Leo Makes a New Friend
by David Heulfryn


I was feeling elated after my impromptu bath with Archie and was even more surprised with myself that I let him shave off my body hair, what little I actually did have. I loved it when he touched me and him wanking me off until I came over his face was just the best feeling in the world.

Archie seemed a little preoccupied afterwards, and I left him alone to have a nap, I know the morning chores on the farm are tiring. But I hoped he wasn’t feeling guilty about what had happened. I wasn’t, and I didn’t want him to either. If anything, I loved him more than I had ever done, despite him always teasing me for being younger and smaller than him. Although I’m seventeen now, I don’t expect to grow taller so suspect he will have always have an extra few inches on me.

My balls and pubis were feeling itchy. I scratched myself and left red lines on my skin that faded quickly. I slipped on some football shorts, not bothering with underwear, and went downstairs. Dad was just coming in from outside, and he was putting his wallet and keys into a small bag to wear over his shoulder; there were no pockets to keep things in when you had to stay naked for a month.

“I’m glad you’re here now. I have no idea how you can stay in bed for so long when me and your brother are busy working.” Dad smiled at me.

I stopped in the kitchen doorway, and I started to feel guilty for not helping out as much as I should. Dad checked his wallet still had money in it.

“I’m just off to see that lad I scared in the woods. See if he wants to come on over and see what we do. I wondered if you wanted to come with me; you’re close to his age. He may find it less intimidating if you’re with me than meeting a big, fat, naked, hairy bloke.”

“You’re not fat,” I told him. “Just a little bit chunky. And from what I hear, the middle-aged woman loves a chunky man.”

“But, alas, not this one.” He gestured at his body. “So how about it, Leo? Take pity on your old man and come with me.”

I didn’t really want to go, but I agreed to assuage my guilt for not being as helpful as I could be, and ran upstairs to slip on my trainers.

“I’ll just go in my shorts, Dad,” I shouted as I stomped up the stairs. “You may not look so out of place,” I yelled.

Dad was waiting for me as I came back down, now wearing my trainers.

“If you don’t want me to look out of place, then why not come naked with me? I know you’ve started to like hanging around here naked.”

“I can’t,” I said firmly as I felt a pit in my stomach at the thought of being seen naked by strangers. “I’d be too embarrassed.”

“You quickly get over it, Leo,” Dad said but thankfully didn’t press me any further.

When Dad slung the small back over his shoulder, I had to stifle a giggle. It looked so small on his large frame.

He took it off and threw it at me, “You wear this fucking thing.”

I quickly stopped laughing and struggled to get it over my shoulder.

“Now that looks better. It suits me; my smooth skin. I think it looks quite cool.” I said as I looked at myself in the hall mirror.

Dad guffawed. “So, it looks good on you but not on me. That is ageist. We’re not too dissimilar.”

“Yeah, but I have the better body.” I grinned and went out to get in the car.

Dad followed me out and slapped me on the arse.

“Are you wearing anything under those shorts?” He asked.

“No, why?”

“Well, you’re just a pair of flimsy shorts away from being naked.” He said and then mumbled, thinking I couldn’t hear, “I don’t see why you can’t just take ‘em off.”


We set off to see Freddie, the lad he scared shitless in Dartos Woods.

I sensed Dad get nervous as we turned into his road. He patted me on the leg and said how glad he was that I was with him. He was also hoping that his brother, Officer Andy Noble, wasn’t there. He’d gone beyond what he should have done when disciplining Dad and his boss had really torn into him. Both of us didn’t want him to start making more trouble.

It was mid-afternoon, and the sun felt good on my pale skin.

Dad stormed ahead and knocked on the door. A middle-aged naked woman answered and smiled at us.

“I’m Doug, I was hoping to speak to Freddie. Is he in?” He asked.

“Doug, the man that nearly shot my Freddie. You really traumatised him, you know?” She scowled at him.

“I know. I just came hoping to apologise and perhaps see if there is anything I can do for him. Show him the farm, the tractors and stuff. I heard he’s interested?” Dad queried, not sure if he was right.

“Oh, big machinery, big engines, anything like that. He loves them.”

“Well, I can’t promise him that he’d get to see too many in action, but I can let him loose on a tractor. Leo and Archie also have quads he could have a ride on.”

The lady looked over at me, and I smiled at her.

Dad apologised for not introducing me, “sorry, this is my youngest, Leo.”

“Hello, Miss,” I said shyly.

“It really was one huge over-exaggeration on my part, Mrs Noble. And even though Officer Andy is punishing me,” he gestured to his naked body and the cock ring that made his cock and balls stand proud from his body, “I really want to make it up to Freddie. He didn’t deserve what happened.”

“Okay, Mr Dartos.”

“Please call me Doug.” Dad quickly interrupted.

“Marcia,” she smiled at him, “Come on in. I’ll call Freddie.”

We slipped past her into the hallway, and she showed us into the living room. Dad was reluctant to sit down, not wanting his naked arse on their sofa. Marcia went to the stairs and yelled up, calling Freddie.

“Freddie! Visitors! Come down they need to talk to you.”

I remember how it was when I was younger and being called down. We could hear grumblings, feet hitting the floor and loud footsteps as Freddie stomped down the stairs.

“Who is it, Mum?” He shouted as he jumped from the stairs to the floor.

As he entered the living room, I watched as his cheery, smiling face dropped.

“What do you want?” He gruffly asked my dad.

Freddie stood in the doorway, his hands on his hips. He looked stunning. And naked. His mousy hair flopped over his forehead, almost covering his eyes, his eyes were wide and shone with an azure blue that held my gaze. For a moment, I wondered if they were natural, but I suppose they had to be. His mouth was pursed, his lips thinner than average as he looked disapprovingly at my dad. His skin was white and showed a few freckles on his shoulder, a few wisps of hair sprouted from his armpits.

The silent standoff continued, I was waiting for Dad to speak. I heard him draw in a breath.

“Sorry, Freddie. I was hoping to talk to you, try and make up for what happened. You didn’t deserve it, and I was being overzealous. You are fully entitled to walk in those woods.” Dad drew in another breath, “you see, they are named after my family, and I will always feel attached to them, like they are mine.”

Freddie looked annoyed when Dad suggested that Dartos Woods was his, he was just about to say something.

“But they are not.” Dad didn’t allow Freddie time to speak. “They are everybody’s. For everyone to enjoy.”

I stayed behind Dad, letting him speak and explain to Freddie. I remained quiet, trying to look apologetic but glancing at Freddie when his eyes were fixed on my dad.

The sight of the naked boy was turning my stomach, in a good way. I felt the butterflies bouncing in my abdomen, and I started to feel shy and tongue-tied. It was strange that he was having this effect on me.

The Freddie effect went deeper and lower than I’d felt about a guy before. My cock thickened and I could feel it push against the loose nylon of my shorts. I wish I had worn underwear. As surreptitiously as I could, I brought my hands around and clasped them together in front of me. I made it look like I was nervous, but in reality, my fist was pushing my growing cock down, so it didn’t show.

I felt warm, and my face must have gone red. I wanted to run out of there, run far away and slap my cock senseless, punishing it for getting hard in such a crucial moment, but also pounding hard for release.

The thought of my cock spewing cum caused me to stifle a groan.

Dad turned to look at me as I made the sound.

“Oh, sorry, Freddie. This is my son Leo.”

I wasn’t making a noise to hint at him introducing me, I was making a noise because my cock was getting hard and demanding that I take care of it.

I tried not to glare, but I held out my hand to Freddie, “Hi.”

We shook hands, the feel of his skin, causing my cock to lurch as it quickly turned into a full-grown boner.

“I thought it would be nice if we could hang out and I can show you what we do on the farm. We won’t make you work, but we’d do some fun things,” I smiled at Freddie, “on quad bikes.”

Freddie’s face lit up. He turned to his mother. “Can I, Mum?”

“I’m sure I can do without you for the rest of the day.” She told him. “Not that you’ve been helping me much around the house anyway.”

“Great.” Dad beamed. “I’ll get him back to you about seven. Is that okay, Marcia?”

“No problem, Doug. But promise me if he is a pain or nuisance, then you’ll just bring him earlier.”

“Muuum!” Freddie groaned, like a small child at being embarrassed by his mother.

“Sure thing.”

Freddie ran out to the Land Rover, and I ran behind him, my hard cock swinging in my nylon football shorts. Thankfully he was in front of me so didn’t see.

Dad came after us and unlocked the car after saying goodbye to Freddie’s mother.

“You get in the front,” I told Freddie, trying to be friendly as I climbed into the back and onto the hard bench seats that lined the sides in the back.

Dad climbed in the front, and we set off back to the farm.

I can tell you from firsthand experience that there is nothing like a trip in the back of a Land Rover to get rid of a troublesome boner. The car was so old that there were no seat belts, so I just hung on to what I could, but I kept slipping around on the seat, the smooth varnished wood providing no friction to my nylon shorts. I eventually gave in, and when I slipped to the floor the second time, I just stayed there.

Freddie looked happy when we reached the farm. “I love the countryside.” He told us. “When we moved to Cockaigne, I thought we’d be living in the countryside, but instead we ended upon on a housing estate.”

“But you’re just a walk away, Freddie.” My dad slapped him on the shoulder as we got out and stood at the side of the Land Rover. “And you are welcome here anytime. Just come over and you can either keep one of my boys’ company or me.”

“Thank you, Mr Dartos.” Freddie smiled up at Dad.

Dad chuckled, he was very rarely called Mr Dartos and generally only by his bank manager when he called him in to talk about his overdraft. “Doug, please. No one who has seen me naked should be calling me Mr Dartos, and that includes my doctor.”

Freddie giggled.

We looked out into the field and could see the tractor tilling the soil. Dad pointed at it. “That’ll be my eldest, Archie. He’s nineteen. Didn’t want to go to university the bloody fool, so is stuck helping me on the farm. This one,” Dad pulled me to him and ruffled my hair, “has got a brain and is doing well. I expect he’ll go to university.”

“If only to avoid working on the farm,” I said to tease Dad.

“I would love to work on a farm.” Freddie looked at me like I was mad. “That fresh air, the smells, growing crops and tending them. I know it’s hard work, but I’d love it; the satisfaction of knowing you are feeding people.”

“That’s the fantasy Freddie,” Dad sighed, “the reality is that most people live in towns and cities and just think food comes shrink wrapped in plastic from a supermarket.”

I think Freddie must have felt sorry for my dad as he hugged him, “Well, I appreciate you.” He said.

Dad shrugged, and Freddie released him, I think both were a little embarrassed.

“It looks like Archie is going to be some time out on the field. Tell you what Freddie, how about you and Leo here take the quads for a ride. He can show you round.”

“Thanks, Dougie.” Freddie beamed.

“But wear helmets! I don’t want your brother coming after me again.” I noticed Dad wink at Freddie.

I hated riding the quads in a helmet, it spoilt the fun. I loved the freedom and the wind in my face, the full-face helmets Dad made us wear ruined all that. But he insisted, so we slipped them on.

Freddie looked so odd I had to stifle a laugh. He stood in front of me, stark bollock naked wearing a motorbike crash helmet. I couldn’t see his face, just his body, his smooth white skin punctuated by two red nipples and a small growth of brown pubes above his equally white cock.

I beckoned him over and told him to sit on the quad bike. I chuckled as he lifted his leg over and reached to grab his cock and balls before sitting down so he wouldn’t crush them. I would have to remember that as I was still freeballing in my nylon shorts.

“It’s dead simple,” I told him. “Key goes in here. This button starts it, twist the handle on the right to go faster and the lever on the left is the brake. There’s no gears, so you don’t need to worry about that.” I looked at Freddie through the clear visor on the helmet. “Have you got that?”

Freddie nodded, and I heard a muffled, “Yeah.”

“Okay, just try and ride it around the driveway to make sure you get the hang of it, but be careful not to go full throttle.”

Freddie turned the key and pressed the button. The quad bike roared into life and then idled between his legs. Tentatively, he twisted the accelerator, and the quad bike jerked off. He got the hang of it very quickly and rode it around for a few minutes before pulling up in front of me.

He flicked up his visor. “This is fun. Where are we going to go?” I could tell he was grinning by his eyes.

“Follow me, I’ll show you around the farm and then the woods, there some great trails in the woods,” I told him as I slipped on my helmet and climbed on my quad bike.

I started mine and gave him a thumbs up. Freddie gave me one back, and I knew we were ready to go.

I went slow at first, around the house, over to the barns and past the tractor shed. Our old broken down tractor was outside, and I noticed him stop by it.

I turned and rode back to him.

“What’s up?” I shouted through my raised visor.

“Doesn’t this one work?” Freddie asked.

“No. Dad’s been meaning get a mechanic to work on it, but I don’t think he too bothered now we have the other one.” I nodded my head, “Come on.”

We were off again, and I rode off through a fallow field. My balls were beginning to ache from all the bumping around. I pulled over next to a hedge and turned off my quad, needing a short rest.

Freddie stopped behind me and got off his quad when he saw me climb off mine.

“Fuck, I need a break.” I gasped as I took off my helmet.

I watched Freddie take off his helmet, and smile at me when I grabbed my balls, cradling the poor things in my hand.

“This doesn’t half bruise your balls. I’ve never ridden one of these things commando before.”

Freddie laughed. “I know what you mean. But I just got used to it.”

I don’t know if it was true or he just didn’t want to complain. “You must have balls of steel.” I joked. “How about we head to the woods.” I pointed in that direction. “We can leave the quads for a bit and take a walk. Give my fucking balls a break.”

“Sure. Let me lead this time, I can see the track and how to get there.” Freddie said as he put his helmet back on.

He was on his way before I got a chance to get back on my quad.

I jumped on and sped my way behind him, quickly catching him up as he was unfamiliar with the terrain and the quad. I watched as he happily bounced up and down and ended up standing astride it.

Fuck, I wish he hadn’t have done that. All I could see was his smooth arse jiggling and the hint of his dangling cock and balls between his legs.

My cock grew hard, despite the pain in my balls, and I followed his lead, straddling my machine to prevent my balls from being crushed.

Freddie stopped at the boundary of Dartos Woods and turned off his quad bike. He turned and looked at me as I pulled up next to him. He had a massive grin on his face as he took off his helmet and looked at my tenting shorts.

“Something seems to have excited you.”

I looked down, my cock was leaking precum and had left a damp patch on my shorts, making them translucent. You could see my cock head poking at the fabric.

“Why don’t you just take them off? Stop them getting stained. Me and my mates always walk in the woods naked, some of them seem to have constant boners.”

It was just us two, he was naked, and all I wore were a pair of loose nylon shorts getting more and more see-through as my hard cock leaked.

“I’ve never done this before.” I hesitated with my hands on the waistband.

Freddie just looked at me, waiting for me to pull down my shorts.

I bit the bullet and pulled them off, hanging them on my handlebars. I’d only known Freddie for a few hours, and I was now naked and hard in front of him.

“It looks like you need to take care of that.” Freddie looked at my cock. “Follow me, I know just the place.”

Freddie started to jog into the woods, how he managed it barefoot I had no idea, I was glad I wore my trainers. I also wish I had on a jockstrap or underwear; my cock flailed wildly in front of me, slapping my thighs as I ran to catch up.

Most of the forest floor was littered with fallen leaves and twigs, occasionally you could see a plant pushing through them or some fungus growing around the base of a tree. Freddie stopped when the ground became mossy and springy under my feet.

“I like walking on this the best.” Freddie looked back at me. “It feels so good beneath your feet.” He looked down at my trainer clad feet. “Pity you can’t feel it between your toes. It’s very sensual.”

I leant against a tree clutching my side, trying to get my breath back. Freddie was much fitter than me, I wasn’t unfit, or overweight, but this short run told me I needed to get fitter.

As I was recovering, I forgot about my hard cock.

Freddie didn’t.

He gingerly approached me and wrapped his fingers around my hard shaft.

My cock throbbed, and I gasped at his touch. He slowly started to stroke it. All I could do was let him. I didn’t want him to stop, he made me feel so good.

Freddie cradled and caressed my balls with his other hand. They were still tender from the battering they got from the ride up here, but Freddie was gentle.

I didn’t expect it when he knelt in front of me. He kissed the exposed knob of my cock, causing it to lurch and spew precum. He licked it all off and smiled up at me.

“Your cock looks so cute.” He said. “And I like how you are shaved. It makes you look younger than me, but with a bigger cock.”

Freddie opened his mouth and took as much of my cock as he could. I could feel it press against the back of his throat, and his lips curled around my shaft and squeezed tight.

“Oh, fuck!” I gasped and looked up at the leafy canopy above me. No one had ever sucked me before. Freddie was the first.

I thought about what had happened with Archie earlier and how he looked like he wanted my cock between his lips, but he resisted. Freddie was obviously more comfortable giving blow jobs so showed no hesitation.

I didn’t last long. It was my first time, so these new sensations overwhelmed me. I tried to hold back, I wanted it to last forever as Freddie was making me feel so good, but my body betrayed me, and my cock spewed cum into Freddie’s throat.

As I came down from my orgasm, he swallowed and gently licked my cock clean. It was softening and slipped from his lips, it was wet but clean.

“That was nice. You taste great.” Freddie said as he fell backwards to lie on the ground.

I looked down at him, and noticed his cock wasn’t hard, it was fluffed up but wasn’t hard. I fell to my knees and lay on the mossy ground beside him.

“That was great, Freddie. But you didn’t need to.” I breathed.

“I know.” He was matter-of-factly. “I like to. I like to make my friends feel good.”

“I’ve never done it before,” I admitted, my nerves showing as my voice cracked.

“It doesn’t matter, Leo. I didn’t do it for you to do me. You can if you want, but I don’t expect it. It’s okay that you’re a virgin.”

I felt my whole body blush. I was seventeen and embarrassed at being a virgin.

Freddie twisted his head and noticed my embarrassment.

“It’s okay, Leo. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You don’t live in Cockaigne so haven’t been brought up knowing sex is nothing shameful.”

“I know it’s irrational, but all my college mates brag about fucking their girlfriends, I feel like a slow learner.”

“Fuck ‘em, Leo. Most of it is bullshit. I don’t care if you lost your virginity at fourteen or forty. It’s like golf…”

I chuckled at the thought.

“Some people start playing golf earlier, some start later. Some never start. But we never judge people on when they start to play golf.”

I now burst out laughing at his dodgy metaphor.

“Do you play golf, Freddie?” I chucked.

“Never have. I hate the game! My brother plays but I can’t see the point. I prefer tennis. That’s my game.”

“And when did you lose your virginity?” I stuttered, nervous at asking an intimate question.

Freddie wasn’t bothered about talking about it. “At fourteen, it was my best mate’s older brother. He was my first. I fucked him, it felt good, and the look on his face when I came inside him was a sight to behold. It was like he was on another planet. So, I asked him to show me how to take a cock, and he prepared my hole for his brother to take my cherry.” Freddie drew in a deep breath. “It felt fucking fantastic.”

I noticed that Freddie’s cock was now hard as he thought about his first time, he started to stroke himself in front of me. I leant up on my elbows to watch.

My eyes stayed glued to his groin as his balls bounced with each stroke. Watching the young man masturbate felt thrilling like I was invading his privacy. But I suppose Freddie didn’t mind me watching or he wouldn’t have started. Perhaps he wanted me to take over for him. He didn’t say anything to me, so I just left him alone. A part of me wanted to help him, wanted to touch his hard cock and to try and make him feel as good as he made me feel.

But I was nervous about making any move that was uninvited.

Freddie groaned, and I watched his hips thrust upwards, he looked to be gripping his cock tight as it spurted cum over his chest. He gave his cock a few short and firm strokes to drain the last drop of cum, and he relaxed onto the mossy ground, panting, getting his breath back.

“That felt good.” He looked over at me when he had recovered.

When I didn’t respond, he smiled and stood up.

I watched as his cum started to drip down his chest, he scooped some up and sucked it off his finger.

Freddie scooped up a second load and offered it to me. I shook my head. Freddie sucked it off his fingers.

Freddie tugged at a clump of moss and wiped the remaining cum from his torso.

“Are you alright?” He asked me as I hadn’t moved or said anything.

I stuttered. “I’m… I’ve just not seen anyone do that in front of me like that.”

“It comes from growing up in Cockaigne. Masturbation is a normal and healthy activity.” He tapped me on the shoulder. “You should try it one day.”

My face went beet red. “We should get back,” I said meekly, and we walked back to the quad bikes.

“What’s wrong?” Freddie asked, concerned as I was frantically looking around my quad.

“My shorts! Where the fuck are my shorts!”

Freddie joined me in the search. “They could have blown away, I’ll look over further afield.” He fanned out from the quad bikes, his eyes glancing around the ground and back into the woodland.

“Fuck!” I yelled and heard it float in the afternoon breeze.

“I can’t see them anywhere.” Freddie came back over.

“Shit! Fuck!”

Freddie put a hand on my shoulder. “Don’t worry, let’s just get back to your house, it’s all farmland, so no one will see if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“I know.” I let out a deep sigh. Although I enjoyed being nude, I wasn’t quite ready to take the next step. Perhaps it was time. “Come on then, mate.”

Freddie gave me the sweetest smile when I called him ‘mate’. It made me feel better.

I followed Freddie’s lead when we rode back by standing up and avoiding having my balls crushed and bashed about as we went over the uneven terrain.

We parked up by the backdoor of the farmhouse and went into the kitchen.

In front of me, hanging on the back of a wooden kitchen chair were my shorts. Archie was just filling the kettle. When he saw me walk in naked, he couldn’t help but give me a wicked grin.

“You bastard, Archie. You nicked my shorts.” I grabbed them and slipped them on.

“No point in covering up now, Leo. Everyone has seen your dick.”

“Fuck off, Archie!” I stomped out, “Come on, Freddie, come up to my room.”

They think I didn’t notice, but they gave each other a knowing look.

“Just trying to help you out, little bro!” Archie shouted after me. “You know you want to be a nudist. I’m just giving you a little shove.”

I may have been annoyed with him, but I think he was right.


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