Matt & Me
by BobbyG


Chapter 4

It was such a lovely day, very warm with a light breeze that caressed our naked bodies. We were totally private in the small copse I had found way off the beaten track with us laying on the blanket and just minutes away from making full love and for Matt, his first time of course.

I smiled down at him and then kissed his sweet mouth, he bought my head to the side of his. “I’m ready Simon, please don’t make me wait any longer and I know I will be fine, so don’t worry.” I kissed his cheek and held him tight for a few moments and then got up and pulled my pack to me. I fumbled around and found the lube and the steak knife! Matt took one look at it with a slightly concerned look on his face. “And what the fuck are you going to do with THAT!?” I lent down and kissed him. “Smooth handle, thicker and longer than my fingers, not quite a dildo but with lube it will do the same job. Now lay face down on my lap.” Matt laughed and did as he was told, I now had that wonderful backside sticking up and spent some time massaging and kissing it.

This was going to take a lot of time but with plenty of it left I was in no hurry, it would stay warm for the next three hours at least and being naked in the open air was a massive turn on, same as swimming naked.

I moved him so his bum was in my face. Rimming him would be the only foreplay this first time but I knew just doing that would wind him up no end. It was fantastic just listening to Matt sigh his pleasure and twitching his bum as my tongue stroked his valley and the button that we both hoped would soon open to my now very hard rod.

I moved him back on my lap, parted his cheeks with thumb and finger and took the greased up temporary steak handle dildo to his button and slowly shoved it in, all quarter inch of it. Once again I massaged and as I did I slipped in more of the handle until finally the whole 3.5 inches of it was in up to the hilt. Any further there would be blood all over the place!

This went on for a long time with Matt’s head on his arms and his face turned towards me with his eyes closed and a massive smile on his face. It was time.

“Come and sit over me Matt. I want you to take me in, that way you can control how much you can take.”

“No, I want to be on my back and YOU control things… I want to watch you.” I got him into position and told him to hold his legs as far apart as he could get them and then I lined my cock head to his button. Here we go, I thought, oh fuck Matt this is going to hurt dear boy. This first time was being so mechanical, surgical in a way but I knew that if he could take me and was able to keep me in him, the whole experience would change, so long as I could keep the pain to a minimum that is.

I had lubed his hole and my dick with just about half of the tube hoping that would make a difference. I had lined up and began a gentle push hoping against hope it would just slide in, it didn’t of course. I kept this up for some time and putting more pressure on his back door, nothing. I tried another two finger fucks.

“Simon, just give it a massive shove.” I lent over and kissed him… “Ok.”

This was it, I had delayed long enough, this was the only time Matt and I were on “opposite” sides, him knowing it was going to hurt not that he cared and me not wanting too because I knew it would.

I lined up again and took a deep breath and gave a huge push onto that oh so small anus of this oh so lovely boy. FUCK, I just knew what was coming! I pushed again and Matt screamed out as my head went in and me shaking like a leaf. “Don’t go out, stay where you are, don’t you dare go out.” He was looking at me with an intensity I had never seen before on anyone’s face, that expression also had pain in it but Matt still managed a smile of encouragement. “I will be fine Simon… I promise.” Matt raised up as far as he was able and I lent down to him to meet his lips. “Just tell me when you are ready love.” It just came out and Matt had heard it. “Of course I will… love.”

It took a lot of time but VERY gradually I moved further into his wonderfully tight tunnel, millimetre by millimetre, never withdrawing just going further in. Matt’s face told me he was still in a lot of pain, but his words of encouragement kept me going. “It’s all good Simon, well it will be!” His smile was so fucking brave. And then, at long last:

“Matt, I’m there, you have got the lot.” I held myself to him and the smiles we gave one another were the most beautiful of all. I was now able to enjoy being inside that amazing tube, my cock was in a tight grip and felt wonderful, I knew I could cum without even moving. “How is it Matt?” He looked back up at me with that lovely smile. “Its fine now and to prove it look at me.” I did as I was told and looked at his cock, it was as hard as I had ever seen it.

“Does it still hurt?”

“Just a bit but if we stay like this, I will be fine.”

“Ok, just do as I say. When you can, hold me round my neck.” Being careful not to move inside him too much I began to lift Matt up and at the same time adjust my own position so that he would still have me fully inside him but now sitting up with our arms wrapped around one another. It was fantastic and we just stayed like that and kissed the hell out of one another for a very long time.

After that long time I kissed him once more and laid down. “Right, now YOU take control. Fuck on my cock but only when you are ready.” He smiled back down at me. “I’m fine and ready.” With that he slowly raised himself an inch and then settled back down. I took his hard cock in hand and began to stroke in time with his fucking on me. At last the mechanical part was over and the lovemaking began.

Matt was now in a place that was much more comfortable for him and he began to ride me with longer strokes and the pair of us were beginning to climb up that very steep mountain that would bring us both to an incredible summit.

“Matt, this is it… I’m going to cum… Oh fuck… Christ…! SIT ON ME!” He did and I literally blew up inside him, time and time again.

I had hardly stopped blasting into him when he too called out. “Oh fuck… I’m… ” I looked at his cock and got shot in the face as an enormous load blasted out followed by four more that covered my chest and finally my belly. After some time I forced myself up and once again we grabbed each other and held on tight neither saying a word, just happy to stay as we were.

“How is it?” I kissed him again so he had to delay his reply. We broke away and the first thing I saw were tears coming down his cheeks, but I knew they were happy tears. He grabbed me again and buried his face into my neck. “I never knew it would be this wonderful, ok a bit of pain but we both knew that, but I have forgotten that now and just remember what we have done together. All I want is to do it so many times there will be no pain, just making love… love!”

I was still hard and wanted to stay in Matt until it went soft, it would be a long wait not that either of us had a problem and just remained as we were.

I raised my legs so Matt could lean against them and I could play with his cock. I looked at him but he had his eyes closed, the bugger was getting horny again. I wanked him slowly as he moved on my cock making me horny again as well.

I was taken by surprise when Matt suddenly called out, his body froze and again shot his load all over my chest, fucking loads if it.

“Lay me down.” He ordered. I did as I was told and for the first time I actually fucked him. I was careful and hoped I was not hurting him but even if I was this was going to be over very quickly. A few seconds later:

“Here it comes, oh shit… I’m there!” I felt my cock swell in his tight hole, my bollocks tightened and BOOM! I emptied into him in one huge blast followed by a few more lesser ones.

After a while I withdrew and Matt gave out another gasp as his hole would still be wide open and without my cock in it the air rushed in taking Matt by surprise, a nice surprise though.

We laid together on our sides and no more surprises, we cuddled and kissed while stroking backs and bums.

“Come on ex-virgin, let’s go back home for a bath and go out later for a meal if you can stay awake that is.” He thought about that and I knew my mind was about to be changed.

“Can we stay in, have a long bath and cook together please?” Not wanting to come up with an alternative I kissed him again and told him that I REALLY wanted to go out.

“Piss off!” He said and laughed his head off.

I shook the blanket and put it back in my pack and then picked up a large piece of fallen tree branch and dumped it where the blanket had been. “That marks the spot where you lost it and as Schwarzenegger more or less said, “WE will be back!”

The walk home was slow and a very happy one with us holding hands and Matt telling me his bum was fine “and I want you to do it again when we go to bed.” I told him “definitely NO” and knew he would ignore that. Fucking youngsters!

The bath was a long one with Matt sitting with his back to me and my arms around his gorgeous slim body. He would twist his head round so we could kiss with a great deal of feeling.

As I cuddled him into my body I suddenly thought of the time when I had to take him back to Scotland at the end of our time together and then driving back… alone. So fucking what! This was just going to be a great fun time for both of us and then get back to normal when I got back home and for Matt to live his life and get to meet new friends and have lots of dates with loads of other guys until he hopefully found the right one. Good thinking Simon I told myself.

“Simon?” I kissed his neck as a reply as I always did most times when he asked me something.

“Please don’t kiss my neck, it’s SO homosexual!”

Fight number three started but I had the advantage, the stupid fucker was in a place he could not get out of as he was in front of me with my arms already around his body. He nearly screamed the place down as I tickled the crap out of his pits and would not stop despite him begging me too.

This was one time the bath was (nearly) emptied without pulling the plug out with us thrashing about but as we were I had a thought.

“Give in?” And blasted his pits again.

“YES! YES! YES…! Stop PLEEASE Simon!”

“I will let you live, now clean this mess up and get to the bedroom, I will be waiting.” The silly knob thought he was going to get fucked again… well he would but not until he had shot another load.

He came into the bedroom smiling all over his beautiful face. I went to him and took him into my arms and kissed his mouth and at the same time stroked his back ending up fondling his cute bum cheeks, how we both loved that.

“Are you going to make love to me again Simon… Please?”

“Not yet.”

“Bugger! What are you going to do then?” I just took him to the nursery chair, the type that did not have arms and sat down with my legs wide open so he could sit between them. I had a free standing full-length mirror that I put in front of the chair so we could both see what I was going to do to him. He gave out a sigh as I wrapped my arms around him and played with his body but did not take hold of his cock, which was intentional. My own cock was now rock hard and I had to jam it between my belly and Matt’s back. “Fuck that feels good, even if its the wrong place.” I got both his arms and put them behind my head. “Keep them there lovely man.” I spread his legs wide. “Keep those there as well.”

We looked at one another’s reflection and I must say we looked amazing and the contrast in body size and development was fantastic. My body was much bigger than Matt’s and more developed, he of course was very slim with his boy body and oh so beautiful. I looked at his very hard cock sticking up and I guessed it could not get any harder. The rod moved in time with his heartbeat and those lovely balls were much bigger as the cum inside them seemed to have doubled in quantity and getting ready to make an appearance soon.

I looked at Matt’s face as I began to gently stroke his lovely torso and smiled at him as I played with both nipples making them swell. “Oh fuck, that’s nice.” He put his head back into mine and I kissed his ear and whispered, “It’s going to get even nicer Matt.” It was, for both of us!

I played with his body for a very long time with just fingertips from his chest down to his belly and then on to the inner thighs but not going anywhere near his hard cock. Matt began to breath more heavily as I stroked his body and closed his eyes, just waiting and hoping I would touch him. “Please Simon!” I kissed his neck and continued to tease him and all the while bringing him slowly to his end. He began to jerk in front of me while I continued to run my fingers and hands all over his lovely body. I kissed his ears, cheeks and neck whispering how much I loved doing this to him, “I will touch you, very soon.” I didn’t of course, all this was, was to make him think it was about to happen and therefore raising his passion to an even higher level. By now his hands were holding my head tighter and running his fingers over the back of my head and grinding them into my hair. “Please Simon.” He asked again and as soon as he said that I brushed my fingertips on both balls, he nearly came right then! “Oh shit, oh fucking shit!”

It was now time to start on his cock, that massively hard rod that I was sure was even thicker by now. It was simply beautiful as it throbbed just waiting to be held.

By now Matt could not sit still and jigged around all over his restricted area and at the same time rubbing my cock with his back. He had no idea he was doing it nor bringing ME further up the cum ladder! I had to concentrate on what I was doing to him and try to ignore my own advanced level of sexual need.

Matt gave out a tremendous gasp as my fingers gently brushed under the head of his cock. “Oh fucking YES!” He pushed back even harder into me and the wonderful feeling as his back crushed onto my cock.

I reached under the chair and found the lube bottle and pushed on the dispenser and got a handful of the stuff and took it to Matt’s cock, covering all 5.7 inches of that beauty. “FUCK! YEEEES!” But, this was not going to be a quick release. I stroked him for a few seconds then let go for a lot more seconds. Matt was breathing even heavier now and it would increase as I “played” with his bollocks for a short while, stopped and then went back and stroked his rod for another few seconds and as this went on so Matt was as high as he could get, he was about to explode.

I held him tightly to me and now and again gave his cock a quick rub. I took his arms from around my neck and wrapped both of our arms around his body as I teased his cock one more time. He was at the limit and we both watched as his entire body froze and waited a second or two and then he came, oh my word did he cum. His first shot hit the mirror as did his second followed by four more which landed up on the carpet and all the while Matt’s body recoiling to every one of them as he yelled out as each ejaculation blasted out of that magnificent rock hard cock. I now took hold of him to gently wank his rod getting the last few drops out. Matt was spent and he laid back into me still gasping for oxygen.

After a while he turned round and sat on my lap with his legs still apart and my cock now poking at his backdoor and that is where I knew it would end up. He clung on to me and only a tractor could pull him off.

He gradually began to come back down to something like normal but with his arms still holding me tight and pulled even tighter as I lubed him and myself up and telling me what a wonderful bastard I was! A sort of 50/50 compliment I thought. He kissed me and got into position so I could feed myself into him. I held myself at his button and as soon as he knew it was in the right place, he simply fell on my massively swollen cock and did not feel a thing, he was still on a massive high.

I felt every inch as he dropped down wrapping his tight tunnel around my cock, it was like having it surrounded by a narrow tube of velvet.

I wanted it even tighter and so I got myself and Matt to my feet and took him to the bed and laid him on his back with me still buried deep inside him. I pushed his legs to either side of his ears and now had a very tight ass to fuck and a lovely boy body to look at while I slowly withdrew up to my head and then slowly back in until every millimetre was fully embedded into him. After some time like that I moved us round so I was now behind him with my arms around that beautiful slim body.

I stroked into him and at the same time played with his soft cock and kissed his mouth as he twisted around to meet my mine.

I will never tire of describing the wonderful sexual acts between us and this was no different. BOLLOCKS! Of course it was because our physical times were becoming even more intense, passionate and quite simply, beautiful.

I slowly stroked into Matt’s tunnel as I did the same with his cock which had by now become rock hard again. Our breathing became more laboured as we began to climb that same ladder which would once again take us both to the ultimate pinnacle of our lovemaking.

After only a few more strokes into his bum and on his cock, we both called out that we were coming, we froze for a few seconds and both erupted time and time again until finally we were both empty and fought to regain our breathing. It took some time but eventually Matt turned and we simply cuddled in with Matt’s head in my neck kissing it and me holding him and kissing the top of his head. We were like that for some time and I was sure Matt was going over in his mind what had happened that day and there was the evening yet to come, I certainly was. BUT, there was a problem and a big one, not that I admitted it to myself at the time, I was falling in love with him.

I had had quite a lot of sex with different guys in my life and that’s all it was until I met Norman and the sex we had was much more meaningful as we had fallen in love, the sex stopped, instead we made love which was nowhere near as just having sex. And then of course he had ruined the whole thing and dumped me, but now I had Matt in my arms and I just knew that I was not having sex with him, we were making love.


I laid on my back with Matt’s head on my chest and running my hand through his hair while he fondled my limp cock, neither of us saying a word. We were just content to be like this, each in our own thoughts but knowing mine were completely different to his. A 23 year old and a 14 year old who had had lots of physical times, had loved every second of it, but I came to realise only one was actually IN love and it wasn’t Matt. What he was having was a great time finding his sexuality and “loved” me for helping him find himself, after all that’s what Dean and Mary had asked me to do but could have no idea that even though they knew their son was gay, the guy that bought him “out” was in fact in love with him.

I just knew this was going to be another “Norman” moment only in a very different way, but it would mean I would once again be on my own and would have to come to terms with it and move on. I had done it once before and, I hoped, I could do it again. Meanwhile, I would make every moment with Matt very special ones that would be with me for all time.

If I described every day Matt was with me, we would all be here for years! And I’m sure you have better things to do like have a coffee, take the dog for a walk, have a shag and go for another coffee. So here is a time line of what we did during the rest of our time, but not in any specific order.

Believe it or not, it was not all making love, baths, showers or walks. We actually worked as well. Me servicing my clients’ investments and tax consultancy and Matt studying what I had organised for him to do. I gave him several projects to research which included Scottish and English history, the British empire and the first and second world wars. “It’s not exactly good reading Matt, but every school kid should have a good understanding of our history, even if it is difficult to accept most of it.”

I was not exactly an authority on any historical subject but what this did was make us discuss Matt’s studying and when we had finished our work we had a rather unique way of doing it. After we had made love in the office, lounge, bedroom, bath or wherever and had eaten dinner, we would cuddle up in either bed or on the couch and talk about what we had both read. Matt would lay in one of his favourite positions when we discussed any subject, he would lay between my legs playing with my cock and balls as he blew me at the same time. Education is a bloody marvellous thing!

I took him to watch various military parades both in Aldershot and London as well as museums and just not army. We went to Portsmouth to look at the Navy and to RAF Duxford, to look at the Air force and by the time we had visited all of them, I was convinced Matt would never join up.

“Simon?” We had made love and both shot the usual half ton of juice and were now cuddled up in bed.


“I’m not going to join up.” Told you! “Why?”

“I want to become a chef and I don’t need to go into the army to be one. You know I love cooking and I will get training to be able to boil an egg, someday!”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes.” I let that sink in for a while and then went fishing.

“Lots of guys in the army Matt and there are loads of gays in the military, so I’m told. Could be a potential boyfriend as well.” He looked up at me and for the first time I saw him angry. He glared at me before he replied.

“I expect there are in the catering business as well and I bet loads of gays in your work, you know, sort his money out then go to bed for a fuck. I bet that’s happened lots of times and it will happen again.” In fact it had never happened between me and a client but Matt was not in the mood to be told so I kept quiet, which was a mistake. “You can’t answer so it must be true.” It was my turn to be angry which was another fucking mistake.

“I have NEVER had sex with a client and if you don’t believe me… tough.” He laid still for a while and now it was his turn to fuck up. “Bet you have had loads of sex though and you will after I go back home.” He spat out and suddenly realised what he had said and there was another first, he looked utterly miserable. “Oh fuck, I am SO sorry Simon! I’m a dummy and I need one.” He went down and laid on my left thigh and swallowed my limp dick. “I’m so sorry, I really am.” At least I could bring this to a nice end and slapped his head. “OW! What was that for!?” He stopped sucking my cock and looked at me with a worried look on his lovely face. “Didn’t your mum tell you its rude to talk with your mouth full?” He came back up and we laughed and kissed for ages. End of tense moment, but it did make me think about when he went home but I did not want to think about that so I pulled him to his feet. “Come on chef, time to find out how to boil an egg.”

“Ok, what do you want me to do?” I asked.

“Put the eggs on and when I have got all the bits out from the fridge I will do the salad but this one will be a bit different,


“You will have your dick up my ass until I have finished and after that we will eat with it still in me.” Fuckin hell, dining had just taken on a whole new meaning!

I slipped into him and that’s where I would stay throughout the whole hour we prepared and then eat. I would have to lift him up and carry him to the sink, pantry or where ever and when it was ready I sat on a breakfast bar stool with Matt still impaled on my knob and like that we eat. Matt of course wound me up no end, he never stopped still and the sod got his way when I could not take it any more and blasted into him. “That was lovely Simon, got something at both ends now!”

“Simon?” I kissed his neck.

“Can we go to the woods after this?” I bit his neck this time and shoved the last of my meal down. “We can wash up when we get back, hurry up.”

It was a lovely warm late afternoon and perfect for sex outside in “our” part of the woods.

We walked hand in had to the copse just in trainers, shorts and a top. I spread the blanket out and then we stripped one another off and laid down with me on top of Matt while we kissed very gently and with a great deal of feeling.

For the next hour you could set us to music as we made love to every part of one another’s bodies with hands, tongues and lips. We gently turned each other this way and that to get to the part we wanted to fondle, kiss or lick. Our bodies twisted all over the blanket and never parted for one second. Whatever we were doing to one another, we would stop after a few moments to turn back and once again kiss. We did that more than anything else, it was just beautiful, so were the looks we gave one another before, once again, moving into another position to make love to that part of a body.

We were back with Matt on top of me, I smiled at him and he knew I was ready. He sat up and, for the second time in just under two hours, he fed me to his entrance and sat back taking my head into him and held still for a while to get used to me being there and after he was comfortable he very slowly lowered himself in one movement until he had me fully inside that wonderful silk-lined tunnel. He then lent down to me with our mouths together and arms around each other while he rode me and like that he bought me to another climax that would completely empty me into himself after massive ejaculations, all six of them.

It just took a few seconds for Matt to lift himself off of my still massively hard cock so I could raise my legs ready for him to slip into me. He literally fed himself into me in one thrust. We looked at one another’s eyes as he made love to me and as he stroked he was bringing himself ever closer to the time when he too would explode and fill my tube.

With one more thrust his breathing became more intense and yelled out as he erupted into me, time and time again.

He withdrew and laid on top of me holding on tight as I did to him loving every second… and him.

That would be the last time we ever made love to Matt… as a fourteen year old.

It was his birthday the next day and I was determined it would be a special one that he, nor I would ever forget.


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