Finn’s Birthday
by David Heulfryn


Mum and Dad said I could stay up late tonight, but I didn’t feel like it as I was tired after having a busy day. Max came up with me. I think the day had emotionally drained him. And who could blame him after what I had arranged.

Without Max knowing, I copied James’ phone number from his mobile phone. I rang him and invited him around on my birthday. I told him to turn up at eleven fifteen on the dot. I needed my mates here when he arrived. That way, our parents would have to be on their best behaviour.

“I couldn’t believe you did that.” Max hugged me when we entered our bedroom. “But I’m so glad you did.”

“I didn’t want tomorrow to be awkward. And now they’ve met James, tomorrow is off, and you have all day to spend with him.”

“Thanks, Min.” Max kissed me on my lips. He looked very grateful.

I had to ensure I answered the door when I heard the doorbell ring. I didn’t want Max or our parents to open it. I feared they would send James away. Especially Max, he didn’t know I had invited him, and it would make him uncomfortable. The moment I saw James, I hugged him and dragged him inside. Max’s face dropped when he saw him. I introduced James to my friends and parents. Dad approached him, and they shook hands. Mum also shook his hand. Max asked what he was doing here, and I explained that I had invited him. I said that although he was Max’s boyfriend, he was also my friend and I wanted him here with all my other friends. Dad looked at me strangely, knowing that I had orchestrated this meeting. Max was nervous, but our Dad and James struck up a conversation about rugby. It seemed that Dad had recognised him and said how much he enjoyed watching him play, saying he was one of the best players on the team. Max relaxed and held James’ hand. They smiled at each other, and the look they shared was observed by our Mum, something inside her melted as she saw them. Their devotion to each other was obvious.

Mum asked James how his parents felt about him going out with Max. James mentioned that they were happy and liked Max. He was always polite and helpful when at their house. But it was when James called Mum “Ma’am” that I knew things would be alright as her face lit up at being politely addressed.

I called out that it was time I opened my presents. James apologised for not bringing one. I noticed Max squeeze his hand, and I said his present to me was being here and making Max happy. Some of my mates mimed throwing up. I saved Max’s present until last, I knew what it was, but I wanted to wait. I opened the gift from Mum and Dad. The card contained some cash, which I thanked them for and then opened the box. Inside were some clothes, the best was a grey hoodie with my name embroidered on the back and a metal water bottle, again with my name printed on it. But it was what was hidden beneath the clothes that shocked me. A smartphone. I squealed like a little girl when I saw it and jumped up. I hugged Mum and Dad, thanking them over and over again. Mum said that she and Dad had been talking and felt we were now old enough to have smartphones. She looked at Max, saying she hoped he didn’t mind waiting a few more weeks until he got his. Max hugged our parents, thanking them. James watched and noticed tears in Max’s eyes. Max was overwhelmed, especially after the tension between them in the last few days. Max went over to James and hugged him tightly, not caring that his parents were watching.

“You know, Min,” Max said. “It could have gone so badly.”

“It may have, but I knew they would know he was right for you as soon as they met James. And I was right. They are mellowing. And I love my smartphone, shame they still take them off us at night, but at least they are letting us join the 21st century now.”

“You are one devious little shit, Min.” Max grinned, “But I’m glad. Today was one of the best. Mum and Dad were great. They liked James. They told me that he seemed a sensible boy.”

“So, are things back to normal?” I asked as I started to undress.

“Not yet,” Max took my lead and undressed. “But I think they have calmed down, and now they realise we are just two normal guys who happen to be going out, and James is not some sort of pervert who is trying to groom me. But they’re letting us spend the day together tomorrow. I’m going round to his place first thing.”

I pulled off my jeans and stood in my tighty-whities.

“I don’t know why you don’t like those.” Max nodded to my underpants. “You look good in them, just like you do in Speedos.”

I laughed. “I won’t be wearing speedos much longer now I have my jammers. But Coach says they are just for competitions and not for training.”

“Now you’re growing up, you’re starting to fill them out more. I like them.” Max said as he pulled down his jeans and showed me his briefs. They were identical to mine, just a couple of sizes bigger.

“I think I’ve still got a couple of pairs of yours that Mum gave me when you grew out of them.” I rummaged in my chest of drawers and pulled out a pair of old briefs. “They used to be white, but they’ve been washed so many times they’re more beige now. I don’t tend to wear them very often.” I laughed, “They are my emergency pair. I only wear them when everything else is in the wash.”

“Have these if you like.” Max pulled off his briefs and threw them at my face. I didn’t see them coming.

“Eugh!” I threw them back at him. He caught them and tossed them into our dirty linen basket.

Max left to go to the bathroom. I scurried behind him and slapped his bare arse. Max grinned at me, and we stood side by side, brushing our teeth. I was mesmerised as I watched him, toothpaste foam dribbling down my chin. Max finished and lifted the toilet seat instead of returning to our bedroom and started to pee.

“I think I’ve made you froth at the mouth, Min,” Max said as he shook his cock and stroked it to squeeze out the last few dribbles.

I spat into the basin and rinsed my mouth. “Are you going to have a wank now?” I asked as I noticed his cock plump up from touching it.

Max let his cock drop and flushed the toilet. He shuffled to the basin to wash his hands. His cock looked half hard and drooped rather than hung. I kept my eyes on it and watched as it grew. My cock went hard.

“Fuck, Min. Stop looking at it. You’re making me hard.” Max said, but I couldn’t, and soon Max was erect.

“It looks so big up close,” I said.

“Get to bed,” Max told me as he grabbed my shoulders, turned me to face the bathroom door and slapped my arse.

I laughed at the thought of Mum or Dad catching their two sons walking naked out of the bathroom with raging erections. Thankfully they didn’t see us.

Max waited at the door as I got into bed before turning off the light and getting into his bed.

“Your mates are kind of cool. They were cool about James and Me.”

“I said they would be.”

“But you were right about one thing. You are really crap at bowling.”

“As bad as you.” I laughed. “But James was surprisingly good.”

“Thanks, I had a great time. And I can’t wait to see James in the morning.”

“I’m glad. And I’m glad most of your mates were okay with it when you told them.”

“Some of the teachers have heard, and I got held back by my tutor after registration. He was concerned. Thought someone was spreading vicious rumours and was worried I was being bullied. I told him it was all true and no one was bullying me. I mentioned that one mate wasn’t happy, but he wasn’t a problem. My tutor mentioned he had sensed something was wrong between us and told me he was still worried and could talk to him anytime I needed.”

“Can’t they just leave you alone?” I sighed.

“So, how does it feel to finally be thirteen?” Max asked. “You’re finally a teenager.”

“Fantastic.” I smiled. “Finally, we are being treated as teens. I think they now realise they have two teenagers as sons. I love my new phone, and I especially love my jammers. And I love wanking.” I whispered.

“You are such a pervert,” Max said.

“I know. I love being a pervert. I wanked at school yesterday. I was in history and felt so horny for some reason, so I asked if I could go to the toilet. It was so exciting wanking in the bogs thinking someone could come in at any moment.”

“Didn’t you use a cubicle?” Max asked.

“What’s the fun in that.” I giggled. “I was in the middle, with my little hard prick sticking out of my flies, and I had a wank. I came, and it landed on the floor. I left it there. I didn’t bother to wipe it up.”

“Just you be careful, Min. If you’re not careful, you’ll get a reputation or, worse still, caught with your cock out.”

“You ought to try it, Max. It gives you a thrill, and it makes me cum so quickly. Besides, hardly anyone comes in during class, and you can always hear when someone is walking down the corridor. So there was no real chance of getting caught.”

“Good.” Max said, “But don’t push it too far. Just be careful. I don’t want to have to start worrying about you now.”

“You won’t,” I told him.

“Just promise me that you won’t do anything stupid. Promise me you will be sensible and only masturbate in private.” Max was serious.

“Okay,” I agreed. “If I need to have a wank at school again, I’ll use a cubicle. Otherwise, I will only wank at home, in the shower or on my bed.”

“Thank you, Min. I appreciate it.”

“You know, Max? My prick is still hard. Is yours?”

“Yes,” Max whispered. “What do you think about when you wank?”

“I’ve started thinking about my best mate, Rick. He’s more developed than me. In fact, I’d say his dick is nearly as big as yours. And he has a lot of hair. He teases me sometimes about how small I am but never about the size of my prick. And sometimes I think about this older boy from swimming. He’s older than you, and his dick looks massive. He hasn’t got any hair, he shaves it all off, and sometimes I can see stubble if he hasn’t had a chance to shave.”

“What about girls? Don’t you think about them?” Max asked.

“Rick is always going on about girls, their tits and fannies. But I’m not interested. I think it makes me gay, but I don’t know if I’ll start liking girls when I get older. So I’m going to come out to you as probably gay.”

“Are you going to tell Mum and Dad?”

“I don’t think so, not yet anyway. I want to be sure before I tell them anything.”

“Good thinking,” Max said.

“Good night, Max. I love you.”

“I Love you too, Min.”

I tried to sleep, but my prick wouldn’t go down. I turned over in bed a few times before I gave up and lay on my back, drawing my hand to my prick. I held it, feeling the hardness and started stroking. My fingers still gripped my prick, and I felt it wilt. I was lost in my own world as my fingers rubbed my prick. I forgot Max was in the room and started to groan. My balls ached, and my prick lurched. I was about to cum. I flicked the duvet from my body so I wouldn’t stain it and let my cum shoot onto my chest and belly. I relaxed and let my breathing calm down.

I knew I had to clean up and got out of bed to get a tissue from Max’s bedside table. Max ignored me, but I saw that his duvet was off his body. His hand was flying up and down his cock. I stood in the darkness watching him. He must have realised I was there, but he didn’t stop or cover himself up. Max began to groan, and I watched as he shot cum up his body.

I watched as Max’s chest raised and lowered with his deep breaths. He turned his head and looked at me. My prick was hard again.

“Pass me a tissue, please,” Max said.

I got two and gave him one. He wiped the cum from his chest, and I cleaned up my cum. Max dropped his cummy tissue on the floor, and I let mine fall next to his.

Silently, I got back into bed, and we both slept.


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