Perfection Is Overrated
by Bradley Scott


Chapter 7

“Yes! I love it when my family’s not here. They hate it when I have guys over. Even though with you…. well…” Sarah grinned. “NOTHING’S gonna happen.”

Sarah laughed and picked up her x-box controller.

“They’ll only be home much later. They’re taking my brother to some…. I dunno. “Awards ceremony” or “piano recital”. Something like that. You’d like my brother – he’s also a major nerd.”

Ted smiled and picked up his controller to join her.

After they’d had their coffee, Sarah had invited him over to her house to “hang out”. He was actually really starting to like her. She was a lot of fun. Plus, at the moment he really needed a friend who he could talk to. Kyle was a great guy, but Ted doubted that they could discuss the whole Darren thing…. it was just a little bit too weird

“I’ll get out of here before then. I don’t want your parents to get the wrong idea.”

“Ah, please do. I’d love to freak them out. Especially my mother – she just wacks out at any mention of sex. It’s hilarious. It’s like she’s about to pass out and trying her best to do it politely.”

“Shame!” Ted laughed. “But, seriously, I’m not the best in most social situations. So I’m definitely out of here before then.”

“AH, loser. You’re no fun….”

“I know.” He sighed. “But I think I really need to go home before then. Once they’re asleep, it’s fine. I mean, I can handle that. Just the noise….”

“Of two guys fucking? Dude, that’s weird.” She giggled.

“You get used to it.” He grimaced. “I definitely have. It’s just that….. well, that one of those two guys is Darren, and…. the other one isn’t me.”

She got up and wrapped her arms around him.

“That sucks a lot. Especially since it’s your bud’s first real relationship, where it could have just been another of his hookups, and you could have never seen the guy again – or got with him if you did.”

“Gee, I’m glad someone else can cover the if-only’s with me.”

“Awwww,” She hugged him tighter. “Sure you don’t want to go straight?”

He pushed her off of him, and they both collapsed on the couch laughing.

“It doesn’t really work that way,”

“Oh. Eh, oh well, can’t blame a girl for trying. You are really hot.”

He smiled at her warmly.

“I wish you were a boy.” He sighed deeply.

“I wish you were a boy, too.” She smirked.

Ted burst out laughing. He couldn’t stop himself. Soon Sarah had joined him, and they were both in tears, giggling weakly. Ted’s stomach hurt from laughing so much. Eventually they calmed down.

“You do look good though.” She said, after a their laughter had died down. “I love the hair and the clothes. It really is like you’ve just walked out of a catalouge.”

“Um…. thanks. Kyle’s work.”

“Ah. Well he did a good job. Oh, wait, so that’s why you were at the mall today?”


“Unlucky – so it really is his fault.”

“No. Not really. Just bad luck, I guess. Well, good luck for him, but rotten for me.”

“Right. Wait a sec, listen.”  She cocked her head. Ted heard the sound of a car pulling up, and it sounded very close.”That’s the parentals.”

“Oh, shit. Really?” Ted didn’t really enjoy awkward social situations. And he knew, somehow, Sarah was going to make this awkward.

“Come on, let’s get you out. And don’t worry – you can go right out. You’ll only be with them for a second – and I’ll protect you.” She winked, and tugged him out the front door.

A silver Mercedes was parked in the drive way. The doors opened and a wealthily dressed couple got out. Sarah’s father was balding, but he had a very kind look to him. Her mother, on the other hand, was a dry looking woman, with cold, blue eyes.

“Hey mom, hey dad.” Sarah beamed. “Where’s Nicky? Weren’t you taking him to some…… something?”

“His music concert – we did. He decided to go out with some friends afterwards, so we just had dinner and came back.” Her father replied, smiling warmly at Ted.

“Who’s your….. friend, dear?” Sarah’s mother ran her cold eyes over Ted.

“This is Ted. We’ve been having casual, unprotected sex and he has to go now because we have no emotional attachment and he doesn’t want to spend the night.”

Ted snapped his head around to glare at Sarah. She just gave him a small smile and nodded towards the car. Her mother was leaning against the door, her hand clasped against it so hard that her knuckles had gone white. Her father was just laughing.

“Darling, relax, she did no such thing.” He grabbed his wifes arm and began to lead her towards the front door.

“I’ll talk with you later, young lady.” He whispered at her sternly. “Nice to meet you, Ted. Try not to let Sarah bother you – she’s such a joker.”

Ted and Sarah watched as her parents made their way inside.

“That was a bit mean, don’t you think?” Ted looked at her reproachfully.

“She deserves it. Plus, it was fun.”

“Uh-huh…. Well, I’m going to go now – you go have your ‘little talk’,” He laughed as she rolled her eyes at him.

“Bye, Ted. I’ll call you tomorrow. Maybe morning. I’ll help you avoid Kyle and Darren again.”

“Sure, that’ll be great. Thanks. Bye.”


Ted stood outside with his back to the apartments main door. Oh, god. How long had they been going at it? Darren had got there 4 hours ago. Ted had gone into the apartment for a few seconds before he realized that he could here…. noises. Coming from Kyle’s room, obviously. He didn’t think they’d be able to carry on this long. He could see Darren in his minds eye – hot, naked, sweating… face twisted in pleasure. He had just dropped his laptop bag and ran out.

Oh god.

Ted grabbed his cellphone and called a cab. He was going to the gay bar. Suddenly, he just really needed to get off. There was one right on campus. It’d be noisy and crowded, but somehow even that seemed appealing now. As long as it let him forget about…. everything. He just needed alcohol, and a guy. Not even a permanent thing. He didn’t care. Kyle could do it, couldn’t he? How hard could it be?

The cab ride was short. He could have walked it, but he wasn’t in the mood. At all.


The bars name was Alexander’s. It was a nice place, but it was definitely strange for a gay bar, but in a way, kind of perfect. It’s premises was what was originally a large colonial house, renovated to be used as a bar. It had a bar area on the ground floor, in front of the huge dance floor, and upstairs there was a another bar, with places to sit and watch the dance floor below. There were also bunch of rooms where the owners of the club allowed…. stuff to go on. Ted had never really been in one, but apparently Kyle had, and they were very nicely furnished. Aside from that, there were a bunch of hallways that led to rooms that were locked, probably used for storage or something.

He got inside, and there were just bodies, everywhere. Guys, mostly young, students, a lot of them topless or wearing shimmering, see-through material. There were a few of the older townies around, looking a bit creepy and predatory.

Ted made his way through the sea of bodies to the bar. Over the noise, he managed to make the bartender understand what drink he wanted, and then handed over the money, grabbed his drink and pushed his way through the crowd again to find a place where he could breathe. He made his way slowly upstairs, and slipped into one of the side-hallways that he knew had no sex-rooms. It was just storage in this place. Of what, he had no idea – there were way too many rooms for it to all just be alcohol. He kept going along the hallway – this house was huge. Funny how they only used a fraction of it for the bar. But Ted guessed music in all of the hallways would be a bit expensive to set up.

“Why did I come here?” He asked himself quietly, and leaned against a wall, next to a door. He didn’t dance, and in a club like this, you couldn’t just expect to sit around and hook up with someone. Well, not someone attractive. Plus, he hated the blare of the music, the stuffy smell of millions of sweaty bodies shoved together, and the claustrophobic feeling of being squashed in the crowd. Why hadn’t he thought of that before he’d come charging here like an idiot?

The door next to him opened, making him nearly fall over with shock. A guy came out, dressed strangely, for this club – he was wearing a white tuxedo-shirt with a bow tie that was a bit loose, black pants, and black leather shoes, in that weird pointy Italian fashion that Kyle was always going on about. The guy wearing them looked very….. out of it. Ted noticed that the vague smell of weed clung to him, and he realized what the guy had been doing in the storeroom.

The guy quickly closed the door behind him. He raised his head and saw Ted, and stood staring blankly for a while.

The guy was…. cute. His hair was a bit long, light brown, and ruffled to look like he’d just gotten out of bed, even though it had probably taken him a lot of time and even more gel to get it that way. His face was covered in a light stubble, but his feature were very boyish – cute nose, high cheekbones. His mouth cracked into a smile that made it seem like Ted was a parent who had just caught him doing something bad.

“Hey…” He trailed off….

Yup, thought Ted. He’s stoned. And very young. This guy couldn’t be much older than eighteen.

“You’re cute.” He trailed off again.

“Um…. Thank you.” Ted smiled nervously.

The guy burst into hysterical laughter and placed his hand on Ted’s shoulder. His one foot slipped, and he almost fell over, but Ted grabbed him by the waist to help him keep his balance. The boy stopped laughing suddenly. He looked up, and into Ted’s eyes. Ted suddenly realized how close they were – so close that the tips of their noses were almost touching. The guy’s head darted in quickly and he kissed Ted.

Ted had a flashback of earlier that day, when Sarah had kissed him. This kiss was probably just as forceful, and surprised him just as much. Except, he didn’t tense up for this one – he just sort of melted into it. He could feel himself getting hard, as the guy pressed his body up against his. Then, he felt a hand rubbing his hardness.

The boy pulled back, and dropped to his knees. Ted gasped as he felt his zip being undone, and his cock being taken out of his underwear. He moaned in pleasure as he felt a tongue run along the length of his shaft. Then he gasped again as the warm, wet mouth engulfed him, and went up and down. In a few minutes he came, and he was out of breath, and barely able to stand up, using the wall for support.

The guy got to his feet. He slipped Ted’s spent cock back into his underwear, then zipped his pants up.

“You taste great.” He kissed Ted again, and Ted could taste traces of his own cum.

“Um….” Ted could barely speak.

“I have to go now.” The boy smiled, and started walking swiftly back towards the main club.

Ted stood where he was for a few seconds.

“WAIT!” He shouted. before the guy reached the end of the hallway. He ran up to the guy, who was just standing there. “What’s your name?”

The guy just laughed.

“Don’t think it matters. Not now.” He smiled.

“But….. wh…. How old are you?”

“Old enough.” He smiled.


“Yes, you’re welcome, dude. Please leave me alone. You’re very cute, but I’ve promised myself that I’m not here to pick-up boyfriends. I have to go now.” He went through the archway and disappeared into the main crowd of the club.

Ted just stood there. Well, he had gotten off. He just felt a bit cheap now. He hadn’t even asked for the guy’s name. He should have done that before the blow job. Not that there was enough time really. And….. he didn’t even know anything about him. What did “Old enough” mean anyway? That guy…. he could have been underage.

Ted shook his head, and made his way to the exit. Time to get the hell out of here, go back to his room and put the stereo on full blast.


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