Tommy 1923
by BobbyG


Chapter 1

Tommy was born on the 3rd September 1923 the eldest son of William and Kathleen Torrent and had two younger brothers and a sister. He was not the first born though. His parents lost their first two sons just months after birth and Kathleen suffered two still births after Tommy came along. For the first eight years of her married life his mother had been pregnant. Eight pregnancies and four surviving children, about right in the 1920’s.

The family lived and worked on Upper farm in a tied cottage belonging to Lord Hunter Morton who owned five farms on his 10,000 acre estate in Dorset and included his village of Morton, the family home called Hunter Manor plus a large wood called King’s Wood, all of which went back to the time of Henry 1V. The wood was half a mile from the 500 acre farm that Tommy and his family worked and lived. They grew wheat and barley on 400 of those acres and a 100 for potato crops, a field for the horses and the huge garden that the whole family tended until Tommy became 10 years of age when it became his sole responsibility. When they were old enough, his two brothers and sister were also expected to do their share. Tommy would encourage his three little workers to work as hard as they could, but have a fun break, hide and seek being the favourite, even when the sun went down and only ended when their mother called them in for the evening meal. Tommy would pick them all up and take them into the cottage and after taking their boots off and a quick hand wash at the kitchen sink they joined their parents at the kitchen table. Tommy was a very happy 10 year old boy who, in 1933, had not even heard of a certain Herr Hitler in Germany who was at that time progressing towards his dream of a new German empire and at the same time wipe out an entire religion while doing it.

So, life in those days was work and then even more work. As soon as he was strong enough to lift an egg, he had been given light work to do before and after school, both of which he loved.

Life was hard with long hours. It was disciplined and God help you if you did not come up to expectations or stepped out of line. Tommy only made a few mistakes that would see his father thrashing him with the birch and, rather sensibly, never repeated the same one, it hurt too much. But, he was safe and just accepted his life as it was as there was nothing to compare it with anyway. They were farmers and just got on with life without question. However, he did come to realise he was in fact loved by his parents and Lord Hunter Morton was not only their Lord and Master, but a very good one and treated his many workers with a great deal of trust who rewarded him with absolute respect and loyalty. (He could of course been a complete bastard as many were and they would still be loyal, they would have no choice.)

Lord Edward Cornwallis Hunter Morton was in his fifties and was one of a very few in his upper class world who did nothing but good. He had been taught at a very early age that to get the maximum from his estates and in particular his work force he would need to treat them with respect which included good manners to all his adult farmhands and other workers. It worked and he was a very popular “Master” and Landlord. He was a striking, handsome man standing 5ft 11, slim and with a head of short premature white hair. His face was weather beaten as he would often work on his farms and in the Manor gardens alongside the workers which was another reason for him to be liked and trusted. Mind you, IF someone stepped out of line, he was ruthless as a few found out. If anyone crossed him, they were out including the whole family.

So, what with the long hours working on the farm and his eight years schooling till the age of 13 there was not much time to be yourself and it would be another two years before he gave himself any real thought at all. Even so he did wonder why at the age of 10 his cock was as stiff as it could get every time he woke up. Not only then either, it did the same when he used to play fight with the other boys during break time at school. It did not enter his head that they too could have experienced the same as him!

The village school was a three mile walk there and back every day and what with that and the hard work on the farm Tommy was as fit as it was possible to be and as strong as an ox for his age. He loved school and got everything out of it as the three teachers could give him. Mr and Mrs Ford ran the school with another teacher, Miss Jane Thorpe who was his teacher for the last two years. Mr Ford (or “Hoppy” as they called him as he had one leg blown off in the Great War in 1918) liked Tommy mainly because he was so keen and taught him a great deal about life outside the little world they all lived in. He and Miss Thorpe would spend ages teaching them about the countries of the British Empire and could be forgiven that they did not question all that that was wrong with it. However, without it the outcome of WW2 would have been very different.

Tommy had never come across the words masturbate or wank and so had no idea that’s exactly what he was doing when he went to bed on this particular night. There were only two bedrooms, his parents and sister in theirs and the boys in the other. They slept in the same bed and as Tommy always slept on his left side he had the left side of the bed so his back was always towards his two brothers. They were already asleep when he had the urge to fiddle with his cock and as soon as he got hold of it the sensation was more than pleasant. Tommy felt good and confused at the same time, not to say a tad guilty, not that he knew why he should. He took it between his thumb and first finger and stroked all three and a half inches of it pulling the foreskin back as far as he could get it then back up to cover the head. He kept this up for ages and all the time getting more and more worked up.

“God knows where this is going, but I’m buggered if I’m going to stop,” he told himself. Suddenly he stiffened, whatever was going to happen now was the time and his cock shot out all this “stuff” and at the same time Tommy realised it now had two reasons to be there even if he had no idea what the second one was. He had just experienced what most boys must do at 10 years of age. It would be another five years before he found out, but Jane Thorpe would help him understand quite a lot about the “second reason” during the one and only sex education lesson when the boys in Tommy’s class were separated from the girls.

Miss Thorpe learnt all she needed to know about sex during the time with her father in Africa when he was sent out as a Missionary to “convert” those in the British African Empire to Christianity. She spent most of her time sketching everyone in the large village and loved her work particularly when she had the half-naked young men posing for her. She would take the finished sketch and just stare at it in her room and every time found her imagination running riot, how she would have loved to touch them.

She was just sixteen when one day she went for a walk to the river and found six boys about her age swimming, play fighting and naked. Jane sat on a rock on the river bank and got her sketch pad out and began to draw these beautiful young men as they continued to play. As they fought their bodies twisted all over the place and every part of them was exposed to Jane. She just sat there drawing and as she did the passion in her was beginning to raise at an alarming rate, this was the first time she could draw a penis and every one of them were magnificent as all six swung in all their 6/7/8 inch beauty.

The boys grouped together and listened as the oldest one spoke to them. They got into pairs and started playing again only this time standing together kissing and fondling one another. Jane stopped sketching.

The two eldest came towards her and when just yards from her gave her a display that made her breathing increase as she watched in wonder as one of them got to his knees and took the other into his mouth and bring it to a full erection. Another boy joined them and he too went to his knees and kissed and rimmed the same boy being sucked. Jane’s eyes could not get wider and her passion much deeper as she stared at this amazing sight.

The other three boys waded over and stood next to her with their erect cocks just inches from her face. One of them offered his 8 inches to her and ran the head over her lips, she opened her mouth and took it in while the others pulled her long white dress over her head and she too was now naked and allowed all six to run their hands over her entire body.

The sensation was out of this world and Jane began to take a full part in the group sex and took all six boys into her mouth in turn and at the same time playing with any cock and balls in reach, meanwhile the boys continued to explore every part of her body which worked Jane up so much she was more than ready for the next step.

An hour later all the boys and Jane had lost their virginity and after the last boy had exploded into her they all went into the water where the boys washed her and helped her back into her, not so white dress. She walked back to the village on her own and would have no idea who the father was. Five months later she was sent back to England and was taken into a private home. After the birth she was separated from her son who was adopted and emigrated to Australia with his new parents at the age of two and many years later qualified as a lawyer and became very successful. Jane returned to Africa to be with her father again only this time confined to the village for the next four years until her father died. She returned to England and found a teaching post at the school in Morton village and there she remained until her own death many years later. She would often think about that time by the river and never regretted a thing and for a very long time had a number of affairs that no one was ever aware of and no more pregnancies either. She remained a spinster which was by choice, despite a number of proposals, but preferred her independence rather than having to be loyal to one man, she knew she couldn’t anyway.

“You have all got a penis and by now you should be masturbating on a regular basis and most probably every night when you go to bed and often in the mornings as well. Semen will ejaculate after each session and it will give you a great deal of pleasure. If you have not already thought about girls, it won’t be long before you do. All you will want now is to get your stiff penis into one or more of them and carry out the act which will not include stroking yourselves anymore. Just be careful as by ejaculating into a girl’s vagina, or cunt as you will no doubt call it, you could make her pregnant and regret it for the rest of your lives.” She finished and looked at the boys staring back at her in utter amazement trying to take it all in. Jane smiled at them and at the same time said to herself, “I’m buggered if I did though!”

“Tommy, I want to have a word with you. Come to my office after school.” He knocked on Mr Ford’s door at 3pm. “Well Thomas, your last day and I just want to say a few things before you go. I want to tell you that if you were in a different situation you would be going into higher education now. As it is you can’t and there is no possibility of getting you a scholarship. I did ask your father if he would support me trying to find you one, but understandably he did not agree, you are needed at the farm.” He paused to let that sink in. “Tommy you have done very well, but I really don’t want you to leave school and think your education is at an end, in fact it has just begun and I hope you will continue to read and learn and if you ever want to come back and talk, you will always be welcome.”

Tommy thanked him and thought it was over. “There is going to be another war and even though one cannot be sure when it will be, there is no doubt it will happen unless there are those with influence who can stop it, but should it happen, then just try and keep out of it. You will be in a reserve occupation and you should be safe.”

On his way back home he thought about what Mr Ford had said and could not think that after all the hell of 1914/18 any fool will ever let that happen again. “I respect you Mr Ford, but this time you are wrong sir.”


It was 1936 and Tommy had reached 13 years.

In Germany Adolf Hitler had just opened the Berlin Olympics and if Tommy had read the papers, he may have thought differently. Those Olympics were a show case for Hitler’s Third Reich, to promote the Germanic blue eyed, blond Arian supremacy to the world and then black American Jessie Owens came along, won four gold medals and pissed Adolf off no end!

During the next two years Tommy developed into an excellent farm worker and by the time he was 15 he was more than competent in every aspect of his work and one of the many reasons was he loved what he was doing. It just happened that apart from the fact he had no choice in being born into tied farm work through birth, he was lucky in that he liked what he was and who he was. That was apart from one thing and it was becoming a big problem that even talking to Mr Ford would not help. He could not talk to anyone in fact.

Since the first time he had tossed himself off when he was 10, it had become a regular pre sleep habit and as he always woke before his brothers, he banged one off some mornings as well. Should there be time in his busy day he would climb up into the hay loft, drop his cords and take his time tossing off again that would produce another satisfying stream of cum which covered his hand as the rest splattered on the floor.

One afternoon after shooting a fairly decent load he stayed as he was catching his breath and all the time looking at the cum on his hand. Curiosity got the better of him and he raised his hand to his mouth and licked a dollop of the stuff and loved the salty taste, 10 seconds later his hand was clear of the rest of it.

Of course Tommy’s problem was that during those times all he could ever think about was other boys and their naked bodies. He tried so hard to think of girls at times, but all that happened was his cock went limp. All he could work out was that he did not have a problem with it because he was the only one that knew, but he also felt fairly sure it was possibly very wrong to think that way and was very much on his own even if he thought that other boys MAY be like him?

Another mile stone in his young life was his first serious fight, if it can really be called that. Boys of course fought all the time especially at school, but none of them too serious and always stopped by Mr Ford who inflicted more pain on both boys than they had on each other.

By now he was twice as strong as he was a year ago when he had to do some errands in the village and then on to a neighbouring farm to pick up potato seeds as it was that time of year to plant. He had hitched up his favourite Shire horse Wendy and sat on the cart while Wendy clopped off knowing exactly where they were going. Wendy with her own thoughts and Tommy thinking about his cock. They were happy thoughts as he knew it had grown now to 6 inches and the black hair above it was very thick. He wondered if other boys had one like his.

After picking up stores in the village shop they set off again and when Tommy had shown Wendy the way she guessed right again and headed along the track towards Downs farm which is now a motorway. Tommy leaned back and this time had his hand down the front of his cords playing with himself and bringing about a massive hard on. Reaching the farm stopped any further play and his cock just managed to get back to normal as he pulled Wendy to a halt outside the barn where a group of farm hands were.

“What you want Torrent?”

“Spud seeds as if you didn’t know. Where’s your dad?” Tommy was looking at 16 year old Fred Partridge a strong good looking lad who was as thick as two short planks and who only ever won an argument by punching the shit out of anyone who did not agree with him.

“He’s down in long acre and I’m in charge. He didn’t tell me about you comin so fuck off.”

Tommy let out a sigh and got off the cart, he knew what was coming, not that he had a problem with it.

“Stop pissing about Fred, I got work to do even if you haven’t you lazy sod.” That amounted to a full scale insult as far as Fred was concerned and he had no choice but to put this prick in his place. He got up and came rushing at Tom with both fists clenched. He could not lose face in front of his three brothers and a couple of other hands standing about.

Tommy’s father gave him lots of advice over the years and one bit was what to do if he ever got into a real fight. “And you will one day Tom.” They were sitting at the kitchen table after the evening meal. Tommy had had a bit of a run in with a kid in school and only because Mr Ford was near stopped it before anything really started. Tom told his dad about it when he got home.

“When it comes to a fight Tom, just do the one thing most don’t think of and that’s get the first smack in. It’s obvious what’s going to happen anyway and most square up first, shout their mouths off and wait for the other man to make the first move. Just smack him as soon as he gets into range. I never lost a fight that way.”

Fred had just “got into range” and the first he knew he had been hit was when he was looking back up at Tommy trying to focus onto his face, and failing. He tried to get up but fell back into the dirt holding his jaw.

“Where’s the fucking seed?”

Half hour later Wendy was pulling him back home. Tommy smiled to himself, not about decking Fred, but what his younger brother George said as he helped Tom load up. “Thanks Tommy I have waited for that to happen for years.” Tommy smiled at 14 year old George and wondered if he tossed himself off as well. He hadn’t asked.

Spring 1938 was with them and it was all to do with planting and sowing the fields after the long process of plowing. They were all up by 5am and after porridge and a thick chunk of bread and butter they all went out to start the day. Tommy got Wendy out of her stall, hitched her up and would not stop until his mother bought more bread and cheese for their lunch. They all met up at midday and sat eating and drinking the lemonade his mother had made.

On this particular day they saw the Estate manager riding towards them and called Mr Torrent over. They sat watching and wondering what was being said.

“Well well, we are popular!” He said when he got back to his family and the other hands eating. He did not look happy.

“Tell us and I will be the judge of that William.” His wife said.

“You and we are about to get another William on the farm only this one is his Lordships grandson, The Honourable William Hunter Morton no less. Apparently his Lordship wants him to gain experience during his time away from Winchester College and even though he has tried his best to change his grandfather’s mind, the old man insists he work with us before he will even consider him taking a more active part in the estate. I can tell you now this is not going to be a good time for any of us. I have heard about this boy and not many good things either.” Nobody said a word, but all had the same thoughts which included the opinion that he would not mix well and his class never would any more than any of them living in the Manor and expect to fit in.

“We will welcome him and try to get him into our ways. His Lordship says I can deal with him as I see fit and if that includes getting the birch to him, so be it. NOBODY treats him any different to the way we treat our own.” Everyone nodded agreement. “He is your age Tommy so he will be working with you all the time. He will be with us for three months and we will fix a place for him in the hay loft, you can do that as well Tom.” There goes my private time he thought.

“Thank you dad, but I’m going to the Manor for all that time.” They at least had a good laugh at that and felt sorry for Tommy at the same time. His mother gave him an extra slice of cheese and told him not to be troubled. “Aristocracy may think they are better than us Tommy, but they still have to shit like we do.” Tommy’s mum had given her opinion and that’s how they left it. They all went back to work and forgot about the Hon. William Hunter Morton.

William Hunter Morton on the other hand was sitting with his Grandfather in his study trying to shove some sense into the head of the family and at the same time forgetting his rather lowly position within it.

“Grandpapa why do I have to go and live with those people and suffer the indignity of having to… to… well MIX with them and do manual work. Grandpapa PLEASE do not insist I go, please?”

Grandpapa stood up and went to his grandson and looked down at him, he was making a good effort to control his temper.

“Those people, who you obviously dislike, are the very people who over the past four centuries have given us the life style we enjoy today. Only by birth do we have the fortune to live more than comfortably while some lower classes have to toil to make their pittance. On MY farms nobody earns a pittance, I pay well and respect them, but whatever I give, I get back tenfold. We were born into a privileged life that we never had any control over, but nor did my workers and that my dear grandson is why I am sending you to experience what they are and how they have to work to provide our standard of living. Now go to your room, you have a busy three months ahead of you.”

The Honourable William bade his grandfather goodnight and went to his room for the last time before his impending “hell” having to live with common farming people for a whole three MONTHS!!?

After his bath he got into his pyjamas and climbed into his massive 150 year old four poster bed and thought of tomorrow and having to live with the peasant’s for the next three months and at the same time forgot about what Grandpapa had said to him. He laid on his back and undid the cord and slid the bottoms down to his knees. His hard six inch cock was now exposed and he began to wank it with his right hand as the left hand, and in particular the middle finger, entered his tight hole and found the spot he knew would drive him crazy. William the Arrogant had found his prostate some time ago while at collage and would wait for the other boys in his dormitory to fall asleep and then revisit that most exotic of places and having no idea many thousands of boys his age had already found it for themselves, even working class boys!!!!

He turned bum up so his cheeks would expand and open his hole as well. He stroked into himself with his finger and yanked his cock at the same time. He carried this on for some time until he was at the point of coming and let go of his cock and let the finger do the rest. It did and he shot all over the sheet which the House maid would smile at the following morning and just change it and then go below stairs and tell the rest of the domestic staff, again!

For just a few moments William was free of all his worries of having to deal with his grandfather’s farm workers. After he had cum he always fell asleep straight afterwards and therefore he forgot he was scared shitless about living with “those people.”

It was a very bad start and the Hon. William turned out to be as obnoxious as it was thought he would be when Tommy’s father first told them about him coming. Mind you it was a huge cultural shock for the boy and William senior gave him some leeway in coming to terms with his new situation.

“No bathroom?! Where do you people bathe then?”

“In the barn or the lake, there is a zinc tub in there, but you have to carry the water out from here. Show him Tom.”

“I am NOT a “him,” I am SIR to you people.” William let that go, but he was counting the days.

To cut a long story short the Honourable Knob head complained, objected, refused, argued and did just about everything that did not give the Torrents anything to like about the jumped up little shit, even though Tommy thought William had put SOME effort in over the past couple of days, or was it his imagination?

They were all sat together for their evening meal and as always young William did not take any part in the family discussion, it was all farm talk anyway and most definitely at the bottom of William’s list of interests. He allowed his mind to wonder and thought of being with Tommy all day every day out in the fields and, as much as he hated to admit it, Tommy actually seemed a nice person, but that was not all, as it was so hot Tommy worked with his shirt off and William could not but admire his beautifully proportioned body and loved to watch as his muscles reacted when he worked. He was still thinking about Tommy when he was bought back to the meal and where he was and really fucked up when asked a perfectly pleasant and normal question.

“It’s good to see you eat well William, the work and fresh air must be doing you good, would you like more stew?” Asked Kathleen. William was back with these lower class people and would never forget his reply.

“IF I had wanted more I would have taken it women.”

The birch hung on two hooks above the fire place and it was kept there as a reminder to the young Torrent boys that it would take only a matter of seconds for it to be taken down and thrashed on a backside should the need arise. The last time it was taken down was when Tommy was rude to his mother when he was 11. Since then it had remained where it slept. The house hold fell silent and stared at a furious husband and father as he shot out of his chair, grabbed the 15 year old and at the same time the birch. He dragged the unfortunate Will’s outside and everyone winced as thrash after thrash landed on the aristocratic backside.

Once the beating stopped they could hear William talking quietly to the boy for a very long time, but could not hear what was said. Eventually they came back in and William left the boy standing there while he put the birch back on the hooks. He turned and stared at William.


Everyone was looking at him and saw the tears streaming down his face and was obviously still in a lot of pain. He looked pathetic and Tommy had to stop himself going to him in an attempt to comfort the boy. He damn well knew how much it hurt, but as much as the pain it was the shear indignity of the beating that was much worse.

“Madam, I have been told to apologize to you,” he hesitated trying to control the tears, “but madam I wish to say I actually mean it. May I go to my room please sir?” William senior nodded to him and junior shot out of the cottage.

Much later Tommy asked if he could go and see how William was. His father told him he could and Tommy walked over to the barn and climbed the ladder to the hay loft.

“William?” There was no reply.

“William, you there? I’m coming in.” Tommy had made a room for William out of hay bales, even his bed was made up of them with a blanket covering it and another for him to sleep under. There was a piss bucket in the corner and another one for him to wash. Tommy went through the gap and looked at William laying on the bed with his back to Tommy.

“William, can I talk to you?” William still did not reply but turned to face Tommy and he looked at the boy and felt so sorry for him. His tear stained face was staring at him with fear in his eyes.

“Please don’t be scared William, none of us wanted that to happen, just try and except us for what we are. I would like to be your friend even if you are from a different class to us.” He paused and both boys looked at one another. “William it was not our choice to have you here, it was his Lordship and we could never say no of course, but honestly we would all like it to be a good time and it won’t go on for much longer. Some day you maybe our Master and if you do you could always throw us out if you want revenge.” William could not speak, but did not stop Tommy going to his bed and sitting down. Tommy felt certain William had just learnt a massive lesson and did not say any more, just sat and hoped they could in fact get on and begin to enjoy him being there.

He looked at William and apart from his dishevelled appearance he knew he was an incredibly good looking boy. He was the same age as Tommy, but shorter and almost too slim. He did however think he had put on a bit of muscle in the short time William had been there even though he did not exactly extend himself that much. William moved his arm and pushed his long fair hair out of his face. He looked even more beautiful now and Tommy became aware that something was happening in his cords! He had to stop thinking and find something to do to take his mind off this lovely looking boy. He got up and found what he assumed was a face cloth, soaked it in the water bucket and took it to William. “Here, wipe your face, you will feel better.” William sat up and took the cloth.

“Thank you… Tommy.” He sat back down next to William and without any warning William lent into Tommy and once again burst into tears. Tommy thought nothing about putting an arm around William’s shoulder, there was no need for any more words.

After some time William stopped crying and Tommy reluctantly he withdrew his arm, but was shocked when William picked it up again and put it back round his shoulders.

It was time for Tommy to go and told William he would see him at breakfast at 5 in the morning. William opened his mouth to say something, but whatever it was nothing came out.

Once in bed Tommy thought about William and it was no surprise that his cock joined in by becoming as hard as a rock. He wondered about what William was going to say and just hoped it would have been something pleasant. There had been too much unpleasantness and he wanted it to be different. Five minutes later Tommy came a bucket load as he shot over his hand waiting for the delivery. He licked the lot up and fell asleep.

William did not wank, but he was thinking and all of it about Tommy. Eventually he too fell asleep and would wake a changed boy.

That changed boy joined the rest of the family for breakfast except Sarah. She was suffering with some sort of infection.

“Good morning Sir, Madam, everyone.” They all looked at him for signs of sarcasm but he was very genuine and they all returned his greeting. William looked at Tommy and they held their looks and smiled. As they eat William senior gave out his jobs for the day. “Right Tom you need to cut four trees, we are running low and I want them in the barn before we need them.” Tommy looked at William and knew he was in for a very hard day.

“May I just say something first sir before we go to work?” William senior looked hard at him. “Yes you can.” Tommy found himself holding his breath!

“Thank you sir.” He turned to Kathleen. “Madam, I wish to repeat my apology to you for my rudeness and bad manners since I came to live with you and I repeat that to you sir and your family. Your beating did not just give me a sore backside, but I can assure you a great deal of sense was beaten into me as well. Thank you Tommy for spending time with me last night and comforting me. I just have one wish and that is when I leave we will all be distraught. Thank you again sir.” They all looked at William and senior bought the whole episode to a close. “Thank YOU William, lets finish with all that nonsense and make a fresh start.”

Tommy and William went to the stables to tend to the Shires and turn them out into their field except Wendy who was hitched up and the cart loaded with saws, axes, food and drink for the two of them, it was going to be a very long day.

Tommy selected the trees to be cut and for the first time in his life William found out just what hard work was all about. Dragging a double handed saw was not easy and as he was so unfit he was suffering and so far they had only cut one down! Tommy though was more than impressed as William did not complain once and just stuck to it. They sat for a break. “How are you feeling William?”

“Dreadful, but it will get easier I know and I will be as fit as you before I leave and I hope as good a body, you have a very handsome physic Tommy.” THAT remark did no favours to Tommy’s cock as it too heard what Wills had said and began to join in. Tommy had to get up quick and get back to work before the damn thing became too obvious! Still, Tommy did enjoy seeing William’s slim body as it reacted to the sawing and then straining as he tried to use the axe to split the logs. In fact both boys were having a wonderful time, each with the same thoughts and each not daring to say anything either.

By the time William had been with them a month he had changed beyond recognition and even he would admit he had never been happier. He proved himself to all of them over and over again. He and Tommy loved working together and by now William had become more than useful and he wished he could tell Tommy of his feelings. He had seen him so many times now stripped to the waist and delighted at the sight of him. He knew of his feelings and one indication of that was the huge quantities of cum that shot out of his cock every night he went to bed. What he did not know was Tommy’s own volume was increasing at the same rate. They were both thinking the same thoughts and even if it would NEVER be accepted they both knew they wanted to have some sort of physical touch. It was just a matter of courage and trying to forget that it was supposed to be immoral, forbidden and against every law of the land and of course the church, but both also knew it must happen between boys. William certainly knew it did after all he did go to an all-boys collage and if he was honest he had been involved himself. It was just mutual masturbation but he also knew with some boys it went much further.

Whatever their thoughts about each other were and the close friendship they now had, it all came crashing down when Sarah died.


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