Ups and Downs of a Masseur
by BobbyG


Chapter 2: Mr Yuta Ninomiya

I opened the door and saw this Japanese guy standing there. Well in fact I looked down at him, I was 6ft 1 and he would be about 5ft 5. He looked up at me and bowed, in return I bowed to him and thought about Tan. I absolutely LOVE the Japanese greeting, so respectful and genuine, much better than a hand shake! By the way do you know why we in the West greet by shaking hands? No? Ok I will educate you. (ok smart ass, you know already) In the Middle ages men carried swords and to indicate they were peaceful they held out their sword hand to grip the hand of the man they were meeting. They would then find a tavern, book a room and shag one another to death. It would have been quicker to sword fight, but much less fun!

“Welcome Mr Ninomiya, please come in, if you would like to shower and get into shorts I will wait for you here.” I was looking at the guy and had no idea how old he was. He was far from being handsome and had a serious face on and the scraggly moustache and beard did not help, he did not smile and just came into the room and looked around, several times.

“Good, I will now shower.” I watched him as he went into the shower room and hoped this would be quick so I could finish and go home. I waited for ages listening to the shower belching out and Mr Ninomiya singing out of tune, or maybe a Japanese song which sounded out of tune, who cares, all I wanted was for him to come out and me doing the business then close up.

At last the door opened and Mr Ninomiya stepped out in the shorts and I have to say he looked great! I looked at this man’s body and saw a VERY trim, tight body that looked a lot younger than his face! He must have had a head transplant I thought and they put the wrong one on! A smile came over him as he stepped closer to me and when he got to two feet, he stopped and looked from my body to my face.

“May I make a request?”

“It depends what it is sir.”

“I would like to take your top off and please call me Nino, all my British friends call me that.” Cheeky cunt I thought, I had only met him a quarter of an hour ago and he regards me as a friend!? But then ego took over and I knew he would love my body and I would love for him to look at it, I raised my arms.

It was comical really, he could only get the top halfway up my chest before he ran out of arms length, but I did hear his sharp intake of breath when my six pack was exposed, which I loved. I leaned over so he could complete the removal. He stood back and smiled at my torso.

“You are a very beautiful young man, a wonderful sight for this 71 year old!”

SEVENTY FUCKING ONE!? NO WAY! But he was I found out later. Suddenly for some reason I liked this bloke! He may be 71 but his body looked, at most, 35!?

“May I run my hands over your body please young sir?” You can run me over with anything you like, I thought. For fuck’s sake 71!? I looked at him and smiled, he smiled back. “Help yourself.”

He stepped forward again and placed both hands on my chest. He gently but firmly glided his hands over me and the sensation was electric, my entire body reacted to his touch and I was experiencing something more than very special, it was as if I was being hypnotised, there was nothing that I could do about it, not that I wanted too anyway! He stroked down to the top of my shorts but continued downwards and before I knew it they were around my ankles and he would now have an unrestricted view of a very, very hard penis. I waited, holding my breath, hoping he would hold me, but no he just glanced down at it then back up to my face and grinned. The old man just knew what he was doing and in total control, I had none.

“Young beautiful Paul, please lay on the table face down.” Hang on one cotton pickin moment Mr Frigging Nino, it’s MY table MY parlour and you are… I was talking to myself! Sod it, I laid down knowing he was going to take me to places I had no understanding of.

I was right for once and as soon as he laid his hands on my back the same sensation returned as it did when he first touched my chest. Goodness knows how he was able to bring about this amazing experience just by touch I had no idea and knew there and then I was a pure amateur in comparison.

He manipulated every square centimetre of my back, arms, hands, feet, lower legs and thighs and during the whole time I was on a different planet and totally relaxed and a great sense of being at peace with myself and all the while becoming incredibly sexually worked up and he had not even touched my bum!

“I would ask you to turn over young man please.” My thoughts flashed through my thick head. NOW he would see my even bigger hardon and he would take it in hand and finished me off. None of it!

He continued to massage from temples to feet and everywhere in between except my rock hard cock and swollen bollocks. He opened my legs so they hung over each side of the table. Both hands were inside my thighs and slowly moved them up and finally two thumbs arrived at each crouch and stayed there as he manipulated but also brushed each bollock with his middle finger. I looked down at myself and almost felt sorry for my cock as it now looked as though it was going to blow up…! And then I looked at Nino and watched his magnificent tight body as it reacted to his physical exertions on me. I was now at the top and began to moan my fucking head off as I got nearer and nearer to my summit.

“Close your eyes please Paul.” I snapped them shut and waited for his mouth, hands or both, I was in a heaven that I had only just discovered, but no mouth or hand came anywhere near me, all I felt was that scraggy beard as it landed on my cock head and then down the whole length of the shaft and then onto my balls. CHRIST I was done! I opened my eyes which meant both of us were watching and with a yell “Mount Etna” erupted and one continuous stream shot out. It shot up two feet and then fell back all over my body. As soon as the first lot shot out, Nino took me into hand and gently massaged my still hard weapon with one hand while the other fondled my sacks. Again I yelled out as I produced shot after shot and covered even more of my body. At one time I nearly fell off the table as I recoiled to every one of the ejaculations, all seven of them.

I was drained but still very much on a high. I settled back down and looked at Nino and realised he was naked. I looked from his erection to his face. “Please let me hold you, Nino.” He smiled at me and got on the table with his legs either side of me. “Hold me please young Paul with both hands.” I did as I was told. Nino lent over me and wrapped his arms around my shoulders and had his face against mine. He held me tightly and like that began to fuck my hands. I didn’t hear a thing but was aware that he was getting close as his grip tightened even more and then he went still and I felt his massive amount of warm sperm on my body, Nino had arrived.

He got off the table and took me to the shower where we washed one other in silence, I was still in wonder and coming to terms with the fact there was much I needed to learn if I wanted to be half as good as this old man. Nino was about to help me get there.

“I would like to invite you out tonight Paul and stay the night with me unless you have something more important to do. I will honour your fee of course but I am going to be honest.

“Honest about what Nino?”

“About you dear boy. Come back to the hotel at eight, I will be at Reception waiting for you.” It was more like an order than an invitation to escort this client as that is what he was, but I had to admit it was ME being HIS client.

“Thank you Nino but there will be no fee and I will not discuss it, but I will let you take me to dinner and stay with you. I actually think I should be paying YOU!”

With that out of the way he left leaving me wondering what the hell he was going to say when we met, but I wanted to hear it anyway and hopefully have more physical time with him but also not believing what was happening to me! A young very handsome 21 year old, as I was then, hoping for more sex with this 71 year old!? I didn’t know it then but I was already learning about myself.

There were two restaurants at the hotel, one for guests who wanted to go in evening dress and one for Nino and me who wanted to go casual. He was waiting at reception as promised and smiled as I went in. We both bowed to one another and he led the way to our dining room. We were greeted by the head waiter and taken to our table which was very private and, I assumed, was for guests who needed to talk without being overheard.

The champagne was opened and poured, then left alone. Nino raised his glass and smiled at me.

“To you dear man and thank you for this day.” I raised mine and smiled back.

“Thank you Nino, it has been an amazing day and still is, one I will never forget.”

“Tell me Paul, if you had seen me around the hotel would you have given me a second look?” I was not sure where this was going but I knew bloody well he would see through a lie.


“Thank you for being honest. If you had said yes, I would know you would not be telling me the truth.” Told you.

“So, when you saw me in shorts, what then?” No problem with this one.

“I was looking at a wonderful body and in great condition, I could not believe you are the age you said you are. I was guessing around 35.” I paused looking at Nino. He kept quiet looking back at me. “And as it turns out a very nice person… And I mean that.”

“Do you think I am happy with myself? I don’t have the most handsome of faces you have ever looked at have I.” This was a bit awkward, I didn’t want to be THAT honest!

“I am guessing you are quite happy with who you are despite you are not that good looking and I am sorry I said that Nino.”

“Why are you sorry? You are telling the truth as you see it Paul and that gains my respect.” I still couldn’t work this out and where it was leading too, so I asked.

“And how do you see me?” He took another mouthful of the first course and eat, looking at me the whole time. I did the same, but found myself holding my breath for some reason. He finished and took a sip of champagne.

“I know you are quite arrogant or as you people would say, up your own ass. You consider yourself to be, another praise of yours, the dogs bollocks and you love yourself. The client service you give is all false, BUT they are means to and end, in other words, payment. Is that a bit harsh for you Paul?” Fucking sure it was! I did not know quite what to say because I also knew he was right.

“I suppose you are right, am I that easy to read?”

“Actually no, but I did have a little help.”



“TAN!?” You know him?” Talk about stating the bleeding obvious. Nino smiled at me and I wished I could have knocked his head off but also guessed he was a “Ninja” as well and would beat the crap out of me.

“Tan is my grandson and it was he who told me about you when he would often email me. He said all the things I have said about you and as I was coming to London soon, I decided to meet you. Tan did say you were, in fact, a lovely chap and you gave him wonderful massages and of course sex, but he also said you were in great need to be trained properly. Now that I have met you I understand what Tan was telling me and as I am here for another two weeks, I would like to offer you that time after our work day for that training. I know you enjoyed my massage today and I want to teach you to be as good as I am and of course the sex will be great fun. I will have to charge you for my time and expertise of course and that is you will move into my rooms here for the duration of my stay and in that way I can enjoy your company, which I do anyway, and teach you the art.” He paused and I just stared at him saying nothing. “There is one rather unique thing about all of this as well which must be a first or very rare indeed.”

“What’s that?” I had already planned what to bring.

“You would have slept with a Grandfather AND his Grandson!” I had become pretty good at staring and did just that and was dying to know if he had slept with Tan as well.

“And no, I did not sleep with him!” Christ, he could read my fucking mind as well!

“Did he react like I did when you massaged him?”

“Indeed he did. He was always covered but erect and his pants became wet in front. I knew when he went for his shower he would have had to relieve himself.”

“Nino why are you in London? I mean you can’t be here just because Tan told you about me, is it business or pleasure?”

“Business but now pleasure as well.”

“May I ask what business?”

“Of course, I am a drug dealer!” I had just taken a mouthful of chicken which ended up back on the plate when I coughed it out! I took a large swig of water and, once again, stared at him. He looked back and smiled, it was obvious he was enjoying himself.

“I own a rather large pharmaceutical company both in Japan and here and doing rather well I am pleased to say.” I just laughed with relief! However, I needed to know what this was all about.

“Okay, I have to agree I can be arrogant, self-centred and yes, up my own ass, but what is all this about and don’t tell me I have a problem being what I am because I don’t. I just happen to be gay, I love men and as I am quite good looking and look after myself well, it didn’t take much for me to work out that by becoming a masseur I could be with men and make a living at the same time. I make a reasonable living and have met some nice men, I am looking at one now and want to know why you have manipulated this situation.”

“I have already told you how beautiful you are and have a marvellous body and every one of your clients would agree that you are your greatest asset to the hotel. You are happy that you give a good massage and the sex you have with some of them is something they will never forget, nor you. Paul, you seemed to enjoy our time today yes?”

“I have never experienced anything like it. It was out of this world, is that why you want to train me?

“Indeed I do and in just this short time I can improve your skills so much your clients will go away even more satisfied. But I will admit I will also have the chance of having your entire body to myself for a short while. Paul, massage is not a great science and all it is, is the person giving it and knowing that you can give them much more than they knew was possible. Its pressure from the hands and how much to give, a knowledge of the body and the pressure points you need to work on and of course the most sensitive areas to concentrate on as well and, most importantly, the best oils to use. But my dear man, I may be boring you.” He smiled again at me and I gave the best answer so far.

“I have got a hardon thinking about it!”

“If you have finished let us go to my rooms, tonight is just fun, we start training tomorrow after dinner if you agree?” AGREE!? Too right I did, I had already dismissed Nino’s age which was an indication I would change for the better. I adjusted the front of my trousers and stood up.

It was one hell of a lot more than just “fun,” it was the best sexual experienced of my young life and having it with a man 50 years older than me and did not even take notice of his less than handsome face anymore. Even after knowing this delightful man for such a short time, I was learning long before the teaching began.

As soon as we got to Nino’s rooms he shut the door and during the next two hours or so not much was said. We undressed one another and once naked we began to explore with hands, tongues and lips. I took control for the first time and led Nino to the shower where we washed the others’ body over and over again. After we had finished Nino said he needed private time and I went out to finish drying off and then laid on the bed waiting for him.

It was all so beautiful as we explored one another and watched as our bodies reacted to our physical efforts which in itself was a massive turn on. We were all over one another and the whole time climbing the mountain that would take us both to the very top.

I knew Nino was close as he laid me on my back after putting all the pillows behind me so I was half sitting up and then put a condom on me. Even that was an experience in itself. He mounted me and sank onto my massive hardness, held himself for a while to get used to me being there and then leaned over and took me in his arms and began the long and glorious journey for both of us as he rode me. I had my arms around Nino’s body and allowed him to take me up to the top of that mountain with him beside me the whole way.

Nino took me to a place I had never known like this before and as I exploded into him he also deposited himself over me again even though neither of us had touched him.

Nino laid on top of me and we just cuddled for ages until we agreed it was time for a cleanup and then sleep. Even that second shower was a massive turn on and we once again bought one another to a wonderful climax. We got back into bed cuddled in and without a word, fell asleep. Any thoughts about age preferences was now gone forever.

During the next two weeks, it was all work, play and training. As each one was completed, I learnt a great deal and knew I was not only becoming a much better masseur but a nicer person as well. “It will take longer than I can give Paul and you will revert back to old thoughts from time to time, but you will get to the point that you are comfortable with.”

How right he was and when he asked me who I would like to give the last massage to on his final night before leaving, I chose him. “No Paul, I want you to find someone who is known to you but have never experienced what you are now.” I picked the phone up, I knew Colin was about to finish his shift.

“Colin please let me give you a massage. Look I am REALLY sorry about being a tosser the other day, all I want is to make it good for both of us.”

“What you mean is you want a fuck.”

“Well I know you do, but I really want to massage you. I have been trained in new techniques and I know you will like them.”

“So I’m an experiment then?”

“Don’t be so bloody difficult and yes you are!”

“Give me half an hour.”

Colin came in still in his hotel uniform and I must say it fitted perfectly. He was about 5ft 9 and quite handsome, I loved his shaved head, in my opinion gay men looked great like that. I nodded to the shower room and told him to come out in shorts or his own underwear if they were clean. He told me to fuck off and we both laughed.

I had only ever seen him dressed and when he came out he looked really good, nice natural definition and pleasing to look at. Very fuckable I thought. I went to him and massaged his shoulders. He looked up at me without any expression on his face, I smiled at him and stopped massaging.

“There that’s it, thanks for coming down.”

“You twat now get on with it, and it better be good.” He climbed face down on the table and I went to work.

I put everything into the massage that I had been taught and knew this would be quite different as when I was practising on Nino. Colin, I knew fancied me anyway and he was easy to please. I concentrated hard and smiled when he moaned “Fuck that’s good.” I was now full of confidence and pulled his shorts down and knew, like me, when Nino first massaged me, Colin would be waiting for me to massage his bum and play with his hole as well.

It was a repeat of all that Nino had done to me and when I told Colin to turn the evidence was there for me to see, a massively hard cock and Colin getting more and more worked up. I followed Nino’s massage exactly and as I massaged him, Colin was losing it. I did not stop him tugging at my shorts and I helped him get them down, he grabbed my cock and almost yelled at me, “Please Paul, for fuck’s sake!” I ignored him knowing he was just seconds away, he began to thrash around and moaned like hell, then he went quiet and his entire body froze, “Oh FUCKING SHIIIT!” And with that he offloaded masses as it shot out of his dick many times and as they did he nearly fell off the table, just as I had when Nino massaged me. He sank back and looked up at me.

“You bastard! Where the hell did you learn to do that!?” He was spent and could not even keep hold of my cock as it flopped over the side of the table.

“No fucking then Colin?”

“I wouldn’t feel a thing, I’m already fucked anyway.” He looked up at me and smiled. “Thanks Paul, that was awesome.” I lent down and kissed him.

“Another time Colin?”

“How much?”

“Half price.”

“Done, so am I.” He showered and got dressed and kissed me before he left. I cleaned the place up and ran to Nino’s room. He opened the door and saw this grinning idiot standing there.

“It went well then Paul, well done my boy, now after a shower and change let’s go and eat.” To be honest neither of us could eat that much as it would be our last time together, even the lovemaking afterwards lacked intensity. In the end the 71 year old and his 21 year old friend cuddled in and tried to sleep, it was a long night.

He stood there in his business suit and looked bloody wonderful. We kissed for the last time and thanked one another, we both wanted to say more but not much came out, there was just one more massive cuddle, he broke away and smiled at me. “We will meet again soon Paul, trust me.” Then he was gone. I stood looking at the door with my mind all over the place and prayed he would come back in, he didn’t of course. I went and laid on the bed and wondered how many other men had fallen in love with a Grandfather and his Grandson? I knew I would get over Nino as I had to do with Tan, but knowing it would be very hard. Two beautiful men who together had made me a better person.

A week later Colin phoned me and asked me to go to reception when I was free. I had just finished with a client, he was in the shower and yet another satisfied customer would sleep well that night.

“Okay, I will be up soon. Do you want another massage Colin?” I had not had sex since Nino had gone home and needed some relief. I was about to be disappointed.

“I would love to Paul, but I have met a guy and extras are off just now until I know where this is going with us.” I pocketed my tip and went upstairs to see Colin.

“Mr Ninomiya asked me to keep this in the safe for you until today.” He handed me a small package and a letter. I went back down and opened it.

My Dear Paul,

There is much I could say but you would miss many appointments if I did. All I need to say is that the time we spent together was, even for this old man who has had many wonderful experiences, our time was at the top of them. Please accept this gift as a token of my friendship and my luck in meeting you, just do me the honour of wearing it as often as you can and by doing so I will always be close to you. Paul there is one more thing and you may not believe me right now but you will soon meet someone with whom you will spend the rest of your life, trust me and I know you do!

Your friend, Nino.

I read the letter several times then put it into my backpack and looked at the package for some time. Whatever was in it, I just knew it was not from a friend but someone who had fallen in love with me. I opened the package and then the box inside. I stared at the solid gold Rolex watch trying to take it in. Even now Nino was surprising me as I thought it would be a chain or something like that, but THIS!? I smiled at the watch and knew I got it right, Nino really did love me and he wanted to tell me that by buying something so over the top it would show that love. I strapped it on and worried for weeks some fucker would rip my arm off to get it! When I got home I emailed Nino which took ages as I did not know quite what to say except thanks! So I tried to lighten things up by telling him the hour hand had fallen off! I finished it off by being a bit more serious and told him of my deep affection and he too would always be a large part of my life, I left it at that and after a shower went to bed naked as usual, except for my watch that is!

A couple of months went by and I was becoming even more in demand but at the same time wondered how long I could keep going! I was making money hand over fist and met some really nice people, but I also knew they would go back home to wife’s or whoever and I would go back alone. It wasn’t a big issue then as I was having a great time but the thought had entered my head, how long can I keep this and my cock up?

It was all becoming too much and so I decided to email Nino for advice and of course he came back with the solution telling me to restrict my appointments by half, drop the escorting to selected clients of my choice and double my fees. “You could also take a holiday in Tokyo Paul.”

Nino met me at Narita airport and we had the most wonderful time together for two weeks. We relived our time in London many, many times and one of the great joys was that we met as friends with no thoughts of anything else between us. I returned home not one bit upset about leaving him, just wonderful memories with a very special man, the man who directed me to become a much nicer man myself.

That nicer person was about to be challenged with his first appointment when I returned home. I checked my appointments on my computer and found my only client that day was a Prince Ali Sajjad Rafiq Ameer and came from one of the countries that made up the UAE in the Gulf. I was not best pleased though as whoever made the appointment booked me from 12 noon until 5pm! It was obvious the Prince would turn up when he felt like it and I could be hanging around for hours until he made an appearance. This guy, it would seem was used to all those around him to be available whenever HE wanted them and only when HE needed them.

I had a bad feeling about this Prince bloke and knew he was already up his own ass because he was like I used to be, a fucking knob!


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