Ups and Downs of a Masseur
by BobbyG


Chapter 5: Reginald Campbell… Part 2

DOCTOR Reginald Campbell Pee aich fucking Dee was looking at me with that lovely smile on his face. It only took seconds but my thoughts flashed through my thick head thinking of those that I had become so close too and loved.

Tan, my first real love and the wonderful times we shared, but I now knew it was only a one-way street with sex attached. Tan never loved me and I wondered now if he was in love with his American. I hoped he had found out how to love one special man and get rid of all those condoms.

Nino, who taught me so much and was the main person in my life who made me into a better person. I had loved to be with him and I know he felt the same and in our own way, we were in love, a love that could not be permanent even though in Japan they also drive on the left-hand side of the road! Nino had become a dear and close friend and to this day we still keep in contact and I tell him about all that’s happening in my life. I will write about that later.

Ali! Oh my word, if nothing was to be between two gay men we were them! We were from different cultures, different class and certainly different cock sizes! BUT I think that as we were SO far apart in every aspect, our love was the strongest of all and most definitely unique…! Until now because I knew I had become attracted to Reginald in the same short time I had known the other three and look what happened to them. This was a disaster waiting to happen if I thought of anything beyond what I was here for and that was to help Reginald on his way and I tried to convince myself that all he was, was another client who had booked me for company with extras attached.

I stepped out of the lift and stopped two feet from him with my head trying to work out what was happening to me. All I could see of him was his lovely face with that dreadful mop of black hair. I could not see his hands or feet as the dressing gown was too big and as it was Reginald, it fitted perfectly! It was dark blue with gold patterns all over it and a crimson collar. It looked comical but at least he didn’t have his glasses on. I looked around the hall.

“Nice, very nice.” And I meant it. Once again I was looking at some fine antique pieces, a few watercolours hanging on the walls and standing on an expensive looking carpet. Either side of the lift door were two large dormer windows filling the room with natural light.

“Thank you Paul, I could be really corny and say with you here you make it even nicer.” He continued to smile at me. “But it’s true, you do and you need to get out of those things, you’re wet through.” I dumped my bag on the carpet, whipped my top off, bent down and removed my trainers, then stood back up and for the second time since arriving at Hyde Park House, I dropped my shorts.

“I meant in the bathroom!” I just shrugged my shoulders and closed the gap, undid the gold braid cord and slipped that thing off his shoulders. It joined my stuff on the floor. In under five minutes I had made a mess of the place, but Reginald was still smiling standing in front of me in his naked beauty which happened to include his 9-inch floppy bit that hung halfway down his thighs.

“You look amazing Paul, absolutely stunning, come on I will show you the bathroom so you can have a shower and get into those shorts you said you would bring.”

“I don’t need to shower, I’m dry now.” I bent down to my bag and took out two small size pairs and then got on my knees. His hose pipe was only inches away and I just stared at it as my own rather inferior cock began to get involved. Reginald put his hands on my shoulders to steady himself and raised one leg so he could put the first leg in and then the other one. Reluctantly I pulled them up and watched as wonder cock disappeared out of sight until the first two inches popped out of the left leg. I closed my eyes and called myself all the names in the Filth Dictionary for not sucking him off there and then, but I just knew the right time was not now. What a twat.  I pulled my own up and looked at Reginald who was smiling at me in that lovely way he had but seemed preoccupied.

“I have a confession to make.” Shit, what now?


“I am cooking a chicken casserole but forgot one important ingredient.”

“The chicken?” I was quick.

“Clever you! I forgot to get it out of the freezer in time, but I have put two stock cubes in which will at least give a chicken flavour. Hope you don’t mind.”

Did I mind!? He could have said he had forgotten to turn the oven on as well and would not have a problem. Just being with him was all I wanted anyway but I had to pretend I was less than impressed but really all I wanted was to take him in my arms and kiss the crap out of him.

“We all make mistakes and this one is not the end of the world although I’m REALLY hungry!”

He sort of smiled while taking me to the kitchen and looked at me then made a face.

“I forgot to turn the oven on as well!”

It was glorious and I fell on the floor laughing my head off and could not stop.

Reginald knelt down beside me and attempted to join in but apologising at the same time. I looked up at him and all of a sudden I stopped laughing and just stared at him as he looked down at me, he too had stopped trying to laugh as we looked at one another and at the same time I again remembered Nino’s words to me.

We looked at one another for about six years, or so it seemed.

I was still on those fucking cold floor tiles, not that I took much notice right then. I had only one thought in mind and went for broke and pulled Reginald on top of me, wrapped my left arm around him and with the other one put it around the back of his head and pulled him down to my mouth. I did not kiss him, but we did kiss one another, for a very, very long time and at the same time a whole firework display went off in my head. I broke off many times and we just stared at one another’s faces, searching.

“Reginald?” He was back and totally involved in the kissing department and I waited patiently for him to stop eating my face and come up for air.

“Yes Paul?”

“My back is freezing, can we go to your bedroom please?” I just laid there waiting for him to make up our minds.

“You took your time for goodness sake, I have been hoping you would suggest that since you got here. I just need to check the cooker is off before we go through!”

I pinched his bum and he pretended to get very cross and I let him pin me to the floor with my arms over my head. He put a hard expression on his face while I laughed up at him, but in all that time we looked all over one another’s faces again, I bought him back to my mouth and gently kissed him so I would not say anything stupid. Reginald was brilliant and came up with another surprise.

“Oh to hell with this, just take me to bed, but I want to talk before we make love though Paul.”

I could not believe what he was saying, a guy who had never had any sex and could not wait to lose it, but needed to TALK before he did!?

He got up and turned the oven on low. “That will take two hours so plenty of time for us to do other things.”

We followed our semi’s with arms around one another to Reginald’s bedroom and yet another surprise, it was beautifully furnished and all modern.

“My word, I didn’t expect this, its lovely.”

“I am changing everything except for a few antiques I like, the rest is being stored in the basement.”

“Does that include getting rid of the antiques you dress in as well?”

Reginald looked at me with a puzzled expression on his face.


Don’t push it Paul, I advised myself, so instead I picked him up and chucked him on his bed and laid on top and kissed him, we would be like that for quite some time.

Eventually we turned onto our sides looking, smiling, stroking a face and often leaning forward and gently kissed.

“Paul I need to talk before you make love to me and I want you to listen please and ask you questions about yourself. No I am not trying to make you feel as though this is an interrogation, all I want is for you to get to know me a little and the other way around, after all we are falling in love and it would be nice to know a little about one another first don’t you think!?”

I just stared at him trying to take it in and to be honest I didn’t have a clue how to answer, so all I was left with was me to ask a question.

“What do you mean we are falling in love? How the fu.., heck are you so sure?” The bugger answered with another question!

“I know for sure. Its all rather obvious Paul don’t you think?”

“But we have only just met Reginald. How on earth have you come to even think that, you have never been with a man and I doubt you even have a close male friend let alone a lover!

“You can blame the Americans for coming up with the word “chemistry” regarding two people who are instantly attracted to one another and we have that chemistry Paul, don’t fight it because it will never go away.”

He was so matter of fact and I was completely out of my very shallow depth. He had me by the balls and I waited for him to tell me what I did not understand, I took a bit of control.

“Alright but if we are going through with this I want us to sit differently. We sit up and I sit between your legs and I wrap mine around you then we can cuddle up and kiss now and again while you do most of the talking.”

Reginald sat up and we got into position and spent quite a time getting used to it and kissed while running our hands all over one another’s backs.

“Comfortable?” I asked. He kissed me once more and told me it was perfect, indeed it was. Reginald kicked off.

“I was born 24 years ago and by the time I was three years old it became obvious I was very different to others the same age as me. I had a gift as by that age I could read write and hold adult conversations. I was four when suddenly both of my parents died within three months of one another and my Uncle Tim and Aunt Maude took me in. Uncle Tim had built up a very successful antiques business and had auction rooms in London, Manchester and Leeds as well as a shop in Chelsea. He was a millionaire and bought this apartment. But it was Aunt Maude who became my mentor and major influence in my upbringing. Paul have you ever heard of Mensa?”

I didn’t have a clue which will come as no surprise.

“Boy band?” Reginald fell onto my chest and laughed his frigging head off! That lead to a massive bout of kissing and I hoped I would say something else stupid, which was guaranteed anyway, that would lead to more of the same.

“Its an organisation that caters for kids, and older, who happened to be born with a very high intelligence level. Aunt Maude was the same. To cut a long story short by the time I was 10 I had learnt four languages inside out and could read, write and interpret into English and the other way round. I now have six more languages and am officially a qualified linguist.”

“Is that why you’re that PhD thing?” Once again he laughed and held me close and that lead to lots more kissing of course. I looked at him and tried to get a bit academic myself.

“You are going to take the piss aren’t you.”

“NO Paul! PLEASE, I would never do that!”

“I don’t suppose I would know if you were anyway, carry on then.”

“That PhD thing is because of my doctorate as an historian and became the same as Aunt Maude, she and I collaborated in two of her books when I was just 19 and after two years at University I became the same as her. However my main interest is in languages and I work for various governmental departments as a freelance interpreter. I am sent all sorts of work in my languages and after I have read them I send back in English. I also work for a certain department whose work is national security but I can’t say who.”


Reginald once again pulled me hard into him which told me I had got it right, the kissing also confirmed it.

“And others Paul.”

“Are you in any danger Reginald?”

He burst out at that question and kissed me even more.

“This is real life Paul, not James Bond. No, all I do is my work, most of which I do here but I also attend conferences as an interpreter and often go abroad mainly to Brussels and the UN headquarters in New York, you may have even heard my voice during live translations on tv and radio. I also work at Number 10 sometimes when foreign politicians visit and business organisations who we are trying to do trade with. It’s all quite interesting really and I have come across some really fascinating people, not socially of course, just a translator while meetings are in progress.”

He stopped for another session of mouth action.

I was still trying to work all this out and because I was no “Mensa” case I just laid on my back and pulled Reginald on top of me but even having him there my cock was still fast asleep. This must be the most bizarre ‘first time’ sex EVER!

“Why are you telling me all this Reginald?”

He looked down at me and smiled and then put his arms around my neck and pulled tight. He looked at me again and kissed me very gently.

“Paul I am as confused as you are but I do know we have a huge liking for one another, I just know it and all I am trying to do is be open and honest with you. I may have a very high intelligence level but what comes with it is a very confused man. Many like me have huge personal issues and many have, and still have personal problems that have even lead to mental health issues and in some cases suicide. All I know about myself is that I can control my lack of understanding about so-called normal life and knew one day I would get to know about life through an extraordinary experience and I’m sorry Paul it just happens to be you that gave me it! Mr West, you have no idea what you did for me today when you massaged me and confirmed to me what I had really known about myself for most of my life since teenage years. I put myself on hold for all that time but today you have opened many doors and I now feel liberated and I could not be more happy, in fact the happiest I have EVER been and its all down to you. I am convinced Dr Black guessed what I am and I was also convinced he is gay as well because he was telling about you when he was holding my cock!”

“He has held your COCK!? The lucky bugger, that’s more than I have done and we supposed to have this… this, whatever ‘THIS’ is.”

“He has to give me regular medical checks because of my condition and I already know he told you about it. He always held me and I think pretended it was all part of the medical. It only ever lasted a few seconds and I never thought it was a problem, I think he knew I would like you and he also knew your massage would help me find myself and if that’s what he was trying to do, it worked, but he would have no idea just how much.”

I put Reginald on his side and stared into his eyes.

This had gone in a direction that I was not at all sure about and could only think this would lead to another Tan, Nino and Ali thing and as beautiful as they were, the result was I found myself on my own again.  I was in a sort of panic and got off the bed and in doing so sent Reginald into one as well.

“Paul you’re not going are you?”

“No you daft sod, we are going to the kitchen and I am going to massage you again just to give me time to think. Reginald, I have been involved before and I now realise none of them would have ever worked out and I’m not about to let it happen again.”

I got hold of his arm and pulled him off the bed.

“Go and lay on the table, I need to get oil out of my bag.”

Reginald ran as fast as could to the kitchen while I went into the hall to get the oil and by the time I got there I was as hard as nails. Reginald had spread several towels on the table and was laying in wait to be attacked.

“Paul, can I ask that this time you…, you know?”

I lent down to his ear and kissed it. “You are going places you did not know existed.” I whispered.

He twisted round and kissed me.

“It better be good.”

I slapped his ass.

“Good start Paul.”

I stood there for some time looking at his nakedness and wondered if his cock was as hard as mine and where the hell he had put it if it was. I had hardly got that thought out when he adjusted himself by shoving all nine inches down between his legs. “That’s much better.” He said and I could not agree more.

He looked amazing and that lovely firm cute bum was soon to get a lot of my attention, but I would make him wait a while.

I covered his back and began to massage as I had before but this time stopped every often to kiss the spot I had just massaged. Reginald let out lots of sighs and grunts.

I stopped massaging and just kissed and licked all over his back as I travelled towards his wonderful backside and then swopped to his thighs.

“Oi, you missed a bit!”

I ignored him and massaged and kissed both thighs all the way up to just below his cheeks and of course looking at that enormous cock of his, it was massively hard and by the noise coming out of Reginald I knew if I kept him like that for much longer it could very well break through the table top!

Now was the time and I poured oil into his crack and over his cock and played with those cheeks for ages until finally spreading them and diving into the valley where my tongue met his button, Reginald nearly ended up in Hyde Park via the kitchen window!

I kept up the rimming for ages listening to all the groans coming out of Reginald and what was making it even better for both of us was I had my chin on the back of his cock and slide it up and down the shaft as my tongue did its work. Reginald was about to lose it and pleaded with me to let him turn over.

“I don’t want to come like this, let me turn over PLEASE!”

I stood up and Reginald spun round and I just could not help myself smile at this incredible sight. It looked as though someone had pinched one of the main masts from Nelson’s HMS Victory and stuck it on a rowing boat! I bent down and we kissed with a huge amount of passion for a long time.

“Please Paul… Please? I’m going to cum soon!”

I kissed him again only this time very gently and at the same time ran my hand slowly down his body and, FINALLY I took hold of his masterpiece and just slide my hand up and back down the whole length of his oiled up rod. Reginald was moaning and saying all sorts of things I did not understand, he was incoherent and I knew he was on the brink and I had to be quick otherwise my timing would go very wrong.

I got on the table as quickly as I could knowing full well this was going to hurt. I straddled him and took all nine inches to my backdoor and literally sat on him.

CHRIST it hurt but there was no way I would give up even though he was only half way in. I lent over and kissed him just to be still and get used to him being inside me, then I sat up and forced the other half in and at the same time Reginald was staring at me in total wonder at what was happening to him.

I now rode him ignoring the pain that came with it, but the more I fucked the pain was forgotten as I looked down at Reginald’s face and smiled at him and watched as he was getting to the point of no return. I raised myself up slightly.

“You finish it Reginald.”

He knew exactly what to do and took over and to be honest he was turning me on big time as he drove into me time and time again. I don’t know how he came up with it but suddenly I felt his hand around my massively hard cock and after some time like that we quite literally blew up together and seemed not to be able to stop ejaculating for what seemed ages. I eventually got off him and turned us on our sides and cuddled in tight and there we stayed for ages just smiling and gently kissing.

At last I managed to speak.

“Welcome to the land of us sluts Reginald.”

He just smiled and then kissed me.

“Thank you Paul, its lovely to be here.”

There was a ping from the cooker telling us that dinner was ready.

“It will be fine for later, let’s go to bed first Paul.”

We climbed off the table and slowly went back to bed, we climbed on board and were once again cuddled in, and of course kissing the whole time.

We just stared at one another and stroked each other’s face, not once did we stop smiling.

Reluctantly Reginald got on his elbow and looked down at me. “Paul I have to eat, and after a shower I have to sleep, that’s just the way it is. I have dialysis tomorrow and I am a little tired now but please stay the night.”

“What time do you have to go?”

“Not until 3 pm and on dialysis days I don’t work the next day. What time do you have to get to the hotel?”

“Can I use your phone?”

He reached over and gave me the handset, I dialled the “Capital” and told them I was sick and would not be in for two days. “I have just invited myself to stay Reginald.”

We ate and I had to admit the casserole was really nice. “Could have done with a bit of chicken though Reginald.”

He punched me gently on the arm, lent over and kissed me. “I will try to remember it next time.”

“Will there be another time then?”

“I very much hope so and I really mean that Paul.”

The shower afterwards was short and sweet but I could see him getting really tired now and I turned the water off. We dried each off and I took him to his bed.  We cuddled in with Reginald laying on my left shoulder and often kissing my neck.

“Paul?” He sounded tired and I guessed about to fall asleep. I kissed his head.

“Can we do that 69 thing tomorrow?” As soon as he said that he was gone.

I laid there for ages looking at him and wondering about his kidney problem and made up my mind I would go on my computer to find out all I could about the condition when I got home. I was still fiddling with his cock when I too fell into one of the happiest sleeps I ever had.


I was woken up the next morning due to a hand around my already hard member and Reginald laying back on my shoulder, every now and then kissing my neck. I pretended to still be asleep and felt his hand on mine as he took it to his own hardon.

Yeah God’s it was wonderful! He kissed my neck again and I moved down to his mouth and returned his kiss.

“Good morning man abuser.”

He could not answer because my mouth was still on his, he tugged my dick a few times and climbed on top of me, wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed me the French way while my hands went to his bum and played for ages. I pulled his cheeks apart and took a finger to his button.

“And just who is abusing who now?”

“Good ain’t it!” We continued with the ‘abuse’ for some time which was brilliant.

“So, what happens in your usual morning routine?”

“Certainly not this, good morning by the way. I get up have a shower and do my morning stretches and exercises then breakfast. After that I go to my study and do my work for as long as it takes then out for a walk around the park. After that I go to a certain hotel for a massage then back here shattered but hoping the masseur visits so I can cook him and amazing dinner.”

“Hope it’s not chicken, I hate it.”

“Do you!?”

“Don’t know, never had it.”

We cuddled up again and then I moved him onto his back and laid at right angles to him, I put his right leg over me so I could not escape and buried my face into his huge bollocks and at the same time stroking HMS Victory’s main mast.

I took each ball in my mouth in turn as I could not get both in at the same time and then licked and kissed the beauties.

“What about the 69 thing then selfish man!”

I was about to change positions when the phone rang. Reginald reached over and pushed the load speaker on.

“Doctor Campbell speaking.”

“Reginald dear boy, its Doctor Black, just ringing you to remind you of your appointment today. Hope you have not forgot, again.”

“Hello Trevor, no I will be there at 3.”

“Golly good. How are you, all fine I hope.”

I kept sucking and Reginald put both hands on my head stroking my hair. There was a pause from the other end.

“Reginald, did you ever get to see Paul at the Capital for a massage?”

“I went yesterday Trevor and I must say it wasn’t too bad I suppose!”

I bit a bollock and he winced.

“Oh, not too bad? I thought you would have found it a wonderful experience.”

“To be honest it was an amazing time and Paul came here after his work and in fact is still here now, we are going to spend the next two days together.”

“OH, marvellous, is he with you now?”

“Yes Trevor but he can’t talk to you just now, he’s got his mouth full eating his breakfast.”

We guessed Trevor was still laughing as he put the phone down, I just carried on with breakfast and gently stroking wonder dick, but I also thought that if I made him cum again it would make him tired so I reluctantly stopped and laid next to him.

“Give me fifty good reasons why you stopped Mr West.”

“I don’t want to tire you out Dr Campbell, you have dialysis later and maybe when you get back you will be fit enough for a repeat of yesterday and do the 69 thing as well.”

“Thank you, that’s very thoughtful. Can we just stay here like this and you tell me all about you? I would really love to know things that you are comfortable talking about.”

“You mean my sex life?” He smiled and kissed me.

“Yes please!” I thought about that and came up with one of my best ideas ever, but one that could go very wrong as well

“As well as a work computer do you have a personal one?”

“I have two work computers and a personal laptop as well.”

“Go and get it and then give it to me.”

He jumped out of bed and went to a door which I presumed was his study and came back with his laptop, got back into bed and turned it on and then handed it to me. I went into Nifty and then into gay/encounters and found ‘The Ups and Downs of a Masseur’ and handed it back to him.

“There, that’s me. I’m going for a shower while you learn something about me and when I come back I hope you still want me to stay, but I already know you won’t like some of Chapter three, or any other part of my life.”

I kissed him and got out of bed and as I went to the shower I suddenly felt very uncertain about his reaction when I got back, but if this was going anywhere, he had to know anyway.

I just knew that Reginald would be a speed reader and guessed by the time I had taken a long shower he would have finished all three chapters that had been added so far.

I turned the shower off and dried myself and then got into a clean pair of sports shorts and a top, I then put my trainers on, I was ready to go home. I went back into the bedroom and looked at Reginald as he stared back at me without an expression that would give me a clue as to what he was thinking, but his next words did!



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