The Interview
by BobbyG


Chapter 3

Hunter sat listening to Paul Dowling and learning about his new identity, Theo already knew as well as the rest of Paul’s briefing.

“You Hunter are now Alain Dupont, Theo is Eugene Rousseau. Both of those men were real but sadly they were killed at Dunkirk. The French in London have allowed us to take their identities all of which you will study during the next month. As soon as you get in the van to drive to Cornwall you will speak French only and by the time you come back you will have become Alain and Eugene and know your identities from birth to the present day. I cannot stress how vital it is for you to know yourselves inside out because you will have to enter towns and villages unarmed and mingle with the locals and gather anything that maybe useful and send it back, in particular we want to know of troop numbers and movements. The only thing you will have on you to keep you from trouble are your identity papers. You Theo are an excellent mechanic and that’s what Eugene will become as for you Hunter you are a student of French and European history and a very good guitarist. When you get back you will be tutored by a guitar teacher to improve your skill. Both Eugene and Alain were bombed out of there homes and that is why you are in another area trying to find work. Anyway enough of this, you will be fully briefed when you get to Beaulieu. 

Here is a full programme of your activities for the month which you will be expected to follow religiously.” He handed Theo a thick file. “Your two packs  are ready for collection in stores, a Sergeant Moors is waiting and will issue the lot including your weapons, grenades and explosives. Even though you will not be taking what is packed, it will be identical to what you will have.

Has Theo told you of your area and what you will be up too?”

“I know something about what we will be doing but not the area, Theo said he could only tell me when we get to it.”

“That’s fine but I am going to tell you now, we will never win this war without an invasion somewhere on the northern coast and I mean a massive one. Plans are already being discussed and one area that is a possibility is Normandy, there are at least three others and it will be some time before the actual area is chosen.

We are sending many more than you two to other locations who will be doing the same job, radioing back intelligence as and when you get it. You are NOT there to get involved until an invasion is underway and then it’s up to you two to meet with the French resistance who by that time will be very well armed and hopefully cause maximum damage to the Hun and hinder them when they go and support the area being invaded.

You will always be very close to the enemy and possibly even closer when they begin to retreat if the invasion is in your area. You will have little choice to either join up with a local resistance group or go it alone and I already know that’s what you will prefer. Of course it’s entirely up to you. It will be a matter of making it up as you go along I am afraid.

As from today Theo you are promoted to Lieutenant and you Hunter will become 2nd Lieutenant, not that either of you will ware the uniform until you come back.” Paul went quiet for a time looking at the pair who he could be sending to their deaths, it had already happened. “Ok, one last thing for now. If things get bad, and you know what I mean, and you are able to get a message through I hope you can send a code that will tell us you are in trouble and can no longer operate. Theo give me that code.”


“I pray you never use it. Right chaps that’s enough until you get to Beaulieu and then I hope to send you out within a couple of months but definitely three. Have a nice holiday on Dartmoor, our chap down there will have already lit the fires and put a stew on so you should settle in quicker.”

“Does this bloke live there?”

“No and you won’t see him either, why do you ask?”

“I just assumed that if he did it would be a mistake considering why we are going there.” Hunter called himself a bloody liar, all he wanted to know if it would be just him and Theo!

Hunter smiled at Theo as they walked towards the store room.

“Told you I would!”

“Told me what?”

“It was only a matter of time before I became an officer.”

“Oh yes you did SECOND Lieutenant, you can call me sir by the way. They were packed and the butchers van loaded.

“Ok, who’s going to take the first hour?” Theo saw the look of alarm come across Hunter’s face.

“Can I take the second hour please Theo?” He smiled to himself, oh dear the brand new 2nd lieutenant can’t drive! This will be fun! And it was.

Theo kept looking at Hunter from the corner of his eye who was concentrating on Theo’s every move and even doing hand and feet movements as the gears were changed and the clutch engaged.

On the dot of one hour Theo pulled over and switched the engine off.

“There you are Hunter me boy and I tell you something that engine is perfectly tuned and a really smooth gear box and clutch, nice drive.” After that bit of shit stirring, Hunter’s moment had arrived and as Theo thought, he made a complete hash of it. He just sat there as time after time Hunter stalled trying to pull away and when finally managed to jerk away, he could not find second gear. Five minutes later they were travelling at 15 mph still in first gear.



“Middle fucking pedal!” Even the van seemed relieved!

“Why didn’t you tell me you can’t drive?”

“I was too embarrassed.”

“Oh that’s great! And what would happen if I get wounded and cant drive but we had a captured Nazi car to escape, what would you do?” Theo snapped.

“Call a fucking taxi!” Hunter snapped back! It took ages for them to stop laughing. Three hours later they arrived at the cottage and Hunter could drive even though he was illegal not having a licence to do it.

They took their packs into the cottage chucked them in a corner and dished up a couple of bowls of stew and eat.

“You going to study after this Theo?”

“Am I bollocks, it’s bed for me after a wash, I’m going up after this to pick my bed and as I’m the senior officer I get first choice.”

“I expect the one I get I would have chosen anyway.” Theo finished and took his bowl to wash up, he got his case and went upstairs then came straight back down.

“You were quick!”

“It’s a fucking double bed!” Hunter was the only one creased up laughing.

“Theo! We are going to be in our sleeping bags anyway but if you want I will put a couple of strands of barbed wire between us so you cant get to me!” Then laughed even more and got sworn at which did Hunter no favours, his sides were beginning to hurt.

Theo went into the wash room and after ten minutes came back out just in his army boxer type shorts and vest. Hunter looked and just stared. Theo picked up his sleeping bag and looked at the 2nd lieutenant.

“Which side do you want?” Hunter was having the time of his life.


“Christ why did I pick you! Your on the left, the far fucking left!” He could still hear Hunter laughing when he got into his sleeping bag.

Theo was up first and by the time Hunter made an appearance breakfast of eggs and bacon, half a loaf of buttered bread as well as two pints of tea was ready. They sat and planned the day which would become the routine for every other day and started by studying their new selves after which they tested one another. After a vegetable soup lunch the first of the five mile walks began and during it they would practise fire their weapons and by the end of their time Hunter’s shooting improved and was every bit as skilled as Theo, thanks to his instructions. They had been issued a 12 bore shot gun and on the way back Hunter shot a rabbit which would become dinner. After that more studying then bed, but not on night exercises which included sleeping out, there were quite a lot of them. Oddly they slept closer together than when they were in the bed but that was to do with sharing the small bivouac they made up every night.

That then was their life for the duration of their time at the cottage and by the end of it they were in complete harmony and if Theo was honest he was thoroughly enjoying Hunter’s company, they were already an excellent team long before they got to Beaulieu.


As soon as they arrived at the estate they were separated and arrested and taken for interrogation which lasted three days. It was brutal and were without food and water, stripped naked and physically abused. They also had to endure hours of verbal abuse during times of sleep deprivation but to add insult to injury all interrogations was carried out by British Germans and two of them very good actors. It was an eye opener and when they met Paul and others afterwards and had gone through the whole experience, realised that If they got captured for real, the interrogations would be much worse. All they had been given was a taste of what to expect if they found themselves in the hands of the Gestapo.

However, there was one positive outcome, neither of them broke and both had learnt their identities inside out and that at least was encouraging.

They were sat on the single beds in their room discussing the past three days.

“What will you do Theo?”

“Take every situation as it comes but if I find myself in one I can’t get out of I will put a capsule between my teeth and bite on it if there is no alternative, but one thing I am sure of, I will take as many of the bastards with me before I bite.” Hunter thought for sometime.

“I will do the same but promise me, we go together?”

“We are joined at the hip now and of course we will.”

“I like that, you and me joined at the hip.” And then added “That would be nice.” Theo didn’t reply but did even more thinking.

A month went by and just about every waking moment was crammed with training and instruction that had the full attention of everyone there. Being committed could be the difference between freedom and capture, but even they needed time away from the intense training , Paul knew that.

“Right you two there is a jeep waiting for you and it’s packed for two days leave. I have spoken to General Black and he has agreed you can sleep rough at Abbey House for two nights and you are not to take work with you.”

“It’s a trick, what are you up too sir?”

“It’s free time Hunter, down time, relax time and now it’s fuck off time! Get out the pair of you!”

The first person they saw as soon as Hunter (still without a licence) stopped the jeep was the General who got to them and welcomed them to his garden.

“I don’t have much idea what this is all about but I can guess. I am buggered if I will allow you to sleep that rough. I have had a tent put up for you with a few extras and invite you to use it lads.”

“Sir, how is Martin?”

“Hanging in Theo but most importantly pain free and comfortable. Come on let me show you your 5 star accommodation.”

Five star!? More like ten! They went into the marque and looked around and took in the thick carpet, the couch, the table covered with food, the ice bucket with a bottle of champagne plus a spare, the heater and then the centre piece, the double bed! Long before Theo could react Hunter was creased up!

“So sorry lads but we seem to be short of single beds but I am sure you will be fine in that.” By now Hunter was doubled up when he saw the bed was already made up and wondered how Theo would get out of this.

“Major Dowling insisted you were not invited to stay in the house but sod him, there is a key on the table that will take you to a side door, there is a bath room just to the right. Bye for now boys, I hope to see you before you go back to whatever you are involved in and I know it’s very intense.

“Thank you sir very much, you have been very kind don’t you think Theo?”

“What? Oh yes, yes of course, thank you sir, you have been very kind.”

“I already said that Theo, your just not paying attention are you.” Hunter had this enormous smile all over his face while Theo was still looking at the bed. 

Horace Black waved and went off and Theo sat down. Hunter went to the table and opened the champagne and poured two glasses then handed one to the man he had constantly thought about since he had first met him. Theo threw the whole glass down and handed it back to Hunter. He sipped the second glass and all the time staring at the carpet. Hunter kept quiet and waited, hoping. At long last Theo looked up into Hunter’s face.

“I want to take you to bed Hunter.”

“Theo? Are you…”

“NOW Second Lieutenant!”


Hunter undressed with Theo watching him, a few seconds later Theo was taking in the sheer wonder of this incredibly beautiful man but not just because he was so fantastically handsome with a tremendous body, but quite simply because it was Hunter standing there. Hunter pulled the blankets back and got into bed looking at Theo as he undressed and it has to be said thinking exactly the same as Theo had.

The last thing to come off was his socks and after they had joined the heap of clothes on the general’s expensive carpet he stood up and Hunter couldn’t help himself. “Oh my word, you are so beautiful Theo.” Theo got into bed next to Hunter and laid there looking down at him with his head on his left hand.


During times of intense training and studying it was all serious stuff but at meal times and during their marches they could relax and would often make each other laugh with a joke or saying something funny, it was a great way to become a little more normal because what they were training for wasn’t.

They were now in that same situation although this could not be more different. He smiled down at Hunter and then wrapped his arms around the young man, Hunter followed Theo and there they would be for quite some time. Hunter was waiting for the next move, but Theo needed to be daft, just to settle himself a bit. 

“I can’t remember what to do next!”

It took ages before they stopped laughing but still holding on to one another. Then Theo had a good idea, lowered his face to Hunter’s and for the first time their lips met, followed by tongues a little later. They would be kissing for the next quarter of an hour but nothing else although Hunter wished there would be but he had to wait for Theo and was more than happy to do so. What neither of them knew just then, they had fallen in love, but would eventually admit they had by the end of their time in Cornwall. Corny maybe but that’s the way it was.

They continued to kiss, which was rather lovely, but was made even better when Theo at last took full control and got hold of Hunter’s master cock and began to stroke. Hunter was a whole second behind and like that, and still kissing, they bought one another to an incredible end a few minutes later.

They laid together for some time when Theo thought it was time for something else.

“Right, that’s it, I’m getting bored lets go for a walk.”

“I wonder if all Lieutenants are as romantic as you. Trust me to find a damp squid.” They kissed for even longer before they got out of bed.

The walk was as beautiful as their physical time had been, as they walked hand in hand along the beach and both of them taking their heads off.

What ever the future held for them, no Nazi could take away what they had just found. It was a time of beauty, two men finding love in all it’s innocence but both of them would have to go through terrible times to retain what they had now found and nothing, not even this bloody war could take away this time, no matter how long or short.

They got back to the 10 star tent and after securing the flap they stripped one another off and went to bed and made love. Afterwards they made love on the couch followed by a tender time on the carpet, then back to bed.

“Sir, may I make a request?”

“Of course you can, just write it on a fuck form and hand it to me for my consideration.”

“Stupid officer. Would you please stay inside me for as long as possible and wake up tomorrow with you still there?”

“I will try very hard, so long as it does.”

“Thank you sir but please go as deep as you can!” Theo shoved another millimetre in!

“Oh thank you sir……, I can fart now!”

Theo shot out of Hunter and the bed and stood a few feet away listening and watching Hunter once again laughing his head off.

Theo needed to get back at him and went to the bed and took a blanket off, wrapped it around his body and settled onto the couch with his back to Hunter.

“Theo, I was only joking!” No reply.

“Oh for fucks sake Theo…., I didn’t mean anything!”

Theo pushed the blanket off and raised his right arm. Hunter shot out of bed and jammed himself between Theo and the back of the couch which makes you think doesn’t it? Two lovely men, two men who could help the many other thousands win this war, two men in love but the silly sods slept on the couch rather than in a perfectly good bed. Never mind, we still won the war.


The second day was the first full one in this new relationship and every single waking hour would be devoted to it, starting with a very enthusiastic period of kissing followed by every known homosexual activity on one another. At 11 o’clock they got up and went for a much needed bath and by 12 o’clock they were back in the tent stuffing down a huge meal. Hunter rather crudely observed that it was nice to have something else down his throat other than Theo’s cock! Theo nearly choked then beat his man up which lead to much more homosexual activity. At 2 o’clock they got into winter gear and went for a long hand in hand walk along the beach talking and joking the whole time.

Horace Black was in his bedroom and was watching them through his binoculars and smiled when he saw them holding hands, then wiped the tears away.

“Good luck boys, how Martin would wish it was him in your place Hunter.” His son had at last admitted to his father of his homosexuality and his love for Theo the previous day. It came as bit of surprise and all he felt was even more sadness because his son would not now find any love for another man, he had only hours left.

There was a knock on his door and a nurse came in. “General, the captain is ready sir.” Horace went to his son and would stay with him most of the night holding his hand. Five hours later Martin opened his eyes and whispered his last words. “Dad please ask Theo to forgive me . I love you so much dad.” And then he slipped away. He was just twenty five years old.

Theo and Hunter were naked, surprise surprise, sitting on the bed with Theo’s legs wide open and Hunter sitting between them with their arms wrapped round one another and of course kissing.

“Are you going to tell me about what happened in Norway?”


“Just want to know a bit more about the man I have fallen in love with that’s all.”

“Oh right, in that case I will but only a very brief account there is no point in telling you everything, I don’t want to anyway.” They went back to kissing for some time then Theo laid Hunter down on his side then laid down himself facing him.

“The Swedes, although they supposed to be neutral, allowed the Germans to travel by train through their country which lead to nothing more than a rear guard action while we tried to evacuate. Martin was told to bring up the rear and hold them up for as long as possible while the others escaped by ship. We were about ten miles from a place called Levanger and two destroyers were in the fiord waiting to pick up as many who could make it. We were given every available Bren gun and magazines and for three days and nights we held them up which meant more men could be got onto the destroyers. We were slowly withdrawing ourselves but kept the buggers busy the whole time. We even carried out a few counter attacks, but then the Germans bought a heavy mortar battery up and we were fucked and we had no choice but to withdraw much quicker. It was then Martin was badly wounded and by now I was the senior NCO and found myself in charge. Martin begged me to finish him off but I refused, I just could not do it and maybe that was the biggest mistake of my life. We still had a working radio and we were able to direct the destroyers guns on the Jerry’s. That gave us time and we were the last to be picked up.

When we got on board the medics kept Martin alive but they told me his back was shattered and had other injuries that would confine him to a bed for what ever time he had left.

I tried to go and see him when we got back but he refused to see me but the general was very kind and thanked me for his son. “Theo I know he will die but at least he will be with me in his own home and not on some battlefield and left.”

Theo kissed Hunter. “I could say lots more about that time, but what’s the point.” Hunter held Theo’s body tight into his.

“I know you are not telling me everything and I also know you wont because it would have to include why you were awarded the Military Medal but I feel so safe to be with you when we drop into France Theo.”

“We better abscond now then!” They didn’t fight, just cuddled in until they both fell asleep.

They were up by 6am and after a lot of kissing one another good morning they went for a bath and by the time they got back a huge breakfast had been delivered which was consumed within minutes. But it was all over and the time had come to go back and continue to prepare to go to France and an uncertain future.

“Who’s driving?”

“You, you need the practise!” Theo went to start up and at the same time looked towards the house hoping they would see General Black but instead he saw the Union Flag at half mast. Hunter also saw it, they drove back in silence.

Two weeks later they sat in Paul’s office and were told they would be going in a weeks time.

“You will flown by Lysander five miles south of a town called Colleville-sur-mer which will become your centre of operation but also visit other towns and villages in the area. Colleville is just two miles from the Normandy beaches and infested with Germans. They have built up considerable defences and therefore there will be lots of information for you to find and radio back.

After you land you must stay in the forest until you are ready to go north and find a safe place just outside Colleville and then begin your visits and send to me.

You will have maps of course and will show other towns and villages that maybe worth a visit.

Chaps, IF the invasion takes place in your area and they retreat we hope you will go ahead of them and radio back where they are so we can hopefully attack them by air and also you join up with the French and carry out sabotage attacks, but of course you will have to make it up as you go along.”

“Theo?” They were tucked up in Hunter’s single bed that meant they could not get any closer.


“Look, I know I am taller than you and therefore I could be seen as superior but I want you to know I will let you lead and I will follow.”

“Thank you so much, now turn round I need to take your temperature!” They had no idea when or if they could make love again.

They crammed into the rear cockpit of the Lysander with their packs and just hoped the pilot would get them to where they needed to be.

Flight Lieutenant Adam Barns was not only a brilliant night flyer he was a great navigator and so long as he had some visibility, he could land you on a football field.

They had crammed in leaning on their packs side by side but facing one another holding hands and often kissing until the aircraft began to loose height.

He landed just in one half of that football field. Adam and the brilliant Westland Lysander had done their work.

Theo and Hunter climbed out to begin theirs.


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