Ups and Downs of a Masseur
by BobbyG


Chapter 6: Reginald Campbell… Part 3

I stood there like a schoolboy waiting for a bollicking from the main man. I searched his face for clues but it was blank and I could not make out what he was thinking and so I thought I would just go.

“I will see myself out, be happy Doctor Who.” That would be so funny in another context.

“Why are you running away like a COWARD!?” I spun round and felt good, at least I could tell him more truth and not give a toss now.

“I’m going because you don’t like what you have just read, but think of this, I was being honest showing you that and even if I did get you VERY wrong, you should know by now I would not hide anything from you and at least give me SOME credit for that. I’m no Mensa bloke but I have learnt a lot about myself and I know I am a better person since Nino showed me how. All that’s in there were my first thoughts about you because of your appearance and I bet you a pound to a piece of shit everyone you come across thinks the same. You have no pride in the way you look and I would not have found out that you are beautiful in my eyes and a lovely person to go with it but only because of the massage yesterday and last night, but believe me it was not just the sex between us, which was wonderful, but it was because it was YOU Reginald.”

I was beginning to become more comfortable because I knew he was listening and was learning something about himself.

“Are there more chapters Paul?”

“Of course there is, did you think that was the end of it? I thought you were supposed to be super intelligent. I have written two more and writing number six with one more after that.”

“And they are about us?”

“Could be, you just have to wait and see. Now forget the fucking story, we are back in real time and I need to say a lot more, its either I talk or I am going, take your pick.” I held my breath.

“Please stay and come back to bed and I’m sorry I shouted at you.”

I kicked my trainers off and got back in bed but did not go anywhere near him and Reginald thought it best to stay where he was. I got into a position that we could look at one another but three feet apart.

“Ok, I will start at the top and if any time you don’t like what I am saying, just tell me and I will fuck off and forget this ever happened.”

Reginald kept his mouth shut and just sat there. I had to fight not to go to him and kiss his lovely mouth, but I had to say everything that bothered me about us.

“Ok I’m going to tell you everything that’s on my mind. First you need to get to a hair stylist and get rid of that thatch, I was going to come with you to make sure it’s the right one.

“You need to go to the opticians and get new glasses but even better, contact lenses.

“I was going to suggest we go out together and spend a small fortune on new clothes for you and chuck all your shit stuff out so you will become a small part of the 21st century.

“I wanted us to go to my gym and get Alex Turner, the trainer at the hotel to work out a fitness programme for you that will get rid of that fat belly and condition your body much better and of course make you much fitter than you are now.

“I know nothing about your kidney problem but I was going to find out when I got home.

“I’m only guessing that you eat properly, but if you’re not you need to wake up and look after yourself much better and eat and drink healthier. Okay so far or do you want me to go?”

“Please don’t go and can we sit closer? I don’t like us being so far away, oh and I don’t have a fat belly either.” Reginald was trying to lighten things up but I needed to say all.

“Not until I finish and when I do you may not want me anywhere near you anyway.” Even I didn’t know I could be that hard!

“Now my next issue, you living here means you are loaded and I am well out of your league and that DOES give me a problem and I mean a real one. I have no interest about your financial worth but you have to know I am uncomfortable about it regarding you and me, but as its unlikely to be a you and me now anyway it’s not important. No, what you need to do is take my advice and get yourself looking as good as I know you can be and you will have every gay man in London, Brussels and New York after you and you can then take your pick and believe me they will be lining up for your cock and quite possibly your bank accounts as well. As for me, you could have the smallest cock in the world and broke, its the person I was really attracted too, but I don’t expect you will believe me so I will go and maybe meet someone in my own class for once.”

I got out of bed and put my trainers back on as Reginald sat there watching me.

“Don’t I even get the chance to answer you before you run away Paul?”

I looked at him again and knew bloody well if he asked me to rip a leg off I would have! I got back into “hard” mode again and said, “Okay!”

“I do agree with you about my appearance and I would like you to help me improve in every way you have said, but most importantly I want to explain my financial position. Please at least give me that chance Paul.”

I really felt as though I had reverted to the old me, but at the same time Reginald had to know I was very unsure and only because I knew I was falling in love with him but this time it would be me who ended something I was trying to convince myself could not happen. I went back to the bed and sat at the foot of it.

“Reading about Tan, Nino and Ali is why you are so uncertain about us and of course its me who you will think I am in too much of a hurry, and you are right, even though I am sure about us both. I can see where you are coming from and maybe you want to get out because you don’t want to get hurt again, and I promise you won’t get hurt, not by me. Paul, I don’t think anything would have been permanent between you and Nino, Nino I am sure would not allow it, but I do understand what a huge influence he was and has become a great friend. Tan gave you the physical time you both wanted, the lucky man, but as you found out, he was in fact cheating on you, I never would.

“Ali? Well if he had been a commoner as he wished he was, you two would still be together. His bad luck I hope is my good luck. Paul I am going to fight to keep you and I’m sorry you will just have to put up with it even if I have to pin you to the bed and force you into submission!”

I tried SO fucking hard not to smile but had no control and of course Reginald saw it.

“When Uncle Tim died he left a fortune to Aunt Maude and some money to me, but his business was left to his brother and business partner, Uncle Francis. I never got on with him for some reason and we have never had contact since Uncle Tim died. BUT, he and Uncle Tim were very knowledgeable and taught me a great deal about antiques and other valuable modern objects like the Rolex watch and chain you are wearing, which my estimate is between five of six thousand pounds on your wrist and around your neck, and you need to think about that. YOU were given both of those things and you had no idea they would be given to you, but they were and with love. I like to think I was given this place because of my Aunt’s love for me and she loved me like a son.

“Aunt Maude died two years ago after a short illness and I got this apartment and everything in it and some money from her but she left a lot more to her many charities. The money I got from both of them is enough to keep me here as the cost of just paying for all the upkeep, security, ground maintenance, property and contents as well as public liability insurance is astronomical and the whole lot is in an account that helps me pay those costs. I have worked out that I have ten years left before I have to sell up.

“Ok, this place is worth a fortune and is valued at 2.5 to 3 million and at least another quarter of a million of antiques and paintings, so yes on paper I am loaded as you say, but ONLY if I sold up and I will never do that until I have to because I love it here. I have to live on my earnings just like you, it just happens to be my good fortune I inherited the apartment and everything in it and if I have to apologise because of it, you have got a long wait.”

He was looking at me all the time but he had one more thing to say which would change my thinking about us.

“If you wouldn’t mind taking my measurements and going out and buy me a couple of outfits, we could then go out and get my hair done and also a pair of glasses off the hook, I know they are available and I can make them do until I get a proper appointment at the opticians. If you do all that for me, I can go to dialysis looking a bit more normal and MAYBE you will like me a bit more, which is really what I hope for Paul, but believe me my lovely man, I would give the whole away to keep you!”

He had already told me he would fight to keep me and this was his way of saying it and now I felt as guilty as shit.

“And you don’t need to feel guilty either!”

“Are you related to Nino by any chance!?” The ice may not be completely broken just yet but there was certainly a fucking great hole in it!

“Reginald can I come back in?” He kicked the duvet off exposing his wonderful naked body which I assumed was a welcome and jumped in beside him.

“Don’t bother to get undressed then!”

“I’m going out to buy stuff so I can’t stay long and I have to measure you before I go.”

“32 chest, 22 waist, 29 inch inside leg, 9-inch cock. Take my card, the pin number is 1234.”

“Very secure, you need to change it.””

“What too?”


I got him into our sitting position and we cuddled in tight, very tight and kissed for as long as it will take you to wank off, twice. Hope you have taken the blue pill!

“I’m sorry Reginald, I really am. We are so different and that can only be a good thing. I want us to keep seeing each other and see what happens, that ok?”

“So long as we still have sex. You sat on Ali like you did on me last night and then told him he was still a virgin until it was the other way round, so that makes me still a virgin like he was.”

“You will lose it tonight I promise.”

He thought about that for a while.

“Ok, now fuck off and get me some nice stuff!”

“What will you do when I go?”

“I’m clearing out both wardrobes and chucking the lot out, so don’t forget underpants and socks.”

I kissed him goodbye and went out to get a taxi to Selfridges and had a smile on my face during the whole time I was in it.

“You look well happy Guv, had a good time or about to have one?”

“Had one and about to have a lot more later, Drive.”

“Good man, what’s her name?”


He stopped outside the store and because there are door locks you can’t get out before you pay. I shoved a ten pound note through the security slot in the window. “Keep the change.”

He gave me the note back. “Have this one on me, cheers to you and Reginald. Have a fucking good life mate!” He waved to me as he drove off.

I took the escalator to the men’s department and picked a great looking gay assistant who spent the next two hours with me helping me to choose all that I wanted for Reginald and an outfit for me. As I was still in my shorts and vest Troy took a liking to me and I managed to work him up so much he was giving me discounts with every purchase, both Reginald’s and mine.

“Is the underwear for you may I ask?”

“No, they are for Reginald.”

“Such a shame I was going to offer a trial fitting with me giving a helping hand.”

I bet you would, I thought and if this had been just me, and I had not met Reginald I would have tried the fucking lot on!

I settled up with Reginald’s card and then mine. I had my new outfit on and hoped Reginald would like it, and what I had bought for him.

In the taxi back I wondered about hair styles and hoped we would find a stylists who could come up with the right one for him. It also gave me time to think about ‘us’ and me still trying to get my head around Reginald’s declared love for me. Yes, I knew I loved him, but how on earth can a bloke actually fall in love with the first guy he came across? Well I did and that should have given me a clue! I was about to change his looks and I knew he would become so attractive and every gay man would come onto him! I could not admit I was already jealous before there was anything to be jealous about!

Sergeant Major “Security” let me in and asked me for my ID, I told him to fuck off and made my own way to the lift, opened the door and pressed number 4 button, I just needed to get to Reginald.

“Hellooo! I’m back… Reginald!” There was no reply and I guessed he was in the shower and did not hear me come in so I went to his bedroom and dumped the four bags on ‘my’ side of the bed, and then went to the kitchen to brew a coffee. He would be out soon and come in and thank me for the all the new stuff I had chosen for him. I waited and waited but Reginald did not appear, so I went to find him assuming now he was in his study working.

I went into his bedroom towards the door that would lead into the study and then stopped as I passed ‘his’ side of the bed and looked down in horror.

Reginald was laying on the floor and the first thought I had was he was dead as his body had no movement, and as far as I could see, he was not breathing.

Total panic set in as I had no idea what to do, and made it worse by kneeling down and shouting his name.


Yeah Gods of course he isn’t you prat! Get him help, NOW!

I managed to think at last and got to the phone and dialled 999 and gave them as much as they could get out of me.

Now I knew they were on their way I found the intercom on the same phone and pushed the button for the front desk.

“Sergeant Major Timothy Williams speaking, how can I help you Doctor?”

“It’s not the fucking doctor. I have just called an ambulance for Reginald so open the fucking door and let them in.”

“Of course young man. Opening the door now, may I ask what the problem is?”

“None of your business, fuck off!”

“Yes sir and I hope you do as well, you are not ‘our’ type!”

“Yeah but you liked looking at my cock yesterday!”

It was only five minutes but seemed like hours as I knelt by Reginald talking loads of bullshit and had no idea if he could hear me. BUT! I had a great idea and felt for his pulse and found one!

Clever fucking me!

Whatever had happened to Reginald while I was shopping, I was now sure the paramedics would make the difference and get him into hospital after they had done the first emergency work on him.

Four of them came in and got to work, I was able to tell them he had a kidney problem but I had no idea how serious.

“He was due dialysis at 3 o’clock. I went out to shop and when I got back I found him like this.”

Three of them were working on Reginald while the boss lady spoke to me.

“Are you related to the Doctor Mr….?”

I looked at her and then down to Reginald and once again thought of Nino’s words.

“Not yet, he is my life and I don’t have one without him. Please just save him… PLEASE?”


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