In My Brother’s Arms
by David Heulfryn


It took nearly three months to teach Max to do a backflip. I had hoped he could manage it by the time he was fifteen. But it took a couple more weeks. Tonight was the first night he’d cracked it. James joined to help as I taught him, and tonight he helped me spot Max as he tried his first backflip without the safety net of the foam pool. He’d happily backflipped into the foam pool, but tonight was the first time doing it with only a two-inch thick mat beneath him. Max was nervous, but it helped to know James and I were next to him, ready to catch and hold him in case anything went wrong.

Max did it the first time and didn’t need us as there was no chance of him landing on his head. James jumped up and down and hugged Max once he’d landed. I joined in the hug, so happy that he’d done it and also so pleased to see Max with such a broad smile. He did it again and again. Then we persuaded Max to stop, and we went home.

James came with us back to our house. Once inside, Max yelled to Mum and Dad what he’d done and asked them to go outside so he could show them.

Max was so proud of himself. It came easy to me because of my slight build, but it was more difficult for Max with his rugby build. I only wished Mum and Dad had shown more enthusiasm for his achievement.

James said he would leave when Mum told us to come inside and have our dinner. Despite Max wanting him to stay, Mum said she didn’t have enough dinner for three, so James kissed Max in front of us and left. I thought this unusual as Mum and Dad were used to James coming around. They even fed him the occasional evening, like his parents did with Max.

Max was disappointed, and so was I. After dinner, Max called James, and they spent an hour talking while I did my homework before we were called downstairs to start settling for the night.

As nine o’clock came, Max and I went upstairs to go to bed.

“Why couldn’t James have stayed?” Max asked rhetorically, “He could have stayed. It was like they didn’t want him to stay.”

“Don’t be paranoid. They’ve let him stay before, so I’m sure it wasn’t like that. Besides, It’s not like they won’t let you be alone with him in the house. Only last week, you went bright red when Mum caught you and James snogging in the living room.” I laughed.

“I wish I could snog him now. I could do with a good snog.” Max smiled.

I giggled, “Well, don’t look at me.” I stripped so quickly that I nearly tripped over my sweatpants as I dashed to the bathroom, “You’ll have to catch me first.”

Max took his clothes off leisurely as I had nearly finished brushing my teeth when he entered the bathroom. I rinsed my mouth and spat out the water.

“Hurry up, slow coach.” I slapped Max on his bare arse and left him in the bathroom.

I snuggled under my duvet and got warm. I watched Max return, but he didn’t switch off the light. He smiled at me and raised an eyebrow.

“One more before bed?” Max asked.

I grinned, nodded and watched as Max came into the centre of the room, prepared himself, took a deep breath and then launched himself into the air.

Max snapped his head and arms back and did a perfect backflip, landing with a load thump on the floor. He hadn’t expected to land so hard, and we heard Dad shout up the stairs.

“Settle down, boys. Get to bed!” He shouted and sounded annoyed.

“Sorry, Dad,” Max called back, turned off the light and got into bed.

I giggled as Max got comfortable in bed. I heard his bed creak as he fidgeted. “You should have seen yourself, Max. Your cock looked funny as it flew up, followed by your balls. I’ve never done it naked before.”

Max laughed.

“It made me hard,” I told Max as I tugged on my little prick. It made me shudder.

“If you keep perving on me,” Max laughed, “I’m going to start wearing pyjamas again.”

“Don’t do that,” I groaned. “I like that we are naked together. And you know I don’t look at you that way.”

“I know!” Max laughed, knowing he was teasing me.

Our laughs started to fizzle out. “James looked so proud of you when you did the backflip,” I commented. “I saw the way he looked at you. I think he’s got it bad.”

“He’s not the only one,” Max said. “We both said ‘I love you’ to each other a couple of days ago.”

“Oh my god, Max.” I gasped. “That is such a big step.”

“I know, Min. But it’s true, we do love each other, and I think I’m ready to go further with him.”

“How much further?” I asked.

“Well,” Max thought a moment, “I think I want to try sucking him off. You know, like he’s done to me a few times.”

I screwed my face up at the thought of Max putting James’ cock in his mouth. It seemed disgusting to me. “I’m not sure I could do it. Put another boy’s penis in my mouth. I think I could touch another boy’s willie, but not that.”

“No one’s asking you to do it. At least, I hope they’re not.” Max added.

“No. No one is asking me to.” I replied.

“I can’t explain it, Min. I know it seems disgusting, but it feels so good when James does it to me. He’s not asking me to do it, but I want to do it. I want to make him feel as good as he makes me feel. It doesn’t seem disgusting.” Max then started to chuckle. “But sucking off my best mate, Jacob. Now that’s disgusting. But sucking off James seems so intimate, so loving, so right.”

“Do you know what to do?” I asked, which caused Max to burst out laughing again.

“Do I know how to do it? Of course, I don’t. It’ll be my first time, but I’ll just try to remember what James did to me and do my best.”

I was curious. I pulled my right hand from beneath my duvet and put two fingers into my mouth. I sucked on them. They tasted salty. I pulled them out and pushed them back in through my tight lips.

“What are you doing over there?” Max asked, obviously having heard some sucking sounds coming from my side of the bedroom. “Are you sucking something?”

I withdrew my fingers from my mouth. “I’m just sucking on my fingers to see what it feels like.” After a moment’s silence, I could hear sounds of sucking come from Max’s side of the room. “Are you doing the same now?”

I heard a pop as Max’s fingers left his mouth. “I thought I might try. But I can’t put them in too far as I start to choke. James can get almost all of my cock in his mouth. I can only get a few inches of my fingers.”

“Well, let’s hope he only has a two-inch cock.” I giggled.

Max chuckled. “Trust me, it’s bigger than that. If you saw it, you’d be jealous.”

“How big is it?” I asked.

“Min,” Max was shocked and jolted upright in bed. I heard it creak again, “I’m not telling you how big his cock is.”

“Four inches?” I asked, “Six inches? Surely no bigger than that?”

“I’m not telling. Like I won’t tell James how big your cock is.” Max lay back down.

“Tell him,” I bluffed, “I measured it last night when I had another wank. I’m very nearly three inches.”

Max laughed again, “Like your very nearly fourteen.” He teased, knowing I had only just turned thirteen a few weeks ago.

“I’ll prove it to you.”

“Don’t you fucking dare,” Max said as he heard me start to get out of bed. “I’m not watching you measure your cock.” He laughed again, “Besides, I’m not sure we have a short enough ruler.”

“Max.” I moaned.

“Sorry, Min. I know I shouldn’t tease you that your cock is smaller than mine. You know I’m only joking.”

“I know,” I told him. “But I sometimes dream that I wasn’t so small and my cock was bigger.”

“You’re still young, Min. You’ve only really just started to grow.”

“I bet my cock grows to be bigger than yours.” I giggled.

“Everybody needs to have a dream.” Max chuckled.

We quickly quietened down, and I heard Max sigh. “Are you thinking about James?”

“I was, but then I thought about what I heard Mum and Dad talking about today. You know, a couple of nights ago, we talked about an atmosphere and how strange they seemed.” He paused.


“Well, when I got back from school today, Dad was already home, which is not normal. I wondered what was going off and thought he may have come home early because he was sick. But when I went in, I heard them talking. They didn’t know I was there. Mum sounded like she was about to burst into tears.”

“Shit! What was wrong?” I grew concerned.

“Well, it seems they are worried about Dad losing his job. They said something about redundancy. Then they noticed I’d come home.”

“Then what?” I knew it was bad, but I didn’t understand what was happening.

“Well, they just said that Dad might lose his job and asked me not to tell you.”

“Why?” I sounded defensive. I didn’t know why they would keep this a secret from me.

“They don’t want you to worry.”

“Well, I am worried,” I told Max. “What does it mean?”

“I suppose it means Dad will have to look for another job. He works in IT, so it shouldn’t be too bad. They always want IT experts.”

“Tell me about it.” I sighed. Because Dad worked in IT, he knew how to tighten our wifi security so we couldn’t access anything they thought inappropriate.

“I’m sure it’ll all work out, Min. But please promise me something.”


“Don’t let on that you know or that I told you. They’d kill me if they knew you know. I shouldn’t know. If I hadn’t overheard them, then I wouldn’t know. They don’t want anyone to know. Mum said something about knowing for certain before they were going to say anything.”

I sighed, “I suppose that makes sense.”

“I wish I hadn’t told you.” Max was nervous now that I knew.

“I promise not to say anything. I just hope everything will be alright.”

“So do I, Min. So do I.” Max yawned, and I heard his bed creak again as he turned onto his side. “I love you, Min.”

“I love you too, Max.” I turned onto my side and looked into the dark room and at the silhouette of Max’s body under his duvet. I heard his steady breath. The soft sound sent me off to sleep.


A loud bang suddenly woke me. I was tired and confused and didn’t know what had happened. I heard Max groaning, and then our bedroom door violently flew open. The lights went on, and I was blinded. I put my hand up to protect them from the brightness.

“What the hell is going on?” Dad stood in our doorway.

My eyes adjusted to the light, and I saw the fury on his face. I looked over at Max and saw that the foot of his wooden bed had broken off. His bed had collapsed, waking up the entire household. Mum came in behind our Dad. She placed her hand on his bare shoulder as I looked at him, standing in his pyjama shorts.

“Max!” He shouted. “I have a fucking important meeting first thing in the morning, and I don’t need this.”

I gasped. Dad never swore in front of us.

“Let me sort it, Darling.” Mum gestured for Dad to go back to bed.

Max was writhing in his partially collapsed bed. He was confused, he didn’t know what had happened, but he was slowly coming around and waking up.

“We don’t have time to sort this, Max. Just get in with Finn, and we’ll sort your bed out in the morning.” Mum told him.

“Okay, Mum,” Max said and waited. He was naked and didn’t want to come from under his quilt while she was looking.

“Well, hurry up. We all need to get back to sleep.” She waited for Max to move and was getting impatient. “Now, Max!”

Max stuttered but knew he needed to do something to stop him from getting into more trouble. I looked over at him and stifled a giggle as he got up, his hands covering his cock and balls as he came over to my bed. I lifted my duvet for him to get in. Mum just smiled.

“It’s nothing I haven’t seen a thousand times, Max.” She turned off the light and shut our door.

Max fidgeted next to me to get comfortable. We ended up spooning with his arms around my shoulders. We lay quiet, but we could hear our parents talking.

“Just go back to bed and get some sleep,” Mum said.

“What the hell has that boy been doing to break the bed.” Dad still sounded angry.

“Look, Darling. Those beds are years old. They were your and your brothers when you were kids. I’m surprised they’ve lasted this long.”

Dad mumbled something we couldn’t hear. Then they got into bed, and the house was quiet again.

“Sorry, Min,” Max whispered into my ear.

“It’s alright. It was just an accident.”

Max hugged me tightly. “I love you.”

“Love you, too.” I bent my head and kissed his hand resting on my bare chest. I knew no matter how much sleep I would get would be the best. It always was when I was in my brother’s arms.


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  1. Thanks for the update David.
    How sweet! Both brothers spooning naked in one bed. I guess Max’s bed eventually gave out because of the rithmic vibrations it had to endure over the last two generations. So the boys dad is on the verge of losing his job. Let us hope they won’t have to move far away so Max will lose contact with James. On the other hand, perhaps his new job will be in Cockaigne? That way maybe both Max and Min get to meet Kes? Or become friends with the boys of the Dartos and Walker family!

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    1. An intriging suggestion. Max and Min would certainly fit well into Cockaigne society. Perhaps their parents could be persuaded. We’ll have to see.

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