Making Plans
by David Heulfryn


The atmosphere was frosty when I got back from swim practice. I put my swimming trunks and wet towel in the dryer. Max was home. He’d obviously not been allowed out. Mum told me my dinner was in the microwave. I ate and then went to my bedroom to do my homework. I rushed my homework and went back downstairs to get a glass of water. I was eager to find out what had happened when Max got home from school.

“Max?” I went into the living room, “I’m struggling with my maths homework. It’s something to do with triangles. Could you help me, please?” It was a lie. I wanted him away from our parents so we could talk.

“Sure.” Max got up and followed me upstairs.

“How are things? What happened when you got home?” I asked, sitting on my bed.

“What about your homework?”

“Just a little white lie. It looked like you were desperate to get out of there.”

“Thanks, it was awkward. Especially after we talked.” Max came to sit next to me. He put an arm around me and held me.

“What did you talk about?” I asked.

“It was so embarrassing. They talked about sex and wouldn’t stop telling me I was too young. I agreed with them, but they kept banging on. They even told me it was illegal and that I could get into a lot of trouble if the police found out. They said it used to be illegal until I turned twenty-one, but now it was sixteen, and they thought it was still too young.”

“So when did they say you can have sex?” I laughed.

“They didn’t. I kept agreeing with them to make my life easier, but they kept going on and on. I said James and I weren’t having sex. I said we would hold hands and hug each other. Once they were satisfied we weren’t sexually active, they talked about Jane. Why didn’t I try harder with her.”

“That’s stupid.”

“I know. I explained that I did feel something for her, but I felt a stronger attraction to James. They still haven’t met him. I think that scares them. I’ve been grounded for the rest of the week because of my mouth, then I said I will bring James round for afternoon tea on Sunday so they can meet him. They have already met him really, well, seen him when they came to watch us play rugby, but I don’t think they’d recognise him.” Max paused, “They also asked if I was trying to ruin your birthday.”

“That’s absurd.”

“I know. I told them that we were getting on great and were good mates and brothers. I even said I’d gone out of my way to get you a present I knew you wanted, you know, those jammers you are always on about for your swimming competitions.”

“I am going to love them. I enjoyed going out with you to get them. I hope they are wrapped up.”

“They are, and hidden away so you can’t find them. Mum seemed pleased. I don’t think Dad could care less. They still haven’t told me what they’ve got you.”

“I only have a few days to wait. So what happens now?” I asked.

“Well, we compromised on a half-eight curfew.” Max lowered his head.

“And at weekends?” I asked.

“Same. They don’t want me out late at weekends unless I’m with someone else. They want to make sure we don’t get up to anything.”

“That’s so unfair!”

“I know, but that’s the price of love.” Max smiled at me.

“Well, I’ll volunteer to be your chaperone at the weekends. Just don’t gross me out when you snog each other.”

Max chuckled, “I don’t think it’ll come to that.”

“Have you spoken to James?”

“Yes, they let me call him. He knows what’s happening. He’s not happy but says we must do as they say. Give it a few weeks and see if they relax.”

“Good idea.” I agreed.

Max left to go back downstairs. I soon followed.


I was sent to bed at half past eight again. Max tried to follow, but they told him to stay. I was concerned for Max. I didn’t want him to start shouting at them again, or else he would never see James again. I quickly stripped and brushed my teeth, but instead of getting into bed, I sat on the top of the stairs, listening, or at least trying to. I felt a slight chill on my naked body but wasn’t tempted to cover up, knowing the moment anyone left the living room, I could quietly dash into bed so no one would see me.

Despite trying to listen, I couldn’t hear anything. I wondered if they were talking at all. After a few minutes, I heard muffled voices. They seemed calm enough, so I stopped worrying. I remained sitting on the top step in case anything happened. But it didn’t.

When I heard someone leaving the living room, I dashed into bed, pushing my door, so it was ajar. Lying down, I noticed my little prick was stiff. It enjoyed being out in the open air, and the possibility of getting caught made my balls tingle. I touched my prick and made it twitch between my fingers. Any thought of masturbating vanished when Max came into the bedroom.

“They’ve sent me to bed now.” Max huffed. “They’ll be changing my nappy next.” He sounded fed up. They were treating us like little kids.

“So what was that all about?” I asked.

“Let me get ready for bed first, then I’ll tell you.”

I watched as Max stripped naked. I liked looking at him, his white skin, his curly pubes around his cock. He turned to go to the bathroom, and I watched his round arse disappear from sight.

I waited for him to return. He was longer than usual, and I wondered if he’d gone to the toilet.

“What took you so long?” I asked as he came back into the bedroom.

“I had a wank.” Max said without any embarrassment. “I thought about James and how much I missed him and couldn’t stop myself.”

“I wish you’d told me.” I sighed, “I was playing with myself when you came up. I could’ve finished myself off while you’re in the bathroom.”

Max laughed, “I’m not going to put an announcement on Facebook every time I fancy wank.”

I looked down at his cock. It was undoubtedly thicker and longer than when he left. I noticed the tip of his foreskin was wet and a small clear drop of fluid formed. “You’ve missed a bit.” I nodded at his cock.

Max looked down and saw what I could see. He went to his bedside table and grabbed a tissue. I watched as he dabbed it on the tip of his foreskin, then he retracted it and wiped his exposed knob. He screwed up the tissue and then pushed his foreskin back to cover his knob.

The show made my little prick hard again. I couldn’t resist touching it when Max turned his back to me and turned off the light. I watched his silhouette get into bed.

“So, what did they want?” I asked, leaving my little prick alone.

“I just wish they’d leave me alone.” Max sighed. “They seem to want to talk all the time now, determined to understand why I’m gay after having a girlfriend. And sex, of course. I assured them I won’t be having sex, and I’ll speak to them before I do.” Max paused. “I think that disturbed them. I’m not sure if they want to know or not. I think they’d prefer to stay ignorant.”

I chuckled.

“But I think they really just wanted to make sure I’m alright after the arguments. They told me that they love me and only want me to be happy.”

“I can’t remember the last time they told me they love me.” I frowned.

“That’s because they don’t.” Max laughed.

I blew him a raspberry.

“I’m sure they do, Min.”

“I know,” I said. “I assume I’m invited to this afternoon tea with James?”

“I suppose so. But it all seems very odd. I never brought Jane round for afternoon tea. I think Mum’s gone a bit mental as we never have afternoon tea. It’s like they’re trying too hard to accept James as my boyfriend. It’s not like we’re getting married or announcing our engagement. He’s only my boyfriend. My first boyfriend. I feel sorry for James having to sit with Mum and Dad eating scones. I’m going to try and persuade them just to let me bring him round and introduce him. They can hopefully ask tactful questions and then let us go. We don’t need anything formal. It will make everyone feel awkward.”

“And it might put James off you knowing you have weird parents.”

Max chuckled.

“I’ll work on them too,” I said, trying to make the situation less awkward. “I’ll talk to Dad. I’m sure he’ll understand.”

“I hope so,” Max said. “So, your birthday is on Saturday. What have you got planned?”

“Well, it’s swim practice in the morning. The coach will never let us take a day off, even on our birthday. Then home and Mum says she is going to do some food and get a cake while I open my presents. Then my mates have organised bowling in the afternoon. I’m crap at it, but it is fun. And, of course, back home for half past eight.”

“Am I invited?” Max asked.

“Nope, you hate my mates. Besides, aren’t you going to be seeing James?”

Max gasped, “I don’t hate your mates. They don’t like me. They think I’m a thick rugby thug. But I am hoping to see James if they let me.”

“I’ve told Mum that I’ll be back from swimming at eleven, and I’ll be bringing my swim mates with me. I’ve told my mates from gymnastics to get here at eleven. And to bring loads of presents.”

“Sounds like you have everything planned,” Max said.

“I do. But I would really like you to come with us. Come bowling with us. You can call James and ask him to meet you there. That way, you can also spend the day with him, and Mum and Dad will just think we’re celebrating my birthday as brothers. They will never know.”

“I would like to spend the day with you. Can I think about it and let you know. It would be good if James could come, but I don’t fancy babysitting a group of thirteen-year-old boys with whom I’ve got nothing in common.”

“I’m sure James will come if you ask him nicely.” I teased.

“If he can come, we will go.” Max gave in. “But your mates are not to tease us.”

“I guarantee they won’t. They’re actually quite impressed that you came out.”

“You’ve told them!” Max was shocked.

“Sorry, Max. It just came out, if you pardon the pun. I was telling them how proud of you I was and how you trusted me to teach you a backflip, and it just came out that you’d changed and were happier since you came out.”

“Have they told anyone else?” Max asked.

“No, I’ve sworn them to secrecy and said if they tell anyone, I will get the entire rugby team round to beat the crap out of them.”

“They would, as well, you know.” Max smiled.

“I know. But you should come out at school. There are so many people that know that it’s bound to leak out.”

“I know,” Max sighed. “I need to come out to my schoolmates. If I find a suitable opportunity, I’ll do it tomorrow. Lunchtime might be best.”

“Well, good luck, Max. Come and find me if you need to.”

“Thanks, Min.” Max paused a moment, “Finn, if you want to have a wank, I don’t mind. I’ll leave you alone for a few minutes.” Max felt he should use my real name when discussing masturbation rather than his pet name for me.

“Thanks, but there’s no need. The urge has gone.” I said.

“Okay. But the offer will always remain open.”

“Thanks, Max. I love you.”

“Love you too, Min.”


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  1. Max and Finn have such a sweet relationship. Am hoping we get to meet James soon.

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    1. James will appear soon. I’m not surprised Max fell for the hunky young rugby player.

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  2. Thanks David. This chapter left me a bit in a bind so to speak. Although I feel sorry for Max his parents are keeping him back, I can totally understand it from their point of view. Max is still their little boy and they want to protect him. Further more is has been only a week, so them too need to get their head around it. I am sure they have a totally different future planned out.

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    1. Sometimes parents hold their children back for a reason and not only to prevent them from exploring themselves. Some things work out better if you slow down and not live in a rarefied atmosphere. Parents guide their children the best they know how and the best they can. They don’t always get it right, but it comes from love. (The world can be a horrible place and if I could protect my loved ones from bullying and hate, I would, but it may not be the best for them.)

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