Teenage Taxi Driver
by Curtis


My job, unfortunately, requires that I constantly travel, but the salary makes up for the inconvenience. This incident occurred when I was in a large western American city. I don’t remember which, they just all blend together after a while. It might have been L.A. I remember that I checked in at a five star hotel in the center of the city. It was decorated like an old European palace, and I really enjoyed it.

Before arriving, I had bought a ticket for a show that I wanted to take in. Since that city was strictly car-oriented, and I am not a car person, there were no taxis waiting outside the hotel. I asked the staff to call a cab for me. In no more than five minutes, I spotted an approaching taxi as I waited outside the hotel. What a pleasant surprise! The taxi driver was a teenage boy, and wow was he unusually handsome. He seemed to be the all-American boy type and completely trustworthy.

I told him that I was headed for the Regency Theater, and asked if he knew where it was. He replied, “Yes, I know it, but it’s pretty far away. This is a big city.” I responded that I was aware of that. I climbed into the back seat, but my urges told me to sit on the front seat beside him, so that I could immediately fondle his crotch. He said his name was Jeff.

After a couple of blocks, my predatory cocksucker instincts took over. I told him, “you are one hell of a good-looking guy. I would love to suck your cock.” He answered in a very curt and cold voice, “I don’t discuss this kind of subject with my passengers.” His reply both surprised and angered me. I thought, “you arrogant young asshole.” But I was not yet ready to abandon the chase. I told him that he seemed to be very young to be a taxi driver and I guessed he was 18 years old. He replied that he was. He had gotten his job because his dad worked for the same taxi company.

Not knowing what further line to pursue, I decided to remain quiet until I reached my destination. After a while, I noticed that we were in an almost totally lower middle class residential neighborhood. I told him that I thought this theater was in an out of the way location, and he agreed. Shortly, he stopped in front of a modest frame house, and said, “We’re there.” I replied, “This can’t be a theater.” He said, “Yes it is, and I’ll go with you to prove it.” I was pretty confused. There was a long driveway to the house, which sat on a small rise. As we walked up the driveway, he said, “I’ll let you suck my cock, but it will cost $200. This isn’t a theater, but it is a place where we can be in private.”

I was totally shocked by what this conniving little bastard had done to me. But my evil side said OK, since I have paid to suck cock all of my adult life. And how could I resist this gorgeous young creature? So I said, “OK, it’s a deal.” We didn’t go into the front door, but a door on the right side near the end of the house. We entered a small but organized bedroom, and he closed the door. He indicated a chair for me, and immediately began to undress, and what a great piece of meat appeared!

I told him to lie on the bed with his legs hanging off the front. This is my favorite position for devouring prick. I was determined to make this last, and was able to prolong his orgasm for at least ten minutes. And what an explosion! After it was over, I checked my watch and saw that I had already missed a large part of the show. But what I had just done made up for it. So I told him that he might as well drive me back to my hotel. This time I sat in the front seat beside him. On the return trip, he was more open and chit-chatted the entire time.

When we reached my hotel, I gave him his $200, and both my business and personal cards, which he promptly threw on the floor. He insisted on my paying the fare for both trips, since he had to account for the time and mileage. After I got out, I couldn’t help but to tell him that I had fallen in love with him and hoped he would contact me. He replied, “That’s for tomorrow,” and then drove off. I knew that I would never hear from him again.


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