The Perks Of Loving You
by Camilo Mott


Chapter 12

“I, what…?” I stuttered.

Amy leaned forward and said, “You came out.”

“I didn’t come out!” I snipped back.

“Just go with the flow,” she responded with a grin. “After all, didn’t you say that you were perfectly comfortable with your sexuality?”

“I am!” I grumbled.

“Then just pretend you’re gay,” she grinned again and walked away from me.

“Amy!” I called, but she didn’t even look back.

I stood there, surveying the people gathered around the party. I must have looked spooked because people would glance my way, then retreat when I stared back, and giggle. Ugh, they’re laughing at me, I just wanna go home now. AHHH! Amy, you’re gonna pay for this!

“Can I get you a drink?” a voice said, catching me off guard. I turned to face it and it was the voice of this guy. The dimmed light illuminated only the lines and planes of his face, but his eyes shone through. They were smoky grey, with swirls of faint emerald. “Can I get you a drink?” he repeated, with a half smile.

“Um, no, thanks,”I shot back and shied away from his eyes.

“You sure?  You seemed kinda… spooked,” he laughed.

“No, I’m fine,” I halfheartedly smiled, which seemed to cause his bright smile to falter. However, within a few seconds, he smiled again and extended his hand, “You’re Casey, right?”

His smile seemed irresistible and I had no other choice than to shake his hand and smile faintly. “Yeah, I’m Casey, as Amy so loudly announced.”

“I’m Scott,” he said as we shook hands. “And don’t worry about that,” he winked.

“I won’t,” I nervously laughed.

“So, drink?” he asked.

“Maybe later, right now I just wanna sit down,” I smiled politely as I answered.

“Okay, but remember I owe you a drink.”

“Right,” I smiled.

I walked over to the couch, where a few people were scattered, some laughing and some making out. I sat at the end of this big sofa, opposite a couple making out, and looked over the room; there were people dancing in the cleared out living room, people standing in a corner talking, and a group of guys in another corner singing karaoke. I scanned the room for Amy until I finally spotted her talking to a blond girl. They seemed to be having a good time from all the laughing and hand motions they were making. And then they started kissing… wow, she really is a lesbian.

“That’s Amy’s girlfriend,” another voice interrupted, causing me to jump.

I turned around to face this voice. It was another guy, only this one was much smaller and more “cute”. He had auburn hair, honey colored eyes, and a round face with a porcelain complexion.  He was a few inches shorter than me, and something about him just exuded sweetness. He was sitting next to me; we were only a few inches apart. Dammit!  How is it that I didn’t notice him sitting down, right next to me!  Focus, Casey, focus.

“What?” I asked.

“The girl your friend is making out with is Emma and they’re together,” he responded a bit anxiously.

“Oh, yeah.”

“It’s just you seemed to be observing them with a serious look on your face, so I thought that, maybe, I should tell you, so that…” he trailed off.

“Oh yeah, I was in a trance, wasn’t I?” I laughed.

“Yeah, you were,” he giggled.

“I’m Casey, by the way,” I smiled.

“I’m Skylar,” he returned my smile.

“So, what brings you to this fine party?” I asked.

He laughed and replied, “I’m here with my best friend, Emma.”

“The girl sucking the air out of Amy?”

“Yeah, her,” he blushed.

“Well, now we have something in common,” I laughed, “brought here by our very horny friends.”

He blushed at my comment and then looked toward Amy and Emma, who were now just talking.  He stayed quiet for a few minutes.

“I’m gonna miss her,” he said in a morose tone.

“Miss who?  If you don’t mind me asking?”

“I’m gonna miss Emma, and all my friends,” he responded with teary eyes.  He looked so sad that I wanted to hug him. I didn’t, but I did place my arm on his shoulder and asked, “Are you okay?”

My arm caused him to start and he turned toward me. “Yeah, I’m fine. Sorry about that,” he smiled apologetically.

“It’s okay,” I smiled and patted him on the back.

“Thanks. It’s just I’m moving this summer and I’m leaving all of them behind,” he explained.

“Oh, that must be tough.”

“Yeah, it is. I finally found friends who accepted me and cared for me… and now I have to move,” he said, his voice cracking a few times,

“I’m sure you’ll make new friends,” I tried to comfort him.

“I don’t think so,” he said resignedly.

“Why?” I smiled.

“I’m going to an all-boys school!” he exclaimed.

“So what, you can still make friends.”

He kept quiet and looked around the room. I felt bad for him; he’s losing all his friends and going to a new place and a new school.

“So what school are you going to?” I asked.

“A school in Connecticut called Woolsey.”

I grinned when I heard the name. I think I had the biggest smile on my face. He looked at me puzzled.

“What?” he asked, bewildered.

“I’m sure you’ll make lots of friends.”

“How do you know that?”

“Well, because I go to Woolsey,” I smiled.

His facial expression dramatically changed. It fluctuated between nervousness, disbelief, confusion, and excitement.



“No way!”

I laughed, “Yeah, Skylar. I’m a rising senior at Woolsey.”

His eyes filled with excitement and he breathed a sigh of relief.  “Really?” he asked once more.

“Yes!” I giggled. He still couldn’t seem to believe it. He stood up and ran towards Emma to tell her the news. I watched from the couch as he interrupted Amy and Emma and began telling all about me going to Woolsey. He kept on pointing toward me, and Emma and Amy looked my way, and then turned their gaze back to Skylar.

From the corner of my eye I saw someone approach toward me. I turned to face them and saw that it was that guy I had met earlier today – Scott.  He raised the two cups he was carrying when he saw me looking at him. He sat next to me and offered me a cup. “The drink I promised,” he smiled. His smile is just contagious. There’s something about his smile that catches you off guard and makes you shudder with excitement.

“Thanks,” I said as I took it.

“So you met Skylar,” he said, still with that smile.

“Yeah, he seems like a nice kid.”

“He is,” he responded, “and also very cute.”

I didn’t respond, instead I chugged what was in the cup Scott had given me. My throat began burning and I coughed a few times. Scott laughed at me and then commented, “It’s coconut rum, you don’t chug it.”

“Fuck, rum!” I exclaimed with a twisted expression on my face from the burning sensation in my nostrils and throat.

“I did say a drink, didn’t I!” he chuckled.

“Yeah, you did, I thought you would bring me a soda or something,” I responded caustically.

“Sorry, but your throat would still be burning if you chugged soda the way you chugged that drink,” he apologized.

I thought about it for a second… wow that was stupid of me. Ugh, I should apologize to him; that was kind of rude.

“Yeah, I would probably be blaming you for the soda being carbonated,” I laughed and smiled.


“Yeah, sorry about that,” I blushed, “just caught me off guard with the rum.”

“Don’t worry about it,” he grinned and then looked at me directly and smiled. “So, you’re gay, right?”

“No, yeah, no, kinda,” I stuttered to get something out. Again he caught me off guard!

“Oh, so you’re undecided.”

“No, It’s not that,” I quickly responded.

“Oh, so you’re in the closet?” he added and then chuckled, “Or were, until Amy.”

I laughed at his last comment, “Yeah, something like that.”

“Well, don’t worry about it, Casey. Half of us here are gay anyway; it’s not really a big deal.”

“Really?” I asked in amazement.

“Yeah, for example,” he said, as he inched closer to me and locked his eyes on mine, “I’m gay.”

“You…are?” I stuttered, entranced by his deep and rich eyes.

“I mean, you’re gay too?” I restated, breaking eye contact and shifting away from him.

“Yeah, Casey,” he smiled. That smile, I could just stare at it forever.

“Oh,” I said. He’s kinda hot…

“Has anyone told you that you are very handsome,” he said in a seductive whisper.

I looked up, and my eyes were caught on his. His eyes seemed to be scanning me and dragging me in…and I kinda like it.

“No, you’re the first,” I blushed, “And you’re also handsome too…”

“Already flirting, Casey?” A voice said from behind me, accompanied by a pair of arms that wrapped themselves around my shoulder and pulled me back. I flinched in surprise and spilled the rest of my rum all over my pants. Argh, it’s AMY! FUCK!!! People need to stop sneaking up on me! It’s not funny! They need to fucking announce themselves!  AHH!!!!

She released her arms and then pulled away. She looked at my wet pants and then began laughing, “Did you have a little accident?”

“Amy!” I shouted, but she just kept on laughing. Can this party get any worse!

I stood up and saw that my crotch and thighs were completely soaked. Scott also stood up and then said, “Are you okay, Casey?”

“Yeah, just a little wet,” I replied a bit frustrated.

“Hold on, I’ll bring you some napkins,” he said and left to fetch them.

“Making friends quickly, aren’t we,” Amy added.

“Amy, look at what you did!”

“You were the one who jerked away, I merely hugged you.”

“You crept up behind me and took me by surprise!”

“You should have been paying more attention to your surroundings, not flirting away with Scott!”

“I was not flirting with him! We were just talking!”

“Sure, you were.”

“We were!”

“If you say so, and here he comes,” she said.

“Here, Casey,” Scott said as he handed me napkins.

“Thanks, Scott.”

“You’re welcome.”

I began to wipe my pants, attempting to remove the coconut scent from them. “Now, what am I going to change into, I didn’t bring anything else,” I murmured to myself.

“I have extra pants that you can use, Casey,” Scott offered. I thought about his offer. I could either accept it and change into clean pants, or I can walk around smelling like coconut rum and not have to wear this guy’s pants and not smell like rum …. oh fuck it, I don’t even like coconuts.

“Yeah! I need new pants!” I exclaimed and he smiled.”Thought so,” he added.

“Casey, so quick to get into his pants, I’m impressed,” Amy teased in a slurred voice. Wow, she’s already drunk…. which means… I can drive her truck! Yes! Even Luca doesn’t let me drive his jeep! But now I can drive this huge truck, yes! I grinned at the thought of it.

“Look, he’s already grinning at the thought of it!” she added.

I came back from my daydream and told her, “It’s your fault in the first place that I have to borrow some guy’s pants!”

“You know you like it!” she kept on, but I was getting frustrated. I sighed, “I’ll be back Amy, just go lie down.”

“So, ready?” Scott interrupted.

“Yeah, sure. Where can I go to get changed?” I asked.

“Thataway,” he told me as he pointed to a hallway leading off the room. We walked away from everyone and entered a hallway leading past closed doors until we reached the second to last one.

“In here,” he smiled as he opened the door into a large bedroom. We walked inside and I looked at him worried.

“Are you sure we can be in here?” I asked him. “I mean, won’t… whoever that host is, mind we’re in his room.”

He chuckled, “Don’t worry about it.”

“Are you sure?” I asked. I really don’t know about this. What if he catches the both of us here. He’s not gonna believe that the reason my pants are off, in a bedroom, with another guy, is because I have coconut rum on my pants. Sigh.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” he reassured me, “this is my room after all, and I can bring whomever I want to it.”

“Wait, this is your room?” I asked confused. He chuckled at my expression and responded with a nod, saying, “Yeah, it is. He’s my brother.”

“Oh,” I let out.

“That’s why I was offering you a pair of clean pants…because I live here…. and have lots of pants… in my closet,” he laughed.

I let out an even more dumbfounded “oh”.

He went over to a closet and got out two pairs of jeans. “You look like my size,” he said and handed them to me. I checked over them and, yeah, they are my size, a bit long, but they should fit well.

“Thanks,” I smiled.

“Oh, one more thing, you can shower if you want to,” he said, “to get all the alcohol smell off you.” Then he pointed to a door behind me, “The bathroom is through that door.”

“Yeah, I think I want to.”

“Okay,” he smiled, but just stood there. Shouldn’t he leave now…. he’s just staring at me, with that smile….. kinda sexy…

“Just join us when you’re done,” he added and left the room. I breathed in relief as the door closed on his departure. Wow, worst party ever. First Amy tells everyone that I’m gay without even telling me beforehand, then she gets all lesbian and drunk on me, and then she spills rum all over my crotch, and now I’m about to be naked in some guy’s shower. Sigh, I would be having a much better time back home with Luca, but oh well. I began to lift my shirt off when my phone rang and I lowered my shirt back into place to reach for it.  I looked on the screen and smiled when I saw it was Luca.

“Hey,” I answered.

“Hey,” he responded in a soft tone.

“Guess what I have all over myself right now?”

He chuckled, “I don’t know, what?”


“Umm, I don’t know, sweat?”

“Nope! Guess again.”


“No, again.”

“Hmm, how about..” he said in a slow tone, “honey!”

I started laughing and asked him between bursts of laughter, “Why would I have honey all over me?!?!”

He giggled, “You told me to guess, and I did!”

“No!” I chuckled. “I’m covered in coconut rum!” As soon as I told him, he began laughing and cackling.

“Why are you covered in coconut rum?!”

I sighed, “Long story, but now I’m borrowing some random guy’s jeans.” He only laughed harder.

“So you’re having a fun time?”

“Kinda, I guess…”

“That doesn’t sound very convincing, Case,” he said in an attentive tone.

“I’ve been having some trouble getting used to Amy and her friends.”


“Yeah, I’ve made myself look stupid quite a few times now.”

“But you’re not stupid, Casey,” he said kindly. “I doubt you can even look stupid,” he murmured.

I blushed when he said it and smiled. “Thanks,” I said softly.

It remained quiet for a few minutes, but it wasn’t silence between us, it was just a lack of noise.

“So overall, are you okay, Case?” he asked.

“Yeah, Luca. I’m okay,” I responded.

“And you… are you doing okay?” I deliberately asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he said gleefully. I could almost picture him smiling as he said it.

“I’m glad.”

“Although it’s not as entertaining without you to annoy me and make my life miserable anymore,” he teased.

“Oh shut up! You’re the one who gets on my nerves, with your `oh let’s do what Coach says’ attitude.”

“That’s `cause you just want to laze around while you give me orders, `Luca, go make me food!’ or `Luca, go clean the shower’ or `Luca, organize our room’ or your favorite, `Luca, scratch my back, it itches!’.”

I gasped, “Oh my God! That was once because I couldn’t reach my back and it was itching like crazy! Once, I tell you, once! And you never let me cook anything, don’t act like you slave over a hot stove every day! I try to cook stuff, and you never eat it and tell me that you’re full. So I don’t cook. And I don’t organize, my ass! Who washes your dirty underwear? Who washes!!!”

“You do,” he reluctantly agreed, “but I do most of the chores around the house!”

“Where exactly are the washer and dryer, Mr. Housewife?” I demanded.

“Somewhere in the laundry room!’

“HA! We don’t have a laundry room! It’s a cabin!”

“Fine, you do all my laundry, but I cook for you and organize you, and I wash the shower!”

“But I wash your sweaty underwear, which smell all musky!”

“They do not smell musky!”

“Yes they do! I smelled them myself and they smell musky!”

“So you sniff my underwear?” he asked provocatively.

I blushed and took in a deep breath; what did I just say?

“Yeah, I mean, I need to know if they’re clean or not, it’s not really a sniff, I just smell them from afar… and they stink so I can easily tell without sniffing them, because I don’t want to sniff your underwear and I don’t.”

He laughed, “So that’s all?”

“Yeah!” I croaked.

“I’m just teasing you, Casey.”

I sighed, “I know.”

“So, I was just checking on you.”

“I appreciate it, Luca,” I thanked him. “Oh and I almost forgot, did you talk to Linda, yet?”

He seemed to sigh, and then replied, “Yeah, I did.”

“She wanted me to tell you to call her or something.”

“Yeah, she told me how she bumped into you and a skimpy girl or something along those lines. You know how she is.” His voice sounded resigned.

“Is everything okay, Luca?” I asked.

“Yeah, Case. I’m just getting tired of her over the top personality.”

“Then dump her,” I quickly said, faster than I would have liked.

He chuckled ruefully, “It’s not as easy as that. I can`t just dump her.”

“So you wanna be with her?”

“No, the only person I want to be with, is you Casey.”

His words caused me to draw in air and for my hand to slightly shake. I remained silent.

“I”m sorry, Casey!” he nervously added. “I didn’t mean to say it, it just came out, I’m sorry, forgive me.”

I breathed in, “Don’t worry about it, Luca.” This time the quietness between us was silence.

“I need to go,” I said, interrupting it. “Need to wash the rum off me, and stuff,” I forced a chuckle.

“Yeah,” he said in a regretful tone.

“Bye Luca.”

“Bye Casey.”

I hung up and took another deep breath. If he wants to be with me, then why is he with her?

I looked at my phone and saw that our conversation had lasted about an hour and a half. Wow, I didn’t notice the time go by, I really need to shower. I took all my clothes off, folded them on the bed and walked toward the shower. I reached for the door knob and attempted to turn it, but it wouldn’t turn. I tried it again, but it didn’t work. Dammit, the door won’t open!

I heard the door to the room open behind me. I turned around to face the door and saw a surprised Scott.

“Wow…you’re naked…and jiggling a door handle, and so naked,” he said staring at me with interested eyes.

“Yes, I’m naked,” I laughed, “but more importantly than that, the door won’t open!”

“Right, that door gets stuck once in a while,” he said as he came toward my aid.

He began to jiggle the door handle to get it open. “You can put on a towel if you want, there are some in that closet over there,” he said.

“It’s okay, I’m used to being naked,” I smiled and his eyes seemed to get wider.

“If you say so,” he smirked.

He jiggled the door handle a bit more and the door finally opened. “Here you go,” he announced.

“Thanks,” I told him and walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind me.

I rushed into the shower, too, a nice hot one that washed away all rum residue from my thighs. I thought about my conversation with Luca. I still couldn’t believe that an hour and a half had passed by so quickly without me even noticing the time. I exited the shower and began to dry off with a towel that was on the shower door. I reentered the bedroom and Scott was in the room, waiting for me.

“That was a quick shower,” he said.

“Yeah, I just took a quick shower,” I smiled as I walked to the bed.

“So, you’re okay?” he asked me.

I chuckled, “Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?”

“I was just worried because it had been almost two hours and you hadn’t come back.”

Oh crap! He was probably worried that I had fainted or something. “Oh, yeah I’m fine. Sorry about that Scott, I was on the phone and I got distracted and lost track of time,” I apologized.

“Good,” he smiled.

I began to dress, leaving his jeans for last. “Try the low-cut ones first, I think they’ll fit you the best.”

“Oh, okay,” I said and grabbed that pair to try them on. They fit, although they feel a bit rough without underwear.

“Fit?” he asked.

“Yeah, they fit perfectly,” I reassured him.

He smiled and said, “Good.”

We exited the room and walked back toward the common area. When we reentered we were greeted by Amy and Emma.

“So Casey, did you have fun in the shower?” Amy asked.

“Don’t pay any attention to her, she’s drunk and doesn’t make any sense right now.

“Yeah, I noticed that,” I laughed.

“I think it’s time for her to go home,” Emma said.

“No, I’m okay! I’m okay, just a little bit sleepy…” Amy said, and slumped onto a nearby love seat.

“Okay, definitely time to leave,” Emma said and we all laughed.

“I could drive us both back to her house, since I’m staying with her for the week,” I eagerly offered.

“No Casey, I’ll drive her back home,” she replied.

“You sure?”

“Yeah, besides she doesn’t let anyone, anyone drive her truck. If she knew I let you drive it, she would kill me,” she chuckled. Sigh, I really really wanted to drive that truck.

“Hey Scott, is it okay if I leave my car here tonight? I’ll pick it up tomorrow morning,” she directed the question toward him.

“Yeah, sure. No problem.”

“I can give you a ride back home, Casey. If you want to stay,” Scott asked me, with one of those persuasive smiles.

“I think I’m beat for the night, I’ll go home with Emma and Amy, but thanks,” I said and smiled apologetically.

“Well then we’re set to go!” Emma said and then shouted, “Skylar, we’re leaving now!”

“It was nice meeting you,” Scott said and then winked, ” and a pleasure seeing you naked.”

I let out a chuckle.  “It was nice meeting you too, and thanks for the pants.”

“No problem, and I hope to see you again soon.”

“You will, I need to return them to you, after all.”

“Can I at least have a good-bye hug?” he asked.

I blushed, “Um, yeah, sure.”

He wrapped his arms around me and hugged. I hugged him back and felt his strong back and muscled body.

We let go and he headed off back to the couches where a few people were still hanging out. We waited for a bit until we saw Skylar coming. “Ready,” he said and then looked at me with surprise.

“It’s you again!” he said and you could hear the excitement in his voice.

“Yeah, it’s me,” I laughed.

“We ready?” Emma asked.

“Yeah,” he answered.

“Yeah, ready,” I replied. He became confused and his brows slanted inwards, expressing it.

“Emma is giving me and Amy a ride,” I explained and he got this “ah” look followed by an “oh!” followed by a”yay” look.

Emma looked at him and laughed. “Then let’s go! And Casey, can you carry Amy back to the car, she’s already asleep.”

“Yep.” I walked toward the love seat, and she was sleeping, leaning toward one side of it. When I wrapped my arms around her and gently lifted her up, she just kept on sleeping, like nothing was happening. I held her with both arms carrying her. We walked out of the house toward the car. By now, more than half the cars had disappeared, but there were still a significant number of cars parked around the house. We reached Amy’s truck and Emma reached for a key out of her purse. She opened the door and asked me to lay Amy in the passenger seat. I did as she asked and we buckled her in. After that was done, I hopped into the back seat where Skylar also got in and sat next to me. Emma started the engine and we drove off.

“Um Casey, can I ask you one question?” Skylar muttered.

“What was that, Skylar?” I asked as I turned to face him.

“Can I ask you one question?” he croaked.

“Yeah, sure. Ask away, buddy,” I smiled.

“How’s being gay at Woolsey?”

I choked and then cleared my throat. “Um, gay at Woolsey?” he anxiously said.

“”Well, ah…” I couldn’t really find the words. Gay? Um… crap…what do I tell him. He’s looking at me with those eyes. Aahh!

“I… don’t really know,” I confessed nervously.

“So you’re not out?” he asked.

I sighed, “Well…” I took another deep breath, “I haven’t had the need to…”

He looked a little confused and then asked me in a shrill, “You’re gay, right?”

“Skylar!” Emma yelled from the driver seat.

“It’s okay, umm… it’s not that I’m gay and it’s not that I’m not gay…” I stuttered.

Emma took a deep sigh and said, “Skylar, he’s not gay. Amy just thought it would be funny to tell everyone that he’s gay.”

“Oh,” he said and the most disappointed look formed on his face.

“I’m sorry,” he said, his voice cracking. Awww, he looks so sad.

“But, but, but, that doesn’t mean that we can’t be friends,” I quickly added and then smiled brightly.

He raised his head and looked at me, “Really?”

“Yeah, buddy,” I smiled. “I’ll show you around and tell you everything that you need to know!”

His face regained that same smile it had the first time I told him that I went to Woolsey. Then he added, “Then it’s gonna be awesome!”

“Yeah, it will be!” I smiled.

He smiled back, but then that smile disappeared and was replaced by a worried look. He bit his lips and then tried to say something, but nothing came out of his mouth. Sigh, now what?  Did I say something wrong, again?

“Is there something wrong?” I asked him.

“ don’t mind that I’m gay, do you?” he asked with a painful look.

I chuckled and then responded, “Of course I don’t! Amy’s my friend, besides my closest friend is gay…” I thought of Luca. I mean, he loves me… “or at least I think he is, but it doesn’t matter.” I smiled. I looked out the window as we drove, “I’ve known him all my life. He’s always been there. We’ve had our troubles, but I know he’ll always be there…. So yeah, I don’t mind.”

“Oh,” he said.

“Wow, Amy was right,” Emma muttered.

“What did you say?” I questioned.

“Um, no, nothing. I was just thinking to myself how easy this truck is to drive and Amy told me it would be and I didn’t believe her. Yeah, sorry, I guess I said it out loud.”

“Yeah, I tend to do that too,” I laughed.

After about twenty minutes we arrived at the house. Amy was still sleeping undisturbed,  and even when we tried to wake her up, she just moaned and remained sleeping.

“Looks like you’re gonna have to carry her in, Casey,” Emma told me.

“Yeah, I guess,” I said as I reached around and slid my arm behind her back and the other arm under her thighs to lift her gently and carry her to the door. Emma knocked, but no one answered.

“Don’t you have a key, or something?” Skylar asked.

“I think so,” she said as she rummaged through a purse. “Here, they are!” she said and then opened the door.

We entered and all the lights were turned off. Wow, this house looks very spooky when it’s dark. Suddenly the lights turned on and everything was illuminated. I gasped and almost dropped Amy in surprise when I saw her mom, seated just a few feet in front of me, asleep in a love seat.  Damn, she really looked like a dead person, sitting up on that couch. But thank god she’s asleep, it would have been awkward explaining why I have a passed out Amy in my arms, specially to a sweet old lady like her.

“She scared the crap out of me,” I whispered and both of them laughed. We made our way up to Amy’s room and entered it. “Just lay her on the bed,” Emma instructed me and I did as she told me. We turned off the lights and then retreated out of the room.

“It’s time for us to be leaving, I need to drop Skylar off and it’s getting late,” Emma said.

“It was nice meeting you both,” I smiled.

“Oh, the pleasure was mine,” she responded, “believe me.”

“Yeah, it was great meeting you Casey, now I have something good to think about!”

“Bye, guys,” I said.

“Bye, Casey.”

We hugged good-bye and they left. Okay, I like her a lot. I think she’s a great complement for Amy, polar opposite. Emma’s calm, collected, and overall very chill and she has this soothing effect around you. I really like her! Plus she’s kinda cute. She’s like a female version of Luca.

Wait… where am I going to sleep! Ahh! I forgot to ask Amy beforehand! Maybe I can ask her, just wake her up for a little bit…

I reentered her room and switched on the light. She was snoring away in her bed, still with the same clothes she left in, she even had her shoes still on. I approached her and then lightly shook her, but nothing; she still slept on. Argh, she’s not waking up. Sigh, if I was only back at the cabin, I could just crash next to Luca and he would just grunt and go back to sleep. I could even steal all the comforter and leave him with nothing and he wouldn’t care. I giggled slightly, remembering all the times that he would gasp when he woke up the following morning and saw me next to him…

…wow, that is incredibly gay… I jump into bed, with another guy and…enjoy it.

“Ahhh!” Amy shrilled.

“Ahhh, what!” I screamed back in surprise.

“Fuck, Casey! You scared the shit out of me!”

“Me! You’re the one randomly screaming! I thought you were asleep!”

“I was, but then I woke up and saw your scary ass face staring at me while I slept!”

“First of all, my face ain’t scary, and second, I wasn’t staring at you!”

“Then what do you call looking at me intensely!”

“I was daydreaming!”

She sat up and gasped, “Oh my god, you were sexing me up, weren’t you!”

“Ewww, no! I was daydreaming about Luca, not you!”

She looked at me for a couple of seconds and then started laughing.

“What?” I asked.

“You just admitted to be daydreaming about him,” she teased.


She laughed once more, “I give up with you. I’m going back to sleep.”

“Wait!” I interjected, “Where am I gonna sleep?”

“Oh yeah, hmm, you can sleep in my brother’s room, he moved out a couple of years ago, but there should still be a bed in there. I think.”

“You think?” I asked skeptically.

“I don’t know, I haven’t been in that room for a long time. Just go and check. Imma go back to sleep now,” she told me as she lay back down.

“But what if there’s no longer a bed there!” I asked nervously.

“Then just come and hop back into bed with me,” she teased.

“Ha ha ha, very funny,” I retorted.

“Just go and check, Casey. It’s the door two doors down from this room.”

“Fine,” I replied, “but I’ll wake you up again if there’s no bed there!”

She laughed and said, “God I’ve missed you. I miss bratty spoiled Casey. I miss, all up in my business Casey.”

I blushed, “Well, I’ve missed you too. Although I haven’t really seen the old you yet, just you drunk and being all lesbian.”

“We still have a full week.”


“Night, Casey.”

“Night, Amy,” I said and left her room. I walked down the hallway and into what I think is her brother’s room. I opened the door and turned the light on. The room was a bit barren. It was just white walls and a bed with a pillow atop it and to the side an empty bookcase and a bureau. Well, at least there is a bed.    I took off Scott’s tight jeans and my shirt and then sat on the bed. I took a deep breath and then lay down. It didn’t take long for me to fall asleep. I was tired and this had really been a long day. So I just dozed off….

I walked down the hall and knocked on David’s door. I stood still while I waited for the door to open. He opened the door and then looked at me and asked me, “What’s wrong K.C.?”

“Um…I…I can’t really sleep,” I said bashfully.

“You can’t really sleep?”

“Yeah, I can’t really…sleep.”

“And?” he asked while he looked at me curiously.

“Well…I was…I mean, I wanted to…that is.”

“You wanted to spend time with your awesome brother and that’s why you are here.” He smiled as he said it.

“Yeah…” I smiled back.

“You should’ve said so earlier! Get in here, we can watch TV together.”

I walked into his room and the TV was on, showing a cartoon show. Much like the rest of the house, the room was a bit cold but not that much. I never got used to how cold it gets at night during winter, that and the fact that I was usually not awake during that time.

“So you ready to watch some TV?” he asked me.


“Hop on my bed and make yourself comfortable, K.C. I’ll be right there,” he told me.

I walked over to David’s bed and slipped in. The bed was so warm and cozy; the blankets felt so soft and I immediately wanted to go to sleep.

David closed the door completely and then he placed a towel between the floor and door. He smiled and then said, “There, now no one will know that we have the TV on.” He walked towards the bed and then got in right next to me. “Nice and cozy,” he said as he covered himself with the blankets.

“Yep,” I added.

David then grabbed the pillows that were lying around the bed and brought them towards us. “K.C. lean a little bit forward,” he told me as he propped a pillow behind my back. “Now lie back,” he told me. I did and my back rested comfortably against the pillows, allowing me to see the TV clearly.

“Better?” he asked.

“Yeah, much better,” I responded. David then fixed his pillows and leaned back against them.

I felt so at peace lying next to my brother that my earlier nightmare no longer seemed important. After about ten minutes David turned the TV and the lights off, turned to me and asked me what was wrong.

“I had a nightmare,” I told him.

Then David did what he always did when I had a nightmare, he wrapped one of his arms around me and with his free arm he would tousle my hair. He said, and he would always say the same thing, “Don’t worry, buddy, you’re safe with me. I’ll scare away those stupid dreams with my toughness.” I would laugh because David would always say this while he flexed his muscles and made a tough macho face.

“Thanks, David,” I told him and he tousled my hair once more. Then he gave me a quick tight hug and then told me to sleep.

I attempted to sleep but I couldn’t, I kept thinking about what the other kids said at school. “My father does this with me…” and “My father plays that with me…” It was hard for me to come up with something to say when it was my time to talk about my dad. Sigh…

“Dave, why doesn’t Dad play with me?” I asked him.

“What do you mean?”

“He’s never there to play with me; he’s always working or doing something else.”

“K.C., he wants to, but he has other things to do. Dad works hard to help people and make them smile. He wants everyone to have a place to live with their families. That’s why he’s never here, he’s out making the world a better place.”

“But don’t you miss him, Dave?”

“Yes I miss him very much, but I have someone better to keep me company.”


“I have this little brother who constantly wants to play piggy back and cars with me. How can I ever be lonely when I have you around?” he said and then tickled me.

I giggled uncontrollably and told him, “Okay…o…kay…Dave…stop…Dave…” in between bursts of laughter. He stopped after tickling me a few more times.

“So you like having me around?”

“Of course I do K.C., I wouldn’t have ordered you if I didn’t want you.”

“Order me?”

“Yep, I told Mommy that I wanted a little brother and she talked to the stork for me. So a few months later you were born.”

“Nah ah, you didn’t order me.”

“Yes I did, ask Mom. Ask her how much I begged her for you.”


“Yeah, K.C.,” he said and then we heard some noise outside the hallway. We heard someone opening the door and then David covered me with the blankets and told me, “K.C., wait until Mom or Dad leaves.”

“David, what are you still doing up?” I heard my mom ask.

“Oh I wasn’t awake Mom, you just happened to startle me, that’s all,” David replied.

I heard her move around and say, “Then why is the TV warm?”

“I don’t know, maybe because it’s sick or something. How am I supposed to know, I’m only ten.”

“Nice try Davey, and next time make sure Casey’s feet are covered,” she said.

Once I heard my name, I removed the blankets and looked at my mom. The room was bright and she was standing next to the bed.

“Okay boys, sleep tight,” she said as she kissed our foreheads and exited the room, stopping to turn the light off before closing the door.

When she was gone, I looked at David and we both started giggling.

“We better go to sleep now, K.C.,” he said.


I burrowed back into the warm blankets and soon after fell asleep.


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