The Interview
by BobbyG


Chapter 9

Horace, Theo and Hunter left Paul to his reading while the trio wrapped up warm and went out for their beach walk. There was a five mile stretch in both directions, Horace chose to turn left.

He made sure he walked next to Theo and opened with an observation. “Why is it that if you were walking by yourselves you would be holding hands by now?” Theo grabbed hold of Hunter’s left hand and smiled at Horace.

“That better?”

“Much.” They walked on and engaged in typical Brit conversation, in other words, the weather until Horace spoke about the real reason he wanted time with his two friends. He stopped followed by the other two.

“I have something to say that I intended for your ears only Theo but then as you mean so much to one another, I can’t see it will be a problem and you would be telling Hunter anyway.” Theo and Hunter waited looking at the old soldier.

“It may come as a surprise Theo, but I want you to know that just before he died Martin told me he was in fact homosexual. The silly boy even said sorry he was!” Horace went quiet for a while. “I suppose if circumstances were not as they were I could possibly have had a different reaction as, like most men, we were bought up being told it was wrong and against the teachings of the church. It does tend to make you think when your son opens up about himself though.” They walked on but now with Horace between Theo and Hunter.

“I was with Martin when you both came to stay in the tent and I saw you hand in hand walking along the beach. This was before Martin told me about himself and I have to say, I was very happy to see you two as you were and I think for two very good reasons. I am just one of thousands who fought in the first war and now through this one and worked with some old farts like myself in organising Home Defence.

During the Great War I experienced some dreadful sights and slaughtered men on three battlefields and lost hundreds from my regiment. Then after the war a period of unrest, unemployment, financial crashes and civil unrest, it was just a different war, people felt let down after all the sacrifices and the country was in a mess.

So, from the age of 30 in 1914 and now at 61 in 1945 I have had 31 years living in an uncertain and bloody world.” Horace looked at them in turn, smiling. “Then I saw you two hand in hand and any negative thoughts I may have had about homosexuals flew out of the window I was looking out from. To see you both like that in fact made me very happy, at least there was SOME love in this buggered up world!” They walked in silence for some time then Horace stopped again.

“Theo, Martin telling me about himself was not the only revelation my dear boy.” He suddenly felt unsure but he had started and had to finish.

“Theo, Martin told me of his love for you and just before he passed on, he asked me to ask you to forgive him for not allowing you to see him again….In some ways I understand now. Sorry boys if my timing is not too good, in fact bloody awful!”

“No Horace, we would both want to know, timing is not important, not now.” He looked at Theo and moved so that the two were together again and holding hands.

They walked for another half hour then Horace led the way off the beach to a small village café and ordered a pot of tea and scones, they would be there for quite some time.

“I had no way of knowing Martin was homosexual and certainly of his feelings towards me. All I know was that Martin was a great soldier and if I was any good it was because of him. Now I know of his feelings towards me makes me understand much more about him and my respect for him is even greater. I would like to visit his grave sometime please Horace.”

“Of course dear boy.”

“I would like to be there as well.” Hunter said.

They talked for another hour only this time about Horace’s first world war and they told him much about what Paul would be reading during the time they were in France. They told him of the offer to them of going back permanently and becoming farmers. “We would have a great deal of help getting land and the villagers supporting us. It is certainly something for us to think about.”

“Have you thought much about my offer?”

“Yes we have and we both find it very attractive.” Hunter said.

“Well, you are about to have yet another job offer by Paul. He wants you to stay in the army and work with him in MI5. I should not say anything, but you now have choices and I will just have to accept your decision and I already know you will make the right one and all three offers will mean you will be working together and I think very secure in your relationship which must please you both.”

They got back in good time for lunch and then they went to their room, or rather bathroom and got into a full tub laying in their usual position.

“Right brain of bloody Britain, what do we do? Seems we suddenly have three options now.” Theo grabbed hold of Hunter’s cock again telling the lovely man his lover did not know how to reply. He laid back into Theo’s chest and just accepted his fate while his cock was being stroked again and while it went on all thoughts of future plans had to take a back seat.

He was getting close as Theo worked on his 9 massively hard inches with both hands until he could not keep it to himself any longer, and after calling out many times, he shot a load, all over them, the bath, tiles and quite a lot on the floor. Theo also shot his load but it would have to surface before they could see the captain’s donation to this joint effort. As always they were as one.


“I know what you are gong to ask and the answer is, no.”

“What was the question then smart ass?”

“Would I have wanted anything to happen between Martin and me? I liked him as a friend and a CO. He was a brilliant soldier and I know for sure even if he had not been killed, nothing would have happened, he would not have allowed himself to risk so much. I will keep the memories of him as I knew him, a fine officer and a lovely man.” Theo got up and changed positions so that he was facing Hunter. They wrapped up and kissed for some time and Hunter knowing there was more to come.

“Because of what happened in Norway was the reason I met you. When we got back I and others were interviewed by Intelligence officers one of which was Paul. He spent ages talking to me and, apart from debriefing him about what went on in Norway, it seemed he found something he was looking for and that’s how I became part of his group, the rest you know.

He also became a good friend and I told him all about myself. He was brilliant and told me NEVER to touch his ass!”

“So, we don’t know which way to go then…., that’s quite a nice option. At least we have a choice, just hope you make the right one Theo.”

“WE make the right one dummy.”

“Fine, whatever you say.”

Dinner was the first meal war was not mentioned but rather the outcome of it and what the country would have to go through to recover and the world having to face communism, the inevitable loss of the Empire (no bad thing) and the fact that Britain now found itself very much the junior partner in the so called “big three.”

Horace led the way to the drawing room and left them to their discussions and the drinks cabinet, it was 7 pm. Four hours later they would finish and go to bed.

Most of it of course would be talking about the contents of their report and going through certain aspects of it that was of interest to Paul and mostly about collaborators.

“Apart from this Berton and the two others you bumped off, were there more of them do you think?”

“There could have been in other villages but not in La Bray of that we are sure. Franc and Jacques would know if there were and by what I have read, some collaborators are regretting their choice of sides. The war maybe over but not the fighting it seems.”

“I spoke about communism at dinner and I am convinced that will be our next threat and so will the Russians with the power they now have. Look we are building up an intelligence group around MI5 and I am offering you two posts within it. You will be trained in interrogation which believe me is much different to the way most people think it is. Physical torture is NOT used by us as it’s proved to be very unsafe, people under torture often “confess” in the hope to stop the abuse, but “playing” with the mind even if it takes longer, is much more reliable.”

There was much more to say and Paul spent the next two hours talking to them which really opened their eyes as to how information can be gained by the simplest of ways and the person of interest would not even know they were being interrogated!

“My department will grow and many more will be recruited and build on what we already have and that is expanding MI5 and 6 which means there will be a greater need to train the new people. Both departments will be very well funded which means I can offer you both a handsome salary.

You will be paid £1500 each, a rent free flat and an operational allowance of £300 between you. So, how long do you think it will be before you give me an answer?”

“We need at least all tomorrow and then meet with you and Horace, he has also offered us work here converting this house into an officers retirement home and we both like it. We have also been asked to go and farm in La Bray and we like that as well. We need that time Paul.”

They were sat up in bed going through all the options which took another hour until Theo bought things to an end by sitting on Hunter’s cock.

After riding that magnificent shaft for 10 minutes or so Hunter discharged into Theo and Theo discharged over Hunters chest and belly. All discussions about future plans would be delayed until the morning but by the time they went down to breakfast at eight, they were pretty sure of what offer they would be taking up.

“Good morning gentlemen, you look very fresh, just been out for a walk?” Horace asked Theo and Hunter. Homosexual sex did so much for the complexion it seemed! Ok, so does heterosexual sex…., apparently!

They had asked Horace and Paul if they could all meet to talk through the two offers from each of them. Horace looked at Paul and laughed.

“Seems it’s US being interviewed Paul! Oh well, lets get to the study and learn our fates.” They made themselves comfortable with Theo and Hunter sitting close together. They did not hold hands but the message to Paul was clear, not that he didn’t know about them anyway.

“Hunter and I have been doing a lot of talking and thinking, which in my case gave me quite a bad headache, so I will leave it for Hunter to say all.”

“That’s a first!”


Hunter picked out Franc and Jacques standing on the dock side waiting for their friends to come off the ferry.

“Welcome back both of you, it’s SO good to see you again.” They all greeted one another and for the whole drive to La Bray they would not stop talking and much of it how the village had returned to normal and everyone back to being farmers.

“Only our memories, Wyatt’s museum and the German cemetery are reminders of that dreadful time.”

It was a great welcome as the whole village was out to greet them which now included five of the younger men who had been POW’s for most of the war.

Over the next three days they went out for walks which included walking through the woods and looking down on the road to the spot that Wyatt was found. They laid their wreath on top of the bank and after a minutes silence went back and visited his grave.

The fourth day was the big one which started in the church and after the service everyone made their way to Wyatt’s museum for the grand opening. After yet more prayers the speeches began and all of them about the events during the war. Finally it was time for Theo to make his speech and officially open the museum.

As it was Theo, everyone knew it would be short and sweet but very much to the point.

Wyatt’s Museum is not only a memorial to that brave young man but a reminder of the time when you were taken from your peaceful existence to a time when you had to fight to regain it.

Hunter and I will never forget you and what we achieved together and we are delighted to be part of this day and meet many friends once again.

We return back to our new home tomorrow and will take even more memories of La Bray with us and look forward to visiting many more times over the coming years.

It now gives us much pleasure in declaring Wyatt’s Museum… Open!”


They put their many cases in the back of the Ford 8 and Hunter, now a licenced driver, drove them all the way back to their new home.

He pulled up outside the front door which opened and Horace and four of the residents came out all demanding to be told what they had bought back for them!

“You lot are worse than kids, right grab a case and lets get them to the lounge and find out.”

An hour later and after a couple of drinks with all the residents, they went to their flat and just sat on the settee cuddled up before bath time.

“Welcome home Hunter. It’s good to be back don’t you think?”

“Yes Theo it is but mainly because you’re in it.”


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