MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 4

Scott and Andrew woke at the same time on the first morning still cuddled together and just looked and smiled at one another. Scott lent the six inches that separated their lips and kissed Andrew good morning and both with a glorious hard on. Andrew looked at Scott and stroked his face.

“Scott?” Scott knew by the tone of his voice he was being serious and not the time for some smart assed remark. He looked back into Andrew’s eyes and kissed him, again.

“Yes love?”

“I need private time in the bathroom.”

“And I need the same after you please, I don’t have condoms and I know I don’t need them, I promise.”

“I don’t have any either and I promise I don’t need them.”

Andrew came back from his private time and once again they kissed for ages and then it was Scott’s turn to go off.

He got back into bed and laid on top of Andrew and, again we will have to excuse the long delay due to them having a high priority kissing. They had both found love after that first kiss in Dalvik and at the same time realised that kissing was actually the most profound physical way of expressing it. Most certainly after that first kiss both of them knew that whatever had happened before with anyone else, that kiss was like no other and was the most beautiful way of expressing that love to one another. Much of the week would be spent locked together like they are right now and it will no surprise that when they eventually went out three days later, the first shop they went into was a chemist to buy lip cream because both of them were getting a little soar around that area.

Neither of them was about to take the lead and both content to stay as they were until one of them did. Eventually it was Andrew who made up both of their minds when he turned Scott onto his back, put his arms over his head and straddled him while looking down smiling at the most beautiful men in the entire world. Scott of course would disagree and that would only ever be the one thing they ever disagreed about, although it must be said that Andrew on a number of occasions allowed himself to let Scott “win” the disagreement which always resulted in a fight which was the point of the disagreement in the first place, they loved it.

Andrew went down to Scott’s face and kissed him, then raised his own and smiled at Scott. “Neither of us has or needs condoms and I’m guessing no lube either?” Scott nodded in reply. “Good job I found this then.” He reached under his pillow and bought out a bottle of body gel he had found in the bathroom during his “private” time and sneaked it back to the bedroom and while Scott went off, lubed himself up. He knelt across Scott’s body and applied a liberal dose onto Scott’s 7 inches with Scott laying there with his eyes closed and having the time of his life.

“Right, here goes.” Andrew lined up Scott’s rod with his button and began to lower himself onto it. It was slow and very painful, but Andrew was on a mission and no amount of discomfort was going to put him off.

“Scott, I love you so much.” It was similar to a statement before going into battle, a sort of farewell as a warrior prepared for the final assault. Well, maybe not, but certainly an ass assault. He took a deep breath and held it then sat down and his door opened and he was in, or rather Scott was.

“SHIT!” Andrew cried out and then took another deep breath and sat on the whole lot. He called out “SHIT” again and leaned down and kissed Scott. Scott wrapped his arms around Andrew and told him he loved him, which was rather nice of him.

They stayed as they were for some time and then, feeling a lot more comfortable Andrew began to stroke himself onto Scott and as he did it became much less painful and as he continued to fuck himself on Scott the closer he was bringing him to the top of Mount Penis and an eruption.

Andrew stopped and just straddled Scott allowing him to thrust into Andrew himself and as he did, they both knew they had arrived and with one more push into Andrew he called out and exploded into him time and time again and as he did Andrew also shot onto Scott’s face and chest with his own massive loads.

With Scott still inside Andrew they just looked into one another’s eyes and no words were needed but both knew this was not just a sexual act, it was an act of love between two most beautiful men.

For the rest of that day and the weekend they only separated for “private” business and were never further than arm’s length from one another for the entire time. They kissed, made love in every room in the flat, managed to cook and eat, washed each other in the shower time and time again and by the time they woke up on the fourth day were even more in love than they were after the first kiss in Dalvik.

“You awake?”

“Nope.” It was 7am and they were in their favourite position with both of them laying on their left sides and Scott behind Andrew with his arms wrapped around his body as they were when they had, at last, fallen asleep a few hours before. Scott turned Andrew to face him and very gently kissed him because of the kissing overload.

“I need to take you out, dad will be asking you lots of questions about London and all you can tell him is about the inside of this place and us fucking all over it.” As a reply Andrew turned into a 69 and they blew one another, again. Afterwards he turned back up and gently kissed Scott.

“Ok, it will be nice to get into clothes again, where are you taking me?”

Six hours later Scott paid the taxi off and he took Andrew on a slow walk along Compton Street in Soho, one of the gayest areas in London. It was a lovely warm day and all they had on was shorts and a top and both looking bloody wonderful.

“Hold my hand and don’t let go, I’m not going to lose you with this lot around. There were dozens of others about and many beautiful young men as well as these two and some beautiful older men it has to be said. They began to comment on the “talent” and Scott decided on a challenge just to pass the time.

“Right my handsome Yank, we will now see how many guys we can stop and chat to us just by saying hi to them, one point if a guy stops and one point off if he just fucks off. Let me show you how it’s done.” He spotted a really good looking young bloke and steered Andrew towards him.

“Hi, how are you today?” The really good looking guy smiled and went on his way. Andrew was creased up. “Oh master of chat ups, minus 1 me thinks. Scott swore at his love and swore again when Andrew said hi to two guys and they stopped to say hello.

“Three nil to me then my Limey lover.” Scott being the epitome of the English sporting gentleman told Andrew to “fuck off” and led him into the Admiral Duncan for a pint. Andrew, being the epitome of American good manners told Scott to “shove the beer up his ass” and ordered a coffee.

Scott was now becoming worried as by the time they had walked to Ballards restaurant to eat the score was 5 nil and Andrew laughing his head off. “You have no idea how much I love London and I have so much to tell William when we get there.” What made it worse was the last two that stopped to chat suggested they all go back to their flat for a foursome. Andrew declined the offer telling them Scott could hardly keep up with him let alone two more!

As they walked and shopped around the whole of Soho and despite Scott loosing big time, he could not be happier and knew very well it was all down to Andrew and Andrew’s love for him. It actually made this so called “challenge” even more enjoyable and was more than happy that Andrew was winning. BUT… Scott was lying, he just had to win otherwise the Yank would never let him forget. But he only had a half hour more as it was soon time to go to the Prince Edward to watch the ABBA show he had booked a box for them while Andrew was doing his “private” bits.

They were slowly walking towards the theatre when Scott spotted what could be his salvation as six very good looking lads were coming towards them. They walked with the confidence of youth and not a care in the world and all enjoying being together and laughing their heads off about something, they were having a great day.

“Bet you couldn’t.” Scott smiled at Andrew.

“Why bother, I have already won, you will just have to get used to being second best.”

“Bet you cant.” Scott repeated and at the same time drawing Andrew into his evil web of deceit. Andrew sighed and shook his head at Scott.

“Ok, watch and learn. Eleven zero coming up.” Scott grinned and watched as Andrew learnt.

“Hi guys. You all look great, are you having a fun day?” Andrew’s smile was about to be wiped off of his face.

“Fuck off you ponce or get this!” The biggest and most handsome of the group put his fist under Andrew’s nose and was only saved by Scott as he grabbed hold of Andrew and took him away from the fist and the bloke who owned it, laughing his head off at the same time.

“I fucking hate you Peterson.” They were sitting in their box holding hands waiting for the show to start and as soon as Andrew said that, Scott creased up again.

“I thought this was an exclusive gay area, how did you know those guys weren’t?”

“The West Ham supporters’ football kit gave me a clue, all they were doing was taking a short cut to wherever they were going. They are good guys, but not that gay orientated I guess. Anyway looser, I won and you have to sleep with me forever as my prize.” Andrew squeezed Scott’s hand which told Scott they had both won. Scott certainly did, he maybe still mourning the loss of his mother and his fathers life changing injuries, but with Andrew back in his life he had the support of someone who loved him and would always be there to pick up the bits if any fell off.

It had been a wonderful day and they would have the rest of the week to have even more wonderful days as Scott took them all over London. William did not have to be told what his son and boyfriend got up to most of the week and indeed would have been surprised if “it” didn’t. William had his own memories of when he and Jean went there and what they got up to in every room in the flat. Scott was conceived in one of them, but they had no idea which one!

They got back to the flat after a lovely meal and a walk along the Southbank near Waterloo Bridge. Then a taxi back to the flat.

“Christ you are beautiful.” They had just come out of the shower and were standing in front of the full length mirror in the bedroom with Andrew in front of him and Scott holding him close with one arm while a hand was playing with Andrew’s beautiful shaft.

“Who are you looking at, me or talking to yourself?” Andrew arched back harder into Scott’s chest.

“Oh shit! Sorry I didn’t see you there.”

The fight between the United Kingdom and the United States was intense and would be fought all over the room and would only be bought to an end when one gay lover managed to get another gay lover’s cock in his mouth and bring the whole thing to a peaceful conclusion.

“I won Limey.”

“Shut up and don’t talk with your mouth full.”

They were in their favourite position with Andrew in front of Scott and Scott’s arms around Andrew’s body. Scott listened to Andrew’s steady breathing as he slept, but he was far from it himself as he thought about his happiness as it was now compared to what it was after the attack.

The young man had never thought he should show his own emotion as he felt he had to stay strong for his father to help him go through the process of loss and grief. Yes, Scott had cried in private but those private times were short as he had to get back to his father to be strong for him. Then finally the image of his mothers lifeless body laying on the deck and just a few yards away his father who at the time thought he had gone as well.

Scott had no control over what was about to happen. He laid there holding on to Andrew and even tightened his grip on him as he struggled to keep himself under control and not break down. He buried his head into the back of Andrew’s and held his breath as he tried to block out all the trauma and shear hell of that dreadful day. It was not fair to Andrew to become all emotional, it was his sadness alone and should not be Andrew’s.

Scott did not cry, instead the flood gates opened and all control was lost and he had no choice but to let it all out and only afterwards did he realised that he could at last cry for his mother and only because Andrew was there for him as he had been for his father.

As soon as the first tear landed on Andrew’s shoulder he was instantly awake and knew why it was there. He turned and took Scott into his arms and held on to him and silently cried with him as the love of anyone’s life sobbed his heart out.

After a long time and totally exhausted Scott turned and for the first and only time it would be Scott laying with Andrew behind him with his arms around his body giving him all the comfort he needed and from the only person in his life that could give it anyway.

“Say anything and your dead.” It was morning and Scott was facing Andrew with their arms around one another.

“I love you. Am I dead now?” Scott asked.

“I will let you off this time. I love you too, hang on a minute.” Andrew lifted Scott’s head and got his “dead” arm free. “That’s been there all night. God knows what’s in your head Scott, but its sure heavy.”

“I keep all my love in there for you, so of course it’s heavy.”

“That is so…, SO fucking awful. Vomit is the word to describe that shit.”

“Fuck off, you are American and you lot lap up all the sentimental crap. We British don’t go in for that, we just take it all on the chin and hope an Andrew comes our way so we can live again.”

“That’s even worse!”

At last Monday arrived and they went to the office together with Andrew taking some of his work to do while Scott was in the meeting. He was shown into William’s office and made himself comfortable. They kissed and Scott went to the conference room where the others were waiting. After the usual greetings they settled down.  Janice Walters gave their findings.

“After reading the report about the ships condition we sent two of our boys to Iceland to check for ourselves and what came back was very positive and as you told us Scott the price is on our side.

Next came a detailed look at the cost of conversion and we must say you were spot on with your estimate and it turns out to be 2.5 million.

Scott forgive us but we all had to go in a different direction because we only ever deal in investments and profits, but we can report that although the companies can borrow money to support the conversion it will mean a huge drop in them because of the borrowing and we know even more to financially support the ship. Over five years we are looking at a projected cost of three million but that is very dependant on future fuel costs and how much maintenance costs will be required over those years. However, we all agree it can be financed but even more so if you can find other ships companies to use your services.

Scott this is unheard of and very new to anything we have ever experienced before but you asked if it could be done and we are delighted to inform you it can. All you have to do now is convince Sir William.” Janice had finished.

“Thank you every one, I will take your report home and present it to my father and I will tell you now he will agree and support this project of that I am certain. Thanks again.” The meeting went on for another hour and at the end of it he had arranged for a further meeting with the legal department and would be held at his home in a weeks time. I have a number of issues I need to go through.” He left and dug Andrew out from his work then went for lunch. He had not spoken to Andrew about any this as it would not be correct but he would learn at the same time as his dad when they got home.

Scott turned off the main road and drove towards the village and just before they got to it stopped at the gates waiting for them to open.

Andrew sat next to him staring at the house and wondering what was happening to him. He was looking at a huge Elizabethan house built in 1585 in all its original splendour. Little did Andrew know then that the house he was looking at was over 400 years old and the beams that held the whole structure up was at least 100 years older. Just before the gates were fully opened for Scott to drive through, Andrew made his first comment about what was before him in the way many American’s would.

“Geeze man, that’s fucking awesome!” Scott stalled the awesome Mustang as he was laughing so much.

“This house is older than the US Andrew.”

“Hope someone has done the chores by now!”

“Welcome Andrew, it is so nice to see you again.” Andrew took William’s hand and tried to remember the fit and good looking man he had first met in Dalvik. William had changed so much and it was hard not to show his shock at seeing him as he was now. William knew he would have a problem and tried to relax things a bit.

“Andrew I maybe in a wheel chair and a bit useless physically but I am here because of Scott and he is here because of you. I know Jean would say the same thing and tell you not to be upset and she would add that you two behave and don’t make too much noise when you go to bed.”

“Thank you William, it’s great to see you again and we won’t, Scott promises.”

“Right, you two get settled in but don’t take too long. Brenda (long standing house keeper and friend) will have lunch ready in half hour, then Andrew and I will be able to learn how you want to change our lives Scott, bugger off.”

“What did William mean, change our lives?”

“I had not thought about it in that way, but it’s nice that he wants you to know all about my thinking.” They were quiet as they unpacked and Andrew knowing Scott was in deep thought and wondered what the hell was coming!

Scott introduced Brenda to Andrew when they got to the kitchen where she had laid the table and then put the lunch on the hot plates.

“Oh my word another handsome devil in the house, now I have three to worry about. Right William I will serve you.” She plated what she thought was enough for him then spoke to Scott. “There is a cherry pie in the oven but you will have to do the custard yourself. Can you manage?”

“Yes Brenda, I think I can.”

“I have shown you enough times silly boy.” Then left them to it.

“Shall I start dad?”

“That’s why we are here, get on with it.” And smiled at his son.

Scott started to talk and would be  speaking for the next hour. He spoke slowly and clearly outlining his reasons to acquire an escort ship and her main role in defending their fleet and crews. He went into the standard of equipment in great detail that the ship would require to enable her to perform at the same level as a naval ship would be capable of except of course unarmed. He then told them of what he wanted to be able to defend the ship, the helicopter and hoping to be allowed to use tear gas, the bullets, the flares and fireworks as well as the most powerful search lights that would blind an attacker and finally the water cannons.

“When we finish eating lets go into your office dad and I can take you through my meetings with the board and what they have come up with.”

Scott timed it right and as lunch finished, so did he.

Now settled in William’s office Scott handed his father his papers and gave Andrew his copies. An hour later they had finished reading and Scott had spoken more. It was done, now over to William.

“Well, the first thing to say is well done delivering a great presentation Scott but I need to ask this, why do you think it is for me to decide about all what you propose?”

“It’s your company dad.”

“No son we have to accept it has moved on from three thirds to two halves. Scott we are equal partners now and for what it’s worth, I agree totally with this proposal and even though is a very serious one, it’s going to be great fun getting it up and running and the obvious objections that will come our way no doubt. You, Andrew and now this has given me a purpose of my own and thank you son for it. What about crew?”

“Before I go into that, we are equal partners right?”

“I just said so.”

“Ok, starting from the top, in other words the captain, that will be me, the second engineering officer will be Andrew and the rest will be appointed from applicants after advertising but with one thing in common, they will all be gay!”

“That sounds good to me, Andrew?” The poor lad just sat there with his mouth open not able to say anything.

“Andrew?” William repeated. “Something you don’t quite understand?” At last he got some words together.

“Yea Gods you Peterson’s know what you want don’t you. So, what if I say I don’t want anything to do with this!” He tried to look hard at Scott.

“You would be lying, course you do because we will be together and if you still don’t want anything to do with this, it just wont happen and our fleet will sail with no protection and it will be your fault.” Scott smiled at Andrew.

“I hate your son William….okay, I’m in!” And smiled back.

“Scott, I have a few thoughts of my own and I know we can finance the ships support for at least five years. I have been offered a massive deal to sell my shares in the casino in the States which I had no intention of doing so, but I will now do, so long as you agree. All we need to do now is get the ship over and start work on her.”

“Yea Gods again! Here’s you two talking millions and me wondering if my allowance will last the month!”

“Andrew before you go back home we will need all your details so we can start the work permit application business and anything else I don’t have a clue about. Personnel will sort it all out I have no doubt. When the Hauksson gets here you will be taken on as crew and will be paid as from that date and it maybe just be a few dollars more than your allowance.” All Andrew could do was shake his head trying to work out what had happened to him. He could not be more happy!

“Right, that’s it then or is there more you need to say Scott.”

“Just one thing, the ship will be renamed “MV Lady Jean Peterson.” Agree?”

“Of course son, of course.”


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