Ups and Downs of a Masseur
by BobbyG


Chapter 4: Reginald Campbell… Part 1

I hardly slept a wink that night and just stared at nothing sitting up in bed. I picked my phone up a dozen times and put it back down again, I would not know what to say anyway. Each time I put the phone down I looked at the package Ali had given me. I picked it up and tossed it from one hand to the other guessing, hoping what it was. I carefully unwrapped the package and opened the mahogany box and stared at the chain and smiled, I would have something of his for the rest of my life. I got out of bed and went to the mirror and put it around my neck. I stood looking at myself for some time then made a face, “It looked better on him.” Back in bed I picked my phone up.

“Thank you so much Ali. The chain is on now. The hurt will go eventually but the memories of our time together, no matter how short, will stay forever. All my love Paul.”

I got a text back straight away, Ali too must have been in his bed suffering like me.

“Don’t fucking flog it! Yes, the memories I will have forever as well and thank YOU Paul, I just wish I had been born a commoner as well! All my love to you, my beautiful man. Ali.”

I still have that text.

I ran to the hotel early the next morning still feeling like shit and went straight to the gym to give myself a hard work out and then to the pool. After 50 lengths I showered and then to the parlour to get ready for the tramp, it was 8 30 and I was trying to get my head around my first appointment and thinking about Ali knowing he was already on his way when the phone rang, it was Colin.

“Mr Campbell has just rang to cancel, I have rebooked him for a month’s time and as you are now free so could I be, I could do with a good work over Paul.” I thanked my luck and told Paul to fuck off, we loved to hate.

I wasn’t exactly waiting for Campbell’s appointment but it was during that time I took on more clients and even escorted some out for an evening but did not offer overnight services or anything during a massage session that included anything sexual even though a number of them managed to explode into their pants as the massage progressed. At least I was not losing my touch! Like many things sad I guess you just get used to the situation and try to move on and get on with life. There is no truer saying than “time heals” and after two weeks of Ali leaving I had begun to accept that he was no longer part of my life and admitted he would never have been anyway. What did help was his chain and that gave me great comfort.

I had my lunch break and got ready for my next appointment, Dr Trevor Black who I had seen twice before and a really lovely man. Tall, slim and a handsome 60 year old, a very gentle person. He had found me online and needed somewhere to go that was out of his living area and safe for him. A lovely gay man who had lost his partner years before but needed some relief from time to time. I was able to give him that and all without full sex.

“PAUL! How lovely to see you again and you bugger look even better!” I shook his hand and smiled my welcome.

“It’s nice to see you again Trevor, you don’t look so bad yourself. How are things for you?”

“Not too bad at all, I’m off to France next week to stay with a friend and thinking of retiring there in the near future.”

“Oh right, nice is he?”


He went to the shower room to get undressed and came back out naked and laid face down on the table and I went to work on him.

“All over Trevor?”

“Oh yes please Paul.” By the time I had finished his back and asked him to turn over he was massively hard and smiled at me.

“I really don’t think I will last too long dear boy.” He was right and after a full frontal he was almost there and when I took him in hand it was like a bomb going off, He put his head to my body and his hand onto my bum, then blew up. He laid there for some time as I massaged more until he smiled at me.

“Time to shower I think, I need it. Paul may I talk for a while when I come out?”

“Of course, you still have 20 minutes but you don’t get a reduced fee.” He laughed and went off.

We sat on the couch, the first person to be there since Ali was being kissed by me.

“Something on your mind Trevor?”

“Nothing too important. I just want to ask if a Reginald Campbell has been in touch?”

“The tramp! Yes but he cancelled, he is supposed to be coming in a couple of weeks I think.”

“Yes, he is odd I will admit. I recommended him to you so you can blame me. He is a patient of mine and in need of regular exercise and a massage will do him a lot of good I know. He has no regard for himself and because of his condition he needs some encouragement from someone other than me.”

“May I ask what his problem is?”

“He has a kidney condition and has to undergo regular dialysis once a month or more if he needs it. He could do it himself at home but I don’t trust him, he would just forget to do it, as it is I have to ring him the day of the appointment to remind him to go. He is totally immersed in his work and everything else he is oblivious too, including his health. Paul I know this sounds as though I am asking you to become rather involved but I just know you will like him even though he is out of this world most of the time. He is a really lovely chap and needs a shove in the right direction and at least meet him for a massage and try to encourage him to take light exercise. Oh bugger I am being a bit unfair and I expect you to be rather angry at me for suggesting all this.” Too bloody right I am Trevor was my first thought but then I had changed a lot from the arrogant shit I was but turned around by Nino and Ali.

“What does he do?”

“He is a linguist and speaks, reads and writes ten languages and is employed by the Met police, the Ministry of Defence, a translator for anyone who needs his expertise. He has never had a girlfriend as far as I know, not that anyone would be interested anyway, BUT such a sense of humour, goodness knows where on earth that came from.”

“Is he gay?”

“Could be and if he is and has had boyfriends, they would be very happy believe me.”

“Well if he turns up I will try to encourage him to take more exercise, take him to the gym and swimming pool but I have never had any training in social work Trevor so it will all be a waste of time I’m guessing.”

“Well at least talk Paul and thanks for listening and sorry if I have spoken out of turn but I am hoping that once he has experienced your excellent massage he may keep coming back and you may be able to influence him keeping in better shape. I know that if he were more active it would be a great advantage to him and his condition. I just know that once he has experienced your unique massage, he will come here again and listen to your advice.”

Trevor left his usual generous tip and went out leaving me very curious about this Reggie and also cussing myself for not asking how old he was but I guessed at least in his fifties with years of academic shit behind him. Colin thought even older. “I bet you a fuck he is in his 60’s Paul.”


I don’t remember being nervous meeting a new client before but I was now as I waited at reception talking to Colin.

“What the fuck do I say to him Colin? “Welcome sir, tramps this way?”

“How about. ‘Hello sir, fuck off because Colin is taking your place?’” I was about to say something rude but I saw Colin looking past me. “Looks like Rambo’s great granddad has just arrived! All yours Paul I just wish you a fucking bad time!” I turned and saw Reggie for the first time and nearly took early retirement there and then. I was looking at 1950/1970’s man! I guessed 5ft 6ish. At the top I saw thick but very long black hair, 1970’s, then back to the 1950’s to his old worn tweed jacket with elbow leathers and yellow waistcoat with red check pattern. The shirt was a lumberjack style with a green cotton knitted tie and then to more or less complete this fucking walking museum, he had dark brown corduroys, badly worn at the knees. On his feet were highly polished brown shoes, vintage unknown. I looked back at his face and just could not believe what I was looking at, taped up glasses which were at an acute angle and could fall off any moment. I remembered Trevor telling me he didn’t think Reggie had ever had a girlfriend, NO fucking wonder! I then shivered, what the fuck were his underpants like? Y fronts? Oh please NO!

“Hello, I’m Reginald and you must be Paul, Dr Black told me a lot about you and told me I should make an appointment for a massage.” I really DO like Trevor, but at this time I thought he was a cunt!

“Yes I am Paul, nice to meet you too Reggie.”

“Actually it’s Reginald.” This was going to be a long bloody hour. I heard Colin giggling behind me as we went towards the stairs down to the parlour and promised myself Colin would never get another massage, EVER!

“Welcome to my massage parlour Reginald. If you would like to take a shower first and then PLEASE change into the shorts provided before you come out.”

“Another shower? I have just had one.” Yeah and sweating like a fucking waterfall getting here I thought.

“I’m only two minutes walk from here, that’s one of several reasons I booked you.” He lived two minutes away!? This area dripped millionaires and he was definitely NOT one!

“If you wouldn’t mind please Reginald.” I asked but more like a plea.

Reginald went in and I looked at the couch thinking about the beautiful Ali and his sensational body and wished I could put the clock back! Then I told myself off, this is a paying client you twat, behave yourself.

I heard the door open, turned round to look at my newest and unwanted client and then into the shower room wondering were the hell Reginald had gone and who the fuck was this bloke!

“There, all ready what do I do now Paul?” It only took seconds to look from head to toe but in that time I could not believe what I was looking at he was YOUNG, about my age for goodness sake and was also very, very good looking now that he was out of those dreadful clothes and glasses. That of course was my mistake I just was not looking under it all.

I still guessed 5ft 6 but it was his slim body that got to me, it was perfect. Ok, no body definition or muscled, that would have made him ugly, but oh my word everything was in absolute perfect proportion and the very body type and height I adored. Ok he DID have a paunch and no doubt down to lack of exercise. He was also very pale and I guessed had never sunbathed. An even bigger plus was he had massage shorts on! I looked back to his face and saw him smiling at me showing that he took great care of his teeth, they too were perfect, in fact everything was except that mop of hair that even hedge trimmers would improve. I smiled back and suddenly did not want this hour to go too quickly after all. I took my top off and slowly took it to the couch so Reginald could get a good look. I turned around smiling at him, he had his back to me looking at the oil bottles!

“Would you lay face down on the table Reginald please?” I asked and wondered at the same time if he would get worked up during the massage, that was now my mission.

I spread the oil on his legs and began my massage working him with my fingers, then full hand contact and thumbs on the spots that I knew were more sensitive to pressure and touch. I loved going further up of course and stayed for a long time manipulating the backs, sides and inner thighs. I had no idea if he was liking it or not as I didn’t hear a thing, so I asked.

“Is everything ok down there Reginald?” Not a word! I wondered if he was thinking about some translation from Russian to Hebrew or some shit like that, or worse fast asleep.

It was time to get my hands on that lovely back and even that was a pleasant surprise, his skin was like silk and his back was very firm, I just knew that with the right exercise he would gain not only an even better definition but his whole body would benefit by becoming very toned as well as get rid of that paunch. Thinking about it effected my own cock and the sod was beginning to wake up. Ah well, one of us was enjoying himself.

I massaged and concentrated as never before and hoping Reginald was laying there in some sort of daze at my touch.

“Reginald would you turn over please.” Nothing. I bent down to his face and smiled at the smile coming back at me.

“Reginald, did you hear me?” He continued to smile and then a Victorian penny dropped.

“Sorry Paul, I was completely lost. What did you say?” Lost in what? My massage? Algebra or some other fucking language!

“Turn over please I need to massage your front.”

“OH, why didn’t you say!” I was beginning to warm to him, rubbish, I already had. I stood up and watched Reginald turn over and was rooted to the spot as his front half came into sight which I already knew would be more than pleasant, but it was when I got to the shorts my own dick sprang to attention looking at what was hidden within them. It was not hard and possibly only part semi, I had no idea but it was the outline of the length that told me Reginald must be very well endowed AND there was a damp patch! I also realised what Trevor Black was getting at when he said Reginald’s boyfriends would be happy if he had ever had one.

Right Reginald my boy you ARE going to get a stiffy even if I have to put a car jack under it, I promised myself and began at his temples and moved south after treating his arms and hands. I loved working on his hands and even more pleased when he involuntarily squeezed mine, I squeezed back hoping it would register, but doubted it did.

On and on I went and by the time I was approaching his waist there was quite a lot of movement in his pants as the monster was beginning to ignore gravity. Oh my word, that’s going to be a good nine inches surely? I took a look at Reginald who had his eyes firmly closed and just knew he was trying NOT to get hard, but I was having my wicked way and would not spare him. I got to the left thigh and massaged it with just fingertips and as I went upwards so did Reginald’s cock and I now had a great view of the most magnificent male member I had ever seen. I looked again at this amazing man who still had his eyes closed but had now put his hands behind his head and presumably had given up the fight. I now had to risk all and with heart beating fast enough to scramble eggs I got hold of the leg of the shorts and pushed it up and at the same time allowing Reginald’s masterpiece to be free from restriction.

“Is that more comfortable Reginald?” And continued to massage but this time with one hand on both thighs and a thumb as near to a groin as I dared.

“Yes.” He said very quietly and put an arm over his eyes and raised his hips. Reginald was not far away. About ten seconds later he began to breathe quickly and his entire body froze. “Oh my word Paul.”

I lost count of the number of times he erupted and stood there spellbound as this cannon went off time and time again and just about covering Reginald’s chest and belly as well as the table and floor. I got beside him and massaged his cream in while he fought to regain his breath.

I looked down at him looking for any signs he was not happy, he looked back at me with a blank expression on his face and I couldn’t read him.

“Is everything ok Reginald?” I was worried now, Reginald may just get the hell out and I would never see him again and yes, I really wanted to and not just because of that amazing cock either. There was a lot about Reginald that I found attractive. Mind you right now I was looking at a lovely handsome man and forgetting what he would look like when he got dressed.

“Does that happen every time you give a massage Paul?”

“Not always but more often than not.” I could see he was in deep thought.

“Paul, do you ever… ah… do you ever hold a man?”

“If he wants me too, I can always tell if he does.” He smiled at me, a big huge smile.

“Well Paul you didn’t get it right THIS time!” I could not believe my luck or was it relief that he was not pissed off with me. My choice of weapon was now laying across his left thigh and I just could not take my eyes off of it. Reginald was looking at me still with that beautiful smile.

“I don’t mind Paul.” Neither did I but the clock did.

“You know I would love to but look at the clock Reginald. I just wish I could cancel my next appointment. Will you come back?” That smile again.

“When are you free next?”

“Straight after my last client, 6 pm.” That was supposed to be a joke but Reginald went into thinking mode again, you could almost hear the cogs grinding. He was quiet for some time but I needed to get him out of here before the next client turned up. One look at Reginald dressed like that could scare the bugger off! At long last he seemed to have made his mind up.

“I only live two minutes from here and wonder if you would like to come for dinner, say 6:30?” Was I about to have my second virgin!!!? I swore at myself for even thinking that way and gave the only reply any homosexual could give.

“Sorry no!” WHAT!? You fucking PRICK!

“Oh, such a shame never mind.”

“I could make it for 7:30 though, I need to go home shower and change first.” He laughed like a drain and I joined in.

“You silly man and no don’t go home, you can shower at my place and you look perfect in what you are wearing, stunning in fact. I would offer you something of mine but it would be too small!” My self-control was something to be admired! No wonder I love short men!

“Thanks Reginald, but to make me feel more comfortable by not being dressed properly for a visit, would you wear sports gear as well?” I knew the fucking answer before he did!

“I don’t have sports anything!” Oh well I could always poke my eyes out. He went for his shower and the next I saw of him was this apparition coming out and the only thing I recognised was his smile which was as wide as ever. He came to me and shook my hand. “Thank you so much Paul and not just for the amazing massage either. You have confirmed to me what I have thought about myself since I was 13. I will tell you at dinner if that’s alright with you.” I sort of smiled at him but my mind was in overdrive trying to think of ways to completely change him! It was a very long list and it was going to be a huge challenge. I came up with an idea that I was sure had a 50/50 chance. “Reginald what if I bought a pair of massage shorts and we could just wear those? That way we would be dressed the same.” He put his head to one side working out what I really hoped for.



“Because I wanted to get my own back! Yes, it’s a lovely idea.” He drew me a map and wrote his address down, Flat 4 Hyde Park House. “I have the top floor. Security will let you in as they will be expecting you and will show you the lift and I will be waiting for you.”

“What will you be dressed in?” I held my breath while Reginald once again sorted out in his head just what to wear and I assumed going through his entire fucking wardrobe. He looked at me and smiled.

“Dressing gown.” This day was getting better and better!

My next client arrived right on time as usual and also knowing this would be another full body massage. “Welcome Father it’s nice to see you again!”

I checked the time, 5:45. I had cleaned the place up ready for the next day then went for a shower and afterwards got into clean sports gear. Right Mr Campbell, I hope you are ready. I got outside and joined the hundreds of people also getting wet through, it was pissing down. “Oh dear what a shame, I will have to get naked even quicker now. Shit happens.”

I walked down the avenue towards Reginald’s place and admired the magnificent Georgian mansions which I am sure had been converted into luxury flats, or apartments if you are a Yank. Each of them had ten windows at the front on each floor, all four of them but when I got to Hyde Park House I counted only four windows on three floors but as I knew Reginald lived in the top flat I saw dormer windows instead. The building was only a third of the size of those either side of it and I assumed the Georgian builders must have had a few bricks left over and knocked this one up. I loved it but at the same time wondered why Reginald was living there. I had massaged quite a few millionaires and I just could not imagine Reginald being one of them. I was still learning not to judge anyone by their character or the way they dressed. Now there was another surprise as I found Reginald’s call button. “Number 4. Dr Reginald Campbell PhD!” Bloody hell just who is this man!?” I pushed the button which I found out later would ring in the flat and at the desk of security. The door opened and “security” stood there in black uniform with four rows of medal ribbons on his jacket and I guessed about 100 years old.


“I am Paul West visiting Reginald Campbell.” He looked at me from head to toe and back up, he raised his eyebrows and smiled at the same time. He liked what he was looking at it seemed.

“You mean DOCTOR Reginald Campbell don’t you?” I felt like saying “yes, the one with the big dick!” But instead confirmed that was who I meant. He stepped aside and I went into the reception room with its fine carpet and various antique furniture which was even older than this ancient ex-soldier.

“Well young man do you have ID?” He smiled at me again and looked at the front of my shorts. I dropped them and stood back up. He swallowed while looking at what I hoped would be Reginald’s treat. He ogled it until I pulled them up again.

“I will take you to the lift, please follow me.” I looked at a door with a sign over it saying, “LIFT.”

“I think I can manage.”

“Oh no young sir, I have to show you the way, its all part of my duties.” He lead the way and we managed not to get lost. He pressed the “up” button and the door slide open. “Press number four sir, very nice ID by the way.” Up I went and wondered what I would be seeing when the door opened when I got to Reginald’s flat.

The door opened which lead straight into a large hall, a sort of smaller version of Ali’s pad and there he was waiting for me with that wonderful smile of welcome on his beautiful face.

“Nice dressing gown Reginald who gave it to you, Sherlock Holmes?”


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