I can feel where the needles went in, but other than that, I’m not in any pain. They haven’t told me if they found anything.”

“Mum said she’d ring them this afternoon, but I’ve heard nothing.”

“More waiting, I suppose,” Finn said. “Let’s do some work. I need to keep my mind busy.”

Scott and Max sat opposite Finn and Adam. The group looked like any group of studious schoolboys, except that Finn was naked.

Adam was helping Finn with his English essay of the play, ‘An Inspector Calls’. As time went by, they sat closer together.

Scott nudged Max in the ribs, “He won’t stop talking about him, you know.”

“Who? Adam?” Max whispered.

“Yes.” Scott sighed, “I know he’s my best mate, but sometimes it gets too much. And then he gets so excited when we walk here after school.”

“Finn can get under your skin. He’s that kind of boy. It’s why I love him.”

“He is great. And nothing seems to embarrass him. He came in the middle of class and didn’t care.”

“I can’t count the number of times he’s spunked over me in bed…” Max went quiet.

“You guys sleep together?” Scott whispered so low that Max only understood him by lip reading.

“It’s not like that. Don’t tell anybody. I shouldn’t have said anything. It started when he was younger and was scared to go to sleep. I used to hug him, and he’d drop off in my arms. Now we’re older… we have got used to it. Please don’t tell anyone. If it got around the school, it would kill me. Finn wouldn’t care, but I’d be teased.”

“I won’t.” Scott rested his hand on Max’s knee to reassure him.

“Thanks, Scott.”

“What are you two whispering about!” Finn raised his voice which made Max and Scott jump.

“Nothing, just talking about school.” Max looked sheepish. He was never any good at lying.

“If you say so, Max.” Finn looked dubious and turned to Adam, “I think Scott is hitting on my brother.”

“No way!” Adam protested, “Scott’s straight. I think, despite flirting with that young man on reception. He’s a big flirt. Perhaps he’s bi.” He looked questionably at his friend.

Finn stood up and wiggled his hips, showing off his soft cock and swinging it from side to side. “He may have been, but once you’ve seen this, it’s enough to turn anybody.”

Adam laughed. “I’ve seen nicer cocks than yours, Finn.”

“But mine is special. You are dying to know what it feels like for me to cum all over you.”

“You wish, you dirty perv.” Max grinned.

Finn’s cock stopped swinging as it grew hard. It pointed at Scott. Finn was tempted to start wanking, but he was under strict order not to. Adam looked at Finn’s cock and smiled.

“Too bad they won’t let you wank. I would have loved to see you shower Scott with cum.” Adam laughed.

“Ergh!” Scott was disgusted. “I don’t want to have to think about that.”

“Sit down, Finn. And put that thing away. You need to finish your essay.” Max stopped the teasing, and they settled back down to work.


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