The Interview
by BobbyG


Chapter 5

Theo and Hunter were now committed to staying in Le Bray as it would take some time for information to come through about other hidden reserves.

Jacques would make contact with local groups and ask them to go to the most densely wooded areas to the north of their towns to start their searches by looking for tracks or trails leading into wooded areas. It sounds very simple but it wouldn’t be and Theo would eventually go looking himself, meanwhile they got stuck into meeting villagers with Franc who he hoped would become a small force in the defence of their village if it was necessary, not that they had anything to fight with. Theo hoped to put that right by sending a message for weapons and, not that he expected to get one, a PIAT anti tank launcher and ten shells. He had decided he wanted one after he and Hunter had scouted the area and found a place that if the enemy where in retreat, they would be very vulnerable at this particular spot.

Le Bray as well as most villages at that time had quite dense wood land surrounding them which was a natural barrier to tanks. Theo and Hunter knew that tanks would have to be driven on the road through a raised 200 meter long stretch through the woods before they could fan out and drive over open land. They would go out and look over that part of the road and judge if it would be a viable site to mount an ambush 

By the middle of January he and Hunter had their men, 25 of them which included Franc and four of the older boys. Wyatt 17,  Adriene, Jon and Noel, all 15, who had insisted they be included. They would meet everyday in the school to listen to Theo talking to them about how best to defend the village and also try to get weapons from other groups. “I doubt they will but there maybe another way.” Meanwhile they were taught unarmed combat and how to use a knife which the boys were almost too enthusiastic about but pleased Theo and Hunter at the same time. It became obvious that 17 year old Wyatt was a natural leader and Theo put him in charge of the others and would organise two man patrols outside the village and lookouts in the church bell tower. If the Hun was spotted he would bang a hammer on the bell to alert the village. He would also become a runner for Theo delivering messages.

It was not all preparation for a possible fight though and Theo and Hunter began to work on Franc’s farm and others which they loved, not only the work but being able to be involved in something that did not include killing someone for a few hours, but they always had their weapons with them, just in case.

A month later they were with Franc’s pigs when the church bell rang out, young Jon had seen a small German force coming towards the village. In front were two armed motor cycle and side cars, a car with the officer, followed by a truck with ten troops. The small population of the village were about to get a taste of the real Third Reich.

They stopped at the village square and the troops ordered out who began a cottage to cottage search and also included the church, village hall, barns, stables, cow sheds and the school.


The track to the village was 150 meters from the main road and gave plenty of warning that unwanted visitors were about to arrive. Theo and Hunter got their Sten’s and slipped away feeling bloody useless and watched while the village was searched but mainly hoping their attic hide would not be discovered, if it were Franc and others could be in real trouble. It would not take the Germans long to realise that there would be French resistance in the village if they found their stuff. Theo lent over and kissed Hunter’s cheek,


“Yes Theo, ready.”

The whole village had been ushered into the square and they could see all the German troops there as well, the search of the village was obviously over. He and Hunter made for the nearest cottage to the square by running through every back garden jumping over hedges until they got to the cottage they wanted to get to. Once inside they ran upstairs to the front bedroom and peered out. They knew that by firing out of this bedroom the Germans would be in range of their Sten’s. But, now the big dilemma, it was possible that many more would die if Theo and Hunter had to fire for whatever reason and in the panic that would ensue the German’s would just kill anyone around them. They had to get closer.

“Come on my love, we are in luck all we have to do is go out of the front door and mingle with the crowd.” They took the magazines out and stuffed them and the gun under their jackets and went down stairs and just walked into the back of the crowd. The villagers saw Theo and Hunter and moved aside as they went towards the front and just 25 meters from the 15 German’s who were lined up facing them, all standing close together with the officer to one side. Theo’s heart dropped, these bastards were going to kill the lot of them, he was sure of it.

“Be quiet and listen ladies, gentlemen and children.” He said in perfect French. He stood tall with his feet slightly apart with his hands on his hips smiling at his audience. The Nazi was in control and was loving his power and authority over these people.

“There have been a few failed attempts to act aggressively by a few of your people from parts of this area against those of us who serve our Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler. You people are under our command and you need to accept that you are now part of the new German empire and under the authority of the Third Reich and any attempt to disrupt our progress will be dealt with a firm hand. Let me show you. I will now call out five names and you will come and stand to my right and if you refuse to cooperate, my troops will open fire on you all. They are.”

Franc’s was the first name to be called out followed by Adrien, Franc’s housekeeper Ninette Bonnet, then Jon.

Theo glanced at Hunter who looked back knowing they had no choice but to fire before the German’s did. They took their Sten’s out and loaded a magazine and cocked them.

“As soon as the last name is called out, we open up.  I will kill the two machine gunners before I fire on the rest, so you have to kill as many as you can before I join in. DON’T shoot that bastard, I fucking want him.” There were several villagers in front of them and they were well hidden.

Wyatt’s was the last name. He walked towards the other villagers thinking his 17 years were about to come to an end.

All around them Theo and Hunter could hear whispered prayers and many sobbing as they looked at the five who had been chosen to be murdered.

The Nazi opened his mouth to shout his first order, but Theo and Hunter pushed through those in front of them and opened up. They had complete surprise on their side and that is what did it for the occupiers.

Two magazines later and a combined 60 rounds fired, they were all dead and Theo walking towards the captain who went for his Luger but got a big boot in his bollocks instead which rather ended all thoughts of further action and a somewhat different looking Nazi, all his authority had just vanished.

“I demand my rights under the Geneva convention and expect to be respected as a serving officer of….” He didn’t finish, Theo punched him so hard, he fell asleep.

They made sure the Germans were dead and then took all weapons and ammunition to the school with the captain. Theo dragged one of Hitler’s finest to the loft and showed him what he had failed to find and told him there was much more on it’s way to kill even more German’s. “But you won’t live to know I am right. You will die soon but you will do it, not us.” He was tied up and left to Franc and Wyatt to look after him.

Theo had two of them stripped of their uniforms and then they were all loaded on the lorry and with Franc and three other men they drove the lorry, two motor cycles and the car ten miles to the south and then off track and into a wood. Theo drained the petrol tanks and poured it all over the bodies, lorry and the motor cycles. He put plastic explosive into all three and set the pencil fuses to go off in an hour. They got into the car and drove back to chat to the prisoner.

“I trust you will take me as a prisoner of war as is my right.”

“And how did you regard those who you selected to be shot? Did they not have rights?”

“I was under orders and as a German Officer I had no choice but to obey them.” Theo replied in English. “Piss off you bastard you were LOVING what you were about to do, us French and British will be killing many more than just you people I can assure you but you will not live to know I am right.” He handed the German one of his cyanide capsules. “I am also under orders to kill as many of you as I can, now either you do it or I will drag you outside and slit your throat.” He was dead in seconds and buried within the hour.

The car was hidden in the woods nearby and they and the boys, who had by now firmly attached themselves to Theo and Hunter, went to the hall where the village defence force would be, but when they opened the door every male were waiting to shake Theo and Hunter’s hand and join the force as well. Theo found himself making a speech.

“We now have two MG 42’s, five MG 40’s and five rifles which is very good but not much ammunition and we need more if they are going to be of any real use. Franc we need you to pick seventeen men and when you have them they can fire 5 rounds each only to get some idea how they work. When we have the men we will think about ambushes with the weapons we have in the hope we will get more ammunition as well as good firing positions if we are visited again.” He was about to continue when the door opened and a young girl came in and went straight to Theo and handed him a small piece of paper. He looked and smiled and gave it to Hunter, the villagers in Les Isles had found another tank reserve. Jacques had asked all the villages to send a message on foot if reserves were found so that Theo would have full details to send to Major Dowling’s group in the SOE. (Special Operations Executive)

The shooters were chosen and weapons hidden away in the church and cottages nearest the square as well as most of Theo and Hunter’s hand grenades. If German’s turned up again it would be up to Theo to decide whether to open fire, depending on the size of the force. If he wanted them to open fire he would give a blast on a whistle Franc had given him followed by a grenade. Two look outs would now be in the bell tower during daylight hours but at night two would have to be hidden just off the main road. An electric bell was set up in the square which was connected to a bloody long wire and button from the lookout post.They were as ready as they could be.

March came and with it the news that another tank reserve had been discovered outside the town of La Fraisnaie which made sense because it was just east of Les Isles and Theo and Hunter were now convinced there was one more to find as that would give them a good reserve and four of them would mean there was an equal distance from each other. This time the news about the third site was bought by Jacques who told them that there were 4 tanks and dozens of fuel barrels and it’s exact location.

“Jacques if I were a betting man I would say there would be a fourth reserve outside this town.” He was pointing at Vacqueville on his map.

“They are not the most cooperative Theo I must say. I got the distinct impression they just want to sit it out and wait for liberation. Mind you they had four men shot who were suspected of being involved with a resistant’s group. Nothing was proven but they were shot anyway so I can understand them wanting to keep their heads down, I will try again.”

“No Father, I will go if you don’t mind taking me, but it will be quite a risk.”

“Of course, I will take you whenever you wish.”

“Why not me as well?”

“One of us must to stay Alain, I’m sorry.”

They wrapped up close the night before Theo was to go to Vacqueville, Jacques battered Citroen had most of Theo’s gear already loaded. All he had to do was to collect the pigeons the following morning.

They could not make love, neither could perform and so just cuddled up tight and hoped Theo’s time away would be brief and safe.


At 8 the next morning Theo and Hunter looked at one another until Jacques drove them out of sight. The next two hours would be somewhat tense and both hoping nothing nasty would turn up, in particular that splendid group known as the Gestapo. Theo had already made his mind up that if they were stopped by them he would just fire and hope. He had his Sten across his knees and four grenades in his jacket pocket.

They got to Jacques friends house just inside the town and after parking in the garage they quickly got all of Theo’s stuff down in the basement after which Theo was introduced to Pascal Decoux who took them to his sitting room for the usual cognac and after two of them, Jacques wished Theo good luck, said goodbye and drove back.

They poured over Pascal’s maps trying to guess the most likely place a reserve camp would be if indeed there was one. Theo settled for an area that he would have chosen if he were the one hiding military equipment. He pointed to the spot and Pascal agreed to take him there at 10 the following day.

At 10 30 Pascal pulled off the road and hid the car while Theo got out and stripped down to his pants then got dressed in his black’s. After a “good luck” and handshake Pascal drove off. They had agreed that if Theo was back at this spot and ready to be picked up he would have cut a small wedge out of a particular tree. Pascal would wait four days before he drove out to look for Theo and then every day for a week hoping they would meet up.

He had enough food and water to last seven days so long as he took it easy before he had to break into a house and steal but he hoped he would find what he was looking for long before that. He turned to the east and began his search. Two days and nights later he was still searching. That night after a very a meal of biscuits and half a small tin of ham he settled into his sleeping bag and decided to walk east one more day then turn back and go west.

At 2am he was wakened by one hell of a noise and knew it was heavy transports coming towards him. He scrambled out of his bag, got his boots on and with Sten gun in hand he went to the edge of the woods and watched as four armed motor cycles and side cars, as well as three loaded tank transporters went past, followed by two lorries which Theo knew must be fuel barrels and bringing up the rear a troop carrier with about 20 on board. If there was a lottery in those days, he would have just won it!

If it hadn’t been for his packs he would have skipped down the road, as it was he walked as quickly as he was able for about 10 kilometers and then went back into the woods and laid up until dawn and then began to pick his way listening out for voices and looking for a German patrol. Half hour later he heard and saw both. He began to pick his way slowly north hoping he was parallel to the track and when he heard other voices he knew he was not far from their base. He hid all that day listening to the conversations going on and some of Hitler’s finest complaining about being there while they smoked their patrol away. They were relieved twice and by the time it was getting dark the last lot went off and Theo knowing he had a clear walk to the camp. He found it and counted four tanks, three of which were the ones that had passed him and still on the transporters and countless fuel barrels. Christ it would have been so easy to have planted explosives, not that he had bought any! He checked and rechecked the location and began his trek back. Two days later and walking as fast as he could but now out of food and water he arrived at his drop off point and cut the wedge. He got into his sleeping bag and waited hoping Pascal would turn up. He did the next day.

Pascal was brilliant, he had bought food and water which Theo finished within minutes. He told Pascal what he had found. “The RAF will have a great time bombing that lot even if an invasion will be somewhere else.”

Theo hoped to be picked up soon but his visit to Vacqueville was not over by any means and all down to chance.

They were driving through the town with Theo looking out at the shops and people going about their business when he happened to look ahead and saw a familiar figure walking slowly towards them, it was Andre Berton.

“Pascal, do you know that man with the umbrella?”

“Not really, just a conversation I had with him in a café once.”

“He is a collaborator. Because of him we found the first reserve camp and now the other three. Drop me off please, I want to follow him. I will make my way to your house after I find out where he lives.”

“That will not be necessary, the mayor is a friend of mine, he will find out for us and I can visit him while you have a bath and change my dear Eugene, forgive me but you do stink a bit!”

Stinking or not the first thing Theo did when they got back was to write two messages telling Hunter he had found the reserve camp and it’s location. He sent one pigeon off and after a much needed bath the second one was launched. It was sensible to send two just in case one buggered off to meet the girlfriend, they were French pigeons after all! Meanwhile Pascal went off to speak to the mayor and came back with Berton’s address.

Now in a clean set of Pascal’s clothes and after a meal they got back in the car and drove to Berton’s street and parked a short distance from his house and waited. After two hours he came out with two others. As agreed Pascal would follow and Theo would break in at the back of the house.

He guessed he was in Berton’s bedroom as his umbrella was on his bed and began to rummage through the papers on his desk which included a list of names addresses and work places, but the best was his comments beside all of those names stating each mans affiliation to a group calling itself “French Freedom Fighters.” Also on the list were written many other names which turned out to be local politicians who were to be assassinated according to the instructions on the paper.

As with the first time he had broken into Berton’s house in Colleville he had found written information that this man did not expect to be found. Theo guessed it would not be long before all those names and addresses would be visited. He looked into the wardrobe and found four Luger pistols with six magazines and six British hand grenades.  It seemed he had no fear from any German searching and finding them otherwise they would be better hidden. He would wait in the car until they returned and go back in the house when he thought they would be asleep and shoot all of them but it was now midnight and well beyond the curfew so he guessed they would not be back now until morning. He would wait until they were back inside for a while and then go up to the front door and bang on it, once it opened so would he.

He left the house and found Pascal in the car, got in beside him and bought him up to date. Pascal was not that happy and told Theo he had just experienced the most boring time ever and the coldest. “I followed them to a house 10 kilometres away, they went in while I shivered outside, then had to get back here before curfew time was up. Not the most exciting time I have ever had!” Theo laughing did not help either.

Much to their surprise a car pulled up just after 3am. Berton and the other two out and went into the house The car drove off and the three went inside.

“I wonder what’s in them, more weapons? I will soon find out.” He checked his own silenced pistol and settled back down to wait an hour before going back out.

Up until this point Theo had only fought men who were armed and firing back at him, this would be very different and he had to keep reminding himself just what these three represented and could be classed as traitors and enemies of France, that way he hoped he could put to the back of his mind that he could be about to kill them in cold blood.

He stood in the kitchen and listened out, he was sure they were all in bed as the house was very still and quiet. He moved to the sitting room and looked in but nobody there, he took a quick look at the opened cases and found yet another gold mine.

He removed his boots and was about to go out but heard someone open his door swearing his head off about needing a piss and began to come down the stairs. He would have to use the crapper which was outside and would realise the back door had been forced.

Theo waited until he had past and simply went behind him and ended his collaboration with the enemy.

He knew where Berton’s room was and decided to go for the other man next. He quietly opened his door and found the man fast asleep. Theo crept to the side of the bed and raised his pistol.

Two down, one to go.

He stood looking at the sleeping Berton then reached down and pulled the blankets off and then whipped the pillow away in case there was a pistol under it. Berton of course woke up and stared at Theo with a terrified look on his face.

“How many of your own countrymen have you had killed so far?” No reply.

“Four men have been executed in this town, was that your doing?” Silence

“Would have had me killed in Colleville?” He kept quiet, but a look of resignation came over his face.

“So, you are not protesting your innocence, I wonder why.” He now spoke in English.

“I want to thank you for leaving a note about all the tank reserves, they will be attacked some time soon. Also thank you for the weapons you bought back tonight and with the British dropping even more, we will kill dozens of your friends but no Frenchman on your list will die, not now. 

You picked the wrong side Berton.” Two more shots were discharged.

Theo looked in every cupboard and drawer and yet another gold mine showed up, well a French Franc mine to be accurate, there were thousands in large bundles, obviously payment to Berton and co. He packed the lot into one of the cases and would hand all of it over to Franc and Jacques.

He collected the lugers, magazines and hand grenades which were put into the other case and then put his boots back on. He went to the front door and waved to Pascal who bought the car over to be loaded. After that he went back into the house and once again turned on gas taps and lit two candles. Theo hoped that when the house went up it would send a message to the invaders.

“How did it go?”

“Nothing to boast about, but there are three dead traitors and a load of goodies, but get the hell out, that house will blow up soon!”

In the first case Theo had found six MG 40’s, four empty magazines for each of them and four bags of loose ammunition, he guessed 400 rounds.

In the other one were 10 bundles of explosives and a case of detonators and  clockwork timers. In a separate compartment were even more British hand grenades, twenty of them. Theo then showed Pascal the list of names he had found in Berton’s bedroom.

“I know everyone on this fucking list, all prominent citizens, but I do not understand, Berton and the others had all these weapons and explosives and for what reason? I would have thought that all the weapons and everything else would be to arm the resistance.” 

“They were a sort of resistance in reverse in the pay of the Germans. Their aim was to kill off a number of important people and bomb businesses, maybe even churches and by doing so cause panic among the population, it’s another way of control. Lets just hope we have got rid of the most senior of these traitors and give the Germans something to think about.”

Theo wrote two more messages and sent both birds off at the same time, he knew they were both male and as far as he knew pigeons did not have homosexual tendencies so should get back in good time, the ladies were waiting.

The next day and after yet another tense drive he was kissing the crap out of Hunter who continued to be in charge by taking Theo to bed. After some time he relinquished his part time role back to the man who had just fucked him, twice!

Now they were better armed with enough ammunition to practise, they could now train more men and over the next mouth they became a very good group and knew there roles inside out and in particular an attack against a possible retreating tanks and troops. It was all down to the road they had to go on unless they wanted to go miles out of their way around the vast woods.

The first thing that a retreating convoy would have to go through was when the ground rose 10 feet with steep banks on both sides. It was roughly 200 meters long and anything passing through would be vulnerable to attack and that is where Theo planned to stop any retreat.

They spoke many times about how and who would carry it out and only when everyone had it ingrained in there heads they began to relax and carry on trying to be normal, farms did not look after themselves. 


It was now 1st May and D Day just 36 days away and nobody would know exactly what was going on until well after the war was over. (It must be remembered the planned date was the 5th June but bad weather delayed the invasion by a day) All plans had been thrashed out and Normandy was about to become the focal point of the whole world. Theo and Hunter were about to get some sort of clue that they could be the invasion area when they got a message telling them there would be a drop in a two days time at 11pm.


“Yes 2nd Lieutenant.” He kissed his junior officer and gently squeezed his rock hard 9 inch cock.

“Have you thought about what we will do after the war?”

“Nope, you know I can’t think of two things at the same time. All I want is for us to get through this shit, go home then we talk about it. What about you?”

“Same as you, go home then talk about it.”

“Your a great help, I thought you had a plan. You obviously haven’t so shut up and do what your good at.” They carried on kissing and stroking one another until they both erupted then kissed until they fell asleep…., for just an hour.

The electric bell ringing in the square woke the whole village up followed by a mad scramble to get into position.

They waited and waited but no one arrived, well one did, it was one of the guards at the start of the track.

“I am SO sorry everyone, I sat on the button my mistake!”

They had a great party that went on for the rest of the night! It was just what they all needed.


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