Text Tease
by David Heulfryn



It’s part of my routine now, whenever I get home from school I’d go straight to my room, strip off my uniform and lie on my bed. You know what teenage boys are like; they are constantly horny and fighting off erections when we don’t want them. But my dick gets so hard while I’m walking home from school because it knows what I’m going to do, it wants it, and so do I.

This Thursday was no different, my dick was safely in my hand, and I was wanking it hard. I don’t know why but my after school wank was always a speedy affair, a quick cum followed by a doze with my sticky and wet hand on my softening cock. I know I’ve got the house to myself for a good two hours, my older brother and sister aren’t usually home from college until then, an hour after that, Mum and Dad get home; which one is first is anyone’s guess.

I was pumping my dick furiously building to my orgasm when I heard the tell-tale beeping of my phone from my school bag. I had received a text message.

The noise stopped me from wanking, and curiosity took me to my bag, which lay discarded in the corner of my shared bedroom. My hard cock led the way, bouncing with each step and then caressing my thigh as I crouched down to find my phone.

Finding my mobile, I dashed back onto my bed. One hand went back to my cock and slowly wanked it while the other fiddled with my mobile until the large envelope dissolved and my message appeared.

What appeared caused my hand to stop moving, and my eyes furrowed.

It was a picture message, with no words to go with it, and the picture was strange.

On the tiny one inch screen a pair of feet were displayed, nothing else, just the feet and the ankles. Confused is not the word. The sender had not bothered to hide their number, but no name was displayed, so it was no-one I knew, or at least knew well enough to have their mobile number. I stared at the feet for some time as my cock went limp in my hand.

This is ridiculous; I thought to myself and decided to text the number back. I asked if this was meant for me as they may have the wrong number. Within a few seconds, an answer came. It just said ‘Yes’.

I studied the feet and wondered whose they were, I looked at the ankles, they were nice and hairy, and the feet looked a little on the large side. They were long and thin, probably size nines, but I couldn’t be sure as the person may be very tall or very short. I sent another text to the sender asking who they were, and I got an almost immediate response, it was just one character “?”.

Instinctively, my hand slowly massaged my cock and was now hard again. When I realised this, I smiled to myself as it just seemed so weird to be wanking over a pair of feet.

Putting my mobile on my bedside table, I tried to get the feet out of my mind and back to my afterschool activity.

Closing my eyes, I brought the usual images to the fore, the naked bodies I saw in the showers after PE, my friends and classmates naked, their dicks swinging between their legs, the shy guys trying to hide their stuff. I always managed to see them as I spent longer than necessary in the showers showing off my own assets to anyone who wanted to see.

My hand was a blur as I furiously pumped my dick, the images flashed across my mind, my dick getting sore with each frantic stoke.

Then I came.

The ecstasy flooded my body as my dick erupted and cum flew across my chest to settle in two pools, one between my nipples and the other in my belly button.

With my dick softening and my cum drying, I fell asleep.



I don’t think I ever looked up the next day when I was in school. My mystery text sender must have been from school, or so I figured, so I spent the next day just looking at feet. It told me absolutely nothing as they were all hidden by shoes, but that didn’t stop me wondering who the boy was.

My mates all wondered what was wrong with me as I wasn’t my usual self. I was too quiet. But I didn’t dare mention what had happened to any of them; the last thing I wanted them to think was that I was getting pictures of boys being sent to me. I was firmly in the closet and didn’t want to tell them. Besides, it could be one of them. In the end, I just told them that I was sick, and they left me alone after that.

I walked home alone after school, declining the invitation to go and play football, and that’s when I got another text. It was from the same number as before and was another picture. I was eager to look at it. This time it was a pair of knees. I looked back at the first picture; both were part of the same bigger picture so it must be the same person.

I sent a message back. “who r u?” But got nothing in response.

Back at home, I went straight to my bedroom. But instead of my usual wank, I sat at my computer and copied the two pictures to my hard drive. I stitched the two together and stared at the legs. I looked for clues to who it could be, but there was really nothing there. I thought back to what the décor was like in my mates’ houses, to see if it was taken in their homes. But it couldn’t be any of them.

I heard the front door slam and quickly closed the picture down and opened the essay I had been working on for English Literature which was due Monday. It was finished, and I just need to go through it again, checking it and making sure it made sense.

My brother bound up the stairs and burst into our bedroom, he threw his bag onto his bed and then stopped in his tracks.

“What the fuck is this? Friday afternoon and you’re doing homework?”

He came over to me and place his hand on my forehead, checking my temperature. “Are you sick?”

“Piss off!” I brushed his hand off me.

“Don’t get arsey. If I disturbed you looking at porn just say so.” He laughed. “Besides I’m just getting changed then I’m going back out so you can whip your tiny cock back out in a few minutes.”

“Very funny.”

He started taking off his sixth form uniform and pulled on his jeans and sweatshirt.

“See you later.” He said as he left. “Oh, and if white stuff comes out of your cock, that’s normal. It’s supposed to do that.”

“Fuck off, Andy.”

“Hey, I’m just being a big brother; it’s my job to tell you these things. Have fun!” He left me, and I heard him bound back down the stairs and slam the front door on his way out.

Andy loved to wind me up, and he knew it really got to me. He thought it was also part of his job as a big brother, making his little brother’s life hell; teasing me at every opportunity.

I tried to ignore what he’d said and started reading my essay. I would usually have done this Sunday evening, but it kept my mind off my mystery texter. It was all finished in a few hours, printed off and tucked in my English folder ready for Monday.



The loud beeping of my mobile beside my bed woke me up on Saturday morning. My brother, who slept on the other side of the room, stirred as the sound also woke him.

“Whoever the fuck is that tell them to piss off,” Andy mumbled into his pillow.

I ignored him and picked up my mobile. “Shit.” I sighed as it was another text from my mystery stalker. My blurry eyes looked at the screen as the latest picture appeared. I blinked when I saw it, trying to clear my vision as I stared at the dick pic on the screen of my mobile phone.

Putting down my mobile for a moment, I rubbed my eyes awake, and then looked back at the dick. It looked familiar, a cute cock emerging from the scrawny brown pubes dangling between the legs, his balls tight against his body.

My dick grew hard as I looked at the image. I slipped my hand down and squeezed it through my pyjama bottoms. If Andy wasn’t sleeping opposite, I would pull it out and start wanking. I heard him groan, and my hand snapped away from my cock.

It was only seven in the morning, and no one else in the house was awake. I slipped out from under my duvet and walked to the door, twisting my body away from Andy so that if he looked over, he wouldn’t see my hard cock tenting my pyjamas.

I closed the door as quietly as possible and tip-toed to the bathroom; I didn’t want to wake anybody up and disturb me.

Safely in the bathroom, I locked the door. I stood in front of the sink and pulled my pyjamas down. I wanted to groan as I grasped my cock, my fingers curling around the shaft, but I stifled it the best I could. Stroking a morning hard-on always felt good, but this morning it felt better as I had the image of the faceless cock in my mind.

Damn! I wish I brought my mobile out with me to look at the picture while I wanked myself off. But it was still fresh in my mind, and that was the next best thing.

Stroking slowly at first, I gazed down and watched my fingers pull my foreskin back over my knob, revealing the bright red shiny head that just begged to have some lips around it, sucking out the clear juice I was pumping out with each stroke. Stroking forward, my foreskin rolled back over my knob, smearing my juice over it, lubricating it and exciting it. My fingers bumped against the ridge of my knob, cushioned by my foreskin, but it didn’t detract from the incredible sensation. Occasionally I would keep my foreskin retracted, reposition my fingers and start stroking again, this meant my bare fingers bumped against my bare glans. It felt a hundred times better and would cause my dick to ooze juice like a tap. I couldn’t stand this for too long as my naked knob was too sensitive and it sent my head and balls spinning. As I roll my foreskin back over my knob, I would come down from that intense high.

I thought I heard the faint sound of movement outside and immediately stopped wanking mid-stroke. I tried to pant as silently as possible, twisting my head to try and hear better. I’m sure I heard the sound of a door close and wondered who was up, but after a minute of silence, I was satisfied that no-one was there and started wanking again. My dick hadn’t gone down, and my fingers still gripped my shaft. The pleasures of youth meant that I didn’t lose erections easily, and my dick was always ready to be excited whenever I wanted it.

After that false alarm, I got down to seriously working my cock, eager to finish and get back to bed before anyone really did get up. My hand was a blur as I frantically wanked my cock, the slapping sounds getting louder as I produced more juice, my free hand cupped my cool balls, warming them up and teasing them down.

I closed my eyes, and the image of that lad’s dick was imprinted on the insides of my eyelids. It was a cute cock, a sweet cock, a cock that I wanted to touch, to fondle it to make it hard, to stick my tongue out and to lick that cock. I wanted to feel that cock touch the back of my throat and then coat the inside of my mouth with cum.

And that did it, that image sent me over the edge. I felt my dick swell in my hand, and I opened my eyes to see my red knob turn dark, almost purple as more blood flowed in and couldn’t get out fast enough. My balls twitched as my dick throbbed and my hand stopped stroking and kept my foreskin rolled back. I pointed my dick into the sink and watched as string after string of my cum pulsed out.

I couldn’t help but release a deep sigh as I came and as my pulsating dick calmed down, I stroked again, slowly this time, easing out the remaining cum that needed to be drained. I knew if I didn’t, it would ooze out later and leave an embarrassing wet spot on my pyjamas.

Slapping my dick on the cold, hard ceramic of the sink, the last few drops of cum get shaken off, and I turned to grab some toilet roll. I wiped my dick clean and dropped the tissue in the bowl and flush.

The problem with wanking is that you have to come down from that orgasmic high quickly so you can clean up the evidence. I turned on the taps and splashed water on the pearls of cum clinging to the sides of the sink. I watched as the white drops swirled down the plughole.

With the evidence now safely in the sewer, I went to pull up my pyjamas but noticed my dick was still hard. I pulled them up and tucked the waistband under my balls. I can’t help it but I stroke my dick again, it’s still too sensitive, but at least it’s dry and won’t stain my pyjamas. But I can’t go back into the bedroom like this, so I just stand and wait, and wait.

There’s going to be times that I’m glad I don’t go soft straight after cumming but now isn’t one of those times. I tuck it into my pyjamas and take a look. It’s far too obvious and sways from side to side as I move. Delving my hand inside, I squeeze my dick, hard. It almost hurts, but I think it has done the trick as it has gone down a little. At least now it’s swinging down between my thighs rather than sticking straight out. It will have to do as I can’t hide in the bathroom forever.

As crept back into my bedroom, I noticed that my brother was awake. He’s lying on his back with his hands behind his head. He has an unusual smile on his face as if he knows something. My eyes glanced at my mobile; it’s still where I left it.

“Looks like you took care of business in the bathroom.” He grins and looks at my crotch.

“Oh, just fuck off! You don’t know shit!” I go back to my bed and get under my duvet.

“Well, you do have an excuse this morning, not that you usually need one. At your age, you’ll wank anywhere and anytime.”

“There’s only one wanker in this room, and it’s you!” I spat back at him. His constant jibes at me beating off was getting old, I just wish he’d give up. Then I finally took in what he said. “What the fuck do you mean that I have an excuse this morning?”

He thinks for a while, not sure how much to tell me and feel him hold back. “You know – morning wood. I get it too, but I have self-control.”

“Ha bleeding ha.” I turn my back to him and pull the duvet over my head.

I hear him chuckle to himself and then fidget. I figure he’s going back to sleep too.

No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t stop thinking about my brother. What he’d said seemed weird, and I just knew that he’d seen the picture on my mobile. It was the only reason he’d say those things. But why didn’t he say something? Tease me about it or accuse me of being gay. He’d freak if he thought that I’m sure of it. He couldn’t have seen it then, I reasoned, and for a moment I relaxed, my nagging doubt suppressed for a time.

I got out of bed a couple of hours later, just after my brother went to have a shower. I wanted to download the latest picture to my computer. I knew I’d have time while Andy showered; he always took ages in the bathroom trying to make himself even more handsome, or so he says, but I suspected it was because he ‘took care of business’, doing the same thing that he always accused me of doing.

I attached the latest picture to the others, and I stared at the result; my mystery lad showing more of himself to me. I knew I’d seen that dick before, but I just couldn’t rack my brains to put a face to the dick, or better still a name.

Andy burst back into the room, wrapped in a towel, and I just managed to get rid of the picture.

“Looking at porn again, Sam? What was it this time, guys with big dicks?” He went to the wardrobe to grab some clean clothes.

I clicked the icon to shut down the computer. “Not everyone is sex-obsessed like you. Perhaps if you got some sometimes, you would shut up about it.”

I left him alone to get dressed and avoid any more of his stupid comments. As I shut the door, it suddenly dawned on me. Could it be him teasing me with the pictures? Despite sharing a room with him, it had been some time since I’d seen him naked. It was just the sort of sick joke he’d pull on me.



I had one mission this weekend, and that was to see my brother naked. I wish I’d stayed in the room while he dressed after his shower on Saturday morning, but he was just intent on pissing me off. I brushed off all my mates when they rang me to join them in the shopping centre or the park to play football. I’m sure they thought something was wrong, but then I knew this would be over soon. If my mystery lad kept up the schedule of one picture a day, it would all be over in three or four days.

Throughout Saturday, I’d convinced myself that it was my brother messing with my head and spent at least an hour looking at the picture. I didn’t recognise the bedroom, but he could easily have taken it in a mate’s house. I can’t believe he’d get a mate to take it, but his girlfriend could have. The bedroom did look a bit girly with the pastel colours.

Saturday night I slept with my mobile under my pillow, so if I got another text early in the morning, it wouldn’t wake me. I tried to stay awake as long as possible to watch my brother get ready for bed, but when he did get home and come to bed, he changed in the dark, and I saw nothing.

Sunday morning was a waste of time, too; he was up and out of the house before I was even awake. But that wasn’t the only reason I was disappointed; I had no new messages on my mobile.

I spent my time on Sunday messing about on the computer, doing homework, playing games and occasionally surfing the web for porn. All the time I had my mobile next to me, and at least a couple of times an hour, I would check to see if a message had come through. I knew the phone would make a sound with every new message, but that didn’t stop me checking.

When the beep finally came, it made me jump out of my skin. I hurried to pick up the phone and fumbled until I could bring up the message. It was a new picture, this time it showed the belly, the belly button and a delicious treasure trail that got me begging to see where it went. But I already knew and had seen this particular treasure, and now I wanted to see it again.

With some quick stitching together, this lad was getting more complete. It was early afternoon, and the house was quiet. I knew Andy was out, and my parents were downstairs doing something, and I could always hear them whenever they went upstairs; they weren’t exactly light-footed.

I rubbed the front of my jeans and felt my dick harden. I knew before long it would be straining to get out. Unbuttoning my jeans and pulling down my fly, my underpants punched their way out. Tucking my pants under my balls, I started wanking, and within a few seconds, I was spurting cum under the desk.

Then the worst thing that could happen did. I heard my brother bound up the stairs. With my cum smeared hand I closed the picture on the computer and rushed to stuff my hard cock back into my jeans. I was pulling up my fly as he burst into the room.

As he came in, he took a deep breath. “Sorry, Bro. No time to bust you but I need my trunks.”

I didn’t move and didn’t say anything but could feel my heart pounding in my chest.

“But open a window next time; it stinks of cum in here.” My face went bright red.


Andy got back from swimming in the early afternoon. His girlfriend suggested they go and like a lovesick puppy, he just did whatever she wanted. When he got in, the first thing he did was take a shower, so I waited a little while before I made my first attempt to see him naked.

“Come on!” I pounded on the bathroom door. “I need to pee bad. I can’t hold it.”

“Just wait a couple of minutes.” He shouted back.

“I can’t. Come on, Andy I’m bursting and about to leave a puddle outside the door.”

“Hang on.” I heard him say.

“Hurry up! Come on!”

I heard a click on the lock and burst in and ran to the toilet, I caught a look at Andy as he was hanging his towel back up and stepping back into the shower.

“Don’t flush!” He said to me through the glass of the shower cubicle.

Damn. I’d missed it, and I sighed as I let go a stream of pee into the toilet. I’d only caught a look at his back and arse as he was getting back into the shower. But it was a sweet arse, nice and tight and the globes stood firm and didn’t sag; it was an arse I’d love to caress.

I finished peeing, tucked my cock back into my jeans and flushed.

“Shit!” Andy shouted. “I said, don’t flush. You nearly fucking scolded me.”

“Sorry, I forgot. It’s just a habit.” I went to the sink and washed my hands. “You ok?”

“Yep. It’s back to normal now.”

I dried my hands on the towel and watched Andy through the frosted glass. I couldn’t see anything, but I enjoyed watching his shimmering pale figure moving about in the shower and the teasing dark patches where his dark hair was on his body. As he turned to look at me through the glass, I saw the dark patch of pubes above his cock. Unfortunately his cock was just a pixelated blur.

“Are you done?” He asked me.


“Then get the fuck outa here!”

“Sorry, just thinking… about my homework,” I added hastily and left.

I went back to our room and sat on my bed with the novel we were studying for my English Lit class. I figured I would read some of it and wait for Andy to come in.

Two pages into chapter five Andy came in. He was surprised to see me but couldn’t really throw me out as it was my room too. Usually, we respected each other’s privacy and let each other have the room when we were getting dressed or having a shower. But today I needed to see him naked. And it had now become a need, for nearly two days I’d been obsessing about seeing him, checking out my theory and either busting him or eliminating from my enquiries. That was it, it was an enquiry, an investigation and not me just wanting to perve on my brother. Well, that’s how I reasoned it to myself, but deep down I knew I wanted to see his cock. After two days of waiting, I was willing to just go up to him and rip that towel from his waist and grab his cock. I was going too far, now I wanted to touch him, to make him hard, I was getting out of control. I’d never looked at Andy that way, not like I looked at the guys in my class. So why now? This little text tease made me crazy, and I didn’t like who it was turning me into. If it was Andy doing this, I think I’d kill him for making me feel like this. But if it wasn’t? If it wasn’t Andy, then I wanted that cock and that body in the picture. I wanted it bad. If nothing else, this last few days had made it clear to me that I was gay; I couldn’t deceive myself anymore. And whoever was doing this must have known.

Andy sat on his bed, looking over at me. He was still damp and needed to finish drying himself, he obviously didn’t expect to see me.

“How was the pool?” I asked, looking up from my book.

“Boring. Steph wanted to go, and we ended up just having the occasional hug between swimming lengths.”

“But at least you got to share a cubicle.” I winked at Andy.

He stood up, whipped the towel from his waist and began to dry himself off properly. That’s when I finally got to see him naked.

“No fucking way. She won’t do that. It’s nearly been a year, and she won’t go any further than the day we first went out.”

I watched his naked body as he complained about his girlfriend. I didn’t need to because I knew it wasn’t him in the picture after the first glimpse. Andy had a lush bush of black pubes that looked so thick that it wouldn’t let you run your fingers through them. His dick was also longer and thicker than the guy in the picture, no wonder he was eager to use it on Steph.

“Why don’t you talk to her about it? Tell her you’re ready to take things further. It’s either that or dump her for a chick that will drop her knickers for you.” I laughed, and Andy also gave a little chuckle.

“I’ve been giving her signs. Surely she must see them.” Andy went to the chest of drawers and pulled out some clean underpants.

“Not necessarily.” I watched as he pulled on his briefs, tucking his thick dick inside and adjusting it, so it sat comfortably against his balls. “She might just be a little scared to go further and doesn’t want to tell you.”

“I suppose.” He pulled out a tee-shirt. “I’ll talk to her tomorrow at school. It’s killing my balls all this teasing I get from her.” He pulls the tee-shirt over his and pulls it down his smooth torso.

“You’ve lost nothing just by talking, and it might just get things moving.” He pulls out a clean pair of jeans.

“You’re right.” Andy pulls on his jeans, his body now covered so my mind can concentrate back on the perve who was playing with me with these texts. “How did a virgin without a girlfriend get to know so much about relationships?”

“Simple. Soaps. You really should watch more telly.”

“I don’t have time. I have a life.”

We both chuckled and smiled at each other.

“See ya,” Andy says as he leaves me with my book.

It had been some time since we’d talked to each other properly rather than just trading insults and his constant insinuations that I was wanking all the time.



Monday morning brought anticipation of another text. I kept my mobile close to me as I dressed in my school uniform and stuffed my books and PE gear into my bag. Before I felt for school, I tied the school blue and green striped tie which turned the black trousers and white shirt into a uniform.

I kept one eye on my mobile as I walked to school. I hoped they wouldn’t make me wait, but nothing came. I was disappointed further as the bell went and we had to go to registration. It also meant that our mobiles phones should be turned off. I was going to turn mine off but just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I never received texts during school time, and I had no reason to think that one would today. But I couldn’t be sure. I knew the risks as the school came down hard on mobiles in school, but I ran that risk just so that I could see the new text the moment it came in. Part of me thought that today could be the day that their face was revealed and I wanted to see as soon as it came.

As our form tutor called out our names in alphabetical order, a beep from my mobile stopped her. My hand went straight to it, so I could see before anything happened.

“Give that to me, Sam. You know they should be switched off outside break times.”

I opened the message and saw the picture. It was him again but this time just his chest with two dark red nipples, his arms were raised to show me the tufts of brown armpit hair. The chest was completely hairless, but the resolution was so poor that I couldn’t tell if there were any stray hairs around his nipples. I wanted to tickle those nipples with my tongue.

“I said to give that to me now!”

She was angry, and I got up to give her my mobile, making sure to turn it off so she could look at the messages I’d been receiving.

“I’m disappointed in you, Sam.” She handed me a detention slip for tomorrow afternoon after school. “Come and get it back from me at the end of the day.”

I was annoyed with myself; I’d not had a detention in over three years, and I knew my parents would be very angry with me.

I was glad when the bell went, and I could go to my first lesson.


The first lesson was PE, and I had to get my detention out of my mind and concentrate on finding the guy who was texting me. It was no good checking now as most guys changed very quickly into their white shorts and white shirts. This term, our Monday morning lesson was basketball. I never really liked basketball, I preferred football, but that wasn’t until our Thursday afternoon lesson. One consolation was we always played shirts and skins; today, my team was skins, so I took a good look at their chests to find out if any of them could be my text teaser. It was too difficult, it could have been any of half a dozen of them; most had brown or dark brown hair and everyone being sixteen, none had any hair of their chest. A couple had big bushy pit hair, so I could eliminate them, and some were the wrong physique, so I already knew it wasn’t any of them.

My team were ahead when the whistle blew, but I didn’t care that we’d won. I just wanted to get in the shower, fast. My mates had no time to talk to me as I stripped, grabbed my towel and headed to the showers. I was first in but was soon joined by my mates, who all wondered why I was going so fast. I just gave them some bullshit that I hadn’t showered all weekend and just wanted to clean the stink from me. I was in the corner, so I had a good view as people came in.

My heart pounded when I saw Ashley come in. It was him, it had to be. He saw me looking, and I smiled at him, he just gave me a weird look and turned his back to me as he chose a showerhead.

Shit! I thought. He now thinks I’m some perve.

Then I watched as Carl came in. Shit! It could be him too. My brain raced, but then I noticed Carl smiling at me. He was walking over to me and took a shower next to mind.

“Good game, Sam.” He said.

“Thanks,” I mumbled.

“You’re better than you think.”

“Thanks,” I mumbled again.

Carl just rinsed his body and then left. “See you around.”

“Sure.” This must have been the most we’d said to each other all year. PE was the only lesson we shared, so we never really got to become friends. I wondered why he was teasing with text messages. We didn’t know each other, so why would he think I’d be gay and be interested in him.

I kept a lookout for Carl all day. I wanted to talk to him again, not ask him outright if he was the perve texting me, but just to talk to see if I could pick up any more clues to confirm that it is him. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I tried, our paths never crossed, and I’d have to try again tomorrow.

Back at home, after school, I was quick to stitch the latest picture to the others. I stared at the result. Carl or Ash? It could be either one of them. But I didn’t know either of them very well so why would it be either of them. It was driving me crazy! I decided it couldn’t be them, so I searched elsewhere. One of my cousins perhaps. But again, why? Nothing made sense. Then I heard the front door slam, and my stomach lurched into my throat. My Mum was home.

I thought it best to get it over with and skulked downstairs with my detention slip in hand. She was in the kitchen, getting herself a drink before she started dinner.

As expected, she was very disappointed and lectured me on following the rules regarding mobile phones. If I couldn’t follow them, then she’d take it off me. I knew it was a hollow threat as she wouldn’t be happy letting me go out without her knowing she could contact me in case of emergencies. Nevertheless, I hung my head in shame as she doled out my punishment; home straight after school all this week and no going out this weekend. I knew better than to protest, so I just turned and skulked back to my room.



I made sure my mobile was switched off before I got through the school gates the following day. The day of my detention. No text had come before I switched it off so figured I would have to wait until the end of the day before checking.

On hearing the final bell of the school day, there was a flurry of activity as students grabbed their phones and switched them on. I did the same and waited. And waited.

Nothing. No missed call and no text messages. I was so disappointed as today could only be the day that his face is revealed. I figured he was just teasing me more by making me wait. I just hoped he wouldn’t make me wait until the very end of the day. I needed to know, and I knew I couldn’t go to sleep until that final, I hope, message appeared.

With no text to boost my spirits, I dawdled to the designated detention room. When I arrived, the teacher was already handing out essay questions to those unfortunates sat at the desks. One person was blocked from my view as the teacher handed out a piece of paper to him and turned to me.

“Hurry up, Sam. Sit down and be quiet.”

As the teacher moved to the next person, the boy he was blocking emerged. It was Carl. I went over and sat next to him.

“Hi, Carl. What’re you in for?”

“Mobile phone.” He sighed.

“Me too.”

The teacher heard us talking. “I said, be quiet, Sam. And sit over there.” He pointed to a desk where I’d sit on my own. “As you two are here for the same reason, I’m not having you sit near each other.”

He handed me my essay question. “Now get writing. I want at least one thousand words this next half hour. If not, then you stay until they are done.”

He sat down behind the teacher’s desk, picked up a book, rested his feet on the desk and began reading, only looking up occasionally.

My thousand words were on why the school insists that mobile phones be turned off during lesson times. I scribbled furiously to get it over and done with and for the last ten minutes sat reading it, counting the number of words and checking the clock.

The half-hour had passed, and the teacher still sat there. I cleared my throat and coughed to try and get his attention away from his book. A few minutes later, he slammed his book down, making all of us jump and demanded that we give him our essays. We filed up to his desk and handed over or work, he looked at each one before dismissing us.

All of us went back to our desks and put away our pens. Carl and I both dug out our phones and turned them on. We looked at each other and smiled, exchanging the irony that had led us both to be here. As soon as my network was found, I waited. Except for Carl, the others left, and the teacher was stuffing our papers into his satchel to read later.

After a few seconds and no text had appeared, I stood and stuffed my phone into my trouser pocket, picked up my bag and slung it over my shoulder.

“Well, see ya, Carl,” I said and looked at him. He didn’t respond, but his fingers were flitting over his phone’s number pad.

I shrugged and went to leave. As I was outside the door, I felt my phone vibrate against my leg and heard the familiar beep. I took out my phone and looked at the message, it was another picture, and my mouth just hung slack as the face emerged.

It was Carl.

“You didn’t figure it out?”

My head snapped around and looked at Carl, who stood close to me, a beaming smile on his face.

“Wha… No.”

“Not even yesterday when I noticed you checking out everyone in the shower, as usual.”

What did he mean, as usual? He said it softly, almost a whisper.

I didn’t think anyone would notice. I was always so careful.

“Don’t worry. I don’t think anyone else noticed. But I did.” His smile grew wider.

“So what the hell have you been playing? What if my Mum saw, or my brother? Oh hell, what if my form tutor saw when she confiscated my phone?” I grew agitated and sounded almost angry.

Carl wrapped his arm over my shoulder. “I think we should talk. I’ll walk you home.” And he pulled me forward, getting me to move. As I kept pace with him, he took his arm off my shoulder, and we headed out of school and to my house.

Safely off school grounds, he began to talk.

“I took a big chance with you. My first really. I’d notice you look at the other guys in gym but thought it just curiosity at first. But when your curiosity wasn’t satisfied, I kept an eye out and slowly got the impression that you were interested in guys in other ways. Every time I saw those sly glances made me feel more certain. I hope I’m not wrong.”

He paused, wanting me to answer, but I couldn’t.

“So last year I wanted to find out, get to know you better. But you were always with your mates and never seemed to have room for anymore. And I was always too scared to make it too obvious that I was interested in you.”

I stayed silent.

“I notice you’re not saying anything. But you’re not freaking out either. Look, I’m sorry. I really thought you’d know it was me when you saw my dick and we could talk and perhaps have a laugh about it. If you’re not interested then just say so. Delete the pictures, and we’ll just go back to not speaking to each other, and seeing each other in gym.”

“But I am interested.” It was difficult for me to say as it was, not only admitting it to Carl, but also to me. I almost had to force my mouth to form the words.

When we got to my house I knew I couldn’t ask him to come in so we could carry on talking, it was part of my punishment not to have friends over. But Carl walked me to the front door and put his hands on my shoulders. “You have my number, so call me. Anytime you want.”

He looked around checking to see if we were being watched and, satisfied that we weren’t, he placed a light kiss on my lips and then walked away, not looking back. I just stood watching him walk away until he turned and walked out of sight.

When I got to my room, I stitched his head on to the rest of his body. I wanted him. I wanted to touch him, no not to touch him, to feel him, to stroke him, to caress him and to kiss him.

I took my phone and saved his number in my contacts. I sent him a message ‘I hope we can be more than friends.’ His response was just a smiley face. 


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  1. This was so damn good! The erotic build up was very well done! And even though there was no sex, it was one of the hottest stories I’ve ever read! Also, the photo helped a lot! 😉 Looking forward to more like these!

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