The Hut
by BobbyG


Chapter 4: I Fucking Lied

It was now the end of April and once again our boys were back on patrol defending one of His Majesties wooden huts. So far no encounters with the enemy had materialised which was no bad thing because if there had been, all three would have been caught with their pants down, literally. This time was no exception and all that needs to be said is that if the Germans had been aware of what was going on in this particular hut, Adolf would have been REALLY pissed off at a missed opportunity. Mind you A.H. had his sights elsewhere at this time and 1940 would prove to be very good for him and his like-minded filth, but a year that threatened to take Britain to the point of surrender and utter humiliation.

Meanwhile, three lovely boys were cuddled up together after having made love to one another and oblivious to European events, they were fast asleep!

“Fuck! Come on you wankers were late!” Spike was already up and getting dressed.

“Piss off Spike, anyone would think there’s a war on.” Simon snuggled back into Tony and Spike looked down at them and smiled, they looked so good like that.

“Come ON you cunts, wake up!” He kicked the pair of them which did the trick and with both Simon and Tony threatening to kill him they did as they were told and 10 minutes later they were riding hard back to Hamble. All three would be late for work and there could be awkward questions as to why they were, but really it was only Spike who could be in trouble.

He worked at his father’s garage who was a stickler for punctuality and did not except any excuse for lateness even if there was good reason for it. The world revolved around Mr Smith’s world and nobody, not even his wife or sons, were permitted to deviate from that world and have a life of their own. Mr Smith was not a very nice individual who would not have been able to get his head around the fact that his son finally found happiness, but only because he had fallen in love with another boy. Simon did not know that and Spike would never tell him, not now anyway as he was pretty sure about Simon and Tony.

Spike was lucky, his father had an appointment in Southampton and he would not know his son had been late. He got into his overalls and went to work on the new machinery that was turning out airframe parts for Spitfires coming into service with the Royal Air Force. Spike spent two hours working until the horn sounded for the 5 minute midmorning break. He got his mug of tea and two biscuits and found a quiet place so he could think. By the time the horn sounded again, his mind was made up, but he would have to wait until he had practised a bit of forgery.

Mr Smith had also made his mind up and he signed the new contract which would make him even more better off financially, so long as the Allies won the war of course. The 49 year old Mr Smith had not only secured his financial security, he had made doubly sure he would not get called up and would be safe from the possibility of any danger to himself. Business can be so risky at times. There would be many “Mr Smiths” who would benefit from this war and would claim their “commitment” to the fight against the evil of Nazi Germany, but at the same time checking the progress of their bank accounts.

“OH…! Soooo glad you two got here! You have either sorted the Nazis out and we can get back to normal, or you found a couple of short sighted girls to impress?”

“Tony said he got something stuck up his ass and we had to wait until he got rid of it. Spike and me think he sat on something nasty.” Andrew Walsh looked at both of them and wished he had never asked the question.

“Fuck off the pair of you and get to work.” Simon and Tony smiled at one another and did as they were told. Andrew saw the smiles as well and could have no idea that the “something nasty” was his son’s cock inside one of his employees.

The two were now working together all day every day and they both knew they had become more than very close. Simon never mentioned it and only for one reason, Spike. He did not want to upset his friend or even loose him as a friend after all it was Spike who had opened the door which proved beyond all doubt what he was. Spike was the same of course and for that brief time together they confirmed over and over again what they had known about themselves for a very long time. Then of course Tony came along and everything changed.

One huge benefit was that nobody took any notice of them at work because most of the men were in pairs anyway. It was not uncommon during breaks for Simon and Tony to go off to look at “Peace.”

“Fancy doing some work on her after we finish tonight Tony?”


“Fancy a snog?”


“Don’t say a lot do you?”

“Nah.” They snogged.

Tony continued not to say a lot during the next two months and by the start of May they had got to the point that hull production was at its height and partly because they were now working 12 hours on and 12 off. Andrew worked out a rota that would give each pair one weekend off a month. The up side to this was Simon and Tony had the same one of course, but the down side was the patrols almost stopped and only carried on because they volunteered to do one during their free weekend.

After some sweet talking to his father, Spike was also given permission to go on the patrols as well, but only because he had been told of his future work at the garage and Spike had no choice but agreed to it. He would be working full time with the new equipment that would be installed soon to mass produce military webbing, back and side packs, ammunition pouches, kit bags, gaiters and all the brass fittings. There was also one other item to be produced that would mean the British forces could go to war fully equipped and fully prepared, brass buttons. Spike would be responsible for the new workshop once it was up and running and would earn a good wage, One pound per week about five shillings more than the average workers wage, however he had other plans and he would only tell Simon and Tony about them when they got to the hut again.

The three of them arrived at 6pm and now that they had organized themselves much better over the weeks Simon prepared the meal while Tony got the wood burner going. Spike went for a walk to get more fire wood and think about what he was going to tell the other two in the morning. He just wanted one more time when they would be naked together. He smiled at the thought of it, but knew it would end up in tears, well for him anyway. It was the 1st of May 1940, a very significant month of the war.

Once again Simon cooked a nice meal and they sat on the floor eating the vegetable stew and thick chunks of bread. Rationing had already been introduced and there would be a great need to produce your own food. Simon grew his own from their large garden of course and for as long as he had the flour, baked the bread.

“The war is going bad don’t you think, our boys and the French are having a hell of a fight. We could very well be in deep shit. What do you two think?” Spike asked them.

“I think the Germans are too strong for us. My dad says they have been building up their forces for years now and we have done fuck all about it. Churchill has been warning the other politicians and all they think he is a war monger and that we should stay out of it. Dad also said that even if we do, Hitler could invade us sometime. I think we should get all our troops back home and get ready to beat the fuckers off.” Simon did not know it, but many more thought like him. Events would of course turn out quite differently for millions in Europe. Nobody knew it then, but the most evil of mass murders was enjoying his war and would have the upper hand for at least another two years. However, it would not go ALL Hitler’s way.

After they had cleared away they began to settle down for the evenings fun. Spike wanted to control this one as he was certain it would be the last with him involved. For some time now he was convinced Simon and Tony were involved and it was a case of two’s company, three’s a crowd. He knew he was in love with Simon, but it would be coming to an end anyway, he was determined to join the navy, even more so now.

His mind went back to the last time they were in the hut almost a month before. He was sure Simon had not been so keen as the other times and could not wait until they had all laid down in their usual pre sleep positions and he would have Tony in front of him with his arms round his body again. Spike could not be certain, but he was sure he was right. It became clearer after they had all dropped off.

Spike did not know what woke him up, but one minute he was fast asleep, the next, wide awake. He was on his side facing Simon who, as always, was in between himself and Tony. There was sufficient light to look at the boys who were also awake and he had a clear view of them as they quietly kissed and stroked one another. Simon’s back was towards Spike and he would have no idea they were being watched. Spike just looked at them and as he did, the sight of them like that caused a certain part of him to join in. It was a wonderful sight.

He laid quietly just looking on and it was obvious both boys were getting close as their breathing became more audible and the stroking much quicker. Suddenly they both froze and could not help gasp out as each of them delivered, all over the other while holding one another even more tightly.

Spike had to force himself to stop stroking, he didn’t want them to know he was awake, it could have spoilt the whole thing for them. He watched as Simon got on top of Tony and continued to kiss him.

He needed to get his back to them and pretend he was still asleep and at the same time mumbled something, snorted a couple of times and turned round. He heard them laugh quietly and smiled as they whispered their love to one another.

“Time to move on Spike my boy,” he told himself and fell asleep.

Spike got his way and after a lot of discussion who was going to do what to whom, he just told them.

“You fuck me Simon and I will suck you Tony.” Like this he would have Simon inside him one more time, have the lovely Tony’s cock to suck, BUT the most important thing? Simon and Tony could kiss their way through the whole time like this, perfect Spike thought.

That is exactly what happened and it would take a long time for it all to come to its inevitable conclusion, all three of them would never forget this or indeed the other times they had been like this. It had been beautiful.

Spike woke up before the other two and sat up looking down at them and once again smiled at the best two friends he ever had. By now Tony had turned with his back to Simon with Simon’s arms around his body. They looked wonderful and Spike surprised himself by not being quite so upset as he thought he would be and in any case being in love with someone in 1940 could bring about massive problems for all lovers. This being a homosexual love was even more of a problem he thought. Maybe he was best out of it after all, still it was going to take time for him to stop loving Simon he was sure of that.

“Do you mean you are just going and not tell your parents Spike?” They had cleared the hut up and would be ready to leave in a half hour.

“Yes and for several reasons. I’m buggered if all I am going to do is work for my dad pressing out brass buttons for as long this war lasts. We will all get called up anyway and I’m going to join up before that happens. I’m going to miss you two a lot, but we all have to move on some time anyway and now is the right time for me. I know you two are in love and I want you to have time before you too get involved with this fucking war and all I hope is we all come through it.”

Simon and Tony were trying to sort this out. Ok they would now have time to themselves, but with Spike gone it was an end to a period in all their lives that had been more than special.

“Simon, can I leave some stuff at your place? I will pack a few things and pick them up when I go. I have altered my birth certificate and made myself a year older and typed a letter from my dad giving his permission for me to join up and forged his signature, I should get away with it.” Simon and Tony were still catching up and there was still one surprise left from Spike.

“Look, it’s none of my business what you do, but why don’t you ask your dad if Tony could move in with you Simon, that way you will be together more and nobody will think it’s strange. There are loads of people living all over the country now and if you two lived together it won’t raise any eyebrows. Still, it’s up to you. Right, come on one last cuddle and we better be off.”

The cuddle was long, tender and full of emotion. Spike broke away and smiled at both of them.

“I won’t come here again, but promise me you two will still come back, promise?” Neither boy could say a thing and just nodded. Spike went out followed by the other two and watched him as he got on his bike and flew down the path. They looked at their bikes, all four tyres had been deflated. Spike had to concentrate like mad as the tears poured down his face blurring his vision. He angrily wiped them away and for once would be glad to get back home.

“He is in love with you Simon and I know how he feels. It makes me scared, you are the only person I ever loved like the way I do and…” Simon shut Tony up by kissing him.

“God knows were all this is going, but I will NEVER stop loving you no matter what we are in for. Come on I have to cook dinner, dad will be hungry by the time he gets in. Oh, and you’re eating with us.” They got on their bikes now that they had pumped the tyres up and cycled home in silence.

“Dad can Tony move in with us?” A simple question that only required a simple answer. “Yes or No,” but of course to the two seventeen year olds it was a question that bought about a massive increase in heart rate and a certain amount of breath holding.

Andrew had his spoon halfway to his mouth and stopped, thought and by the time it got all the way, he had made up his mind. Two boys stared at him and only huge respect for his dad stopped Simon from shouting at him to hurry up with the answer.

“Course he can. So long as you don’t snore Tony?”

Simon was an intelligent lad, but at times it did not show that well.

“No he doesn’t.” Simon could not take it back and when he looked at Tony he saw a boy who’s expression said everything that was not that complimentary.

“Good, just hope grandma and grandpa won’t mind.” It had been their bed all of their married life.

It took just a couple of hours for them to collect Tony’s few belongings and say goodbye to his landlady and thank her. Back at the cottage the boys tried their best not to appear too excited about the prospect of spending the next few million years sleeping together and go about putting Tony’s things away. A couple of small problems showed up, they first had to work out who was going to bath first, they agreed it would be Tony. Then they had to work out if they should go to bed together or separately, they went together. Andrew took no notice at all and just sat there reading the paper. It was all bad news.

“Goodnight dad, see you tomorrow.”

“Goodnight you two, sleep well.”

“Goodnight Mr Walsh and thanks for having me stay.”

“That’s fine Tony, just remember not to snore, Simon says you don’t and that’s good enough for me.” They went up the ladder as slowly as they thought was about right and not appear too enthusiastic. Back down in the living room Andrew was staring at his paper and not reading anything.

This was going to be perfect. They could cuddle up and not have a problem because when Andrew came to bed he made enough noise to wake the dead and they would have plenty of time to separate. They got into bed, cuddled in tight and kissed. It was always cold in the loft and that’s why pajamas and several blankets were a must. All this did was make it even more of a turn on as they undid one another’s pajama cords and slip a hand in. It would not be long before both jackets were also undone and Simon on top of Tony. At the first sound of movement at the bottom of the ladder both boys kissed, did themselves up and Simon went to Granddad’s side of the bed with his back to Tony. Once Andrew was in bed they could have got back together, but did not trust themselves, they would make too much noise.

A couple of days later Spike called in at the boat yard with a small suit case and gave it to Simon to take back with him.

“Bloody hell it didn’t take you long to move in Tony. Good is it?”

“I didn’t have a choice, but no complaints, I love it there and him.” Tony nodded at Simon to indicate who he was referring to just in case Spike forgot. There were smiles all round and everyone was happy. They were in “Peace” and the last of the decking was now in place. Simon hoped he and Tony could start on the fitting out, but with everything else going on it did not seem likely. Spike left and the boys went back to work. It was all so different for them now and they could not be happier, but they were also aware of what was going on in Europe. The whole country followed the news and there was not much to be happy about. It was now 10th May and when the news came through that German forces had invaded the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France it seemed fairly obvious that the British Expeditionary Force could be in a lot of trouble. They and the French were being pushed north towards the channel and were fighting to try to stop the German advance.

That evening the three of them were eating their evening meal and the only conversation was war. Like so many others the only option was to get the troops home and get ready for a German invasion.

“Well, we have got Churchill in Number 10 at last, let’s hope he can make a difference. We need him and a lot of luck.” Andrew suddenly laughed out loud which took the boys by surprise.

“Don’t worry lads, we will fight the buggers off. Let me show you something.” He got up and went to his desk, opened a drawer and took a shoe box out. He bought it back to the table, opened it up and took out his old service revolver, a .38 Enfield.

“There, that will stop the bastards if they invade! Problem is I’ve only got 10 bullets!” He handed it to the boys who immediately got into cowboy mode and pissed Andrew off no end.

“Only men can handle it from now on and it will be years before you two qualify. Right, I have to go and meet the Major at the pub in an hour. I expect you will be in bed by the time I get back, I’m off for a bath, you two can clear up.”

It was a tight squeeze but it was even more fun as they faced one another in the copper. They had no option but to wrap arms and legs round each other to make room, an option they loved. After a lot of kissing and stroking they stood up and had a wonderful time washing one another and also spent a rather long time with one of them remaining standing and the other sitting on the side of the copper while they sucked a very hard cock.

“Fuck Tony, let’s get to bed, NOW!” They scrambled out and dried off and went naked to bed. It took some time to warm up which in itself was a huge bit of fun and each took it in turns to go below and work on a lovely cock. The time had come and with Tony on his front Simon got on top and very slowly entered him and began to stroke himself into that wonderful rear end. It was fantastic made even better as they moved positions a few times. Simon could not hold back any longer, he was now on his back with Tony finishing him off. Simon called out as he came and for the first time they had made full love in Grandma and Granddad’s bed. Tony would not make love to Simon as he had also dumped his loads as Simon had come inside him.

They were fast asleep when Andrew got back and only because of the row he made climbing the ladder, allowed Simon to separate from Tony and get to “his” side of the bed. It could not go on like this though and they would get caught out soon.

By the 20th the news coming back from France could not get much worse. By now The British and French were being pushed back towards Dunkirk and the only action that slowed the Germans down was determined defence and counter attacks, but time was running out. There were already plans being drawn up to rescue as many troops as possible by sending war ships to Dunkirk harbour to pick them up.

The boys went to bed late on the 24th and the reason for that was the Major had called in to talk to Andrew and the boys did not want to miss out on the conversation.

“The Royal Navy are already on their way Andrew, but God knows how many they will get off and it’s quite possible Dunkirk will be bombed which could stop the evacuation.”

“EVACUATION? Christ we are in deep shit Trevor.”

“I have a friend in the war office and went to London to meet him yesterday, he is saying nothing but just looking at him tells me it’s all bad. CHRIST, why didn’t Chamberlin stand down and get Winston in Number 10 sooner? All that man did was try to appease Germany and make a deal. Andrew, things are going to get worse before they get better, if indeed they do at all.” Andrew poured another double and handed a glass to Trevor. Simon coughed out loud and looked at his dad.

“Men only.” He said looking his son and then said, “oh what the fuck.” and poured two more doubles.

“Down in one you two.” The boys threw the rum down their throats and nearly choked to death. The two men split themselves and Andrew poured two more.

“Here, drink these, you will be fine.” Five minutes later the boys staggered up the ladder and fell into bed. They cuddled up together and there they stayed all night. They did not hear Andrew come up a couple of hours later and when he had got into Simon’s room he stood on his one leg looking down at them for quite some time. Simon was behind Tony with his arms around him and could not possibly get any closer. After some time he hopped into his room and got into bed his brain doing cartwheels. “Oh Jesus!” He scrambled out of bed and again stared down at them and froze as Simon moved and wrapped his arms even tighter around Tony.

“Maybe just cuddled up for comfort after all the country is in deep trouble and they could even be invaded soon? Of COURSE that must be it.” He hopped back into bed not believing a word he had just thought.

The phone ringing woke them all up. Simon shouted to his dad that he would answer it and got out of bed. It was Trevor. “Dad is just coming Major, hang on please.”

“Hello Trevor, this must be important.” It was 6am. Simon went to the range and poked some life into the fire and put another couple of logs on. He filled the kettle and put it on the hot plate then got mugs out.

“Right Trevor, thanks.” He hung up and sat down. Tony came down and sat at the table.

“Trevor has just told me there will be a broadcast at 7 o’clock, he thinks there will be a request going out for as many boats as possible to go to Ramsgate or Dover and then to Dunkirk to help rescue the lads. We will get Peace back in the water after we hear the broadcast.”

“Who will go with you dad?”

“Don’t know. I will ask for volunteers.”


“And me.” Andrew looked at the two boys and had this image of them cuddled up together in bed. His mind flashed back to 1915 when he had told his father he wanted to join the Navy and like these two he was also seventeen.

“Well done my boy, well done.” Andrew looked at them again and realised what must have gone through his own fathers mind.

“Well done lads, well done.”

“And Spike dad?”

“Hey, don’t push it. This is a rescue not a fucking day out to France!”

“He is a great mechanic dad and I could do with help with the engines.”

“Ring him after the news at seven.”

They sat around the radio and listened to the instructions which were for all sea worthy boats of any size to got to Ramsgate or Dover by the 26th and from there they would cross the channel to bring troops off the beaches.

“Civilian crews can man their boats so long as they are experienced otherwise Royal or Marine sailors will commandeer boats and sail them.”

“Right, what’s Spikes phone number?” It happened that Spike answered and listened as Andrew told him what he Simon and Tony were going to do.

“Simon says you are a good mechanic Spike and wonder if you would like to come with us, but it could be dangerous, understand that.”

“That’s fine Mr Walsh…” There was a pause and Andrew could hear Spike telling his father about going with the others to Dunkirk.

“Mr Walsh my dad wants to talk to you.” Andrew went through the whole thing again and had to put up with Smith’s objections and his refusal to allow Spike to go and his disgust that he would take two boys into danger and as a responsible parent he would not allow his son to go.

“There are a lot of boys hoping their fathers will be saved Mr Smith. I would have thought we were all in this together; still it’s up to you. Goodbye.” He put the phone down and swore.

“Right, breakfast and get into sea gear. Simon see what you can find for Tony. We will go by ourselves, you will just have to keep the engines running yourself, you know them well enough. Still, we need to get her in the water and give her a run out.”

They got to the yard by 8am and began to uncover Peace and at the same time fired up the boiler in the “Bitch” as she was affectionately known by the men. When that had been done and “Bitch” was up to pressure they put slings under “Peace” and with everyone watching and praying the ancient steam crane would do her job.

She cussed, farted, coughed, spluttered, farted again and then lifted “Peace” gently off the cradle and placed her into the water.  Once there they were all over her like a rash checking everything out before taking her out into the Southampton water to give her a run.  They had filled both fuel tanks and also 10 fuel cans that held 5 gallons each. Andrew rang the local Cottage Hospital and sent Tony there to pick up the first aid supplies they promised. But, there was a problem with the port engine.

They sailed from the Hamble river and from there at full speed up the Southampton water. After an hour the port engine over heated and had to be shut down. It took twice as long to get back as the tide was running against them and they were anxious about the health of the starboard engine.

“Fuck it, here we are hoping to get to France and can’t even get into the Channel.” None of them felt at all confident.

Simon and one of the other men went to work, but after an hour the engine was still overheating. Simon had a thought and went to the office and rang Spike’s garage. He was in luck, his old man was out.

“I was coming down to the yard anyway and come with you if its ok with your dad Simmo. My dad is out and I can get the fuck out of here. I want to get my case from your place, can you let me in?”

“It’s not locked, just go up the ladder into our bedroom, your case is under the bed.”

“Will your dad have a problem with me on board, he knows my dad says I can’t go?”

“We will hide you, it will be too late when we sail.”

“He will kill you Simmo and then me.”

“No he won’t, he will be mad at me, but he has been before and I’m still here. By the way, why do you want your case now?”

“Well, I’m assuming we will go back to Dover or Ramsgate with troops and if we do I am going to go to the nearest recruiting office, sign up with the navy and go and win the war for us.”

It took longer than Andrew wanted, but finally the engine was fixed and running well. He thanked Spike for his help and shook his hand. He took Simon and Tony back to the cottage to raid the pantry and Simon got his binoculars and they were as ready as they could be.

Simon worked out that getting to Dover would take 10/11 hours assuming the weather stayed as it was now and they could maintain 8 knots. “It will be dark when we get there, but we should be in reasonable time to sail with the others tomorrow.”

Andrew took “Peace” out into the Southampton Water and they began the first leg of a journey that would change all of them.

“Dad if I told you Spike is on board, would you kill me?”

“No son, I would never do that and you are about to tell me he is on board, right?”

“Yes dad, Spike is on board.”

“I fucking lied!”


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