Perfection Is Overrated
by Bradley Scott


Chapter 6

Kyle had made a few last minute, non-regulation stops at the mall before he and Ted left. He let Ted wander off to one of his computer shops, and went to the home deco-store – about time, since he hadn’t changed his bed’s sheets in about…. well, it had been a while. He grabbed a new set of pillows and a new duvet too.

He also went to the bottle store, to get some nice wine, then he picked up a few toiletries and some scented candles. It was a bit over the top, he realised, but only after he’d bought  everything. It wasn’t like he was trying to seduce Darren – it was a bit too late for that. He just… really liked him.

Ted had gone off to his room immediately after the got inside. He’d probably spend the rest of the day sleeping or playing the game Kyle had bought him – like he always did that after a long shopping trip with Kyle. Kyle had gotten used to it – and stopped going into Ted’s room every five minutes to check if the boy was still alive. He kind of deserved the break – after the number of clothes fittings Kyle had put him through.

Kyle had packed away all his new clothes, put his new toiletries in the bathroom. He changed the sheets in his room  – a bit disgusted at what he had been sleeping in for the last….. wow, it really had been a long time. He wenth through to the main part of the apartment and cleaned up the lounge a bit, although it wasn’t that messy. He went back to his room and lit the scented candles. A bit too much, he thought – He’d let them burn a bit first, then blow them out and put them away. They were, as Ted put it, a bit “TOO gay”

The apartment looks great, Kyle thought, looking around. Or at least as great as it could be. He went off to shower, for the second time.  Showering twice in the same day was a bit unecessary – but he had all that new stuff,  and he wanted to smell nice when Darren got there.

He got out of the shower, and flopped down on his new bed spread. It felt amzing. Goose-down-filled, Egyptian-cotton-covered bliss. He sighed happily. Darren would love this. Oh, right. He had forgotten about getting rid of that nasty, stinky, disgusting pile of stuff that used to be on his bed, and was now lying in the corner. He wrapped it all up in the main sheet, and ran downstairs quickly to dump it.

He checked his watch when he got back in the apartment.

Shit! Darren would be here in about an hour. He debated outfits for the next half an hour. He went for a T-shirt, after a bit of deliberation, because that’s what Darren had been wearing both times they’d seen eachother. He sprayed on some deoderant, and matching cologne. He smiled, and went to go sit down and watch some TV, relax  a bit before Darren got there. Ted was, surprisingly, in the lounge, and not his room, reading a book Kyle had let him buy today.

“You know you’ve already slept with him, right?” Ted said dryly, looking over the top of his book.

“What? Yeah. Why?”

“Um, no reason.” Ted smiled. “Nice cologne, by the way. Did you put out those candles yet?” He chuckled.

“Oh, SHIT.” He ran to the room, blew them out, putting them in his TV unit’s draw. Hot wax dripped on his finger.

“Fuck,” He hissed quietly, and went back to watch TV.

Ted was laughing as he picked up his jacket and grabbed his laptop bag.

“Where are you going?”

“Out.” Ted grabbed his keys and headed for the door. “I’ve heard the premier- I don’t want to be around for the second showing. You two need your privacy anyway.”

“Thanks bud.” Kyle ran up and grabbed Ted in a bear hug. He grabbed his credit card off the side table and slipped it into Ted’s jean pocket. Ted’s head turned – he knew what Kyle was doing. “Anything you want, on me. No arguments. Just go. Bye.” He shoved Ted out the door and blew him a kiss before slamming it. He went to sit back down again, with only a few minutes to get calm before Darren arrived.

Then, then knock at the door came.

He got up quickly,  brushed himself of and quickly checked his reflection in the mirror next to the door. Still looking good, he thought.

He stood in front of the door, took a few moments to compose himself, and then opened it.

“Hey.” He said, grinning very widely.

“Hi.” Darren grinned back just as widely. Kyle noticed that Darren was wearing the exact same thing that he had been wearing earlier today. He felt like an idiot for showering and changing. Darren didn’t seem to notice though. Or care, really.

“Um, please come in?” ‘How do you do?’ Seems a bit too polite for a hook-up, Kyle thought.

“Okay.” Darren smiled, and followed Kyle inside.

“Do you want some wine or …?” Kyle looked back at him, indicating the bottle on the kitchen counter.

“Actually, I was wondering if we could just….” Darren bit his lip and smiled at Kyle.

“You’re awesome.” Kyle grabbed Darren and pulled him into a rough kiss

“Mmmm… You too,” Darren said, in between kisses.

Kyle began pulling Darren towards his room. It was a long walk, and he nearly tripped a few times. Darren laughed at him with his tongue still in Kyles mouth. Kyle couldn’t hep but laugh too. As they got to his door, Darren put his hands on Kyle’s chest, grabbing the fabric. In one swift motion, he’d torn the shirt open, exposing Kyle’s toned upper body.

“Hey!” Kyle pulled back indignantly. “What was that for?”

“Revenge,” Darren smirked, and then pulled Kyle back into the kiss.

“Fair enough.”

They shuffled a wierd passionate, confusing way towards Kyles bed and tumbled back onto it. Kyle felt Darrens weight pressing up against him, and his groin against Kyles raging boner.

“New sheets?” Darren looked impressed.

“Anything for you babe.” Kyle winked, and they both laughed.

“We might have to throw them out once we’re done.”

Kyle grabbed Darren and pulled him into another, long, steamy kiss. He rubbed his hand over Darren’s erection.

“I think I can deal with that.”



Darren tumbled over, then wiped the sweat off his forhead and rolled onto his side so he could face Kyle.

“Okay, I’m officially exhausted.”

“Me too.” Kyle smiled, his breathing heavy.

“Fucking fantastic though.” Darren sighed.

“And fantastic fucking.” Kyle winked. They both laughed.

After they calmed down, Darren went quiet suddenly.

“Something wrong?”

“No…. it’s just…” Darren frowned. “This is wierd.”

“What’s wierd?”

“Nothing…..” Darren looked reluctant. “Okay, fine. This is just…. the first time…. in quite a while… that I’ve…. decided… to spend a second night with a guy.”

“Well, I’m honoured. And you sound kinda like a slutty-mc-slut-slut.”

Darren laughed. The way Kyle said it, he couldn’t be offended. He straddled Kyle, grabbed a pillow and started hitting him with it.

“What are you doing?” Kyle chuckled, raising his arms to ward of the pillow.

“Defending my honor.” Darren threw the pillow down. “Anyway, I’m guessing you’re not much better, my dearest. Industrial sized lube? Side-drawer filled with condoms.”

“Hey, I was a boy scout – We develop the habit of always being prepared.”

“Prepared for what – a horny soccer team?” They both started laughing, and couldn’t stop. Darren was laughing so hard his abs began to feel sore.

“Alright, that’s it.” Kyle rolled bucked his hips, rolled over and landed on top of Darren. “Now I’m defending my honor.”

He kissed Darren roughly, then pulled back and grinned.

“What?” Darren asked, because Kyle was being uncharacteristically quiet.

“This is nice.”

“It is.” Darren agreed, half smiling.

“No, I mean it. I really like you. A lot.”

“Great. Does this mean I can stay the night then?”

“Hell Yes. And if you don’t sneak out in the morning like some kind of house-elf, then we can even go and get breakfast. Together.”

“Sounds…. great. Except for the bit where it sounds like you have a house-elf fetish. But, yeah, I’d love breakfast.” Darren smiled, and  kissed Kyle again.

“So,” Kyle smirked. “Round number four?”

“Even if it kills us.” Darren laughed, as Kyle began to work his way down Darren’s body again, licking and kissing at his torso.


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