Diurnal Emissions
by David Heulfryn


Max was still buzzing from spending the weekend with his boyfriend, although he was disappointed when he had to take off his bracelet to go to school. Finn was buzzing because he didn’t have a wet dream last night. He hoped it was finally stopping. The brothers met Eddie on the street corner for the rest of the walk to school. He could tell that his friends were uncharacteristically happy for a Monday morning.

Eddie sat with Finn during lessons. It was the first time he hadn’t sat alone, and Finn was pleased. Eddie seemed more comfortable being around Finn and his other friends, Adam and Scott. But it was during the second lesson of the day, as Finn sat listening to the maths teacher, Mr Johnson, that Finn’s world shattered.

Finn listened to Mr Johnson as he went through a worked example of how to solve simultaneous equations. He copied down each step and made notes. Mr Johnson called on random students to suggest the next steps. The next student he asked was Finn.

“Once we have rearranged the first equation and got x as a function of y, what do we do next?” He looked at Finn, who didn’t respond. “Mr Fletcher, what would you do next?”

Finn’s eyes glazed over, and some of the class looked at him, wondering why he wasn’t answering.

“Finn?” Mr Johnson sounded concerned and noticed Eddie gently nudge him with his elbow. But Finn looked to be in a world of his own.

Finn groaned and started to breathe heavier.

“Are you alright, Finn?” Mr Johnson started to be concerned.

Finn kept groaning, his breathing becoming staccato.

“It sounds like he’s going to cum.” Someone said from the back of the room.

Mr Johnson ignored his and went over to Finn’s desk. He looked at Eddie, hoping he might have a clue as to what was happening. Eddie shook his head.

The entire class were now looking at Finn. He looked to be in a trance.

Some students laughed as Finn moaned and whispered, “Oh yes,” under his breath. The breathing became shallower, and Finn thrashed his head from side to side. “Oh, God.” He moaned.

People were giggling, and some boys looked underneath Finn’s desk. “I knew it. He’s got a hard-on. It’s twitching in his trousers.”

“Everyone back to their seats.” Mr Johnson tried to get control of the class. They grumbled as they were forced back to their seats. “Is he epileptic?” Mr Johnson looked at Eddie, then Adam, when he shrugged.

Finn seemed oblivious to everything around him as he sat bolt upright, moaning and groaning. Then his breathing quickened, and Finn took a deep, long and slow breath.

One boy pretended to pick up his pen from the floor and looked under the desk at the throbbing bulge in Finn’s trousers. He giggled, “He’s cumming.” He declared as he watched a damp patch appear in the crotch of Finn’s black trousers. He kept watching. “Fucking hell, is he cumming or pissing his pants?” The wet patch continued to grow and become saturated. Cum was now seeping through, and the white fluid congealed around the zip of his fly.

Finn slowly regained his senses and noticed everyone was looking at him. He felt his cock twitch, and he looked down at his wet crotch. “What happened?” Finn wondered.

Mr Johnson crouched down by Finn to be at his eye level. “You went into some sort of trance, and it looks like you ejaculated in your trousers.”

“What?” Finn looked worried. He felt his wet crotch and sniffed his hand. It was definitely cum. “What happened to me?” He looked at Eddie, who was gently rocking back and forth to soothe himself.

“I think I should take you to the school nurse.” Mr Johnson took Finn’s books from his desk and packed them into his bag. “Come with me.” He told Finn, “The rest of you open your textbooks and start the questions on simultaneous equations. I don’t want you to make any noise.”

Mr Johnson left with Finn. When they reached the school nurse, Finn sat on the examination table while Mr Johnson explained what had happened. The nurse was a middle-aged lady who listened intently. When Mr Johnson left to get back to his class, she looked at Finn.

“I’m going to call your mother. What happened to you doesn’t sound right. Were you touching yourself beforehand?” She asked him.

“No. I didn’t. I would do anything like that at school.” Finn said.

“Okay, Finn. Wait here, and I’ll call your Mum.” She left him alone, his mind racing and wondering what had happened and why it happened. It was like he had a wet dream, but he was awake. He started to feel uncomfortable and stood up to look for some tissues to soak up his cum and dry his crotch. He found some hand towels and pulled his trousers and tight white briefs down. He wiped his crotch, but due to the volume of cum, it had seeped deep between his legs.

Finn spread his legs and leaned forward to wipe his crotch. The nurse came back into the room and saw Finn’s exposed arse.

“Do you need any help?” She asked.

“I’ll be fine. It’s gone everywhere. I wish I could have a shower and change my clothes.”

“Your Mum will be here soon.”

Finn cleaned up the best he could, but they felt damp and cold when he pulled up his briefs. He squirmed and decided to take his trousers and briefs off altogether.

The nurse put paper towels on a chair and told him to sit. Finn felt embarrassed, not with being naked, but leaving damp patches wherever he sat.

The first thing that Lily did when she arrived was to hug her son. The second thing was to tell him to put his trousers back on as she was taking him to see Dr Wallace.

Lily and Finn were ushered directly in to see Doctor Wallace. Another man was with him. He was introduced as Cockaigne Pharma’s Clinical Director, Dr Roger Chapman.

“The school has advised us of what happened.” Dr Wallace asked Finn to remove his clothes and lie on the examination table.

“What’s wrong with him, Doctor? Having wet dreams is one thing, but spontaneously ejaculating while awake… I’ve never heard of anything like it.” Lily sounded extremely concerned and went to hold Finn’s hand as he lay on the examination table. “And why is Dr Chapman here?”

Dr Wallace evaded her question and began to examine Finn. “Let’s give Finn a quick examination first.” He held Finn’s testicles and felt them. He couldn’t feel anything of concern. He did another ultrasound and still found nothing. “You weren’t aroused at all and playing with yourself before it happened?” Dr Wallace asked.

“He’s already said he didn’t. My son doesn’t wank in his maths lessons.” Lily interrupted.

Finn smiled when he heard his mother say ‘wank’. She usually used the more clinical word, masturbation.

“Witnesses say Finn went into some sort of trance.” Dr Chapman stated. “Has Finn ever displayed tendencies to glaze over or become unresponsive when asked questions?”

“Nothing like that!” Lily was getting worked up, “What’s wrong with him, Doctors?” She pleaded.

“We’ll be honest with you, Mrs Fletcher.” Dr Chapman took a deep breath, “We have no idea. We’ve examined the semen samples we took of Finn, and everything seems normal. The semen consists of the standard ratio of constituents. The only abnormal thing is the quantity.”

“But it’s not normal to ejaculate in school without touching yourself,” Lily said.

“No, Mrs Fletcher, it is not.” Dr Chapman admitted.

“So what do we do?” Lily was exasperated that the two Doctors in the room had no answers.

“I would like to take him in for observation.” Dr Chapman said to Dr Walace.

“Just Finn?”

“Yes, for the moment.” Dr Chapman.

“What do you mean?” Lily interrupted, “Observation for what. And why only Finn. You make it sound like others have had similar symptoms.”

Dr Wallace approached Lily. “I know of two other adolescent boys who have presented with ejaculating excessive semen, but none of them has presented with having Diurnal Emissions.”

“What do you mean? What are Diurnal Emissions?” Lily asked.

“Nocturnal Emissions are when a man or boy ejaculates in his sleep. The only term I can use to describe what is happening to Finn is Diurnal Emissions. Diurnal simply means during the day. So this would describe the act of a man or boy spontaneously ejaculating during the day.” Dr Wallace explained.

“So this is happening to other boys. Is it a virus?” Lily asked.

“We simply do not know, Mrs Fletcher. That’s why I would like Finn to come to spend some time under observation.” Dr Chapman said flatly.

“Observation! What do you want to see? How long? What about his schoolwork?”

As the adults talked, no one noticed Finn. His eyes glazed over, and his cock went rigid. It twitched and throbbed without being touched. Finn gasped, and all three adults turned to look at him.

Lily rushed over to Finn. She grabbed his hand; his arm was relaxed and pliant. “Finn? Can you hear me? What’s happening?”

Finn didn’t respond, and the two Doctors looked on with interest. Occasionally Finn’s arms or legs would spasm, his cock flinch, and his precum dribble the amount an ordinary boy would cum. He would groan, and his breathing would alter.

Lily felt his forehead; he was clammy. She kissed his forehead, “Finn.” She whispered, “I wish I could help you.” She cried and looked at the impassionate Doctors. “Please help him!” She pleaded as they watched Finn shudder, and his cock piss cum up his body. Lily stroked his hair as Finn came around.

Finn groaned when he noticed he had ejaculated again.

“Do you remember anything, Finn?” Dr Wallace asked. “Can you remember what you were thinking about?”

“I can’t remember anything, Doc. I was just lying here listening to you all talking about me. The next thing I remember was you all stood around me looking as scared as hell.”

“Finn?” Lily kissed his hand. “Do you feel okay?”

“I feel fine, Mum. Except I’m all wet.” Finn smiled. Lily tried to smile to mask her concern, but it didn’t fool him. “I really do feel fine.”

“Do you feel anything in your testicles? Do they hurt? Ache? Your penis? Do you feel any pain?”

“Nothing, Doc.” Finn looked at DrWallace, “Except for being covered in my cum, I don’t feel any different to when I woke up this morning.”

Doctor Chapman approached Finn and wiped some cum onto his fingers. He smelt it, played with it, checking the consistency. He reached down and felt Finn’s testicles.

Finn winced.

“Does that hurt?” Dr Chapman asked.

“Of course, it hurts. You’re squeezing too hard. Your hands aren’t nutcrackers, you know.”

Dr Chapman cast a glance at Dr Wallace. “I need to take him with me for observation.”

“You’re not taking him anywhere unless I know what’s going on.” Lily blurted out, placing herself physically between them and Finn.

Dr Chapman ignored Lily, “I’m willing to invoke ‘Section 2, Clause 4’ of the public safety act. That gives me the authority to quarantine any citizen or visitor of Cockaigne that I determine a potential threat to public health.”

Lily became agitation, and Finn sat up. He looked angry. “There is nothing fucking wrong with me. The only pain I have ever felt is when you squeezed my balls so hard like you were juicing an orange.”

“You can’t do that!” Lily glared at Dr Chapman. “My son is not a threat to anyone.”

Dr Wallace frowned at Dr Chapman. “Will you please leave me a moment with my patient?” He ushered Dr Chapman from the room.

“I’ve very sorry, Mrs Fletcher.” Dr Wallace took some paper towels and handed them to Finn. “Perhaps you’d like to clean yourself up.” He looked back at Lily, “And with Dr Chapman out of the room, perhaps we can discuss this.”

Finn winced as he cleaned his scrotum. His testicles did feel tender, but he wasn’t going to tell the Doctor.

“Mrs Fletcher.” They sat by the Doctor’s desk as Finn wiped the cum from his body. “The absolute truth is that we have no idea what is happening to Finn. Yes, other boys have shown some of his symptoms, but none present with anything we know how to treat. We don’t know if anything unusual is happening to the boys or if it is normal for them. I know Dr Chapman isn’t very… empathetic. But I do agree. I think it would be in Finn’s best interest to spend some time at Cockaigne Pharma under observation. They have specialist Doctors and can do more thorough investigations.”

“He’s never been away from home before.” Lily wept. “Would we be able to see him, visit him?”

“You can see him whenever you want. As long as he’s not in the middle of tests, nothing is stopping you from seeing him. And I can contact the school to get work sent to ensure he keeps up.”

“Nooo!” Finn whined at the thought of getting schoolwork sent to him.

“Can we talk about it?” Lily asked. “Let his Dad and brother know. See what they think.”

“I fear not, Mrs Fletcher.” Sr Wallace sighed. “Dr Chapman seems determined to take him now.”

“That must mean he thinks there is something serious.”

“Not exactly. He is just being over cautious.”

Finn stood beside Lily, who was seated, and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. “I’m fine, Mum. But if they want to observe my beautiful body, who am I to refuse.”

Lily smiled wanly. She knew Finn was making light of the situation to try and make her feel better. But the way he said it, she knew he was also becoming concerned.

“Are you sure, Sweetie?” Lily looked through moist eyes.

“I’m sure. It’s better to be safe than sorry.” Finn sounded grown up.

“Okay,” Lily looked at Dr Wallace, “But I want to know where they are taking him. I will need a number I can call to contact him any time of day or night and a contact number for the person responsible. I also want to know what they will do before they do so I can consent to any procedure.”

Dr Wallace smiled, “Very sensible.”

“His father will be home at six. Will we be able to visit Finn at half past and see whoever is responsible for his care.”

“I’m sure it can be arranged. But may I suggest that you agree to them performing non-invasive tests in the meantime. Blood pressure, temperature, blood oxygen levels, and pulse rate. The only invasive procedure I suggest you initially agree to is blood tests.”

“Okay, I agree.” Lily said, “Are you okay with that, Finn?” She turned to look at her son.

“Anything is fine by me if it gets me out of school.” Finn smiled, but Lily knew he didn’t mean it. “But I do have one condition,” Finn said.

“What’s that?” Dr Wallace asked.

“Can I please have a shower as soon as I get there? I’m covered in dried cum.”

Dr Wallace chuckled. “I’m sure that would be okay.”

Lily cried when Dr Chapman took Finn away. He stayed naked, and Lily held his bundled uniform in her hands. She kissed Finn on the lips, saying she would see him later and bring his Dad and Max with her. Finn told his mother to say to them not to worry. She sniffed his uniform, smelling his unique scent. She knew she’d see him again in a few hours, but it didn’t stop her crying. She was worried. She would miss him. She didn’t like that she was no longer responsible for his care. She was useless for the rest of the day. She couldn’t concentrate on anything other than what might be happening to Finn. She shuddered when the front door slammed. Max was home.

“Mum!” He shouted from the hallway. Lily sighed. She knew that he knew something was wrong. “What’s going off? Eddie said Finn was taken out of school. No one will tell me anything.” Max went into the living room. He saw his mother sitting on a chair. She had Finn’s school uniform beside her.

“Finn was taken to the Doctor. He had some sort of fit in school and ejaculated involuntarily. It was like he had a wet dream while awake.”

“So what did the Doctor say? Where’s Finn? Is he in our room?” Max wanted to go upstairs to see his brother.

“He’s not upstairs, Max. He’s not home.” Lily stopped him from bolting upstairs.

“Where is he, Mum?” Max asked.

“They’ve taken him for observation. He’s at Cockaigne Pharma, and they want to run some tests.”

“What tests, Mum? When can we see him? When’s he coming home?”

“I don’t know. We’re going to see him when your Dad gets home.” Lily started to shake before controlling herself.

“Does he have his phone with him? Can I call him?” Max was concerned.

“No, he went with them naked.” Lily picked up Finn’s uniform and rummaged through the pockets. She gave it to Max. “Take it upstairs and make sure it’s fully charged. We’ll give it to him when we see him. Take the charger as well. What else could he need?” Lily asked.

“Toothbrush. He could do with a wash bag for some shower gel.”

“Get all his school books together, we don’t know how long he’ll be in the hospital, and they said the school would give him work to do.”

“That sounds like you expect him to be there for some time.” Max sounded worried.

“I just don’t know, Max.”

“I’ll get his things together,” Max said softly and slowly went upstairs to their bedroom.

Max sat on his bed, looking across at Finn’s bed. He missed him. Max reached onto his bedside table and picked up the bracelet Finn had bought for him. He put it on and looked at the engraving. ‘Max and Min Forever’. Max rubbed his finger across the inscription and looked back at Finn’s bed. It was stupid. Max knew that. Finn hardly ever slept in his own bed. He usually slept with Max. But the room seemed emptier than usual.


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