MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 24

Scott and Andrew were in their usual positions both laying on their left sides with Scott behind Andrew with his arms around his husband to be. This was 8am and both of them had only 7 hours left as single men.

“You awake?” Scott whispered.

“No.” Andrew whispered back.

“Are you going to be daft the whole of our married life?”

“You will be, so what’s your problem?”

“Turn round… please.”

“I will, but only if you are threatening me with your machine gun in my back….. Rambo… But then I guess you will miss anyway!” Scott gave in and climbed over Andrew and at last they were face to face. “Your going to get a different gun tonight.”

“Bet you miss with that one as well.”

“Never missed yet as you very well know fuck face, practise makes perfect.”

“Keep practising Scotty, you need it!” Once again the UK and the US  went to war and, as with every other “war” between these two it was eventually declared a draw, but only after Scott gave in. Silly time was over and peace was declared which meant they could kiss the crap out of one another.

It was bought to an end when Andrew shoved Scott out of bed and took him to the shower. After a lengthy tender time washing each other they dried off, got dressed and went down for breakfast which would be taken in the hall as the table would apparently be needed for something else later. By now it was 9 o’clock and 6 hours left. They got to the landing at the top of the stairs and saw everyone standing waiting for them, even the boys managed to turn up!

They ate and chatted with Scott and Andrew sitting at the top of the table. To Scott’s left was Shawn. “Got a really good looking bloke starting when we sail Shawn. He’s one of our weapons guys. He is 28, fit as hell and single.” Shawn smiled at his captain.

“And you think I could be interested?”

“Course I do, your still gay right?”

“Is he nice as well as good looking?”

“Seems a really nice chap and I think you will like him….A lot.”

“Oh well it could be fun.”

“One problem though.”


“He’s straight!” The pair of them creased up.

“It could be a challenge for you Shawn. Do you like classical guitar music?”

“Never listened to it.”

“He plays very well apparently so if you read up on it, it’s a good talking point at least and something to discuss with him when your both off duty.”

“Thanks Skip but if he’s straight there’s not much point.”

“I used to be straight.” He pointed at Andrew. “Then look what happened.”

The boys were about to have their moment. “Come on, it’s nearly time to go out. Go to your room and Jon and I will knock on your door in fifteen minuets.”

“Yes SIR! Can we say goodbye to everybody first?” They finished their coffee’s and after goodbyes they did as they were told. “Bye everyone, if were not back in time it means we have been abducted… these two muscle men.” Every one wished them luck and off they went.

It was now 9.30am and 5.5 hours left. Knock knock! Andrew opened the door and smiled at the pair. He called out. “You ready Scott? The children are waiting and they’ve nearly got clothes on!” Scott went to the door and looked at them in the shortest shorts they had ever seen them in and a few strands of material stuck together which passed for a top. They looked wonderful.

“Come on, you have to go down the back stairs, follow us just in case you don’t know where they are.” When they got to the back door they saw a large picnic basket and a couple of back packs.

“Where the hell are we going with this lot?”

“River Bend, your dad said you loved it there when you were a kid.” The boys picked up the back packs and threw them over their shoulders leaving the other two to pick up the hamper.

“Yea God’s what’s in it? It weighs a ton!”

“Dunno, Brenda packed it, we will see when we get there, come on.” They heard shouting from upstairs, the whole crew were at several windows. “Have a lovely time guys!” Scott made a rude gesture and struggled on with Andrew who was cussing like never before. They had to stop and change hands many times until finally they arrived and dumped it down in Scott’s favourite childhood place to be. The bank dropped down to the gently flowing river which at this point turned a bend and the river at it’s widest. The same old tree stump was still there which would be used as a back rest while he and his parents would have their picnic after swimming. Scott’s throat briefly tightened at the memories, but knew this was the perfect place for today. The boys were more than excited and urged them to open the hamper. “Come on lets find out what Brenda packed for us.” Andrew took the hooks off and lifted the lid… then stood with Scott looking down at a dozen house bricks! The boys ran off screaming their heads off with Andrew trying to catch them but Scott couldn’t move, he was killing himself laughing!

“Christ why didn’t I work that out! Must have something else on my mind.” They scratched out shallow channels with sharp sticks then laid the bricks in them. After they had finished all four stood admiring their handy work.


They put the wine bottles in the rivers edge and hung the packs on a branch then, with Scott and Andrew together and one or the other of the boys next to them, they went for a long walk. It was 11am, 4 hours to go.

They got back and unpacked the two packs and took out a blanket and food containers. They spread the blanket out and settled down to eat and drink. After that they put everything back except the blanket. Scott wanted to sit next to Andrew and he knew the boys would want that as well so Scott grabbed Marcel and sat him between his legs with his arms tightly around him. Jon didn’t need grabbing and just sat between Andrew’s legs and loved having his arms around him as well. Like that they just enjoyed this time together.

“Do you know it’s great that we are an international crew, British, American, Icelander and Australian.” Jon was busy scratching his balls.

“What do you mean, Australian?”

“Jan, she was born there and when she was five they sent her to England, as a sort of reverse deportation so she told us.”

“She was pulling you leg.”

“NO! She was telling the truth, she told us she was. (!) They deported her because she swore too much and the Aussies don’t swear apparently!”

“You want to bet! THEY taught US to swear! Anyway I don’t like them.”

“Why Skip!?”

“They keep beating us at cricket!”

“Stupid game if you ask me.”

“Your Icelandic so how would you know?”

“I do know it lasts five days and if I was forced to watch it I would fall asleep on the first day and not wake up until it was over!”

“I like the Aussies and the West Indies.”

“Oh, ok Marcel. Let me guess you like them because they keep beating us as well, right?”

“Got it in one Skip!”

“Andrew, this ones going off, can we swap?” The boys changed over and settled back for another half hour of being cuddled. It was 12 midday. 3 hours to go.

“We got to go in half hour, Brenda told us.”

“Why? We’ve got loads of time yet.”

“Brenda has organised a hairdresser to come at 1o’clock to trim you two up.”

“Bloody hell! She who must be obeyed. Oh well I for one won’t argue.”

“A coward captain me thinks Scotty. Anyway I have to get back, I need a crap.” Andrew had a habit of lowering the tone!

Dead on 12 30 they began the walk back with a much lighter hamper. They dumped that and the back packs inside the back door, gave both boys a long cuddled and thanked them for a lovely time then went to their room to wait for the hairdresser. On the bed was a note telling them their uniforms were hanging in each wardrobe but before they could take a look there was a knock at the door. Andrew opened it and just stared at one of the most effeminate guys ever to walk this planet, tall, dark and fucking ready! He stood there in a white shirt with frills at the neck and sleeves opened down to below his belly button. He had the tightest black trousers which must have been painted on, showing his ample package and bright red, green and blue trainers.

“Hi, you must be Andrew because I can see you are American. I am Cedric and here to trim you guys up.” Andrew assumed he meant hair.

“Come in, this is….”

“Oh my GOD! You guys are just GOOORGEOUS! I would sail with both of you, for EEEVER…! Helloooo captain!” Scott promised he would have a word with Brenda if he could pluck up the courage. This was a set up, just like that fucking hamper.

Cedric was all over them like a rash. He told them to sit just two feet apart and trimmed them both up at the same time as he danced between them snipping here, snipping there and all the time shoving that ample package just inches away. He massaged faces, necks and shoulders while still snipping. He then sat astride Scott massaging his scalp with the palms of his hands and then back to his face. Scott had never been so nervous in his life! Andrew was even more so because he knew he was next!

FINALLY! It was over and Cedric packed his bright red, green and blue leather case. Oh but no!

“There my darlings, you look even more stunning if that is at all possible. I LOVE my work and my artistic gift. Now my beautiful young men, is there anything more I can do for you…like give you both a full body massssage….and then full body treatment in the shower, it looks big enough for all three of us. I have the most gorgeous oils.” Andrew glared at his captain “telling” him to end this!

“Ah…. Cedric, that’s very good of you but we have to get ready to get married and I know it will take time to prepare…..”

“What he is trying to say in his long winded way Cedric is no thanks, were busy.”

“Oh right, not into threesomes then?”

“No Cedric, only twosomes, just him and me, or we better be!” Andrew glared at Scott who shook his shoulders and grinned at his man. “Ah well, you win some and loose some… and you guys just lost!” He was near to tears as he blew kisses and went out.

“Fucking hell, what happened!” Scott was still nervous and Andrew not far behind. They went to the mirror and looked at themselves. “It’s no different! He didn’t do a bloody thing! Right, Andrew I want you to go down stairs and give Brenda a piece of my mind!” And then it started and both began to giggle then laugh which went on until it hurt. They ended up naked on the bed still in fits but at last managed to get back to thinking about getting married and thought it best to kiss a lot.

It was now 2 15 and three quarters of an hour to go, it was time to get ready. They shaved, showered together and shampooed like never before getting Cedric off of them. Now dry Andrew went to his wardrobe and took out his new uniform with his two gold rings of his rank. He laid it on the bed with the shirt then got his briefs and socks out of the drawer. He was about to put his briefs on but realised Scott was standing in front of his wardrobe with the doors open, not moving.

“Honey? What’s up?” Scott reached in and bought out his uniform and showed it to Andrew who stared at it and, like Scott, had his mouth open as well. They were looking at a single two inch wide gold ring around the cuff with another ring above it. William had promoted his son to Senior Captain.

“Christ dad what have you done!?” There were three grades of captaincy in the company. Junior Captain with three full rings and one half ring, Captain with four full rings and Senior Captain with the one broad single ring and the circle of gold above that. Scott’s grandfather had introduced this ranking system about fifty years previously. This did not indicate competence or better ability but length of service and loyalty. There were only two Senior Captains, William and Bob Taylor but now three of them!

There was a note attached. “If you have a problem with this, give it to Andrew. Congratulations Scott, from mum and me.”

Andrew, still naked went to the still naked Scott and hugged him. “Congratulations my man, so pleased William took my suggestion.” Scott sort of slapped his ass then kissed him. “Come on Andrew, lets go and get married.”

On the stroke of 3 o’clock two of the most handsome and beautifully dressed men left their room and, hand in hand, walked to the top of the stairs and looked down to see their fathers waiting at the bottom. As they slowly went down the crew, for the first time noted Scott’s promotion. There was a buss of excitement followed by applause, for both of them. On reaching the bottom each father greeted their son and their soon to be son in law, turned and lead the way passed the guests towards the table behind which stood the Registrar and her assistant.

The table had the Union Jack and the Stars and Stripes draped over it. There were two candle holders with lit candles, and two enormous flower arrangements at each end of the table. Standing near the flowers were Marcel at one end and Jon at the other who had insisted they be ring bearers.

“Please be seated.” The registrar asked the guests. Scott and Andrew looked at one another smiling.

“We are gathered here to witness and celebrate the marriage between Scott William Peterson and Andrew Walter Bushman. This will be a day none of us will forget.”

“You bet!” Everyone looked at Jan who had both hands over her mouth!

“Andrew, do you take Scott to become your lawful husband, to honour him, love him, cherish him till death do you part?” Andrew looked at Scott and screwed his nose up then smiled the biggest smile, he looked back at the registrar.

“Yes of course I do.”

“Scott, do you take Andrew to become your lawful husband, to honour him, love him, cherish him till death do you part?” Scott looked at Andrew who was holding his breath hoping he wasn’t going to say something daft, but instead saw the look that told him Scott had been waiting for this moment. He turned back to the registrar.

“With all my heart. Yes I do.”

She looked at Jon who was standing there and it seemed in a world of his own.

“Jon!?” Suddenly, where ever he had been, he got back and walked to Scott and handed him the broad plain gold ring. Engraved in gothic style was “SCOTT.” He grinned at Jon who went back and waited for Scott’s words. Scott took Andrew’s hand and gently squeezed it, then slipped the ring on the wedding finger then looked into his eyes.

“Andrew, I give this ring as a symbol of my love to you in sickness, in health, for better for worse, for the rest of my days.” He lifted Andrew’s hand and kissed the ring but had not finished. “Andrew, my love for you can only be equalled never surpassed, that I promise to you as I do to my mother and father.” He looked up at his mother’s portrait as did every person there.

Marcel did his bit and gave the ring to Andrew, with “ANDREW” engraved on it.

He placed the ring on Scott’s finger and looked at him, and smiled. Scott smiled back.

“Scott I too give this ring as a symbol of my love, in sickness, health, in good times and bad and like you, for the rest of my days.” He raised Scott’s hand and also kissed the ring. “Scott, we were both born lucky to parents who amongst other things taught as how to love and, like you, my love for you can only be equalled.”

“We will now sign the certificate of marriage.”

First to sign was William followed by Walter. Jon took the chair and also signed. Last but not least Marcel picked the pen up then dropped it! The document was given to Scott and then Andrew and then finally the registrar. She stood up and looked at the guests. “Please stand.” Scott and Andrew held hands, they were seconds away.

“By the signing of this marriage certificate in my presents and before witnesses I have the pleasure in declaring to you Scott William and to you Andrew Walter… have become …. Husband and Husband.” A massive cheer went up with huge applause. It went on for several minutes. The registrar raised her hand and it all went quiet.

“For the first time as a married couple… You may kiss your husband!” Massive cheers resumed but Scott and Andrew hardly heard it as they embraced and carried out the instructions of the Registrar. Still with the applause going on they looked at one another with huge smiles but hardly being able to see through the tears of sublime happiness.

There were handshakes and thanks to the registrars, fathers and of course hugs for the boys. Still with the applause sounding in their ears Scott and Andrew left and made their way to the garden where a huge marque had been set up to receive their guests. William, Walter, Marcel and Jon arrived and with Scott and Andrew lining up last the first of them arrived. Andrew’s family first followed by the crew and then every other guest. It took an age but nobody watching the clock.

It was absolutely wonderful and full of smiles, congratulations, hugs, many of those, and words of good wishes. Just to the left of the bar stood an easel with a large portrait photograph of Lady Jean Peterson. The speeches would be spoken next to her.

For the next three hours it was all talk, laughter and the photo session that because of a lovely weather day were taken outside with the house in the background and after that back in to start eating and continue drinking and talking. On and on it went until Paul stood on the small stage and called for quiet. Who the hell would refuse this massive 6 foot 6 giant!

“Skip and Andrew. I will not make a speech but my role is to read out a few messages from those who could not be here today and the first is from Captain Taylor.” He opened the card. “To Senior Captain Scott Peterson and to you Andrew who I have had the pleasure to meet a few times now. I am at sea but wish I could be there to celebrate with you. I extend my congratulations and best wishes to you both for a life of joy. I am looking forward to sailing with you and Andrew and the crew of Lady Jean Peterson soon. Bob Taylor.”

Paul read a few more out but then came to the last one.

“Captain Peterson and Andrew. When we first met we did not get on one bit. I thought of you as a boy sailor having fun at Daddies expense.” Scott and Andrew looked over at Theo who, like them was listening intently. “Sir, how wrong I was. I followed your last action and I wish to congratulate you on your excellent direction of the situation and your more than commendable seamanship. My best wishes to you, Andrew and your excellent crew. Admiral T W Harding USN ret.”

Scott and Andrew went over to Theo and Royston who had the biggest smiles imaginable.

“He’s human after all Skip. I may even write to him now and tell him I’m back with you and with Royston.”

It was Scott’s turn. They went to the stage and stood together holding hands, next to his mother.

“Thanks Paul. That last one came as a bit of a shock to those of us who are in the know.

Ok, let me start in the traditional way.” He cleared his throat. “My husband and I!” Cheers all round. “This has been a day I have been looking forward to since I got Andrew drunk and proposed to him. When we woke the next morning he had forgotten my proposal so I reminded him. It took him a few seconds to work that out and my lovely man came up with the answer that is Andrew. “Oh God and here’s me thinking it was just a nightmare, not real!” He took Andrew’s hands and kissed his ring. “Andrew you came back into my life at the very time I needed you and I know for dad as well. Everyday I spend with you is like a new beginning and just before we sleep, I look forward to the next day and yet another new beginning.” He smiled at Andrew who just new crap was on it’s way. “It gives me a great sense of satisfaction knowing I am helping someone who, through no fault of their own, was born on the wrong side of the pond and I will….”


“Yes Andrew.”

“Shut up your embarrassing yourself.”

“Yes Andrew!”

He went on to thank everyone in turn which took some time as there were so many to thank and he did not want to leave anyone out. He squeezed Andrew’s hand. It was his turn.

“MY husband and I agreed to keep this short and he’s already gone way over time. Just wait till I get you to London mister!” There was a massive cheer as the message was fairly clear. “I could be here as long as Scott but I will keep it to two people that gave me life and by giving me life, I had the good fortune to meet Scott. Mom, dad there was virtually no life without you both in more ways than one.” Andrew stepped down and was handed a huge bouquet. He took them to his mother with the applause ringing out. They hugged in tight and the words that were spoken was lost in that applause. Father and son embraced then he went back to Scott and held his hand tightly, he knew what was coming.

“I am not able to give my bouquet to my mother of course.” There was complete silence. “But as Andrew said so well, I would have no life without my parents either. The life they gave me, I hope, made me a good person. All I do know is that together they bought me up to be respectful to all those that I came into contact with…….I could not have had such an upbringing unless it was for them.

There is however a lady who suffered as much as dad and I did, a lady who helped both of us through that dreadful time and is still helping us now. From dad and me, thank you…. Brenda.” Scott got down and was handed his bouquet. Brenda was standing next to William. Scott handed her the bouquet and hugged for a very long time. The applause was long and respectful and all those present sharing  the pain of William, Scott and Brenda. Scott returned to the stage.

“BUT Brenda, don’t think we will let you off that bloody hamper and the hairdresser! I’m just pleased my crew would never have been involved in that sort of thing!” There followed rather a lot of guffaws, from the crew!

“I will finish but need to mention one more person who I realised months ago I could not live without and I simply want to say thank you Andrew for taking a fancy to me in Dalvik!” He handed Andrew a single red rose and kissed him. More applause as they cuddled in telling one another of their love.

“Ladies and gentlemen, a toast to our parents and you as well Brenda.”

“To parents and Brenda!”

“To parents and Brenda!”

Paul led the toast to Scott and Andrew. He was going to give a speech after all!

“Andrew, on behalf of the crew and myself, congratulations on your great choice of husband, you have found a man who we already know adores you and as he said at your wedding, he will be with you for life as you will be with our Skipper.

Andrew, as our captain Skip takes centre stage because of his position, every captain does, but with you at his side Skip is an even better captain and I have no doubt he agrees with me. As an individual in your own right you are a member of crew who has the respect of all of us because of your personality and professional high standards and to put this into context, Skip has also helped you to become what you have become as you have him. Andrew, I have been instructed by Skip to inform you that when Neil leaves the lady Jean Peterson you will be promoted to first engineer.”

Andrew received massive applause which convinced him this was not a joke! He lent into Scott. “I will have two and a half rings, you only got one!”

“Skip, congratulations to you from all of us here but especially from your crew. We are a family, a happy family and so long as you remain our captain and Andrew remains YOUR captain, we will continue to be that happy family. We all here wish you both all happiness and many years together.

Ladies and gentlemen,  please raise your glasses to…. Scott and Andrew!”

“Scott and Andrew!”

“And finally, you will remember that Scott and Andrew asked that instead of wedding presents you would consider a donation to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) and I’m pleased to inform you that so far you have donated £3480 by cheque or cash! Give yourselves a round of applause and thank you on behalf of Scott and Andrew.” The applause subsided which allowed Paul one last comment. “It will soon be party time, meanwhile….”

To be continued


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