Fuck Tease
by David Heulfryn


Waking up, I felt a chill. Carl had thrown the duvet from the bed and had his lips locked firmly around my hard cock. Our eyes met as I looked down at him, and we shared a smile.

“Good morning, Sam. I couldn’t wait for you to wake up. I was just so horny.” He said, pulling his lips off my cock.

“Well, it’s better than being woken up by my Mum screaming at me to get up and get ready for college.”

This was the first night we’d actually slept together, and this was only possible because Carl’s parents were away for the weekend. Before last night we had to steal any time together to get our pleasures. I can’t remember the number of times I gave him a blow job in the bushes, and we nearly got caught.

The first time he fucked me was one afternoon when his house was empty, from then on, I would get messages from Carl on my mobile telling me when he would be home alone. Sometimes it was short notice, and I would have to dash over there. Within seconds of closing the door, we would be naked, and his dick would be in my mouth. Within ten minutes, both of us had shot our loads.

It wasn’t so long ago that I’d thought I’d collapse from fright. Carl had texted me to come right over. I dashed to him as quickly as possible but was shocked to find the house was not empty. His parents were still there. Carl said there had been a last minute change of plan and they weren’t going out. Thankfully my cock had shrunk the moment I saw his parents and they didn’t realise exactly what I had come round for. Carl made up some lame excuse that I was here to borrow his notes on a lesson I missed, and we scurried off upstairs and into his room.

“Fucking hell! That was close.” I told him. “My cock was so hard all the way over just waiting for your mouth. Then I saw them. Never has my cock disappeared inside my body so quick.”

Carl laughed. “Yep, my folks have that effect on cocks.”

“Oh shit! I want you so bad.”

I grabbed him and locked our mouths together, sharing the same breath, our tongues dancing. My hands roamed down his back and felt his arse cheeks; they were hidden by his sweats. They felt soft, but the fabric prevented me from feeling his warmth. My fingers burrowed beneath the waistband, and I was finally touching his skin. He always dressed this way when I came round, just sweats and a tee-shirt, nothing else. Usually, I pulled them straight off his body when I touched him, but I knew nothing could happen with other people in the house.

My cock strained against my jeans, and I could feel Carl’s dick press against my thigh as it tented his sweats.

“Oh fuck, Sam. I can’t hang on any longer.”

Carl spun me around and pushed me against the wall. Fumbling at my jeans, he unclasped the button and pushed them down my thighs so hard my knees almost buckled, and I nearly went with them. My briefs slipped down a little, dragged along in the wake of my jeans but my hard cock held firmly on to them so only half my arse was exposed.

To free my arse, Carl ripped down my briefs, causing my cock to bounce and ricochet off my belly.

He pulled down his sweats, and I could feel his dick push open my cheeks. As he felt the resistance from my hole, he stopped pushing.

“Relax!” He breathed into my ear.

“I can’t! Your fucking folks are downstairs.”

Carl grabbed my balls and gave them a hard squeeze. I yelped. The distraction meant he could easily break down my hole’s defences and his entire dick slid into me.

My cock surged ever harder and twitched as I could feel him fill me. I groaned loudly.

“Shush!” Carl breathed, but it had already been heard.

As Carl pulled out and started to fuck me, we heard his Mum shout up the stairs. “Is everything alright up there?”

He kept on fucking me, and I thought he would keep ignoring her, but he swallowed a breath and as calmly as possible shouted back that all was fine. Again he spouted another lame excuse about dropping a book on my foot.

She shouted something back, but I couldn’t hear; or rather my brain just didn’t register her words as my arse was fucked hard.

His hips slapped against my cheeks, each thrust pushing more precum out my flailing cock which splattered over the wall, floor and me.

This wasn’t a marathon fuck this was a sprint with the friction of his un-lubed dick heating my hole and cheeks. I was wincing in pain as it began to burn, the feeling of a hot poker searing my innards. Tears formed in the corner of my eyes as the exquisite pain travelled through me, causing my cock to swell and my knob to flare. My mind shut down almost completely, only concentrating on the feeling inside me and the release my cock was building towards.

Bracing myself against the wall, I couldn’t touch myself, but I didn’t need to. The pounding my arse was doing was everything needed to make me cum. And that moment was now.

I couldn’t look, I didn’t want to, and I was physically unable to. My eyes squeezed tightly closed as my cock exploded. The initial pain of the intense contraction subsided to the rhythmic pumping as my cock sprayed the wall.

As I came, my growling echoed inside his room, travelling down to his mother’s ears.

Carl kept pounding, I hoped he was close.

“Are you sure you two are alright up there?” She shouted again.

Neither of us could answer as it was that moment that Carl came inside me. His body still, his dick coating my insides with cum.

“Shit!” He said as we heard footsteps climbing the stairs.

Carl’s hard dick left my body as he leapt off me and pulled up his sweats. I was frantically pulling up my jeans, trying desperately to button them and do up my fly as I felt his cum leak out of my arse and soak my briefs.

We dashed over to his desk and huddled over a book, pretending to read, trying to control our breathing.

His bedroom door was opened carefully, and his mother popped her head inside. “Is everything alright? I keep hearing funny noises.”

“Yes, Mum.” Carl gulped down a breath. “Just trying to make the book more interesting.”

“OK.” She didn’t sound convinced.

“We’re nearly finished; we’ll be down in a bit.”

As soon as she closed the door we started panting again, I felt like I’d turned a shade of blue, holding my breath while her head was poking around his door. I don’t know how Carl managed to talk without gasping for air. Thankfully he did.

“That was fucking close,” I said, “but fucking amazing.”

It was from that moment that I came to enjoy the furtive fondling followed by the frenzied fuck. Our favourite spot was behind a dense hedge that surrounded the local library. People would be coming and going while Carl was cumming into me. But we still enjoyed the long love-making at his house when we were alone.

I hoped that this morning was going to be one of those times.

I was close to cumming in Carl’s mouth as he sucked on my cock, my knob sliding down the back of his throat. I wanted to shoot into his mouth, to feel his tongue pushing my cum to the back of his mouth and his throat undulating as it slid down to his stomach.

I thrust my cock deeper into his mouth as I held on to his head and groaned with each thrust as my balls tightened and prepared to shoot. My eyes locked closed, my fingers gripping the short hair on Carl’s scalp.

Carl smiled as I came into his mouth.

As my orgasm died, I let him go and watched as my hard cock slipped from his slimy cum covered lips.

“My turn.” He said, and I saw strands of my cum bridge his open lips as he spoke.

He grabbed my hips and turned me over. I knew what his turn meant; he was going to fuck me, and my hole twitched in anticipated.

Carl man-handled me into the position he wanted; kneeling with my head buried in the pillow so that my arse was high, my cheeks splayed and my hole waiting to be plundered. With the anticipation of feeling his thick dick pushing deep inside me, my cock had stayed hard. I shifted my head to see behind me and watched as my hard cock throbbed and dribbled out a mixture of cum from my orgasm and fresh pre-cum.

While bringing his face down to my arse, Carl deeply inhaled my scent. As he exhaled, I could feel his warm breath over my hole.

And then I felt his tongue. That first touch made me shudder with excitement

I felt Carl’s tongue lick around my hole, dampening the few black hairs that surrounded it. I instinctively clenched my hole as his tongue got closer, but as the tip of his tongue connected with the centre of my hole it relaxed and opened up for him.

Saliva bathed my hole and dribbled down, tracing a course to my balls where it clung to the hairs. His tongue darted in and out of me, each stab opening me up even more.

Something joined Carl’s tongue; it traced a route along my crack and penetrated me. His finger went in deeper than his tongue, but it was more slender.

My hole pulsated around the tongue and the finger that were now inside me. I groaned into the pillow that covered my face. My mouth was open, and I was dribbling so that my chin was now resting in a very cold and damp patch. I tried to swallow, but it didn’t stop my mouth watering.

I heard Carl spit as he pulled out of me and felt something hit my slowly closing hole. I expected to feel his finger back inside me but was surprised to feel something thick hit my hole.

I waited for him to push forward and satisfy me, but he pulled away. Then I felt it hit my hole again. I eased backwards, relaxing my hole, trying to suck him in.

It was working, I could feel his dick slipping inside me, and I was about to groan knowing that his thick dick would satisfy the empty space inside me. But it didn’t. The pressure against me faded, and his dick no longer pressed against me.

Confused, I was about to raise my head up and see if Carl was alright but quickly found my head pushed back down into the pillow and his dick touching my hole again.

“Don’t move.” He hissed at me, taking his hands off my head and holding tight to my hips.

I could feel him thrusting his hips, but nothing touched me. I tried to push my arse back to feel his dick I felt his hands squeezed and pushed me further away. Then I felt the tip of his dick touch my hole for a moment before being pulled back. If only I was six inches further back, I would have his dick inside me; my hole twitched and flared trying to grasp his knob as it felt the touch. I knew he could enter me any moment he desired, but he was obviously in the mood for playing.

The jabbing stopped. I could feel the length of his shaft rub along my crack, over my hole. It ran towards the small of my back.

My fists gripped the mattress, and I almost screamed into the pillow. “Fuck me!” But I don’t think Carl could decipher my muffled words.

More jabs of his knob pushed against my hole, and my head screamed for him to enter me. With each touch, my cock throbbed. I wanted to touch myself, but I knew that Carl wouldn’t allow it.

My dick grew even harder and throbbed with my heartbeat, my balls began to ache and yet I felt empty. I wanted him inside me. I needed him inside. I needed to feel his smooth thick dick ram against my gaping hole and push my bowels open. I needed to feel his knob rub against that sweet spot that forced my cock to jerk and ooze precum.

Again his dick hit my hole, again it went no further. With each hit my dick would spasm, and I could feel the drops of clear liquid as it hit my belly.

Again his dick hit my hole, again it went no further. This time my balls forcefully contracted and I felt as if my sac was going to squeeze my tender balls to the size of acorns.

Again he hit my hole. My groin was on fire. One touch and I knew I would explode and my cries would resonate down the quiet suburban street causing net curtains to twitch.

Again he hit my hole but went too far. His knob slipped in, past my ring, and I opened myself up, expecting to feel him go in all the way.

I groaned in pleasure and disappointment as his knob popped back out. His dick faced a black hole as my ring stayed open, twitching and undulating waiting to be stretched again.

At least Carl was heading in the right direction. The knot in my stomach loosened as I expected to feel more and more of him.

Again I felt his knob slip into me, but it went straight back out. He pushed against me again, missing my hole but pushing deeper and letting his dick slip underneath me, sliding against my balls along the cleft in my sac.

The touch sent my balls heading inside my body, the dull ache deepened, and my dick flailed. I wanted to come, my cock needed to come, but it never happened, and my cock calmed down as Carl pulled his dick back and away from my balls.

His dick touched my balls again, and my dick flailed again. I was there. I knew I was there, but my cock stubbornly refused to blow. I covered my head with my hands, and my eyes cried tears of desperation. No matter how much screaming into the pillow I did, it would not make me come.

I imagined Carl grinning behind, knowing the effect he was having on me. He knew I was addicted to his cock, to his cock in my mouth, to his cock in my arse. I needed his cock inside me, and now, I just wanted him to fuck me, to fuck me hard.

I felt his cock feather my hole again, I tried to force my hips back to swallow his cock, but he held me firm. Every time I tried to push back, Carl would punish me by placing his cock in the small of my back. I was now conditioned to stay still, if I didn’t I would feel his cock at my hole, each time hoping it was the touch that would go deeper, and I would feel him balls deep in my arse.

Carl chuckled as he watched my arse twitch and beg for his cock. Beneath me, my cock was leaking, leaving pools of pre-cum soaking into his bedclothes. I could feel my cock twitch with each heartbeat, my knob poking out from its sheath, angry and red.

If only I could touch myself, I could cum. If only Carl would fuck me, I could cum. If only…

I cried in frustration, I needed to cum. I wanted to scream.

Carl’s cock touched my hole again.


I felt like sobbing. I was a jabbering wreck as he kept teasing my hole with the promise of being fucked.

My head pounded, and I started to feel light-headed.

Then my torture was over.

Carl’s rammed his cock deep inside me.

My head exploded, and I screamed into the pillow. Beneath me, my cock erupted and frantically throbbed, spewing cum over his bedclothes. Behind me, my hole gripped his cock tight, not wanting to release it and feeling it throb as Carl came inside me.

Carl collapsed on my back, and we sank deep into his mattress.

Both of us were panting.

Carl knew how to tease me to the greatest ejaculations I would ever have.


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