Prick Tease
by David Heulfryn


Carl stood in the centre of his room with a wide grin on his face. He approached me. Standing directly in front of my face, he kissed me and pushed his bedroom door shut.

With our lips still locked together, he grasped my shoulders, turned us around and pushed me towards the foot of his bed. Our lips opened, and I felt his tongue invade me, tickling me while his hands roamed my back.

Bringing his hands up, he grasped the sides of my head, holding it dead still. He was clearly in charge, and I was content not to fight it.

His kissing became more frantic, his tongue going ever deeper inside me. I could do little to respond, my own tongue pressed hard against the floor of my mouth as his tongue claimed the space. All I could do was groan into his mouth.

Reverberations vibrated my lips and teeth, sending shivers down my spine and into my groin. My dick had grown hard from his kisses, but this made my dick throb, my heart pumping more blood into the confined space, pushing against my thick knob, trying to find a way out. But it was trapped.

My mouth got wet, my saliva flowing had nowhere to go, I couldn’t swallow, I could barely breathe. Pools of my saliva in my mouth were joined by Carl’s spit, which flowed over while we were joined. The saliva became a lake and started to trickle past my lips and down my chin. Still, Carl ravished my face.

Finally, he broke us apart. His hand still on my head pushed me back. I panted a little as the thick strand of saliva which still joined us broke, the lions share snapping back against my chin and neck, it felt cool.

“For the next few moments, you are mine,” Carl whispered to me.

Releasing my head, he took firm hold of my shoulders and spun me around. He pushed his face against my neck; his wet lips felt cold, our touch warmed it. He was now less of an animal, his lips now kissing my neck, his tongue licking me. His hands were under my tee-shirt, rubbing my belly, his fingers exploring my navel.

His tongue licked the trail of my carotid artery, I felt exposed as the pulse pressed against the tip of his tongue. My life was now his; to take if he wished. I tilted my head back and stifled a moan which just ended up staying in my throat and sending vibrations through my neck.

I felt his arms slip past each other across my belly and pull me into him, our bodies connected, his chest thrusting against my shoulder blades and his crotch pushing into the seat of my jeans. He was hard. I was hard. My dick began to hurt as it strained inside my clothes, it wanted to be released to stand proud and roar, not confined in its cage.

His mouth sucked in my earlobe, his tongue playing with it inside him. Then he licked his way up the back of my ear and then traced his tongue over my ridges of cartilage getting ever closer to my hole. Surely he wouldn’t go inside. But he did. He pushed his tongue in, and my dick responded by lurching inside in restraints.

Then he fucked me. His tongue fucked my earhole. With each stab from his tongue, my dick twitched, and my arsehole flexed; allowing the phantom cock inside.

My arse closed as his tongue left my ear, tracing down my jaw. His fingertips gripped my chin and pulled my head around so his tongue could continue its journey. The goal, and my reward, was the feel of his lips against mine again. I opened up for him and felt his tongue glide inside to play to my tongue.

While our tongues danced his fingers pulled my chin further around, I had to swivel my body to avoid cricking my neck. Those fingers teased my chin further round until we were facing each other again.

I did not look at him as my eyes had long since closed and didn’t want to open while he played with me.

His delicate fingertips left my chin, but our lips remained locked. Those fingers went back under my tee-shirt, feeling my belly once again. Both hands rubbed my belly and crept upwards along my flanks. His fingers tickled the hairs in my armpits before his hands went up further, pushing my arms upwards as his hands forced them above my head.

My tee-shirt was slipping up my body, it was coming off, and I tried to break the kiss to ease its journey, but Carl pushed forward as I backed off, our lips remained connected, his tongue not leaving its play cave.

The hem of my tee-shirt ticked as it rode up, the fabric bunching under my chin.

Carl pushed my hands ever higher, almost touching the ceiling, his hands now holding my wrists. The strain was getting too much. My head snapped back, our lips separating, and my tee-shirt flicked over my head and over my arms.

My head went back, and I expected to feel Carl’s soft lips again. But I didn’t. He threw my tee-shirt on the floor and pulled my arms back to my sides by the wrists.

I felt a chill against my exposed chest, my nipples were hard and cold. Carl released my wrists and pushed me backwards.

As I flew through the air, my eyes finally opened to see Carl smiling as I hit the mattress. My knees were bent over the edge of the bed, and I was going to pull myself onto the bed entirely, but Carl stopped me. He straddled my legs and grabbed my wrists again. He pulled them over my head and held them there. For a brief moment, I felt his lips on mine again, and my eyes closed.

The kiss was brief as his mouth left mine, and his tongue licked my armpit. I expected to fall into a fit of giggles as his tongue tickled me, but I didn’t. It felt strange but also exciting, and my dick agreed with me.

He soaked my light brown hairs, tasting my sweat and deodorant, but I didn’t care how those chemicals tasted. He paid my other armpit a little attention but not as much as the first. I hoped I wasn’t poisoning him.

Leaving my pits, he placed angel kisses across my collar bone, but the pleasure on my pits didn’t stop. As the moisture evaporated from my exposed pits it cooled my skin, the cold caressed them further sending jolts down to my dick. I tried to push my hips upwards, but Carl was sitting on my thighs. Oh, how I wished he was sitting on my crotch so I could thrust upwards and give my dick the illusion of touch it so greatly demanded.

I screamed, and my body convulsed as his lips touched my nipple. It felt like a bolt of electricity was passing through me, my nipples the focal point, hard nubs engorged with blood attached to the national grid, the entire UK power supply passing through me, from nipple to dick. My hands held against the mattress, and my thighs pinned by Carl. My body arched and collapsed with every touch on my nipple. I could hear Carl laugh as my body reacted. He played with me, going from nipple to nipple, each one eliciting the same response.

My dick now screamed, demanding release and for touch. It leaked continuously, the damp stain spreading ever wider over my boxer briefs. The saturated fabric gave up some of my fluid, and I could feel it trickle along my cock and pool at the base. As the pool overflowed, it dribbled over my balls where it cooled. If I wasn’t pinned down, I would throw Carl off me and yank my dick free. It was desperate to explode.

My breathing became more erratic with every touch, panting as he blew cool air across my damp nipples to holding my breath as his lips and teeth held my hard nubs, his tongue flicking the tip.

I had no control over my body or my voice. My head thrashed, and my voice generated garbled grunts and words.

As his mouth released my nipple and the nervous expectation that it would return diminished, my body relaxed and collapsed deep into the mattress. My head lolled to the side my lungs pulling in a roomful of air with each breath; my chest rising and falling.

Finally, I felt fingers at the button of my jeans. My throat groaned as Carl unzipped them and pulled them off, taking my trainers and socks with them.

My dick was almost free. The hard, unyielding denim had gone and now only had the soft, pliant cotton-lycra mix to contain it. It sprang high pushing its way towards the waistband that it had partially pulled away from my belly. My foreskin had been forced down by the fabric, and my knob rubbed against the weave. Although smooth to the touch it felt like coarse hessian to my oversensitive knob. Now when my cock twitched it rubbed against the fabric, and I could feel more pre-cum drain along my dick and dribble out into the material.

Although my hands and body were now free, I felt too exhausted to move and just waited for Carl’s touch.

It came soon, I wanted to feel his fingers peel down my underwear, but they didn’t, he stroked my legs up towards my groin, his fingers now feathering my inner thighs, dangerously close to my balls. My mind urged him to go higher, but they didn’t, they kept stroking but never touching my balls. I could feel his breath on my belly before I felt his tongue probe my navel. It routed round into every crevice, feeling the uneven skin inside.

His lips came down and sealed his tongue inside my navel. Carl was now my umbilical cord, feeding me life.

I sucked in air through my teeth as his fingers briefly traced over my balls, my dick pulsed and my hips left the mattress.

Carl undocked himself from my navel; the light touch of his fingers on my thigh was replaced with his heavy body as he straddled me again.

His lips sucked on my nipples again, and I gasped and writhed beneath him. I couldn’t feel his body, but I desperately looked for it as my hips thrust high.

Kissing his way down, I relaxed again. His mouth was back at my navel, starting its second excavation. Finding nothing else, he kissed further down and licked the little hairs that paved a trail to my dick. My mind begged him to follow that trail to find my dick.

For an instant, I thought he’d finally found it. His chin brushed against my knob as he kissed just a little too far. He immediately lifted his head and could hear him blow air over the damp patch that covered my knob. Just this little attention made my dick lurch and my balls ache.

It seemed now that I was groaning continuously, my throat felt scratchy and my mouth dry. My saliva was drying out as my jaw stayed open. I wanted his mouth on mine again, to share his saliva to rehydrate me.

Carl’s fingers found my hips and the waistband of boxer briefs. He pulled them out and slipped his fingers towards the front, pulling hard on the fabric and carefully pulling it over my dick. It was done with great care, and my dick didn’t move.

Slowly he pulled my underwear down my legs and discarded them on the floor with my jeans.

My dick pointed to the wall above my head, raised only about an inch above my nest of brown pubes. It throbbed with my heartbeat. Free from its fabric confines, my foreskin had slid back over my knob and partially covered it. The red tip was still free and glistened with its coat of pre-cum.

Carl must have been kneeling beside me as I felt one hand grip my nipple, and the other caress my inner thigh again. His fingernail grazed the tip of my nub as two other fingers squeezed my nipple and gently twisted. The fingers on my thigh now stroked my ball sac, which was now tight against my body. The fingers went further and stroked me, never quite reaching my arsehole.

My dick just bobbed up and down with my stilted writhing, pre-cum still oozing out and dribbling onto my belly.

He twisted my nipple harder.

He stroked my perineum even lighter.

Then I groaned as I felt him blow air over my exposed knob.

He twisted harder.

He stroked faster.

He blew stronger.

My mind and my dick were a mess. I wanted release, but he wouldn’t touch me. My dick pulsed, my knob becoming painful as he twisted my nipple. He kept going, and we seemed to be panting in unison as I strained to get oxygen into my body and him to blow oxygen over my dick.

Then it finally happened.

My belly felt like it had been hollowed out, it felt so empty. My balls drew even tighter against me, the extra pressure turning the dull ache into a sharp pain. Deep inside me and above my balls, I felt a sharp stab like a needle. My dick momentarily went numb as I felt the pain drain from my balls to get stabbed by the needles, it gathered pace as it flowed inside my and reached the base of my dick. It caused my dick to expand; it pushed wider and longer, straining the skin. It flowed up my dick to the tip.

There was a moment of calm.

I screamed.

Then all hell broke loose.

Carl had trouble holding me down against the mattress as my dick exploded, I didn’t feel the first shot; it went over my head. It pulsed again, this time I felt it smear across my face, from forehead to chin. My dick thrashed wildly as it then shot cum in all directions, landing on me, the bed and Carl.

All my groin muscles ached from the strain of convulsing and shooting cum. They kept going as long as they could but started to slow down. As they did, my hips fell back on the bed; my dick now dribbling cum onto my pubes. My head fell back on the bed and breathing evened out to start panting, my body replacing its much needed lost oxygen.

I couldn’t move.

Carl removed his hands from me but just knelt beside me, looking at my face.

My dick stayed hard as I recovered. It still throbbed and hurt.

After recovering, I opened my eyes and looked at Carl.

“You bastard,” I whispered.

I looked down and surveyed the damage. My dick just looked at me. I looked it in the eye, it looked very angry. My body was covered in cum, and I saw a couple streaks across Carl’s navy blue tee shirt. Carl brought his hand up to my face and wiped the cum off me.

It took some time for my dick to go down, but while it stayed hard, I couldn’t touch it. The slightest touch was too painful. But eventually, my dick forgave me, and I could touch it again. Although I’m not sure I’ll ever forgive Carl for giving me the best orgasm of my life.


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