At it Again
by David Heulfryn


When we heard that Dad would be home for the evening, Max and I decided to ditch our plans and be there. After talking the previous night, we both felt like spending time with our father. We could tell that Dad was happy. For the first time in weeks, the four of us sat down as a family to eat. It was also the first chance we had to ask Dad about his new job.

Dad talked enthusiastically about his new job, but we didn’t really understand. He explained that the company he worked for looked after the software and vital records for an entire town. He was responsible for data security and said they needed to keep up to date against all the new cyber attacks and develop security patches for the software. Dad explained that they stored all the town records for births, deaths, marriages, civil partnerships, criminal records, and health records. Dad explained that it was important that none of the data was accessed by unauthorised people. I don’t think Dad enjoyed his job as much as he did this one. Mum seemed to be happy as well.

When it was time to go to bed, I hugged Dad. Max told me to stop being so soppy and slapped my arse. Mum giggled and said good night to us.

Max followed me up the stairs, gently slapping my arse with each step. I giggled with each slap as Max felt playful.

I ran the second half of the staircase to get away from him. Max chased me and cornered me in our bedroom. Max loomed over me with an evil grin and started to tickle me. I giggled and squirmed, trying to get away from him, but I couldn’t. Max grabbed my armpits and tried to lift me. I think I was heavier than he thought I was as he struggled to lift me and throw me on my bed. I looked up at him, breathing heavily, waiting for another tickle attack. I didn’t expect it to start at my feet. He grabbed them and pulled off my socks, tickling my bare soles. I squirmed and tried to pull my legs away, but Max held them firmly. Somehow I managed to wriggle free, but my sweatpants were pulled down as Max tried to keep hold of my ankles, but grabbed the cloth and pulled them down. Max swiftly pulled them off, and I squirmed in my white briefs.

“Stop it!” I squealed at Max.

Then behind us, we heard Dad, “Yes, Max. Stop it.”

Max released me and sat on my bed. We both were smiling and breathing heavily. “We’re just playing, Dad,” Max said through broken breaths.

“I know. But it’s time to get ready for bed.”

“Yes, Dad,” Max said and went to sit on his bed. Dad left us and pulled our door ajar. “Last one in the bathroom gets tickled to death in the morning.” Max challenged me and virtually ripped his clothes off. Despite being half naked, I was lying down, so I had to get up to strip off my clothes. I was lagging behind Max but quickly caught up. In unison, we pulled down our white briefs, but with Max sleeping closest to the door, he had the advantage and beat me to the bathroom.

But as Max burst through the bathroom door, we were stopped in our tracks as we saw our Dad standing in front of the toilet, peeing.

My eyes looked at the head of his cock poking through his fly. I think Max was looking too. Dad looked at us. His two sons stood naked before him. We didn’t try to cover ourselves. We let our Dad examine our cocks.

He looked at me, “Finn, you’re growing.”

“It happens as you get older.” I smiled at him.

“No, Finn.” He nodded down to my crotch, “You’re growing.”

I looked down and watched as my cock grew hard. “That happens to boys my age as well, Dad.” I grinned.

Dad laughed, shook his cock and tucked it back inside his trousers. He flushed the toilet and washed his hands.

Dad followed my eyes as I looked at Max’s cock. It remained soft.

“You’re turning into a fine young man, Max.” Dad hugged him.

“What about me, Dad?” I jumped up and down like a little kid waiting for a compliment.

“You, Finn.” Dad hugged me, “you are a cheeky monkey, a great brother, a fantastic son, and I have no doubt you will also be a fine young man.”

I melted into Dad’s arms. His clothes scratched my bare skin, but I didn’t care.

Dad broke our hug, “Now you boys brush your teeth and get to bed.” Dad left us in the bathroom, but before he went back downstairs, he turned back to us. “I’m proud of both of you, boys.”

Max looked at me and silently mouthed, “What the fuck!”

We brushed our teeth and went back to our bedroom. Max waited while I snuggled under my duvet. He flicked off the lights and got into his own bed.

“What’s wrong with Dad?” Max asked rhetorically, “He’s changed. He’s getting more involved. And last night, when he talked about sex, that was unbelievable.”

“I like it,” I said. “I think he’s finally enjoying his job, and spending so much time away has made him realise how much he misses me.”

Max laughed. “You really are self-obsessed.”

“No, I’m not. I’ve just more loveable than you.” I teased.

“Really?” Max said knowingly, “Who here has a boyfriend and who doesn’t. Come on, hands up those with a boyfriend who loves him and who’s all sad and alone.”

I giggled. Max was right. “So, how is James?” I asked.

“Lonely. We’ve not seen much of each other the last few days because of Dad. But he understands, and I’ve promised I’ll go round after school tomorrow. I think he’s getting horny.” Max sighed, “So am I.”

“You’ll be seeing him tomorrow. I’m sure you can both hold out until then. Unless you want to have a wank now?” I giggled.

“You cheeky bugger. I’m not having a wank. I’m saving myself for James.”

“Oh boy, I just hope you get some alone time with him because not cumming makes you cranky.”

“And my cock and balls seem to throb all day. I’m finding it difficult to concentrate at school.” Max admitted.

“So, for the sake of your education, get into that bathroom and paint the walls with your cum.” I joked.

Max was seriously considering it. He remained silent. Then I heard his duvet rustling.

“Don’t say a fucking word,” Max whispered, and I watched his silhouette creep to the door. His cock was hard, and when he opened the door, the red knob shone angry and demanding attention. Max left the door ajar as he went to the bathroom.

I lay still on my back, listening. I didn’t expect to hear my brother wank, but I tried and wished I had super hearing so I could listen, or better still, x-ray eyes so I could watch. The fingers on my right hand were leisurely playing with my cock. It became stiff as I thought of Max wanking to his thoughts of James. I was also thinking of James and his massive cock. Well, compared to mine, it was massive. Mine was only about four inches hard. His was at least twice that. I thought of Max, frantically stroking James’ cock. I was no longer playing with myself. I was now wanking. I didn’t last long, and I only just managed to throw off my duvet, so I didn’t soil it with my watery cum. I needn’t have worried. It just dribbled down my cock into my fresh pubes. I played with it for a moment, rubbing it over my pubes like some new shampoo. I needed to clean up before Max got back. I went to his side of the room and grabbed a handful of tissues from his bedside table. I soaked up my cum and went back to bed. I dropped the cummy tissues onto the floor, a bad habit I’d picked up from Max.

He was taking his time, I thought. Then I heard someone coming up the stairs. I hoped it was Dad, but it was both of them. Mum and Dad decided to have an early night. I heard Mum comment that our door was open. She poked her head in and looked around.

“Where’s your brother?” She asked me.

“In the bathroom,” I said, then I heard Dad knocking on the bathroom door.

“Are you going to be long in there?” He shouted through the door.

“I won’t be long, Dad.” Max’s voice sounded muffled.

I couldn’t help giggling. Max had been caught wanking in the bathroom. I wondered if Mum knew. She might if he had to come out with his cock still hard. I heard the toilet flush to either cover his tracks or dispose of the evidence.

Max ran into the bedroom, his half-hard cock flapping with each step.

I stifled a giggle.

Dad came into our room. “It’s a good job that your Mum didn’t see you. It’s one thing seeing you naked, another seeing you excited.” Dad laughed. “Just be careful, Max. Perhaps take some pyjamas into the bathroom next time.”

“Yes, Dad.”

“I hope I didn’t disturb you?” Dad asked with a grin.

Max didn’t respond.

“Goodnight, Boys. I trust there will be no more trips to the toilet.”

“No, Dad.” We said in unison.

“Night, Dad,” I said as he closed the door.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Max whispered.

“It could have been worse.” I laughed.

“How on earth could it have been worse?” Max said.

“You could have forgotten to lock the door, and Dad burst in on you with your cock in your hand.”

“It doesn’t bear thinking about.” Max sighed. “But what the hell are they doing going to bed so early?”

“Dunno,” I replied, and we waited until they’d finished getting ready for bed. They tried to be quiet and discrete, but we could hear them. The reason for the early night was evident.

I got up and slipped into Max’s bed. He spooned me like he did last night. This way, we could talk without having to raise our voices.

“Why are they so randy all of a sudden?” I asked, which elicited a stifled laugh from Max.

“Randy? You are so cute, Min. You talk about wanking one minute and sound like a normal teenager. The next, you use words like ‘randy’ and sound like a little kid.” Max hugged me tightly.

“Your cock’s not gone down yet. It feels bigger than normal. Did you manage to cum?”

“Yes, I imagined James’ cock in my mouth. I tasted some of my cum, hoping it would taste like James’. It didn’t.”

“Do you want to try mine?” I teased.

Max slapped my naked shoulder, “Fuck off!” He told me.

The noise from next door grew louder. They started with soft moans and groans, but as they got more into it, they forgot that their two sons were wide awake in the bedroom next door.

“Are you getting hard listening to Mum and Dad having sex?” I asked Max, feeling his cock press harder against my arse.

“Yes, but I’m not thinking about them. I’m thinking about James and me fucking him. If he’s still willing, I might want to try.” Max said.

“Are you ready for him to fuck you?” I asked.

“No. But if he wants me to fuck him and is okay with not expecting me to… well, you know. I think I would. The longer we are together, the more I want to do anything he wants.”

“Except…” I started to say.

“Yes, except that. For the time being, at least.”

We heard Dad groan, and the noise stopped.

“I think they’ve finished,” I stated the obvious. “I hope Mum’s on the pill. They’re too old to have another kid. But it would be nice to have a baby brother or kid sister. I might like that.”

“Getting fed up with me already?” Max squeezed me tight.

“No. Never.” I touched Max’s hand that rested on my chest. “Do you want me to sleep in my own bed tonight?”

“No, Min. Not unless you want to. I like having you close to me.”

I snuggled into him, pulling his arms tighter around my chest, his cock pushing deeper between my cheeks. I sighed contentedly.

“I love you, Max.”

“I love you too, Min.”


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