The Interview
by BobbyG


Chapter 4

There were many hundreds of undercover operatives during Germany’s first attempt for power which of course failed but caused countless millions of casualties during that countries violation of the human race, including it’s own. Then Hitler and the other brain dead came along and took the world into war once again and violated the human race for the second time, including it’s own.

That failed as well as we all know and one of the many reasons they did was down to the incredible actions of the many resistant groups from all over Europe. The sacrifice, bravery and sheer guts of the various groups who carried out their work but many of whom were murdered in their attempt to rid the world of a cancer called the Third Reich.

The vast majority of them would never be known, but without these resistance groups throughout German occupied Europe the fighting could have gone on for much longer and even the outcome in doubt. Theo and Hunter were just two of those many thousands who were now totally focused in their role by kissing the crap out of one another as they laid together on that first night!


After a good nights sleep and cuddled up as best they could they woke the next morning and looked down at Colleville-Sur-Mer through the binoculars. Theo told Hunter what they would do and then gave him a blow job.

Hunter at this time was enjoying his war! It would not last. 

They secured their gear then separated and walked independently into town after studying the town map and determining where each of them would go and when to leave.

Hunter stood out like a 6ft 4inch sore thumb and was the first to be stopped and told to produce his papers.

“You come from Paris, why are you here?”

“My home was destroyed and my parents killed. I decided to leave and find work away from Paris.”

“What do you do?”

“Nothing of much use I’m afraid. I am a guitarist and historian but hope to find casual work so I can feed myself.” The Sergeant was bored and handed Hunter’s papers back but needed to show his power and authority, after all  he was a Nazi and at that time Nazi’s were dominate and the shite assumed that would be the case for all time.

“You can go but remember you will make good target practise.”

He found the café and went in knowing Theo would be there. They ignored one another and after a coffee Theo left followed by Hunter five minutes later.


After a week both of them had found work and a room, Theo in the local garage and Hunter as an evening waiter in one of the restaurants and would be loaned a guitar to entertain their German guests as well as serve them. They were issued with work permits which made them, more or less, legal.

There was another plus side to this, Hunter would be free during the day to  snoop around before work and Theo to do the same after he had finished.

They were both able to get much more information simply by talking to others at their places of work or just listening and chatting in bars or cafes and in Hunter’s case listening to the pissed up German guests. After a month they were able to send several messages about troop strength, gun emplacements, beach anti tank and personnel obstructions and possible weak spots.

However, there was a problem, Theo was becoming suspicious about one of the other mechanics, a bloke called Andre Berton. He never made his feelings know as others did, never had an opinion about how they could fight the Nazi’s, and he made it clear he did not trust Theo. But to top it, he was a lousy mechanic. He was a plant, Theo was sure of it.

He decided to followed him home one evening after work. He watched him go into his house but hid well and was rewarded when he saw a bloke visit and stayed an hour. The following day Berton was very different and got Theo aside to ask him if he would like to meet some good friends that evening and discuss the war and how they could all get involved .

“Eugene, unless we fight them they will rule us for all time, please come.”

“I can’t tonight I am going to stay with friends but would you like to come to my room tomorrow?”

“I accept where do you live?” This man was a fool Theo told himself.

“Twenty five Rue Fontaine, I live in the ground floor back room.” He didn’t know if it even existed.

“I will come with cognac my friend!” Theo looked at this idiot and thanked his own training, this bloke had none.

Theo know knew he and Hunter would have to get out but not before he followed Berton after work again and hoped to search his house.

Theo knew it was a straight walk back to his home and would only take half an hour but he realised this would be different this time when Berton crossed the road instead of going straight on towards his house. About 50 metres ahead of Berton were two Germans walking slowly in the same direction as himself. He caught them up and when he was about to pass he slowed down and walked beside one of the Germans for a few seconds and passed something to him, then crossed back.

Berton had given the Hun information, Theo was sure of it.

He once again hid when his target went into the house and settled down to wait until night time. He would then break in and kill Berton, but he would not have the chance.


After a couple of hours Berton came out when a car drew up. 

Theo came out of hiding and walked to the back of the house, then forced the back door open. Once inside he went through every room and finding what turned out to be a gold mine when he got to what he assumed was Berton’s bedroom. He looked at a writing pad on the desk. There was no writing on the top page but when he turned it over, there were the indentations from whatever had been written and Theo assumed had been passed to the German earlier. He took the paper to the window and smiled, he was reading the same information that the Germans were also reading and there was lots of it including his name reporting him as part of a resistant group.

He went back down to the kitchen and lit several candles. He then turned all the gas taps on and made a hasty withdraw. He was a mile away when he heard the house blow up. Berton would not know Theo had payed a visit and removed information that would show that this man was a collaborator.

It would be another hour before Hunter was due to start work and so Theo went looking for him and found him chatting to others in a café. Once again they ignored one another. Theo got his coffee and sat down so Hunter could see him and when he was sure his man was watching, he removed his cap, looked inside then put it back on which was the signal to go back to their base. Theo left and slowly walked to the edge of town then took a country path towards were they had their packs hidden only this time he was running.

He retrieved both packs from the undergrowth and took out his one piece black woollen long johns and then his one piece black overalls followed by thick socks and matt black boots. He loaded a magazine into his Sten gun and a clip into his pistol and put it in the holster, last but not least he slipped the 7 inch bladed commando knife in it’s scabbard. He was nearly ready for the off, meanwhile he got Hunter’s gear out for him and while he waited he began to look through the papers he had taken from Andre Berton’s house, which was now in bits and noted several towns had been written down including an area called La Revolution which was the nearest to them.

They slammed together and like any other soldier in the same situation kissed briefly before either of them spoke.

“Obviously we are moving out, what’s the problem?” As Hunter got changed Theo explained what had happened. “He did not like me but then became very friendly and I now know he is a collaborator. Theo showed Hunter a list of villages on the paper and then at the bottom they read, “Rousseau is resistance and should be taken.”

“Lucky you followed him but how did he become suspicious about you?”

“Because I deliberately asked too many questions about his and the others commitment to fight the Nazi’s. He was the only one to keep his mouth shut and said fuck all.  Anyway the bastard got it right about me and we have to get out.”

“So where are we going?”

“North, that’s the last direction they will think I would take but not only that there maybe something going on around the Le Revolution area and those other villages on the list as well, lets black up then get the fuck out of here and go to this La Revolution place.”


They walked for 5 hours even though a direct walk would take them there in a quarter of the time, but they had to keep hidden which meant going around fields rather than across them.

Theo found a good spot and they settled down just as it was getting light and now in sleeping bags they cuddled up as best they could and kissed for sometime before both of them dropped off.

It seemed that they had only been asleep for minutes before they were both wide awake and knew there could be a problem, the German language told them that. They slid out of their sleeping bags and grabbed  their Sten’s trying to see them and how many there were.

The four Germans were coming along the same narrow track that Theo and Hunter had come along earlier and were now just 30 meters inside the thick wood and covered by undergrowth, they were virtually invisible and watched as the patrol walked slowly by talking all the time.

They had heard enough to know it was important to follow the patrol and without a word spoken both of them quickly got dressed and put their chest packs on. Ten minutes later they had caught up with the four and now went off track for a few minutes and then out again. That went on for 30 minutes until the patrol got to a road and turned right. Theo and Hunter now had to go back into the woods and try to keep up with these four without making a noise but it did not go on for long as the Germans turned onto another track and disappeared.

They waited for a while and then broke cover and got to the other side of the road and once again went into the woods. Now, it would be very slow progress as there could be other patrols out which proved to be the case and both men knew whatever was being guarded was pretty important.

Three times they laid still as a patrol passed them and after it had gone they got up and moved on.

It took an hour but now they were peering through the under growth looking at a small camp with four Panzers and a large number of fuel barrels. There were a number of tents which would be for the solders and included what could only be mess, wash and more than likely workshop tents. The whole area was camouflaged pointing to the fact that this was a semi permanent camp and more than likely a reserve in case of invasion.

It took two hours to get back to their sleeping bags and just laid down on top of them.

“Well it seems you were right about this Le Revolution place. It’s a massive target.”

“Too big for us. We will radio London and give them all the info then get the hell out.”  

 Why don’t we stay and watch the fireworks?”

“Because if our people have got any sense they will wait until the invasion begins regardless of when or where it will be and my guess is that camp will be on a priority list and my love I am now convinced that La Revolution isn’t the only one like that, it’s too small a force on it’s own and we must find out if there are more. Now is the time to get help, we can’t do this on our own, it’s too big.”


The next day they walked to the nearest village dressed as Frenchmen and when they got to a farm they simply knocked on the door and asked the farmers wife if she could feed them. Two hours later, with bellies full, they got to another farm and asked if they had any spare food they could have. Thirty minutes later after coffee and cake they were on their way back with half a cold chicken four eggs, vegetables and the rest of the cake. 

An hour later Hunter was climbing a tree with the radio antenna which was tied to a long thin branch. When he got to the top, he raised the branch as far as he could then tied it to the trunk and climbed back down.

“Ready to send my dear Lieutenant.” Theo kissed him and then tapped out their call code, “toast” and waited for a reply, it came back, “bacon,” he knew he was secure. He sent details of what they had found and the exact location. He got a received code, “apple” and that was it done. Hunter found himself back up the tree and bought the antenna back down. They packed the radio away and began a quick march to another location where they would lay up for a couple of days and after a wash in the near by stream they got clean enough for a full sexual encounter, well, several full sexual encounters to be precise. Fighting for King and country did have it’s very risky times, but now some rather fun times, not that King or those running the country would be that impressed!

It was now time to try to contact a resistant group, neither of them wanted too but they had no choice if they were to become more effective in finding other German reserve locations. They settled on a small village just south west of Colleville called La Bray and began their walk towards it and once they arrived at the outskirts settled down to observe. That night they went to a house and stole food from the pantry then went back to sleep. The following morning they dressed in French clothes and wandered into the village and went straight to the café . The place went quiet looking at the strangers until Theo thought it would be a good idea to wake things up a bit, he stood up watched by the ten locals.

“Vive la France et baise les Nazis!” (Vive la France and fuck the Nazis) and then continued, “anyone want to help us kill a few? We will be here for some time, please form an orderly queue.”

They left and Theo got his ears bent.

“THAT was about as subtle as a ton of shit!”

“Bet we will be approached when we come back in two days time.”

“How do you know that?”

“Knowledge of the French and the fact they are nosey buggers.”

“Fuck you, i’m going back home.”

“Fuck me yes, going home no!” Hunter did and didn’t.


They went back to the café two days later which was devoid of customers. The owner served them then went out to the kitchen, ten minutes later the place was full.

“My name is Franc Bourg, who are you and why are you here?” They were looking at a tall good looking man and guessed in his fifties. Theo introduced them and showed Franc their papers.

“We want to join up with a resistance group and hope to kill Germans.” Theo was being deliberately naïve.

“And how are you going to do that? Do you have weapons? Explosives? Military experience? Because we don’t.” Theo looked at Hunter who nodded back.

“We have all that and more. I also have a pistol pointing at your balls and Alain will kill the lady if we need too.” It was Franc’s turn to smile.

“Alice! Cognac please! Just how do you think we can help?”

“We won’t say in here, what are you to this village?”

“I am the school teacher and also a farmer. The villagers will expect me to deal with this and yes we do want to be involved. All that’s left is to hope we can trust one another.”

“That’s the risk we both have to take but if we don’t we will never get this war over. Can we talk privately?”

They finished their cognac and fifteen minutes later they were sat in Franc’s school drinking another one talking about themselves before the war, their schooling, families and work with Franc listening intently.

“We have discovered a tank force and large fuel dump that can only be reserves in case Normandy is going to be invaded by the Allies and we need to find out if there are more, but we need help and we hope you can come up with that help, you and others.”

“Yes of course, what do you want us to do?” Again it was a risk but it had to be taken. Theo showed Franc the list of towns and villages on the paper.

“We want to get a message to local groups to search and report any findings back to us.”

“And what will you do with any information you get?”

“Leave that to us Franc.”

“I have a very good friend who can help, would you be prepared to meet him? He is our priest, Father Jacques Chard. We will meet at any location you say and we will be alone I promise.”

“When you can meet us go directly south of the village, we will find you, have no doubt.” After another cognac they told Franc they had to leave, Hunter had touched Theo’s thigh many times and the message was clear.

“Just before you go I would like to congratulate you on your characters, I am impressed and no doubt you will have fooled the Germans, but I know you are not French.” And then in English. “Welcome to France and thank you for being here and we WILL help in any way we can.”

“How did you know?” Theo asked in English.

“When you said you went to school at “Our Lady Mary” in Bayeux Eugene, you would have been there at the same time as I was teaching at the school and I never came across you but I did teach the real Eugene Rousseau, which tells me he is dead. Oh yes, I want to help in anyway I can, even more now.” They went back to their hide out.

“You lucky bugger, trust you to find what we want first go.”

“I found you first go, in some ways we both did even though you had to fuck half of England before you got to me. Anyway get your packs we are going to find a barn, I’ve done with sleeping under the stars and in any case it’s going to piss down tonight.”

“Can we have sex when we find a place?”

“I will need a few pegs on my nose before we do, you stink.”

“It’s big enough. Oh, and so do you!”


They looked in three barns and Theo chose the first one as it had much more straw much to Hunter’s annoyance for wasting fuck time. After sorting themselves out they did in fact have a sort of sex which even they were pleased when it was over but they did have a lot of quiet laughs.

They eat all the food they had stolen and then began to settled down for the night wrapped up together.

“Theo my handsome beautiful leader and the love of my life?”

“Yes oh lucky one?”

“The next time you tell someone you are pointing a gun at their bollocks and I will kill a lady, don’t you think it would be a good idea to actually have our guns with us?”

“Good man! You really are learning by the day!” He picked his gun up and checked it.

“Remind me to load it tomorrow!” They giggled like a couple of kids, stayed wrapped up then fell asleep. 


Franc Bourg had sent a runner to find the Father and two days later Theo and Hunter were looking through binoculars at the two men as they walked towards them and when they got within ten feet they stepped out dressed in their black one piece with all weapons on display.

“Good afternoon gentlemen.” After introductions they took the two Frenchmen to the barn and there they would be for the next two hours discussing the next few weeks or so.

Father Chard was an enthusiastic man and could not wait to agree to everything Theo and Hunter wanted, he too was good looking and like Franc also in his fifties.

“No doubt Franc has told you what we think there could be other reserves hidden in the area and we hope to get people from the towns and villages to go out and look then get back to us here but they will have to be people who know how to give an exact location.

I see you have pigeons and so we need to get them delivered so they can fly back with information if they have any. There are four villages that are on the list and we need to cover the lot. Can either of you deliver them?”

“I can indeed. When the filth first infested us they would search me and my car every time I was on the road. I travel to all of those villages and often take family to see relatives and also some food. They hardly ever stop me now so I am sure I can take the birds when we have people who will work with us.”

“We may need to go sometimes as well Father, will you take us?”

“Of course and if we get a problem, we just kill the swine. God will forgive me when I get to see him. Oh and it’s Jacques from now on please.”

“Put a good word in for us as well Jacques. So, the villagers, tell us about them and can they be trusted and will they want to get involved?”

“All the younger men have gone and we don’t have any idea what has happened to most of them, only the two that we know have been killed. The youngest adult is 47 and there are 26 school children. The population is now 254 and I can assure you they will accept mine and Jacque’s advice and that will be to support you and they will want to become involved with anything you wish for and that includes hiding the Maquis, weapons and anything else you have or will get.

Now, what about you, you must have been sleeping rough and I invite you to stay with me for however long you stay.”

“That’s very kind of you but you must understand it’s very risky should we be found, if we are it could mean some of you will be shot as well. We are British serving officers and paid to do what we are here for, just allowing us to stay here is your contribution to fight the Nazi’s and eventually get your country back.”

“The whole of France is at risk and I have no doubt the Germans will murder many before we can get rid of them, so Eugene, it is collective risk. I do have a place for you that I know we can adapt for your use in the school loft and you will both dine with me and use my home for your baths and to relax. My house keeper, Ninette will look after you as she has done me for most of her adult life.

The school is single story as you have seen and getting into the loft is easy. I have a ton of boxes up there full of my personal writings and records of every child I have taught. There is furniture, dressing up outfits and props for our festive performances throughout the year and if we rearrange everything we can make a good space for you to hide and be safe. There are mattresses, carpets and easy chairs that I am sure will make you comfortable.  There is a door between my home and the school which is very convenient. Please do accept gentlemen.” Theo looked at Hunter and both knew exactly what the other was thinking but Hunter would leave the talking to his man to reply.

“Thank you very much Franc, we accept your kind offer but may I ask if you have a spare double mattress!?” Both Franc and Jacques burst out and could not stop, eventually Jacques was able to speak.

“Oh boys! It is so wonderful to have two more homosexuals just like us. This is such a good day!”

“Franc may I ask a favour?”

“Of course dear Alain.”

“Can we have a lock on our door!?”


All four of them worked in the loft and by the end of the day they had made a five foot by twenty foot “room” by moving a huge storage unit five foot forward with all that they would need to make them comfortable, including a double mattress.

After the evening meal Theo and Hunter went to retrieve their packs from the barn and stored it in the loft. Much later after drinks and talking to their hosts as well as two baths they were tucked up in bed with the luxury of sheets blankets and pillows.

Both were naked, of course, randy, of course and kissing which would lead to the best sexual time since leaving England, of course.

Over an hour later they laid facing and kissing their way back from the intense love making, smiling at one another.

“I love this place Theo, just a shame those bastards came along and fucked them all up and the whole of Europe.”

“If the Allies land in Normandy we maybe in a position to help more in kicking them out, I just wish I knew when it was coming.”

This was November 1943.


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