Matt & Me
by BobbyG


Chapter 6

“Hello love, thanks for calling. This is going to be difficult, I’m fucked but Mathew is even more fucked up!. Simon please give me your video address, I want to see you.” I did as she asked and waited for the connection.

As soon as she came on I was shocked as I saw a very different lady that I had met before the wedding. When I had first met her she was full of joy, happiness and so much in love with Dean and her daughters and son. Not a care in the world although I knew she must have gone through all sorts of personal issues in her life, given the fact she had three kids from three different fathers. But as a mother, she was at the top of the tree!

Her face had “worry” written all over it which made my own face the same as hers.

“Okay Mary, say all you need to please, let’s get this in the open.” I watched as she blew her nose. This was obviously very difficult for her, but WHY?

“As soon as you drove off when you bought Mathew back he changed. He went to his room and we saw very little of him for the next couple of days and when we did it was obvious he had been crying just about all the time. We all tried to cheer him up but he just sat there and ignored all of us. He has gone off his food, skipped school a few times, he is well behind with his homework, got into fights and was even suspended for three days, he even lost his temper with me Dean and Mary Jane. The only person he is ok with is Gail. It’s SO bad… he fucking hates everything and us even though we are all trying to support him.” She did manage a smile before she said the next thing. “But what we did notice was all the time he was downstairs he kept fingering his Rangers pendant you bought him and we all know he is like he is because he misses you and we now know he is in love with you. Well, that all came to a head after you and he spoke this morning. I have never done this before but when he came down crying and swearing, it was me who lost it and I went for him.” She broke down and I must say I was close myself. “I don’t want to repeat what I said but I didn’t let up and at last we got it out of him, not that it was a surprise to any of us and as soon as he screamed out to us that he loves you, he could at last let it all out. Dean and I did not go to work nor did Mary Jane. Gail was at nursery school and was out of the house before all this kicked off. We just cuddled him for hours but as the time went by Mathew came back to us as the son and brother we know, but of course his problem is still with him and he made us promise not to say anything to you. I tell you what Simon, that son of mine is a great actor as he told us when you two were talking he pretended to be so happy and of course he had to lie to you to keep up the pretence.

“Simon, he can’t tell you how much he loves you even though he thinks you are, but what he really thinks is if you are, you won’t tell him because you will think he has to have a life outside your life as he is so young.

“Well that’s it. We think he will now be able to accept the situation better and move on, but it been a tough time for him and if he knew I was talking to you he would lose it again. It’s just that we wanted you to know and ask you this, are you in fact in love with my son?”

“Mary, I thought he HAD moved on, I was sure he had a boyfriend. I saw the bunk bed move when I spoke to him this morning and knew someone was up there. I just assumed it was… well, someone else but not me of course.”

As I watched her I saw all the tension drop from her face and replaced by a wide smile and then she began to laugh and laugh and laugh and as she did the tears poured down her face.

“Oh you silly lovely man!” She wiped her eyes again. “THAT WAS GAIL! She is always in Mathew’s room because they like to be together when he’s home. All she was doing was being with her brother and even falls asleep in his bed sometimes, but when you were talking to Mathew she was only there for two minutes as she was saying goodbye to him before she left for school. NOW, you tell me what I need to know, my son could depend on it, BUT you sod I already know you love him, just fucking say it!”

I lent towards the cam. “I don’t just love your son Mary, I absolutely adore him! You are right, I never told him because he is so young and thought he would need to move on from me and what we had together.” I wiped my own tears away and just knew this was going to end up as Matt and I wanted it too. “Mary can I come up, I need to put this right and tell him I’m sorry for putting him through all this and then tell him he will be coming down here as often as he can. Mary its been shit this end as well and if Matt is a good actor, then that’s something else we have in common.”

“Are you free this weekend?”

“Nothing will stop me.”

“Come up Friday, let me know what time you will get here and when you arrive, me, Dean and the girls will be gone. The front door will be open and all you have to do is go to his bedroom and make my son and you happy again. He won’t know you are coming, just bang on his door and go in. I just hope the roof will stay on!”

“What will his reaction be when he realises you have spoken to me?” She smiled at me again.

“He will be the happiest since you two were together and when we all meet up again we can sort this out. It can’t be that difficult and a lot easier than what Mathew and we have been going through.”

I text Chika telling him we could not meet again as my boyfriend and I were back together which I loved saying. “My boyfriend and ME!!!” That was the first time I had said it and it would certainly not be the last, well I hoped so.


At 11 am I crossed over the Scottish border on a wet and windy day which was much different to the first time I had crossed four months before. My sat/nav would just confirm the route I now knew. I was an hour away from Matt, not that he knew it. I was nervous but 100% sure of his reaction and what it would be.

I stopped outside the house and sat there for a few moments as my thoughts went back to the first time I had been there and found myself smiling not knowing I would meet a 14 year old that I would want to spend the rest of my life with.

As this was mid-December shorts were definitely out, so it was jeans, a white tee shirt and leather jacket, but no underwear.

Like all best-laid plans this fucker went wrong as well. As soon as I had quietly closed the door I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Matt appeared at the bottom just in shorts, he looked stunning. He turned left and did not see me, he was heading for the kitchen.

I took a deep breath.


I watched as he froze for some time and then slowly turned and there we were, face to face once again. I sort of smiled searching his face for reaction, he just stared back in astonishment with his mouth open.

I put my hands up as if I was surrendering.

“Matt… I fucking love you so bloody much and you look beautiful, but even if you were not beautiful, I would still love you because you are you. Your mum told me everything but don’t be angry with her please?”

I took one step towards him but he took several more as he ran at me. We slammed together and both of us wrapped our arms tightly around one another and there we would be for a very, very long time as we clung on to one another not wanting to part… ever. And we wouldn’t from this day on.

“I love you so much Simon… I fucking love you so much!” His body shook in my arms as all the pent-up emotion poured out of him and he gripped even tighter as he cried his heart out. “Simon, I’m sorry, oh fuck I’m SO fucking sorry. I cant expect you to…”

“SHUT UP!” Bloody hell, he did!

He looked at me but I knew he could not focus too well any more than I could. I wiped his tears away and did the same to mine with the back of my hand.

“Let’s go to bed and cuddle please Matt and no, I don’t want anything else until we are both ready, just cuddles please.” He took my hand and when we reached his bedroom I kicked my trainers off before following him up to the bunk.

Once there we cuddled back in but did not trust ourselves to talk, that would happen soon enough but just for now all we needed to do was embrace and stay locked together.

Matt was the first to say something after we had clung together for a VERY long time and telling each other of our love and that he/I had fallen in love after all that had happened in the hotel and of course when we had gone to my home.

“What happens now Simon? This isn’t exactly a normal relationship, you know, a man and a boy in love?”

“Well a lot would say a gay relationship isn’t normal either but to hell with them and the law, but we will only have to wait another eight months. You will be 16 then and we will be legal, then I hope you will come and live with me forever. I will come up as often as I can and you come down in the school holidays.”

“What are you doing for Christmas? Got a boyfriend staying?” I slapped his ass which meant we were getting back to normal.

“I’m coming to stay with you and the family, all I have to do is let them know.”

“Can you imagine mum saying no. You can be my assistant when I cook Christmas dinner.”

“Think we should have clothes on though don’t you think? And definitely no fucking in THIS kitchen!” We went back to cuddling until I remembered I had not text Mary. I fetched my phone from my jacket and took it back to bed. “What shall I say?” Matt moved down to unzip my fly. “Tell mum I am getting your cock out and giving you a blow job.” I typed the text and sent it. He stopped blowing me.

“You fucking didn’t… did you!?” I showed him.

“Third world war is over and roof still on.” He mumbled something which included “fucking idiot” then sank his mouth back on my cock. It was all so perfect, until the front door banged open that is.

“Get your fucking asses down here you two otherwise I’m coming up there!” There was a mad comical dash to get decent and two hard cocks to hide. Matt had to drop his shorts and put briefs on to keep it in place. I zipped back up and jammed mine up just below the waistband of my jeans. We kissed one more time then went down to face the music.

Face the music my ass, we all cuddled in with lots of kisses as well. Mary held onto her son for a long time. “Aint we the sad fuckers.” She said to Matt, “both falling in love with a fucking Englishman, what will our friends say for Christ’s sake! Ah well, at least I got my boy back.” And then hugged him even tighter.

“Mum, Simon is coming for Christmas, so he told me.”

“Cheeky sod! But we knew you would anyway, but we have something for you two homo’s to think about.” This was going to be good, we both knew it. Matt came back and sat next to me, waiting.

“When you got into trouble at school the one good thing that was said about you was the standard of your homework you handed in after the summer holiday and of course that was when you were with bloody handsome here. I told the Head you were staying with a family friend who is a teacher and I will be calling him Monday telling him I have already sent you back down and fucking handsome here will sort you out and also find you work experience at a restaurant or hotel for a month or even two. How’s that for good thinking then?”

I don’t know which one of us was most excited but I certainly went back to being a 15 year old again. Matt hugged everyone including me and rushed upstairs to start packing and get his ignored homework ready to take with him.

We had a lovely weekend and as it was mainly family it meant Matt and I could cuddle up on the couch or just sit there holding hands. When a visitor arrived we would separate and they would see a rolled up duvet and pillow by the couch just to make things look proper. Gail nearly balls things up one evening though when she asked me if I was ever going to sleep on the it!

The car was packed and we were ready to go. It was a piss poor weather day which would mean a slower drive home.

(Two miles away a Douglas and Hamish thought it was a lovely warm Scottish day. “I bet those fucking English are feeling the heat south of the border Hamish don’t you think?” Hamish scratch his full ginger beard and a pork pie fell out! “Hamish how long has that been there?” Hamish took a big bite. “As long as the other two Douglas!”)

We said our goodbyes and we were off for a week and a half before coming back for Christmas.

I drove out of the estate and parked up. We both struggled to get out of our trainers and jeans then stuffed them behind our seats, we grinned at one another and even more when Matt put his hand down my shorts and took hold of me and there it would remain for most of the journey.

We drove in comparative silence but would look at each other every now and then with massive smiles.

“Your thinking about last night aren’t you! Are you sore?”

“Not anymore, it took a bit of getting used having you fuck me again, its been over three months remember. Not the best fuck, but SO funny!” He laughed his frigging head off then squeezed my dick and told me he loved me. I just thought about the third night.

The first night we had just cuddled in then slept, the second we had 69’d which was wonderful, but now we had got to the third night. Matt gave me a clue as to what he wanted when he leaned over and whispered he had douched. I whispered back, “so have I, whose first?” He pointed a finger at me which gave me another clue. Fucking tart!

Matt laid on his front and at the same time raised his hips to give me easier access. I lubed his bum and my cock and also fingered him in an attempt to loosen him up.

“Simon! I told you before… Just DO IT!” I collapsed on top of him trying not to laugh too loudly. He then forced his ass in my face and made me laugh even more! He turned round and we laughed together, telling each other of our love and kissing shit loads. Being able to say those words meant the lovemaking was even more wonderful.

Eventually I got us under some sort of control and after kissing my BOYFRIEND one more time, I turned him back on his front and slowly slipped my cock head into that most beautiful of places that two lovers would want it to be, and there I stayed until I knew he was ready for the rest of me to enter him. Matt was totally relaxed and that allowed me to fully slide into the most beautiful man on this earth, all of my 6.5 inches and after staying deep inside him for some time I began to stroke out and then slowly back in, many times. Oh my word it was…..”

Knock knock! And NO, it wasn’t me!

“Mathew I can’t sleep, can I come in?” It was Gail and I was in total panic as I pulled out of her brother and tried to get decent before the 4 year old came in! Matt helped no end by laughing his fucking 15 year old head off! I managed to get into shorts just before she could see me. I kissed her head and ran downstairs and had to put up with a ton of piss taking from Mary and Dean as I unwrapped the duvet and slumped on the couch for the night. “If you shits don’t stop laughing I will be on a double murder charge! Go to bed and do what I tried to do, now FUCK off!” The buggers split themselves and stayed where they were. I swore some more, then fell laughed with them..

I woke the next morning only to find a 15 year old boy next to me. We smiled at one another and kissed for ages.

“Where’s Gail?”

“In my bunk and she will be asleep for another two minutes, then she will come down here!”

“I fucking hate four year olds!”

We cuddled in for our two minutes and told one another of our love. CHRIST that was so good and then got up to get ready to go home before Gail interrupted us again.

We drove the rest of the way talking our heads off and all of it about us and how we would plan the next 100 years!


We arrived home and got out of the car.

We cuddle in as soon as I had closed the door.

We stripped one another naked

We got into a bath and then,

We had a glorious “fight.”

We made love and for the first time as

We were now “home.”

We made love again knowing

We would for years to come.

We could now tell one another of our love since we first met

We would laugh and say it was so fucking obvious anyway.

We had to be in school or work and laughed at our situation.

Matt would come home and his eyes would smile into mine

Matt would fall into my arms and we would kiss.

Matt would say things that would make me laugh, but

Matt would also say stupid things hoping I would “beat” him up.

Matt got his wish.

Matt would lead me into our bedroom and then

Matt and I would make love in the same way as when

Matt and I had first made full love in the woods.

Me had so many problems after I knew I had fallen in love with him.

Me wishing I could tell him.

Me wishing his family would accept my love for their son and brother

Me hoping that he had made the right choice. ME!

Me eventually knowing he had and realising

Me was the luckiest fucker on some God’s earth. BUT!

Me knowing he was in fact, “God sent.”


Matt and I are now married and we say goodbye to you before we have to drive back up to Scotland to stay with the family in Dean’s new pub. Matt is now 20 and a chef in the same hotel I had taken him to on his 15th birthday. We had put a swing seat in the copse so we could relax after we had made love, again and cuddle together.

We are off now but this trip would be somewhat different as Matt was driving, so guess who had a hand down the front of a pair of shorts and holding a 7-inch cock?


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