Hopes and Dreams
by David Heulfryn


I went to bed early as the tension in the house felt oppressive. Max was still out with James, and I didn’t want to wait until he returned. It was Max’s rugby night, so when he came home from school, he only had the chance to grab something to eat and go out again. As we ate dinner, we kept giving each other sly looks. Dad was home; he was never home when we got back from school.

After Max dashed out, I was alone with Mum and Dad.

I wanted to sneak to my room on the pretence of doing homework, but Dad followed me, saying we had to sort out Max’s bed. We spent the next hour dismantling the bits that were still screwed together. We took the bits and pieces of wood downstairs and loaded them into the back of the car. Dad was quiet when he wasn’t telling me what to do. I wanted to ask him if everything was alright, but I didn’t feel I should.

We put Max’s mattress on the floor, and Dad had me straighten out his duvet and make it for him. Dad made me go with him to the recycling centre to get rid of the bed. Dad seemed sad as we threw the broken bed into the skip.

“That used to be my bed.” He said solemnly.

“So I’ve got Uncle Dave’s?” I didn’t know what else to say.

I saw Dad smile. “When we were your age, we used to have pillow fights. Your Uncle would jump on my bed and whack me with his pillow. He was a little rascal when he was younger.”

Uncle Dave was Dad’s younger brother. I couldn’t imagine him being so silly as he always seemed so serious now.

“I suppose that’s why your bed has lasted longer. He never used to jump on his own bed, just mine.” Dad said.

I started to feel sorry for Dad. He was in a reflective mood remembering his childhood. I had the urge to hug him, so I didn’t hold back. I wrapped my arms around his back and rested my head on his chest. We were standing in front of the skip, and some people smiled at us. Father and son hugging. I felt Dad kiss the top of my head. I had hoped he would open up to me and tell me what was going off with him and his job, but he didn’t.

When we got home, I did my homework.

Now I was lying in bed, waiting for Max to come home. I looked over at the clock. It was only half past eight. He had another 30 minutes before he was due home. Then I heard the front door close. Max was home early. Once he realised I wasn’t in the living room with Mum and Dad, I expected him to come to bed. But he didn’t. I had to lay alone for a while longer.

I was still waiting when the clock turned nine. I grew nervous as Max didn’t come to bed. I wanted to know why they were keeping him downstairs after his bedtime. It was nearly a quarter past when I heard Max come upstairs.

“Shit! I forgot about my bed.” Max said when he saw his mattress on the floor.

“What’s going off. I heard talking. What did they say.” I was eager to find out.

Max would generally sit on his bed, but he came over and sat on mine instead. I sat up and rested my back against the headboard. “They said they wanted to tell you at the weekend. But Dad has been made redundant. He’s lost his job.”

For some reason, I felt like crying. I tried to hold back, but I couldn’t. Max shuffled over and hugged me.

“It’ll be alright, Min. They said that he stands a good chance of getting another job. He’s already started looking. They just don’t want you to worry. They still think you don’t know, so you can’t let on, or they’ll kill me. They know how sensitive you are and are just looking out for you.”

Max released me and wiped a tear from my cheek. I smiled and cocked my head. I loved his touch. It was so soft and gentle. James was a lucky boy. Max then wiped my cheeks dry.

“It really will be alright, Min,” Max said softly. “Dad actually apologised to me for shouting at me last night. He realised it wasn’t my fault. And Dad never apologises.”

“I just don’t understand why they talk to you and not me. I spent time with Dad today sorting out your bed, and he never said anything. He had plenty of chances.”

“So what’s happening about my bed?” Max changed the subject.

“They said something about getting a new one this weekend. So it looks like we will be dragged out to the shops.”

Max huffed, “But I want to go out with James.”

“I’m sure you can spare a morning without seeing your boyfriend. Besides, don’t you want to choose your new bed? If they only take me, I’ll choose a race car bed for you. I’ll tell them you’ve been going on about every night.”

“You would, too.” Max laughed, and I looked at him mischievously.

Max shook his head and pulled his shirt over his head. He shuddered. I looked at his bare chest. His nipples were erect. It was colder than usual in our bedroom.

“I think they’ve turned the heating down,” I said, and I felt the urge to tease Max and tweaked one of his hard nipples.

“Ow!” Max slapped my hand away and tried to grab my nipples. I kept batting his hands away, so he never got the chance to tweak them.

“Stop it, Max.” I giggled, “You’ll break my bed.”

Max made one last try to grab a nipple and then gave up. He stood up and finished undressing. I watched as he pulled off his jeans, and I looked at the bulge in his white briefs. They looked stained.

“It looks like you’ve had an accident.” I pointed to his crotch.

Max quickly pulled off his underpants and threw them in our dirty linen hamper. I looked at his naked crotch and saw that his cock was wet and his pubes matted. His face shone bright red.

“You’ve cum in your pants!” I shrieked.

“Shush!” Max was embarrassed. “It was James. He made me.”

“Well, I hope you did the same to him.” I grinned. “Did Mum say anything about you sleeping naked last night?” I asked.

Max chuckled, “Only that you’re having a bad influence on me.”

“Bad influence!” I was incredulous, “It’s me that’s brought you out of yourself.”

Max sat back on my bed. He was naked and showed no shame or embarrassment. “I know, Min. And I’m glad. I actually think you see me naked more than James.”

“Well,” I grinned, “that makes me a lucky boy.”

Max shrugged and left to go to the bathroom.

I remained sat up in bed and waited for him to come back. When he did, I checked out his crotch again. It was now clean and dry.

“You’ve washed your cock!” I said, “What did you dry it on? Not the hand towel. I dry my face on that hand towel. Eugh!”

“Stop it, Min. I’ve been doing it for a year now, and you’ve never complained before.”

“Eugh!” I rubbed my face.

“And it’s always clean, so it’s not like I’m rubbing it over my cummy cock.” Max turned off the light, and I heard a thud as he dropped onto his mattress. He fidgeted more than usual. I heard huffing. He couldn’t get comfortable. “This is so hard on the floor. It feels so odd.”

“Just get used to it.”

“I’ll try,” Max sighed and carried on fidgeting.

I waited for him to settle, but he never did.

“Min?” Max asked, “This is so uncomfortable. Would you mind if I slept in your bed again tonight?”

I grinned and tried to hide my excitement. I loved it when we slept together. I loved feeling him hold me. I loved feeling his breath on my shoulder. “If you must.” I tried to sound reluctant, but I don’t think Max bought it.

I felt Max slide into my bed. I shuffled over and shivered as I felt his cold body mould itself over my warm back. Soon enough, we were both warm again, and I felt Max hold me.

“You must be so lucky, Min. Having me two nights in a row.”

I wiggled my backside against his crotch. “Just don’t get too excited, Max.” I teased.


“So,” I took a deep breath, “have you done to James what we talked about last night?” Max admitted that he was thinking of giving James a blow job.

“Not yet.” Max huffed. “Do you expect me to tell you when I do?”

“Of course,” I giggled, “we share everything. Even a bed, now, it seems.”

“I’m still thinking about it.” Max sighed. “I want to do it. It’s just about finding the right time and place. I don’t want it to be dirty, outside, behind a bush somewhere, or quick, just to get him off, in case we get disturbed. I want it to be romantic.”

“Romantic,” I laughed, “stuffing someone’s hard cock in your gob isn’t romantic.”

I felt Max blush, “Perhaps not. But I want it to feel good for both of us.”

“But you’re happy for James to shove his hand down your jeans and toss you off?”

I felt Max smile. His chin was resting on my shoulder. “We did each other in his bedroom with his little brother next door and his parents downstairs. We had to be quick. James had his tongue in my mouth when I came. It was a good job, too, as I nearly screamed when I came.”

“Is that all you do, snog and wank each other off?” I asked.

“No!” Max didn’t like to think that their relationship was all about wanking and kissing. “We talk. We can talk for hours. He tells me about his family, his life and what he wants to do. I talk about my life.” Max paused, “And you.”

“What do you tell him about me?” I asked.

“How much a pain in the arse you are.” Max teased. “And what you do, what you like, how proud I am of you and your swimming and gymnastics.” I blushed when Max complimented me. “How much you help me, how our little talks are special to me and how much I’ll miss you when I go to university.”

“That’s not for another three years at least,” I said. “And you’ve got to pass your exams first. I hope James isn’t distracting you.”

“Not at all,” Max said, “We help each other. He helps with my homework, and I help him when I can. He’s not just a rugby thug. He’s quite bright. Loves science and wants to study physics at university. We have this dream that we’ll go to the same university and live together.” Max sighed, imagining living together as boyfriends.

“And then when I go to Uni, I’ll join you and spoil all your fun.” I teased.

Max squeezed me, “You’re welcome to live with us if that happens. I’d love you to, but trust me, you won’t be spoiling our fun, and you’d better get yourself some earplugs.”

“We can dream.” I breathed. “Will you be sleeping with me tomorrow?” I asked.

“If you don’t mind. You are better than a hot water bottle to keep me warm.”

“I’d like that. I’m going to miss you when you get a new bed.”

Max kissed my shoulder. “I will always be here if you need me.”

“Thank you, Max. I love you.”

“I love you too, Min.”

I snuggled closer to Max, our warm bodies touching as much as possible; I always felt safe in his arms. I quickly drifted off to sleep.


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  1. I guess the boys are a bit too old to go for a bunk bed when they go shopping. But maybe – since they both like sleeping together and spooning – they can persuade their parents to go for a double bed?

    Looking forward to the next update.

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    1. Bunk beds can be troublesome. Imagine trying to wank with your brother in the other bunk without making the beds rock! Slow stroking takes a lot of discipline.

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