Alone Again
by David Heulfryn


It always felt good to wake up with Finn in my arms. I didn’t know if Finn was awake yet, so I enjoyed lying with him, feeling the heat from his body, hearing his light breaths and the gentle rise and fall of his chest. My cock was hard, naturally, but he never seemed to mind it poking him.

I took in a deep breath. He smelt like Finn. A mixture of stale sweat and fading deodorant. I kissed his shoulder. He really was the best brother I could ask for. It was him that had orchestrated today. I was to be left home alone to write an important essay for school. I didn’t, but it meant that James could come around and spend one last day together before we moved to Cockaigne.

I snuggled against Finn and rested my head on his shoulder. I felt him move, stroking my hair with his chin. He shifted, and he touched my hand. He wiggled backwards, making sure our bodies were connected along their length.

We didn’t speak. We lay still for some time. I could hear Mum and Dad. They weren’t quiet. I suspect they wanted to wake us up and get us out of bed early. Mum was always eager to leave early when they visited Granny and Gramps. It was barely nine o’clock when she opened our bedroom door. She looked over at us. She was no longer surprised that we shared a bed, she was just never certain who’s bed we would be in.

“You’re both awake. Get up and showered, Finn. I want to be leaving soon.” She looked at me, “Max, I don’t want you in bed all day if you have that important essay to finish.”

She left us again. Finn groaned and slipped out of bed. I saw that his cock was hard, like mine. He didn’t care. It was natural for teenage boys to wake up with erections. He went directly to the bathroom, and I heard the shower. I turned onto my back and felt the pressure on my hard cock from his duvet. I adjusted myself and waited for it to soften.

I showered after Finn, I wanted to be clean for James, plus it had the benefit of waking me up. Finn reluctantly dressed, and they were finally ready to leave. after breakfast

Finn kissed me on the lips and then hugged me. “I’ll text you when we’re leaving.” He whispered in my ear.

Dad laughed at Finn, “What’s got into you, Finn. You’ll see him later today. We’re not leaving for good.”

They left me alone.

I texted James to say they had gone, and I sat in the living room waiting for him. I felt anxious. My leg was jiggling, restless. I kept jumping up to look out the window, hoping to see James walking down the street.

I don’t know how often I looked, but it seemed like hundreds. Eventually, I saw him. I dashed to open the front door and had more waiting to do. I saw the smile on his face as he turned up my driveway. We hugged on the doorstep. I pulled him inside and went up to my bedroom.

“What do we do?” James asked, uncertain for once.

“Lie down with me.” I lay on my bed and left a place for him so I could spoon him. We were still fully dressed, but it didn’t feel any less intimate.

I kissed James’ neck when he snuggled against me. “I love you,” I told him.

“I love you too,” James responded.

“I must love you after what I went through. I thought it would be so embarrassing.”

“What?” James asked.

“Well, I found out that Vaseline is not the best thing for us to use. It’s greasy, and it was hell to clean off afterwards. So I went to Boots the Chemist. I went to get some proper lubricant. I was as nervous as hell as I picked it up. I geared myself up to go to the counter, and then I noticed the self-service tills. I joined the queue and hoped one would open up before the lady serving at the counter called the next customer over. I was so relieved when I could use the self-service machine.”

“What did you get?” James asked.

“I heard that we should be using something called KY Jelly, so I looked for it and found Boots’ own version. It was cheaper. So I got that.”

“Cheapskate!” James laughed, “So I’m not worth the best?”

“Just be grateful I didn’t mix it up with the Bonjella. That stuff would sting.” I chuckled.

James lowered his chin and kissed my hand. “When do you want to try it out?” James asked.

“In a bit. There’s no rush, we have all day, and I want to enjoy the whole day with you.” I started to nibble his earlobe, which caused him to wriggle and giggle. “Are you sure you still want to?”

“Definitely. I felt so good when you were inside me, Max. Are you sure, Max?”

I laughed and jumped on him. He twisted and lay on his back. I straddled him. “I think we’re both sure, James.”

Then the mood changed. I just wanted to kiss him all over when I saw his face. He looked so vulnerable underneath me. I started to unbutton his shirt to reveal his pert nipples. I leaned down and sucked one into my mouth. Beneath me, James writhed and thrust his hips upwards, grinding against me. James leant forward, and I pulled his shirt off. As I shuffled down his legs, my fingers gripped his nipples and gently twisted. James gasped and thrust his hips upwards again, but I looked at the bulge in his jeans this time. I cupped his bulge and then unbuttoned his jeans. I held the zip and pulled it down. As the zip lowered, the swelling in James’ black boxer briefs pushed out, eager for release. His bulge felt so much better without his thick jeans muffling my touch. His silky soft bulge felt so good in my hand. He was hard, but it felt soft. I got off James and pulled his jeans off by holding the hem. He wriggled and helped me. His boxer briefs came off next, and I stood looking at my naked boyfriend. His hard cock pointed to the ceiling, his foreskin was retracted, and his knob was moist.

“Aren’t you going to get naked?” James gasped.

“No,” I teased, “I’m enjoying looking at you. You are just so damn sexy.” As I told James, his cock twitched, and more precum seeped from his slit.

James blushed. His entire body seemed to glow a shade of red.

I pulled my t-shirt over my head and felt the cool air on my chest. My nipples were hard and ached to be touched, tweaked or nibbled.

I pulled down my sweatpants and briefs in one. I was now as naked as James.

“So beautiful,” James whispered.

I lay next to him on the bed, and we kissed. Our hard cocks rubbed against each other, we both wanted to cum, but we held back.

“I’m ready,” James managed to say between intense bouts of kissing. I saw my saliva over his mouth and chin.

“Like before?” I asked.

“Yes. I want to see you and feel you at the same time.”

I got off the bed and retrieved the lubricant from my school bag.

“Use your fingers first,” James said as he watched me smear the cold gel onto my cock. “You need to get me ready first. Stretch me.”

It was better than the first time.

I came inside James shortly after his cock erupted and cemented our bellies together. I collapsed on top of him, and I lay on top of him for several minutes.

The silence was beautiful.

I rolled off James, and we cuddled together. My head rested on his chest, and I felt his cold cum against my cheek. I didn’t mind.

It was then I made up my mind.

“James?” I whispered.

I felt his arms hold me tighter. “Yes, Max.”

“I want to try.”

James thought a moment, “Are you sure? You don’t have to. I don’t expect it.”

“I know, James. But I want to try. I know I don’t have to, but I’ve been thinking about it. I am ready, James.”

He kissed the top of my head. “Okay, Max.” He whispered, “But not yet. Let’s rest first. I need to recover.”


My decision didn’t waver as we lay together for an hour. James ensured I still wanted to do it, and I told him I was one hundred per cent definite.

James had me kneeling on all fours on my bed. I felt exposed with my arse up and my cock and balls dangling. He cupped my balls, and I felt him lick my exposed hole. I gasped as his tongue touched it. His tongue probed me. His saliva made the tip of his tongue prise me open. He then switched to using his fingers, one at first, then two. My cock was rock solid, and James wanked me as his fingers penetrated me.

I felt no pain or discomfort as his fingers slid inside me. James said he managed to slide three fingers into me. That made me feel stretched, but no pain.

It was time.

I lay on my back and lifted my legs. James spread lube over his hard cock and into my anus. He put my legs onto his shoulders and shuffled forward. My legs went higher, and my arse pivoted, exposing my hole to him, waiting to feel his cock.

I felt the tip of his cock touch my hole. He pushed, but I wouldn’t let him in.

“Relax, Max. Take a deep breath.”

I tried, but it didn’t work.

“We don’t have to,” James said.

“I know. But I want to.”

“Okay, Max. Relax. I’m going to push harder.”

He did, and I screamed as his thick cock broke through my unyielding hole.

“Max!” James was concerned. “I’ll take it out.”

“No!” I shouted. He was in. I wanted him to stay in, but it hurt like hell. James didn’t seem to feel the same pain when I penetrated him. Perhaps I wasn’t ready. Maybe I had forced myself to do it because I didn’t know when we would be alone again. Then something inside me made my body relax, and my hole seemed to try and suck more of James inside me. “Oh God, James. This feels incredible.”

“Do you want me to push again? I’ll go slow.”

“Yes,” I sighed as my body melted. All of my muscles went floppy as James slid his cock inside me. The pleasure increased as more of his cock was buried. My arse felt full, but it was a pleasurable fullness.

James leant forward and kissed me. Our tongues played with each other as James began to make love to me. My mind left my body. It was like I was drugged. Whatever James was doing to me had released something into my blood to make me euphoric. I came without either of us touching my cock. James continued to make love to me as my body squeezed his invading cock. I stayed hard and soon came again. James grunted and planted his seed inside me. He kept his cock inside as we returned to the real world. My legs fell from James’ shoulders, and he rolled off me.

My arse felt empty. I sighed as I wished James could stay inside me.

It was the most beautiful day of my life so far.


It was difficult saying goodbye to James. My arse felt slightly sore but I hoped I didn’t let on when Mum and Dad came home. As promised Finn had messaged me to say they were leaving.

After a quiet evening, I was told how Granny and Gramps were and how they missed me and hoped to see me soon. I promised I would go with them next time.

Finn and I went to bed. After brushing our teeth, I slipped into his bed.

As I held him, my cock thickened.

“Min,” I said softly, “I did it,” I told him everything.


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  1. I’ve been very busy the last week so I had to catch up a bit. It is a very lovely way how you described the first time for Max. My first time was far from romantic. Very different from James an Max. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier comment a while ago, I was quite late with my first time. When I was 18 I had sex with a girl I met in a bar, so it was more lust after a night out than romantic. I did not have sex with a man till I was around 22.

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    1. Thanks for sharing. There is never another first time. Some are special, like that between Max and James, but let’s face it, most are awkward, especially in the teen years. I wanted to make Max’s first time special, the ultimate physical expression of their love. Max is more delicate and shyer than Finn. It was a big step for him.

      Rating: 5.0/5. From 2 votes.
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