Recovering Slowly
by David Heulfryn


Max was getting better at doing things for himself, but I still fussed around him. I stood by the light switch again while Max got into bed after brushing our teeth. I turned off the light when he was settled and got into my bed.

“How did you manage today at school?” I asked Max.

Mum suggested he take the day off to rest, but Max insisted he was alright to go and didn’t want to miss it. He did struggle this morning, and I helped him dress. Max could manage with sweatpants, but school trousers were different. He struggled to pull up his white briefs and asked for my help. I looked at his soft cock as I pulled them up his legs and thought about seeing it hard and ejaculate into the bath water. Max still didn’t know it had happened, but I couldn’t get the image out of my mind. I’d never seen anything like that, and certainly not that closely. I was careful not to touch his cock as I pulled up his briefs, and Max quickly adjusted his cock and balls to make himself comfortable.

I wasn’t used to dressing anyone other than myself, and buttoning his school trousers was difficult. Buttoning up his shirt was frustrating. But I managed. Thankfully, our school insisted on clip-on ties, so that was easy.

We walked to school together. I carried his bag as well as mine. I left him at the school gates when one of his mates took over.

“My mates were helpful,” Max said, “But it was Pete who really surprised me. I hadn’t told him what happened, but once he saw me, he stayed by my side, carrying my bag, getting my books out and said he would copy his notes from the lessons we had together, so I didn’t have to strain myself trying to write.”

“That’s good of him. But how did your other mates take it?”

“Once I had a word with them, told them how me and Pete and talked and sorted things out, they were fine. I’m not sure they understood how I could have forgiven him after what he’d said, but they slowly came around. I won’t say we’re all friends again, but things are heading in the right direction.”

“I’m glad. I was worried about how you’d manage today, and at least I won’t have to carry your bag home.”

“Yeah, Pete helped me today. He even helped with my homework when we got home. Things were awkward when we had PE, though.”

“They didn’t try and make you do it, did they?” I asked.

“No, nothing like that, but I had to sit in the changing room while everyone changed. Pete changed besides me, and all I had to look at were the bulges of thirty teenage boys. I got hard, but thankfully no one could see.

Max didn’t take it easy this evening for someone with a broken arm and busted shoulder. After finishing their homework, Max persuaded Mum to let Pete take him to see James. He wasn’t pleased when Max turned up with Pete. But Pete didn’t stay. He wasn’t made welcome by James.

They went into James’ bedroom, and his younger brother, Marc, left them alone after asking Max about his injuries.

Max became bashful when he told me what they got up to in his bedroom.

“I told James how frustrated it was,” Max said. “I’d not cum for days, and I find it difficult. James offered to suck me off, but I didn’t want to risk it with his parents and brother downstairs.”

“You turned down a blow-job!” I said incredulously. “I can’t imagine ever turning one down.”

“You’ve never had one, Min,” Max said.

“I know. That’s why I’d never turn one down.” I laughed.

“Anyway, James took me into the bathroom so we could lock the door. I leaned against the door while James pulled down my trousers and started wanking me. I came so quickly.” Max sighed.

“Do you feel better now?” I grinned.

“Well, I do after he did it a second time ten minutes later.” Max laughed and then winced as he jolted his shoulder.

“What causes you the pain?” I asked.

“It’s my shoulder. My arm doesn’t hurt at all, it’s covered in the cast, and even when I knock, it doesn’t hurt very much. My fingers sometimes feel strained as I want to do more than I can. It really is just my shoulder. It’s bruised and hurts like fuck when I knock it or use the muscles. It feels tender when you touch it. I could easily live with a broken arm, but a dislocated shoulder is a bastard.”

“I’m sorry, Max.”

“It’s not your fault, Min. It’s the other team that did it. James told me that they have been reported to the local league. There is talk about them being suspended for the rest of the season.”

“I should hope so. They should be thrown out for what happened to you.”

“I’m trying not to think about it. It gets me uptight, and when that happens, my muscles tighten, hurting my shoulder.”

“I suppose that means you won’t be going anymore.”

“Of course, I’m going. I want to see James during training and support the team when we have a match.” Max sounded excited. “I’d prefer to be playing, but watching is the next best thing.”

“Just don’t overdo it.” I was concerned he might want to do too much, “I can come with you if you like.” I offered.

“You don’t have to. James and I can walk together. Besides, how’s it going with your gymnastics? Any decisions?” Max was changing the conversation away from him.

“I am missing it. I find I’m missing it more than swimming. So I’m glad I gave up swimming. I think I’ve decided to go back, but not for a few weeks. It’s nice to have a rest, play with Rick and spend time with you.”

“You don’t have to, you know. My mates will help me at school, and James will help me at rugby. Besides, I’m getting better every day and can do more. It’s really only carrying that I can’t do for the next six weeks. They don’t want me to put any stress on my shoulder muscles and ligaments.”

“I like looking after you.” I pouted.

“And you still can. You can help me at home and carry anything I need to school for me.”

“I know what James will help you with.” I teased.

Max chuckled, “Don’t start, Min. It’s not all about sex.”

“I’m sure it isn’t, but that’s the biggest part of it.” I laughed.

“Actually, Min, it isn’t.” Max became serious. “It’s only a small part of our relationship at the minute. Sure, we played with each, at least we did before this happened, but it’s more. Deeper. I’ve fallen in love with him.”

“I wish I could get in bed with you and feel my arms around me.” I sighed.

“I wish James could get in bed with me.” Max chuckled, “But I love it when you are. Perhaps we could do it one last time when my shoulder’s better.”

“Why one last time?” I asked.

“We’re getting too old. I’m worried about what people will think.” Max told me.

“Don’t be. There’s nothing wrong with it. Don’t push me away because you’re worried about what some ignorant people think.”

“I know I shouldn’t. But after we talked and what Dad said, I just think we should stop. Especially after I got had and… um… poked you in the arse.”

“Yes, but you didn’t mean to. It’s not like we do anything. We just lie together. You make me feel safe.”

“I know, Min. But…”

“But nothing, Max. I won’t let you. I’m not giving up my Max hugs and cuddles just because you think people who have no idea what happens in our bedroom might think it strange. I am strange, Max. I like being different. I like not caring what others think.”

“You might when you get older,” Max suggested.

“I might, but not now. And now is what matters. Look, Max,” I sighed, “I like being naked. If I could be naked all over the house, I would. It’s not sexual, Max. At least not for me. You don’t see me hard that often. I thought you were the same?”

“I’m not sure, Min. You’ve helped me so much. I like being naked, too. I like being naked in here with you. I like it when we brush our teeth together. It’s just after James spent that night in my bed… I was hard most of the night. I wanted to do things with him and him to me. I suppose I’m just worried I’d feel the same way if we shared a bed again.”

“You really are a prat. We’ve slept together many times and have you ever felt that way about me?” I couldn’t help but laugh a little.

“No,” Max said softly.

“Then you won’t next time. I’m not James. You want to suck James off. You don’t want to suck me off. You want to kiss James. You don’t want to kiss me.”

“I suppose.” Max accepted.

“Then that’s settled. As soon as you’re better, I want to get as many Maxi-hugs, cuddles and snuggles to make up for what I’m missing out on while you’re injured.”

“And what do I get?” Max laughed.

“You get to share a room and, on special occasions, a bed with the best little brother in the world.”

“What’s Marc got to do with it?” Max joked.

“It’s a good job that you’re injured, or I’d be over there sitting on your head.”

“I’m going to like this. I can say anything to you, and you can’t touch me.”

“Don’t push it, Max.” I laughed. “I can give as good as I get.”

“Really? Give it your best shot, Min.”

I thought. I kept thinking. “Well, you’re a butthead.” That was the best I could think of.

Max laughed and then winced.

“Sorry, Max,” I said.

“What for. Making me laugh so that my shoulder hurt or calling me a butthead.”


“You are too cute, Min.” Max chuckled, “And you are the best little brother in the world. Marc isn’t a patch on you.”

“Thank you, Max,” I whispered.

“Min, can you do me a favour?” Max sounded in pain.

“Sure,” I said.

“Can you get me two painkillers and a glass of water? I forgot to take any before I went to bed.”

Without thinking, I got up and went downstairs. I asked Mum for some painkillers for Max. She looked at my crotch, and I realised I was still naked. She didn’t scream. She seemed amused. I think she was getting used to me being naked. Dad also smiled.

I followed Mum into the kitchen and turned on the tap to fill a glass with water. She handed me the pills, and I said good night to her again.

“You have your dad’s bottom.” Mum laughed as I climbed the stairs carefully, so I didn’t spill the water.

In the bedroom, I turned the light on with my elbow.

“Mum says I have Dad’s bottom.” I went over to Max and turned so he could see my arse.

“I don’t know why you’re showing me that. I’ve never seen Dad’s arse. Just give me those damn pulls. My shoulder is hurting.”

Max swallowed the pills with a big glug of water, handed me the glass, and I put it on his bedside table in case he needed it later. Max settled back down.

I stood by the door, my fingers poised by the light switch. Max was still, but I could see the pain on his face. I hoped the pills would kick in soon. I turned off the lights and got back into bed.

“I love you, Max,” I said, hoping it would ease some of his pain.

“I love you, Min.” As he spoke those words, I heard no pain in his voice.


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  1. Great update. It is nice to read Max is so open about his budding sexlife with James. And I think Finn is handling it well. I hope hearing so much from his older brother will not make him rush into things. This – of course – is fiction, but at his young age he has seen more than I had at his age. The first time I saw an other man hard and cum was when I was 20, maybe even 21. Till that time I only had experience with girls.

    Thanks for writing.

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    1. I’ve just posted the last of what has become Part 1 of the story. I’ve only ever wanted the brothers to grow and the intimacy between them never to be sexual, although it might appear to verge on the sexual sometimes. But Max and James are exploring their emerging sexualities. I find those first tentative steps intriging and I’m glad Max has someone like James so they can explore their sexuality without fear of abuse or peer pressure. I was older than them when I started. I wish I had someone like James when I was fifteen.

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